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As the meeting adjourned, many dark Jedi filed out of the Great Hall. These dark Jedi were of a wide variety of rank, some had just joined Taldryans numbers, and others were long time veterans. As everyone scattered to do what they do, the younger members of the clan reflected on the mighty words of their Consul. As the young members began to understand what Kir had really said they headed in different directions with different agendas. Many of the newer members went to explore the headquarters, others went to practice there training, and still others went off to hang out with there fellow dark Jedi.

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Ok here’s the deal. Tell me what you, as young Dark Jedi, do.
Read This Before You Post!

· Basically what I want you to do is post about what your character does. Whether it be talking with friends or practicing you saber combat alone.
· This Run-on is for anyone that is Jedi Hunter or under. If you are promoted above Jedi Hunter during the running of this Run-on keep posting.
· NO SPAMMING THIS RUN-ON! I don’t want this to degrade in to nonsensical garbage.
· No double posting or posting as soon as you see the chance. I want everyone to post before there actually post and say “Posting next” or something like that.
· I don’t want to see any certain group posting endlessly one after another. Posting a lot is a good thing it shows me your are active and like to participate in competitions, however posting too much is bad thing because you are the only one controlling the story.
· I don’t want to see anyone ignoring earlier posts or trying to alter what someone else has had happen.
· Also, no crazy posts. As in another dark Jedi sect magically appearing to come and slaughter everyone.
· Finally, I want the posts to be coherent and help the general story progress.


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Baali is in a room (ooc:I really don't know how much control over which room because I have no idea where I can be) and he is exercising the various parts of his body. He started with sit ups and crunches and eventually came to doing push ups to work his upper body. After some time Baali stands up and wipes himself off, his skin color changing slightly red due to his Falleen heritage. (Skin changes color with their emotions.) Baali repeats his routine for a long while before lying down by himself, resting for some time. (I hope thats good, haha.)


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Karnn walked along the halls of the temple moving towards what he knew would be just another of his self-tests. As he passed through the last stone archway which signaled that he had now entered the training room he removed his training lightsaber from his belt. The training chamber was as dark as his master’s robe but that did not make him hesitate. In what light there was he could see that he was completely alone.
“To bad, I was hoping I’d have an audience” he said to himself as he activated three assassination droids on the computer beside the entrance to the room.
Slowly he made his way to the center of the chamber waiting for the droids which he had just deployed. As soon as they did Karnn knew that they would attack. Quickly he ignited his lightsaber and charged at the nearest droid. It shot back at Karnn who just deflected its shots and easily cut it in two. As he removed his blade he knew that now he had to deal with the two hidden ones. He stood and began to focus hoping that they would make a move. One of them came out of no where blaster aimed at Karnn’s head. Karnn didn’t panic he force jumped over the droid then with one accurate strike cut right through the torso causing it to fall lifeless to the floor.
“Droids are weak” he growled as he swiftly dodged the last droids sword. Quickly he cut the blade in two before force pushing it over. As it fell he turned to the exit. He walked towards it and as he did another walked into the room. It was another student.
Karnn just nodded as he made his way back through the archway and towards the dorms were he would catch up with his friend.


28-06-2005 08:23:45

As the Jedi filed out of the auditorium, Zhilvinas decided he would work on his fighting. It was a very calming, focussing excersice for the young Protector. As he began to walk to the training rooms, however, he realized that he had forgotten his katana in his room! In his haste to get to the Consul on time, he had left it there. Before anybody else could notice his mistake, the young Obelisk ran up to his quarters and into his room to retrieve his weapon.

On his way back to the training rooms, Zhilvinas could see that many of the Jedi were making their ways to their own rooms to socialize.

"That's all well and good for them, I suppose," Zhilvinas thought to himself, "But I really must continue my training."

When he got to the training center, he chose a room and walked in, passing another Jedi as he entered. The Acolyte nodded to him, and Zhilvinas nodded back. As he stepped into the heart of the chamber, he could see that the man had been busy. No less than three droids were lying on the ground, one of which was still sparking. There was no doubt that they had all been taken on at once, there hadn't time for anything else since the Consul's address. The man would be a great fighter one day.

