Team Krayt: Clan Naga Sadow


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Team Krayt
SBL Jeric Cyrin - 8538
PRT Maelous Ascarend - 13447
OT Roxas Buurenaar - 11435
SW Tiberius Di Could - 10484
KAP Sanjuro Keibatsu - 4032


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Consul’s Office
Sadow Palace, Sepros

“What will you have me do, Lord Consul?” The former noble asked the figure that was standing behind the desk. The entire office was cloaked in shadows. The only lights were those that lined the door. A few minutes passed then the figure turned around. Jeric could barely see him but the force let him know that the consul was now facing him.

“The Dark Council has given us the honor of leading the initial expedition onto Khar Delba.”

Two days later....

Bantha-class Assault Shuttle Krayt
Khar Delba System, Outer Rim Territories

“Five mikes till we enter the atmosphere Sir.” The pilot said to the armored figure behind him. The Sith turned and left the flight station, entering into the passenger cabin the members of Naga Sadow’s Expeditionary Team were busy readying their gear.

“We have five minutes guys.” Jeric said to the team as the door to the passenger cabin slid close. Jeric walked over to one of the viewports. The icy world of Khar Delba came into view as the shuttle rounded its only moon, Khar Shian, the site of Lord Naga Sadow’s true base of operations.

“So why are we here again?” Tiberius Di Could asked as he continued to polish his saber hilt.

“We are to serve the Dark Council in collecting intel on the planet and find out why the One Sith have failed to leave a permanent footprint.” SGT Roxas Buurenaar answered.

“This was once a stronghold for our Lord Naga Sadow correct master?” Jeric’s apprentice, Maelous Ascarend, asked.

“The planet served as a decoy to the headquarters, which was one the moon we just passed by.” The Sith Battlelord responded as he turned around from the viewport, assuming his normal posture.

Maelous approached his master. “What’s with him in the corner?”

“Who Sledge. He is son of our Grand Master, he tends to keep to himself.” Jeric said as the shuttle began to shake.

The red light inside the passenger cabin turned on letting the occupants know that it was time to buckle up. The shuttle jolted violently as every took their seats.
“Entering atmosphere now, looks like its gonna be a rough ride.” The shuttle’s pilot said over the internal PA system.

The scene outside the shuttle’s viewports was nonexistent. They were coming down on the planet’s dark side not to mention the sky seemed to be heavily overcast. The shuttle began to shake more, jolting to the left and right. Alarms began to sound inside the cabin.

“My flight systems just when haywire, engines are shutting down.” The pilot said over the PA.

The teams inside the passenger cabin could hear the whine of the engines fade. The feeling of free fall suddenly filled the cabin.

“We are in an uncontrolled decent, altitude is 12,703 we’re not going to make it.” The pilot said, panic filled his voice.

Suddenly Sanjuro Keibatsu stood up from his seat, arms stretched out in front of him. Jeric and Roxas immediately noticed and realized what the Krath was trying to do. The two stood up as well followed by the others. The team could all feel the shuttle begin to slow. Seconds passed and finally with a sudden jolt the shuttle stopped. The team took a deep breath causing the shuttle to complete the final few meters between it and the planet’s surface.

“Well that’s better than what it would have been.” Tiberius stated.

The grouped exited the crippled shuttle exposing themselves to the freezing temperature of Khar Delba. Roxas jumped up to check the comm uplink so that they could reach their leadership.

“Our array is damage beyond repair. No way we are getting a message out.” Roxas said as he climb back down. “Our only option will be to go to the Rendezvous location, were the rest of the teams should be arriving in a few hours.”

“I agree, its about 4.1 klicks out.” Jeric said as he suddenly felt a growing presence in the force. The Sith began to peer into the darkness. The winds were picking up the snow making a screen impossible to see thru even if it wasn't night. “However, I feel we are not alone right now.”

“I sense it too, we better move fast.” Sledge stated.

Jeric nodded at the Krath, then turned to his apprentice. “Maelous take point.”

“With pleasure my master.” The Sith Protector said as he signaled for the team to move forward.


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Unknown Location
Khar Delba System, Outer Rim Territories

The team moved through icy wind as swiftly as they could, toward the rendezvous point. Even with the Force to aid them it was slower than they wanted. Maelous continued to probe with the Force, he could not get a fix on the location, but was well aware their team was being tracked. The fortress moon of Naga Sadow hung overhead. He could not help but feel awe being on such a historic and powerful world for his clan, but he didn’t let it distract him from the mission at hand. They reached a rocky outcropping a hundred meters away from a steep rise in the land ahead of them.

