[Looking Home Campaign] Antenora Team 2


10-04-2014 19:46:43

The coordinates of the Pacre Datship rebellious leaderships has been found. A small well fortified compound in the mountains is where the previously imprisoned and contained Ognerate Emperor, along with his Glyph Priests, fled to. Now it is operating as the highest level command center for their rebellion on Antenora.

Your team’s mission is to assault the compound from the west. Inside you will find the Glyph Priests, and more importantly the mad High Glyph Priest. His own delusions of prophecy are what in part led to this rebellion on Antenora. Your team must either capture him, or bring his body in for confirmation of death. His crazy and rebellious prophecies must be put to an end for the good of the Empire.

Clusters of Ice will be awarded for this runon.
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Teams are randomly assigned as people signup to participate.
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Runon begins at 12:01 AM on the 12th


15-04-2014 11:47:30

38 ABY, Antenora
Nearby mountain range

Repulsorlifts kicked up a torrent of dust into the air joining the gusts of wind tirelessly carving away at the already beautifully polished mountains towering overhead. As the Republic Gunship borrowed from the Antenoran Guard nestled itself into a gap in the ridge protected from the harsh elements of Antenora. The pilot had a huge grin on his face as the gunship touched down without the slightest bump, showing off for the Dark Jedi and commandos he transported.

Despite the flawless landing, Evant Taelyan had already jumped a dozen meters to the ground and began to survey the area. He rushed to the edge of the area and began to signal as two squads of special forces commandos emerged, followed by a group of additional Dark Jedi.

“Sergeant Sterling, send scouts out to the west side of the compound above us, we need a way in there” Evant barked his order over the sound of the repulsorlifts pushing their transport back into the air and away from them. As it distanced itself and disappeared behind the edge of the massive ridge towering above them it left them only with a constant howl.

With a nod the Sergeant relayed the orders and three men rushed out of sight. The Dark Crusades had brought them all across Sith space, to ancient tombs in pursuit of power, now Scholae Palatinae found themselves in their own back yard to stop the threat of rebellion.

Evant scanned over the group, as commandos and Dark Jedi alike prepared themselves for what would inevitably be a long climb up to the fortified compound somewhere in the mountains above them. His Apprentice, Arron Saylos, caught his eye as the dark furred cathar stood away from the rest of the group evaluating the mountains by himself.

As he moved to approach him, another figure stepped into his view, “This planet is teeming with life, but not a lot I can sense in these mountains.”

“I get the impression you think that’s a bad thing, Shadow, but I actually look forward to an easy climb without anything trying to eat me,” Evant remarked shaking his head.

“Not everything wants to eat you Evant,” Shadow remarked as her eyes wandered up to the mountains as well.

“Alright form up, we’re heading out. We will meet up with the scouts near the compound,” Xantros announced as everyone filed out of the gap and began their climb.


17-04-2014 08:54:07

38 ABY, Antenora
Nearby mountain range

The group of the Dark Jedi and the remaining commandoes moved swiftly towards the mountain range, which was their destination point. Somewhere there, the headquarters of the Glyph Priests were located. The expeditionary force of the Imperial House expected heavy resistance, but they were eager to deal with the rebellious group as soon as it was only possible. Their death should set a fine example of fate, which all traitors and rebels were doomed to meet, if they dared to challenge the might of the Empire. Xantros, as the second in command of House Scholae Palatinae, assisted the assault team as the representative of the Emperor’s will. As such, he had necessary authority to give out any sentence and carry out any punishment for the Glyph Priests and their followers, which he saw fit in the situation.

The initial part of the climbing was relatively easy. The assault team members moved as they had planned it before, utilizing quite convenient route through the mountains. They did not encounter any trouble for the next hour, but Shadow’s doubts started to be shared by other members of the Imperial House.

“I start to dislike this situation,” spoke Xantros. “It is unnaturally quiet here and it indeed seems like if there were no living beings here.”

“I told you that,” replied Shadow. “There are only three possibilities. Someone killed all the animals in the close proximity. Someone scared the animals away or keeps them hidden somewhere. Someone or something affects our senses.”

