Feud Run-on Team #2


05-02-2007 20:14:51

This run-on is specifically for the team whom signed up from House Caliburnus. It will be up to the members to discuss, work together and present the best possible story for submission to the CSP vs ARC run-on event.

Team #2: Xen (group leader), Phantom, Raidoner, Cethgus, Malaki, Archangel (Eton Jade) and Zeron

You will pick up after the events that have, thus far, transpired... your mission, should you accept it, is to complete a mission you have been sent upon by ProConsul Phoenix Olkyssagh.

The details and exact story... are left to your creativity and imagination!

Feud plot until now: http://djb.borkweb.com/vengeance/plot/

Good luck!


Phoenix Olkyssagh Palpatien stood before the congregated Clan. With Consul Kunar unconscious and his health unstabilized, the ProConsul became the pillar of the Clan's direction and action. So, as Grand Marshall and acting Emperor of the Cocytus System, the Son of Palpatine had called for the entire Clan to convene upon the surface of Antenora - the Acclivis Draco outpost - to direct their next efforts.

A man of action he bypassed formalities and jumped to heart of the matter. "I need volunteers to enact the will of Clan Scholae Palatinae... I need Heroes to stand against Arcona, expediting her downfall... I ask for those whom are most loyal to step forward!"

Obediently, several denizens stepped forward ready to receive a task from the Lord ProConsul. Satisfied with the number of individuals, Phoenix addressed those whom had not volunteered, "The rest of you are dismissed. Expect orders from your Quaestors."

The pool of fearless warriors now pooled together, expectantly looking to the Palpatine for their next task. The Sith looked down upon them, knowing that it would be through their actions that Arcona would be crippled. It was these brave men and women that would lead the Clan towards victory.

"You will be divided into two cells," he began. "You will not know the actions of the other, unless I, myself, execute the command to your group leader. Your mission is to cripple and, if the opportunity arises, fell the beast known as Arcona. Through sabotage, war - whatever your evil minds can create - you will be given the full authority of this Clan Summit... Go now, prepare yourselves!"


05-02-2007 23:01:15

The groups where separated and filed off in rapid order. Xen suddenly found himself in a small group with 5 other people. There where two other equites, Raidoner and Phantom Mandalore. Xen knew from past events that they would both prove to be invaluable in this endeavor. Then there where the three journeymen. The new knight Cethgus stood around looking excited. The Jedi Hunters Malaki and Archangel stood together talking. Xen had a feeling that together they could deal some damage to the Arconan scum.

A voice barked from the door the group just entered. “XEN! You are the group leader. Get ready and move out!” The familiar voice of the Proconsul echoed from outside. Xen glanced at the door with a slightly confused look on his face. It took a moment for the command to register with the group. It was evident everyone else had been hoping to become group leader. Xen smiled.

“You heard the man. Lets decided what we are going to do.” Xen barked from under his hood. His shaded eyes re-evaluated each of the members taking in their strengths and their weaknesses. Raidoner let out slight grunt.

“You got something you want to say Raidoner?” Xen barked. Teamwork was a key to success, and Xen wasn’t about to stand for discontent among the group. Raidoner shook his head. Xen gave a smirk and looked around the group again.

“We need a good solid plan to go kill those bastards.” Cethgus shot out. Xen rolled his eyes.

“Yes, thanks for that insight… Do you have a plan?” Xen growled. Cethgus paused and closed his mouth.

“I vote for a plan of secrecy and quiet guerilla warfare. We are the darkness, and from the darkness we should strike.” Xen suggested. From the practical silence in the room Xen gathered each person was formulating solo hero missions. He saw that sparkle in the eyes of the Journeymen. It was Phantom who finally spoke up.

“Fine, but no theatrics. Kill first, heroes later.” She said. The group nodded in agreement. Now just to decided where to strike first.


06-02-2007 12:20:56

Archangel scratched the bristles on his chin thoughtfully, his eyes set on the floor. He'd been teamed up with a couple people he didn't really know. He knew Cethgus, but the others were a mystery. This would be an interesting mission. He grimaced slightly, not particularly happy with his suggestion at all. But he had to suggest it anyways.

“Perhaps, a quiet insertion on an Arcona-controlled planet, play havoc with it, then escape on the same vessel” he said thoughtfully, his eyes rising to meet Xen's. The team leader looked at him for a moment.