Jeric held up a closed fist signaling the team to stop. “Maelous, get up there and see what’s ahead.” He nodded and began his ascent.

“This is not going to be good,” Tiberius mumbled as he eyed their surroundings.

The team waited below as Maelous reached a high ledge above their position. He kneeled and peered out through the blinding snow. He could barely make out the mountains in the distance as he scanned the land on the other side of the rise. The Sith closed his eyes and reached out with the Force, searching for the presence that had shadowed them since their landing. In an instant the Force granted him a brief flash of what was to come. His eyes shot open and he began his race down the rocks.

“What did you see?” Roxas asked as Maelous rejoined them.

The Sith turned and look ahead of them, drawing and igniting his newly acquired lightsaber, as the large figures began cresting the rise ahead of them. “They’re here,” he said as the rest of the team readied themselves.

Benedict Williams

04-03-2013 13:26:57

Bantha-class Assault Shuttle Krayt

Khar Delba System, Outer Rim Territories

The planet was one color, white. The only temperature was really cold. The wind pierced through like a dagger and constant snow was thick and near blinding. As the group left the shuttle, Maelous was actively looking for the rendezvous point.

Tiberius looked around the icy planet and could feel a presence, the Force was telling him something, what it was he could not quiet work out. The Sith Warrior turned to Roxas, and asked “Hey can you feel this someone or something is with us”.

The Mandalorian replied “All I feel is cold”.

Jeric spoke up “Stay calm Tiberius and the Force will gain clarity”

Tiberius did as the former Quaestor had asked and was calm, to understand the Force.

As the storm raged ahead, Jeric shouted “Stop, and the team stopped as commanded!”

Sanjuro inquired “Stop, why? We must continue our journey.”

Jeric give Sanjuro a look, as well as the rest of the team, “I sense something following us.”

Jeric reached out to the Force, “It’s hard to tell where or what they are, but they are big.”

Roxas turned on the thermal vision of his helmet and looked around before speaking “Yeah, a heard of some kind of animal…talk about big…I’m gonna say they are fifteen meters tall.”

“Behemoths.” Sanjuro stated flatly.

The group began walking faster toward the rendezvous point, unsure if they could handle a fight with such a few of the creatures let alone one.

Sanjuro Keibatsu

04-03-2013 14:09:26

It was always the same. Only the location changed. From the dust of Antei and the sands of Tatooine to the Jungles of Sepros and the Ice of Hoth, the story was the same.

Never question.


He watched them scurry into position, the mercenary finding a high point, some cover. The noble-born letting tactics roll through his mind, trying to assay the situation. The beasts were coming. They were cloaked in feral aptitude, hatred seething beneath mountains of fur and muscle.

Fear washed over them. Fear of death, fear of pain, fear of failure. It made them angry to fear. Anger made them wild. Anger made them hungry. Anger made them powerful.

Sanjuro stood in the center, the tides of fate threatening to wash him out to oblivion.

They crested the hill, a dozen of them pouring down over the frost-ridden soil, stampeding toward them. The crack of slugthrowers sneered through the cold air.

"I miss my deece." Buurenaar growled as the slugs impacted the Behemoth's tough hides and fell harmlessly to the snow.

Crimson spilled into the air, the refined blades of the noble-born and his apprentice arrayed carefully. They took up stances learned from long days in the field, the bloodshine reflecting with menace off of Jeric's mask.

It made them howl, a deep guttural sound that shook their intestines and would have threatened to void their bowels had they been lesser men. Their hatred focused, the beast's recognition of the frozen plasma beams whipping them into the sort of rage that could only come from ancestral memory.

The Behemoths hated them for what they were. It was no different this time than ever before. Death or success were the only two options.

Sanjuro's weapon filled his palm, thumb caressing the activation switch. He felt the power move within the hilt, the motor spinning the cylinder with a dull whirring sound. The power seeped through the adegan inside, violet violence pouring from the emitter.

There was no need for a battle cry.


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The stature of the animals was astounding, which explained why they were named behemoth. The jetpack on the Mandalorian’s back ignited, propelling him into the air with a scream as he holstered his slugthrowers. Blaster bolts flew from one gauntlet at a beast to the right and flames erupted from the other, igniting a beast on the left.

The beast roared in pain as it began to rage out of control in an attempt to extinguish the flames. Both Sanjuro and Jeric channeled the Force into their hands and leveled them at the beasts. Twin Force blasts erupted from their palms and slammed into the flaming beast, knocking it onto its side. It flailed and screamed trying to get right side up, while still on fire, but within a few moments it gave up it’s will to continue and let the flames take hold.

