Team Phoenix Phyle: House Taldryan

Aeson Rhys

02-03-2013 23:02:29

Team Phoenix Phyle of House Taldryan consists of:
OP Rian Aslar (Obelisk)/QUA/Taldryan, Dossier #10701
KE Bubbles Taldrya (Krath)/TET/Taldryan, Dossier #300
KP Aeson Rhys (Krath)//Taldryan, Dossier #980
KP Lokasena Corvinus (Krath)/TYR/Taldryan, Dossier #7384
PRT Draco Sangria (Sith)//Taldryan, Dossier #9738


04-03-2013 19:14:03

The situation was already bad to begin with. They were on an unfamiliar and positively hostile terrain. Temperature was way below zero, cold winds continually swept the icy landscape and visibility was not good either with the mist hugging the ground. Add to all this, the chances of an ambush behind every corner, the planet can be proudly dubbed as a hellhole.

Draco pulled his heavy clothes about himself to cut off the biting wind, but that didn’t help much. Beneath his black hooded cloak he had many layers of insulating cloth material, but the temperature was fierce over the planet Rhelg. Ignoring the intense cold around him, the Zabrak gritted his teeth and trudged over the snowfield clutching his primary weapon, a BlasTech A280. Over his back was slung a Soro-Suub X-45 Sniper for long range combat.

Their group was turning around a corner, finally seeing their estimated destination, when high twitching bolts of super heated plasma suddenly whizzed past them and splattered the ground. Quickly their group took cover. Draco rained blaster fire on the enemy, who seemed to be from the Black Sun judging from their insignia. Unfortunately, these miscreants had the high ground, covering themselves against any damage thoroughly. Draco looked around at his teammates: all of them fighting fierce and with fervor. However the constant ambushes and stress were telling on all faces.

“Thats it! After a hundred miles of walking they still keep shooting at us on even when we found what we were looking for!” he exclaimed hotly as he took out his sniper. Taking his aim carefully at the left flank of the enemy group, he spotted one that was egging the rest of the group on to fire at them. This guy was showering bolts on them in short bursts every time he would come out of his cover. Draco waited patiently for the time he was out of cover and then he pulled the trigger. With a high pitched whine the thin beam shot through the air, hitting the enemy squarely in the chest, making him fall back, dead...

After a twenty minute firefight, it was all over. Every one of the ambushers was dead or had fled and there was no casualty on their side. He saw that their Quaestor Rian kept his cool through the series of ambushes, and like other veterans on the team, he was deadly in combat especially when he switched on his lightsaber. Now that it was over, Rian motioned at the team to resume a close formation, facing the massiveness of Ludo Kressh’s Fortress. Draco was on edge and alert for further ambushes and traps, as he trained his gun at all higher ground and possible places for trap. But resent at this journey already started to form inside him. It was hard to know what they were thinking at a glance. Each face was pensieve, although alert.

Draco Sangria

06-03-2013 07:43:44

Cautiously the team proceeded up the steps to the massive stone gates bearing the emblem of the long dead Lord of the Sith and with every step they took forward a voice inside the depths of Rian’s mind grew louder, seducing him to claim all the riches and powers awaiting them in the inside for his own. On their way they passed numerous tents and campfires that once belonged to their former assailants. Eventually they reached the massive stone door and although it was criss-crossed with rifts and torn by the extended environmental influences it resisted every measure the team underwent, both mental and physically.
“Aeson,” The Centurion called for his teammate. “its your turn.”
The priest nodded, already in motion, his hands unveiling a detonation pack from the depths of his robe. A few minutes later he announced: “Time for a little firework.”
With a deafening boom the pack detonated and tore a man-sized hole into the doors. Once the dust and debris settled the team recollected at the whole, looking into the darkness inside, and again there was this voice in his mind, calling for the darkest parts of his character.
Stepping inside one after another they entered the darkness, The air within was cold, but not in the same fashion as the coldness on the outside, it felt more like all heat has been sucked away, directly followed by the tension, almost a pulsing unimaginable power seducing his mind.
Caught off guard, the blue-skinned half-breed turned in a blur of motion, his lightsaber already in his grasp as he faced the slender female and her blond haired counter-part. While Lokasena leaned against a wall it was the lithe form of Bubbles that had ignited her lightsaber to illuminate a section of the nearby wall, a curl from her dark red hair running free from her loosely tied braid as she bowed to get a better look at some form of characters scratched into the surface.

“Ri-guy,” she called out for him, using the nickname the phyle had given him when he was just a whelp within their ranks. “I think I found something… useful.”

The Quaestor relaxed visibly, the whole last part of their journey had been marked with ambushes and the more of the ambushes they faced the more it took him to more to convince parts of his team to hold on and although they didn’t raised their voice he could feel their disdain of the three well trained Equites that pushed them further every time, it was just exhausting.

