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13-05-2007 17:50:17

If you are reading this topic, I welcome you to witness one of the penultimate tasks that will be required of Jedi Hunter Luciferus Levaithan as he progresses towards the rank of Obelisk Knight. It is my hope to, in this run-on, work alongside this member as he demonstrates his capabilities of creating a truly unique piece of Character Fiction that will set the tone for the character Luciferus throughout the Equite ranks.

I ask that only Luciferus and I post on this forum, interuptions/other posts will be deleted if they do happen to pop up. If you would like to leave words of support or offer insight to the Journeyman, I advise you to contact him via e-mail or mIRC.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy!

Krath Pontifex Braecen Kaeth Kunar
Mentor of Lightsaber Creation


16-05-2007 21:44:46

The Battlelord did not even bother to knock as he marched into the office of the Consul - a frail looking Krath - before slamming down a data pad on the man's desk. The Sith in question was spared from the Krath's wrath only because of the title he held: Proconsul.

"What is the meaning of this?" The Pontifex's voice scraped over vocal chords rotted by the Dark Side of the Force. "Are you not supposed to be on Bogden, checking on the tip provided by one of our informants?"

The Sith growled his response, "I was preparing to leave until this-" he emphatically pointed at the data pad "came from the office of the Justicar. I have been summoned to hear out an appeal... to fulfill my duties as an august member of the Appeals Panel." The large man cracked his knuckles, alternating from one hand to another. It was a technique he used to calm himself when angered and unable to punch the nearest individual.

Dismissive, Braecen flipped his hand at the man... "Send one of the Summit Members to investigate the validity of a Jedi from Skywalker's Praxeum setting camp on the surface of Bogden." When the Proconsul did not move, nor respond, the piercing azure orbs of the Corellian looked up from his paperwork to search the man's face; probing his feelings in the Force. A sigh of disgust echoed from the Consul... "There is no one available except me?" The Sith Proconsul nodded.

The Corellian leaned back in his chair, pondering this development before an evil, nefarious grin split his gaunt face. "Perhaps... yes... this might do..." The Consul spoke aloud to himself as the Dark Side began to show him a myriad of possible futures or paths. "Summon the Jedi Hunter known as Luciferus."


An Ithorian stopped at the base of the Consul's shuttle, searching his surroundings to ensure he had located the appropriate vessel. Calmly, he fell into the Force, becoming a conduit for the Dark Side as he began to expand his sphere of responsibility - searching for the presence of the Consul. Only a Jedi Hunter, his sphere soon reached the pinnacle of it's radius; however, Luciferus had learned a few tricks and turned the sphere into a cone before him to sweep the vessel.

His mind collided against a dizzying presence in the Force - a swirling shadow of evil - and he tamped down on the connection, but not before a message was sent through telepathy. Come aboard, Jedi Hunter. Compelled by the fact he had been summoned to aide the Consul, the Obelisk boarded the vessel and made his way to the cockpit.

Luciferus dropped down in the command couch, beside the Krath, before offering a formal nod. The Corellian returned the nod as he began to warm-up the vessel, before diving into a short, detailed briefing for the benefit of the man to his right. "Scholae Palatinae maintains an extensive network of saboteurs and spies across the galaxy. The benefit of this costly collection of agents is that we are privy to information before most of the Brotherhood - except for the Lords of Antei - and can retaliate in more... effective... manners, if necessary."

The Krath paused as he punched in a series of jump coordinates that would lead the vessel to Bogden. "However, occasionally, there will be a situation that cannot be handled by the normal avenues of action we are accustomed to." Braecen fired the repulsor lifts up, beginning to edge the large transport towards the exit of the hangar. "Recently, one of our informants notified us of a Jedi presence near Szarfin City upon the planet Bogden. Our first attempt to remove this... person... failed. We go to remove this single, stranded Jedi."

The ship had now lifted off, racing towards orbit where the Lancer-Class Frigate Ogmio's Whip rested below the massive, white bottom of the Clan's flagship, the Victory-Class Star Destroyer Excidium. "Will we be taking one of the warships, Kunar?" The deep, husky voice of the Ithorian rumbled through the cockpit.

"No, I think we will stay under the radar on this mission."

Suddenly the field of stars surrounding the transport shifted, beginning to expand and lengthen as the crafted sped up to hyper space. The vessel was now engulfed in a rippling vortex of white... and would remain so until they reached the outer perimeter of Bogden's gravity well.

"Now," the Krath turned his full attention upon the Jedi Hunter nick named Scyrone, "tell me of your darkest ambitions and we shall scheme together to bring you greater power..."

"I seek greater knowledge, Kunar."

"A most peculiar goal for one of the Obelisk Order, young one."

"Everything is not as it seems..."