“Where and how?”

“Where? I suggest the Dajorra system.”

This suggestion brought out a few gasps from those around him, as he'd expected. The Dajorra system held massive economic value to the Arconae, mainly from its extensive series of asteroid belts, rich in heavy metals. And it's this economic value which makes this system so important to the Arconae, hence the large task force assigned to guard it.

Xen cleared his throat, and looked around the group, “Continue”

“Well,” Archangel said, placing his hands on his hips, “I suggest we take my freighter, Heart of Gold. It's big enough to disguise as a cargo ship, and has enough armaments to make a Corvette think twice.”

“What makes you think we can just sneak into the system, with an ship owned by a member of our clan. That information is on public record, I might add” Phantom said sternly.

“I have a false id for each of the clans. I had them installed to make movement easier. The one for Arcona is the Lucky Strike. Should be able to use it to get through their defenses, land, and mess around. Plenty of room for stores, and plenty of hidden compartments for munitions. What do you guys think?”

The group around him looked a bit skeptical still, but Archangel pressed the issue.

“Using this approach, we can get into the populated areas quickly, and pick off our targets quickly. It also means we'll have to be more careful, but it'd be easier to escape with the ship close at hand.”

“Sounds reasonable” Cethgus said, nodding slightly, “But what targets?”

“Well... I'd go for one important political objective, one military objective and two economic. Any ideas?” Archangel replied, the thrill of strategy and planning being one of his favorites.


06-02-2007 14:24:25

After thinking a few moments, Phantom finally spoke up.

“Well, if we are going to hit Arcona,” the Obelisk started, “I believe it would be to our advantage if we hit Eldar.”

“How So?” Xen asked with intrigue.

“Eldar houses one of Arcona’s largest starports, for one,” the Templar stated. “Arcona is also in the process of building other establishments on the surface. If we pose as a supply team with a shipment of materials, I think we could infiltrate the area without arousing suspicion.”

“But what about targets?” Raidoner asked impatiently.

“The starport should be obvious. Sabotaging one of their construction sites second, and we could top it off with causing the locals to get a bit restless,” answered Phantom with a sly look on her face.

The group grew a bit nervous at the look the Mandalore gave as she mentioned the native population.


06-02-2007 15:05:44

Malaki shook his head, knowing that sabotage wasn’t enough to bring down the Arcona scum. Even through he was glum at this very moment something had to be done the pause of silence gave him a clever idea.

“Sabotage, Not enough! If we are going to bring them down then we need to bring down their morale. Like the way we feel now, nervous, if their nervous then maybe they’ll be lost. We need...”Malaki said before he was interrupted.

“Your right, we need to strike something that will scare them, make them nervous, and bring down their Morale!” Xen said with some enthusiasm.

Cethgus looked at each of them “Well we need targets; we can’t take down their morale without targets”

The group seemed to turn their frowns upside down, cheering up as this was a good plan. They all agreed on to try and ruin the enemy’s morale, however destroying some important and crucial targets.

“Well if that’s the plan we best think of targets, any ideas people?” Phantom said.

A short piece of silence ran through one another, either a pause of silence for judgment or for the pure sake of nerves.


06-02-2007 16:08:34

Cethgus instantly got the one target which would bring down the moral of Arcona and also and put them in utter chaos. The Knight stepped forward with and put his head up and looked at the group. They were all thinking of different Ideas at this point.

“Pontifex Strategos Thanatos Entar Arconae,” Cethgus said.

The group looked at Cethgus who just came up with the idea of killing Arconas Consul. Xen was the first one to react from looking surprised then to looking at the Knight with a frown on his face.

“Not enough damage. They would simply put the proconsul in charge till the war was over,” Xen replied.

Cethgus nodded at that though then looked at the other knowing there must be numbers of think that would be crucial to the working of Arcona. Cethgus studied each one of their faces and didn’t find anything useful.

“I got it we attack at there headquarter and military points all over there planet” Cethgus said.

“I see where you’re coming from Cethgus,” Xen said

The group stood there still trying to figure out where to attack and what would be the best place to attack.

“Well, we better come up with something soon,” Malaki said.

“I got it. We take out their power supply, communication, defences,” Cethgus said.