By the time he took pace for the two, Draco Sangria the, latest addition to their team burst forward out of the nothing. “Let me examine that for you.” He voiced, eager to shine out before the rest of them, Narrowing his eyes he concentrated on the script. But it was unlike anything he had ever seen. All he could say that the script was very ancient in nature. Leaning back against a wall, he couldn’t do anything at the moment but listen, wondering what the letters might mean, was it just a simple message, or a warning?

“So what did you find Bubbs.” Rian asked.
“Not much, just letters like those we found on Krayiss II when we discovered the Sith Library.”
“That would mean whatever it means was written down in the ancient language of the Sith?”
“I would say so,” Bubbles admitted, “but I can’t tell what they were supposed to mean. Maybe a warning, that’s at least how they were used on the library.”
“But it could lead us deeper into the fortress as well?” The daughter of Taldryan nodded at the Quaestor who in the meantime had knelt beside her.”Alright,” he continued, “Let’s get moving, I’ll take the lead, Aeson and Draco in the middle and Bubbs and Sena cover the rear.”

Rian was already on the move, his lightsaber back again in his hand, now fulfilling another purpose as he ignited the purple blade to banish the darkness of the fortress that enveloped them at least a bit. “And there they rush where angels scarely yield.” Sena mused, with Rian and Bubbles smirking just for a blink at their friend’s quote.

Aeson Rhys

07-03-2013 07:16:36

Babysitting duty ... again, Aeson thought. Just like on the Avenger II, Rian was putting him in charge of protecting the weak link.

Rian, like ninety percent of Obelisk grunts, thought that he could take on anything using a swinging lightsaber and a good strong head-butt. But they were now in the domain of the spirits of the ancient Sith. The powers and entities that haunt this place were not going to respond to the Quaestor trying to smash noses.

What was needed here was strength of will and personality and strength in the Force. That Aeson knew the two Krath behind him had and in spades. Bubbles and Sena played off of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, creating a gestalt that showed that they were used to working as a team, surpassing themselves as individuals. It showed just how tight Battleteam Phoenix Phyle had been. Even Rian meshed with them, having been one of the team’s defenders. He had absorbed the damage that more delicate members could not withstand and smashed anything that got too close.

But Aeson was not part of Phoenix Phyle and neither was Draco.

However Draco was young and malleable, able to be shaped in the all-important Taldryan mould. Therefore Draco was a future resource and thus to be protected.

Aeson was an unknown quantity. With fully developed Force powers and the ability to touch the Force better than most of his peers of equal rank in the Dark Brotherhood, the Zeltron was an unknown quantity in Taldryan. Combine that with his expertise with the FWG-5 flechette pistol or smart gun which also held the nickname of Jedi-Grinder, and he definitely had some wary eyes following him. So they put him where they could watch him.

Hopefully he would find something in this place that would secure his position within Taldryan and the Dark Brotherhood. If some of the rest of his party got a little beat up, so much the better; it would only show their weakness. But nobody could get killed; the Dark Council and Jac, Ben, Howlader, Shadow and Halcyon would all frown on it if he allowed his fellow Taldryans to get killed. Rian and Sha’zir might be in charge of the house officially but the OFH Quartet were the ones who really held the power. Not that Rian was a bad leader, he was good overall but he jumped anytime one of the four so much as sneezed.

This was where Aeson planned on earning both some respect and more power.

The ancient Sith were so tradition bound that their buildings all shared key points in their architecture.

Aeson had studied the plans of many of the temples and tombs on Korriban from the time of the Great Hyperspace War when he had found out that their target on Rhelg was Kressh’s fortress and so he had a fair idea where the studies, libraries, laboratories and vaults were located. And the whispers in his mind seemed to be confirming the data.

The Zeltron chose not to ignite his lightsaber. There were undoubtedly things in the fortress that would be drawn to the light and if Rian, Bubbles or Sena were attacked first, so much for the better..

Even better if Sena’s thrice accursed crow took the first hit. The blasted thing had given away their position to enemy forces several times during the march here. Aeson had used up four of his twelve flechette clips and three grenades on attacks that could have been avoided if the bird had kept its beak shut. What was Sena thinking, bringing that bird to a planet with no native avian lifeforms?

Aeson had just eight clips and two thermal detonators left. That and his lightsaber. And they were just now ready to enter the most dangerous phase of their mission. Joy!


08-03-2013 02:27:58

Bubbs trailed her fingers along the stone wall of the fortress’ corridors as she walked, allowing the marvel of the history of the building to seep slowly into her. Fortresses and temples such as these had always held a certain fascination for Bubbles, they were built for far more than just utility, designed to show the world what power their creator’s held, and yet there was more than that. The builders themselves had poured their heart and soul into these buildings, bled for them. If only the walls could talk, such immense secrets would be revealed.

