Team Two: House Odan-Urr


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Team Two: House Odan-Urr

OP Drodik Va'lence al'Tor- 4793
SBL Liam Torun- 7288
KE Kaira Rohana- 10057
SW Krandon Lucian Firebringer- 8629
PRT Rangel- 13387
PRT Sight Nortorshin- 7640


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Crater- Khar Delba
Unknown North Polar Location

A howling on the frozen plain whipped across the surface of the ever pristine snow cover burning the chapped faces of several beings huddles together in the fragmentary scraps of a downed vessel. The domineering white color of trillions of frozen water particles spanned all directions of the ancient horizon only being marred by the pillars of smoke emitting from the incinerated hull and field of debris.

Tens of other crafts with their black and silver spires resembling ship bridges, and communications arrays jutted out of the surface towering high into the sky whilst spider like arms of ice, themselves relics of an ancient time and ancient battles. These sinister spires of downward pointed ice stretched their long fingers toward the snowy floor below, some scratching the surface while others spread out in great veins of frozen water. The ancient massive icicles gleamed bright cerulean when the oppressive cloud cover permitted rays of the parent star to bathe the crystalline pack ice.

A blood curdling scream pierced the howling winds with blunt precision. The grouping of bodies turned their attentions toward the ridge from where the trumpet of agony originated. Immediately a long slender figure rushed toward the miniscule fire kicking up snow and sleet extinguishing the flame.

“Take cover!” he exclaimed in a hushed tone.

Together, the others in company pressed their backs against the torn fuselage whose cold metal walls and debris field indicated it had once been the interior of a mess hall. The slender figure carefully extended his gaze outward against the windy current toward the ice ridge above.

At the top of the crest gathered a grouping of black clad individuals. They stood a moment looking downward into the bowl before producing what seemed to be a pair of binoculars.

“Get your head back!” grunted an old man as he yanked the slender figure down to ground. “There are four on the ridge.” said the Nagai as he dusted ice clumps from his face and tangled hair.

The old man hummed in contemplation.

Drodik turned his attention toward the stranded Padawans saying “Take cover in the hull."

Sight immediately resented the order, “No need, I can handle my own against a Dark Jedi.” he said with an air of arrogance.

Just then a shrill shrieking pierced the air once again. In the wake of the echo ebbs of dark side taint were manifest in the Jedi’s senses.

“It is a Behemoth!” exclaimed Kaira

The old Jedi Liam reinforced the order in response to the development.

“Padawans, I would take heed to the order quickly, it is not the Dark Jedi you need worry to contend with but the Sith war monster.”

While this occurred the Zabrak Jedi Krandon Lucian Firebringer maintained sentry over the Dark Jedi on the ridge. Growing swathes of loose snow cascaded downward from the basins walls as the vagabonds drifted into the crater.

“They approach.” Krandon sounded off.

“Calm everyone.” The Nagai spoke as he produced a gleaming hilt from his robe and held out a hand over the survivors Liam, Kaira, Krandon, Sight & Rangel.

“We are one with the force. Draw on each others’ strength and solidarity.” The effects of the Force Meld were miniscule at first but the flood of morale boost would continue to expand its growth in time.

The Nagai continued as he felt the four Dark Jedi approaching and the Behemoth too further in the distance.

He looked toward the massive wreckage of the hull noting its size and narrow openings.

“We can take them here, and use the ship to fortify against the Behemoth.” Drodik finished.

"That Behemoth will tear the ship apart!" Kaira interjected

Behind the group a sudden blur of red beams penetrated through the snow dense air.


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The group barely had time to produce their own blades before the Sith were upon them, howling unnaturally into the wind as they struck. Their assaults were greeted by a blast of snow and ice to rival the harshest blizzard as Torun's hands came up, launching a telekinetic blast toward the foes. As they stumbled, he sprang, Kaira and Krandon beside him on the defense.

"Force them back!" The older man yelled over the wind's shriek, his face impossibly calm as he strode toward the rigours of combat.

"Get down!" Drodik roared, his blade coming alive in his hand as gouts of cannon fire tore into the downed ship's hull. He watched with unease as the guns strapped to the war behemoth turned entire sections of the craft's hull into fluid and steam, knowing exactly what would happen if they emerged.

"Councillor, what should we do?" Even on Khar Delba, Rangel's breath held the hint of whiskey; Drodik would have to rebuke him about it later. "We're outmatched here!"

"We should surrender, Drodik!" Sight snapped, a patch of snow a mere foot from his head blasting into steam. "They may take us prisoner, but we'll find a way out. Anything's better than this!"

"Peace, Padawans!" al'Tor shouted over them. As if his words had demanded it, silence fell; Drodik's senses picked up relief in the Padawans, too new to the Force yet to hold him back, but in the weathered leader, doubt blossomed. "Hold your ground. They won't have stopped fighting for no reason."

Slowly, he stood, the low din of lightsaber combat behind him fading into the wind; though the old Liam had only arrived a week hence, Drodik knew he could handle himself. Looking to the beast, he saw it not too far off, holding position.

"It's stopped," The High Councillor said quietly, raising an eyebrow. "Why would it-..." A cold, sinister laugh made him wheel about, bringing his blade to bear.

"Well, well." The Sith's race was Togruta, but the same black-and-red ink swirled and slashed across his skin as his three peers. Two were human, one a twi'lek, and all held bloodthirst in their eyes. "A genuine Jedi, and his brats. Fate is too kind."

Their blades hissed into existence as they approached, moving like stalking leopards. Drodik closed his eyes for but a moment, calling to the Force for aid but knowing that hope had fled. His peers were Padawans; already, they fought like skilled soldiers and had strength in their bones, but they were no match for four fully-trained Sith. As one, the enemies lunged, Drodik's blade rising to hold back the only one he could.

As one, they stopped, blades flashing to life as their owners leapt to Drodik's side. Kaira, Liam, and Krandon had arrived, a bit battered but no worse for wear. Together, they pushed the foes back. "Put your faith in fate if you like, young one," Liam said, a lock of his gray hair shorn by a saber blade. "I prefer the will of the Force."


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The hiss and crackle of lightsaber combat echoed around Sight and Rangel where they stood several meters behind wear the 4 Jedi and 4 Sith where locked in mortal combat. Sight shook his head to clear his mind. Two deep breaths latter he could feel the adrenaline coursing through his veins as a plan started to form in his mind. His hands took stock over the weapons still strapped to his body. All were accounted for, throwing daggers, boot knives, short sword, full length sword, 3 second fuse thermal detonators and his two special bandoleers of ten thermals detonators rigged with a ten second collective fuse.

Rangel turned to face Sight as he noticed the other Padawan checking his weapons. “What are you doing?! We can’t fight them!” He exclaimed, the stench of whiskey coursing over Sight at his words.

“No Rangel we can’t fight them because we got something better to do. You ready for a short run? Follow my lead!” Sight said with a chuckle as he took off towards the fight between the Jedi and the Sith. Rangel gaped at Sights receding grey cloak before taking off after him.