The group looked up. After all, Cethgus idea wasn’t that bad, but they now all needed to see if they wanted to do it. Cethgus looked about and raised his hand up, looking at the rest.

“I’m in with this idea who else?”


07-02-2007 22:32:59

“Power, Communication, Supplies… It’s simple and dirty… Many would frown upon such barbaric tactics, but they are fools. However I do suggest we take out as many people of Arcona as we can in if we do this. I think it would be effective.” Xen stated.

The others nodded in agreement. Xen felt the mood in the room grow in anticipation to get to killing.

“Very well then. Go get what supplies you need while the ship is being prepared. We leave as soon as it is done. We can’t waste any time. Our Consul is wounded because of those bastards. Lets move.” Xen commanded.


The Heart of Gold hummed as it slowly left the atmosphere of Antenora. Other then that, there was no sound as the group meditated and prepared to attack. Soon Arcona would face the consequences for their actions.


12-02-2007 05:43:21

Archangel stood on the bridge of the Heart of Gold, renamed the Lucky Strike on it's transponder, as well as it's hull. He didnt like the name, but it would have to stick for now. He scratched his rough chin, and turned to Xen, who sat at the weapons system console.

“We're nearing Dajorra, better get the rest ready.”

Xen nodded, and keyed the communication system, calling all the other members of the group. Archangel slipped into the helm chair, and started the reentry squence.

“All hands,” rang out Xen's voice throughout the ship, “Prepare for reentry to real space. Battlestations, but stay cool.”

The timer started counting down. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... The stars returned to dots around the ship as the asteroid belt of the system appeared before him.

“We have arrived, all hands, be ready”


17-02-2007 16:11:04

Malaki waited patiently checking over his weapons, he stood with the group who were all scrutinizing the vast deep sectors of the Dajorra system. Knowing that anything could be possible, they continued their flight towards the capital planet of the system. Malaki thought to his self, quietly then remember some research he had done before vacating on a mission to the system.

“To Dajorra I guess, but hang on what about the clans research planet” Malaki asked with a slight curious tone.

“You mean Arconae Primus?” replied Xen

“That’s the palent you never know it may be wise to send a strike team there, destroy a few mine facilities they have and maybe take some research” The hunter suggested

The group looked at each other as Xen and Malaki walked off talking to each other. Eventually they got back form their conversation taking their last approach towards Dajorra. The team seemed more and more eager as they got closer to the planet, Xen got all of there attention ready to give them a final brief.

“Well we get down onto the surface and create some destruction…however Malaki has got a great idea it may be good to cause some chaos towards their mining facilities and research laps on the close planet Arconae Primus, so I would like to send three people up there, so far Malaki has volunteered himself to go, anyone else?” Xen said

There was no reply form anyone and eventually Zeron stepped forwards, “Cant let you have all the fun” He said joining then he joined the hunter by his side.

“Cethgus, you are of use to Malaki, brave knights is all he needs thank you for volunteering” Xen said with some humour.

“Well there best be some killing involved in this Hunter or otherwise im going to regret coming with you” Cethgus replied stepping forwards to Malaki and Zeron.

“That’s it then, we know the plan and the tema, You three will borrow a transport ship form the surface then go to Arconae Primus whilst we will cause some havoc on Dajorra, discuss battle plans whilst you have the chances too, let the fight begin” Xen explained then was interrupted by the captions voice of the ship that rang out

“We have entered orbit around the planet, preparing to land” The voice rang out then stopped.

The team rushed to the window that they had been staring out of earlier watching the heart of gold make its final approach to the planet surface. At least five minutes later the vessel had landed and there mission objectives started from this point onwards.


17-02-2007 23:07:50

Maximus landed his TIE Advanced next to the heart of gold, stepped out and pulled out his commlink and hailed his apprentices, Ohika and Wolf Mandalore.

"I need both of you to get to Arconae Primus, there is an importan mission at hand that we are yet to know the details of." Maximus requested from both of his apprentices.

The Mandalorian then proceeded to the heart of gold and waved at its occupants.

"Good! I see we have Raidoner and his merry band of Mandalores here as back up" Xen said with enthusiasm.

Malaki only nodded as he was hoping to someday be able to work with the Mandalores, he was curious as how these force wielding Mandalores actually worked, he truly looked forward to it.