The crow’s fluttering wings brought Bubbles’ attention back to the present, and she began to study the Priest in front of her more intently. A relative newcomer to their ranks, Bubbs had yet to see his loyalty to Taldryan tested. If Draco decided to make a move, he would be easy enough to handle, but this one, he had strengths that weren’t immediately apparent, and that made him far more dangerous. She adjusted her grasp of her sabre, ensuring that it would be easy enough to swing it from it’s position as a torch to connect with whatever foe she might find herself facing.

At the front of the group, Rian held up his hand, bringing the party to a halt. Movement ahead, was the message that formed in her mind. She felt more than saw Aeson and Draco move up to flank their Quaestor, weapons at the ready, felt Sena tense slightly at her side.. Bubbs shook her head, it never ceased to amaze her how an eagerness to prove oneself worthy meant that every situation had to end in a battle. But then again, perhaps that was the reason that she had been overlooked so many times, one of the longest serving members of Taldryan, and yet she was afforded no where near the respect that members of the Old Folks Home were. That was something she would have to redress.

The three members at the front of the group moved forward slowly, senses on high alert as they strained to catch a glimpse of their potential foe in the darkness. Bubbs and Sena waited a few moments, extending the gap between the two halves of the group a little, affording the front section room to fall back if needed, then moved up slowly behind them.


08-03-2013 03:25:55

In unison the three leading Taldryanites cautiously moved forward, and around a corner into a chamber that once might have served Kressh and his followers as banquet room with them standing on the ledge surrounding the entire room, and large double stairways on either side. The room was dimly lit by a large long broken skylight. However the most important and yet disgusting thing in the room at the same time was a group of 4 crab-like creatures, each as high as the Wroonian Half-breed engaged in some form of rank-fights. These “beasts” crashed and slammed into each other, slashing and biting as they did so. Suddenly something on his left drew Aeson’s attention; barely visible in the shadows of an overturned column was a combat boot. Turning away from the rest of the team he reached for it, dragging the entire leg of another intruder and another much smaller version of these creatures free. Pugnaciously the creature panted at the Priest about him disturbing his meal.

Aeson wrinkled his lips in disdain, he remembered this creatures all too well from his studies, Silooth, once not bigger than a womprat, they have been altered by Sith Alchemy both physically and psychologically to wreak havoc upon the Sith Lords enemies. Bursting his free hand forward, he fired an invisible wave of might into the creature, hurtling it back into the shadows out of which he pulled it out. Eventually the remaining four creatures on the lower level stopped their fighting to search the room for the source of the recent disturbance in the Force, however as he knew all too well too, these creatures featured a good low-light vision but were unable to see beyond a perimeter larger than ten meters.

Rian shot a glance at the Priest questioning what had made him reveal their position but then realized that the creatures were unable to recognize them on their position, when out of no reason one of the creatures started to climb up the stairs to the ledge.


08-03-2013 03:29:49

The slow, deliberate clicking of Silooth legs on stone worked it’s way slowly close to the group, a deliberate, careful search pattern as they worked their way up the steps, having ruled out an intruder on the ground floor. A slight grin played at the edge of Aeson’s mouth as he pulled a spherical thermal detonator from his pocket. “Might want to take a few steps back guys...” he commented quietly, as he gently rolled the detonator down the steps towards their advancing foes.

Quickly realising his plan, the team darted back into the rocky corridor they had just exited, heading past the first bend. Bubbles moved to the front of the group, raising her hand to concentrate as she manipulated the air in front of her, thickening it to slow any debris that might be flung as far as the kink in the corridor. Aeson stepped forward to assist, adding his own barrier behind the Krath Epis’ as the sounds of a loud explosion echoed down the corridor. Shards of rock were flung around the corner, the barriers halted many of the smaller pieces, but several larger ones made it through, thankfully their trajectory slowed by the dense air.

Bubbs turned to check the team quickly, noting no more damage than a few minor cuts and bruises. Rian nodded at Aeson, who picked his way carefully through the debris to the large hall. He paused atop the ridge, quickly searching the room with his gaze. “The good news is they’re dead. The bad...the stairs may have been less stable than I anticipated, we’re going to be climbing down.”


08-03-2013 07:48:45

A sigh left Sena’s lips. Corvus perched on his right shoulder and he whispered something to the Jackdaw. At that, the bird flew up and gently descended into the chasm before them.
“Great idea, it’s been giving our position away all day. Might as well warn whatever’s down there, that we’re coming, as well.” Aeson grumbled.
Corvinus shot the Priest a look. “Corvus’ actions have weighed heavily on the course of Taldryan events. He has saved my ass, and be extension my friends, more times than I care to remember. I would have you muster up a little more respect, before you criticize what you know nothing about.”
Aeson did not appreciate the thick disdain in Lokasena’s voice. Bubbles stood next to Sena and put a hand on his shoulder. “Come on, Sena. Leave it be, we’re all on edge here.”
Sena’s head turned to Bubbles. “And why do you think that is, dollface?”
It was the first time she had reason to doubt whether he meant the nickname affectionately or sarcastically. She brushed it off as irritability and managed a smile for her friend. “Don’t worry, we’ll_”

