[nightstalkers] A Place To Lay Our Heads Run-on


04-12-2010 19:35:19

Nightstalkers, we have accomplished much in the short time since our reorganization. However, without a common place to lay our heads, our training has been lacking. The Dante family has been gracious enough to allow us to expand their residence at Petitor Umbrarum to house our team and provide proper training facilities.

(OOC). This will be a run-on concerning the establishment of our new base of operations at Petitor Umbrarum. What should we build, where should we build it, and who gets the top bunk? Post well, post often. The best contributors win the prize.

Petiror Umbrarum


17-12-2010 17:15:03

Reiden stepped outside and began to walk around the grounds of Petitor Umbrarum. He took his time as he walked, taking in the sights surrounding him and thinking of the possibilities available to him and the rest of the battleteam. He knew that they would be allowed to expand on their facilities on the premises but he was unsure of what to do or even where to begin. He had hoped that walking through the grounds might help to clear his head and give him a better idea of how to go about their expansion. He saw numerous possibilities before him but yet nothing really jumped out at him as a definitive location.