18-02-2007 06:21:39

Cethgus stood there and watched Malaki knowing that this mission would not be one that he would enjoy. The Knight looked around him then to Zeron.

"You ready for this Zeron?" Cethgus asked.

"I am always ready Cethgus" Zeron replied.

Cethgus then turned and faced Raidoner and looked at the Sith and the Mandalores who followed. Cethgus was now ready for anything and looked at the group.

"Shall we start moving towards the research labs first them?" Cethgus inquired.

The group started to move through the jungle area moving cautiously and quickly towards there targets. Cethgus span his head staring into the jungle.

"What is the matter Cethgus?" Malaki inquired.

"I thought I heard something in that direction so keep your eyes open" Cethgus said.

The group continued to move towards the labs watching out and held his saber in his hand tightly. The whole team was a bit on edge from being here but there was nothing they could do about it but to continued forward.

"If you want I will scout out to make sure the area is clear?" Cethgus asked.

"Quickly Cethgus but I want you back in five minutes" Malaki said.

Cethgus sprinted off towards the direction they where heading to make sure the area was clear. As he continued the ground beneath him started to become softer until it became a swamp area.

"This might slow us down" Cethgus said to himself.

The Knight started to turn around when he heard a sound and spun around only in time to see something whip round a tree. The Obelisk heart started to beat faster and faster as he ran to the group. He lost his footing and skidded to a halt just in front of the group.

"Cethgus what is the matter?" Malaki asked

Cethgus stood up and looked around to make sure the area was clear. The Zabrak then focused on Malaki and smiled to himself.

"Number one is where going into swamp area. Number two is where not alone any more" Cethgus replied.

Malaki looked about as if he was trying to see something but couldn’t. The rest of the group did the same and still didn’t find anything.

"Ok then we will just continued but everyone watch out" Zeron said.

The Group started to continued towards the labs and started to walk onto the swamp areas. Cethgus walked beside Malaki keeping his eye out for any other thing.

"There is the Lab" Raidoner said to the group.

Cethgus saw that there where three guards which stood out side of the lab making sure no one would enter with out them knowing.

"Me and Zeron can take care of the guards" Cethgus said.

Malaki and Raidoner shook there heads at the proposal and looked at each other.

"We work as a team so we take them out together" Raidoner said.

The group went for an all out attack. The guards saw them coming and instantly unclipped items from there belts. Cethgus, Zeron and Raidoner activated there sabers and waited for the guards to make the move.

"Now time for the fun to begin" Cethgus muttered.

Malaki drew a sword and held it in his grip before the guards made there move. Two guards had lightsaber and where all ready charging the group but the last one only had a Katana and was focused on Malaki.

Cethgus charged against them with the rest of the group. In a matter of seconds the group was in combat with there energy. Sabers where colliding sparks flying. The Mandalore didn’t have much trouble against his opponent. He quickly decapitated his opponent with out any trouble.

Zeron and Cethgus where both working together against there opponent and started to ware him out. Zeron saw the opening as did Cethgus. Both the Knights stabbed out there weapons went through there enemies chest killing him instantly.

Malaki was also in combat with someone of equal skill and they were both getting now where. It was the same pattern slash block and so on. Malaki decided to change that. When his opponent stabbed at him the Krath side stepped the move and cut into his opponents cut. The guard was left on the floor crying out in pain only for Malaki to finish him off.

The team stood there at the entrance to the labs smiling at each other knowing that now was the time to cause destruction across the enemies lines.


18-02-2007 08:53:44

The team entered a large room, much like a lobby. From that came two corridors leading further into the labs, the room was dark and gloomy and the only light came from a computer in the room and the entrance. Malaki and Cethgus concentrated on the computer, accordingly there are four main laps within the facility, all of which had a large amount of research that may be crucial to destroy.

“Well it seems there is three labs in the facility, split into teams and destroy them” Malaki said.

“Myself and Malaki will go down that one, Zeron and Raid go through that one” Cethgus replied point towards the corridor that he was going through.

Zeron nodded then turned around disappearing down their corridor, followed by Raid. Malaki looked at Cethgus, looking slightly worried as he wasn’t so comfortable standing in a dark. They left the lobby room into the gloomy research lab.

