Did you know that...? Star Wars trivia and random facts.


31-08-2011 16:03:17

So, I recently found out that the noise Obi-wan Kenobi makes to scare away the Sandpeople in Star Wars: A New Hope is supposedly the call of a Krayt Dragon.

http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Krayt_dragon (3rd Paragraph, Characteristics and Species)

Before, I thought that the Sandpeople were just wusses...But, in retrospect, if I heard the call of a Krayt Dragon, I would probably peace out too.

This thread is for cool random facts and little bits of trivia relating to the Star Wars Saga. I'm open to hearing random facts about the Extended Universe, just be sure that you let everyone know that you're talking EU.

Also, you should cite your fact. You can't just make this crap up :P

I look forward to seeing your random facts!



31-08-2011 16:56:37

Horansi, native to Mutanda, evolved into bipedalism and sentience.

The digitigrade legs would permit them to run as quickly as their quadruped predecessors.

An interesting point is that though they could easily drop down to all fours. Those that did without good reason were often considered 'backwards'. Average bi-pedal Horansi would stand 2-2.8m


(this would be EU as Horansi appeared in the Planet of Twilight SW book)


31-08-2011 17:08:19

In A New Hope, after Obiwan leaves to shut off the tractor beam, Chewie says something in Shyriiwook and Han goes "Boy, you said it Chewie". According Backstage footage what Chewie was saying is "The old man's gone mad."


31-08-2011 17:57:01

Mark Hamill is 5'9

The guy who played Jango is 5'7.

I'll leave it to you to sort out the significance.


31-08-2011 18:30:23

Xen, I always wondered if Lucas wrote down what Chewie was saying. Lol. Wonder what else he said...

Muz Ashen

31-08-2011 20:28:49

At the very end of 'A New Hope', he's saying "Where the f*&^ is my medal?"


01-09-2011 08:08:30

Originally, Return of the Jedi was to feature Kashyyyk and wookiee's. Of course this was eventually changed to Endor and ewoks, since they were cuter.


02-09-2011 01:24:26

Halc, I had heard something along those lines...

I had heard that some kid sent a picture of Chewbacca to Lucas. As a child would, it was a creative and rather stout representation of the Wookiee...So were born the Ewoks. This may just be an urban tale, I can't confirm it.

I do have some comments to make about George Lucas retouching every copy of Star Wars that hits the market... ,see "NOOOOOOOOO!!! in the Blu-ray Trilogy.> In all honesty, the late 70s and the majority of the 80s was a fairly strange time in film making. I believe Lucas is clinging to this vision he had. Then...Then he made an assload of money. After some time, Technology finally advanced enough to get his vision out there. However, by that time, the vision had been so polluted behind Dollar $ign$ that it lost it's touch.

At the same time, we all hang on waiting for another sip of whatever he's pouring. Sure, it doesn't have the same effect it did in the 70s and 80s...But the whole vision started 35 years ago. 35 years of film makes a difference. For better or worse, unfortunately.

Anyway, back on topic...

When they filmed the original Luke's Landspeeder scenes...They blurred out the bottom of the speeder with a blotch of vasoline. Clever, right? So...Who's hating on CGI retouches now?



02-09-2011 16:52:35

I heard the Ewoks happened because as much as Lucas WANTED it to be a Wookie battle in the movie it was too expensive for that many Wookie costumes. So he went with the scaled down Ewoks.

Also re-original Landspeeder, they also used mirrors in some of the shots to reflect the sand. Yet another trick in old school filming.


02-09-2011 19:27:24

These are just some of the reasons that Star Wars became so popular...When it first came out, the scale and magnitude of the visual effects shocked people. It was one of the most ambitious undertakings of the science-fiction genre ever. The plot wasn't that original...but that wasn't the point.

For any of you film buffs out there, watch Akira Kurosawa's Hidden Fortress. It's the exact same movie, but with Samurai instead of Space. Very cool. Great film too. I believe it is on Netflix "Watch Instantly."


24-09-2011 05:20:01

little easter egg goody:

When Spielberg released E.T. 1982, Star Wars fans saw Elliot playing with figures from The Empire Strikes back AND E.T. himself encountered someone from “home” when he passed a kid dressed as Yoda on Halloween.

17 years later...Spielberg’s friend George Lucas gave his pal a nod in Episode I. When the vote for no confidence in the senate happens, look towards the lower left corner of the screen to see three delegates from E.T.’s planet.