The Dark Path Of An Apprentice.

Robin Hawk

27-09-2010 16:03:39

This is the Runon for Melfeckt, as part of his trials for knighthood. The posters will be Robin Hawk d'Tana and Melfeckt.

Robin Hawk

27-09-2010 18:29:33

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Robin Hawk

27-09-2010 18:30:19

The Sith Battlemaster crossed her arms and stared at her Apprentice with great precision. Looking him over from head to toe, she inspected his Consular robes, which announced his Obelisk order with the Blue trim it manifested.

"Congratulations Jedi Hunter, Melfeckt, on attaining your current rank, " she said with true gratification. Keeping his brow lowered, a smirk of great pride ran across his face. "But don't be cock headed." The full force of her voice ringing in his ears. He relaxed his shoulders and straightened his face, diminishing some of the pride he withheld from before.

"Yes, my Master," he nodded approvingly.

"Great! Now let us have some rum, discuss your requirement for Knighhood and walk in one of my favourite places.

The Jedi Hunter stepped beside Robin and matched the rhythm of his stride with hers.

They headed down the dark halls to Dorimad Sol's garden, which was name Cluarun Leana by one of its members during a friendly competition. The garden and adjoining lab was given to Hawk many moons ago. Since her defection to Tarentum, she hoped that the lab was in still in one piece.


As they both entered the warm, humid sanctuary, the woman stopped and took a deep breath. She soaked up the warmth praising her skin and smells wafting into her nose of the air. Turning to the newly formed Jedi Hunter, she spoke firmly. "The rum is in the third drawer, of my file cabinet, in the lab." She pointed North, he assumed, towards the lab.

"Yes, my Master." He took off, proudly. In the short moments later, he turned. "Um...Master?"

"Did you find the rum?" She asked fervently.

"We have a problem..."


29-09-2010 00:31:05

Melfeckt was almost white as a ghost as he produced a letter and began his report.

"There was no rum in the drawer, only this notice. I read it over briefly, and it seems that my old Mistress has found a way into the Brotherhood, and has taken your rum, for some reason or another."

Surprised that her security defences didn't deter this new woman to enter her office, unauthorized, and take her rum, she took the notice from the Jedi Hunter and frowned. "Why is the rum ALWAYS gone?" She crumples the paper and looks over at her apprentice, who was watching her intently.

"Well, you know this woman better than I. What are her weaknesses and strengths? Anything we can take advantage of? Do you even know why she's here?" Melfeckt simply shakes his head, and looks at the ground.

"Your guess is as good as mine, Master. The only thing I can assume is that she's come to check up on how I'm doing within the Brotherhood. I haven't really had much contact with her since I arrived." His brow furrows as he thinks, then looks up at his Master. "Could it be that she's come to kill you? To try and reclaim her posession of me?"

Robin simply smiles and caresses the Hunter's face. "The only way to find out, is to find her. Search out with your feelings, and you'll find her." Melfeckt nods and closes his eyes, centreing himself. A moment later, he opens his eyes and looks at his Master.

"We need to go to the Academy. I think her intentions are more than simply checking up on me." Melfeckt rests his hand on his saber, reassuring himself it's there, then nods at Robin.

"Very well," she says. "Let's seek her out. I'm actually very interested in meeting her." She smirks and they walk towards the Shadow Academy together. When they arrive, they see a cloaked and hooded figure hunched over a monitor, obviously reading something. They looked at eachother and nodded, approaching the figure carefully.

“You don't have to sneak around, y'know,” said the figure. “I could hear you halfway down the hall.” It straightened and turned to face the pair. The figure was significantly shorter than either the Jedi Hunter, or the Battle Master. It lowered its hood and revealed very feminine features. Dark brown hair, with fine strands of silver, which fell to just past her shoulders. Her eyes were dark and inviting, and her lips were full.