Lightsaber Creation


24-03-2008 18:42:20

This will be the lightsaber creation story for Korvyn. The posters will be Cethgus Incendia and Korvyn.


24-03-2008 19:20:19

Cethgus sat in his office, trying to get through the work load which had been sitting on his desk for weeks. No sooner had he started to do work again than the door hissed open. Looking up the Templar saw his Student stood in the door holding something in his hand and looking puzzled.

“You wanted me Master?” Korvyn spoke as his eyes darted around the room.

“Yes come in and please take a seat, I believe it is time for you to move on to your next step of training”

The Jedi Hunter sat down and continued to look at the Iridonian. Looking at the pile of paperwork on the side of the desk he noticed that it has been growing. He started to look at the plants in his Masters office, but was soon brought back to focusing on his master when he finished the paperwork he was currently doing.

“I have something for you Korvyn, and I think it is time you started to get to work on creating your first saber”

Cethgus handed a focus crystal over the desk, it shone in the light and no sooner had it reach Korvyn hand. Then he started to inspect it understanding the challenge that was in front of him. Putting it in his pocket he then was ready to begin with what task was in front of him.

“Recently it’s to my understanding that there is well an item which you will need to construct your lightsaber, and the location on House Dorimad Sol, there are saber crystals located at Sartis”

“You propose we go there?”

“Yes Korvyn, and I believe that you prepare and we will begin our journey at once”


24-03-2008 20:54:14

The Comm beeped an affirmative from his XO who was to meet him in 10 minutes in the Sergeants office. Stepping into his room Korvyn quickly set about grabbing his gear. Once everything was assembled and put in the appropriate place he stepped out of his Private room and into his office.

"you are in command until i return. You know what to do." Korvyn said as he walked past Tash. Tash started to speak but it was to late. Already out the door and headed to the Hanger bay Korvyn ignored Tash. He had more important matters to attend to.

One last check showed everything was in order and he was ready to go. Opening the door to hanger 1 Master Cethgus was already waiting.

"Quicker than i expected, my Apprentice." Cethgus said as he turned to enter the Shuttle. Korvyn said nothing as he followed his master into the Darkened shuttle.


25-03-2008 15:37:59

The two sat inside the ship and looked around, all of the controls already lit up and ready for their departure. Sitting in the chair he smirked to himself, knowing that the ship could fly itself. Korvyn put their gear in the back before joining his Master at the front of the ship.

“Cethgus here, we are ready for departure to Sartis”

A little interference cam through before a males voice came through the com device. “You have permission to departure, good luck guys”

With that the ship was soon on its way towards Sartis, the flight would only take them ten minutes. Using this time he made sure everything was in order with their equipment.

The ship was soon landing down outside of the outpost, grabbing their gear the two of them made their way of the ship. Cethgus gestured for his student to follow him as they began their walk towards the outpost, though it was only a five minute walk it gave the Templar time to explain to his student what would be happening.

“We first of all need to acquire you a saber crystal so that is first on my list and it’s the easiest thing to get”

“you think they’re going to let us walk into the mine and take one?”

“Do they really have any other choice Korvyn”

The two Obelisks walked into the front of the outpost and looked around noticing that it had seen better days. The two continued forward and started to enter the sets of buildings.


25-03-2008 23:10:08

The pair walked side by side through the rundown streets. The houses and buildings a bottled collection of wood, fur and mud shacks. It was nothing like the Castle and worlds away from the Streets of Coruscant. The streets themselves were nothing more than pathways through the snow, packed hard from heavy use.

The town however was eerily quiet this early in the day. The sun had only just begun to creep over the mountains. The air was a pale Grey in color only seen just before the dawn.

As the two walked along Korvyn couldn't help but think of the events ahead. He had started his Trials to become a Dark Jedi Knight once again. It seemed like a lifetime since the honor was bestowed upon him the first time around. He longed to feel the vibration of his own light saber in his hands. He continued in this dream for nearly two full blocks before Cethgus interrupted it.

"Your thinking of the past again." Cethgus said. "Pay attention to what is happening now."


27-03-2008 09:19:10

In front of the two their stood a man, wearing what appeared like snow kit. In his hands this man held what appeared to be a blaster of some type. Korvyn smirked seeing this man try and stand in the way of the two Obelisk’s

“STOP!” the mans voice echoed around the town.

“Move aside old man, we are hear on a mission and will leave once we have completed it” Cethgus snarled at the man who tried to interrupt their precious time.

It seemed that the man thought about standing their, but quickly moved out of the way. Muttering something under his breath the Master and Student headed towards the crystal caves. Looking at the man the Templar had a feeling he would see him sooner than he wanted.

“Ill be back and with numbers” the old man quickly scurried away leaving the two men continuing to walk towards the cave.

Korvyn looked at his master knowing that sooner or later he would see that old man again, slowly the two entered the cave. The entrance to the caved showed how warn and well used this cave was.