“We’ll…? We…?” Sena snapped at her. “What we, Bubbles? This whole thing is a bad joke! Here we are, trying to revive the glory of times long past. Phoenix is dead, like many of its former members!”
“It’s not your fault, Sena! You did all_”
“Did I? Did I do all? All I could possibly do?” His sarcasm had turned to anger. Bubbles felt a lump grow in her throat. He had never spoken to her this way, ever.
“You need to calm down.” Rian commanded, a worrier undertone in his voice. “It’s this place. Just remember the mission.”
“Yes, calm down. Let all just calm down. Calm Corvinus will sit back and take it. By the Force, Rian, I don’t even know have these people…” waving his arm at Aeson and Draco. “I don’t trust them, Rian. And neither should you.”


08-03-2013 18:43:12

Posting on behalf of Protector Draco Sangria #9738

Crabs. Claws. As long as he held his beam weapons and as long as there is ammo in them, Draco felt like he could take on anything that lay ahead in the chasm.

Suddenly without warning, Sena sent his bird Corvus down the yawning chasm on a recon mission. For some reason and for some time the place was eerily silent. There was a kind of an uncomfortable foreboding. Like something was about to happen, definately negative. Certainly never a deserter or coward, even Draco wondered for a few seconds about leaving this place. But almost immediately, another emotion spoke from within. Ambition. He is in the temple of Ludo Kressh, of all places! He braved fire and ambush to get here. He’d never retreat!

Coming back to reality with a start he found Sena and Aeson arguing heatedly about something. Aeson was saying that sending the bird down is a bad idea. Draco could only agree. But Sena argued on, a hint of disdain and aggression in his voice. Bubbles tried to bring the matter to an end right there for good measure, but Sena went on.

To the Zabrak, it was like as if the man was reacting to everything that was being said to him. Draco felt the sharp prick of irritation when he was telling Rian about not trusting Aeson and him.

“First this place, and now you losing your cool. Bring in a couple of Force Ghosts and Ludo Kressh’s spirit, and this will be a merry picnic! If your bird does not bring every phantasm on this temple on us, your shouting will” remarked Draco in a voice holding equal quantity of irritation and mirth. His eyes were narrowed, but his jaw was set and teeth gritted. “And the feeling’s mutual.” On instinct, he held his weapon tighter.

Sena scoffed, turning back sharply and facing Draco. Looking down at the young Protector he almost shouted. “What was that?! The feeling’s mutual, is it? And I suppose a little boy with blasters wants to challenge a Krath Priest! You, Draco, don’t know half of what I was talking about.”

Saying so Sena brought out his sword Mormegril and pointed at his face. Draco stared. The blade was so dark that it could not be seen save only when the light of Bubble’s lightsaber reflected on it. Perfect for this environment

Nice going hothead, Draco told himself mentally.

But Draco was a Zabrak. And Zarbak were like eternal hotheads. Sometimes they thrive on aggression. Sometimes they don’t know when to back down for their own good, even if death stares them in the face. He knew, apart from the aggression thundering inside himself to spill out, that Sena is much more stronger and experienced than him. He won’t stand much of a chance here. But after this long journey, and after what Sena remarked of him, Draco just did not care for that.

Pointing the muzzle of his blaster-rifle at Sena’s chest, Draco replied heatedly. “Priest or Warlord, its all same for this gun. I did not brave fire and ice to die by a Krath’s blade!”

Aeson Rhys

08-03-2013 23:11:42

Aeson grinned to himself. The fools were starting to fight amongst themselves. Although he thoroughly disliked the bird, that was not enough to distract him from what he wanted. Power. It was here for the taking and even if he did have to turn it over to the Dark Council, he would be the one who turned it over and thus get the credit and glory. But maybe there would be something small that he might slip away unnoticed that might give him an edge in the future.

Rian! Bubbles! I think I’ll leave you two to cool off these two hotheads. Aeson spoke telepathically. After all you know them better than I.

Even as he wished them good luck, Aeson ignited his lightsaber , turned and drooped over the edge. He had thought about just jumping down using the force to control the leap and strengthen him for the landing, but he did not want to exhaust himself and his force abilities. Besides, a miscalculation would result in a broken ankle or worse. So instead, as he started to drop, he jammed the blade of the lightsaber into the wall and holding on with all his strength, rode the blade down as it cut its way down the wall, leaving a meter deep glowing, molten gouge in its wake. About three meters from the floor he shut off the blade and allowed himself to drop the short distance to the floor.

Looking up Aeson saw the rest of the team by the light of the Prelate’s and Epis’ lightsabers, standing at the edge staring down at him. He gave them a salute, making sure that it was outwardly sharp but to himself backed by a mocking chortle.

