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Ood Bnar

05-09-2010 05:38:37

From the Office of the Quaestor:
Ludus et Servus


- What do all the Acronyms stand for?
- What is a Position
- What is the DBWiki
- Quaestor
- Aedile
- Rollmaster
- Battleteam Leader (TET/SGT/CMDR)
- What is a House Summit
- Where do I go with Questions/Concerns
- Email
- Forum
- Other
- What are Rank classes
- How do I get Promoted
- How do I get Medals
- What is the Master-Student Program
- What are Competitions
- How do I submit an entry to a competition
- How do I get a competition approved
- What is a Great Jedi War
- What is a Battleteam/House Feud
- Are competitions the only thing I participate in to earn medals?
- I keep on getting passed over for leadership positions, what shall I do?


House Scholae Palatinae is unique.

Of this, there is no doubt.

Every Battleteam and each House in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood is unique. Different atmospheres, different ways of running things, different styles of leadership, different personalities… all of these things mix together to form this uniqueness that is so prevalent throughout the Brotherhood.

This is a guide that will show you the ropes to our House, so that you can have fun, be successful, and thrive in your new habitat.

Don’t know what a “House” is (in Dark Jedi Brotherhood terms)? Read on!


There are so many acronyms! Where can I find a comprehensive list?
A list can be found above. If you think that an acronym is missing, feel free to leave a note on the article’s talk page or contact your House Summit, or the Wiki Staff, about it.

What is a position?
Much like the “real world,” the Dark Jedi Brotherhood offers several different positions for its members. These range from running a Battleteam of nine members as Battleteam Leader to running the entire Dark Jedi Brotherhood as Grand Master.

What is the Wiki?
“The DJBWiki project is a fully interactive encyclopedia for the entire Dark Jedi Brotherhood. It encompasses all the facts, fiction and lore of the club in an easily searched, cross referenced database. The goal of the Wiki is to provide the most comprehensive database of information relating to the club in one location. This goal can be achieved by allowing members the opportunity to make changes themselves, rather than submitting information through a chain of command.”
For more information, go to this link. Take the exam!


The Dark Jedi Brotherhood is a very structured organization and should probably be considered a bureaucracy. Although understanding the chain of command can be difficult initially, it won’t be long before you firmly grasp the ideas and hold a thorough comprehension of standard procedure.

What is a Quaestor?
The Quaestor (commonly abbreviated “QUA”) runs the House. All decisions for the functioning of a House are decided by the QUA. The Quaestor has a position on the Dark Council and is essential for the smooth running of the DJB. The Quaestor is the highest position in a House.

What is an Aedile?
The Aedile (“AED”) is the “second in command” of the House. Working on creating competitions for the members of a House and working alongside the QUA are some of the jobs that the AED is given.

What is a Rollmaster?
The Rollmaster (“RM”) is broadly in charge of new members. The RM will be the first contact the new member receives and will act as a guide up to Dark Jedi Knight. He/she will often perform other functions as the Quaestor wishes.

What is a Tetrarch/Sergeant/Commander/Battleteam Leader?
Tetrach/Sergeant/Commander are all names for a Battleteam Leader. A Battleteam Leader commands a small unit of nine members within a House. If the team is predominantly a Krath team, the Battleteam Leader, providing that he himself is a Krath will be known as a Tetrarch. Sergeant would be used in an Obelisk orientated Battleteam and Commander in a Sith orientated Battleteam.

What does “House Summit” mean?
“House Summit” is a term that means the highest positions in the House. Most of the time, this means the Quaestor, Aedile, and Rollmaster, but can sometimes be simplified to just encompass the Quaestor and Aedile.

Who do I go to if I have a suggestion/question/concern?
If you have a suggestion/question/concern, email the House Summit unless your suggestion involves something specific like the Shadow Academy, in which case you would email the Dark Councilor in charge.


Because the Dark Jedi Brotherhood is primarily an internet-based club, electronic communication through the internet is standard and essential. There are several mediums of communication, but there three main ones that all members of the Brotherhood should use: IRC, Email, and the Forum.

What is IRC? Are there rules?
“IRC” stands for “Internet Relay Chat.” It is a series of chat rooms on a number of servers used for socializing and meeting with like minded individuals. You are strongly encouraged to use IRC to take all the benefits from the huge social animal that the Dark Jedi Brotherhood is! Discussions on IRC range from Star-warsy stuff to sport to fields of academia like Classics.
For more information, go to this link. Take the course!

Should I have a separate email account for the Dark Jedi Brotherhood?
Although not necessary, many members prefer to use an email account separate from their personal one. This practice is encouraged so that you do not confuse emails and names. Plus, you will get a lot of Dark Jedi Brotherhood-related email if you hold a position. Free online email providers like Gmail and Yahoo! Mail are the recommended options.

Is there such a thing as email etiquette?

What is the Forum?
The forums are the primitive, but ultimately useful form of communication in the Brotherhood. Here, hard-copies of ideas may be posted for additional feedback, or where run-on stories may unfold before their audience. There is also much communication on the forums, and there are even portions for each Clan within the Brotherhood.

Can I get peoples’ phone numbers? Can I send letters?
You can, but this practice is rare. For the most part, you should never give out your phone number, and any of your personal information such as your address, and you should not ask others for theirs.
You should not send letters to your fellow Brotherhood members. Although this can happen when two members know each other from “real life,” it is highly discouraged. There are several reasons for this:
1. You should not give your address to someone you do not know personally.
2. Email is faster!
3. You are killing trees! Save the environment!