Sight drew his short sword holding it in his right hand, he knew that the blade would be no match for the Sith’s lightsaber but he didn’t need it to be. In his left hand hidden under his cloak he held one of the thermal detonators with a 3 second fuse.

Drodik was just finishing counter attacking, forcing his Sith foe to jump backwards when he head Sight’s voice screaming behind him and approaching fast. “Move it old man we are coming through!” Drodik didn’t have time to respond before Sight rushed past him at the Sith, Rangel just a few paces behind. “What the” was all the Jedi was able to get out before Sight engaged the Sith.

Sight brought the short sword down in a vertical strike top to bottom at the Sith’s head. The Sith’s lightsaber came up to cut the metal weapon in half only to meet thin air and leave his torso wide open as Sight shifted to a horizontal slash at the last second. Jumping backwards to avoid getting cut the Sith jumped backwards only to find the Padawans running through the new opening in the battle and a thermal detonator laying at his feet already shrieking it’s one second warning.

Sight and Rangel where blown forward from the blast of the thermal detonator, they both landed on their feet and keep going. “We are going to Capture that Behemoth Rangel. Stick to the Wreckage then split as soon as we get to the open.” Sight yelled to the other Padawan as he half turned and flashed a very obscene gesture at the Sith before darting into the Wreckage.


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Crater- Khar Delba
Unknown North Polar Location

"We're being overrun!" said a Jedi's voice from within the heated battle. Krandon proceeded to understand the Will of the Force speaking to him.

Through the Force, he quickly went behind the Jedi lines to raised the moral of the soldiers through a Force Meld.

"I and the Force are one," he spoke to himself.

There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force

The Firebringer glanced up from his Force Meld and noticed a blur heading towards the Behemoth war machine. He had to look again to notice that it was two Padawans that were creating the blur of quickness. He then glanced to the left and noticed a Sith Warrior running after them.

The Jedi Consular broke his Force Meld and rose slowly to his feet. He then unhitched his lightsaber from his belt but didn't ignite it. Moving his feet into a wider stance, the Zabrak raised his hands and watched as the Sith hit, what would be viewed by most as, an invisible wall.

Breaking the stiffness of his face in the cold, harsh environment by smirking, he proclaimed, "I am Krandon Lucian Firebringer, Consular and Jedi of this Order!"

"Is that so?" the Sith questioned as he rose to his feet. "Finally, an actual match for me!"

The Sith then proceeded to ignite his lightsaber and quickly lunge towards the battle-ready Zabrak.

With one foul swoop and faster than the eye could see, Krandon ignited his lightsaber with the common snap-hiss sound and met the Sith's lightsaber in mid air.

"I can feel your anger," the red-faced Sith snarled.

"I find that funny because I can feel my fist hitting your stomach," Krandon stated as he did exactly what he said.

The Sith fell to his knees with the wind leaving his body only to notice Krandon's knee raising quickly to connect with his face.

Using the Force, the Dark Jedi Knight did an elaborate flourish that returned him to his feet. The Jedi and Sith traded lightsaber strikes and parries eventually facing each other with their blades locked together.

"You're no match for a Sith!" the Dark Jedi Knight exclaimed.

"You're not Sith. You're an apprentice, a youngling. I'm surprised you can even handle a lightsaber the way you do. Turn now from these ways and follow the Light towards salvation," the Consular responded.

With this being said, Krandon broke the lock of the blades and, with one slice, cut the left arm of the Sith clean off. He then pushed the Dark Jedi away and Force pulled the crimson bladed lightsaber from the hands of the young enemy. The Sith then dropped to his knees where which his face was met with the boot of the Jedi.

"I...I don't understand, they promised me power over all the Galaxy. How is it I can't even beat a puny Jedi?" the Sith asked himself as he wiped blood away from his mouth.

Holding his lightsaber to the Sith's neck, Krandon Lucian explained, "There is no power to be found in the Dark Side of the Force as you, your brothers, and your sisters will soon find out. Again, come to the Light and save yourself."

"Never! I would rather die than join the Jedi!" The Sith retorted.

"So be it," Krandon said with a disappointed tone. With that final word, the Firebringer brought his lightsaber above his head and thrusted it straight down into the chest of the quickly beaten Sith Warrior.

Having defeated his over-confident opponent, Krandon returned to his position behind the fight, sat down, crossed his knees and continued to bring strength to his friends through the Force.

Kaira Rohana

06-03-2013 18:17:20

The crash had left Kaira cold and a bit stunned, she had no idea how it had even happened in the first place. One moment they were flying just fine next they were on the ground. Her body was fine but her mind was a bit jumbled. As she sat there on the frozen ground with the others she closed her eyes to allow a moment of reflection. Just as her mind calmed she heard Drodik’s voice. Why was it in moments of calm and reflection a battle happened to be just around the corner?

As the battle started around her the sentinel frowned. She saw the two young Padawans, Rangel and Sight headed up the ridge right for the Behemoth. It would only take a moment for them to find out they had chosen the wrong path to take as the ice and snow made there route difficult. The Epis rolled her eyes for she knew that it was up to her to head after them; the others were very busy with the Sith.

“Padawans, no!” Her words lost as she was cut off from them.

With a shake of her head she saw that the Padawans were going to be just fine. The beast had stopped its attack. They would be fine as long as they didn’t go for the kill and so far they seemed to have taken on the task of disarming over killing. This brought a smile to her lips just as her body reacted with the force. She jumped back just as one of the Sith decided she was their target.

The dark figure stood in her path. “You Jedi, are mine!”

Kaira had no time for this as the wind howled around her. “Oh am I? I never saw that in my future. You must have me confused with someone else. What I see is your death…..”

The Sith spat on the ground and just as quickly as it hit it was frozen. Then all at once he ran toward her. Kaira did a quick turn and flip to the side which was not easy with the snow covered ground. This foe seemed bent on the attack but Kaira knew she was much stronger in the force. She was a Jedi now which did not mean that however she was opposed to turning this Sith into bantha chow. With a turn, the Sith brought his lightsaber down at her side just as Kairas saber blocked his movement with relative ease. She did not however see the dagger concealed in his other hand.

Pain seared from her left arm as the dagger cut deep into her arm. There was no sound from her only movement as she jumped away from his reach. With a frown Kaira knew she had taken on this foe to lightly. He had some skills, but more than that, he fought dirty. The crimson blood flowed down her arm to the frozen ground below. It stained the white snow melting it with the warmth of her blood. It was then the Jedi in her was pushed side. She would fight on just as dirty as this Sith ever could.

“Just like a Sith.” she thought to herself.

“ Well two could play that game!” she further thought whilst she felt her emotions getting the better of her.

“You shall pay for each drop of blood you just spilled upon this ivory snow Sith!” Kaira said with a sneer.

