Jedi Academy?


12-06-2005 21:52:58

Is it a good game?

Aidan Kincaid

12-06-2005 22:32:30

Easier to ask on IRC. If you're choosing between JA and JO - get JO. JA has more style but it lacks substance. Damage is horribly inconsistent and the guns are much worse.


14-06-2005 16:04:14

ok, im getting JO next week!


21-06-2005 19:19:26

Lightersaber color choices made me grab this game the moment it came out. It's a good game I suppose.

Duga Taldrya Arkarso

21-06-2005 21:32:32

Gotta get JO just for the bryars and CTF. So much fun. JA is good too, just not as good as JO. Both should be cheap today I assume.


22-06-2005 07:18:13

I THINK, JA is $44 preowned for PC and Xbox. I'll find out today. JO is cheaper, just because it's been out for two years or so.

Aidan Kincaid

22-06-2005 20:06:09

if JA is $44 pre-owned where you buy from, start shopping somewhere else :P

I can get it brand new for $30 canadian which is like 20 US. And thats at a place like Best Buy/Future Shop. Other places would be even cheaper.


23-06-2005 07:30:17

I don't know dude. I was in EB Games the other day and saw the $44 price tag. It was for Xbox, but meh.


23-06-2005 09:31:06

I've never seen a decent price on EB games - it has a well-known mark, and things with a well known mark usually sell things pricey.

Try Toy Warehouse. - not sure if they still sell games though :(.

(I gave the aussie link. Not sure of the standard href)


23-06-2005 13:22:21

Jedi Academy is alright, but they should make a more free roaming game. Something along the lines of Elder Scroll, just more futuristic, where you could like fly a sky car to into the Jedi Academy and get attacked by a bunch of Jedi Masters for doing it. Okay Maybe not that extent but pretty close. KOTOR II is pretty cool also but not enough roaming ability, they should include more planets and we should be able to move around the planets we are on more than the area that had the designated target on it.
Like I would love to have explored Enderon more than they let on, that and Korriban. Though you visit Korriban in the JO games, so not as much there. I think they should include more familiar planets, but on the same note keep the new ones. Like we should be able to go from Corusant to Dxun.

On that note we should be able to be on the ship while en route + have to fight off pirates and attackers every once in a while. Even then if you loose the match you shouldn't have to just load your last save, they should continue on with you being encarirated then you have to figure a way to escape.

Bottom Line is Jedi Academy is a good game for someone who like Mediocre Game play, if you like free roaming and more choices, go to Galaxies, or off star wars, go to Morrowind, or Oblivion when it comes out.


06-07-2005 14:31:30

Elder Scrolls is THE series of all time. I'm going to orgasm everywhere when Oblivion comes out. But anyway, get Jedi Academy, it's worth it.


30-11-2005 12:16:09

it was ok

Werdna Elbee

30-11-2005 12:51:28

PC => Good ... XBOX => dreadful

Tarax Kor

30-11-2005 15:50:41

I've had fun with it. It had new features and stuff like the other two sabres choices and some new moves, but it was nothing special. The game was very glitchy in MP, and there'd be a [Expletive Deleted]load of noobs spamming the special attacks with the Dual Sabres and the Lightstaff. The only decent thing that I miss from that game is the concussion rifle, the maps, and the roll+stab sabre ability.

So.. it's nothing great. But it's ok. ;)


01-12-2005 03:25:27

Well, surely JO is alot better then JA but JA is still better then many other games I have played. Well, I had JA 2 or 3 weeks at home before I had played it (needed to find out how to change the character skin, ... took myself time with it ...) Well, managed to exchange the player skin with my modified galak skin, and then the game was really funny. Sure the voice didn't fit too good but it was kinda funny. I guess it would have been cool seing my skin in the evil side endscene, but I'm usually such a d... lightsider. Well don't expect a storyline like in JO. Lucas Arts somehow managed to decrease the storyline in each part of the Dark Forces series. But I have notices a couple of ppl prefer the game cause they can run around with more then one glowing stick, and there are a couple of funny poses you can do.

To the prize, the cheapest prize I have seen for JA was 10 Euro, I think. It was part of a games collection there. And in germany there is often the phenomenom that the games collection, where the game is in often costs less after some time then the original game itself. Surely the X-Box variant may be more expensive.