Roxas landed, but continued to fire at the other beast to keep its attention from the other Sadowans. While the Templar held its attention, Maelous and Tiberious charged it with their sabers begging for blood. The behemoth stomped its foot and the shockwave knocked Maelous on his back. Tiberius jumped with the aid of the Force and slashed his crimson saber, creating a gash across the beast’s eye. Sanjuro and Jeric charged the animal as Tiberius landed.

Four lightsabers slashed at the animal while the Mandalorian fired at the animal in search of a weakness. All they succeeded in doing was angering the behemoth. The Sadowans needed a plan and fast because more of these beasts were heading in their direction.


05-03-2013 13:08:25

Unknown Location
Khar Delba System, Outer Rim Territories

The four Sadowans backed off from the behemoth. The beast staggered then after a few seconds regained it composure letting out a bloodcurdling howl. The Mandalorian hovering above the group descended onto a ridge just to the right of the action. Looking over his shoulder Roxas could see a group of three possibly four more behemoths trampling thru the snow.

“We got more coming, better finished this one off now.” Roxas said as his jetpack ignited once more sending the Mandalorian skyward.

The beast standing in front of the four Dark Jedi charged towards Jeric. With assistance form the force Jeric leapt clear out of the behemoth’s path, with a swift reversed swing the master practitioner of Vapaad slice a chunk of meat clean off the behemoth’s legs.

“Their legs seem to be a weak spot. Focus your attacks there.” Jeric called out to the others as both Tiberius and Maelous began to slice at the behemoth’s legs. Sledge drew his hand back concentrating as much force as he could gather. Seconds later a large blast of energy went barreling towards the beast. On impact the sounds of crepitus could be heard as the behemoth slid a few meters and dropped to its side.

From high above the Mandalorian Templar fired a small rocket that lodge itself in the beast’s stomach. In a flash of light chunks of the large animal scattered the ice. But the battle was far from over. Roxas once again landed this time with the rest of his fellow Sadowans.

“I saw at least five more on the way.”

“I sense more.” Sledge stated.

Jeric took a few steps away from the group. Focusing his mind he reached out with the force seeing beyond the ridges that surrounded them. Roxas was right there was five more coming from the east. But there was a larger group on the move coming from the South. Jeric couldn't see their exact numbers, something was blocking his vision.

“Not something, someone.” The Sith said under his breath.


06-03-2013 11:29:18

Unknown Location
Khar Delba System, Outer Rim

The warmth from the blast that ended the second behemoth was welcome, but short lived. Tiberious and Maelous where covered in gore as it rained down from the sky, Maelous didn’t even bother to brush it off. He approached Jeric, he heard him speak, but couldn’t quite make out the words, the rumble of the approaching beasts echoing off the ridge.

“Master?” he questioned as Jeric spun to face him, rage burning in his eyes.

“There is someone with them; these are not just wild beasts.” Jeric’s mind raced with possible actions. “The group from the east is closer, smaller. We can deal with them first.”

Roxas approached the two “No time for a plan then?” he asked.

Jeric looked to the east as the first of the beast came into you view, “Not now!” he yelled igniting his saber. The reactions of the team were instant. The Mandalorian fired his jet pack and
took to the sky, Sanjuro began to draw on the Force, while the other three charged the incoming herd.

Maelous cut to the right moving in on the first of the beasts. The behemoth eyed him as he came at it, dropping its head and charged ready to impale him with its massive tusks. From his peripheral he saw Tiberius and Jeric on either side both moving in on the same target, both of them running ahead. They took a wide arc out and came in at the sides of the creature, their lightsabers cutting deeply into its front legs. It bellowed in pain as it came crashing down, it’s forward momentum causing it to skid towards Maelous. He adjusted and changed angles coming in from the right he drove his crimson blade through its eyes. He wheeled around assessing his next move. One down, who knew how many more to go.

Benedict Williams

07-03-2013 01:01:31

Unknown Location
Khar Delba System, Outer Rim
Tiberius looked across to the other team memebrs, “Watch out” he shouted as more of the beasts were coming towards the team.
Saber lights flashing everywhere, burning and knocking down the beasts, blood and guts splitting from the beasts and the team continued their attack.
Jeric and Maelous, worked together watching the other team members as they did so, Tiberius and Roxas with Sanjuro, were attacking the beasts one after the other sweat pouring down their faces as they did so.
Tiberius saw a person through the corner of his eye, who or what was this person doing in the middle of this battle, it seemed the person was using the Force the control the beasts.
Tiberius once again shouted “Jeric, whats that person doing over there in the corner”.
Jeric looked over and saw the strange figure, “Mhmm” Jeric sighed.
As the battle continued, the team were busily attacking the beasts Tiberius was still looking at the strange figure across the way, using the Force. Tiberius tried reading the strangers mind, but could not quite get a reading from his efforts.
The beasts were trying to hit back with biting and scratching attacks. Flashes of light surrounded the team, they were beginning to win the fight against the beasts. Each knew the situation was still dangerous, but winnable.
Tiberius knew that he was in a good team and that helped his motivation to continue the attack on the beasts. The main concern was the stranger in that corner, watching waiting what did he want and what was he doing.

