Hi, I'm new.


12-06-2005 15:51:22

Hello, my name is Tulkar, and I have been recently transferred to Taldyran from Plagueis. --PRT Tulkar (Sith)/Dinaari of Taldryan


12-06-2005 16:26:37

Well, let me be the first to welcome you to the madhouse then :)

I hope your stay with Tally is a long and happy one, feel free to yell if you need a hand with anything.


Aidan Kincaid

12-06-2005 17:24:06

Welcome aboard, Tulkar. If you have any questions or need help getting on IRC or finding Taldryan's IRC channels, let me know. Your QUA will probably be in touch with you soon if he hasn't been already.


07-07-2005 01:34:29

......err hi, im new to but so far ive been able to asses that it is a crackhouse, every1 in heres on drugs! GET OUTTA HERE WHILST U STILL CAN!

lol j/k


07-07-2005 01:34:48

to tell you the truth i dunno how old this is..


07-07-2005 02:30:36

Hi welcome don't listern to Carrnn he is weak. Hope you have a great time in DB


07-07-2005 04:16:02

be quiet Karnn or ill ahve to send a fist flying in ur direction at school


07-07-2005 21:59:41

ok carnn and karnn, r u two different people or is this just the same person? goddamn im confused :P

Aidan Kincaid

07-07-2005 23:25:10

they're two different people... they just know each other in real life.


08-07-2005 07:59:12

Who have names that are far too similar :P


08-07-2005 09:14:52

I'll have you all know that he stole my name have a looked i joined DB first then got him to. Bug mistake


08-07-2005 09:16:24

And anyway your fists fell like a feather you are a discrase to Krath and the DB
Na ur alrite sometimes


08-07-2005 22:33:29

Wow, i was wondering about this Carrnn and Karnn thing here.

Anyways, i guess i should welcome you as well. Im kinda new myself (im still an apprentice at this point). Its rather fun here. People are crazy indeed (not on drugs), but however they are nice and are very welcoming. Dont be afriad to ask questions to the elders here, they will be more than happy to help. Myself, I can be that friendly Apprentice in the corner who you can chat with anytime.


08-07-2005 22:59:15

hey karrel, hows that history of yours coming along? anywho, just droppin by to say hi to all y'all


08-07-2005 23:09:32

Yere it is a bit crazy even more so thanks to carrnn


09-07-2005 11:18:51

im still working on it Kraval. Its taking longer than i hoped... im getting my creative juices flowing *slurp*,

im hoping to get it done in the next week or so...


09-07-2005 20:05:48

im still working on it Kraval. Its taking longer than i hoped... im getting my creative juices flowing *slurp*,

im hoping to get it done in the next week or so...

No rushes or anything. I'm sure it'll turn out great. Probably a whole lot better than mine :P Then again I didn't put in a ton of effort into it


09-07-2005 23:19:15

i didn't steal his name..

well i did, then changed it so really i didnt!


09-07-2005 23:42:48

oh carrnn is nothink like Karnn. Why didnt u call yourself stupid that would make sence. Oh hang on u can't use your real name.


12-07-2005 11:24:11

lol :P


12-07-2005 20:57:26

wow you two are special


13-07-2005 06:05:19

they sound like an old married couple.............


13-07-2005 17:28:26

that makes ya wonder... doesn't it? lol