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04-09-2007 11:19:36

OOC: Dear members participating in the run-on (Cethgus, Malaki, Syphoc, Yzarc, Tra'an, Yeldarb),

The times after the Vong invasion were hard for Clan Scholae Palatinae. The Clan has realized it could not win against the alien invaders - Caina was abandoned, the fleet were in disarray, the ground troops beaten. The Dark Jedi had realized their own insuficiencies to stand up to the task.

Therefore, the Scholae Palatinae Summit has declared opperation "Scattering". The members of Scholae Palatinae would scatter, leave Judecca, travel the galaxy alone or in groups, seeking to grow stronger before facing the Vong next time, and perhaps, just maybe, find something, some weapon or power that might help them turn the tables to their advantage.

You are all members of one such group. In these run-on you will write about your travel, and how, and if, you found something we might use against the Vong.



04-09-2007 14:52:15

Cethgus stood in the middle of the hanger next to the entrance onto Flameboard. Checking the datapad, which was in his right hand while his left hand, was running across his forehead. Looking at the roster he did a quick double take as he saw the names of some of the member he knew quite well and also his Aedile would be under his protection for this mission. Looking up he saw that Malaki had entered the hanger and nodded to Cethgus.

Each member entered the hanger putting the stuff to the ramp for a droid to come up and load it onboard the ship. Smiling to himself the Warrior hoped that the group all liked where they were going to see if this planet had any way of fighting against the Vong. Once the group had assembled around the Sith he slowly passed the datapad around to the group.

“I hope you all like Iridonia because that is we are headed” Cethgus said smirking to the group.

Making sure that there luggage was all put on to the ship the group started to get talking each just as anxious to get going. Cethgus coughed to the group, as they all looked his way. Laurus and Malaki both strolled to his side and looked at the team that was assembled in front of them.

“Now to make sure everyone knows, I got landed with you bunch of miss fits and intend to come back with every single one of you alive” Cethgus words echoed around the hanger.

Some in the group laughter others looked at each other for a reaction but soon all there attention came back to the speaker.

“I am putting Laurus and Malaki as my seconds in charge of this group, any question?” Cethgus looked around at the team in front of him.

After a brief meeting about Iridonia and what was expected to come of this mission the group slowly made there way aboard Cethgus ship. Sitting in the pilot seat the Sith got all launch clearance from what was left of the Clans control tower.

“Right, see you later” Cethgus allowed the droid to start heading towards Iridonia.

Going into the seating area the group started to talk again and it wasn’t long before some of the team was chatting like there had never been a war. But something was pulling at the back of the Commanders mind something that worried him about going back to this home planet.

Couple hours later and the group fond them selves staring at the planet which were now in front of them. Cethgus smirked to himself as he realised he would soon be facing his father once again let his mind wander.

With a quick snap he brought himself back. This planet looked like it had seen some action from the Vong but then again Iridonia always looked like it had been dragged through hell and back. Landing their ship on the outskirts of a main city the group stood near the landing ramp as it lowered onto the surface.

Walking down the ramp Cethgus caught something out the corner of his eye that he saw he recognised. But then it just disappeared so he presumed he was losing his mind. His Father approached the group wearing what looked like a new clothes the well built Iridonia in front of them was staring at his son.

As Cethgus walked up out of the blue his Father slammed his fist into the Zabrak face sending him onto the floor.

“You traitor, you should leave this place while you still can” The man words slammed into the Zabrak heart like a gunshot.

The man walked away and slammed his door on his son leaving Cethgus lying on the floor.


05-09-2007 11:36:00

Malaki stepped forwards from the group, his eyes were fixed on the older male Zabrak that just laid his team leader to floor in one punch. He approached Cethgus, trying not to laugh at what just happened but also trying to be polite. As the young male Knight stared at Cethgus he realised that who ever that was, Cethgus must have of known him. Malaki crouched and stared at the Zabrak, just below his eye his face had began to swollen.

“ Hmm That’s a good start for a greeting, here need a hand?” Malaki said, whilst putting out his hand to help Cethgus of the ground.