Sanjuro Keibatsu

07-03-2013 22:12:11

Unknown Location
Khar Delba System, Outer Rim Territories

It wasn't a dance. It was beautiful in it's own macabre way, but it wasn't smooth like a dance. Staccato rhythms twisted his blade from one target to another, the shearing light separating flesh from bone as it growled into the chill air. The tears of labor froze on his brow, drenched the scars of his back and sticking his robes to him. Composure had died what seemed to have been hours ago. Tusk and talon threatened them, and just as quickly, their questions were answered by swords hotter than stars.

It wasn't a dance.

Sanjuro broke through another's back, the Force stretching the nape of the beast's neck in ways that left the target free. His blade sank in, like a weary woman slipping into a bath, slowly at first, but then with finality. The Behemoth's head twisted wild, the fever of certain death quickening its rage for the few moments it had left.

The threads of the universe twisted, and the son of the Grand Master followed them.

He deactivated his weapon rather than draw it free, shifting his weight. He raised the weapon to point at the interloper, the one who called to beasts. Thumb depressed the switch, and the cylinder spun in fury, purple light reaching out to point at the dark robed man.

No words were necessary.

He stood there silent, hands free. Dark robes with darker patterns covered ribbed armor. Beneath the shade of his hood was the crimson and black ink. Blood and darkness.

Sanjuro took one step, his motions subtle. The blade rose high, boots twisting in the earth as the enemy let his own weapons scream into the night.

Then he promptly fell over.

Sanjuro stood there silent for a moment, eyes regarding the still form, mind dissecting the scents that hung in the air. Burnt flesh, the raw ozone of saber...and the chemical stink of slugthrower fire.

Three more shots erupted, wells of flesh spraying fountains of gore as the over-sized projectiles ripped into the enemy. Roxas kept the corpse in his sights, a moment of consideration passing through his mind before his finger stroked the trigger again, more blood spilling into the ice and snow.

It wasn't a dance.


08-03-2013 17:29:33

Unknown Location
Khar Delba System, Outer Rim Territories

Roxas calmly walked toward his fellow Sadowans while spinning the slugthrower on his finger. He spoke with no emotion, but his idea was conveyed perfectly “We should hurry to the rendezvous point and get this mission back on track. His buddies will start missing him soon and we don’t need to be around when they show up.”

Sanjuro nodded in agreement as Jeric replied “I think you’re right. We need to get a move on and hopefully we’ll find an enemy comm system or something.”

Roxas kneeled next to the fresh Sith corpse and started rummaging for ammunition and other usefull equipment.

“What are you doing? I don’t think you should desecrate a body, it’ll only make matters worse for us.” Maelous said unknowing what the Mandalorian was doing.

Roxas laughed slightly before he informed the Protector “This is a war. The dead have no need of weapons, ammo, food, or water. It’s survival of the fittest at its greatest; you should always try to improve your chances.”

Jeric patted his apprentice on the shoulder “His methods may seem rough, but the Mandalorian is right.”

Tiberius approached with his arms crossed “Roxas could you toss me the coat? Mine isn’t thick enough.”

He grinned under his T shaped visor as he tossed the jacket to the Sith.

“Let’s get moving before we freeze.” Sanjuro stated flatly, obviously tired of the bone chilling winds.

A couple hours later
The five Sadowans were only a couple hundred meters from the rendezvous sight, but frustration with the weather was apparent.


09-03-2013 17:12:53

The crumbled ruins of Naga Sadow's citadel loomed in the distance as the Dark Jedi continued their trek. In the distance, war behemoths stalked, but had refrained from engaging the Sadowans since the initial combat hours earlier.

Roxas stood apart from his team, his HUD utilizing its built in microbinoculars, and scanned the horizon. The mission had gone quiet, but echoes of the force whispered of conflicts to come.

"Six o'clock," the Mandalorian roared as the unmistakable sounds of lightsabers ignited from their rear.

The One Sith had revealed themselves and they were upon them.....