It was the sound of laugher that echoed in a mocking way that she found worse than her own blood spilling onto the icy ground. Through the force she started to heal her arm in an effort to at least stop the bleeding. She then looked at the Sith as she planned out her attack in her mind. He would pay for what he had done. This time she went on the attack as she let her mind be one with the force guiding each and every movement of her body over the frozen terrain.

Kaira brought her lightsaber up to block against the Siths advancing blade so that without a thought she danced around his maneauver with a counter of her own. Her mind guided her as she watched for the perfect opening. Then it happened, the Sith grew frustrated with the Jedis dance and blocks. He went for an easy hit but it left him open to her attack.

Kaira smiled as her saber met with flesh, cleanly slicing though the Siths right arm as it fell to the ground saber and all. There was a scream such as few have heard as he dropped to his knees.

“This is payment. You are done! Yield and you shall live. Fight on……” Kaira never finished her ultimatum as the Sith spit at her.

The dark figure had then thrown a dagger at her from his left hand but Kaira easily blocked it. She then brought her lightsaber around for the kill. She stopped right before the saber would go into his heart. “Last chance...”

The Epis didn’t want to kill but the Sith left her no chose as he tried to reach for a blaster at his belt. Her saber finished the job before his hand could reach the blaster. As the life drained from his face the polar piercing wind hit her face. She felt the cold emptiness of a life close in on her for taking a life. It had always been hard for her to kill but she would it and do it well if the event called for it.

“Such a waste….”

Kaira turned to find the team still locked in many battles, but the Padawans were still holding their own. It made her smile to know that they were doing so well.


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Rangel and Sight both ran towards the Behemoth. The behemoth began shooting at Rangel and Sight nearly getting close to them. Rangel tried to keep his eyes focused from the dizziness invoked by the whiskey in his system.

“Watch out!" Sight shouted at Rangel.

All that Rangel had felt was a burning sensation going through his leg. There he lay on the ground with only 1 leg. He cried out a massive loud yell. Sight tried getting near him but the behemoth would not let him. The others felt Rangels pain with in the force. Sight had come close enough to the behemoths leg to attach a thermal detonator on its ankle, within a matter of a few seconds the beast came down.

As the beast came down it gave a roar; a call for help. Sight slit the beast throat and headed over to Rangel. "Stay still, the rest should be coming shortly." Sight thought to himself thinking you can only blame yourself for this.

Krandon came over as soon as he heard Rangels yell "Are you ok?", he asked. Rangel shoiuted in pain "Does it look like I’m ok?! I just lost my leg!".

As Rangel got up with the help of Sight and Krandon they felt the floor shake. Out in the distance they saw a large white cloud followed by another roar; more behemoths!. Rangel ask Sight,

"Give me a detonator! I want you both  to force push me toward a behemoth! Im going to take it head for my leg!"

  "The dark side clouds your mind, control yourself young minded one." Krandon said to Rangel.

"Yes, Master Krandon is right.  Let us do the rest, you’ve done enough to yourself" Sight said in a disappointed tone. "I’ll will stand down till then.."


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Crater- Khar Delba
Unknown North Polar Location

The clash of the serpentine blades rippled caustic vibrations throughout the slender Nagais build. His opponent pressed his weight into each successive strike bearing down on Drodiks carefully disguised narrow defense. The Jedi Councilor continually lowered his stance as the Togrutan Sith-fiend weighed down on the advance. In the dead of the cold and midst of the melee, Drodik had been weighing his options while Liam erstwhile defended himself against a much younger, agile opponent.

The bronzed hilt in his hand began to feel weightless and he could not discern his grip as accurately as he had been accustomed to. Its cold steel and bronze fans seared the sensation of touch from his hands, his extremities themselves were prickling from the loss of warmth, the cellular mega structure was already within the first few phases of frostbite on this desolate planet.

“Lower your arms!” he shouted to the One Sith Knight.

In all honesty the dirge of this foray was likewise a fault on Drodik’s mind and conscience. In the back of his mind he could feel the Padawans pain whilst he cried aloud for the sake of his lost limbs well as the uncertainty clouding Sight and Kairas minds.

Holding his cyan blade aloft he paused to dialogue with the One Sith, he was an ignorant foe, but not without hope of salvation. This was the kind of person who was himself within fault of his alignment. In his technique Drodik had sensed the dissolution of the fight, he had a consternation worth undoing. This Togrutan had hesitation in his strikes and a static fear, not of failure but of survival. His was a lamentable cause and the fight or flight component of his decision making was non-existent, he had to fight, he needed to fight. Something had propelled this fallen knight into his servitude.

...The Nagai presed his slow retreat

“You’re reading my mind?” the Togrutan implored with inquisitive aggression.

“Stop it!” he shouted.

His crimson blade twisted erraticly as he lunged haphazardly toward the Prelate.

The One Sith Knight twitched, an outward expression of the mental battlefield he had now become engaged upon. Drodik reached out through the force and into the heart of the one who feared nothing but retribution.

‘This world will not be your grave…’


The grim saber retreated in response to the benevolent parry of the Councilor.

Drodik pressed his own retreat slowly, the snow crunching beneath his soles.

‘This is a dead planet, there is nothing for you here but finality….’ Drodik continued.

His calm almost serene voice and disposition seemingly acted as a mirror upon the conscience of his opponent. The Sith in his reflection could feel his abhorrence and the guilt of his actions manifest.

The reflection was an ugly one. In it the Dark Knight could feel the terror and pain he had inflicted on countless denizens of peace. The pain was of a magnitude he had long suppressed and invoked upon only in rage. He was in effect being sapped of the fuel which further propelled his fight.

‘How many are like you, tainted by your own undoing and manipulation of overlords?’

The Councilor asked upon the plane of communication upon which thoughts inhabit. His mind trick and persuasion had become taxing on his reflexes and energy, but this he could not allow to be known. The opponent was much too inexperienced to glean that much information from him, but a dark presence approached.

“I am folly, and without hope Jedi…my course of action shall either be this icy grave or torrential reprisal. This saber must end this…” he shouted at the Jedi whose disposition had eased in response to the vocalization of the Sith Knights own self-disavowment.

Further clashing pangs of light attacking light issuing from the grit of other saber blades clashing upon themselves echoed and flashed upon the snow and surrounding terrain. Liam had likewise taken upon the tactic of conversion; in order to destroy these Sith, they would need allies, and these weak minded acolytes would be the chink in the armor of this Sith stronghold.

Upon his back splayed a few meters away Rangel’s continued shouting and concussive energy spilled upon the others. Hope was fading, cold was enclosing and the thundering rumble of an approaching behemoth herd was growing but was still too far away. There was still time, they would need an ally for the coming hours when their escape from the Citadel (if fortune did not favor their demise in the crater) would necessitate Sith acolyte turncoats.

More Sith had arrived, an advance party for an approaching Officer, a formidable opponent. The Odanites would have one last round of saber wielding adversaries to contend with, and hopefully convert through moral subversion. They did not need an immediate ally, but would need to inflict an impression of sympathy upon the weakest of the acolytes.