“None of these options I actually enjoy, particularly the last one,” commented Evant.

“You are a Sith...what may you know about manipulation? It is our domain...the mighty Krath,” said Xantros with a smirk.

Evant growled on the Aedile’s comment, “Evaluation: pathetic.”

The team continued their way to the compound, but they remained particularly cautious.

Black Eagle

27-04-2014 15:01:29

38 ABY, Antenora
Nearby mountain range

The rugged mountain would have made any other group turn around and go home but the Dark Jedi and the group of elite troopers kept advancing.

The radio began to crackle, “Sergeant Sterling! Come in! Do you copy?”

“I copy Granger, What have you found?” Sergeant Sterling said, listening intentivly

“We’ve located the compound, it’s an ugly looking thing on the side of a cliff. The side towards the cliff is bare and unguarded and is climbable. Though there are a lot of mercenaries towards the front of the compound.”

Sergeant Sterling looked towards Xantros. The Duro Smiled, “Perfect.”

Everyone began to gather around Xantros as he opened the holo map. “Alright, here’s the plan.” Xantros said as the Holomap zoomed in on the region. “Evant, Shadow, and myself will take a squad and head to west side of the compound and scale the side.” He explained as he pointed out the unguarded side of the compound. “Eether, Arron, and Eagle will take the other squad and assault the front of the compound distracting the guards on the inside allowing us to go inside and capture the Emperor and his priests.” He said tracing his finger up mountain path heading towards the front of the compound. “Any questions?”

A trooper raised his hand, “How do you expect us to scale the side with no climbing equipment?”

Black Eagle smiled, “Who says you need equipment to climb?” The trooper looked at Eagle rolling his eyes behind his helmet.

“Alright, let’s move out,” Xantros said as he picked up the holomap.

“Arron! Eagle!” Shadow yelled at the pair, “You guys listen to Eether, do exactly what he tells you to do!”

“Don’t worry, We’ve got this” Arron said as he ruffled Eagle’s hair. “Don’t we kid?”

The 11 year old Black Eagle scowled, “I’m getting tired of everyone treating me like a stupid baby.”


27-04-2014 15:41:20

38 ABY,
The exterior of the Glyph Priests’ compound

Xantros, Evant and Shadow Nighthunter, assisted by the squad of commandos, moved quickly towards the west side of the compound. They used every cover on their way, in order to avoid detection by the guards and mercenaries, who worked for the Glyph Priests. The rocky area around the fortress of the Glyph Priests helped them reach the unguarded side of the complex without any difficulties. They started climbing on the wall, though it was not going to be an easy task to accomplish. If they got noticed just by one guard, they would become sitting ducks for snipers.

Fortunately, the team led by Eether made their appearance a show full of fireworks. The commandoes and the Dark Jedi started shooting at the guards of the complex, keeping them busy. Deadly precision of the attackers made their shots highly effective. Each salvo took out at least two sentinels. The remaining soldiers were pinned down by the firing and could not aim properly, so most of their shots missed their enemies.

The second squad utilized the opportunity, as the guards of the complex focused themselves on defending the entrance of the building. It took them couple of minutes, but they finally reached the top of the wall and spend a moment to rest there for a moment. However, they did not have much time, as they were needed at the other side of the compound, to help their companions fight the followers of the Glyph Priests.

Black Eagle

28-04-2014 18:22:31

I accidentally posted the same post twice, my bad.

Shadow Nighthunter

29-04-2014 17:23:21

38 ABY
Glyph Priest Compound Wall

Sheesh...I didn’t even speak louder than a sigh.

Shadow looked past Xantros and into the compound. Eether’s group was doing well as all the guards were focused on him and his squad. Everything seemed to be going very well.

“What’s the plan?” the Sith assassin asked quietly as she studied the compound. “I could always set up and take out a few heads.”

“Not a bad idea,” one of the troopers said as Xantros was still pondering. “Would help to have a sniper or two.”