He knew there would be dangers ahead but felt that the greatest threats would be drawn to the larger party. They were stronger in numbers and in the overall use of the Force, thus making the most disturbances physically and in the Force. He would slip ahead silently and let trouble rush right on past. And if it didn’t it would find that he was far from helpless himself.

With that, using the Force to sense and see his way, the Zeltron Priest ran down a tunnel that his studies, instincts and the whispers he had been hearing told him would lead toward Kressh’s private chambers and his library.


09-03-2013 10:15:08

Aeson Rhys moved with deliberate care as the underground chasm's of Ludo Kressh's fortress presented more and more challenges. The members of his team had fallen into disarray and their anger at one another had deteriorated into open combat, but Aeson would not be delayed. His thoughts remained on the pinnacle and purpose of this Kressh's fortress. Designed with intricate and lost techniques, the fortress was a source of power within the Dark Side. Aeson had never felt more alive, nor had he ever been more sure of his destination. Somewhere ahead lay the private chambers of the long dead Sith Lord and Aeson wanted to be the first to lay claim to the treasures within.

Stepping into a small Corridor, the Krath Priest's eyes widened at the sight of two ornate doors before him. Aeson remembered the doors, perhaps from a dream or perhaps from his studies on Karufr, but he was certain they concealed the private rooms of Ludo Kressh.

With a look behind to ensure his teammates had not caught up with him, Aeson smiled, turned back around, and began to move for the doors. Without warning or sound, three Dark Side specters appeared and descended upon the Krath Priest. Blown from his feet, Aeson crashed into the hallway behind him, his head swimming as his will fought to sustain consciousness.

Unharmed, except from the concussion of the blast, Aeson's world slowly blacked out. His last thought focused on his team.

Perhaps he did need them.


09-03-2013 10:15:25

Aeson Rhys moved with deliberate care as the underground chasm's of Ludo Kressh's fortress presented more and more challenges. The members of his team had fallen into disarray and their anger at one another had deteriorated into open combat, but Aeson would not be delayed. His thoughts remained on the pinnacle and purpose of this Kressh's fortress. Designed with intricate and lost techniques, the fortress was a source of power within the Dark Side. Aeson had never felt more alive, nor had he ever been more sure of his destination. Somewhere ahead lay the private chambers of the long dead Sith Lord and Aeson wanted to be the first to lay claim to the treasures within.

Stepping into a small Corridor, the Krath Priest's eyes widened at the sight of two ornate doors before him. Aeson remembered the doors, perhaps from a dream or perhaps from his studies on Karufr, but he was certain they concealed the private rooms of Ludo Kressh.

With a look behind to ensure his teammates had not caught up with him, Aeson smiled, turned back around, and began to move for the doors. Without warning or sound, three Dark Side specters appeared and descended upon the Krath Priest. Blown from his feet, Aeson crashed into the hallway behind him, his head swimming as his will fought to sustain consciousness.

Unharmed, except from the concussion of the blast, Aeson's world slowly blacked out. His last thought focused on his team.

Perhaps he did need them.


12-03-2013 10:02:24

„That’s enough!“ the Prelate growled at the two of them, the tip of his blade interjecting the space between the Krath and the Sith to bring further weight to his words. “This is neither the time nor the place for that, if you want to beat up each other’s nose you can do so when we return home. But now we need to focus, Draco, go see if you can spot Aeson somewhere down there.” Grudgingly the young Protector lowered his blaster-rifle at the words of his master. His master… it has been a well kept secret for quite a while now and for some reason Draco didn’t know the reason why Rian wanted to kept it secret for the moment but didn’t question it either, surely he would tell it to him when the time has come. Sheathing his BlasTech in favor for his sniper the fair skinned Zabrak did as he was ordered and started to search the hall below in an elaborated pattern.

Turning his gaze from his new Apprentice the Quaestor fixed the man he called deep friend and brother with a much softer gaze from his dark amber eyes and connecting himself with the Priest on the fore-arm. “Listen Sena, Bubbles, you and I we all feel the same grief and loss about the Phyle but moaning won’t bring it back either and if there was one thing you taught me in the Phyle it was that we are the Phyle no matter if it remains an active unit or not.”
Sena obviously caught the hint in the Force as his friend tried to additionally seduce him through the Force while he talked to him, but even while he knew about the Prelate’s attempt and easily batted it away he felt that there was truth weighing heavily in it, it was this place, and from the very beginning this place has started to turn their minds against each other and it was only a matter of time until the next of them would go mad like the Zeltron who just vanished.


12-03-2013 10:24:37

This was maddening. Here Lokasena was surrounded by friends and enemies alike. His friends trying to stick together, his enemies barking orders and innuendos at him. But his anger was subsiding, it turned to grief. So much had been lost in resources and good people. Men and women who had risked their lives for the glory of Taldryan, and who had paid with their lives.
The name of his student, Miranda Goto, shot through his mind. She had not been well, lately. He should have stayed with her. She was too important to just leave her like this. If she had been here, the people he trusted would outnumber the ones he didn’t.
But she wasn’t here, still bruised and battered from giving her all in the last missions of the Wardens of Unity. He had been proud of her, how she had persisted against insurmountable odds.