Survival depended upon this, in their attacks the Sith were not immediately seeking to dispatch the Jedi, but immobilize them. Ulterior motives were afoot.


08-03-2013 12:54:46

Sight watched the approaching advanced guard of Sith, they were many in number, not far behind them where even more. Looking at Rangel and Krandon as they set Rangel down; he felt a pang of guilt pass through him. It was his fault that Rangel had lost his leg. The former Krath turned Sentinel’s face slackened.

Sight looked over at Drodik struggling against his Sith opponent as he tried to convert him. He looked at Krandon who was knelt beside Rangel trying to keep the Padawan calm. He saw Kaira approaching them with an uncertain look on her face. Seeing all this Sight was overcome with grief and rage. He knew he could not end it but he could bring a pause and give his housemates a chance to escape. Looking at the advanced guard merely 100 meters away Sight knew what he had to go do to give them the time to regroup and give them a better chance to survive.

Sight’s right hand went impulsively to his swords hilt drawing the blade. The double edge 3 feet in length 4 inches across, the middle 3 inches the steel was purple. This blade was Sight’s everything, his pride and joy. Sight touched the flat of the sword to his forehead and started to walk quickly towards the oncoming Sith ignoring Kaira’s cries to wait.

“I will give into my abandon and become as the Demon Krath, the namesake of my order” He spoke with a clear voice.

“I will destroy my enemies without mercy.” His battle oath complete he abandoned his grey nature giving in to the dark for the familiarity and strength he could find there.

Reaching the halfway point to the Sith, Sight let loose a howl like a banshee and charged. A young Sith drew his metal sword and broke rank to answer Sight’s challenge. The boy had no markings on his face and was eager to earn his first by putting down this light Jedi foolish enough to challenge the Sith.

“Rule one in combat versus many opponents, leave no opening.” Sight said as he easily blocked the first strike and countered. The two exchanged strikes and blocks for a few minutes their blades locked. Pushing forward with his arms he sent the apprentice backwards onto one foot. Not wasting a precious second Sight brought his back leg up and forward slamming it as hard as he could right above the apprentice’s weight bearing knee. There was a sickening crunch as the kneecap shattered and the joint dislocated.

The apprentice’s shriek was cut off as Sight’s blade found home in his esophagus. A quick twist of the blade and Sight took a defensive stance the group of Sith now having encircled him, leaving the apprentice to drown in his own blood. Sight moved forward several feet to the exact middle.

“Rule two in combat versus many opponents, when an opening presents itself, take it and always go for the kill.” Sight said with a smirk sheathing and securing the blade.

He knelt down his grey cloak spreading out around him hiding his movements. The Sith approached carefully after having seen the apprentice struck down with no mercy or afterthought. Under Sights cloak he was busy setting down first all 6 throwing knifes in a ring around him, then taking the 20 thermal detonators off the bandoleers but leaving the wires to the all detonate switch attached. He then placed them in the ring around him, leaving the push detonator switch in the middle under himself. He then attached his last two thermal detonators to the wiring and placed them in the ring. The last thing he had to do was adjust the fuse time, a simple twist of a nob. He set the fuse to 1 second.

“Do you surrender?”

Seeing that the Sith were approximately ten feet from him now their sabers at the ready but were not moving forward, Sight smiled. “Well I know I am going to hell to become a demons plaything, but I will drag as many of you down with me as I can. DIE!”

Sight drew on all of his power in the force to cause a spherical force push to shoot out from his body. A sphere of snow shoot out first followed by the throwing daggers and now activated thermal detonators. The shrill scream of the 1 second warning echoed from the 22 thermal detonator’s simultaneously. Then there was a defining explosion, the thermal detonators exploding approximately ten feet from Sight. An unbroken ring of fire, shrapnel and death surrounded Sight. The force push caused the fire and shrapnel to be pushed outwards away from Sight, but it did nothing for the concussive blast waves all 22 hitting Sight’s body at the exact same time.

The only sound to be heard over the explosion was the scream of sheer and utter pain that issued from Sight’s lips as the concussive wave’s tore through his body turning his organs to barely functioning mush. What Sight didn’t know was that his gambit to buy his house mates some time to regroup was in vein as the main guard had been just arriving as the explosion went off. If anything Sight’s actions had made things worse.

Sight had no Idea how long it had been that he was lying on his back. He couldn’t feel anything or hear anything; his vision was going in and out. A black figure looked down at him.

“At least I die with my knowledge.” Sight said blood flowing from his mouth

“Oh do not worry about dying Jedi. You have done much to atone for today. We will make sure you live forever.” The figure said the evil in his voice resonating.

“The snow….it’s pretty.” Sight spoke before he lost conciseness for good. Several Sith picked up Sight’s limp form and hurried him away to make good on the figures promise, there would be much pain in Sight’s future.


08-03-2013 15:57:02

"Sight!" Krandon yelled as he began running after the group of Sith carrying his limp body.

"Krandon..." came a voice from behind him, as several hands began to appear around his body. However, Krandon still wanted to save his friend. He got about ten more feet then fell to the ground. He turned his head around to see that four Jedi were trying to hold him back.

The Consular closed his eyes and focused on the Force to calm his senses.

He found himself in a field, wearing his Jedi garbs, but they felt weightless, like he wasn't wearing anything. The grass was so soft, the sun was so warm. Everything around him seemed to be perfect, accept for a dark cloud to the left of him.

" my voice." Said a figure in the distance.

" You've come so for in your journey towards the Light Side of the Force. Don't give up now. You're worth more than the hate you're feeling; worth more than the pain you're feeling. This cloud to the west, this was you. Now, this is all that's left of the darkness that resides inside of you. Don't allow that little bit of darkness consume all the good that's within you. Get up...return to your friends and trust each other in this endeavour, not yourself."

"What was that?" Krandon said to himself as he snapped out of his vision.

He knew what he had to do. This was his friend, he had to save him. However, the Force spoke to him and told him not to do it alone.

I must obey the will of the Force...

Krandon took his time walking back to the front lines, wanting to bathe in his Force vision.

"So, what's the plan for rescuing Sight?" Krandon said to the group of Jedi.

Kaira Rohana

08-03-2013 21:32:05

It had taken all her will not to join Krandon in his vain attempt to go after their fallen brother. She felt nothing but pain and cold. The ground around them stained with so much blood it made her sick. Their leader still locked in a struggle with one of the Sith but it was Sight that her mind was with right now. He was not dead but very close she could feel how close. This scared her more then she would ever tell anyone.

The wind whipped around them as Krandon came back to her and Rangel. With the aid of the force the man was at least out of danger. “I have no plan at this time. For we need to aid Rangel. There is little we can do for Sight at this time.”

Her voice gave away a lot for as she spoke any one could tell that was not what she wished to do. The Epis wanted to charge in and save her friend or die trying. Yes that was the way to get yourself killed Kaira knew that now. It would take a thought out plan and time with the force to see it though.

“We can’t just sit here and wait for him to die Kaira. You know that is what will happen we need action.” Krandon said trying to persuade Kaira to act with him.