“Do you think this place has been left for waste?” The hunter asked.

There was reply from the knight as they had entered the first lab, there seemed to be a few cages some large test tubes and several computers. Malaki went up to the first computer that was dead, whilst the knight was examining some of the cages. Suddenly the room lit up, every thing activated itself, all the computers came on and then several scientists came through a door.

“Ah welcome” Cethgus said then smirked, drawing his sabre

“Ceth you deal with them, I’ve got the research” The hunter said then destroyed one of the computer’s in the room

The knight ripped the men to pieces, thrusting his sabre into them killing them instantly with a faint scream of agony. Malaki wiped the memory of another computer, and then destroyed its hard drive by blasting it with his mwc enforcer.

“Wow” Malaki said with surprise

“What now hunter?” Cethgus requested

“This computer was the main one; it wiped out all of the computers, every one in the room, now the next room” Malaki replied then readied himself to move on to the next room.

Cethgus followed, they entered a large room with a hugged cage like wall in front of them. Suddenly the door next to them opened and Zeron and Raid walked through.

“Hmm completed I guess one more room on the other side of this cage, wonder what it’s protecting” Raid said staring curiously inside the cage wall.

The wall began to move downwards, letting the team to discover what it held inside.

“I think were about to find out” Malaki said, gulping then drew his sword


Back on Dajorra Xen and the rest of the group neared Acrona’s man facility on the planet, undiscovered so far, all they passed were strange exotic animals. Suddenly they stopped dead as voices of the enemy approached them.

“First blood” Xen said then moved into a secure spot where they couldn’t be noticed ready to make a surprise attack.


18-02-2007 14:33:06

Xen smiled and put his hand up ordering the group to be silent. Everyone had a weapon in the hands ready to use. Xen looked at Archangle and Phantom only to see they where both ready to do a surprise attack on the enemy.

"I told you there is nothing out here" A man said

"I think we should keep our eyes open" Replied a woman’s voice.

There was a group of about five people and only two of them had sabers the other three had swords ready and walked in a single file with the two saber uses at the front and one at the back.

"On my mark" Xen muttered

Phantom only nodded and tightened the grip on the saber hilt.

"Three.... Two.... One…Go, Go, Go" Xen said.

The unsuspecting group only had enough time to react by looking at where the three Clan Scholae members had charged them. Xen and Phantom attack the saber users.

Xen slashed his opponent through the gut sending him on the floor screaming in pain. Phantom on the other hand only played with hers before finishing her opponent off. The rest of them were only bits of hassle not much to worry about.


Cethgus, Malaki, Zeron and Raidoner stared into a cage that seemed to be bent from where something had been trying to get out. The cage next to them had been broken before they arrived.

"I don’t like the look of that" Malaki said.

There was then a noise behind the group and they all stepped back only to see a creature with a mouth full of teeth. Cethgus smiled to himself at the though of what they just found.

"Oh great we found a Nexu people congratulations" Cethgus said sarcastically.

The Knight raised his saber and then looked at the Nexu wondering if they could do anything else that didn’t hurt the creature. Cethgus deactivated his saber and looked into the eyes of the animal.

"Your not that harmful are you" Cethgus said

The Nexu jumped onto the cage that looked like something had been trying to get out and opened it. There was yet another set of teeth as a second Nexu faced the group.

"Now this is going down hill fast,” Cethgus said.

"What could happen next?" Zeron asked.

At that point a Nexu jumped for Cethgus who had to dive out of the way from the attack. Only to be meet by the other Nexu which jumped on top of him.

"A little help please" Cethgus said.

The other Nexu passed in front of the group making sure none of them made an attempt to help the Obelisk on the floor at that moment.

Cethgus lay there looking at the Nexu in front of him. The next showed his teeth to Cethgus. At that time he let out his breath onto the Knights face.

Cethgus coughed and looked about for help. This situation was going from bad to worse rapidly.


18-02-2007 15:05:59

The knight coughed a bit from the gross smelling breath of the big creature stood on top of him. Malaki backed away from the nexu in front of them, slowly approaching Cethgus who was on the floor; he put away his fira and pulled out a bolt pistol, his mwc enforcer. Suddenly the nexu on top of the knight showed its teeth for the last time, and then went to rip of Cethgus’s face. The knight got his arm free, still holding his sabre and then activated it into the side of the nexu’s head. The blade shots through t bursting out of the other side of its head, killing the creature instantly.

