Epic Rap Battle of History: Archangel vs. Akatsuki. Begin!


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Great Northern Forrest

Serene and beautiful, the expansive Great Northern Forest covers a large proportion of the planetary surface. The trees stretch high into the air, and can provide excellent areas for sniper shots, if one is so inclined. The rugged terrain means that height advantages can easily be taken, and one should be sure of foot if they are to survive the forest. Many streams and muddy paths can be found - one false step could easily break your neck. Also, the ysalamiri which hide on branches sap the Force from a Jedi, meaning that certain areas of the forest can be dead to the Force.

Kael Fayne led the two fighters deep into the forest before stopping, realizing he must have come in contact with several ysalamiri as he himself could no longer see through the Force. After another minute of walking the three reached a small stream and the Force was restored to them. Brent carried a lightsaber and his Ironwood spear, whereas his feline foe was armed with a Krath War Blade to go with her own jedi weapon.

Fayne turned to both Palatinaens, keeping his own hilt in hand as he felt a little more nervous than either of them. "I don't like these little beasts...let's get this over with....Begin!"

The Arkanian backed away and disappeared into the foliage to watch the battle to come.


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The forest was alive around them. A thousand thousand animal voices sang out through the trees, dancing on the gentle breeze. Rays of sunlight trickled their way through the foliage above, deepening the shadows at the bases of the trees and under bushes. But the beauty of the forest belied the dangers it held. The presence of the ysalamiri had come to a surprise to him, much to his chagrin.

But now, that was in the past. Only his tertiary senses paid attention to their surroundings. All of his attention was on his opponent. For the longest time, he had trained Dark Jedi for the House, many had died under his care, some had flourished. The female before him was one of those who had survived. Had it been luck or did she have the right spark of brilliance to be a great member of the House. Perhaps we'd find out today.

“Akatsuki” he said plainly, his grip on the haft of his spear twisting slightly as he tested the leather. He had crafted the weapon himself, and it almost a part of his being. He had mastered it years ago, but now, it was time to master this little pup.

“Xen thinks you're ready to go to war. I beg to differ” he continued, before turning, beginning a slow, circular trek around the outside of the clearing, “You are young, inexperienced and far too trusting. War is hell, child”

“I am no child, Aedile. And I am ready to kill”

“Prove it” he replied, his voice a bare whisper. He closed his eyes for a long moment before pouncing at her. He held his spear firmly left hand at the base to anchor the strike, the right half way up the long shaft, to power the attack. This attack was more suited to a halberd-style weapon, but it was meant more as a scare tactic than anything else. If she allowed it to land, it wouldn't matter.

His massive bulk arched through the air, the spear taking a parabolic arc through the air before descending towards the feline Knight. He saw the moment of fear in her eyes, the fragment of indecision which coursed through her mind, and it did not please him. He thought her better than that. But it was only a moment, she recovered quickly, drawing her Krath War Blade smartly and bringing it up into a deflecting guard. Archangel's attack landed hard, the finely crafted weapons slamming together with a spray of sparks and a screech of metal. Akatsuki was driven down to one knee and she grunted under the sheer pressure of the assault.

The weapons disengaged quickly, and Archangel turned his attack, bringing the next slice from underneath as opposed to above, trying to catch the kneeling Horansi off-guard. But she had caught on, and dove to the side away from the wild Battlemaster. She brought herself up to a kneeling, defensive posture, one Archangel had taught her personally, and gritted her sharp teeth at him, growling.

“Good” Archangel said, turning to her, lowering his spear. Dropping his guard was not a safe move. But she wasn't thinking straight. She was angry. Anger shouldn't be allowed to control your actions, it should be used to fuel your power. Akatsuki pounced at him, in a mirror of his first attack, an overhead strike meant to splice the huge Battlemaster in half.

Almost casually, with a slight smile on his face, Archangel drew back a hand as he tapped into his connection to the Force. He allowed it access to his body, and used it as a conduit of power. He sent it shooting up through his arm, as it shot forward into the chest of the Horansi. His fist connected with her breast bone, and with the additional power from the Force, sent the poor feline flying away, landing heavily on the forest floor [TES].

Archangel sighed. Predictable.


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The Horansi slowly crept up to an upright position. Glaring at the Aedile, Akatsuki spoke through her clenched jaw, “I’ll be sure to give my condolences to Rayne. I will also enjoy the promotion to Aedile upon your untimely demise.”

Arch grinned and scoffed at the Dark Jedi Knight’s bravado. “I still don’t believe you’re ready for war, but enough talking. Let’s see if our Emperor was correct in his opinion of you.”

As Akatsuki regained her bi-pedal posture, a painful shock radiated from her sternum where Archangel had connected. She took a moment to breathe deeply and take in the richness of the forests’ floor. As the pain subsided [CTP] she picked her Krath War Blade up from the ground and sheathed it. She looked over at Archangel. He had a menacing smirk on his face and his pale eyes didn’t give away his thoughts.

The Horansi was new to battle but not new to the hunt. Archangel was now the prey. She had no qualms about eliminating one that was such an antagonist. Blazing towards the Battle Master [BOS] she had the intention of knocking him to the mossy covering of the forest’s bed.. Archangel guffawed aloud and sidestepped the bounding feline, causing her to miss him completely. He continued to chuckle, mocking the sloppy attempt at an attack.

Akatsuki cut quickly in a half circle in preparation to pounce the Aedile from behind. Sensing the Horansi’s intended attack [PCG] Archangel turned around just in time to be pounced by the Horansi. Akatsuki managed to knock her opponent flat on his back into a moss bed. The Dark Jedi Knight was pleased at the ‘oof’ that escaped Archangel’s mouth as she flattened him.

Raising her right front paw, she took a swipe at Archangel’s face. The Battle Master tried blocking her massive paw with his left hand only to have the back of his hand and forearm sliced in three long stripes. Archangel let out a groan of discomfort as the claws made a clean slice. The cloying smell of the Aedile’s blood filled the air as a small river flowed from his hand and forearm.

Leaping off of her housemate, she regained her bi-pedal posture. The Kiffar got back up on his feet mumbling obscenities under his breath. Akatsuki couldn’t leave the bravado alone, “I know you love my kind Archangel. Isn’t that a Horansi tattooed on your chest? Oh, and for the record, you don’t smell like you’d be good to eat.”

Archangel glowered at Akatsuki, he wasn’t amused with the antics of the Dark Jedi Knight. The Horansi unclipped her lightsaber from her belt and engaged her sun blazoned blade. She took a step back with her right back paw, leaving her stance ready to proceed forward. Archangel followed suit by engaging his Emerald hued lightsaber. He brought it to life coolly. The Kiffar appeared similar to the executioner sharpening the blade of the executioner's axe.

“Yoda you are not! Last time I checked, you are Sith. Maybe you have Republic aspirations?” Akatsuki mocked.

Archangel scoffed, muttering, “Talk about green, it’s disgusting and abhorrent that I have to fight someone so green.” The Aedile then changed his stance to a wider, more defensive stance. “Bring it feline! Let’s see if you deserve to carry that lightsaber!” The star tattoo on his hand seemed to be aiming at her as if she were a target.