“If we rush in we too shall die today. Do you not see the blood stained ground? So much has been lost. I will not allow us to rush in like fools. Let us plan.”

With that Krandon dropped it he looked to Liam and Drodik to see where they would stand but they both seemed to be busy still. “What would your plan be? We do not have a lot here.”

“Ah we may not have much but we have each other. Do you not think our house would send back up? Communications were sent before we crashed down. I am sure even know there is some kind of aid on its way. For now with both of us, Drodik and Liam we might be able to help Sight from here…..”

With that she dropped her voice closed her eyes and started to meditate on the will of the force. There was still healing to be done so that had to come first. Maybe they might be able to help Sight slip into a Jedi healing comma. It would be the safest thing to do.


08-03-2013 23:55:28

As Sight was getting dragged away, Rangel could feel everyone in pain of sights sacrifice. Then all of a sudden evrything got quite, the cold breeze was felt from his wound. His mind was clouded with darkness, the feeling of pain and hurt was soothing to his wounded leg.
Another drink out his flask for sight he thought to himself. As he emptied his flask, he heard his father's voice. The yelling of his parents fighting because of his drunken nights.

As he came back to his scences he threw the flask out to the field and crawled out to the open field. His fellow Jedis trying to stop him .

"Nooooo let me be." Rangel said in a painful tone. Krandon stepped a side. "I hate you" shouted Rangel.

No one knew what that was about they brought back Rangel and there he lost conscience.

"Ok so now we are down by to men, we got sight gone and Rangel unconscious." Krandon said. "The force will guide us" Drodik said calmly.

You could see the blood trail of Sight on the snow. Everyone was looking at what our fellow Sight did for us. Drodik spoke "Today is not a day of sarrow but a day of success, a day that the Force is going to guide us back to our friend Sight. As for Rangel his action will be held with in our house. Right now Sight is being tortured and he needs our help."

They stood still and let the wind hit them as they felt that this was not going to be easy but it had to be done. The winds were starting to pick up and the temperature startef to fall.

Rangel woke up and he could feel the anger. He knew that it was his fault and knew he was going to make it up. "Im sorry guys, I know my action had to pay Sights actions and I promise you all that my drinking days are over. I just wish I could help." So Rangel stayed layed down trying to stay awake from all the blood lost.


09-03-2013 17:53:08

Sith Base Camp
Sight's Torture

"They left you to die," cooed the poison words of the unknown torturer.

Masked in both form and the Force, the torturer brought the vibroshiv once more to his human captive's left hand, puncturing the fleshing palm for the fifth time in less than a minute.

Sight's athletic form bucked involuntarily, held down by the restraints of the torturer's table.

"They allowed us to take you and to torture you. Jedi...."

The One Sith turned to the table of tools behind him and extracted a small vial of acid, a non lethal variety, but one that would leave permanent scarring.

Three Klilometers to the South
The Team

Kaira Rohana dropped to a knee. She could feel Sight, could sense his agony. He was a beacon in the Force and she knew where he was.

"This way, now....they are killing him."


11-03-2013 14:45:16

The Sith torturer took the small cork out of the vial’s top. Leaning in close he rested the vial against Sight’s left cheek. “They wanted you to feel this pain. Jedi….” His voice was silky and smooth, almost compelling in a way. The Sith tilted the vial so that only a drop feel upon Sight’s cheek where the bone ends directly below the eye. The instant the acid touched Sight’s skin a howl issued from his lips. The Sith torturer grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head up as he tilted the vial so that the rest of it poured onto the same spot as the first drop and then slid down his face to the left. The acid ate away at Sight’s skin stopping at the bottom of the first layer and dripping off the back corner of Sight’s jaw bone under his left ear.

Sight’s body convulsed and bucked as his screaming continued. His arms and legs went into full on spasms as the last bit of acid fell from his face to the table below. Blood was beginning to pool on the table with the acid as his mouth began to foam. The Sith keep a strong grip on Sight’s hair and let the screaming continue until Sight passed out from the pain.

When the screaming stopped several Sith walked into the torture room and unstrapped Sight from the table. Dragging him to the back of the room they tossed him into a bacta tank. This had become the routine; Sight was tortured then thrown in a bacta tank to heal. When it was an exceptionally grueling session the Sith would force heal Sight while he was in the tank. He was never in the tank for more than twenty minutes before they brought him back out for more.

With the table cleaned and Sight healed and once again strapped down the Sith torturer put smelling salts under Sights nose to wake him. Sight bolted up with a start the straps forcing him back against the table. His eyes wild like those of a beast he scanned the room while he tested his restraints. Where the acid had eaten its way across his face there was a fresh recessed silver scar.

“Awake are we Jedi…” The Sith said in the silky smooth poison sounding way of his.

“Kill me you coward, you obviously don’t want my knowledge as you have yet to ascertain it!” Sight shouted at the Sith.

“Foolish Jedi, the Master already gleaned what we need from you for now.” The torturer said with a chuckle. “We will ask you questions when the knowledge you have is actually worth something.”

“So this is the atonement your Master mentioned on the field.” Sight said softly, though he had been deaf at the time from the concussive waves he could read lips well enough to have
understood what had been said. His body suddenly buckled in towards his stomach as the torturer slammed the vibroshiv into it. The Sith leaned close to Sights ear so his low whisper could be heard over Sight’s screaming.

“My apprentice was among those caught in the blast you set off Jedi.” Sight screamed louder as the vibroshiv was dragged across his body gutting him in the process. It was then that Sight lost conciseness and the whole process started again.


11-03-2013 20:12:00

The Crater
Khar Delba
Hours Earlier

Particles of ice jammed in the ears of the Nagai Councilor as he picked himself up out of the snow. His spine ached from the force of impact done to him by the Sith Acolytes. Knocking disorientation from his senses his head pounded from the sounds emanating from clashing sabers and telekinetic strikes. Piercing screams proliferated from multiple sources, they were for the most part near identical in magnitude. The bubbling cauldron of activity that was the interior of the crater was a sight to behold.

Liam arced his blade ripping through the defenses of the Acolytes but their combined numbers became overwhelming. The aged man though still in the prime of his physicality showed signs of intense combat fatigue equating that of the Nagai and the human Epis Kaira Rohana. She had herself drug the failing life that was Rangel into the wreckage rejoining the melee.

His breath had become shallower, and even more so his life force was in the next waning stages. The icy cold air spoiled his senses overwhelming them with numbness seldom paralleled elsewhere.

“No pain….” He uttered, his bloody stump crystallizing in the sub-freezing temperatures.

The snow vibrated as the advance guard arrived along the rim of the crater.

The Nagai exhausted his lungs at long last purging them of the carbon-dioxide rich gas poisoning his system. An intense pain in his ribs limited his breathing cycle; there must have been a fracture in his rib.

Staggering to his feet, he held his cyan blade aloft once more taking an initiatory stance. The narrow of the beam flickered in the field of vision of the Acolyte. Tension stiffened the air between them and an uneasy calm overtook the duelists.

