Lightsaber Creation


24-03-2008 18:43:43

This will be the lightsaber creation story for Tash. The posters will be Cethgus Incendia and Tash.


25-03-2008 14:38:38

Cethgus sat in his office, trying to get through the work load which had been sitting on his desk for weeks. No sooner had he started to do work again than the door hissed open. Looking up the Templar saw his Student stood in the door holding something in his hand and looking puzzled.

“You wanted me Master?” Tash spoke with his usual eagerness.

“Yes come in and please take a seat, I believe it is time for you to move on to your next step of training”

The Jedi Hunter sat down and continued to look at the Iridonian. Looking at the pile of paperwork on the side of the desk he noticed that it has been growing. He started to look at the plants in his Masters office, but was soon brought back to focusing on his master when he finished the paperwork he was currently doing.

“I have something for you Tash, ad we will start work on your saber now”

Cethgus handed a focus crystal over the desk, it shone in the light and no sooner had it reach Tash hand. Then he smiling to himself, knowing he was going to get his first saber. Putting it in his pocket he then was ready to begin with what task was in front of him.

“Recently it’s to my understanding that there is well an item which you will need to construct your lightsaber, and the location on House Dorimad Sol, there are saber crystals located at Sartis”

“Les go at once!”

“Yes Tash, prepare and we will leave as soon as possible meet me in the hanger when ready””


11-04-2008 20:14:43

Tashlan bowed before walking out of the room, he headed for his quarters. Upon arriving at his quarters he grabbed his gear and set it into his bag, he sent a message to his superiors that he would be on a short leave before making off for the hangar.

As Tashlan walked into the hangar, he saw his master leaning against the shuttle “You ready?” Cethgus barked.

“As ready as ever, master” Tashlan said. Cethgus hit a button on the hull which lowered the ramp; Tashlan walked onto the shuttle with a evil grin upon his face, the young Jedi Hunter tossed his bags onto the floor before sitting down in the co-pilots seat.

Tashlan glared at all the controls eyeing the navigational system. Cethgus thumped down into the pilots seat, “This is Cethgus Incendia, We are prepared for are departure to Sartis” Cethgus barked onto the com.

A swoosh of interference came over the com before a crackly voice said “Cleared for departure, good luck and have fun.”

The ship hissed as it took off from the hangar, they would reach Sartis within a half an hour.

Tashlan Dreytila Yamayura


12-04-2008 12:25:14

Heading towards their destination Cethgus looked out of the window at the view. Admiring the day he smiled to himself remembering the past, it hadn't been so long ago the Templar was creting his first saber. It would take a while to get the parts that would be required. Wondering how long they had to spend on this, the Obelisk wished to make the task at hand quick and as painless as possible. Knowing that it would be easy to get unwanted attention on some of the locations that they would be going to.


"Yes, what is it now Tash?"

"We are readying for the landing"

Cethgus nodded and looked around realising that they were almost their. Time did go by quickly these days, the ship started to decend. Touching softly onto the ground, wind rippling across the ships hull. The landing ramp hissed open, and the master and student walked out setting foot onto solid ground.

"Right, I dont want to be longer than I have to here understood?"

"Yes, Sir"

"Good then lets make a move for the cave, I dont know how long it will take us"

The templar set off towards the location were they would find a light saber crystal. Their was a small cave opening and the two started towards it, the wind howling at them as they approched it. Smiling to himself the Iridonian walked into the darkness the cave emitted light through shards of crystal which had been left about.