09-03-2013 20:22:49

Rendezvous Site
Northern Pole, Khar Delba

Jeric whipped around as the Mandalorian called out the direction of the incoming hostiles. Five lightsabers Jeric counted thru the wall of snow. In the last hour of the team’s hike a blizzard had picked up. The temperature was far beyond freezing and the wind wasn’t helping. If the team wast going to survive the frigid weather they would need to deal with this problem and fast.

“Only five?” Jeric’s apprentice quipped at the fact that five Sith Acolytes were no where near a challenge for the more than experienced team.

“I’ll take them by myself. Just cover my back will you Serge.” Tiberius said looking over his shoulder at the Obelisk Sergeant. Roxas nodded as he ran up a slope to provide cover fire.

“Not if I spill their blood before you do.” The son of Keibatsu spat as he stepped next to the Sith Warrior. The purple and red glow of their sabers illuminated the ground below them. Not even moments later the distant lightsabers began to close on the team. Thru the wall of snow came the five assailants, desperate souls and forgotten members of the One Sith. Just like that, desperate, they fought widely with no control. Jeric sense that two of them had to of been Sith Acolytes, unlike the others he could feel their connection to the force. It seems like only seconds had passed before the bodies of the One Sith Aspirants lay dead in the snow.

“Jeric!” Roxas yelled from his vantage point.

Thru the fog of the blizzard Jeric’s EVE mask picked up more. This time seven sabers, then an eighth and a ninth ignited off in the distance. At least four of them where more than just mere Acolytes.

“I see them too Roxas. Get down here now!” The Sith called back up to his Mandalorian counterpart.

“What is is master?” Maelous ask. “We got more coming?”

“We need to get out of this weather.” Sanjuro stated.

“We should only be about one klick out from some old Ruins.” Tiberius said as he look around. “I can’t see anything thru this snow though.”

“One klick, but thats if you really are at the Rendezvous Site, let me double check the coordinates.” Roxas said as he looked down at the mini navcomputer on his wrist.

“It’s Lord Sadow’s Citadel and I think I see it.” Jeric’s EVE mask was try electronically focus. Off in the distance their enemy was closing and the entire team was becoming fatigue, the weather was finally taking its toll.

“No time to waste lets go.” Jeric motion off in the direction of the Naga Sadow’s Citadel.


11-03-2013 23:59:36

Naga Sadow's citadel, Khar Delba

They pressed on. Through this cold and traitorous land, they moved. The wind biting into their flesh, tired and battle worn they reached the citadel without incident. The One Sith pursued them, but never tried to gain ground; they were biding their time, and the Sadowans knew it.

They burst through the entryway and took up positions in a few short moments. Not one requiring explanation, the battle was coming and they knew each one would be tested. They eyed their surroundings, the main entryway they had come through, the halls on either side of the antechamber they stood in, and the staircase leading up and down. The structure of the citadel had remained mostly intact, but they had no way of knowing how many other entry points there were.

“Seems fitting,” Tiberious said, his eyes set on the entry point. No one spoke, but they all felt it. This was their place by rights; they would claim it as their own. If they could not then it would make a good tomb.

They waited, each one ready for the looming conflict. They waited, with only the howling wind. They waited, but the attack had not come. They waited; the excitement of battle warping into unease. There was nothing, no sound, no dark side energy, nothing.

Then it all rushed in at once as the One Sith swarmed. They came from all angles the stairs, the halls, the main entry. The hooded figures circled them leaving no escape.

One of the nine stepped forward, his robes more intricate than his comrades it was marked with deep purple sigils of unknown purpose. “You should not be here,” he hissed. His hand shot out to the side, a saber filling his palm almost instantly igniting in a deep crimson flash. Eight other sabers activated and they came at the team with unbridled fury.

Roxas ignited his jetpack to evade the two sabers as they came at him, and fired down on his attackers as he left the ground.

Jeric crouched, gathering the Force, and leapt driving his saber into the chest of one of the aspirants, evening the odds.

Sanjuro’s hand shot out, a wave of dark side energy bursting forth throwing one of his assailants back into the stairs behind him. His saber in hand and burning with the fury of a star, he set on the other that came his way.

Tiberius batted the first strike to his side, and evaded the second before he moved in to strike.

Maelous ran at the two that had singled him out, his eyes filled with a zeal unlike any other, the joy of battle. Simultaneously, his query let their weapons fall to their sides, the other hands extended forward. The Sith Protector tried to throw up a barrier of dark side energy but was too late. He was hit with the force of the blast. His body flew back crashing through the wall behind him. With no floor on the other side to catch him, he fell. They leapt after him, down into the darkness below.