"So it would seem," the Krath reflected.


18-05-2007 13:40:08

“You see, Consular, I do like the Obelisk order and the focus on combat, but what is even more interesting to me is the knowledge and writing aspect. I have studied the Krath histories and know of the ways they gain power. Knowledge is power, and that is what should be taught throughout history. I could advance my knowledge in combat while writing essays on weapons and military orientated things.”

“Very interesting indeed,” commented Braecen, “In knowledge you gain power and with power you gain victory.”

“Yes, but attaining this knowledge and wisdom is a difficulty in my life. It usually takes me awhile to focus on my objectives in gaining knowledge. Throughout my past these difficulties have stopped me from growing; like while I was on Dantooine for while. My mother had left me to secretly work in the Rebel Alliance. After that I inherited the farm we owned to me. Of course I had many droid friends, but they were nothing great to me. I didn’t know what to do. This lack of knowledge stopped me from growing. I eventually got off Dantooine in a few years, but that slow growth of me and lack in gaining knowledge left me barren for a long time.”

“I wish to hear more of these stunts in your mental growth. But for now I want you to research the mission ahead.”

“I will do that right away.”

The Ithorian got up while Braecen stayed in his sitting position. Luciferus was tired already, but he knew he needed to study for the mission. Scyrone went to his temporary quarters and went to the view screen. The keys clacked as Scyrone typed in the words ‘BOGDEN’. The screen flashed and swirled as different screens of information floated around the screen. A main page of information came up and Leviathan looked down it carefully:


Located in the Inner Rim Territories, and surrounded by 20 moons, Bogden is famous for Komari Vosa who led the Bando Gora cult on the planet. Jango Fett was also discovered my Darth Tyranus on one of the moons of Bogden. Because of the 20 moons, Bogden’s terrain slowly changes constantly overtime, eventually pulling everything in different directions. This makes it difficult to adapt to life on the planet.’

“This archive needs more info,” slurred the Ithorian at the console.

Scyrone rested his head back and fell into a deep sleep, while reminiscing over his past and history and how his gain of knowledge has been lessened and improved at different times.


22-05-2007 18:39:29



The Consul, whom had been in deep meditation, or commune, with the events of the near future, the Living Force, arched his left brow as he opened a single eye. The azure orb moved over the expanse of buttons, radars and gauges looking for the source of the sound. As a Corellian, his arrogance gave him the potential to be a formidable pilot; however, his vigor had been spent in books, not a cockpit.


Now both eyes were open as he zeroed in on the hyper space unit, which was systematically indicating that a large mass of gravity was approaching their vector: Bogden. He smirked as he disengaged the alarm, ceasing the vexing birdlike sound. And the ship's forward view broke from the torrent of white energy as pinpoints of black began to expand into solid lines before the Corellian transport was dumped from light speed. Braecen prevented the bucking by keeping a strong hold of the controls, easing the ship from right to left as she found her center of gravity.

The Ithorian appeared at the doorway to the cockpit. The Consul frowned, apparently his skills in piloting were not very good. He shrugged it off and addressed the Jedi Hunter before him, "I present the Bogden System... home of our soon-to-be dead Jedi."
"Would that not make it a grave?" Luciferus responded.

"Indeed, it would." The Pontifex plainly stated as he worked through a series of switches and radars. "Prepare for descent, I will be taking us into the outskirts of Szarfin City. From there we will contact my informant and pinpoint the location of this Jedi and any supporters he may possess."

* * * * *

The perpetual rain and the dreary sight of the ruins - from a war long ago fought - dampened the spirits of the Scholae Palatinae Journeyman, but it did not lessen his interest in the sites about him. Several times he had almost lost pace with the Consul as they twisted and turned through the once proud streets of Szarfin. Thankfully, he possessed the necessary mastery of the Force to locate the single-minded intent, or focus, of the Corellian man to register a location.

Lightning danced, then forked, across the dark skies... masked under the rolling storm clouds as the storm began to grow to epic proportions. A loud clap of thunder deafened both men, yet the charged forward towards their goal: the informant. The rain was no longer a sprinkle, it has grown to an intense stream of pounding shards of water - the cold of it cutting through their clothes to their bodies.

Braecen ducked into a nearby hovel, closely followed by the odd looking alien at his heels. "Are you proficient with the Force?"

The questioned stunned the brown-hued Ithorian, leaving him temporarily at a loss of words. His words came out rushed, and thick, "I manage quite well, yes."

"Watch closely." His pointer and middle finger rose to his eyes, "But do not watch with these... watch through the Force, young one." And he gave a moment for the Jedi Hunter to center himself in the Living Force before he sprouted several tendrils, twisting them about his form in a weave. He tossed a quick wink - typical Correllian arrogance - before plucking a line of the entire weave. Instantly, his clothes shed the water that had previously soaked to his lowest layers.