The Nagais voice flowed into mind of the Acolyte:

‘You know this to be true….’

The Acolytes fiery red blade hummed as he stood anticipating the strike. His stance was full of aggression, and confidence, an adherent of Djem So. But his weakness came from withing. His eyes raced in his skull. In their lenses he witnessed Rangels remaining leg twitching outside as his frame lay sprawled in the doorway of the downed vessel.

He spied the growing fatigue building in Kaira, Liam, and Krandon as they took on their adversaries.

A pressure was building in his throat and after a long pause his exhausted lungs forced themselves to expel their contents as he felt the torrents of battle and anguish around and within himself rush out. The wind whipped through the crater once more throwing wisps of snow up into reach.

That same crimson red blade arced straight up, its point of zenith overhead.

“…Yield” he whispered to the Nagai.

The Nagai duelists’ hilt fell at once lodging itself in the snow of the crater before its cyan blade had even receded behind the breach.

A massive thundering shook the ground as the last of the Behemoth Herd arrived behind the advance guard. A dark clad figure was mounted on the largest of the fiends.

“Where are we to go?” Drodik asked the Acolyte

He paused a moment before responding

“The citadel.”

He looked over his shoulder to see three mounted Sith Officers approaching, descending their bulky mounts down the slope.

“Are there more as you?” Drodik asked sensing Kaira, Krandon, and Liam being escorted toward them.

In their last moment alone, the Acolyte responded

“There are few....”

A Dark Room
Khar Delba



Sterile green light bathed down, twinkling in the current of jostled liquid within the tank. Consciousness at times had receded then dissipated. However long these bouts were, nothing was certain.

The eyes, windows to the soul, visual sensory tools; they burned in the tank, the light was so intoxicating.


‘Who is that?’

Bubbles infiltrated the murky brown liquid in the tank opposite the field of vision. A body attached to the apparatus hung dripping as the liquid drained from the tank with fury.

A burst of bubble foam issued from within the onlookers tank obscuring vision while the inhabitant simultaneously pressed its scarred face to the glass



11-03-2013 22:12:27

Khar Delba
Sith Base Camp
On Approach to the Citadel

Drodik couldn't help but wince as the butt of a rifle pushed into his back, spurring him onward. "Move, dog!"

The Nagai's eyes flashed around the encampment, built around the base of the Citadel and spanning several artificial ridges, trenches, and prefabricated bunkers. Spikes and mines had been laid around the approach to the Citadel, while its walls were being covered and surrounded by blaster and missile turrets. Most frightening were the massive cannons, clearly built to shoot down fighters and carrier ships. Overhead, the outline of Sith vessels could be seen against the round form of Khar Shian, its face limning the snow in a haunting glow.

As they passed through the encampment, Drodik found cause for new worries; the number of Sith on duty was larger than expected. At a glance, he figured there had to be three hundred or more, bolstered by soldiers in armor that varied in design and color between companies. Some of them he recognized from dossiers, local armies of Sith worlds; others were mercenaries, here for the glory and the coin and bolstered by war machines. Hulking on patrol, armored war behemoths joined rumbling tanks of various designs, all of them having one thing in common - lethality. Overhead, TIE ships screamed in formation, like predacious hawks awaiting prey to swoop down upon.

"They prepare for battle," al'Tor said, a worried look flashing across his face. "Surely, this was not meant for us. This Citadel cannot be ours."

"Perhaps not," Liam replied, his face oddly serene. Unlike the others, he did not shiver; Drodik had heard that the Consular was an adept of the ancient power of Tapas, drawing warmth from the Force, but only now did he see it in action. He would have to learn how it was done. "It has been my experience that Sith tend to fight between one another. Perhaps this other dynasty I've heard of approaches?"

"The Brotherhood?" Kaira asked from behind them. She and Krandon shared a dark look; there had been a time when both of them had cleaved to its Houses and Clans. "If they're coming here, we've got to escape before the fight begins."

"Silence!" The Sith behind them, a particularly ugly Gamorrean, snarled. Clearly, the brute was more of a fighter than a Force adept. "Me crush!"

"Patience," Torun said, soothing their nerves with a calm smile. "In time, our foes will meet one another; until then, all we can do is find our missing friends."

"And then?" Firebringer asked, his patience clearly tested by the old man. "What do we do once we've got them? Surrender to the Iron Throne? Convert? I'm tired of your cryptic words, old man!"

"Krandon!" Drodik snapped. "Take hold of yourself!"

"Enough. The Dark Side clouds our minds; remember this, and hold it at bay." Liam said. "You especially, young Firebringer, and you, Rohana. Both of you toed the line back there." He took a breath, smiling and looking around. "The Force will show us the way."

Drodik nodded, and the group fell silent as the Citadel's gaping maw opened up above their heads.

Khar Shian
Dark Side of the Moon
NSD Dark Star - Bridge

"Lord Pravus," The ship's captain said, his eyes lowered respectfully. "Shall I give the order?"

"Tell Tarentum and Plagueis to move to flanking positions and await my mark." The masked Sith Lord replied, amusement forming in his tone. "Then, send the Sadowans in down the middle. I would have rage and betrayal fuel them."

"As you wish, milord." The captain replied. "And the Jedi?"

"Should they survive," He answered, "They will be taken care of."


11-03-2013 22:47:54

Krandon turned his head and let out a breath after understanding that Liam was right in his rebuke.

The dark side does cloud your mind. Patience Firebringer. Use the Force.

"I apologize for my words, Master Torun" Krandon spoke softly while still looking away from the group. "Well, I know that if we are captured by The Brotherhood we would not be treated as brothers, but still as the enemy."

"Too true, " Kaira answered.

The group continued to look up as they were ushered nearer to the entrance of the citadel. Dark thoughts started to fill Krandon's mind, memories of walking the corridors with ones that he called brothers and sisters of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Now, they were considered enemies.

He had fell so far to the Dark Side after he learned that his parents were killed that he thought he could never be saved. He thought he had found a home inside The Brotherhood, but this couldn't be more wrong.

The Consular had never felt such a family until he turned from the darkness and allow the light to shine within, the light of the Force. This was his family now and he had to protect them.

Krandon, looking forward saw the gleam of his lightsaber hilt, taken away by the Sith Acolyte. This was his chance. Using a quick Force action, he saw his lightsaber approaching him.

Quickly, Firebringer turned and caught it, igniting it and cutting through his restraints.

"Krandon, no!" Shouted Drodik

Quickly, Krandon did all he could to try to free his friends, however he only managed to cut the bonds of Kaira off.

"Kaira, we must go! We will be back for them," Krandon yelled as the Sith Acolytes fumbled their lightsabers. Before they could be ignited, Krandon and Kaira had escaped, out of sight.

"I can still feel them, " Liam said in a soft voice, "they're ok."

With Liam having the last word, The Brotherhood's turbolasers opened fire upon the planet.

