Master-student Program


20-01-2008 10:30:46

Please post here if one of the following applies to you:

1. You are a Master with either one or no students
2. You are a prospective student at the rank of ACO or higher (you have no Master)
3. You wish to dissolve any Master-Student Relationship
4. You are pleased with the Master-Student Relationship you currently have. (If this is the case, please add your student's or Master's name)

Please post only your name, pin # and the number that corresponds to the options above.


20-01-2008 10:49:39

Zeron, 8003, 1

Anga Salinas

20-01-2008 11:20:26

I am a DJK willing to take on a student. Haven't got one at the present time.

DJK Anga Salinas, HAD of CSP, Krath and dossier number #3821

Kara Incendia Zor-El

20-01-2008 11:25:52

I'll take on a student. It's been quite awhile since I've done this, but I would love to help someone else rise through the ranks.

KP Kara Incendia Zor-El (Krath)/EP/Acclivis Draco of Scholae Palatinae [ACC: INI]


20-01-2008 11:32:14

Brent Ligur Victae, 7589, 1

(I have one student)

Kat Pridemore

20-01-2008 11:33:07

Kat Pridemore 4808 1.


20-01-2008 12:37:55

Korroth Karn, 8488, 2

Kalak Ragnose

20-01-2008 13:22:44

Kalak Ragnose #8307 No. 1 and 4

My apprentice is Q'win and he is really eager. He'll be up in the ranks of the Knights relativly soon I think.


20-01-2008 13:34:28

Timbal, #3155, I have Xathia as my Student. She's number....

Damn, I have no idea. :P

EDIT: Oh, forgot to mention that I'm pleased with her so far. She'll make DJK soon, so once that's done, I'll be available for another Student. :)


20-01-2008 13:46:31

Impetus Korin, Dossier Number 5951. Option Number 4. I have two students, Sauni Demai and Nokkon Wud. I am happy with them both.

Traan Reith

20-01-2008 13:55:01

I am pleased with Lucien. He has helped me understand my duties and my place. I am looking forward to his help as I ascend finally to DJK.

Yeldarb Vohokou

20-01-2008 14:30:16

Yeldarb Vohokou, #8967, 1

Was told I am not allowed to join the MSP yet.


20-01-2008 15:26:52

Rayne, 8405, 4

I am Archangel's apprentice.

Phoenix dTana

20-01-2008 16:56:59

Phoenix Palpatine, 3612, Two apprentices
Davion: 9284 = on LoA
Kel Tavik: 8149 = Seems to be dead


20-01-2008 18:01:03

Rasilvenaira Kaeth StormRaven, 7370

I have one student currently, Robin Hawk, which I'm quite proud of.

I am also more than willing to take on additional students if needed.

Robin Hawk

20-01-2008 21:10:48

Robin Hawk, 9196

Rasilvenaira Kaeth StormRaven is my Master, and I know I must work harder.


20-01-2008 22:24:46

I have a student and am pleased with the pairing, Options 1 and 4 respectively.

Braecen Kaeth (4520)
Rohak Althair (9754)


21-01-2008 00:47:19

I do not have a student currently and am available, option 1...

Dakari Kaeth(4601)


21-01-2008 01:23:20

I've got 1 student (Camord) and my dossier # is 8955... so Option 1.



21-01-2008 01:40:05

Number's 1 and 4.

I currently have one Student: Pertinax Yadar Mandalore

I am extreamly pleased with this student. He has shown initiative and completed several tasks without being asked by his master. He is also willing to run competitions on his own and loks forward to his lightsaber. I am proud to say I am the Master of a wookie. :P

OP Daniel Stephens Pin# 146



21-01-2008 06:44:50

JH Nokkon Wud is happy to say that Impetus Korin, Dossier Number 5951 is the Boss of me and damn right I am happy with this pairing.


21-01-2008 11:10:42

Cuchulain, PIN 3153, 1 & 3


21-01-2008 12:29:11

PRT Camord, 9764, 4
Master is Angelo Dante, 8955


21-01-2008 20:31:45

Korvyn #8930 option 2


22-01-2008 09:08:03

RevengeX, 3491, 1.


22-01-2008 21:19:19

Yzarc Rellik Kaeth, option one. Lucien, you know my "terms" :P


23-01-2008 07:36:18

Cethgus Incendia Zor-El, 6705, 1

Varkain Athanas

23-01-2008 12:12:15

I am a Master with one student, but he is constantly in and out of activity, so I wish to take on a more active student, but still keep my apprentice, Aiden Stolz, Dossier number 9346, if need be.

So, in short, I would like an apprentice that's active, but would also like to keep PRT Aiden in the case that he becomes active again.

Elad Cirith

23-01-2008 18:01:35

Arual Semaj
Number 4

Ras- 7370


24-01-2008 07:05:45

Vokell, #9364

I have a master, but I can't remember who because my hard drive crashed and I lost all my e-mails. If you are my master please remind me.

Yeldarb Vohokou

24-01-2008 08:25:55

Vokell according to our Wiki article that lists all the Master/Apprentice pairings your master is SBM Krayt 'Sykes' Jade. you may look at this by going to

As a side note on this subject, I do not have all the facts, and do not know how long they have been paired together. But Vokell was only away for 4 months, and I see a serious failing on one side or the other. Hard to believe an Apprentice would not remember who his Master was, unless his Master was not doing their job, or he has the Apprentice was not doing his.



25-01-2008 01:52:06

Thanks for letting me know, and next time I'll try to use my mystical powers to retrieve all my hard drive information so I won't have to ask here again.


25-01-2008 07:09:39

Meh dont listen to Yeld. He is a lunatic =)

Yeldarb Vohokou

25-01-2008 11:33:39

Thanks for letting me know, and next time I'll try to use my mystical powers to retrieve all my hard drive information so I won't have to ask here again.

You did the right thing Vokell, I was just trying to point out that your Master "should" play such a big role that you do not need hard drives and emails to remember who they are. unless you had only been paired for a few days prior to going rogue, it just seems to me like you were put in a Master Student pair, and sent out to the pasture alone.

Lucien was my Master, and someone I don't think I could ever forget no matter how long I leave the DJB for.

Yeldarb Vohokou

25-01-2008 11:35:05

Meh dont listen to Yeld. He is a lunatic =)

sooooooooo, you know you like it like that. If it was not for me who else would make you look good.

Phoenix dTana

25-01-2008 16:29:56

This thread is for the information of possible masters and students. Not for irrelevant information or down-talking. Keep it to the Task at hand.

That CON-man


28-01-2008 14:55:55

This thread is now closed. Thank you to all who participated. Anyone who did not participate will be removed from the Master-Student Program. If and when there is a surplus of Students and/or Masters, the Program will be opened back up to those who did not respond to this thread.