"Fear is a powerful tool. And people fear what they do not understand. When we walk into this cantina they will fear you and I because we are inexplicably dry..." A wicked grin belayed the nefarious plotting of the scholar-consul. "Now," he mused, "show me."

Diligently, Scyrone produced several tendrils of the Force and wove them in an identical manner as he had previously seen the Pontifex do. Snap. He finished the weave and his clothes began to shed water. "How?" He asked.

"As an Obelisk you came to understand the practicality of all things. In combat, you never waste a motion - each step, each swing - every action possesses worth. The same could be said of the Krath Order, our mystical power - the Force - can be manipulated and subjugated to our will." The Consul paused, collecting his thoughts. "As the Krath doctrine praises learning, we have stored the information of our Order - experiments, experiences, messages through the Force - so that each generation may continue the righteous path of advancing the understanding of the Dark Side."

"You have unlocked the secrets of the Force?" The Ithorian whispered in awe.

"No," the Corellian smirked, "I have merely discovered how to become dry when wet."

* * * * *

The pair of outsiders - those not native of Bogden - sat across the table from an old man with a grey beard and a raised cloak. His facial features were hidden in the folds of the cloak, but it mattered not. For neither of the Dark Jedi had ever seen the man's features to date... they merely paid him for his regular reports.

"So, how long has he been stationed within the system?"

The informant growled a response, "He moved in a standard month ago. Came in with lofty ambitions, righteous ideas about cleaning the galaxy of supposed menaces and villains." The man lifted his ale to his lips, appearing to sip the amber fluid. He lowered the glass heavily, slopping some of the ale from the glass and, effectively, lowering the contents without arising suspicion.

Braecen tried to hide his reaction, but his eyes narrowed too quickly... he cursed to himself, the Jedi had done more than move in. Luciferus had also sensed something amiss, but he could not place the focus of the Consul's sudden anxiety; instead, he reached for his blaster.

"So, how is Skywalker and his bitc-"

The insult was cutoff in mid-sentence as a crimson bolt of energy sizzled between the pair of Dark Jedi, forcing both to evade. The Ithorian rolled from his position, coming up with the blaster drawn as he pumped a series of emerald bolts through the expanse. His wide form made him an easy target, but his uncanny ability to utilize the Force as a weapon - an Obelisk trait - compensated for any disadvantage.

He loosed a trio of shots, the bolts knifing through armor, as he killed the nearest opponent in his proximity. Spinning on heel, he brought the carbine level with another foe before lacing him with a quad of emerald shards; the man crumpled forward.

Beside him the Pontifex had his saber drawn, batting aside the proficiently skilled Jedi's attacks as he attempted to thwart the pair. The blue blade fanned in rapid motions as the Jedi assaulted his Dark Side nemesis, forcing the Corellian to maintain a steady balanced form - Soresu - and deflect each attack with a staccato like blast of his own white, sun bright blade.

Hissing under his breath, the Corellian spoke alone for the Hunter's ears... "Retreat."

The Hunter would not move, though. Instead he summoned a deep power that resonated from his chest. His chest barreled from the exertion before he loosed a mighty growl that acted unlike a threat, but an offensive weapon. The first volley ripped the troopers from their feet, slamming them against the wall. Then, at the pleading of the Consul, the Dark Hunter slipped through the exit into the dark night of Szarfin City.

A sudden blast forced Luciferus to turn heel, looking back at the cantina. Braecen came sloshing through the torrents of rain, smoke at his back. "What happened?"

Braecen, panting with exertion, spoke hastily, "I caved in the entrance... we have time to escape, we must regroup before we take on our new foe. Only if we work together shall we overcome this foe."


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Scyrone looked at Braecen seriously. The Jedi Hunter thought of this battle to be a dangerous place to fight, and was glad that he agreed with the Epis.

“We should find out who this group that fought alongside the Jedi. And we must find our informant too. No doubt the Jedi has become aware of our informant. We must find out where he is,” commented Luciferus.

“I agree, but we must go about this secretly. The Jedi does not know where we are now with the exception that we are outside.”

Scyrone chuckled at the comment.

Braecen continued, “When I was fighting those men in there I saw an insignia on there shoulders that looked familiar. That sign should lead us to this group and possibly our informant.”

The rubble around the entrance started to jerk and rumble off. Luciferus and Braecen ran off into the dark rain that pattered against the ground. They ran off into forests that hid everything that was inside it. After a few hours they stopped running. Braecen was barely tired at all, and was in tip top physical shape. However the Ithorian was panting heavily.

“Tired already?” Questioned the Epis.

“How can one not be tired after running from that dam Jedi. I thought for one moment, when the Jedi had seen us, he was going to call back-up.”

