Treasure Hunt


01-12-2010 19:26:21

Ok guys, so this competition will be going on for a little while, and here is the first clue! :) This first item is going to be a picture somtimes it will be a website, i will SPECIFY in the clue. First person to post it IN THE TOPIC gets that hunt's win. I will update this first post with each new clue every 2-3 days (even if no one gets it)

Treasure Hunt #1: To start off, i thought i'd try and go for an easy one :) I have 6 points, 8 triangles and usually blue: what am i? Good luck guys :)


02-12-2010 01:34:17

Star of David :)


02-12-2010 13:37:20

Nice job Xantros :) I'll post the next clue tomorrow night


03-12-2010 19:46:39

Ok! Here's the second treasure hunt Now this you you MUST find a picture!

#2 I am the symbol for hope and bravery, I am green and stand for justice.

There are many things like this, cryptic but i think with recent events it wont be too hard, think guys :) good luck!


05-12-2010 03:43:51

Oak leaf?:)

I don't think it would be Greenpeace, though:
- bravery - they are brave enough to protest against companies that harm the environment
- hope - they have hope that they will succeed
- justice - they try to make companies that harm the environment pay for their crimes, often through courts, etc.
- green - they are green! :lol:


05-12-2010 14:03:30

Hehe no good reasoning though :P here's another hint. It is the symbol of a super hero.


05-12-2010 21:39:28

The Green Lantern


05-12-2010 21:44:33

Congrats xen :) I forgot it was my ava till you pointed it out, nice one! Heheh.

Treasure hunt #3 OK guys, this is going to be a WEBSITE! that you need to find and post in the forums. Here's the clue.

I was created in 1973 by DARPA, i am used by millions of people daily. My page consists of puzzle pieces and a greeting. I am the last of it's kind. The web in which i am tangled in spans the globe. What am i?

Here's an easy hint. You are currently on me, and i am the last page of it.

Here's another hint: The website is spelled out, take the normal URL and put it in :)


10-12-2010 15:49:38

Usenet? -
Internet? -
Message Board / Internet forum? -

Honestly, I have no idea, just guessing :lol:


11-12-2010 00:02:52

Heh no, i'll give the answer and a new clue xD the answer for this one was "The last page of the internet!"' target='_blank'>

The next clue is!

I ran on Disney from October 24, 1994 to February 15, 1997 and have a darker tone and was made for the older people but appealed to the younger generation as well. There was a serious dark tone to this and was considered ambitious. There are creatures of the night that are frozen during the day. We are protectors. This is a picture that i want of this show :) It's kinda easy i think. Good luck guys! :)


11-12-2010 01:32:46

Gargoyles Yo.


11-12-2010 01:38:13


Ok guys, this is just going to be a name, you don't need a picture or website for this one.

I am a very powerful greek mythological figure, i am in charge of writing, athletics, astronomy and astrology. Who am i?


11-12-2010 02:15:19

... Hermes?


14-12-2010 11:31:34

... Apollo?


14-12-2010 13:35:10

Sorry had finals so i didn't check, Xen got it right :)
I'll think of a new clue later tonight


15-12-2010 02:33:17

Next clue! :)

This is going to be a picture!

I have seas without water
I have forests without wood
I have deserts without sand
I have houses with no brick

What am I?


15-12-2010 11:56:23

Sorry for so big picture :P


16-12-2010 21:43:09

Heheh yup a map :) nice job, i'll come up with another one tonight or tomorrow, but since i'm packing and giong home most likely tomorrow :(


19-12-2010 13:31:37

Ok guys here's the newest clue! This will be a picture of what this is :)

An apple begins with me and age too. I am in the midst of a man and foremost in every apprehension. You will find me in everyday and see me in all Autumns. It's a pity that you cannot see me in the air and yet it's so wonderful to be a part of the great Atlantic ocean! Guess what am I?

Here's the latest #'s


19-12-2010 15:24:28

Relatively easy :P


24-12-2010 17:39:12

Good job xantros :)
Ok here's the next hunt, it will be: A Picture

I am all white, i am associated with Chanukkah, and i am the opposite of a Christmas Tree


25-12-2010 05:32:44

Is it Hanukkah menorah?


25-12-2010 13:37:05

Nope, close though. Here's another thing, it has to do with trees


25-12-2010 16:07:30

Is it Tree Branch Menorah? :)


25-12-2010 18:29:31

hehe no but you're almost there, think of our last president's name XD


26-12-2010 07:23:49

White Bush? :) -


26-12-2010 14:46:54

No xD think of the holiday and the president name


26-12-2010 15:32:48

Christmas bush? :P ( There are also white flowers of Christmas bush, just don't have time to find proper picture :lol: )


26-12-2010 16:11:39

Hehehe no no so close though, think of that, just opposite of christmas :P


27-12-2010 02:59:07

Is it Hanukkah bush? :P


27-12-2010 11:54:46

Yeah! :)