What are rank classes?
In the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, there are four classes (in ascending order): Journeymen (JM), Equites, Elders, and Grand Masters. As you move up the class system, you gain access to better items, such as warbanners, robes and lightsabers (which can only be gained at the JM rank of Protector). Additionally, you fictionally become more powerful and this manifests itself in your writing.

How do I get promoted?
That depends on the class. For Journeymen there are promotion requirements and fulfillment will result in a promotion. The requirements are spread over the broad range of Brotherhood activities, such as Shadow Academy exams, gaming, writing and House projects. For the active Journeyman, it is reasonable to expect to reach Dark Jedi Knight within a year. However getting promoted into and up the Equites is slightly harder. One can expect entry into the Equite ranks after around 7-9 months of sustained activity. Leadership and/or House projects always help and may reduce the time.

At the higher levels, a leadership position is necessary to receive a promotion within a year.

How do I earn medals?
Crescents are awarded for coming first, second or third in a competition. Merit medals, such as a Dark Cross can be earned for sustained activity over a short period of time or for participation in a House Project. It should be noted that higher Merit medals such as the Grand Cross of the Dark Side is only given out for great service to the House or the Brotherhood, such as single-handedly working on a project that has a major effect on those around you. Other medals include Clusters of Fire for gaming; Clusters of Ice for ACC wins and Run-On participation; Legions of the Scholar for winning trivia, and Dark Side Scrolls for work on the wiki.

What is the “Master-Student Program”?
The “Master-Student Program” is a Brotherhood-wide effort where each House pairs its Equites with its Journeymen, so that the Journeymen will learn from a more experienced member, until they reach the rank of Dark Jedi Knight. In House Scholae Palatinae, Journeymen may only participate if they are at or above the rank of Protector.


What are competitions?
Competitions are events for specific units (House, or Battleteam) or the entire Dark Jedi Brotherhood. When you participate in a competition, you have a chance to win a Crescent or other competition medal.

How do I submit an entry to a competition?
You submit any entry to a competition by completing the entry as outlined in the competition guidelines, and signing it with your full id line and pin number. In the subject line of your email, always put the name of the competition. However, if the guidelines specify what information to include in the subject line, always go by the guidelines. You should send the finished product to the competition creator through email, and CC your immediate superiors. If you’re in a Battleteam, then you would CC your Battleteam Leader as well as your Quaestor and your Aedile. This way, a record can be kept of your activity, and your progression toward the next rank is easier and faster.

I have a really cool idea for a competition! How do I get it approved?
You get any idea for a competition approved by writing a full description of your idea (what Battleteam or House, duration, description, awards given out, platforms used, start/end dates) and sending it to your Battleteam or House leadership for approval, depending on what unit (Battleteam or House) the competition is for. Once it is approved by the Battleteam or House leadership, you use the Brotherhood database to officially send your competition for approval by the Master at Arms. When it is approved by the MAA, it is listed on the competitions listing located here: You would click on the relevant link on that page; Running, Upcoming, or Finished Competitions to find the one of your choice.

What is a Great Jedi War?
A Great Jedi War consists of all the Houses in competition against each other, mostly for bragging rights. The Great Jedi War consists of a series of events: writing, gaming, and graphics are only a few of the competitions where medals are up for grabs. The House with the most points at the end of the War is considered the First House of the Brotherhood. Individuals who distinguish themselves are the recipients of medals, and the top three participants are awarded titles.

What is a Battleteam/House Feud?
A Battleteam/House feud is one Battleteam or House against another. In the case of a Battleteam feud, it can be two Battleteams in the same House. Two Houses can also oppose each other, and battle or “feud” for bragging rights, medals, and even ships.


Are competitions the only thing I participate in to earn medals?
Certainly not! There are various other things available: There is almost always someone in #DBgaming who would be willing to game with you, for the chance of Clusters of Fire. Alternatively, there’s recreational combat writing in the Antei Combat Centre where you can win Clusters of Ice. Helping with projects is a great way to earn a Merit Medal and do something for the House at the same time! Chances are, if you’re active in more than one area you’ll get a Merit medal anyway. The Dark Jedi Brotherhood is heavily based on fiction, so what better way to spend your time than helping to develop the DJB Wiki and earn a Dark Side Scroll.

I keep on getting passed over for leadership positions, what shall I do?
Keep applying! I know it’s not much consolation but that’s the way to go about it. Getting yourself noticed is the best way of attaining a leadership position. Participating in a lot of competitions, helping with House projects and mentoring younger members all get you noticed. The more you do it, the more likely you are to get picked for a position next time.


Quaestor Ood Bnar: (You can find Oods email on his dossier)
Ood has been in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood for seven years. As well as being Quaestor, he is currently a Shadow Academy professor. In the past, he has served as a Quaestor, Aedile and Rollmaster, as well as a position called Envoy which no longer exists. He is great to have an intellectual discussion with.

Aedile Xen'Mordin Vismorsus: (You can find Xens email on his dossier)
Xen has been in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood for six years. In the past he has served as a QUA AED, BTL and RM.

Rollmaster Kalak Ragnose: (You can find Kalaks email on his dossier)
Kalak has been in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood for just under four years. In the past he has served as a Magistrate to the Headmaster, RM, AED and Quaestor.


We hope this document has been of use in explaining the way the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and House Scholae Palatinae works. If you have any further questions, please direct them to the House Summit. We hope you enjoy your time in House Scholae Palatinae.

[props go to KPN RevengeX Palpatine and KAP Augustus "Kalak" Ragnose for making this guide]