Compositions Of The Sun


26-06-2008 14:16:55

Hey everyone, Reiden here. If you were unaware of what I had done (meaning you ignored the email :P) I'm going to tell you now. I decided to make a Wiki page that held all of the songs that I had written. However, I then changed my mind and wanted to make it for my House, HDS. That is why it is called "Compositions of the Sun", but I changed my mind again and kept the name but made it for everyone within CSP.

Here is some brief info on it that I had on the Wiki page:

House Dorimad Sol, the home of the People of the Sun as some would call it, is also the home to so much more. One example of this would be one of our members, Robin Hawk, the Sith with a green thumb. Now as you all may know, there are no Order restrictions within Houses, so it stands to show that HDS (as many refer to the House), holds within it members from the Sith, Obelisk, and Krath Orders. Now we all know that the Krath tend more to be the scholars than members of the other two Orders however, that in no way means that members of the Obelisk or Sith Orders cannot be scholarly or submit scholarly works. And so, without any further ado, I gave you: The Compositions of the Sun!

General Info:
The Compositions of the Sun is a place where anyone, regardless of Order or Rank, within House Dorimad Sol may share their work with everyone else within not only their House or their Clan, but the entire Brotherhood. My original plan for this was for it to be only for songs that I had made, but I decided against this. Instead, I'm making this for use of everyone within HDS. This does not have to be limited to songs, it may be for any kind of artwork or anything else like that.

A Note From the Creator:
Before this thing gets started, I just want to say that when posting your work, use the horizontal line and basically put in "Name's Work" or something like that. I only ask this so that people will know who did what.

Thanks, and have fun!

~ Reiden "

So there you have it. That is what I had written on the Wiki page, verbatim (word for word).

HOWEVER! :: The new way this will work out is that this will be for everyone within Clan Scholae Palatinae may display their work for all to see!

Have fun everyone :) ( Oh, ignore what I said in the Wiki about the "Name's Work" thing!)


26-06-2008 16:59:40

I never got the email. :(

But I checked it out first thing when you posted it, it has a good goal behind it. I hope others will include their work, as I have some in mind to add.


26-06-2008 23:05:20

I sent the email out to, so if you haven't joined the CSP google group, that's why you didn't receive the email. Otherwise, try checking out your spam folder. If you still didn't get it, I'm sorry :(


27-06-2008 00:57:20

I just got sent to my GMail which I never use lol. I had to edit my default email, so it's all good now.


27-06-2008 08:46:23

:P Good. I was worried for a second there...I was gonna feel bad :) but now its all good

Ok, I know that there's probably something against double posting, but I just thought that I'd let you all know this.

UPDATE: For any of you who wish to use this, feel free to post your work however you like.

Go here: That is where you can find all of my work. I only put up 4 songs, but keep a watch out for any new additions that I will put up at a later time.


Songs Currently Available to View:
1.) All A Lie
2.) Here I Come
3.) Life
4.) Guiding Light

Enjoy! :)

~ Reiden

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01-07-2008 13:50:30

You have been banned from ever posting again. DP will not be tolerated.

/sarcasm off


01-07-2008 13:56:27

:( I'm sorry.

Anyway, new stuff!


New Songs Posted:
5.) Take Me Away
6.) Alive

Next song(s) scheduled to be released: Nightmare, Control (if I ever finish it :P)

That's about it for now. Stay tuned!

~ Reiden