“Maybe he is weaker than expected,” smiled the Epis in the rain.

“He seemed pretty fierce in the Cantina.”

“We were overwhelmed in their. The Jedi wanted to kill us, but only on the condition that there was a distraction. And besides, sometimes battles can be won without fighting.”

The Ithorian grunted, “Sounds like Jedi talk to me.”

“Now that’s where you’re wrong. Jedi have no plans. They think the force is the end itself. They think throughout the force they can do anything. The Krath use the force as a means to the end. We use the force, along with other objectives and plans, to get to our goal.”

“So you have a plan?”

“I know a place where we can go. We can search the insignia there. We can also find out more about the planet and possibly update our archives in the process.”

“What are we waiting for then? Let’s go!”

The Ithorian was excited. He was finally experiencing real missions and learning the ways of the Krath at the same time. This would truly be a great experience for the Dark Jedi.


13-06-2007 21:21:40

The Corellian and Ithorian crouched at the edge of the forest, their eyes fixed on a building and the surrounding activity. An expansive, open patch of ground lead to the massive building which was bathed in artificial light and swarming with routine patrols. The compound was the base of a known New Republic Intelligence informant circle - Keepers of Secrets - and their banner flapped in the winds of Bogden.

"We could easily be ambushed before we reach the perimeter," the husk voice of Luciferus resonated. "How do you propose we enter? Perhaps there is a back door or you can utilize one of Scholae Palatinae's powers and create a distraction..." The gaze of the Jedi Hunter fell to the Consul, expecting a revelation of great ingenuity from the Krath.

The Corellian smirked. "I..." he began, "think we will just walk up to them."

"We will wha-"

The Heir of Kun cut the Journeyman short. "Wisdom, my young friend can only be accrued from experience. As you lack those vital experiences, we shall go with mine."

"Understood." There was a nervous pause, "But how will this work?"

The Krath chuckled before standing up and beginning to cross the distance between the tree line and the fortified compound. "No one would expect us to be Dark Jedi... they would, however, expect two disheveled travelers to trade information for a hot meal and a dry bed. Let us see what information they provide us... and perhaps our Lightside counterpart will show himself, too."

As they pair approached the entrance a series of shouts and the noise of troopers scuffling for a stronger advantage point washed over them. Several red dots appeared, hovering over their hearts, as enemy snipers took aim; however, neither Jedi feared a premature attack - sensing their enemies through the Force. "Halt!" A trooper, obviously in command, pushed forward to confront the two unidentified travelers in dark cloaks. "What business do you have here?"

The Consul adapted his speech to a crisp Coruscanti, hiding his rural Corellian drawl. "We come from the Core to provide information of dark times approaching. We are willing to trade this meager news for a meal and a night of solitude."

"So be it, but you will unarm yourselves before you step foot into the base." He made a show of tamping down each individual and removing their weapons; however, he did not confiscate the dual lightsabers of the Pontifex that were in plain sight.

Scyrone gave a confused look, but adhered to his mentor's advice and began to look at the events through the Force. He gave a short chortle as he saw the connection, or thread, between the Consul and the Captain - apparently being put under a type of hypnosis known as Mind Trick - that allowed the weapons to remain hidden in plain sight.

"Room is limited, I will have to put you near a prisoner as you rest tonight."

"One of those Imperial spies?" Braecen delved and the Ithorian saw his angle.

"No," the Captain shrugged, "he is believed to be an informant for Dark Jedi."

Utilizing his wit, Luciferus jumped in, "Those Jedi Knights... stirring up trouble with rumors of those Dark Ones. Cannot prove they exist, up to no good if you ask me!" And the Captain nodded approvingly, gaining the pair more favor and visibly relaxing his guard.

Braecen mentally whispered to his ally... We secure the informant, get news on the Light Sider and depart.


26-07-2007 17:50:31

Luciferus and Braecen were escorted to a small backwater room with boxes around it and barrels towering to the top of it. It was small and cramped but there were two beds, which were made quite nicely for a storage room, on the opposite sides of the room. The room smelled heavily of tobacco. Scyrone could only imagine some of the guards coming back here to have a smoke every now and then. Scyrone coughed through his four throats. Braecen merely breathed in heavily and out. The Krath must know some type of spell the breath in this air. Either that or an incredibly concentrated force power.

“Good enough for us,” said Braecen calmly to the Captain.

“We will make a special meal for you tonight,” smiled back the weary Captain.

Braecen moved in with Scyrone and closed the door behind them.

“This is no place for an Ithorian with four throats,” commented Scyrone.

“But at best we must be close to the informant.”

“This storage like room . . . it has a window up near the top of it.”

Scyrone rushed to the top of a few boxes and peered over the edge of the window.