The Zabrak snarled and pushed the hand out of his face. “I don’t need your help! I can get myself up, just get out of my way!”

Malaki grunted, and then turned his back on Cethgus returning to the rest of the group that seemed pretty amused. It wasn’t long before they had the Sith Warrior standing in front of them, you could feel his angry and rage for whoever that man was by just staring at him.

“Right, welcome to Iridonia. A rock filled planet with acid pools everywhere, now we are at the capital city Malidris. Stick together no one goes off alone now move out!” Cethgus barked at everyone.

The team slowly strolled off heading for the main exit to the hanger, before Cethgus got away Malaki was next to him, he had a curious look on his face.

“Cethgus, who was that hmm Zabrak that punched you to the ground in one hit? He must be pretty strong” Malaki asked.

The zabrak stared at Malaki, even then he could feel the fury what Cethgus felt. “ Malaki just get out of my way. No one needs to know what the hell that man was, just …forget about it alright!”

Cethgus stormed away leaving Malaki standing there, however it wasn’t long before the knight was amongst his team. Everyone had left the hanger by now and were all standing out in a street of Malidris, there were hundreds of people walking down it, all different races but mostly Zabrak. Malaki grunted as he hated dry places, he looked around at the group who were all amazed at what they saw.

Out of everyone to spot it, Yzarc looked up smiling. He pointed over at a sort off worn down building. “Anyone care to join me at the Cantina?” he chuckled.

The group chuckled but their laughter died down as they were approached by some odd looking people, dressed in robes and were armed.

Traan Reith

05-09-2007 19:20:52

Tra'an left the group standing outside, not deigning to join them just yet. He sent a Hyperspace com signal back to Judecca, summoning his ship, Stellar Vibrations, into orbit. He did not intend to let it be left behind, as it had several spare weapons and was a means of escape in case something happened to Cethgus' ship. He walked outside to join the group, just in time to witness their welcome from the native. Cethgus was obviously furious, and he simply shrugged, checking the releases on his vibroblades.

As they wandered outside, a group of armed natives and was walking towards them. Tra'an placed one hand on an obviously protruding hilt as a warning that they should stop outside of range. They took the hint and stood about ten feet away, which for a group of Force users, was nothing. The Zabraks were obviously unhappy and hostile. Tra'an decided to let someone else do the talking, as his method was a bit more direct than others, and would lead immediately to bloodshed.

While waiting for someone to come forward, Tra'an moved a medium plasma grenade out of its hiding place in his elbow and down to the hand not on the hilt of his vibroblade. Angling to the outside of the group, he armed it and waited, ready to throw to engage and end combat rather quickly if it came to that. He would not risk a prolonged engagement in an area that was hostile and lacked cover.

Yeldarb Vohokou

05-09-2007 22:12:12

Noticing that the angry mob was lead by his childhood friend Koen Bornath, The young Zabrak stepped forward to the front of the crowd. Looking back over his shoulder in a commanding voice he shouted, “Tra’an put that blasted toy away, I know these people.”

The mobs faces started to ease when they noticed this party traveled with a familiar face around the city. Scowls quickly changed to a more neutral appearance on some and even small smirks on others. You could see the tensed up muscles of the mobs start to relax and people straighten up and stand with a welcoming aura.

“So Yeld, how is you pops business doing.” Questioned Koen

The Jedi Hunter responded, “ Not to sure, I was hoping you all had an update for me since I have not talked with the old man since I left here two years ago.”

With the tensions broke the grouped proceed into the cantina for a round of drinks. Upon entering the group was introduced as friends and welcomed to sit down anywhere they pleased. Choosing a location near the back they all sat down to get comfortable, where they could discuss the plans for the next coming days.

“So Cethgus I see you left here on worse terms then I did. I hope we have time to stop by the business sector to visit my father down at Vohkou Shipping and Receiving I am sure he could lend us a hand with some stuff.” Stated Yeldarb, “ And Tra’an good initiative back there, but in the future do not be so fast to step your guard up, after all we have two people here who grew up around these parts, and we really do not want you killing anyone that we may know.”


