Feud Run-on Team #1


05-02-2007 20:12:47

This run-on is specifically for the team whom signed up from House Acclivis Draco. It will be up to the members to discuss, work together and present the best possible story for submission to the CSP vs ARC run-on event.

Team #1: Impetus(Leader), Dahaka, Laurus, Uzbad, Ood, Exodius & Adam Anderson

You will pick up after the events that have, thus far, transpired... your mission, should you accept it, is to complete a mission you have been sent upon by ProConsul Phoenix Olkyssagh.

The details and exact story... are left to your creativity and imagination!

Feud plot until now: http://djb.borkweb.com/vengeance/plot/

Good luck!


Phoenix Olkyssagh Palpatien stood before the congregated Clan. With Consul Kunar unconscious and his health unstabilized, the ProConsul became the pillar of the Clan's direction and action. So, as Grand Marshall and acting Emperor of the Cocytus System, the Son of Palpatine had called for the entire Clan to convene upon the surface of Antenora - the Acclivis Draco outpost - to direct their next efforts.

A man of action he bypassed formalities and jumped to heart of the matter. "I need volunteers to enact the will of Clan Scholae Palatinae... I need Heroes to stand against Arcona, expediting her downfall... I ask for those whom are most loyal to step forward!"

Obediently, several denizens stepped forward ready to receive a task from the Lord ProConsul. Satisfied with the number of individuals, Phoenix addressed those whom had not volunteered, "The rest of you are dismissed. Expect orders from your Quaestors."

The pool of fearless warriors now pooled together, expectantly looking to the Palpatine for their next task. The Sith looked down upon them, knowing that it would be through their actions that Arcona would be crippled. It was these brave men and women that would lead the Clan towards victory.

"You will be divided into two cells," he began. "You will not know the actions of the other, unless I, myself, execute the command to your group leader. Your mission is to cripple and, if the opportunity arises, fell the beast known as Arcona. Through sabotage, war - whatever your evil minds can create - you will be given the full authority of this Clan Summit... Go now, prepare yourselves!"


07-02-2007 16:41:56

Quaestor RevengeX called the Jedi volunteers of Acclivis Draco before him in the main hall of the Acclivis Draco headquarters on Antenora. After no more than five minutes, the six Dark Jedi he called for stood before him. All of different races, Laurus, Uzbad, Exodius, Impetus, Ood and Azi Dahaka stood ready to receive their mission.

“Brave warriors of the Dragon.” Revenge started. “You have volunteered yourselves to stand up and fight against the treacherous clan of Arcona. You will be the defense of Judecca, you will be the ones to stop Arcona from destroying our home world. Now go, and prepare yourselves for an attack on Judecca!”

“It will be done.” Impetus replied first in her naturally soft voice. A murmur of agreement followed her.

“So we’re off to Judecca then?” Uzbad spoke above the others, the Zabrak ready for a piece of the action. Laurus’ Wookie growl of acceptance followed him.

“We have prepared a shuttle for the six of you.” Revenge said. “Prepare your weapons and meet there as soon as possible, so you can begin preparations.

The party of six dispersed, moving for the various locations of their equipment. Impetus, the only female in the group, had already planned exactly what she would bring, she took the same equipment with her everywhere. Her dull white armoured robes, featuring jagged electrum bracers for defense and attack, and gloves made from the skin of a Krayt Dragon thick enough to stop a weak blade strike. Next, the twi’lek took The Dragon’s Tail, a segmented whip empowered with low level Adegan crystals, causing it to glow a hot red, such that it would burn human flesh with a glancing blow. After the whip, Impetus picked up her katana. It’s dull red glow was merely an illusion created by the multiple blood stains on top of one another. Last, and most importantly, her lightsaber. She clipped the hilt of the elegant weapon to her belt.

In five short minutes, Impetus was ready for the mission, clad in her armoured robes, with an array of weapons on her. ‘All done. Lets hope the boys are ready as quick as I was.’


07-02-2007 19:00:48

Exodius looked around his quarters, gathering some things. He grabbed his his trusty DX-2 blaster pistol from his bounty hunting days, as well as a bandolier of thermal detonators. He hooked his lightsaber to his belt and then grabbed his most prized possesion from its display; his Sith Lanvarok. He smiled as he put the gauntlet on his left hand. Smiling he noticed a presence behind him. "Checking up, Impi?" he hissed.

"Somebody's gotta keep you boys in line," Impetus stated matter of factly. "You ready or not?"

"Sure. Let's get the others and head to the shuttle. We can discuss the particulars of the defense on the way."


07-02-2007 20:35:16

Uzbad smiled as he gathered up what he needed. His lightsaber, wooden mace, and B22 imperial blaster, rounded out his weapons. They would come in handy in the time that followed, he was sure. Arcona would pay dearly for any attempts on Judecca.