“They stuck a dam prisoner next to us!” whispered Scyrone loudly.

“What did you expect . . . from me,” smiled Braecen cunningly, “I wanted to be close to the informant.”

Braecen sat on the bed and went into a deep place in his mind. He could see the cell next door and communicated with the man through the sounded strings of the force.

Wake up, my friend. The Darkness has come over to moon to greet you.

Just then a knock on the door came to Scyrone peering over the window and Braecen kneeling in deep thought on the bed. Braecen was immediately alerted to the sound and had already formulated a plan. Scyrone drew his Katana and was ready to fight, but no one came in. The Ithorian looked over at the Corellian in a weird way. Braecen had his hand out towards the door.

“Maybe he heard a sound down the passage-way,” said Braecen.

“I thought that Corellians would love a good fight,” retorted Luciferus.

“I thought Ithorians were peaceful,” said Braecen as he put his hand on the blade of the Katana (only to move it downwards away from his face).


10-09-2007 17:21:45

Their quips fell into silence. The sound outside of the room began to drift in an opposite direction as the Corellian overcame the weak mind of the guard. A smirk edged itself upon the visage of the Epis as he nodded in satisfaction of his ability to redirect the potentially troublesome encounter.

His right hand extended from his robes, a pearly shine radiating from the sickeningly thin hand. The obvious corruption the Dark Side had upon the Krath as he studied his art was impressed upon the mind of the Ithorian. Mentally, Luciferus catalogued away that power in the Dark Arts would require great amounts of sacrifice... personal sacrifice. He slid the katana back into its sheath as the portal opened and the lithe form of the Krath slipped into the hallway. Curiously patient, and content with the Consul's lead, the Jedi Hunter slid into his wake as the two entered the adjacent room holding their informant.

The spy looked up expectantly, as if he had been alerted to their presence. Scyrone concluded that this man had been warned by the Krath, a telepathic communication similar to the one Braecen had used on him at the gate of the compound. The Hunter turned on heel, closing the door and taking a position that would allow him to act as a rearguard and watch the interaction between the Epis and their contact.

"Greetings," Braecen said dryly to the man confined in the cell. His azure eyes observed the entire, crude structure - it was a confinement device that dated back to antiquity requiring an actual key to trip the lock opposed to the technological locks used in most establishments today. A gentle nudge with the Force caused the lock to make an audible 'pop' before it swung gently open to permit access for the Krath.

"I apologize, Lord Kunar." The old man began, his voice dry and shaking. "I had not realized the Jedi Knight had infiltrated my network until he was upon me... late one night. He demanded that I reveal your presence upon this bleak planet immediately - suggesting that my life would otherwise be spent in solitary confinement." He nervously wrung his hands together, his small hands clenching and unclenching as they continually sought purchase upon something less than intangible.

Braecen opened his mouth to ask another question, then closed it. He was visibly torn, as if he was attempting to discern the truth of something deeper. Finally, he seemingly found the answer he was wrestling with. "And how long have you been in the Jedi's service, Montague?"

His comment had the desired effect, the informant's eyes grew wide in terror and his voice trembled with fear as he babbled out a meager response. "I-uh-he-you see-threatene-" His comments were cut short as the butt of an ebony and copper hilt slammed against his forehead. The spy's eyes swam and his voice was silenced as he fought off the forthcoming concussion.

The Heir of Kun stood from his spot and motioned for the Hunter to approach. As the large Ithorian approached, the Epis whispered for his ears alone. "Kill him." As the man walked towards the exit of the room, he spoke - more audibly - to the Hunter once more. "And be quick about it. We will have company soon."

For, unless he had missed his guess, Braecen knew the Jedi whom had so carefully laid his trap would be waiting to confront the Dark Siders. There would be no escape, only whom would conquer whom.


11-09-2007 20:13:21

“Kill him.”

The thought of death had always inspired Lucifrus. The Ithorians were meant to be a peaceful race; not Luciferus. The Ithorian alone had no problem with death. And if a spy needed to be destroyed, then a spy would be. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, limb for limb. If a man smite you on the one cheek . . . smash him down!!!

“And be quick about it. We will have company soon.”

Scyrone took out his Katana. The defiant spy had been wheezing on the ground. Luciferus “Scyrone” Leviathan raised the Katana in the air; he held it high above his head. The prisoner grew wide-eyed once again.

“No, please, no,” whispered the prisoner, “I have a family.”

The Ithorian croaked at the response, “You should have thought of that sooner, whelp.”

The Ithorian swiftly glided his Katana at the throat of the prisoner. The slit caused the spy to grasp for air and raise his hands in the air. The Ithorian took his gargantuan foot and stamped on the spy’s head. When Luciferus lifted his foot, he could see the cracks where blood had been strewn across the man’s head.

