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Cethgus stood in the middle of the hangar next to the entrance onto Flameboard. Checking the datapad, which was in his right hand while his left hand, was running across his forehead while checking his final orders, and scanning the roster he had been given. Looking at the roster he did a quick double take as he saw the names of some of the members he knew quite well. Also his Aedile would be under his protection for this mission. Looking up he saw that Malaki had entered the hangar and nodded to Cethgus.

Members entered the hangar, putting their stuff to the ramp for a droid to come up and load it onboard the ship. Smiling to himself the Warrior hoped that the group all liked where they were going - to see if this planet had any way of fighting against the Vong. Once the group had assembled around the Sith, he slowly passed the datapad around to the group.

“I hope you all like Iridonia, because that is we are headed,” Cethgus said, smirking to the group.

Making sure that the luggage was all put on to the ship, the group started to get talking, each just as anxious to get going. Laurus and Malaki both strolled to his side and looked at the team that was assembled in front of them.

Now to make sure everyone knows, I got landed with you bunch of misfits and intend to come back with every single one of you alive.” Cethgus words echoed around the hanger. The whole group laughter, but soon all their attention came back to the speaker.

Malaki knew that he had to protect Yzarc from harms way it wouldn’t look to good if Souls of Darkness failed in their duty to protect the Aedile of the House. But Malaki it was more than just that. He knew that the Sith was up to something and would be keeping an eye on him while trying to make it not that obvious.

Their other team member Yeldarb was there to see about what his fathers business was like since the two years he had been away from this planet. The eager ecstatic feel only hoping that he would be able to see his fathers business. Eager to see his father again leaving on such good times he was so anxious to see if his father had changed.

The two friends, a Wookie and a Zabrak, had the hand in finding a weapon, which they could use against the Vong. The only person who were unsure of why they were here was Yzarc but they would soon find out later I am sure of that. Everyone boarded Cethgus ship and got into their seats.

Well, looks like we are leaving at last, guys, lets get this show on the road.” Cethgus spoke with a energetic voice

Yeldarb Vohokou

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Noticing that the angry mob was lead by his childhood friend Koen Bornath, The young Zabrak stepped forward to the front of the crowd. Looking back over his shoulder in a commanding voice he shouted, “Tra’an put that blasted toy away, I know these people.”

The mobs faces started to ease when they noticed this party traveled with a familiar face around the city. Scowls quickly changed to a more neutral appearance on some and even small smirks on others. You could see the tensed up muscles of the mobs start to relax and people straighten up and stand with a welcoming aura.

“So Yeld, how is you pops business doing.” Questioned Koen

The Jedi Hunter responded, “ Not to sure, I was hoping you all had an update for me since I have not talked with the old man since I left here two years ago.”

With the tensions broke the grouped proceed into the cantina for a round of drinks. Upon entering the group was introduced as friends and welcomed to sit down anywhere they pleased. Choosing a location near the back they all sat down to get comfortable, where they could discuss the plans for the next coming days.

“So Cethgus I see you left here on worse terms then I did. I hope we have time to stop by the business sector to visit my father down at Vohkou Shipping and Receiving I am sure he could lend us a hand with some stuff.” Stated Yeldarb, “ And Tra’an good initiative back there, but in the future do not be so fast to step your guard up, after all we have two people here who grew up around these parts, and we really do not want you killing anyone that we may know.”