Walking in the cave had been expanded, it would take a while to find the correct saber Crystal that Korvyn wanted. He smiled as he was his apprentice eyes widen at the crystal inside the cave, they soon began to search around to find the item they needed to obtain.


27-03-2008 23:46:09

The Caves were an amazing site to behold. Unlike the rest of Caina warm air flowed up from the depths of the cave. The crystalline walls reflected light and shimmered with a brilliance that Korvyn had never seen. Shards of Broken Crystal littered the floor as the pair traveled farther into the system of tunnels. Getting lost would have easy if the pair wasn’t guided by the force. Korvyn reached out with the Force letting it guide his actions. It would lead him to his crystal. The one he had been destined to use in the creation of his light saber.

The two were silent as they walked. Cethgus hung a couple paces off his apprentice. Reaching a fork in the pathways Korvyn stood silent a motionless, Eyes closed in deep concentration. After several minutes Korvyn took of to the right leading even further down into the heart of Caina. Soon the entered into a large chamber with what had to be millions of crystal fragments. Korvyn scanned the room walked over to and picked up a quarter sized fragment.

“Got it.” Korvyn said with little emotion. “We were followed weren’t we master?”

“Yes, they are near. You best prepare yourself.” His master replied.

Drawing his light saber Korvyn held it in his right hand. He waited until the enemy had showed himself before igniting it. Cethgus on the other hand immediately flicked the activator switch, the blade jumping to life with the familiar Snap-hiss that could only be associated with a light saber. Five men stepped into view at that exact moment.


28-03-2008 09:57:45

Smirking to himself the Templar noticed they all held some form of close combat weapon. Stepping backwards he allowed Korvyn to jump into the combat first, the saber humming towards its enemy. His apprentice wasted no time, he slashed out cutting the first man across his torso. Pouncing of the ground Cethgus slammed his boot into the old mans chest, sending him sprawling to the ground.

“I told you not to come back” Cethgus snarled at the old man who was trying to scurry away from him.

Moving his weapon towards the old man the Obelisk slashed out, letting the olds man life drain from his body. He started to smirk as he turned around to see Korvyn breathing heavily, all of the men slain around his student. Nodding the two headed out of the cave taking speed on their side.

“Korvyn we now have your crystal but there are still other parts which need to be found”

“I understand Master”

The two continued towards the ship, getting in they started to look for the co-ordinates for their next object they had to get. He wanted to let his student get a Diatium Power Cell, and knew that a crowded city would prove the perfect place for him to find it.

The Obelisk smirked and noticed that Ohmen was on the list of places he would be able to find the item, pointing it out to his student they plotted a course towards the clans home planet.

“Looks like were going to Ohmen”


28-03-2008 11:16:41

As the shuttle took off Korvyn began replaying the combat in his head. Using the force Korvyn watched himself jump into the fray. His first opponent died with his opening attack. The next flurry of strikes had taken out two more of the men facing him. The fourth had turned to run when Korvyn drew his combat knife and threw it into the mans back. He had retrieved the knife and answered with a downward trust of his saber ending the battle.

The events unfolded over and over again with Korvyn noticing where he had left himself open to a counterattack. He knew the outcome would have been different against a Jedi or one of the Vong. The battle proved to be a learning experience. He knew it would most likely not be his last one in this journey. Hopefully they would go as well as that one, Korvyn thought to himself as the Hyperspace alarm went off telling them they had reached their destination.

“Shuttle 51806, please identify yourself.” Came almost immediately through the Comm. unit. It was of course standard imperial procedure.

“Master Cethgus Incendia and apprentice Korvyn requesting permission to land in the Ohmen star port.” Cethgus replied seeming a bit annoyed he switched the comm. off. “I hate these annoying checkpoints.”
“Shuttle 51806, you’re clear to land.” Came through the comm. after a number of minutes.

Korvyn had never seen the Home planet for Clan Scholae Palatinae. It was a stark contrast Caina which was nearly all ice and snow. Rich forests and jungles abounded everywhere he looked. Vast rivers and oceans were visible. Life seemed to flourish here unlike Caina were it was a struggle just to survive.

The city of Ohmen appeared on the horizon in front of the shuttle. Rising up to a magnificent palace on top the city seemed to be built layer on top of layer. The opulence of the upper buildings were able to rival any he had seen on Coruscant or in his time in the Imperial Army. As they neared the city Korvyn could tell it was easily defendable. The star port itself was at the base of the mountain the city was built upon. As they neared it Korvyn felt the tractor beams take hold. The pair soon exited the Star port after the standard identity check and made their way into the city itself.


30-03-2008 08:33:21

Cethgus was the first one too point out that they needed to stay close together other wise they would be at risk of losing each other. The two of them started to make their way towards the nearest market aiming to find what they needed inside the market. The first person to make a move was the Zabrak who walked up the street slowly pushing his way past the people.