The Zabrak walked from his quarters and made his way towards the shuttle bay. When he got there he saw he wasn't the first to arrive, but nor was he the last. He stood with the others and waited impatiently for the rest of the group to arrive.

"Hey Uzbad," Impetus called, "Don't look so intense, the fighting hasn't started yet."

Uzbad looked over and scowled at her, his face slightly less emotional.

Ood Bnar

08-02-2007 04:51:18

Ood gathered his possessions but could not feel but remorse. This feud could possibly uncover three of his spies in the Arcona administration. Already the orders where sent out, the three where ordered to, if they where compromised, blow themselves up taking as much infrastructure with them as possible.

Calmly the neti took his saber and other small things he could need on this mission. Then he walked over to the cabinet on the wall and picked up the five books on planetary defense and the blueprints he made during the House Feud. too bad there hadn't been enough time to see them completely through. With a bit of rejoice, the neti thought of the Arconans that would die because of his defences and quickly added a quill and an inkpot to his shoulderbag.

When the Neti reached the shuttlebay, he could see he wasn't the last one there. Impetus and Uzbad where discussing something. Exodius stood on the side, grinning. The Neti saluted his former Quaestor and walked up to his old mentor and friend Uzbad Zol Tamalar.

"Master Uzbad, how are you doing?"

"Good Good Master Bnar, This is right what i needed." the Zabrak replied

"What is? What did you need i mean." Impetus asked her compagnion.

"The chance to exterminate some Arcona vermin without getting our paws dirty." Ood and Uzbad said in unison.

"Now let's wait for the others" Ood said in his 'leadership' voice

"Please don't shout in my ear!" Uzbad replied

Exodius, fell to the floor laughing, "This is even better than when i first saw that holo-image of the five krath hounds playing pazaak! a tree a zabrak and a Twi'lek and the conversation is hilarious!"

"Okaaaay!" the three old friends said while enlargening the distance between themselves and Exodius.


08-02-2007 14:17:59

Laurus strapped his utility belt around his waist and then grabbed for his beloved Rancor Blade which he hung around his back by a leather strap. Next, he put on his personal rancor leather gloves.
As he was leaving his dormitory he stopped suddenly, remembering something that could not afford to be forgotten, his leather drinking pouch, he went back and picked it up. Judging by the weight of it he was nearly out of booze, he looked inside; sloshing the liquid around then smelling it – juma juice. He made his way to his personal stash and gave himself a refill shortly after taking a swig.
Satisfied that he was now ready to go out, he walked out of his dormitory and made his way to the shuttle bay.

When he got there he found a Trandoshan in hysterics on the floor with the other party members backing away. The Trandoshan of course, was Exodius, whom Laurus had helped to destroy a landing craft in the HAD/HC feud. The tree-like Neti was a good friend Laurus had known throughout his time in Scholae Palatinae. The Zabrak, Uzbad, had only known Laurus briefly in their time under each others’ leadership of the former battle-team Ebon cloak but had spoken before and got on fine.
The gold-skinned Twi’lek was the one responsible for his entering the Brotherhood in the first place and the two had been on countless missions and adventures in the past, and so, had formed a formidable relationship.

“Laurus, glad you could make it!” greeted Ood as he glanced up from Exodius’ prone figure.

“Not half as much as I am.” Replied Laurus in his native tongue, “Should be fun to be responsible for the deaths of a sizeable quantity of Arcona members.”
He grinned.

Impetus smiled at Laurus’ remark and said, “Good to have you with us… now we wait for Dahaka.”


09-02-2007 17:03:14

But the next person to arrive was not Dahaka. Krath Epis Adam Anderson arrived at the shuttle, bearing a slightly hurried appearance, his cloak wrapped scruffily around him, a double bladed lightsaber hung loosely at his hip. Impetus eyed him suspiciously. “I was called up late.” The human quickly explained. “It seems I was somehow missed off the list, and I’ve just been told to come her before you all leave. We ready to go now?”

“Not yet.” Exodius replied. “We still need to wait for Azi Dahaka.”

As if on cue, the Farghul appeared in the doorway, a sheathed sword hanging at his hip, and a huge bag on his back. Impetus recognised the scabbard as that of a Sith sword. “Sorry to have kept you.” The Acolyte apologised.

“What took you so long?” Uzbad inquired. “You didn’t need all that luggage, this isn’t a holiday.” The Zabrak seemed slightly annoyed the trip was interrupted.

“Now we’re all ready!” Impetus said over the opening of a retort from the Acolyte. “Lets make our way to Judecca.” Laurus growled his approval in Shyriiwook, Impetus had learnt to understand the basics of the Wookie language from him. She turned to the shuttle. She felt uncomfortable travelling to a planet without her own ship, The Echo. The half TIE half Xwing hybrid stood about 30 meters along from the shuttle. Her eyes caught a pilot pacing the port. “You there, take The Echo to Judecca.” He seemed confused, but replied in the affirmative.