Kaira Rohana

12-03-2013 18:06:17

‘I am a Jedi’ screamed though Kaira’s mind as she followed Krandon. It was the hardest thing she could have done to leave members of the team behind but how else were they ever to find the Padawans. At least she had the wear with all to get her lightsaber back before they took off. Her look back had only straightened her to move forward with Krandon. Someone had to keep Krandon out of trouble. So now she was a Jedi baby sitter. Alright not a new job for her but she was really beginning to hate it.

“Krandon where are you going?” Kaira had stopped as she reached into the force to let it guild them.

“Shouldn’t they be in some kind of cell? I was going to the deeper levels to look for a Jail.”

Her eyes rolled, they wouldn’t be in a Jail they would be in a room that was for torture. She knew that much. The young ones were not as strong in the force as her but there cries with in it were loud and clear. Kaira closed her eyes and waited but a moment before she pointed down a long dark hall way to their left.

“We go down this hall. Trust me they are down this hall and we need to hurry.” She said this in such a hushed tone that Krandon had to really strain to hear her.

He quickly understood why she had been so quiet however. There were footsteps coming from behind them and from their right. If they were not force users they could simple hide in the shadows but if they were they would be found. Whomever it was down the hall was not picking up speed as if they knew any one was around.

“Quick move to the shadows in the hall.” The moment both of them were there Kaira closed her eyes and cloaked them both in the shadows. It helped that Krandon knew what was she was doing and pushed away as much light as he could This would only work if those that came did not know they had escaped and if they were not force users. The pair stood as still as statues with their backs to the cold hard wall but they both knew they were close to their goal.


14-03-2013 08:36:23

The Citadel of Khar Delba
A Dark Room

The green light and soft chirp of heart beats on monitors was soothing. Though they did not do much to help calm his nerves as he hung suspended in the empty tank with his face pressed against the glass. It had been a while since anyone had come into the room. He couldn’t take his eyes off the tank opposite him, though he knew he should be watching the door.

“Rangel” he whispered trying to get the man in the other tanks attention. It was futile though as Rangel was still unconscious. He sighed as he pulled his head back from the glass. There had been a lot of commotion a while ago as they were preparing to take him from the tank again. The five Sith that had been in the room had be interrupted by a newcomer and a buzzing alarm from the building. Hurried words had been said, something about battle and repelling an enemy then they had all left. He had taken the opportunity to rest then. Sometime during his sleep they must have brought Rangel in and hooked him up in the other tank.

The door whisked open with a snap hiss. His scared eyes darted to the entrance to the room. It was a medical droid carrying a prosthetic leg. It wasn’t long before the droid had the unconscious Rangel on the table that they had been using to torture Sight. The droid worked quickly with the precision that only a high quality of medical programing could afford. After the leg was attached and grafted to Rangel’s leg securely the droid ran a quick series of tests before putting Rangel back in his tank.

“Why give him a new leg?” Sight asked through the glass.

“Order number 1564098415: Fit and attach prosthetic leg to prisoner to facilitate ease of transport.” The droid rattled off before leaving the room, the door closing with a snap hiss as the locks set into place. It made sense to Sight, why waste the manpower carrying a prisoner around when you could simply give him what he needed to walk on his own. The leg was not fancy being made of plastic and steel with no synthetic skin it looked more like a droid’s leg than a prosthetic. It was low grade and had and the casing was a dull flat black in color. But it was connected to Rangel’s central nervous system and would function like a normal leg would. There would be a period of adjustment for Rangel were it would be difficult for him to walk.

The Citadel shook as the first turbo lasers struck. Alarms sounded and a voice issued from hidden speakers. “All forces to battle stations, All forces to battle stations.” The voice was only a recording. The lights dimmed slightly as the sound of planetary defense lasers firing could be heard. Sight looked up wondering if the building would hold up well against the onslaught. He had not caught the name of the enemy these Sith where now locked in mortal combat with but from the sound of the non-stop barrage of turbo lasers hitting the building he didn’t think he would wanted to.

Rangel gave a low moan as he started to come too. Looking over to Rangel’s tank Sight tapped on the glass of his own tank with his forehead. Rangel’s head lifted slowly to look at Sight’s tank, confusion crossing his face.

“Where…” His voice trailed off as he saw Sight fully and the new scar on his face along with several others across his body. “What did they do to you?”

“Rangel, what the hell are you doing here?” Sight asked as he ignored the question asked of him. Rangel would not have time to respond though as there was the snap hiss of the door again and Kaira and Krandon came rushing into the room.


14-03-2013 23:36:59

The Citadel of Khar Delba
A Dark Room
"Kaira and Krandon?" Sight said with a confused look on his face. Krandon broke both tank’s glass where Rangel and Sight where. Krandon put both men down as Kaira cut the cords off that bound them into the tanks.
"What are ya’ll doing here?" Sight said confused.
Kaira told him what had happen and that now they have to rescue the rest.
Krandon was listening to the blasters go off, "We have to go now, Rangel are you able to walk?"
"Yes, stumbling around a little but I can manage." Rangel said. "Then lets go."
All four were coming down the same hall that Krandon and Kaira had come from; suddenly three troopers come around the corner firing at them. Krandon yelled "take cover!!!" Krandon pulled out his lightsaber and reflected the shot back at one of the troopers. Then jumped behind another trooper and stabbed him from the back. Kaira jumped on the last one and twisted his head clean off his neck.
"Catch" Kaira yelled
Rangel and Sight grabbed the blasters and went to their friends. On the other side were Drodik and the others. The 4 sith acolytes where getting ready to get rid of the rest of the prisoners. As the sith got their weapons ready, Krandon and the rest of the jedi came and started blasting.  Rangel took one sith down, direct hit to the back of the sith's head. Sight shot another in the head. Kaira sliced one in two and finally Krandon put one in the last sith's stomach before raising his saber up turning the Sith into the shape of a Y.

Kaira Rohana

15-03-2013 18:31:02

As they came down from the high of battle for a moment Kaira turned to her Quastor. Her eyes held secrets better left untold. For now Drodik felt the dark side in all of them. What had happened to them he wondered? “We need to move now.” Kaira said in a gruff voice not of her normal tone.

It was not Drodik who stopped them but Liam, he touched Kaira’s arm then jumped back as if he had been shocked. His eyes rose to Drodiks then frowned. “There is Darkness in her much more then there should be. It makes no since what I feel from her….. Kaira what do you have?”

The woman growled at them. “It is mine you will not take it from me. I knew coming back for you both wouldn’t work. Krandon they want the power for themselves.”

The Jedi next to her sneered at the pair before them. “NO… they can’t it is ours. I will not loss powers like this again.”

It make no since to Drodik and Liam the way the pair was acting. Then to have Sight and Rangel stand right with them made it even more interesting. There was something they found that had clouded there minds and judgment. They needed to move but first thing first Drodik and Liam had to find what was wrong with the others.

“Show me what you have found?” Drodik said in a very commanding tone.