The Protector moved all of the remains off to the side, and went over to the computer. Not one to be shown up, Zhilvinas activated three droids himself, and drew his sword as he turned. Immeadiatly, the human was attacked by blaster shots from both sides, and he dove forward, landing in a roll and popping gracefully back to his feet as he turned to his left. Seeing the source of one of the barrage of blaster shots, he ran at the droid in a zig-zag, ducking to avoid the occasional shot.

When he was within arm's reach of the attacker, he thrust his blade at its head, and smiled inwardly as the droid slumped to the ground. His joy was short-lived, however, as a bolt hit the ground not a foot away from him. Suddenly, Zhilvinas remembered that there had been three droids, and he began to look around for the last two. He heard the tell-tale sound of a footstep behind him, and turned around, making a slash with his katana. The droid fell in two pieces to the ground. Lucky, yes, but Zhilvinas had learned early on to use any advantage he could find, be it luck or a cheap shot.

As the Protector turned to look for the last droid, he heard the whoosh made by a blade sailing through the air. He jumped back and avoided the slash, and watched as the droid got into a defensive stance. Concentrating hard, Zhilvinas used the force to lift the parts of the last fallen droid into the air. He hurled them at the last attacker, knocking it back. Before it could get ready again, it had been cut down the middle by Zhilvinas' sword.

After taking a moment to catch his breath, the Obelisk sheathed his weapon and walked out of the training room.

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3) The summits will be throwing some twists in for you guys soon to help get things going.

4) Keep up the good work

5) Members of Taldryan below the rank of DJK have the use of practice sabers. Not as powerful but good for duels.


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As Carrnn moved away from the great hall he decided to rest, rather than training like the other members had been. He slowly walked along pondering what had just happened in the meeting.
He decided as he approached his private quarters that he wouldn’t bother with it at the moment. He entered his quarters and slumped down on his bed, trying to decide what to do tomorrow.
He decided he would look at his training lightsaber, he flicked it one and looked at the silvery blade that appeared. He decided that when he became a Dark Jedi Knight, he would merely convert this one into a real one. It looked cool and it was perfect for him.
He flicked it off and lay back down on his bed and fell asleep.
He remained asleep for about 20 minutes but was woken with a start when there was a knock on his door.
“Come in.” was all he said.
Karnn his best friend walked in looking a bit annoyed.
“What’s the matter?” he said but Karnn only said
“I’ll tell you in a second.”


28-06-2005 20:34:16

Karnn slumped down next to Carrnn. They had often had trouble with there name being the same but that wasn’t the thing that was bothering him.
“Those droids in the training chambers are weak and are no match for me” he growled.
“So that’s a good thing isn’t it” Carrnn laughed.
“I want a challenge for once, something worth fighting”.
Karnn clenched his fists.
“I don’t understand” Carrnn replied.
“You will when you reach my rank my young friend”.
“If you don’t’ remember I was a Novice before you” Carrnn boasted.
Slowly Karnn rose, stretching as he did.
“Well I better be off I got to get some sleep” Karnn said as he adjusted his cloak
“Same I am so tired and I have a feeling that I am being promoted soon”.
Karnn approached the door.
“Well good luck and Bye” he said as he left the room.
“See you soon and thanks Carrnn yelled as the door slammed shut.
Karnn looked right and left. A lot of people must have been still up because the dormitory hallways were empty. Tiredly he made his way up the stone hall towards his room. As It came into view he could see another student leaving there dorm. He was too tired to see who it was but waved at them trying to be polite. “Hi” they said to eachother as they passed. Karnn turned to his dorm where he knew he would get a good night sleep.