06-09-2007 05:53:45

Laurus sat up, leaving the group debating over the next course of action to get drinks from the bar. Ceth or Malaki could fill him in later, the Wookie wasn't interested in what they were doing so much as actually doing it.

As fate would have it, this decision he had made would involve doing something that would involve what they would do next.

"This Vohkou Shipping and Recieving yard seems as good a place as any to dig around for anything that can help us against the Vong."

"Perhaps, Malaki" replied Cethgus "but I wonder if we're looking for something a bit more powerful than a few ships to tilt the balance against the Vong."

"Maybe my father has begun developing ships specifically designed to combat them? A lot of successful shipyards are doing that these days and it sounds like something he would try doing."
Yeldarb offered.

"I doubt he's got some miniature Yuuzhan Vong-resistant Death Star," countered Cethgus "Which is what we need. Still I suppose a short visit can't hurt whie we're here... Maybe the Force will lead us toward our intended p- "

The approach of a large figure drew his attention. Cethgus recognised the glint in Laurus' eyes and knew something was amiss.

"Somebody has an unhealthy interest in our being here," said the Knight.

Cethgus nodded, "Time to spring a trap."

Laurus growled a suggestion to the Zabrak and looked around. As chance would have it, another Wookie was lounging in the bar and needless to say there were a fair few Zabraks.

Laurus had scared the spy off for a time making it blatantly clear that he had been spotted by the Wookie... but he would be back. The plan had to be put in motion quickly.

After intimidating the barkeeper into showing them a room out back, Cethgus switched clothing with a Zabrak who had no control over his own will for the time being, something Laurus didn't have to do with the Wookie who was being mind controlled.

The group left the cantina with two strangers in tow and minus Cethgus and Laurus who watched carefully from the rooftops.


06-09-2007 08:06:04

Before the group had moved much further there was movement behind them. Laurus and Cethgus sat up on the roof looking at the man appearing to wear much lighter robes. Looking at each other knowing that the group was being used as bait. With quick movement the two members of the group dropped down onto the ground in front of the man sabers activated.

“You shouldn’t have followed us” Cethgus words split the air like a sword through paper.

Laurus and Cethgus stood their ground waiting for their opponent to make the first move. With a quick action he dove towards the two men slashing out with his saber. Laurus was the first involved in the combat blocking the man. Cethgus jumped in blocking and avoiding attacks. The wookie and the Zabrak teamed together amazingly working side by side.

“Stop look behind us!” Malaki shouted as he watched the combat that was behind them. The group turned in time to see a light from a roof followed by Cethgus plucking something out of his neck. Laurus had to roll to the side in order to avoid an attack, which would have killed him instantly. No sooner had the furball had moved than the mans boot slammed into Cethgus chest leaving him on the floor as the man ran off into the side allays.

Lying there panting the rest of the group ran up to them and looked around. Yzarc helped Cethgus to his feet who only nodded in appreciation to the young human. Laurus and Malaki started to have a conversation about who that man could have been as they all headed towards Yeldarb fathers shop.

“We need to take a left then a right,” Yeldarb said.

This time the focus was on the four younger members of the group who seemed to have taken the lead on going to this shop. Seeing the signs everywhere it was Yzarc who started of the conversation this time even though he wasn’t much of a speaker himself.

“So what is your father like then Yeldarb” Yzarc question seemed to get the conversation to flow.

Malaki walked just behind the group and Laurus and Cethgus walked at the very back talking to each other about the events that had just happened. All of a sudden the Warrior hit the ground feeling faint and the darkness close around him. Laurus called the group together before carrying the Sith on his back.

“He has been poisoned Yeldarb your father must help us please hurry” Malaki voice was one of a sense of urgency as the group rushed forward.


06-09-2007 11:48:54

Laurus had the unconscious sith over his shoulder, whilst the group were slowly hurrying down the busy street towards Yeldarb’s father’s store. Malaki had his eyes fixed at Cethgus, mainly at an unnoticeable puncture into his neck. The spot was extremely small; it had swollen up and already looked infected.

“Yeldarb! How Far Now?” Malaki shouted.

But before he had finished the group froze, standing in front of the store that Yeldarb had spoken about. Its entrance had been knocked down and an aggressive voice could be heard from inside.