Xantros nodded as Evant and Shadow awaited his orders. “Shadow, you and the sniper with us find a place to set up. The rest of us will go in and flank the enemy until we’ve choked them out with the noose.”

Shadow gave both Xantros and Evant a mock salute. “No problem,” the young Sith said as she gestured for the sniper with the squad to follow her as she kept low and made her way along the wall. From her observation, she had seen a nice ledge that had been abandoned by the guards, which she had thought to be a useful spot considering how it was obscured a bit by a protruding part of the wall.

Best we don’t stick together.

The Sith faced the trooper with her and pointed at him before pointed at the ledge. “Take this spot. I’ll be in the small guard post,” she whispered as he nodded and she quickly made her way to the post on the other side. When she reached it, she saw that a guard was shooting down into the compound from within, and quietly snuck in behind him. Drawing her dagger from her boot, she quickly and silently wrapped her arm around the guard’s head and slit his throat.

Too easy, she thought to herself as she returned the dagger to its place and brought her sniper rifle forward. Though carrying the weapon around on a sling around her shoulder was sometimes a hassle, she had felt it necessary to bring the rifle with her. Even now as she brought the scope to her eyes and aimed down into the compound did she not regret bringing it along. Instead, she smiled as she waited for the right time to fire.

Black Eagle

30-04-2014 22:01:21

Eether’s team had startled the guards but now that the guards were on full alert more and more began to appear from inside the compound.

“ADVANCE!” Eether yelled.

Troopers began racing forwards firing as they went. The enemy guards ran from the outer walls of the compound at the sight of the Dark Jedi and the squad of elite troopers.

“USE YOUR CABLES AND SCALE THE WALL!” Eether yelled as they reached the reached the outer walls of the compound.

Bodies littered the ground, unmoving. The stench of burning flesh was unnerving. The group fired the cables catching the top of of the durasteel walls. As they reached the top they realized why the guards retreated. Behind the wall was their second line of defense. Heavy Blaster cannon peppered the walkway on top of the wall pinning Eether’s team.

“Sergeant Sterling! Contact Xantros, find out his position and tell him to get us some help!” Eether ordered the bewildered looking sergeant.


“This doesn’t feel right.” Xantros said quietly

“I’m enjoying the simplicity and easiness of this,” Evant said with a smirk.

“Oh, come on Evant. You know better than to accept something like this is easy,” Xantros said with a worried look crossing his face.

“Look, I thinks there’s an opening up ahead,” Evant said to no one in particular.

The group emerged from the small tunnel they had found carved into the side of the wall after climbing the unguarded western wall. The troopers came out forming a perimeter around the opening, turning on their lights and illuminating the cavern slightly. The cavern seemed to have led them below the compound.

“Let’s hope we don’t get lost,” a trooper remarked, causing some snickering around the squad.

“Shut it soldier,” Xantros said suddenly “We aren’t alone.”

“I sense it as well,” Evant said

The large chamber echoed with the clicking of blasters being raised. Suddenly the ground began to shake. Trooper lights converged on a massive Lizard like creature.

“Krayt Dragon…….wonderful,” Evant said with a sneer.


The blaster fire continued pounding away at the walkway. If the walkway wasn’t lined with a foot thick durasteel wall the squad would be effectively annihilated.

“Sir! I’m not getting through, I’m not even getting a signal from them” Sergeant Sterling said, ducking as a spray of metal showered over him from the blaster fire.

“That’s impossible!” Eether said concerned, “See if you can contact the Antenorian Guard and get us some air support!”

“Yes sir!” he replied, trying to scream over the loud blaster fire.

“Antenorian Guard Patz-Ah Base, Do you copy?!? This is Scholae Palatinae Strike Team request air support at coordinates 51° 28' 38" N! Fire for effect! Do you copy!?” Sergeant Sterling yelled with a hint of desperation in his voice.

Suddenly a quick reply came from the radio. “We copy Scholae Palatinae Strike Force, We have a squadron near your position. They have been redirected towards you, ETA 10 minutes. Transferring comm channel to Viper Squadron now.”