Book/Movie/TV/Music Suggestions


02-09-2011 18:19:31

As members of the DJB we all obviously share a love of Star Wars. This thread is to share other items we enjoy a lot. Recommendations of good books to read, shows to watch, movies to check out and music to rock out to. No particular theme is needed, just post something you found amazing and highly recommend your fellow HSPers check out!


02-09-2011 19:40:17

one of the best songs ever....No Quarter by Led Zeppelin


10-09-2011 00:38:29

I'll plug my favorite favorite FAVORITE tv show Battlestar Galactica. The reimagined series. It is absolutely fantastic not only as a scifi show but as a dramatic show as well. I highly recommend it to any scifi fans (which you ALL should be as you are a member here :D).


15-09-2011 03:00:40

In matters of Sci-Fi, I suggest watching my favourite ( extremely favourite ) TV shows, Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis. Both shows are incredibly exciting and funny and both of them have interesting plots. Also, actors ( including Richard Dean Anderson, aka McGyver ) perform at their best. So...go and watch, if you haven't done so before :P


24-09-2011 05:49:09

Good book if you enjoy zombies and something similar to Left 4 Dead (game)...

City of the Dead by Brian Keene--I picked that little gem up in a discounted bin at wallyworld...and let's just say that Ob (who is the leader of the 'zombies') takes it to a 'whole new level'....Brian Keene also expands on what we consider a zombie more spoilers, but if you get a chance to pick it up...please do.

oh and a total off thing: if you like coconut...coconut m&ms are delicious, picked up a bag early tonight for the family, we're geeky with coconut, and it got rave reviews all around...


25-09-2011 17:39:50

On the other end of Zombies if you like "vampire" novels (None of that twilight crap) I HIGHLY recommend picking up The Passage by Justin Crotin. It is honestly one of the best books I've read and it goes from the creation of the vampires to the post-apocalyptic American landscape and trying to survive with the wild masses of "vampires" in the wilderness. Vampire is sort of a loose term for what they are dealing with but it is close enough. Totally blew me away and I really am looking forward to the next novel in the planned trilogy.


04-10-2011 10:24:00

game of thrones series on HBO is outstanding. i will be starting the books soon but if the shows that good the books should be mind blowing.


05-10-2011 17:11:12

The Song of Ice and Fire series is indeed fantastic. HBO cut out a LOT of stuff for the Game of Thrones series. However be warned that book 4, a Feast for Crows is long and doesn't involve any of the characters you will enjoy reading about. >.< But for cereal, the series is excellent. I am re-reading them right now so I can finally read a Dance with Dragons which just came out this summer.


01-11-2011 04:45:11

Yeah, I've watched Game of Thrones series and it was really brilliant. All those plot twists, well-written and well-played characters, quite a lot of funny moments. Worth watching, if you haven't done it so far :P


06-02-2012 04:43:52

the season is over, but boy the show was amazing. American Horror Story on FX.