11-04-2014 12:14:35

The rules are as follows:
  1. Each participant has to make three posts.
    Each post has to count at least 250 words and the maximum of 2500 words.
    Not meeting the minimum word count discounts a post.
    Not posting three posts makes a participant lose the debate.
    The participant, who is assigned to start a debate, chooses the first option.
    The first round lasts till the 10th of April.[/list:u]

    Topic of the debate: Set Harth - a new type of Sith or an egoistic fool?

    Flelm: You provide arguments for Set Harth being- a new type of Sith.
    Cello: You provide arguments for Set Harth being an egoistic fool?


15-04-2014 10:57:44

Set Harth was a new type of Dark Jedi; one who is unconcerned with the politics of the galaxy and instead focuses on knowledge and personal power. While I do not personally agree with his agenda, he has obviously been effective in his own way, as no one can even say if he is yet dead. While his goals and methods may not be new, the single-mindedness in which he pursued them is unique among Dark Jedi of his time.

Set Harth became a Dark Jedi through his anger, his violence in battle concerning his master the Jedi Aru-Wen. However, even after being forbidden to engage in these emotions, he worked under Master Obba and discovered many dark side artifacts, which he kept for himself. He found the power of the dark side increased in him as he hoarded these, until he was powerful and rich enough to set up on his own. This slow execution and advance planning show he is not a fool, but is smart and wily enough to fool many Jedi while working on his own ends.

Set Harth also knew his limitations. He fought when he had to, such as against Darth Zannah and against the Huntress, but he also knew when fighting was a lost cause and when he should cut his losses and either submit (temporarily) or come up with a novel plan to get out. There is no shame in accepting a single defeat to win the long struggle; this is what he did, Set Harth did what he needed to stay alive and become even more powerful.


20-04-2014 15:50:21

While my learned colleague Flelm sets an interesting argument that Set Harth was a 'new type' of Dark Jedi, the fact remains that he was in fact an egoistic fool, more concerned with Set Harth than anything having to do with a set of principles under which Dark Jedi acquire knowledge and behave.

It is an undisputed fact that Darth Bane and the Rule of Two set Sith and Dark Jedi on an egoistic path. "One to possess the power, the other to crave it," implies that the powerful one would have to have a strong ego, and that only a stronger one would replace the first. In fact, my esteemed colleague Flelm states as much when he says that Set Harth was "unconcerned with the politics of the galaxy and instead focuses on knowledge and personal power." Flelm's assertion that he does not agree with Set Harth's agenda is curious, as this would imply that the Dark Jedi Brotherhood owes nothing to Set Harth, and that he is actually agreeing that Set Harth is an egoistic fool with nothing to contribute to the future of Dark Jedi throughout the galaxy.

The 'single-mindedness' to which Flelm refers is characteristic of egomaniacal behavior. The 'slow execution and advanced planning' which Flelm state show Set Harth not to be a fool were in fact imposes on him by the Jedi; Set Harth was and is at the core an egoist. He is concerned with Set Harth. The Dark Side is a tool for him to get what *he* wants. This is different than the great Sith of the past such as Darth Bane, Darth Zannah, Darth Cognus, and others. While they profited immensely from the Dark Side studies, they did this out of a search for a greater sense of self than could be found through the dogmatic view of the Jedi.

Set Harth was replaced because Darth Zannah realized this. We Dark Jedi have her to thank for correctly determining that Set Harth is an egomaniac and a fool.