“Hmm Yeldarb with me, Laurus stay out here with the rest of the group” Malaki said holding his saber in his hand.

The two entered the store; it wasn’t a surprise of who was in there. Two men stood behind a third, all three were dressed in the same robes like their challengers were earlier. The front one stood over holding an old Zabrak, the man was threatening him.

“Look Vohokou, my boss wants the money now! The exchange has been on your case for too long now, pay up!” the guy barked at the Zabrak

“I…I can get you the money, I just don’t have it now. Look I have a big sale going on once its complete ill give to your boss what I owe him. Please, just give me a chance!” The old zabrak replied.

The three gang members laughed till one of them spoke. “Look old man, this is your last chance we will be back in two days if you don’t have the money then we will be coming for you!”

The man holding the Zabrak threw him out of his gripped, the three men turned around. They saw Malaki and Yeldarb but they only blanked them out, walking right past them out of the broken down door. The Zabrak male stood up, he didn’t seem injured but was shaking in anxiety. But it wasn’t long before he was behind the counter and was staring straight at Yeldarb.

“Son, Yeldarb is that you?”

Traan Reith

07-09-2007 13:51:23

The group let the emerging persons leave without any contact, presuming that the fact they were allowed to leave meant they were not a threat. Had they been, it was no doubt that they would have emerged only as blood and guts covering the warriors within. Tra'an placed the grenade within himself after deactivating it, taking the time to drew a medpack out of himself and place it against Cethgus neck. "This will stabilize him for now. Let's get him inside."

The group moved as one, concerned about further attack, but also aware of where they were going. Laurus carried Cethgus in first, with Tra'an following close behind. Yzarc followed behind him, his back to the group as he watched the street and the door. Laurus laid Cethgus on the ground, seeing as how most of the furniture was broken or not able to hold the injured Zabrak.

Tra'an knelt next to him for now, monitoring the medpack as it dispensed the medication. Yeldarb reached out a hand to help his father to his feet. "Pops, I'm here on business. We're looking for anything that could be used against the Vong. Do you have anything like that? Also, it seems you have a bit of a problem with someone. If the opportunity arises, we might be able to remove that threat if you tell us about it." Malaki watched warily, more concerned about Cethgus for now.

"Old man, do you know anything about the wound on Cethgus? Perhaps you might know of someone who does and where we could get him healed?" Malaki had his arms crossed, rather unhappy with how the situation had deteriorated so quickly. If nothing else, they knew they were on someone's [Expletive Deleted] list and forewarned was forearmed after all. Still, with the "leader" of their expedition currently unconscious, One could only feel that the beginning of this escapade was less than stellar.

Yeldarb Vohokou

09-09-2007 11:57:50

Yelarb’s father Ukbar responded hesitantly, “ I am sorry you had to see what has been happening around here lately. After you left the business started to go downhill, and in search to make some extra money I was approached by a group to purchase some rare metals. I do not know what the material was planned to be used in, but it must be important because they paid me extra to keep it secret.”

Yeldard questioned,” if it is supposed to be secret why where they demanding money?”

“Lets just say the material was not kept secret. I was caught in a random port authority inspection, and I was not able to pay the fines I encounted so those materials were seized and I have been unable to deliver on those goods so they are now demanding their money back plus interest. One hundred percent interest to be exact.” responded the Elder Vohkou

You could see Yeldarb’s rather calm expression shift into rage upon hearing about how his father was being strong armed by thugs. This business has always made due and now seeing it in near ruins made the blood of the Zabrak boil.

“Father how can we help you? I will due what I must to help this business, but I need your help to. We need you to care for Cethgus while we search for those people and return. I am sure old Doc Trynar can assist you.”

“Sure son, I will do my best to mend your friends wounds, but I can not promise that the Doctor can help much either he too is being pushed around. Maybe his medicines and my metals are linked in some plot?” Stated Ukbar, “ I do not have a name for who you seek, but I know the location. Down in the lower east side there is a series of warehouses, You can find them in the one with guards out front.”

