Best Star Wars Character


22-11-2007 21:10:03

Here is a poll I started to see who was the prefered Star Wars Character. Have fun guys.


23-11-2007 12:33:46

You didn't list my favorite Star Wars character: RevengeX. He is awesome.


23-11-2007 14:42:54

GA Thrawn! Why would anyone pick anyone else?! LOL


23-11-2007 15:04:12

Tulak Hord, known as the best Lightsaber duelist in the galaxy.


24-11-2007 04:47:04

I have to say my best star Wars characted is Grand Admiral Thrawn!


27-11-2007 09:37:39

(not in CSP, so delete if you want, I won't mind)

I always enjoyed Ton Phanan. While not an evil character, or even one that appeared that many places, the dude always made me chuckle. That's a far cry more than Jar Jar could ever do, and just creating him cost millions of dollars.


28-11-2007 11:49:53

Where's Han Solo?!? A travesty that he's been left out.

From the list I picked Yoda. Yeah, yeah, I know he's a light-sider and all that crap, but the scene in Ep2 when he walks in, Obi-Wan and Anakin battered about to be killed and his sabre jumps from his belt into his hand... how effin cool was that? And then in Ep3 he does the same with Palpatine. That little green dude has the moves...

Just a pity the two coolest characters are only in it for a movie each - Grevious and Maul. If they'd had more time on screen then it would have been a different story.

Kalak Ragnose

28-11-2007 14:37:45

God I hate hard Polls like these, choosing is really hard. I think most of my favourite characters are not on the list. Darth Sidious, Thrawn, Darth Bane and Marka Ragnos are mine.


28-11-2007 23:01:16

Wow. Where's Boba Fett?
Dunno about you guys, but I've always liked the Mandalorians. Fett was by far the coolest (and he didn't die in the sarlacc).


29-11-2007 17:20:34

Its hard to choose as I love all the Sith. So I chose Palpatine because he was able to conquer the galaxy.
My most favorite character still is Revan because he looks so badass.


30-11-2007 10:53:53

Well, I stick by Thrawn even though his death was unlucky. He was a great guy


30-11-2007 11:03:28

Thrawn was awesome!


30-11-2007 11:12:16

CHEWIE! Love the Hairy One!


01-12-2007 05:23:02

Thrawn was a great master mind of how to use a fleet to his advantage, I mean how much better can you get to him in your life :)

Drichar Deis

17-01-2008 13:11:56

Darth Bane gets my vote!


23-01-2008 07:39:01

Eh, Darth Bane hmm diffrent I suppose


29-01-2008 13:17:15

Darth Traya's the best; she is the most mysterious Dark Sider :fear: , and she should be the idol of any Krath - manipulative, shameless liar, merciless and a true master of the Force.


30-01-2008 08:36:20

Darth Bane is my Favorite character and in my opinion the best as well because he set up many of the events that unfolded causing Sidious to conquer the galaxy.

Thran Occasus

30-01-2008 19:54:21

R2-D2. (Period)


31-01-2008 09:01:16

Both Jango and Boba would be my all time favorites!


31-01-2008 09:30:49

that wasnt a obviouse answer from you raid :P

Bal Comas

06-03-2008 16:43:22

Sooooo...... I'm gonna hafta go a little off of Malidir's pick and say Garik "The Face" Loran. Seriously, the guy has a pretty damn funny sense of humor.


11-03-2008 14:32:58

When the music started the first time, and you hear the forced breathing and echoing footsteps... Then he moves about with not a care for life, only results. Vader is totally badass.

However, R2-D2 is a level 50 pimp-class droid. It is hard to top that.


16-03-2008 18:08:48

You forgot Mara Jade.


23-05-2008 04:08:34

Sorry I didnt put her up there


23-10-2008 19:25:41

Old Ben Kenobi.


25-10-2008 01:39:21

I have to go with the Emperor... he was just perfect.

I would have went with Vader but he's too much of a crybaby, both before and after losing all of his limbs and after seeing how he fell and why... it lowered my opinion of him alot... not saying he wasn't truly evil, its just he's like a sledgehammer to the Emperors stiletto ;)

Selika Roh

23-11-2008 20:10:14

What, no Wedge? No props for the guy to make it through all three movies and two Death Star assaults without the benefit of a plot shield? For shame.


26-11-2008 07:47:12

I think Obi-One Kenobi was the best jedi, level headed, wise and with skill beyond those of Anakin.


05-12-2008 08:28:14

The more I think about it, the more I'm moving towards R2-D2. That little droid knows EVERYTHING that's going on (cos he never has his memory wiped), and is key to everything that happens. Sorting shields on numerous ships, throwing some Jedi bloke his lighsabre from Jabba's sail-barge, unchaining a princess from her captor on the same ship, controlling as many different computer systems as you like with his USB.3 connector, AND HE SERVES ALCOHOL! :w00t:

They even gave him his own cartoon and he let C-3PO come along...


09-12-2008 17:46:55



14-12-2008 18:03:50

I think Obi-One Kenobi was the best jedi, level headed, wise and with skill beyond those of Anakin.

Yeah that's why I picked him too.

LOL @ Cuch's post too. Very practical.

Reman Khaar

25-12-2010 11:19:46

Darth Bane is, hands down, my favorite character ever. His trilogy > all six movies combined. :P