01-07-2005 16:14:33

As Kraval left the meeting, he walked to his room to get changed into some workout clothes to go train. Just as he was turning a corner her bumped into his AED Duga Arkarso. "Heya Duga," Kraval said. "Lo," he replied. As they both began walking past eachother a thought occured to Kraval. He spun around and trotted down the hall after Duga. When he caught up with Duga he asked him, "Hey Duga, wanna go to some lightsaber and bryars training?" Duga took a moment to think and then said, "Sure, why not?" They both agreed to meet out in the grassy moat like area in the compound. Kraval ran to his room and began fitting his Royal Guard armor on, and was proud of its red shine. He had earned the right to wear such armor through his sniper skills, and was honored that the great Sith High warrior had chosen him to be his protector. As Kraval began to fit each piece on he thought about the wisdom of doing training in his suit. It was a terribly hot day outside and the sun was merciless. He would be sweating like crazy in the thing, seeing as how the cooling unit in the suite was malfunctioning again. He tried to fix it himself three different times and it would work for a short time, but as always it would shut down after a period of hours. He knew he should probably train in something else, but then where would the challenge be in that? Besides, he needed to learn how to handle extreme situations and pressures. It would be better for him to train in his armor, seeing as how if he was ever in real combat he wouldn't be fighting in a training suit. Kraval doned his helmet and attatched a tattered cape instead of the clean blood red full robe used for official occasions. He grabbed his both his bryars pistol and training lightsaber, since he wasn't a Dark Jedi Knight yet he wasn't permitted a real one, then rushed out the door.


02-07-2005 19:38:27

Waiting for the Grand Hall to Clear of the other Dark Jedi Apprentices, Armagedon sat quietly. Once the rush was over, he slowly rose and headed towards the exit of the grand hall. Walking along the central hallway he made his way through the left archways towards the turbo lifts and made his way to his quaters. It has been a while since Armagedon had been back to Taldryan's compound and now it was time to restock his supplies so he could continue with his training. leaving his room he headed back down the turbolifts and headed down the central hallway towards the buildings exit. At the entrance, as per normal, the guards stood motionless. The guards at each entrance of the building give him the jitters. Outside keeping his head low to attract no attension, he looked at the young jedi practise on the lawn then at the surrounding wall and gate. The gate always gave Armagedon an overwelming feeling, the way the Krath Brothers had carved the Clan insignia, it was beyond perfect as if it was moulded there, and the shear size of it all standing twenty feet tall just added to the effect. Through the main entrance and a few yards outside Armagedon hit the jungle of Karufr. This is where he spent a vast majority of his time, alone in the jungle with his thoughts. It is because of his love for being alone that no-one really knows him even though he has been with Taldryan and the Brotherhood for close to three years. It is also the reason he is still only a Protector. Alone in the forest he trains himself, not with a trainging saber, but he trains his agility by attempting to out do the animals in the jungle, after all an enemy lightsaber is useless if they aren't quick enough hit the target.
Here Armagedon will stay until he sees reason to return back the Taldryan's compund.


04-07-2005 14:38:33

As he headed down the corridor, Kraval mentally prepared himself for his upcoming match with Duga. He wasn't one to be toyed with, he was one to be taken seriously. Duga was a very skilled lightsaber weilder and deadly with a bryars pistol. Kraval knew that he stood a small chance against Duga, he had actually been able to beat him before once or twice. He would just have to be completely focused and try his best. As he headed down the stairs to the ground floor Kraval saw some of his team members from Dark Fire Brigade. They waved at him and he waved back. "I need to get another training round in with those guys," he reminded himself. His team was progressing well, and with two new members they were well on their way to becoming a solid fighting unit. As Kraval headed towards the door to go out into the courtyard he heard a voice behind him call out his name. "Kraval," Benevolent yelled. He turned around and saw his QUA walking calmly towards him. When Ben was close enough to talk normally to him he said, "Come walk with me for a few moments, I need to talk to you." "Sure," Kraval said. He was beginning to wonder how long would Ben take up his time seeing as how Duga was probably waiting for him to show up. "Don't worry about your match with Duga, I've informed him that I would be talking with you," Ben said. They proceeded to the QUA's office and once inside Ben directed Kraval to have a seat infront of his desk. "Do you have any idea why we're here talking in my office?" Ben asked. "Nope," Kraval replied. As he said this his mind was racing to think up any reason why Ben would need to talk to him. "We're here to discuss how your running your battle team," Ben stated. "What about it?" Kraval asked in a defensive and worried tone. "Don't be alarmed you're doing a fine job," Ben replied. "You've been doing good work with them with offering help to the new comers, setting up training times to help them improve with their skills with guns and their training sabers. You yourself have gone far in your skills with your training saber. Your always there to help someone and answer questions. You are a good example of what a battle team leader should be." "Thankyou sir," was all that Kraval could reply with. Kraval was so focused on trying to figure out where his QUA was going with all these compliments that he didn't even notice the doors opening up behind him. Kraval looked up at his QUA and noticed that he had stopped talking and was motioning Kraval to looke behind him. Kraval twisted in his seat and was stunned. In the doorway was Duga holding the robes of a Dark Jedi Knight. He moved forward and presented them to Kraval. "Congradulations Krav," both Ben and Duga said at the same time. Kraval was completely caught off guard. He had no idea that he had done anything enough to deserve a promotion. As Duga handed the robes to Kraval Ben started talking again. "You've also earned over 250 Clusters of Fire in the past month alone and you are always on time with your reports. That and everything else you've done is deserving of a promotion." When it finally hit him Kraval jumped up and yelled "YAY!". Very un-dark jedi like but he didn't care because now he was a Dark Knight. Kraval took of his Royal Guard armor and put on the robes. "Now that your a Knight Kraval, you can build your own lightsaber," Duga said as he took Kraval's training saber. "I can can't I?" he said. "Yep, so before we have our next match, you should construct your own. That way we'll both have real sabes," Duga responded. "Alrighty, I'm gonna get on this right away," Kraval said as he headed out the door. All ready there was a list running through his mind of the materials he would need and how he wanted his first real lightsaber to turn out.