Benedict Williams

12-03-2013 12:56:20

Naga Sadow's Citadel, Khar Delba

As team where free falling into the dark tunnel, Tiberius shouted “Do any of you still have your sabers.”

“Yes.” Roxas answered

“Well, why don’t we use our sabers to slow us down and make our fall a bit better, or we could stop falling altogether if that is possible.”

The rush of wind as they continued their journey downward, was whirling around them. The team was finding it difficult even to find the sabers let alone draw them. They all tried, struggling, to get to their sabers. No enjoyment for any of them this time.

Tiberius shouted once more, “Oh well we just have to make to most of it when we hit the bottom.”

As they went down the hole Jeric closed his eyes and used the Force with all his might, out stretched his left hand, the team could feel the Force slow them down. The feeling brought comfort to the team. They all closed their eyes and tried to use the Force to help themselves, as they did so they all landed safely with a thump to the floor, as they reached the floor they rolled over to one side to limit damage, brushing off the white snow from their robes, and dusting themselves off.
Jeric, gave an encouraging sigh. “Is everyone ok.”

Each replied on their own with a yes.Sanjuro, Roxas, Maelous, all looked at Tiberius who had a smile on his face.

Jeric looked puzzled at Tiberius “What are you smiling at Tiberius.”

The Warrior gave Jeric a look with his eyes and moved his head to the right, and they all saw what Tiberius was looking at the Sith that was following them, was behind them about 300 meters away.

Sanjuro Keibatsu

14-03-2013 14:25:32

The False Citadel
Khar Delba

They struggled to bring air back into their lungs, to push the dull ache and the cold from their limbs. The fall was brutal, and even the best of them was pushing past the pain.

300 meters away he stood, the tattoos bleeding his darkness onto his skin. No words. Just a stare, predatory and cold. Fingers dug around the snow and found purchase, closing around their weapons. Tiberius flipped to his feet, rage fueling his purpose as he drove forward, the static of falling snow snarling against his blade. Maelous gave chase, not wanting to miss his chance at glory.

The Force whispered to Sanjuro, the history of the place singing to him it's song of treachery and hate. The lies poured across his mind's eye.

Realization hit him, but it was too late to shout out.

The hidden foes poured from the walls, beams of crimson light surrounding the two as the One Sith battleteam bore down on the two. Divided, Maelous and Tiberius went back to back, the contact a comfort even as the enemy bore down on them.

Sanjuro dropped his weaight, coiling backwards like a snake before throwing himself at them, spinning midair as the cylinder of his weapon spun, sneering at the Sith that stood between him and his fellows. One fell too easily, the blade slipping past defenses that were distracted by foes on both sides. It bore through his chest, drinking his heart. Sanjuro bore himself backwards, ducking away from another enemy weapon, the crimson sailing over his head. They thought that they were surrounding them, dividing the Sadow team. They had miscalculated.

Jeric pounded forward, a cauldron of rage boiling over beneath a veneer of civility, calm motions driving his weapon into the foe, the collision of light beams showering the corridor with a kaleidoscope of color. Roxas was not far behind, saber in one hand, blaster in another, alternating his strokes with swift bolts.

The battle was joined.


14-03-2013 19:05:41

Roxas charged through the One Sith slashing and firing as he cleared a path into the deepest section of them.

“What are you doing?! You’ll get surrounded!” Tiberius hollered to his fellow Sadowan.
Just as the Sith said it, his prediction came true. The Mandalorian was surrounded by One Sith, but he wasn’t worried. His lightsaber form was almost built exactly for this type of situation. Throughout the area sabers clashed and hummed as they flew in search of blood and flesh. Jeric slashed through the group toward Tiberius and his apprentice to give them aid because he realized what Roxas was doing and that was slowing down the main enemy force from rushing them. Sanjuro leapt with the aid of the Force and landed next to Roxas to help slow the rushing One Sith. Roxas disengaged his saber and held his hand out to keep Sanjuro from getting in front of him as he held his left arm out in front of him.

“Light’em up.”

Flames sprayed from the Mandalorian’s gauntlet with a roar. Screams echoed as One Sith ran around like idiots running into each other while trying to put the flames out unsuccessfully.

“Now we just sit back, listen to the song they are singing and roast some wienies.” The Obelisk said satisfied with his work.

Sanjuro turned to help the other three Sadowans with the One Sith still in the area, while Roxas sprayed another blast of fire to make sure he didn’t miss anyone on his side.

