Lightsaber Creation Story


23-08-2007 18:33:01

This is the lightsaber creation story for Yeldarb Vohkou. The participants will be Lucien and Yeldarb.


27-08-2007 15:59:01

The lone figure draped in black strode through the smoke and fire that was the residue of the massive battle that had taken place here. The human had new wounds that would turn into new scars and that fact gave him a measure of pride and accomplishment. If he had exited unscathed, some may perceive him as weak and easily overthrown. This he could not allow.

The Shi’ido and Zabrak Apprentices of the Templar looked on in utter disbelief. Their Master had just gone head long into a mass of alien creatures alone and exited the victor. The duo had thought for certain that their Master would not reappear from the smoke and fire, yet here he was, alive and breathing, his eyes a brighter shade of blue than usual.

The human walked directly up to the pair and said curtly, “Tra’an, go to the Combat Centre and meet with your trainer. I have some business to attend to with your Zabrak counterpart.” Nodding to Yeldarb, Lucien turned on his heel and headed into the Clan Headquarters. He only looked back once to ensure that his horned Apprentice was following. The Knight Commander was weary to say the least, yet eager to begin this new adventure. The creation of a lightsaber is a special event in any Jedi’s life, light or dark.

Stopping short of his “office” which was little more than a chair and couch in a tiny 6’x6’ room, he looked across the hall at the Proconsul’s office and sighed. He could see Phoenix “recouping” from the battle with a set of Twi’lek women of questionable morals. The Firrereon was looking mighty relaxed in his oversized leather chair behind his giant desk. Once again, the Templar sighed and entered his “temporary” office.

Lucien at once plopped down on the couch, sending a plume of dust into the air. Waving his hand in front of his face, Lucien could not hold back the coughing seizure that followed. He was barely able to calm himself when he heard the door chime a second later.

“Enter!” Lucien growled. His Apprentice stepped into the room and instantly was taken aback at the cloud of dust and debris that had taken refuge in the air. Coughing audibly, Yeldarb bowed to his Master and stood in silence.

“Well, well, well.” Lucien said. “So it is time. With this monumental war behind us, now is the time that we begin your true training. You will bring only what you have with you right now. There will be no time for preparation, as we leave in 5 minutes. Grab that datapad off my desk and meet me outside the South Gate.”

In an instant, Yeldarb had the datapad in his hand and was out the door.

Yeldarb Vohokou

27-08-2007 23:34:06

Glancing down at the small gray metallic electronic device in his hands, Yeldarb flipped the switch to power it on. The blue screen came up asking for a pass code to log on.

Well hell figured Lucien would be protecting this information.” Said the Hunter

Taking a few steps outside Master Lucien’s office Yeldarb stopped and looked in the doorway at Phoenix and let out a small smile and then rushed on to the front door of the headquarters.

Mumbling under his breather the Journeyman said, “Lucky Phoenix, I wish I had time to do that but I guess the master has other plans for me right now. Hopefully this time it will be better then my first assignment.”

Outside in the grassy courtyard, Yeldarb paused for a brief second to take in the smells of the fresh grass before departing to the south gate. He looked around and he noticed a few of the clan elders looking at him strangely.

I wonder if they know what I am supposed to be doing? Maybe I did something bad?” stated the young Iridonian

Yeldarb dashed across the field to the southern gate which was only a few hundred yards away. Arriving before his master he took the time to dust off his uniform and attempt to be presentable since he had no time to shower or wash his outfit since the time the war kicked off.

Within minutes Lucien came strolling up in a casual manner with a big grin on his face.

So Yeld are you ready for this next assignment I am to give to you.” Joyfully spoke Lucien

The Zabrak responded sarcastically, “ How am I to know so far you only have giving me crazy assignments. Hopefully you make this one a bit more interesting. Oh yeah by the way big boss man, you are late it has now been seven minutes.

Slapping Yeldarb right in the back of the head the Templar exclaimed, “Always being a smart ass aren’t you. Just get moving. And by the way the password to that data pad your holding is Correlian Brandy, you would be wise to read it once we are underway to our destination.”

And just where is that may I ask?” Pondered Yeldarb.