07-07-2005 01:25:50

As Karnn walked out the door to give Carrnn some peace and quite to get some sleepp Carrnn decided no he wouldn't sleep. He got up and walked around his room for a few minutes before unhooking his training lightasber from its holder on his utility belt, attached it to his training belt and put on his training robes.
As he attached his belt to his body he say a person coming his way, they were carrying (?wearing?) a brand new set of Dark Jedi Knight Robes.
All he said was
"Well done"
Before continuing on his way to the training room. He walked in and saw hat people had been busy. There were 6 completely wrecked training droids, 3 with the look af his friend Karnns niftl handwork. He didn't recognize the slashes on the other 3.
Deciding to to be a sissy and back down he also activated 3 droids. All with blasters set on training.

After a minute of changing settings he swung around and walked into the centre of the room unhooking his training Lightsaber hilt on his way. He stopped in the middle of the room and light up his lightsaber before trying to find the droids using some very good hearing.
he thought he heard several metallic pings off to his right so he crept over and saw the droids in a group..at least he thought they where.
He crept up and slashed all 3 of the, onl one buzzing as it dropped. Then several shots came down on him from above, he sensed them coming and blocked them, destroying another droid.

".....One left"
He took of around the room dodging blaster bolts before jumping a meter and landing on a table.
He then ran back the way he had come, blaster bolts flying of his lightsaber as he spinned it in circles as he ran.
As he reached the final droid it stopped and took in the seen before saying in its robotic voice

"Uh oh"
then it was over, the droid dropped to the ground, diagnolly chopped.

All Carrnn said was

" I agree with Karnn, these hunks of metal are weak."
He left the training room and walked back to his quaters to sleep.

[Hoping ahving a training lightsabers ok >:) ]


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Zhilvinas decided he would find out what the other Taldryan members were doing. After a moment of thought, he decided he would stop by his room and put his katana away. After all, what would it look like to have an Obelisk wandering the halls with a weapon?

As he passed by the Quaestor's office, he heard a yelp, and immeadiatly turned and drew his weapon. Of course, Benevolent could handle whatever was happening in there, but instinct was instinct.

After a moment, Zhilvinas calmed himself down and sheathed his weapon, continuing his walk. Hearing footsteps behind him, the young man turned to see Kraval, his battle team leader, emerge from Ben's office. There was something different about him, though.

"Oh wow," he said to himself. Kraval had been promoted! Zhilvinas ran up to congratulate him.