“She’ll be fine, you trained her well.” Bubbles said. “Right now we need that big brain of yours here. We need you… I need you!”
Sena looked up and caught the woman’s eyes. A wave of guilt washed over him for all the things he said earlier. “Bubbs, I…” he started, but was interrupted by a shout.
“Draco!” Rian let out, and started a run, Bubbles and Lokasena following in his tread. Dashing through the corridor, they suddenly came to a halt. The spectacle before them puzzling them.

Draco was pinned against a wall, clutching his weapon. Aeson was lying against a wall surrounded by specters. Rian, Bubbles and Sena were at the ready. This would relieve some bottled up stress, for certain.


13-03-2013 04:49:37

The three ignited their sabres almost in unison as they advanced on the spectres. A querying look from Rian was answered with the smallest of nods from Draco. He was restrained, but relatively unharmed at least. The three paused a short way back from the spectres, "Aeson?" Rian enquired, to no response. Rian glanced at Bubbs and Sena, shaking his head. Bubbles shrugged her shoulders, “Then let’s do this.” The Epis sent a hail of debris flying towards the hunched spectres, hoping to draw their attention from her slumped companion. Two of the creatures turned, advancing on the Taldryanites, the third maintaining its position, pale fingers reaching out towards Aeson. She swore, and hurled a larger lump of rubble towards it, swearing again as the spectre simply ducked before resuming it’s task.

Sena and Rian charged, sabres held high as they closed quickly on the two spectres that had moved to face them. Sena swung first, his heavy blow was blocked easily by the creature, but allowed Rian to land a quick, glancing blow, the spectre screaming at the touch of Rian’s sabre. Bubbles glanced at Aeson, noting the colour draining from his skin, his breath slowing. The third spectre looked towards the Taldryanites, a sneer on it’s face as it placed it’s cold hand on his forehead. “Quickly,” she shouted as she moved up to engage the second creature which had positioned itself to flank Rian, hoping to give the other two enough time to deal rapidly with their opponent, “he doesn’t have long”.

Aeson Rhys

13-03-2013 06:12:11

Aeson struggled back to consciousness. He was so cold. Something was very wrong; there was another presence within his mind and it was the one that seemed to have control of his body. Two sets of memories and desires warred within his mind and the Priest could barely seem to hold onto his own identity.

He felt his body rise almost as if it were floating. No. It was floating! As his body became upright and turned , Aeson saw Rian, Bubbles and Lokasena fighting the other two specters. They seemed to be having some effect on them, but not much. Aeson realized from the Other’s thoughts that the lightsabers, while painful, were not truly a danger to the specters. Draco was sliding down the wall as one of the specters faced off against Bubbles. Rian and Lokasena were double teaming the final apparition.

The Zeltron felt a laugh that was not his own break across his lips. His arms rose of their own volition and with an outward snap of his wrists, a wave of Force Energy greater than anything Aeson had ever wielded shot forth, slamming into Draco, Rian, Bubbles and Lokasena, sending them hurtling back down the corridor.

No! Aeson screamed silently.

The Other’s voice just laughed within the Priest’s skull.
I thought you wanted power, it mocked. Now you have it.

No, you have it and are using me to channel it, Aeson retorted angrily.
I want my body back … now!

You violate my master’s headquarters and even try to enter his private sanctum and yet are unwilling to pay the cost. Who do you think you are, to deserve such privileges without cost or chastisement? The spirit responded.

Aeson could see and feel the memories of the invading spirit. He quickly realized that this was the Force wraith of the commander of Ludo Kressh’s personal guard. It had been protecting the demesne of his master for over thirty thousand years. The fact that the chambers remained unopened was a testament to the spirit’s commitment and power.

Aeson’s team mates were just starting to rise after having been sent sprawling when the specters’ attack reprised. Each of the two incorporeal warriors flew at Lokasena and Draco while Aeson felt the burn of energy as Force Lightning shot from his hands and slammed into Rian and Bubbles.

We can’t beat them head on in a fight, thought Aeson, but maybe I can reason with him.

Interesting idea, the wraith’s voice echoed within Aeson’s own thoughts. Can you talk me into letting you have your way before we can kill your friends and I send your spirit into Oblivion?

Draco Sangria

14-03-2013 07:20:42

Draco Post #3

Draco slid down the wall as the Force Apparition finally let him go in order to attack Bubbles next. He was still a bit disoriented. He felt cold all over, chilled to his bone; after-effects of the Spirit touching him. Breathing deeply as he collapsed against the wall, but his hands started clawing for his guns. His eyes were still a bit groggy and unfocused. He could hear the sounds of fighting as if from far away. Soon he found his weapon. The touch of it gave him renewed strength. The Protector summoned on the strength of the Dark Side, that was so strong here, took one last breath and shook his head vigorously to snap off the grogginess.