“Oh I wanted it to rip your face off, but nice of you to still be with us” Malaki giggled then helped up Cethgus from the floor.

The other nexu growled with a vicious tone, Raid and Zeron slowly approached it. It jumped up at Zeron, but he swung his sabre up wards at the same point. Skimming its side making a minor wound, Raid had a clear target as Zeron lay on the fall with a giant rat like creature on top of him. He penetrated straight into the Nexu’s body, then pulled his sabre back out then back in again, killing the second nexu.

“Well that was easier than expected” Malaki said

“Be quite Mal, you didn’t actually do anything” Zeron spitted up as he got off the floor.

“Well I was going to help Cethgus but he had anything handled” Malaki replied.

There was a gate like door in front of them, it opened letting them enter the last corridor heading towards the last research lab.

“I guess we go that way” Raid said.

Then they walked through the door leaving the caged room into another gloomy place.


18-02-2007 15:23:41

As Cethgus approached it there stood one lone man but when he raised his hood Cethgus knew that he had something special about him than the rest they had encountered so far. He stared at the Knight and gave the Obelisk the creeps, which was not easily done at all.

"I don’t think this guy will let us past" Cethgus said.

The group raised there weapons ready to attack and stood there facing this lone man. The Man drew back his robes and unclipped two sabers and held them in his hands before activating them.

Both blades where red as he looked at the group. Cethgus was the first to make a move by charging the man full on. The next thing the Knight knew he had his back slammed into the wall on the corridor. Cethgus slid down and lay there not moving.

"I don’t think so" The Man said.

Cethgus started to stand up but the man only started to advance onto the Knight ready to make the killing blow. The group charged the Man who couldn’t react in time and had to block three attacks at once.

Malaki got his attack through his defence leaving the man with a cut on his torso. Also leaving him open for yet another attack. Zeron slashed out cutting him on the torso. By this time Cethgus was now on his feet. The Knight rammed his blade through the back of his opponent.

"I failed" the man said before he collapsed on the floor and lay there.

The group looked at each other then stood in font of the last lab door and smiled at what they had actually managed to do on this planet and the amount of damage they caused.


18-02-2007 15:45:32

The final door whooshed open, letting them enter the last laboratory. Several scientists stood around a control computer studying research about the effect of a controlled cortosis effected a creature’s aggression and defence.

“Hello There” Cethgus said to get there attention.

The scientists looked up then squealed at each other, beginning to panic. Zeron barged past several computers followed by Raid both cutting down the scientist to finish their pain. Malaki and Cethgus studied the control computer, both knowing this information maybe good to bring back home. Cethgus put a memory type stick into the hard drive downloading that certain project, once it was complete the hunter searched for the rest of the files. Selecting them all, deleting them, and virtually wiping the computers memory.

“Well that’s it all the research has been deleted, got the memory stick ceth?” Malaki asked.

“Yes, now destroy the Computer then we can get out of here” He replied.

Malaki fired several bolt shots into the computer, destroying it and any other files with in its data. Zeron and Raid reappeared from wiping out the scientists.

“Hmm guys did you know they were Acrona’s top scientists?” Zeron said smirking.

The group sprinted their way out of the Lab leaving this objective to the next, the mines. As they exited the research facility two guards man with sabres drawn were waiting outside.

“Oh the extreme excitement of more killing” Malaki said then rapidly fired several shots at one of them.

Zeron and raid attacked the other one, whilst Cethgus ran in slicing his way through the other. As the knight was too distracted by the gun fire, he penetrated the guards defence, slicing straight through the body of the man. He flinched a bit then fell to the floor dead. Zeron sliced of the other guard’s hands and then Raid stabbed his sabre into the knight’s back, then he pulled it out letting his body to fall to the floor dead as well.

“Too the mines” Cethgus shouted

All of the team was ready to move on to the next objective.


18-02-2007 16:01:27

As the group stood out the labs they had smiled on their faces from what they had all just achieved in the time it took. Cethgus slowly started to walk of in one direction but it was not the way back to their ship that puzzled the group.