08-07-2005 01:22:30

Meanwhile in his Dorm Karnn couldn’t get to sleep. He had tried to but something was keeping him up. Slowly he put his robe back on and began to head back down the halls. Suddenly he heard a yelp coming from around the corner at Quaestor's office. At full speed he ran towards the office. As he came around the corner he saw two other people from Taldryan. One of them was the same person who he had passed before while leaving the training hall. The other was a Dark Jedi Knight but he wasn’t shore who it was.
“Well done on getting promoted Kraval” the one who he had passed before said.
“Thanks the one called Kraval replied”.
Karnn walked closer to the two people.
“Congratulations” Karnn said as he approached.
“I don’t think we have met but thank you” Kraval replied.
“I passed you on my way into the training hall didn’t I” the other one spoke.
Karnn nodded.
“I think your name is Karnn isn’t it and your and an Acolyte”.
Karnn nodded again.
“Well hi I am Zhilvinas and this is Kraval” Zhilvinas said in a calm voice.
“Hi” Karnn spoke.
“You did well in the training hall before” Zhilvinas said.
“Thanks I am shore you did well to” Karnn replied
“Well I got to go I have a match” Kraval said.
“I might come have a look” Zhilvinas said.
“Well it was nice meeting you to” Karnn said as the other two began to walk away.
“Yes you two” they replied.
Karnn started to walk down the hall again.
“Karnn stop”.
Karnn turned to see Chaosrain.
“Oh hi” Karnn said as he lowed his head in respect.
Chaosrain was one of the most respected people in the Taldryan clan.
“Just the man I was looking for I was hoping you hadn’t gone to bed yet” he said as he slowly pulled something from a pocket his robe.
“What is it” Karnn replied
“I am honored to present you with your Dark Cross medal” he smiled as he pinned the medal to Karnn’s robe.
“Thanks you so much” Karnn replied.
“I would love to stay and chat but I have to get some sleep”.
“I couldn’t get to sleep but I think I’ll be able to now” Karnn said
“Well I will speak to you soon he said as he began to walk away.
“You to” Karnn said as he withdrew back down the hall to his dorm.


08-07-2005 23:45:50

As Kraval headed back to his room to deposit his Royal Guard armor, he began doing a checklist in his mind. The most obvious thing he would need is a casing to house all the parts of the saber, some wiring for energy transfering, and a focus lense. Those would be easy to acquire. The toughest thing to get would be the crystal. He could make a synthetic one in a small furnace, but that would take days and synthetic ones weren't as good as real crystals. The best were Adegan crystals. Jedi and Dark Jedi alike valued them as the greatest ones to use in the construction of a lightsaber. "Too bad I can't get my hands on one of them," he thought. "Oh well, I'll just have to make due." Kraval began to go around his room collecting the items he would need to begin making his lightsaber. He had prepared a casing similar in shape that was used by the great Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader. He also had all the wiring he would need and he just took out the focusing lense from the Tenloss disruptor rifle scope that he used. He could always just claim it had gotten broken and pick up another one from the supply room. The only thing now was that darn crystal. Kraval had already decided that he wanted his blade color to be red, also in semblance to the great Sith Lords of old. Since there really wasn't anything near by that would do for a lightsaber crystal, he decided to head out into the jungle in the hopes of finding a crystal or two that would work. He changed into simple trekking garb and took along a small survival pack that included his bryars pistol and two energy packs, some water, and a few waffers for a quick snack. He left his room and once again saw Karnn and waved. He noticed that his AED, Chaosrain, was speaking to him so he decided not to disturb them. As he went out the main door he saw that Taigikori and Baali were watching a sparring match that Zhil and Duga were doing. Kraval stopped for a few minutes himself to watch the specticle then went and talked to Tai and Baali about what they needed to do next for their promotions. They were well on their way but still had some work to do. Neverless, he was proud to have them on his team. As he made it to the end of the clearing and the start of the jungle, Kraval wondered what sort of trouble he was going to get himself into.


12-07-2005 04:23:49

Useing the force to go from tree top to tree top trying to focus in on his so-ordination control when he sensed another presence near by. Focusing in this unknown presence he felt it was familar, he had felt it somewhere before, it made Armagedon curious. Useing the force as a guide he followed the presence, until it was strong. Keeping himself out of site he peered down searching the jungle floor, the force was telling him the presence he felt was strong with the force, much stronger than himself. From the corner of his eye he caught a figure moving on the forest floor, not just walking but is was moving as if searching for something. The figure was moving from rock to fallen trees, and soft mumbling could be heard but Armgedon was to high to hear properly, so he cautiously crept down towards the figure. Going low enough to see the figure properly but doing his best to remain out of site he recognised the figer as Kravel, a jedi apprentice from the Taldryan temple, but he was mumbling somethin about Adegan crystals and lightsaber, wow, Armgedon relised that Kravel must have been promoted, a Drak Jedi Knight. Armagedon, basically living in the forest knew the place well enough to know the best possible areas to look for some Adegan crystals. But in order to do this Armgedon would have to do something he hasn't done in a long time, communicate with another person. While in thought about all this he relised that he had lost site of Kravel and was nowhere to be sensed. startled Armgedon slipped from his purch and fell towards the ground.........