Impetus stepped into the Lambda Class Shuttle first, gesturing everyone else to follow her. The doors closed behind Adam Anderson as he entered last, a faint sound could be heard as The Echo was heard leaving Antenora. Impetus took the piloting seat and plotted a course for Judecca. She was an awful flyer, and hoped this would be just a routine trip. Laurus could be heard growling in discomfort from behind her. “I doubt the Empire has Wookies in mind when they designed this, Laurus.” Impetus said as the ship made it’s way off the ground, then jumped into hyperspace for Judecca.

Adam Anderson

10-02-2007 00:53:08

Using the force to use telepathy he talked to his old friend Adam said, " Well my friend, at least you will have Jedi blood on your hands. Take solus in that." Laurus was not happy, but said, "I will bathe in their blood, and I will take great pleasure in doing it." Adam nodded and said to Impetus, "well my lady, this is the first time I can recall us working together, I do hope tat I will surpass your expectations. And if you need I will take over piloting." Impetus shook her head, "No need, I can handle it, and as far as the other, we shall see. But, since you are an Epis, I will take care and listen to any advice you have." The Epis nodded in the affirmitive, "That is all I ask. By the way, what are your plans for the battle?"

The Epis turned to Laurus, "By the way my brother, I may not be your leader anymore, but I would be honored if you let me share in your blood sheding." Laughing the Wookee said, "Don't wory Adam I think that there will be enough to give you some of the action."


10-02-2007 04:27:43

Impetus seemed slightly frustrated that the Epis asked a question then turned away to talk to Laurus. Above everyone she said to the rest of the group “Our plan is to make sure there’s no-one infiltrating the base on Judecca. After that…” Impetus paused. “We’ll have to see what comes up.”

“So your plan is to make this up as you go along?” Ood commented.

“Well.. erm. Yeah, pretty much.” The twi’lek admitted. The ship exited hyperspace next to the Echo. “Arconan espionage units could have already infiltrated the base. We need to search every corner of Judecca till we find them. You ready?”

Everyone replied in the affirmative. As the ship landed and the party got out, a human ran towards them. “The defense squad!” He panted. He seemed somewhat amused by the group of seven different species, but fear and urgency were by far the more visible emotions. “We’re so glad you’re here. We’ve had sightings of saboteurs, assassins, thieves and spies inside the HQ.”

“Where were they last?” Exodius interrupted, realising the need for quick action.

“By the supplies, but no-one knows where they went from there. It seems they travel in two groups of about ten.”

“We’ll get rid of them.” Azi Dahaka said confidently, as the human eyed the Acolyte sceptically.

“Their blood shall run in rivers through the halls of Judecca.” The determined words of the Epis, rage clearly suppressed, did more to persuade the man. The group made a run for the HQ, determined to squash the intruders.

Adam Anderson

10-02-2007 12:52:03

Adam matced Impetus' stride and said, "I am sorry, for what happened back at the shuttle, I promise to be a better team mate from now on. Also, I would like to sugest splitting up." The Twi'lek made a nod, "All is forgiven for mow, and I will consider the sugestion, as the most experienced here, Adam I would like you to be my second, cover our rear and make sure that the younger members of the team don't get overwelmed." The Epis saluted and made his way back.

Makeing sure his friends find the enemy quicky Adam said, "Today is the day we take our home back, and show the brotherhood, that the spirit of Palpatine is whith us. FOR THE GLORY OF PALPATINE!" In unison they all yelled, "FOR THE GLORY OF PALPATINE!"

When they reached the supply depot, there were still a lot of Acrona minions running around, An Epis saw the group first, "So, the so called royal clan has finally showed up." Igniting his saber The Epis motioned for his friends to gather around. A knight of Arcona got a little antsy. "Lets kill them..kill them all." The Epis pushed him away, and he landed on his butt. "Now..Now my young sith, lets not be too hasty, maybe they have come to surender, or at least to negotiate." Ood Steped Forward, "Who are you?"


10-02-2007 15:47:10

"My name is Preeto Drodo," the Rodian Epis stated, "and I think I will let my comrades do the talking for now." Drodo walked past a few Arcona Dark Jedi as he slid into the control room of the supply depot. Impetus looked around, counting the warriors. Another Arconan ignited his saber, causing the rest of the group to ignite theirs. "You are severly outnumbered, twenty-one to seven," the Dark Jedi stated.