“Cethgus that is the way back to the ship” Malaki said pointing to one direction

“ I know but where after their mines are we not?” Cethgus asked.

The group nodded and followed Cethgus into more swamp areas. There was voices which could be heard and where now coming closer to the group fast. Zeron, Malaki and Raid managed to hide but Cethgus didn’t have one chance in hiding in time. He looked at the group then smiled to himself.

“Follow me don’t try to stop what is about to happen” Cethgus said.

“Halt over there” a man, said

There was a group of about ten people coming towards the Obelisk. They all had weapons and about half of them had lightsaber activated and where scanning the area making sure there was no one else about. He then walked up to Cethgus and stared at him from head to foot then held out his hand.

“Give me your saber now” demanded the man.

Cethgus complied and gave the man his weapon. He was then put in some sort of energy cuffs that he couldn’t get out of no matter how hard he tried. The man then slammed his fist into the Knights face. Cethgus slammed into the floor where the group decided it best to kick the Knight. There was the sound of bones breaking. As they moved away the group saw Cethgus lying there blood coming from his face.

“Take him with us” the Man said

The group started to walk towards the mines with the Knight in the middle of the group. When they reached the mines they put the knight against a wall and attacked him by his cuffs to the wall out side. The group started to laugh at the sight of the wounded Knight.

“That should warn away any other unwelcome guests that we may have” The man said before walking inside the mine with the others.

Cethgus was weakening as time went. The group watched their friend standing there. Malaki made to go towards him but Zeron held him back. Malaki sat back down and stared at Zeron.

“What did you do that for?” Malaki asked.

“You would get both yourself and Cethgus killed we will get him back at night time. As night-time came the group took of the cuffs and lay him on the ground. Zeron did the best job he could on making the knight better.

Zeron also got the Knight saber and gave it back to Cethgus. Cethgus stood up and faced the group with only one thing in his mind. Pure revenge and that is what he would like to get by the end of this. Cethgus turned to the entrance to the mine.

“Lets go and do what we where sent to do shall we” Cethgus said.

“Lets” Malaki replied

The group started to enter the mine.


18-02-2007 16:38:27

The team examined the mine, finally being approached by a security worker. He seemed worried, and scared as he noticed the sabres. Cethgus stepped forwards, staring into the guards eyes.

“Hmm why you are here brave knights?”He asked

“Thank you for the complement but we here because of you” Cethgus replied, then pointed his sabre towards the mans torso.

The guard’s eyes widened then fell as the knight activated his sabre straight through the man, killing him instantly. The group nodded to each other then let towards the main platform of the mine itself, workers just ignored them as they all believed they were allies.

“We nearly there, but we need some explosives” Zeron said.

Malaki nodded then found directions to something like the armoury place. The team advanced there quickly, but their access there was disallowed. Two guards stood in front of the door, sabres at their belt.

“What is your business here” One of them said

Zeron looked up and then he barged past Cethgus so he was the one in front.

“We want what’s inside, now let us past” He shouted at them

The guards shook their heads disallowing them to pass; Zeron drew his sabre followed by Raid and Cethgus.

“So it comes to this” A guard said, as both of them drew their weapons.

Zeron swung his sabre through the air, destroying one of the guards defence and then sliced through his flesh. The other guards went to attack but met Cethgus’s blade, the knight bypassed his was through the guards forcing his sword into the guards torso. Zeron defended off another attack then finished his guard by slicing through the mans throat. The two guard’s bodies fell to the floor, dead.

The team entered the room that was full with det-packs, each of them picked up a set of explosives and then left back towards the main part of the mine. Still being ignored by the workers they finally made it to a main platform. They each set of for a main structured part of the mining tower and also the platform. All laying each explosive pack close on their targets, then got back together in their group.

“Let’s go, now!” Cethgus shouted.

The team sprinted their way out of the facility, and eventually escape the heat of the mine. They reached a safe position outside it then each pressed the red buttons on their detonators, destroying the main part of the mine. A huge explosion came from within the facility, virtually killing fifty percent of the workers there.

The team became livelier as they completed their objective, destroy and steal their research and destroy the planets main Mining facility.

“Now let’s go back to Dajorra and meet back up with Xen and the rest of the group” Cethgus said

The team went back to their transport vessel, took off and headed on a short journey back to the precision of the heart of gold.