Benedict Williams

15-03-2013 08:33:42

The False Citadel
Khar Delba

Using the Force Tiberius looked up at the roof of the cave he shouted “WATCH OUT”
As the Warrior Shouted the warning to the rest of the Team, Tiberius out stretched his hand pointing towards the roof, looking at Jeric and Maelous for help Tiberius yet again shouted “THE ROOF”.
As they looked up the three could see the cave roof which he stones, and earth coming from it at once the other two understood.
All three were now using the Force, trying as hard as they could then “BOOM” and another “BOOM”.

The cave roof just a fraction was beginning to collapse, before them Roxas and Sanjuro were keeping the Sith that was fighting the Team busy with bursts of Flame coming from Roxas flamethrower, and the lighting coming from Sanjuro saber made for a bright fireworks display although this display would have been deadly to anyone looking on.
The Three Dark Jedi, managed to form a large crack in the caves roof managing to control the cracking as to not allow the roof from collapsing completing this was largely due to Jeric’s control.
The stones and earth were beginning to fall now with some momentum, towards and above the attacking Sith, as this creature was busy fighting off the two other members of the team, it didn’t notice what was about to happen above him.

Then CRASH, the stones and earth came down upon the Sith, all the Sith could do was look up and stare at the tumbling earth and stones “Bang” and then a sudden gush of dust cloud come up and around everyone, the team stood back and allowed the dust to settle and once it did brushed themselves down, and all the Team saw was a pool of blood underneath a large rock.
With the roof now unstable, Jeric shouted “GOOD LETS GO BEFORE THIS ALL GOES”.


15-03-2013 12:05:15

Underground Passageway
The False Citadel, Khar Delba

The group of Sadowans made their way deeper into the underground of Naga Sadow’s Decoy Citadel. Each were exhausted, between the fall, the battle, and the weather on top of it all. Just once could a Brotherhood sanction mission go as planned. Jeric was thinking it and he knew the senior members of the team were too. His apprentice would look soon enough that whenever the Council gets involved things never goes as expected. The passageway opened up into a large chamber about 800 meters into the teams trek. Jeric singled to Roxas to head to the right and scan the area. Jeric moved to the left of the chamber and did the same. The Mandalorian’s visor picked up no lifeforms and no heat signatures within his area of the chamber. Jeric’s EVE mask outlined nothing but the chamber’s wall and two exits in the far left corner and in the center of the back wall.

“Looks clear.” Roxas said as he returned to the team and took his helmet off. Jeric walked up and nodded to confirmed the chamber was clear, for now at least.

“So whats our game plan.” Tiberius asked as he took a knee to relax his aching body.

“Isn’t the rest of Naga Sadow’s ground forces supposed to be landing soon?” Maelous ask as he leaned up against the wall and slowly slide down till he was sitting.

“Yes but they are expecting us to be at the Rendezvous site, not stuck deep inside this Ruined Citadel.” Sanjuro explained as he stood in the dark corner arms crossed.

A few moments of silenced fell over the group. The sounds of Sith War Behemoth’s growling broke the eerie calm, followed by gunfire and more screams.

“I guess our reinforcements arrived.” Jeric said very bluntly.

The sounds of a very close growly caught the teams attention. Thru the darkness the unmistakable figure of a behemoth entered the chamber from the rear exit. The sound of laughter drown out the growly of the beast.

“Not that they are gonna help you. You are all doomed.” the voice behind the beast said.


15-03-2013 16:21:10

Underground Passageway
The False Citadel, Khar Delba

The team was up and on their feet, the Force once more energizing them for the coming conflict. Without warning a heavy blaster cannon fired from the side of the behemoth. The bolt streaked across the chamber; the team scattered, rolling and jumping away just as the bolt explode against the wall.

Tiberius and Maelous rolled to their feet, charging in at the beast, each going for one of its front legs the tried and true tactic they had learned against them before. The monster rolled its head to the left, as Tiberius ducked under its tusk, the head came back to the right and Maelous wasn’t as lucky. The tusk struck him across the abdomen, and the massive force of the blow throwing him back into the wall with a loud thud.

Tiberius’ saber stuck deep into the beasts’ leg causing the behemoth to rear back in pain, the One Sith Lord that road him jumping and tumbling to her feet as he hit the ground.

Jeric and Sanjuro left at the woman sabers arcing high above their heads, but where blasted back in a wave of Dark Side energy.

Roxas flew above the behemoth and opened up his flame thrower into the eyes, while Tiberius let his saber blade slip into the soft flesh under the stomach, spilling its guts on the floor.

Maelous had regained his footing, Roxas landing just a few meters ahead of him; they joined the team as they moved in and encircled the Sith Lord.

She smiled as the closed in, she ignited her double bladed saber. “I will enjoy your deaths,” she hissed.