You will find out all in due time. But for now lets just think of this as a little field trip.” Smiled Lucien


30-08-2007 11:32:26

Yeldarb looked down at the datapad as they walked away from the main complex. After he had entered the password, a voice came from within the pad.

“Construction of a lightsaber, part 1. The construction of one’s first lightsaber is a personal journey. The items needed to complete the task are either fashioned, found, bartered, or killed for. The first piece needed is the ever present handgrip. This, combined with the blade, gives the lightsaber its unique appearance. The student is expected to fashion this themselves. It should be made of durable material, yet light enough for the Jedi student to feel comfortable using the blade in battle.”

Yeldarb looked up towards his Master, who was now several feet in front of the young Zabrak. He now knew what this journey was about and could barely hold back his excitement and anxiety. This was the adventure he had been waiting so very long for, ever since he touched down on the Karana campus. All his training was now culminating in the one task that any Jedi yearned for. The construction of his very own lightsaber. No longer would he have to deal with the ineffectiveness of his training saber.

“MASTER!” Yeldarb yelled. “Is this correct!?!?! We are going to make my saber?”

Lucien laughed heartily at his Apprentice’s question. So hard in fact, that he stopped dead in his tracks. Turning back to face the Fang of Swords, Lucien replied, “YOU are going to make your saber. I am just here to ensure that you don’t kill yourself in the process.”

The Knight Commander allowed the young member of Dragon Seraphim catch up to him before he began walking again. After this journey, they would be nearly equals and no longer would Yeldarb be relegated to walk behind or follow Lucien. Soon he would be granted the allowance to take on his own students, to carry on the training that he felt important to the growth of new Dark Jedi.

“So, what did the datapad say, Yeld?”

“It said the first part to build is the handgrip Master. I just don’t know where to begin.”

“Well, do you remember when you first came here and were shown the map of the planet? There is a city on the far side of the planet that has a durasteel factory. Perhaps we should start there.”

“The FAR side? How long is it going to take to get there?”

“Are you concerned with time or your saber?” Lucien retorted, his face turning to a scowl. “I should not have to remind you that I don’t have to be here. I am here to make sure that your journey completes and to assist you on the way. It will take however long I deem necessary. Understood?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good, now with that said, we will walk.”

Yeldarb Vohokou

31-08-2007 21:19:34

The pair walked down the dirt path that lead from the Clan headquarters the the base of the mountain that is was perched on. Yeldarb had spent only a small amount of time on this planet since his inception into the Brotherhood and had yet had a chance to any exploring. The first thing that he noticed was the extreme numbers of squirrels running around. Though they seemed to pay no attention to the darksiders, Yeldarb could sense they possibility of danger from them. He had heard rumors about them somehow making the top of the food chain. One on one they were no match but this particular breed had become pack hunters that in numbers would overrun their prey and strip them clean to the bone.

After what seemed like eternity the two approached an abandoned looking building. There were bits of rubble all over and the place looked like it had not seen any sort of cleaning in centuries. On the main door way there was some writing that was no longer legible due to the climates random storms causing the lettering to nearly erode away.

“Look here Yeldarb, this is one of the many Obelisk training centers scattered around this planet.” Said Lucien.

“Really, how come I never see people training here?” Questioned the Hunter.

“Well we simply have more state of the art centers now that are used. But if you manage to pass these trials I was hoping maybe you would be able to use this with your first student. Bring back the old style of teaching that you so strongly crave.” Exclaimed the Master

“I would love the chance to get these place running again, The old style training may toughen up our members since we just lost so many to the war.” proclaimed Yeldarb.

Lucien lead on to the far side of the building, where in a small grassy field sat the Templars personal Lambda shuttle.

“See there Yeld, that is out ride, I was hoping by now you would have learned a bit of patience. Before we even left you were already worried about distance and time. This is not a rush, and any short cuts you take now will hurt you later on.” stated the Knight Commander.

“I understand master, I will try to keep this lesson in mind in the future.” humbly stated the Journeyman.

The pair walked up the loading ramp and right into the cockpit and took their seats. Lucien started flipping switches and pushing buttons and the shutter came to life. Instinctively Yeldarb grabbed the manual that listed all preflight checks and started going over them carefully one by one. Soon the shuttle was ready for takeoff

Lifting off Yeldarb was able to get a good view of the surrounding areas. Initial views included a huge mountain range that followed the equator of the planet, which looked like the perfect defensive position to the young Obelisk. To the south he could some a vast forest that seemed to go on endlessly, with rivers twisting about aimlessly. Gaining more elevation Yeldarb could see the triangular shaped building that he recognized as the clan headquarters.

