Back Again


06-03-2011 14:16:12

Just wanted to drop a message for everyone that I'm back to try things out here again. Once more my workload has dramatically decreased for the foreseeable future and frankly I was tired of sitting in the rogues. its still going to be a bother for me to communicate since IRC is certainly blocked on my server at school (I even need a proxy to get on this MB). But I answer emails quickly (like several times per day) and I check the boards here often. I look forward to getting back into things and if you need me to do anything special just let me know.

Kalak Ragnose

06-03-2011 14:50:30

It's great to have you back!


06-03-2011 15:10:18

Welcome back :D


07-03-2011 08:34:49

Thanks for the welcome.