Acc Assignments


04-11-2007 10:32:24

Antei Combat Center Assignments

For the use of CSP's Ward of the North - ACC Mentorship - Kat Pridemore

Kat Pridemore

04-11-2007 10:43:49

1st Assignment:

Write a paragraph describing your character in relationship with my character (Kat). Pretend we are starting a battle together. I.E. I don't want you to say "I'm 6 foot tall"... I want you to describe it in relationship to my character, "The trainer stood across from the Protector, a full head shorter than the fighter."

I'd like to see things like height, normal weapons, and hair/eye color in this paragraph... and send it to me by email @

Kat Pridemore

05-11-2007 09:16:04

Assignment 2: Use of Force Powers

Write two to three sentences (continuing from the last assignment, if you like), where you use a force power against Kat. If you know that you're power isn't strong enough to be effective, make a comment that says you realize it didn't work. You can determine this by the character sheets.

Then write two to three sentences where Kat uses three different force powers against you - pick at least two different kinds of force powers (i.e. mental or telekinetic or sensing). For help, see the compendium: Compendium Force Usage

I am looking for correct grammar and spelling (once again) and the correct use of force powers. I am also trying to determine if you understand the differences in a few force powers & how effective they are.

Kat Pridemore

14-11-2007 21:56:44

3rd Assignment:

A death post is a very important part of the story - this can make or break your story (and your chance at a win). Write two paragraphs where you kill your own character. Kat can do it - the GM can do it - Phoenix can do it. Just put together a good description about how you die.

I am looking for spelling, grammar, use of the force, and good descriptions. You will not kill your opponent every battle - it is important to know how to gracefully (or brutally) die.

After this assignment, I will provide you with a critique on your writing strengths & weaknesses. I may suggest other exercises, or request you challenge me in a training battle. Email me at with your final assignment. I look forward to seeing you in the ACC. ;)