Leaving their leader behind, the group headed out to the street where they formed a small circle and discussed a plan of attack. The idea was to get inside secretly and do a little bit of reconnaissance before assaulting.

“Tra’an you may need to take the lead on the first step of this operation.” Stated Malaki.

Traan Reith

09-09-2007 19:04:51

The group was strangely quiet at the pronouncement from Malaki, of his wish that Tra'an take charge for now. Such was usually a declaration of death, destruction, and sheer chaos to come. Considering that this was supposed to be quiet, complete disbelief was the only phrase that could describe the group's expressions. Tra'an was quietly fiddling with the plasma grenade from earlier, thinking about what to do. He looked around slowly at his strike squad, consisting of Malaki, Yzarc, Laurus, And Yeldarb other than himself. Such a group was not his ideal choice as it was far to split in specialties to make a cohesive unit, but he would work with what he had.

He looked very carefully at Yeldarb, before shifting his personal structure to appear as a Zabrak with marks very different than his model. He took a moment to shake and settle himself as he decided what to do next. His natural abilities would let him understand and bluff the guards, coupled with a simple use of the Force to let him pass. He could also get away with taking Yeldarb with him. But the others would stick out like a sore thumb. "Laurus, You and Malaki are going to stand out like Correlians at an Ewok convention. Take Yzarc and scale the buildings, keep up with us by going roof to roof. Stay out of sight, but be ready to come if I call."

Tra'an keyed his communicator to their team frequency, and locked it on so they would be able to hear everything that would happen. They split, and made their way down to the warehouse district. It was pathetically easy to spot the one they wanted as it was the only one guarded outside of the compound. The compound itself was reasonably secure, excepting the rooftop of the entry building was adjacent to several others, and was not separate from those inside the compound. They approached the guards and Tra'an focused his personal abilities and combined with with the force to befuddle the minds of the guards. "You will let us pass." They repeated the phrase and moved aside, not hearing the thumps of three figures transversing the roofs above them.


24-09-2007 16:57:52

The three climbed up to the roof of the main building, it seemed pretty secure up there and also provided cover. Malaki stared around at his surrounding, just a huge block of warehouses along with the blistering sun above.

“Bloody Hell, By the time we needed im going to be a friend egg in this heat! They best hurry up” Yzarc moaned.

The knight ignored his voice focusing on the comlink, he heard every noise in the factory warehouse below. Then a mans voice could be heard, it was deep and sounded as if he was very authoritive.

“How did a bunch of peasants get inside my warehouse! What are your needs here scum!”

There seemed to be a lot of static, the line was fading but Traan’s voice could still be heard. It seemed that in the background there was a lot of movement going on, clashes of glass, and many footsteps.

“ We mean know harm, Please I hear you own Medicine, a poison cure of some type” The guardian said.

The connections faded more voices faded off like as if all life had died within the building. Malaki check the comlink, everything was fine, his minded dropped and it felt like something bad was going to happen. Laurus snarled wasn’t eyeing up the guards protecting the door way, Yzarc sat by his own. He looked over at Malaki realising something was up.

“I’ve lost connections, there is too much static down there, something doesn’t feel right either” Malaki said quietly

“They can handle it, look its Traan I trust him, let him do his job” Yzarc replied.

Both were soon silenced from what heard to be a explosion that came within the facility, Malaki shook his head.

“I cant leave them alone in there, we need a diversion!” Malaki said whilst staring over at Laurus.

The wookie was sat down at the edge of the building above the door way quietly eyeing up the guards below. Then suddenly he felt his weight pushed forwards, sending him for a short flying lesson to the ground below. He hit the rocky solid surface with a thud, both guards approached him. Malaki and Yzarc laughed and jumped over the edge of the building.

Both guards turned around only to receive a full frontal attack to themselves, bit by bit they groaned at the heat blistering them form both knights saber’s. They fell to the floor dead, scattered scars lay across them whilst the two knights helps up the wookie. Malaki went into the facility along with the two others, instantly the Men inside were on to them.

“What is this some kind of raid, get out of my Warehouse Now!!!” The man stood in front of Traan bellowed.


16-11-2007 14:32:51

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