"this Weapon Is Your Life."


15-11-2007 15:27:38

This is the lightsaber creation story for Yadar. The participants will be Lucien Kaeth and Pertinax Yadar Mandalore. Lucien will be posting first.


20-11-2007 13:20:37

A slight knock on Lucien’s outer office door rose him from his slumber. The new digs he commandeered after the Reclamation was much nicer than the tiny 6 x 6 room he used to inhabit. The ProConsul pushed a small button on the bottom lip of the cherrywood desk he sat behind, allowing the visitor into the inner office. Lucien’s protocol droid welcomed the visitor and showed them back into the waiting area where they could stay and wait for the next audience with the Grand Marshall.

When he was ready, Lucien summoned the visitor into his personal office area. When the opaque door swooshed open, the Proconsul came face to face with one of the Mandalores. Lucien had a vague recollection of the young Mandalore, yet could not say for certain whether or not they had ever been side by side in battle. Yadar looked pensive to say the least and clutched his right hand so tightly, you could see the whites of his knuckles even under all the hair.

“Come in, Yadar, and have a seat. What is it you need?”

After the Wookiee had taken his seat, which was not designed for someone of his size and stature, he finally unclenched his hand and showed Lucien what he was gripping so tightly.

“I found this in my quarters this morning. Something tells me that it’s important. It’s like no other crystal I’ve ever encountered.”

Lucien gingerly held the crystal in his hand, turning it over and over to inspect every facet of the illusory gem. “You say this just appeared in your room with no warning? That is odd indeed. The fact that you brought it to me instead of someone else also speaks volumes. I know what this is for, yet I cannot explain why it just simply showed up.”

The Proconsul stood from his seat and paced about the office, muttering to himself. Hand gestures and head shakes were all that Yadar could make out. It seemed to the Wookiee that Lucien was losing his mind and talking to himself.

"What we do with this crystal will shape you forever." Lucien stated. "Are you prepared for that eventual consequence?"

Yadar Shyk

20-11-2007 20:55:08

“Yes, I am Master Lucien.” Yadar replied.
As they continued to talk the strain on the chair continued under Yadar’s weight till the chair finally broke. As Yadar got up he said, “So this is a little green crystal is my lightsaber crystal?”
“Yes, Yadar.” Lucien replied, tomorrow morning we will begin the journey to create your lightsaber the same as many have done before you.”
“Ok I will return in the morning.” Replied Yadar.
“Oh and you owe me a new chair Yadar.” Stated Lucien.
Soon it was morning and Yadar returned to Lucien’s office. As he entered the waiting room e noticed that another was there also. It was his master Daniel Stephens. After a few minutes the protocol droid Yadar saw last night reappeared and ushered them into Lucien’s office. “Daniel I have brought you here to send you on an assignment to get me a chair which your apprentice broke last night and to tell you that we will be departing for a long trip today.” Said the Grand Marshall, “Now it is time ton leave Yadar.”
As they made their way down the hallway Lucien asked, “Yadar do you know what the three most basic components of a lightsaber are?”
“Ummm, there is the crystal, which I have. The hilt is something I need and the lens for the lightsaber.” Answered Yadar.
Lucien replied, “Correct. Ah here we are. We will be taking your ship as it has more room to move about then mine.”
As they climbed aboard the ship sparks rolled forward to greet Yadar but only came so close cause of Lucien. “Its ok Sparks, he is a friend.” Said Yadar, “Now go start the main engines and out this coordinates in the navicomputer.”
As the ship launched from the hangar Yadar asked, “Where are those coordinates for?”
“You’ll see when we get there.” Said, Lucien.