[COMPETITION][FAMOUS PEOPLE] - Lucyeth vs Arthadonis


21-04-2014 10:34:14

The rules are as follows:
  1. Each participant has to make three posts.
    Each post has to count at least 250 words and the maximum of 2500 words.
    Not meeting the minimum word count discounts a post.
    Not posting three posts makes a participant lose the debate.
    The participant, who is assigned to start a debate, chooses the first option.
    The third round lasts till the 30th of April.[/list:u]

    Topic of the debate: Leia Organa Solo - a fullfilled person or an unsuccessful martyr?

    Lucyeth: You provide arguments for Leia Organa Solo being a fullfilled person.
    Arthadonis: You provide arguments for Leia Organa Solo being an unsuccessful martyr.


21-04-2014 18:32:30

Leia Organa Solo was truly a fulfilled person of her time. Organa Solo was best known as a major hero for the Rebel Alliance but she didnít start nor stop her accomplishments there.

She began her career as a member of the royal house of Alderaan. The orphaned daughter became a princess and later a senator which rose here into the public eye. She became a senator who made it her motives to change the way the Empire treated its citizens. After she took her fatherís senator seat, she began running missions for the Alliance with her advantage of diplomacy.

When the Galactic Civil War broke out, her image of a strong leader became fulfilled over the years with battles against the Empire. She was part of the leadership that coordinated the Assault on the first death star, as well as the battle of Hoth. She additionally coordinated the evacuation of Hoth, which allowed the Alliance to see another day. She was part of the assault on the shield generator facility for the second death star. She demonstrated her skill in combat during the battle as well as a bit of diplomacy with the ewok race.

She also was played a key role in the formation of the New Republic as the representative of Alderaan. She also helped the New Jedi Order by realizing her lineage as force potential which gained an additional and much needed Knight. She married Han Solo who brought three additional Jedi into the new order.

Leia Organa Solo is a much fulfilled person who has accomplished her main goal as well as further accomplishments with the New Republic and Jedi Order.


25-04-2014 02:02:14

Sorry I should have posted this earlier, I'm withdrawing from the comp.