Fiction Experiments and Thoughts from Thran


21-08-2011 23:18:37

So, since my triumphant return I've been able to participate in more fiction events than I have done in a long time. Anyway, as I write these pieces, I like to experiment with styles and perspectives. I've tried a few things recently. Writing fictions with more dialogue and less descriptive clues, writing fictions from the 2nd person perspective and a couple other changes. I find it exciting to write outside of my comfort zone. So often in the past, I would stick to the comfortable 3rd person story telling. "Thran did this" and that stuff. I think in the end, I just got bored of writing things so plainly. Anyway, the point of this thread is to stimulate ideas for fiction writing. There are a good number of competitions out and sometimes it can be hard to get the inspiration to write a story. I have found that when I get ideas for a fiction, I am captivated by inspiration. It makes it a bit easier for me to write.

I was wondering if anyone else likes to experiment when they write. What kind of things do you try? Do you suddenly get ideas and roll with it or do you develop them first?

I'm interested to hear about what and how you are writing!


22-08-2011 21:14:32

The last month or so I've been setting time aside to do fictions. I've found it really helps break up some of the other work I have to do. It has been interesting to see how your fictions have developed recently Thran, which has been a bit inspiring to try out a few different ways of writing. But indeed, there are a lot of different fictions out there and playing around with them can really get your brain going.


22-08-2011 21:49:39

I can't say that this system works for everyone...but when I write, I have a hard time coming up with something if I have just "set aside some time" for it. For me, inspiration has to strike...

Oddly enough, like Doc Brown, I get my best inspirations in the bathroom.

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