12-07-2005 18:39:35

As Kraval moved through the jungle, he heard a crash somewhere from behind him. This didn't suprise him because he thought he did sense something at the edge of his awareness. Using the Force earlier, he had made a weak projection of himself. It was no where near perfect and a true master of the force would have been able to see through it. However, he sensed that the presence following him wasn't a master. While the person following him was distracted with the image, Kraval snuck around him to get a better view of him. After getting a look at his follower he decided that he was no real threat and decided to leave him alone. Dispelling his Force projection and shrinking his presence in the Force, he began to move on. That's when he heard his follwer fall from the branches. Acting fast, Kraval ran back and caught sight of the young man falling towards the ground. Summoning all of his strength, Kraval reached out and grabbed the kid in mid-air. He hovered a few inches from the dirt and Kraval let him down gently. As he stood up Kraval debated on what to do with him. He really didn't know who he was and that made him dangerous. A person you don't know could very easily be an enemy waiting to strike. Then again, if the kid could be fooled by a weak projection, how much of a threat could he really be? Kraval's a Royal Guardsmen and the leader of Dark Fire Brigade, what would he have to fear from this one? Just as soon as those thoughts entered his mind he got rid of them. He was underestimating this one, and that could be deadly. As he turned around to head on his way the boy spoke up. "You're looking for crystals for a lightsaber right?" he asked. "Yes," Kraval replied. "I can show you where to get some," he said as he started heading deeper into the jungle. Kraval hesitated following after him because he could be leading him into a trap. At that thought Kraval smiled. If he was being led into a trap it would be a perfect chance to see how his reflexes were doing and if he was still on his fighting edge. He allowed the kid to get ahead of him so he could check his weapon. His bryars pistol had one energy pack in it and his backup pack was on his rightside in a hidden hip pocket. The saftey on the pistol was off and ready to be fired in either rapid single shot mode or a single powerful charged blast. Where ever this guy was leading him, Kraval was ready. Trap or not.


13-07-2005 05:59:30

Seeing that the dark jedi did save Armagedon from what could have been a nasty fall, he thought he should take him to where he knew to be some Adegan crystals. With his training in the jungle Armagedon, useing the force, sped towards the inner jungle leaping and zipping from tree to tree easily, and even at his best the dark jedi behind kept up without any strain, "Somehow I don't think I should play funny buggers with this jedi, he could easily strike me down." was going through Armagedons head. Who knows, maybe Armgedon might have just made his first companion in the clan of Taldryan. He was know even eager to get to what Armagedon called "The Black Widow." Eventually Armagedon could feel the enviroment around him and Kraval change, it was getting dark and hot, it always did when you ventered this far into the jungle. Then there is was, a steaming swamp deep beneath the forest canopy. The swamp water was boiling and the trees surrounding it didn't grow to large before they fell in and dissapeared beneath the water surface. Now it's going to get interesting, Adegan crystals needed extreme heat to form and in the heart of the Black Widow there was enough heat to form these crystals, Armgedon had seen them from a distance for a short period when he first stumbled upon the place and didn't realise how dangerous the place was and ventured in only to get repelled by the heat. "There." Armagedon said as he pointed to a place ahead glowing in the mist about 150yards ahead. "I have showed you where they are, but to get them I have been unseccessful. You are much stonger with the force then me and, hope to Palpatine, that you are successful."
With that Armagedon saw Kraval go into deep thought. It was to interesting for Armagedon to leave, he needed to see this jedi's ability, it might help himself learn new techniques.................