With a touch of alarm he saw that Aeson was floating in mid-air. Most likely one of the Spirits has channeled into him and was controlling his body. Not good, cursed Draco. He looked around and saw Rian, Sena and Bubbles fending off the other two specters. One good thing was that lightsabers were working against these creatures.

With the other two creatures either destroyed or scared off, they faced towards the one that was in Aeson body. But how could they kill that thing without doing damage to Aeson? And yet they couldn't stand and watch. Draco took his place with the other three and, at a motion from Rian. They were to distract the Spectre inside Aeson to come out, somehow. Draco fired off a few shots to distract, while the others charged with lightsabers ablaze.

But without warning, Aeson, or rather the Spirit controlling him, hurtled a wave of Force Energy wave at them, blasting them off their feet. The impact slammed the Zabrak hard against the nearest wall.

Fine day to get slammed into walls, he thought, as he gingerly tried to get up. But even as he did so Draco was attacked by another Force Spectre.


14-03-2013 14:56:53

The ethereal arms of the Spectre turned to tendrils of Dark Side energy as they tried to clutch around the Zabrak’s throat, panic flashed over his face and more out of instinct than knowledge he unleashed a powerful scream that left the spectre not only shivering but also frozen in its motion. Draco who felt unknown powers burning from within him held on, unleashing jolts of electricity from his hands in rapid succession.

The unexpected outburst of raw power from the Protector took all of his team-mates off guard, yet it was the Epis who regained her footage first, knowing there would only be one way to save Aeson, although it was a risky one. “Rian, Sena, now.”

Fearfully the remaining spectre retreated from Draco toward the possessed Krath who has started to recite phrases in an unknown language. As the chant continued more and more specters emerged from the rifts in the walls and ground of the chamber forming a shield around the still hovering Zeltron to protect him from the onslaught of Dark Side Powers coming from the Sith.

Draco now more aware off his newly gained Powers concentrated the jolts of electricity toward the spectres wrapping around his possessed, but every time a jolt was close to hit the Zeltron a new spectre interposed it before returning to its desired position in the vortex around Aeson.

“Rian, Sena, now.” Knowing immediately what the Epis was up to the two Equites fell back from the Journeyman who frantically tried to get past their team-mate, the three Equites connected to each other, forming a close circle. Just like in the old times, Rian thought, expanding his mind to allow the two Krath to draw strength from him like he did from them.

Aeson Rhys

15-03-2013 07:05:11

With the flood of new specters and his allies on the defensive, Aeson knew that he did not have the time for a protracted philosophical debate on the benefits of releasing the fortress over to Taldryan’s care. However, Draco’s rage and use of advanced powers had also startled and confused Aeson’s unwanted guest. In that moment, its tight control wavered and Aeson was able to penetrate the memories of Kressh’s commander.

What he discovered was that the commander had been and was unwavering in his sense of Duty. He had lived aware only of the obligation to the protection of his master and his master’s property. The ancient warrior had dedicated his existence to the rage, conflict and strife needed to carry on that duty through the war with Naga Sadow five thousand years ago and the interminable emptiness of his spectral unlife guarding the abode of a master never to return.

The weakening of the wraith’s grip on his mind and the awareness of the nature of his existence gave Aeson an idea –one that only the mind and memories of a Zeltron could facilitate.

You have sustained yourself by the power of the Dark Side through rage and hatred. Aeson whispered in his mind to the possessing spirit. Let me show you another side of the Dark Side of the Force. Feel the power of Passion and Pleasure!

And with those words, the Krath Priest flooded his mind with the images, memories and feelings of his Zeltron heritage; a heritage filled with unabated and unrestrained sensuality. Memories of the decadent parties he had attended, the flavors, aromas and sounds of the feasts that he had partaken, the sensual overload of his sexual encounters, sometimes with multiple partners and species; all were released in intoxicating confusion of enhanced senses. Aeson could feel his body responding to the memories even through the possession.

The Spirit screamed. Not only within the Zeltron’s mind but also physically through his throat. He had been caught unprepared for the influx of sensations, many of which were beyond the experience or imagination of his militant heritage.

Now that his mind was free, Aeson turned the full power of his own enhanced force abilities on the wraith. Using the energy that the spirit used to sustain itself Aeson healed both his body and mind. With each moment, the Priest gained strength that the wraith lost. It was still stronger than he, but it was off balance and confused by the sensual onslaught of Aeson’s memories. And so Aeson was able to siphon off both strength and memories from the specter.

Finally, unable to cope with the flood of memories the spirit tried to dominate the Zeltron’s personality completely, thereby expunging the body of its original spirit. However, there were now areas of Aeson’s mind that it was unable to enter because of the power of the sensuality that resided there was beyond its own ability to cope. The pleasures that resided there would only remind it of the emptiness of its own existence thus robbing it of the will needed to maintain that existence. And since it could no longer dominate, the ancient Sith spirit was forced to vacate.

