TOR Discussion


02-09-2011 18:16:19

Now I know we had an email chain going on a while ago about TOR but I feel that a forum posting would be a good place to keep some of that information fresh, and easily accessible.

I also know many of you have already gone out to pre-order TOR, which is very exciting. I am hopeful I can get my own pre-order in soon. With that I am curious about several things:
What Race?
What Class?
What are you looking forward to MOST about TOR?


02-09-2011 18:22:38

As for myself in these regards I plan on playing a Human (Unless they decided to throw out a playable Jawa which I would play because it would be HILARIOUS). I also think my first character will end up as a Sith Marauder. They seem pretty awesome.
I remember in one of the previews Bioware not only promise more information about Revan but also showed that the famous HK-47 has an appearance. I am super excited about that.