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01-03-2007 20:42:00

I have deleted the info that was in this one, so as not to confuse people with the list below.

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February competition listing!

DJB Wide Competitions
Journeyman Comp Ends 10th Feb 08
Apprentices thru to Jedi Hunters write one of three stories, and no chance for Rev to steal your medal!
Time of War: Intercept Ends 29th Feb 08
Translate a cipher and then write a story - 1st in a 3 part adventure!
ACC Quick Skirmish Ends 28th Feb 08
Quick Skirmish? Sounds intriguing... Win most CF's and get a Crescent!
Background Checks Ends 29th Feb 08
Write up the basis for a Wiki Page for some NPC's
Feb Gaming Competition Ends 29th Feb 08
This competition means that even those who don't place well still get medals for number of matchs beyond CF's
Assassinate the MAA! Ends 14th Feb 08
Yes please! What's the MAA done to annoy you so much that deserves his death?
SA Trivia- Every Saturday at 1pm EST
Er... trivia! Pure and simple. Answer questions right, get shinies.
DJB Gaming Nights Runs continuosly Mon-Fri
Get yourself in #dbgaming and go beat people up for medals

Clan Scholae Palatinae
Shadows Of Time Ends 29th Feb 08
Write some fiction about your character's early life. Use this to buiold up the info on your Wiki page too!
February Gaming Extravaganza! Ends 29th Feb 08
Go play lots of games on all the DB-approved formats for CF's. Win lots of CF's get a Crescent. Win most Crescents and win a bigger shinier Crescent...
Extreme Makeover, Grand Hall of Ohmen Edition Ends 29th Feb 08
What changes has Consul Phoenix installed since taking over as Consul?
CSP Gaming Night All-Star Monthly Awards
Be the best in the Clan each month in DJB gaming nights
CSP ACC All-Star Monthly Awards
Be the best in the Clan in the ACC
CSP Shadow Academy All-Star Monthly Awards
Can you see a theme here?
CSP Trivia All-Star Monthly Awards
If you need this explaining you won't win it...
CSP Trivia Events Weekly Event, 2pm EST on Saturdays
Everyone loves trivia!

House Acclivis Draco Only
Tallio, hoix, hark, forward! Ends 16th Feb 08
We're all off hunting! What are you hunting and why?


House Caliburnus Only
Krath's Tome Ends 1st March 08
Run on for House Caliburnus to find the Tome with a curse that destroys those void from the Force
Star Wars Movie Quote Quiz 2 Ends 17th Feb 08
Tell us whose quotes are on the MB
Song Lyrics Challenge Ends 3rd March 08
Lyrics are posted on the MB, points awarded for info returned
Ptolomean Wildlife Ends 27th Feb 08
Give information on the native specieseses of Ptolomea
Furry Emergency Ends 12th Feb 08
Write about one of Rasilvenaira's pets going missing
Vector Defence Ends 17th Feb 08
Play the Flash Game and send a final screenshot to Ras and Syph

House Dorimad Sol Only
Big Bucks Ends 12th Feb 08
Write a story of how you capture a bounty based on ta few specific characters
Dorimad Sol Defence Regiment NPC's Ends 17th Feb 08
Create NPC's for Dorimad Sol
Old Scrath... Ends 24th Feb 08
Write a story about an old Bounty Hunter, with nothing to do with your character...
Screen Shot Showdown Ends 4th March 08
Send in the best screenshot you can find
Create A Logo Ends 26th Feb 08
Create a Logo for Dorimad Sol

House Dorimad Sol Vs House Caliburnus
HDS and HC are running scared from HAD and not letting us play with them anymore! :P
Wanted: Dead or Alive! Ends 29th Feb 08
Come up with a wanted poster for someone in the other House
Who Wants To Be Boba Fett? Ends 29th Feb 08
Fiction describing how you caught the person in the Wanted poster

Ood Bnar

28-08-2008 13:35:06

Competition Compendium Vol. 1
September Issue

Brotherhood Wide Competitions

1. Wiki Tribune - Fictional Role
2. Background Checks
3. To kill a Jedi
4. T:SWG Starwars Trivia
5. Gaming Nights

CSP Only Competitions

1. Sudoku
2. Royal Gazette Trivia
3. Royal Gazette Crossword
4. CSP Trivia Contest

HAD Only Competitions

1. Rollmaster Report Trivia Deuce

Other Competitions

1. Melancholy of the Elder


01-05-2009 14:23:36

Below are the specifics for the competition I am running. All Submissions and questions can be sent to me at This is an easy and quick competition for new members so I hope to have good participation.

Competition Title: The Apprentice for the Archpriest

Specifics: the goal of this competition will be locate a new apprentice for Archpriest Kschamehellan. It will be open to all members of Clan Scholae Palatinae under (and including) the rank of Guardian who still need a Master and are interested in studying with me. Since I focus primarily on fictional aspects of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood (traditional Krath events) the event will be primarily writing based. Each person will be asked to submit a short work; be it a poem, a graphic, fiction, etc that will tell me a little bit about their character and why they think that they should be accepted as my student. No length or size of work will be turned down but it should be sufficient to convey the two aspects that I'm looking for. That said longer and more in depth projects will not get any extra favors. The submission should be long enough to tell me who you are and what you want without being excessive. The competitors should see this as a job interview. The first place entry will have the option of becoming my apprentice while the first three places will receive crescents.

Dates: Monday, May 4 2009 until Wednesday, May 13 2009.

Platforms: word processor, graphics, other.

awards: Fourth level crescents for top three places. Winner will be offered spot as my student as well.

Unit in Competition: Clan Scholae Palatinae members ranked Guardian and below.

-KAP Kschamehellan