Kaira glared but then pulled out a small box from her pocket. It was a very shimmery black with silver writing. The hate that was ratedating off of it scared him. They were being infected by a Sith artifact. It had clouded there minds and made them able to use force powers beyond there capbleitry.

“Put it down Kaira. That box is Sith and it is clouding your judgment. Can’t you see that we want to help you?” Liam said with a half-smile.

“No this box forced our powers. It has made us stronger. How else do you think we could have helped you?”

“Kaira, Krandon please don’t do this. Don’t give into hate. Just put the box down I don’t want to have to make you.”

The group was on edge but for one moment Kaira mind seemed to uncloud she dropped the box and stepped back away from it. Drodik and Liam were right. “Destroy it before it destroys us Drodik please….” Kaira said softly as her hands shook a bit.

What had they done? Stupid Sith artifacts. They always got in the way. Drodik left the artifact but had words of wisdom for his house members. They needed a strong Jedi leader right now not to destroy or blame there behavior on something else.

“Kaira that artifact is not to blame fully for this mess. A weak mind and weak thoughts of getting out of here alive did that. Now stay strong with the force and don’t let the darkness rule you. Krandon, Kaira, padawans find your way out there is still work to be done. Liam and I will see you on the outside. Take the acolyte that is hinding behind the table over there with you. He knows the way out.”

Kaira nodded then walked over to the acolyte and asked his name. “Tibun, ma’am….” He said in a shaky voice.

“Well show us the way out Tibun. We want to make it out alive Tibun so try not to get us seen.” Krandon said with a smile at Kaira.

Tibun stood and waved the group to follow. Kaira followed right behind him lightsaber in hand. Right behind her were the two padwans then in the back was Krandon. He walked with the group but kept an eye on there behind. It wouldn’t do good to only look forward today after all that had happened. For now all they wanted was to make it out alive.


15-03-2013 23:00:38

Krandon still couldn't believe that he allowed this Sith artifact to cloud his judgement so immensely.

"I guess that settles it," Krandon said with a doubtful tone in his voice.

Drodik turned around to see that Krandon and stopped walking, "You guess what settles it, Lucian?"

"The Dark Side still lives inside of me. It's faint, but it's still there." Krandon said softy. Drodik made his way over to the Shaking Zabrak and put his hand on his shoulder.

"Krandon Lucian Firebringer, you are a Jedi, and a fine one at that. Remember, the Dark Side is in all of us, we just have to choose not to allow the bad to overlook the good; we have to choose to make the right choice. The Force is a complicated thing, even I haven't mastered it fully for the Light." Drodik patted Krandon's shoulder then whispered something in his ear. The Councillor then returned to the front of the group.

Krandon picked up his pace again and even managed a smile on his face.

"Look, there!" Tibum said as he pointed to a small flicker on light in the distance. "You see that light there? There's the way out."

"Great...more walking," Rangel said while chuckling to himself.

"Cut the chatter, Rangel. We're all tired," Kaira said plainly. "We're so close to the end, we can see the exit."

The ground started to walk towards the flicker of light in the distance. Kaira pulled in front of the group with Drodik, "Just out of curiosity, what did you whisper to Krandon back there? A big guy like him...I sure he can take a little Dark Side energy can't he?"

"Take a little Dark Side energy?" Drodik snapped back. "Did you see yourself? One more minute and you would've been lost."

"Really? It was that bad?" Kaira said in disbelief.

"Yes," Drodik chuckled. "By the way, what I said to Krandon? I said that he belongs here...this, is his family. I have a strong feeling though, like this isn't over yet. We've still got a long way to go to this exit."


15-03-2013 23:22:35

Moments Later
Outside the Citadel
Khar Delba

Supercharged bolts of cannon fire rocketed through the air-space splashing explosions a few meters wide across the grounds of the citadel. Those caught in the proximity were either instantly vaporized or scattered from the force of the energy. A veil of frenzy was descending, its magnitude intrusive. Whilst the vessels overhead rained down fire the base went into an instant panic.

The ground rumbled with the combined kinetic motion of the Sith War Behemoths herded by their handlers. Their retaliatory shots did little to take down the fighters and bombers that zipped through the defenses.

“Fall back!” yelled a Sith commander, his crimson saber scorching the snow as he directed what troops were still under his command back to the Citadel.

As he turned heading back he spied the turrets above.

“Dropships!” he roared as Brotherhood vessels made landing in the snowy field to the east.

At this time the group had

He looked back up to the pill-box only to see turret fire transform his location into a scorched slush. As the other One Sith lieutenants and their mercenary troopers approached, they too were subject to the same fate.

The aerial fighters themselves now contended with the Behemoths, herding many into a corall of execution.

Inside, Kaira and Rangel manned the turrets. Their selective fire on the Onse Sith was a trait hardly noticed in time to prevent a missile strike from the invading forces.

Within the Citadel
Khar Delba

Meanwhile however the old human and the Nagai made their way into the tunnels underground.

“It was a lie...” said a voice loudly. So loudly that it reverberated through the labytinth.
“It was a lie...” it repeated, even more disheartening than the last.

Finally the two Jedi had made their way and come to a dark corridor. A deep chasm filled the black void below whilst a narrow strip of walkway gave way to a distant platform.

The mellow dramatic scene continued to unfold as the two Jedi walked closer.

“This was to be the great citadel...a bastion of...power?” it coughed before continuing, “What power?”

The figure was seated, although its pale hands shook. One gripped at the chest, and the other upon the arm of the stone chair.

“Power, is in thought alone, Jedi. I learn of this far too late.” The voice was becoming feeble.

The two Jedi had finally arrived, standing in silence before the seated figure.

“What was a lie?” beckoned the old man, his hand bracing his saber.

“We were clouded, our minds burned with glory, but no... we were bait, for you...” he said as he chuckled.

“Bait!” he mustered to cough.

“Naga Sadow? What a fool I am. His great throne here is a false-hood, he never sat as I do. His was a power that is now extinguished, gone, vapor, intangible.”

“Old man, lower your arms, with what saber would I attack you?”

As he spoke he tore his black robes from his useless frame revealing a saber hilt stuck in his chest.

“It is of my own design...” at this point the Jedi could sense the insane Sith Lord was hanging on by sheer power of the force and his will.

The Nagai withdrew the black box from the tucks of his inner robes and presented the box upon the wide armchair.

As he did this Liam moved to intervened, them both being forced backwards, shielding their eyes from the dust kicked up in the telekinetic pulse.

The figure grazed his bony fingertips across the silver and black metallic box. “This box is illusion, deceit and pride. Tools I have wrongfully placed my faith in...I am betrayed”

“I am a pawn...and this my fools tomb.” He chuckled again.

The box flew to his left becoming lost in the blackness of the chasm. Its collision with the ground below was unheard in this quiet subterranean venue.

“There are no answers here...” Drodik said to Liam in an aside.

Reluctantly the two Jedi moved to turn and leave the Sith to die, a result of his own blade.

“Answers? No...” he said as they made their way

“Sith?...more....soon....” his breathing trailed off....