13-07-2005 19:04:24

Kraval sat down and thought about his options. He could try to use the Force to spread the water and heat away from him in a path that might lead him to some crystals. It would be an impressive display of the Force if he could do it. Kraval doubted that he would be able to both clear a path through the water and visibly search for a crystal. It would take a lot of effort and that was effort he didn't think he could put in. As powerful as he was, Kraval wasn't that strong in the Force, at least not yet. It would also be a gross misuse of the Force. Many others of his order believed that the Force was nothing more than a tool to be used in any sort of situation, whether it be to get utensils for eating or summoning their shoes to them. Kraval thought differently from his fellow Force wielders. He thought that the Force should only be used when necessary. Some might argue that his use of it to project a false image of himself to Armagedon was unnecessary, but his life was possibly in danger so that constituted a justified use of the Force to protect himself. Kraval prefered to fight without the Force also. Many people used it to enhance themselves during a fight, but then it would slow them down after the effects wore off. Kraval thought of using the Force to enhance his abbilities as a crutch. It didn't allow him to know his own physical limitations and therefore didn't allow him to know how far he could push himself before he reached his edge. When the others used the Force in such ways, it was a large waste. That's how the Sith order of old was destroyed. Many of the Sith followers used the Force in displays of brute strength or power, leading others to resent them and then making those who are weaker wanting to become stronger. That path only led to distruction. It did once before in the great Sith War that left only Darth Bane alive. Kraval would prefer to avoid all that again. Instead, he decided that he would search through the water using his senses to detect anything out of the ordinary in the scalding water and hope it was a crystal. Remaining seated, Kraval began to push out his awareness with the Force. He could feel the jungles life all around him, from the tiniest insect to the exact thoughts Aramagedon was thinking. He began focusing on the water, and starting at the edge closest to him he began to push forward. He felt the bubles as they rose up from the water due to the intense heat, the bits of trees that fell in, and even a few microbacteria that somehow survived in the water, but he couldn't sense anything that resembled a crystal like object at all. Not one to give up so easily, he began moving further and further away. Refining his senses, he stopped doing a broad search and focused in on the bottom bed one foot at a time. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally thought he found what he was looking for. It was very rough and in an odd shape, but it definately felt crystal like. Using the Force, he grabbed it and quickly withdrew it from the mud. It zoomed out from the water at blinding speed and Kraval brought it to hover infront of his face. Armagedon blinked in suprise, no doubt he didn't see or sense what Kraval had done. Kraval opened his eyes and removed all the mud and silt from the rock and examined it. It was a shade of light red, the perfect color for his saber. It would have to be carved and polished, but Kraval was anticipating that. He placed the crystal into his robes and turned towards Armagedon. Now that he had his crystal problem solved, there was only this one left.


14-07-2005 21:05:18

I'm pretty sure Chaos said that this comp was to finish on the 14th July....
I'll keep goin if you want Krav but we all know who'll win the fight..........


18-07-2005 05:14:52

who ? kravel


18-07-2005 05:22:08

yeah, Kraval.


18-07-2005 07:52:46

who ? kravel

he was meaning me, and yea that comp is over with now.


19-07-2005 04:12:35

hey Krav, when ya said, " It would have to be carved and polished, but Kraval was anticipating that. He placed the crystal into his robes and turned towards Armagedon. Now that he had his crystal problem solved, there was only this one left." you wee refering me as the problem werent ya, im a bit slow and still not sure.....


19-07-2005 14:05:31

hey Krav, when ya said, " It would have to be carved and polished, but Kraval was anticipating that. He placed the crystal into his robes and turned towards Armagedon. Now that he had his crystal problem solved, there was only this one left."  you wee refering me as the problem werent ya, im a bit slow and still not sure.....

yea i was :P


19-07-2005 16:37:48

so........you were planning to kill a poor bloke who cant use the force to even save himself from falling out of a tree and without a weapon while you are a powerful dark jedi..........Nice, ahahahahah.


19-07-2005 16:41:40

so........you were planning to kill a poor bloke who cant use the force to even save himself from falling out of a tree and without a weapon while you are a powerful dark jedi..........Nice, ahahahahah.

yep thats what dark jedi do ya know :P


20-07-2005 06:43:56

Well i'm glad the comp ened and i still alive then................

SO how is this judged and stuff? or has it already been done and i didnt see results?


20-07-2005 07:51:56

chaos is judging it right now, im sure he'll make a post to let us know who the winners are and all.


23-07-2005 10:33:38

Damn why am I never informed about this stuff. It would be cool if we could hold another one soon.


23-07-2005 15:05:55

I might do a second part with that twist that was promised.


23-07-2005 18:13:11

Right on


25-07-2005 22:46:55

chaosrain u done judging i got to know who won lol