New Arrivals

Kalak Ragnose

31-07-2010 06:02:28

I have found that it's often difficult to determine whether someone has registered with the forums or not. To this end, I have created this topic. When a new member registers with the forums, they should post an introduction in this topic. Instructions to do this will be added to the welcome email they recieve. Let the posting begin!


20-08-2013 04:08:38



20-02-2014 08:14:17

Hey guys, just joined the Brotherhood the other day. Enjoying it so far, looking forward to what comes.

Kor Vaal

29-05-2014 16:41:30

Evening all, thought I'd do the obligatory new guy post. Technically I'm only newish, I was a member many many years ago and have decided to come back at last. Have to say I'm really enjoying it again so far and looking forward to getting to know everyone in the house.

Writing is my main thing, and if anyone ever fancies a round in the ACC please feel free to challenge me.