Draco winced as a painful wail that suddenly filled the corridor. Even the wall of specters that he had been shocking with lines of Force energy seemed to cringe from that sound. The Zabrak Protector shifted his gaze just in time to see a cloud of blackness emerge and separate from Aeson Rhys. As the form separated itself from the Zeltron, it became evident that it was the source of the ear splitting cry. Draco watched as Aeson’s body arched, convulsed and then dropped to the floor. The wraith continued to wail for several moments. Then it started throwing wave after wave of lethal dark energy at the Priest’s groaning body. All the time it continued to scream.

Draco was sure he could actually understand the sound. It seemed to be yelling at Aeson. It seemed to be saying:
“Die, Abomination! Die!”
Even the other wraiths seemed spellbound by the display of anger and loathing.

Aeson felt his body hit the ground with an impact that would have stunned him had his consciousness not been still partially detached from his body. As he recovered control, he was staggered by the amount of pain that he was experiencing. He also became aware of a sound that was coming from above him and was reverberating within his skull. Something, someone, was screaming. As another wave of pain wracked his body, Aeson realized what was happening; the wraith he had just expelled was now attacking him physically.

“Like ... Bloody…Hell” the Priest groaned. He took two more impacts as he rolled to his stomach. He took another blast of energy as he levered himself to his knees. He raised his arms before him just in time to catch the next wave of energy. It burned through him but using the Force, Aeson was able to dissipate enough of the energy so that it was merely painful but did no physical damage. If he had been any place but here, the specter’s power would have been lethal. However, here the Dark Side sustained and strengthened him as well. He was till badly hurt but he could prevent any more injury.

Unable to stop himself, Aeson taunted the raging spirit. “What are you so irate about? Sorry that you missed out on all the fun?”

The wraith screamed more and hurled more energy at the Priest.

Even the other wraiths seemed to be backing away from the display of uncontrolled fury. Of course, this left them wide open to the shocks that Draco was now once more hurling. Many disappeared into halos of blue light.

Rian, Bubble and Lokasena were huddled together, seeming to be focusing their strength on some sort of group action.
Aeson got one more quip in before the storm broke. “All your memories belong to me.”


15-03-2013 11:45:46

The spectre screamed once more, and hurled itself at Aeson’s battered body. As it began it’s renewed attacked, a wave of power hit it from three sides, pinning it and forcing it into an ever smaller space. The spectre tried to break free, but with every struggle it was hit with an increased wall of force. The spectre battled, fighting back as the three comrades continued their assault, the strain beginning to show.

Finally, just as it seemed that they would be able to maintain their attack no longer, there was an explosion of energy, the cacophony of noise resounding off the solid surfaces surrounding the group, echoing down the halls of the temple. The force of the explosion knocked the three Equites back, slamming them against the tunnel walls, Aeson, directly below the blast was forced down once more; while Draco, a little further away from the blast centre, barely managed to keep his feet.

A moment of silence followed as the team members slowly came to their senses. The spectres had gone, nothing but the signs of a bloody battle remained to give an indication of their presence. Sena was the first to regain his feet, giving a silent nod of respect to Draco as he noted the young Protector was still standing. He proffered a hand to Bubbs, which she waved away, who closed her eyes and instead leaned back against the cold stone, the deafening blast still ringing in her ears.

Draco picked his way carefully towards Sena, “Is it always like this?”

Sena nodded, face solemn, “You’d be surprised how often.”

Draco Sangria

15-03-2013 21:52:32

Draco Post # 4

When the smoke cleared Draco was still standing, brushing off the thick curtain of dust that was swirling around after the powerful energy explosion. The last thing he saw before the Spirit commander exploded into a mass of energy was that Aeson, Rian, Sena and Bubbs where attacking the Spirit with replenished powers.

The Zabrak stood farthest from the five, and thus felt the least impact of the blast. The others took in in the face. Concerned, Draco strode forward to look for the others. One look, and he knew what happened. The blast knocked the rest off their feet. However, it seemed that no lasting damage was done. The others were getting up on their feet and recuperating. He himself was still in a bit of pleasant shock on finding his increased powers in the Dark Side. The memory made him flex his fist in relish!

He went over to Aeson. Of them all, Aeson had the worst of it in the fight. Its not everyday you get possessed by a Force Spirit, much less the Spirit of Ludo Kressh’s commander of Guard. Aeson was still a bit shaking and seemed weak from the Spirit’s fierce possession of his body.

“You OK Aeson?” To the others he said, smiling brightly,”That was some swordplay!”

After they all were up and ready once more, Draco said to the group ,” seems the Spirit Guards are gone for now. Ludo Kressh’s Chambers are right ahead. Let’s just barge in, grab what we find and get out of his hellhole.” He had just enough of the place. However, he didn't really want to leave, after facing all this, to leave without anything empty-handed.