“We will have to find the nearest market and hope they have a Diatium Power Cell”

“That shouldn’t be a hard job”

“I’m only getting you to a market, you have to find the power cell”

Korvyn nodded as his Master turned down another street and continued to head up looking around he found what he was searching for. He looked around and finally managed to find a market in which he hoped that he would be able to find a cell that his student would be able to use in his Lightsaber. They searched around in this market but the crowds were slowing things down for them.

“This will take some time”

“I agree Master, the crowds will be hard to get through, but I’m sure this place will have what we are looking for”

The pair pushed their way to the front of the first market stool they came to, but this was just full with clothes and other things which wouldn’t be that helpful to them. They started to move back into the crowd hoping that sooner or later they would find what they were looking for. The difficult part would be find the means of acquiring such an item, killing was out of the question. He would


02-04-2008 19:48:24

Night had fallen on Juddeca. The city of Ohmen had transformed from a bustling city to a slumbering giant. The streets were nearly empty and the silence of night had replaced the chatter of patron in the shopping district. A pair of individuals stood motionless in the shadows of a back alley.

“You’re sure you want to do it this way?” Cethgus asked of his pupil.

“No, but it’s the only way.” Korvyn replied.

“Then do it but remember the force leaves footprints just as you do. Use it sparingly!” Cethgus warned his student.

It would be a hard task to break into the shop undetected. Korvyn knew he had made it into and out of worse though. He left his outer Robes with Cethgus and began climbing the drainage pipe. Reaching the flat roof he crouched low to keep his profile to a minimum. Scanning around him, he found a collection of Skylights leading into the upper levels of the shop. Finding them unlocked Korvyn peered inside to realize it was a straight drop to ground level.

Flipping himself over Korvyn hung from the window seal. While not a big help it lowered his fall by at least the length of his body. Letting go he fell for a good 20 meters before he used the Force ever so slightly to lessen the impact. The shocking pain still flowed though him as he hit a lot harder than he normally would have. After several seconds he began to make his way to the Power cell.

It wasn’t all that hard to find they had spotted it earlier when they scouted the shop out. Holding it in his hands Korvyn knew he had another piece of his journey to Knighthood completed. He now had to cover his tracks and he knew of no better way than fire. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out an incendiary grenade and through it into the corner of the room. Turning he ran to the back door and forced it open. The Building was soon blazing and Korvyn returned to his master and presented the Power cell.


08-04-2008 12:13:09

Cethgus sat in his office after returning from the mission with his apprentice. Korvyn sat their looking at the items that were scattered around on the desk. After their long searches they had found all the bits which would be needed for the Jedi Hunter to make his first Lightsaber himself.

“Master, shall we begin?”

“When you are ready, I will only watch, you must do the rest yourself”

Allowing himself to stand up from his chair Cethgus moved around and stood behind his Student looking at everything across the desk. The Jedi Hunter started to do the long and hard work that would end up in the most precious thing he would create in his life.

“Remember, take it slow, you have enough time”

“I will”

Korvyn whipped a bit of sweat off of his forehead and looked at how it was coming along. Slowly starting to take shape, but he knew that truly he had a lot of work ahead of him. With that he put his head down and started to focus again trying to remember what he needed to do next. Hoping that in the end he would accomplish what needed to be done.


09-04-2008 19:43:59

Sweat poured off the Jedi hunter as he continued assembling his light saber. He had been at it for 2 hours and had just finished the last of the inner components. The Setting of the crystals had taken the longest. Focusing with the force it had taken nearly an hour to get them aligned properly. Only when he was absolutely sure they had been perfectly placed did he begin the task of adding them to his Hilt.

The hilt itself had taken Korvyn months to create. It had been sanded and polished then tested for weight and balance. Then he started over again repeating the process until it felt like an extension of his own hand. While not as dynamic and ornate as his old saber had been this was at last going to be a real saber. Not the pitiful thing that had been given him to train with.

Korvyn continued at a slow methodical pace. Testing and retesting every connection. Adjusting the screws so that they had just the right amount of tension he felt not just with his fingers but also the force. More than once he stopped closed his eyes and used the force to picture the finished Blade focusing in on what he was currently working on. As he attached the emitter shroud he heard a rustle from behind him.

“Are you certain it is completed?” his master said from behind him.

“Yes Master Cethgus.”

“Then activate it and we shall see how well it functions.”

Korvyn held the saber in his right hand as he pushed the activator with his thumb. The familiar snap-hiss followed instantly by the Bright Blue blade showed it had been a successful attempt. The hilt was barely visible as it was designed for both concealment and quick one handed strikes.

Smiling Korvyn deactivated the blade knowing he once again wielded his own saber. However as soon as the blade had disappeared, the Hilt was wrenched from his hands flying to his master. Holding it in his hand Cethgus nodded approvingly.

“It is quite well made but you haven’t earned the right to carry it just yet. Soon though.” Cethgus said proudly.