Scyrone turned around and left the cell. Braecen stood at the entrance watching from the side.

“What happened to quickly, Luciferus?”

“No point in seeing someone die if you can’t enjoy it.” Smiled Luciferus.

The two heard a noise from the far-down corridor.

“I assume you might know the way?” Asked Scyrone.

“Most likely,” responded Kunar.

They headed off toward the sound and when they turned the corner they were faced with a multiple of blaster armed opponents. Luciferus immediately dodged behind Braecen as the Pontifex deflected a multitude of blaster bolts. Braecen ran towards the men in the thin corridor and then jumped in the air. Scyrone had taken a deep breath and roared it all out at the gun-men, knocking some to their knees, and leaving others clamping there ears. Braecen came down upon them and cut many of them wide open, while Scyrone had come up front of them, and sliced them in many of there open armored spots. Scyrone sheathed his Katana and went to work. The Ithorian kicked one man in the face, then moved to another Trandoshan whom Scyrone had punched in the stomach. Braecen sliced through many other opponents. After the first encounter, they ran off down the corridor. Maybe they would eventually find what they were looking for . . . or maybe it would find them.


20-09-2007 21:30:51

The duo of Consul and Jedi Hunter fled down a long, narrow hallway. The heels of the Corellian's boots clicking as they struck the metallic surface - a soft reverberation echoing through the corridor. The pair slid to a halt as they came to a tee in the path. The Ithorian grunted in surprise while the 'Elder' seemingly looked through the walls as if he was seeking something. It vexed the Hunter as he thought the Krath was lost, seeking an exit.

Ultimately, Braecen discarded the feelings of the Journeyman as irrelevant. The Krath had never been lost, nor had it been his intention to give the impression of uncertainty. His true intent was in communing with the Dark Side long enough to determine the best 'future' that would lead to their ultimate victory over this foe. But it required intense mental focus and minimal distractions. The pitch and whine of a blaster bolt crashed inwards on his mind - claxons blaring in alarm moments before the bolt ever left the nozzle. His saber - a white flame - batted away the bolt. The crimson wave of energy rebounded off his blade and burnt itself into the wall of the corridor before a volley loosed itself in the narrow confines.

Unable to defend against such a sheer amount of targets, the Krath knocked the Ithorian back with a wave of telekinetic energy - dropping the large individual on his back. Quickly, in a single fluid motion, the Heir of Kun tucked into a roll before the volley passed over the area he had been occupying a moment earlier.

As he came up on a knee, the Corellian tossed Luciferus a quick wink. "Bit close, eh?" Pushing off on the ball of his foot, Braecen sprang back into the hallway with two blades activated. The motions came in a blur to the normal eye, a fan of white energy whipping back 'n forth to halt the attacks of the common troops. A wicked, malicious grin spread across Braecen's lips as he danced into the crowd with the blades hewing the soldiers - thinning their ranks. The sound of blaster fire died away as the soldiers were felled... none remained alive once the Krath had finished his dance of death.

The Dark Side pulsed through the veins of the Krath and he could feel a similar power, albeit lesser, coursing through the Hunter as the younger man closed ranks. "You could have left me one or two. My katana thirsts for blood, as well." The Ithorian's voice sent a chill down the human's spine. The Consul admitted to himself that an Ithorian Dark Sider was an unnerving thought - they were such a peaceful species by nature. Before he could comment on the irony of balance, a new presence pushed through the Force.

The combined presence of two Dark Side devotees cast a gloomy murk over the entire complex. But a third presence flared in the Force, a beacon in the Darkness - burning away the gloom. A sense of calm and serenity radiated out from the beacon and Braecen recognized this as the Jedi Master whom had been stalking them long before they had reached the surface of Bogden. Dutifully, Braecen deactivated one of his saber and handed it to the Hunter at his side. I have seen you in morning Dulon and oversaw your training upon Lyspair during Lightsaber Basics... you are rated with this weapon and you must now use it."

"I have my katana, Master Kunar."

Bitterly, the Corellian retorted. "And what use is a blade of steel against a lightsaber?"

The Ithorian reached out, accepting the weapon. It felt strange to his touch, the weight and heft of the hilt being different than those of the training sabers used at the Shadow Academy. He activated the blade and felt its power, thrumming as it cast a silver glare. vzzm, vzzzm He looped the blade through an arc, navigating the weight difference as he sought to build some affinity with the weapon before he sought to use it in a duel.