The flight was only a 15 minute ride away and lucien could sense the excitement of his apprentice.

“So you ready kid?” questioned the Master

“Sure am, lets do this!” exclaimed the student


18-09-2007 12:47:30

Lucien nodded to his young Zabrak Apprentice, his signal to push the shuttle towards the far off city. True, the trip would only take 15 minutes, but for someone who could lose himself deep in the Dark Side, the trip would seem much longer for Lucien. His mind was running at full speed, several intertwined thoughts fighting for dominance. The recent occupation of the Vong made this trip deadly to say the least.

Scholae would have to go about reclaiming the Cocytus System soon, before the Vongforming took hold on the entire system. Caina was almost lost at this point, but measures would still have to be taken to attempt to retake it. This, combined with a million other thoughts that permeated his brain, caused Lucien to sleep and allow them to correlate and form deep in his subconscious. He had no sooner fallen asleep than the warning alarm went off in the cockpit of the shuttle.

The Knight Commander leapt up in his seat and began to survey the flashing lights and sirens.

“What the hell is going on?” He yelled at Yeldarb.

“We’re being fired upon Master. Turrets on the outskirts of town” The Zabrak responded.

“Since when did they build turrets out here? Nevermind, just set us down, like NOW!”

Yeldarb alighted the shuttle in a small outcropping of trees, barely making a jolt as they set down on the grassy surface. They were still about a kilometer from the city gates and now Lucien knew that this adventure would not be one that would be easy or take little time. Now he had to infiltrate the city unnoticed and get into the factory with little or no fanfare. As soon as the shuttle had made final landfall, Lucien was out of his seat and at the backdoor, which was already lowering.

He looked back to ensure that Yeldarb was on his heels before bounding out of the shuttle and taking a quick survey of the immediate area. Darkness was creeping upon the duo, something that would work to their advantage. But, they had to move quickly. Grabbing his Apprentice but the neck of his robes, he thrust him in the direction of the closest set of trees and away from the shuttle.

Slunking down behind a huge coniferous tree trunk, Lucien spelled out the plan of action that they would take from here.

Yeldarb Vohokou

24-10-2007 20:22:11

Unsure of who this new enemy was that occupied this once loyal town, The duo headed off tot he west side of the town through the thickest part of the forest to try to evade the random patrols until they could find out more about them.

Creeping forward through the dense foliage the two knew that since the Factory they needed to reach was on the edge of town and should be relatively unguarded that they would keep working though the woods and dash across the small field that separated the factory from any cover.

“Once we reach the edge of the tree line, I need you to run fast but keep Silent Yeldarb. No loud war cries if we see trouble.” instructed the Master.

Peering through their final bit of cover, Yeldarb scanned the area and did not see any body moving about and sounded the all clear sign, the two rushed with all the speed they could muster reaching the back side of the metal building that made up the factory. Peering inside one of the ground level windows the Hunter was able to make out a few humanoids moving about, and the occasional droid.

“Master, Please let me go in here alone. I can get in this window there is a stack of Durasteel sitting right there. I can be in and out in a flash.” Begged the Zabrack.

“Ok, just this once, try not to get yourself killed in there.” exclaimed the Master

As promised Yeldarb slipped silently inside grabbed a small five pound slab of Durasteel, and crept back to the window. He started to crawl back out when he heard the roar of a transport’s engine setting down outside.

Lucien screamed,” Hurry your ass Yeld, we go not time, there is a Pirate ship landing.”

Getting out side of the building at the same time five scruffy looking thugs reached the bottom of the ramp. The two groups looked at each other, the Pirates unsure of what to think, stood there frozen for a few seconds. Yeldarb and Lucien sprinted off to the woods and ducted into the brush just as blasters began to fire upon them.

“Keep moving we have to get back to our ship” Demanded Lucien

Yeldarb mentioned as the two worked through the vegitation, "Lucien, I think I recognize that symbol on the ship from my time in the Imperial Navy. I think they were the Hy'thor pirate group."