Sanjuro Keibatsu

15-03-2013 22:06:40

Underground Passageway
The False Citadel, Khar Delba

Malice poured from her voice as well as from her weapon, the bloodshine of her blade lighting the dim passage in crimson tones. Fate sang to her in a chorus with the Force, her will would be dominant tonight. They were but insects before her might.

Sanjuro chuckled at her, watching her posture. The stance was sloppier than he'd expect from someone so confident. Her confidence was unwarranted...or was it? There was something that glimmered behind her form, and as he let the battle play out in his mind, the choreography of the Force showing the way, he took note. A Shii-Cho sun djem would be distorted by a Soresu velocity. The riposte would be parried by a combination cho mai and cho sun, but would find no purchase in his flesh thanks to a fast guard stance.

Blades would sing, discordant lullabies until either she or they slept forever.

He played it differently, a quick hand gesture holding his companions back for a moment, the unspoken word reading loud and clear in their minds.

Let her think we will fight her one on one.

Those of the One Sith thought them weak, fat from the pursuit of honor, bound by legacies unbefitting rank and stature, noble blood and those who aspired to it. That they were too caught up in their own games of succession, of petty vendetta, to pose an actual threat. That they would just as soon turn on each other than attack a common foe. They had many apprentices, many equites, but few lords. All the One Sith had were Lords. They thought that this would be one-sided.

They were fools.

Blood was the only purchase price for their successes. Theirs or others, preferably others. Sanjuro's blade seared the air, darting to her throat, the violet burning so close to her that the tattooes singed darker. She batted it away, harrying him with the other end of her weapon, a spinning attack that doubled her capacity to strike. Defensive velocities saved him, even as the weapon shaved bits of fabric from his form.

Jeric bounded in, her back turned, his weapon high, cascading down to force the other end of her weapon up suddenly. Off-balance, she staggered, changing her footing quickly to accommodate the second foe. An eyebrow rose as she was forced on the defensive, her staff working double time to avoid the marks of combat from drinking in her flesh.

The blasts came quickly, the bright trails from the burning slugs pouring from his weapon as the rest joined the fray, weapons burning with desire for her final breaths.

She forced them back, her will speeding her motions as she poured her rage into her hand, dropping to a knee quite suddenly and striking the ground with a deafening explosion. Pressure rocked their eardrums, pushed them back to the walls, but it was not enough to still them. They recovered quickly, a deadly swarm of journeymen and equites, their blades dipping into their flesh, shallow wounds, punctures, new scars to enhance her tattooed flesh.

SHe bounded backwards, fury pouring from her fingertips, only to be captured on a lightsaber blade and fed back into her wounds, the raw power crisping what flesh hadn't already been burned by sabers. The fear, the pain amplified her, and the lightning burned brighter, the deep thunderous song of death and woe filling all their ears beyond the crackle of hatred and electricity.

She thought them insects.

Their weapons carved deeper rivers of pain in her flesh, the scent of burnt blood and singed hair infiltrating their nostrils as she refused to give in, her weapon stopping fewer and fewer of their strikes. She pushed everything she had into the storm of violence that poured from her, and all she received in return was pain. Even the mightiest creature could be killed by a million stings.

In a moment, she fell forever.


15-03-2013 22:40:27

The Sadowans stepped back to let her fall to the frozen floor. The Sadowans had conqured the One Sith in the false citadel, but it was odd that the area wasn’t held as tightly as it should have been, which lead them to believe that the true citadel of Naga Sadow must be extremely well guarded. Roxas removed his helmet and his sithspawn eyes glowed in the darkness of the small area. He stuck a cigar in his mouth and lit it with his saber.

“Dang, that behemoth hit me really hard. I think my ribs are going to be bruised for a month.” Maelous said as he focused the Force to heal his wounds.

“Roxas do you plan on sharing any of those cigars?”

“Nope. Get your own.”

A puff of smoke escaped the Mandalorian’s mouth as he spoke “I want something hot to eat. I’m sick of freezing for a while.”
They all agreed that it would be nice to get warm as they walked back toward the surface to meet up with their allies. It didn’t take long especially since they had just wiped out a One Sith lord and her forces in the citadel. The five Sadowans stepped back into the frigid icy weather that they were frustrated with to see a few shuttles and DSOG troops making a secure area for more allies to land safely.

A trooper ran over to them and saluted “Sirs! We were worried because of the lack of communication, but it seems that you’ve taken the citadel already.”

Maelous jested with pride in his voice “To bad you guys missed all the fun.”

The trooper spoke again “Well we have food and stuff in the shuttles, so make yourselves comfortable.”