As he brought the blade through another loop, a figure appeared at the far end of the hall. Clad in dark, brown robes with a white tunic appearing at the neck. His face was cast in shadow, his cloak veiling his features until he brought his hands - powerful hands that had obviously seen labor - to pull the hood down. A grizzled and worn man whom had seen his fair share of battles and torture across the galaxy. His eyes, a deep green, tore through the shadows and darkness wrapped about the two devout members of Scholae Palatinae. Pausing, he removed the extra layer of clothing before drawing two saber hilts.

"That variant of the Fourth Form is foolish, Master Jedi." Braecen chastised the man whom dared defy them.

A steady voice, filled with experience, responded in kind. "Much agreed, Master Sith." He then connected the two hilts, creating a saber-staff. He held the long hilt before him, parallel to the ground as he activated both blades. Two life-colored blades sprang to life, spanning well over half the width of the hall.

Braecen cursed aloud. "Shien or Juyo... gotta be Shien."

Unsure of how to proceed, the Hunter awaited a cue from the Krath before he dared press his advantage.


22-09-2007 17:09:03

The Jedi Hunter looked at Braecen, Lightsaber activated, and then looked over at the Jedi Master, who had his staff ready to duel. The Ithorian did not know whether to help Braecen or stay out of the great Sith’s way. Luciferus felt the force around the area. It was like a mist that surrounded the room that would not hide, but reveal everything to each his own. Scyrone had felt this presence a long time ago in old Korriban tombs he had explored. But this was different. This was a duel of light and dark.

A real Obelisk knew the battle-field. An Obelisk would judge the times to battle and when to not. This was difficult though. It is true that Luciferus had excelled in Lightsaber Basics and had constantly studied the Lightsaber forms from afar, but this did not mean anything without real practice.

The Heir of Kun ran forwards as did the Jedi, and both clashed in a fury of wit and rage. The Jedi was quite a match for Braecen, but then again, this battle would go a lot quicker if Scyrone had used the skills that he has learnt so far from the Shadow Academy.

The Ithorian lunged into the duel. Favoring Soresu, Scyrone mostly came in when needed. Braecen would thrust an attack at the Jedi, and then reverse in a spin to the Jedi Master’s legs. Scyrone would time it correctly so that he would jump over the Jedi and attack from above. An obvious mistake, the Jedi merely blocked the attack. This was going to be a difficult battle, and Scyrone knew this, but he would have to keep timing right.

The Jedi’s blade swirled and flipped around the Sith as they worked together to defeat this peaceful hypocrite. Braecen started to have the upper hand when he involved some force powers, spurting lightning at the Jedi and causing winds to sweep the robes around the Jedi. The Jedi Hunter moved in again. Scyrone was kicked down by the Jedi for a second, but quickly recovered. Braecen backed off for a second to view Scyrone’s condition. The Ithorian took quite a fall, but was okay.

“You are not strong enough to beat me,” commented the Jedi.

Braecen charged in once again. Scyrone was just about to move in when he suddenly sensed danger.

“Brae . . .!” But he was too late. The Jedi had forced off the Heir of Kun and used a strong force push to knock the Sith Master into the wall, knocking him unconscious.

“The Sith will be doomed as long as my blade still stands!” Barked the Jedi.

The Ithorian felt the anger and hate rush through his veins.

“Then I guess I will have to deactivate it!” Boasted Luciferus. “No one messes with my friends and gets away with it!”

Although reckless, Scyrone did not care about what he was doing. He was goading a more powerful Jedi to deal with him swiftly. But Luciferus would have none of it, and he would make sure that this Jedi would die one way or another.

The Jedi rushed across the room to the Hunter. Scyrone had to think quickly. Which form would he choose? Ataru? No; clumsy and inexperienced for this Hunter. Shii-Cho? Too simple and too easy to interpret. Soresu? It did not seem to work against this Jedi, no matter what. The only thing Scyrone could put his mind on was the duel itself. MAKASHI! The dueling form! Scyrone did not know the moves completely, but watching the Dark Jedi Masters wield this form in combat was enough for Scyrone.

Scyrone took a Soresu stance to fool his opponent into thinking offensively. The Jedi lunged in the air and over the Ithorian making a swinging attack at Luciferus’ legs. The Ithorian jumped tightly and took a quick swing at the head of the Jedi.

Surprised by the attack, the Jedi Master rolled side-ways to avoid it, but quickly came back with a few swings of his own. Scyrone was being force back. As said before, an Obelisk should know his opponents power, and Scyrone definitely knew that he did not want to face this opponent alone. If only Braecen would wake from the cell of his mind and come to save the Ithorian. Scyrone knew this would not be so.

They dueled for what seemed like hours, but were only a few minutes. It looked as though Scyrone was dodging what he could and attacked where he could. Makashi was becoming more difficult that Scyrone expected. He overestimated himself in his reliability on his vision of what he knew. The Ithorian attempted to look at the Jedi’s mistakes but it was becoming difficult. Soon enough, Scyrone was merely just using random attacks and blocks to defend against this monstrous opponent. The Jedi Hunter felt weak and tired. It was as if the mighty twin suns of Tatooine were beating down on this blood driven Ithorian, wearing him down to his skin and bones. Scyrone made a swift attack once more, but missed his opponent, leading to Scyrone being sliced on his right shoulder.

“AAAAGH!” Roared the four-throated alien. Luciferus had never felt the sting of a Lightsaber before. Those training sabers were nothing compared to this.

“One is such young combat should never reveal his weaknesses, Ithorian. Your days as a Sith are over. The light is the only path that can free you from the grapple of the dark side. Your master must be destroyed. And I will see to it myself!”

The Jedi Master turned to face the knocked out Sith. To the Jedi’s amazement, Braecen was not where he lay. The Jedi’s eyes turned back towards the Ithorian, as if a sly trick was being played upon the light-sider.

Scyrone stood up and spoke eerily to the Jedi, “I am no Sith, fool. I am an Obelisk, and I excel in combat. I am a Dark Jedi who will see the Jedi fall before me. Even if I am not the one to make it so. And I do not have a Master. I have an ally, a friend, and a mentor who because of him I have become more powerful than I could possibly imagine. The Dark Jedi will and always be the leaders of the universe. You cannot defeat us. Your single minded use of the force has blinded you. There is no light, there is no dark, there is only the force in which I influence by my own means. You know what else, hypocrite?”

The Jedi was suddenly smashed behind the head, by the saber hilt of a fiercely driven Sith. The Jedi stumbled forward, nauseas and weak, from his face smashing the light-built earth. His dual Lightsaber lay in front of him, lost from his grip. Scyrone walked towards the Jedi, Lightsaber lazily held beside him. The Ithorian stopped in front of his face. The Jedi looked up from the ground and stared at Luciferus. Braecen delivered a few blows from the powerful lightning that shot out of his hands, at the Jedi. Scyrone knelt to look in his foes eye’s.

“You will never know the force and the galaxy as I do.”

And with that final saying, the Ithorian beheaded the Jedi, making his final arena his grave. The words that the light-sider had boasted were nothing to Scyrone but fuel for the rocket of a ships engine. Scyrone stood back up and looked into the eyes of the Krath, boring deep into the understanding that the Heir of Kun brought with him.


04-02-2008 08:15:48

Jedi Hunter Luciferus waited patiently in the hall before the Audience Chamber of Clan Scholae Palatinae. The massive doors framed by an ornately carved dragon; its tail extending from the floor on the left side and massive jaws resting upon the floor of the right. The doors themselves were made of a tender, rare wood from the planet of Judecca itself. Puzzling, however, was the absence of any door handle - the massive doors required the Force to open and close.

At last the doors began to part and a familiar face was on the opposite side to meet the Zabrak. Aedile of Caliburnus, Sith Battlemaster, Rasilvenaira stood before the path to the dais of the Clan Summit. "Come, Journeyman." And with the slightest nod of her head, she indicated he should follow. As he had for so long, thus far, he acquiesced to her demand. He marched proudly through the gathered members of Scholae Palatinae.

Though many of the Journeymen took great care to hide their identities, the Elders and Leaders observed the ceremony with their cowls lowered and a glint of satisfaction in seeing another individual approach Knighthood. Amongst their ranks were Consuls Emeritus: Dakari and Vally Tamalar. Upon the other side of the path rested a host of current leaders, each in ceremonial robes: Cuchulain Palpatine, RevengeX Palpatine, Thran Occasus and Zeron. Before the Ithorian Jedi Hunter, patient as he approached, were the Proconsul and Consul of the Clan.

Rasilvenaira performed a low bow, "Lords of Scholae Palatinae." Phoenix and Braecen made the ceremonial nod in tandem. "Today, I present a pupil before you for elevation into the ranks of Dark Knights of Scholae Palatinae. He has learned all that can be taught to him, he must now go forward and learn what he may for himself."

Phoenix stepped forward as the inductor of House Caliburnus. "Young Hunter, are you prepared for the hardships and tasks that shall be set before you as a Knight of this Clan?"

"I am, My Lord..."

The Proconsul turned to the dais and picked up a package of materials: components for a lightsaber. "Then go forth, construct your lightsaber and maintain the honor of Knighthood. For with this elevation you are inducted as a full member of the Dark Brotherhood and are tasked with maintaining your proactive status in furthering your House, Clan and Brotherhood."

It was now the Consul's turn to address the Clan, "From this day forward... Luciferus, our Ithorian warrior, is now anointed Krath Knight. And has earned the rite to carry a saber of his choosing."

The assembled Clan broke out into cheers of congratulation. "Drinks on Scyrone!"