Impetus just smiled. "True," she said, "but you are severly outclassed." After that two hellish roars filled the air as Exodius and Laurus jumped in the middle of the mass. Blades, claws, feet and lanvarok discs flew everywhere as seven members of the infiltrators fell in battle. Impetus, Ood, and Uzbad ignited their sabers and charged into the melee. Dahaka and Adam crept around the battle and picked off stragglers and snipers.

Laurus, Rancor Blade covered in blood, looked at the Trandoshan Priest. "This couldn't get any more fun, could it Exo?"

All of a sudden, the supply depot's defense turrets started up and blasted right in between them.

"Wook, I think it just went from fun to falling into a gundark nest." Exodius hissed.


10-02-2007 16:05:10

Laurus leapt back and away from the bolts as the defence turrets spread their red energy across the ground. In the confusion, he couldn’t locate any of his comrades as he duck behind some supply crates for cover. Along with the sounds of blaster bolts cutting the air around the supply depot there came explosions with bits of turret flying across the place.

Exodius Laurus guessed and scolded himself for forgetting his array of explosive devices. He made a mental note to find some and use them.

Laser bolts rained across the crate he hid behind but luckily it was encased in durasteel, then Impetus leapt over the crate and crouched beside him.

“It’s hell out there but Exodius is doing a good job.” She remarked casually to her Wookie friend.

“And here I am cowering behind a crate full of what’s probably Arcona’s prized shipment of pornographic datapads.”

He dived out from the crate and targeted a turret before Impetus could stop him, the turret hadn’t seen him yet and he kept running, his huge legs pounding the floor with immense strength.
The turret began to turn, in a flurry of panic Laurus ducked down and grabbed the corpse of a fallen Arconan, he held the limp body in front of him as the gun opened fire.
Multiple shots impacted on the meat shield and Laurus powered forward. As he got to the ledge that this particular turret was mounted, he threw his lifeless, charred saviour straight at the guns nozzle, the gun whirred as it turned and fired pointlessly into the body covering it. Laurus jumped up and shoved the incredibly disfigured Arconan off the gun, as it turned he grabbed the turret and began pulling it. The metal screeched loudly as Laurus twisted it with his formidable muscles, then there was a loud bang and sparks showered around him as the gun was destroyed.

Exodius dived out from his cover and threw a thermal detonator at the last turret which exploded on impact.


11-02-2007 16:16:58

“Did you hear that?” The leader of a group of patrolling guards questioned his platoon of 7 men. The sound of lightsabers activating had just been heard faintly. The sound was imminently followed by the much more powerful sound of explosions and death cries, backing up the Sergeant’s suspicions. They instantly broke into a sprint, the Arconan invasion force had been found and confronted.

“Get ready men!” The human Sergeant shouted as they turned a corner that led into the battle arena. 13 Arconans stood alive, 8 corpses lay scattered, a line of 4 led up to Azi Dahaka Adam Anderson, the others perished in the central mêlée. Impetus, Uzbad and Ood stayed behind cover. Laurus was being showered in sparks, one half of a turret in either hand. Another turret had just been destroyed by an explosion, probably by the open Trandoshan, Exodius, who hastily rolled back into cover.

One Rodian Arconan held his two sabers activated, in a stance that showed pure experience with Jar’Kai Niman. He was clearly the leader of the group. Only four others carried lightsabers, with rusty stances that easily portrayed the newly promoted knights lack of experience with their chosen forms. The rest seemed an assortment of apprentices and non Force users.

“Reinforcements have arrived.” The leader shouted to the struggling Palpatine Jedi. He raised his E-11 Blaster rifle and shot a journeyman square in the chest, killing him instantly. Although she seemed confident, Impetus was relieved the squad has appeared. It seemed very unlikely their squad of seven Jedi would triumph against twenty one without any casualties. With only fifteen left and a backup squad, the tide of battle began to turn. Impetus jumped out from behind her cover of a storage crate, wrapping the Dragon’s Tail around the neck of a journeyman, the whip glowed a bright, violent crimson, burning the man’s throat, then Impetus dragged the whip back, the blazing metal scraped against the outside of his neck, killing him almost instantaneously. Almost at exactly the same time, Azi Dahaka’s Sith Sword found it’s place in the heart of a support gunner. In the centre of the fray, Adam Anderson began battle with Preeto Drodo, a circle formed around the two Krath Epis as they engaged in combat, Adam’s green staff clashed against the dual blue sabers of the Arconan. Impetus, Ood, Exodius and Uzbad each became engaged in their own duels with the knights. These fights would decide the battle.

No-one else dared interfere.

Adam Anderson

11-02-2007 17:53:18

Or at least no noe smart, from the roof a sniper tried to take out the lot of them, apparently not caring if his own bretheren were killed, Impetus and Ood, wer apparently the attended target for the first shot. Adam ever wiliing to sacrifice anything for the clan momentarily ignored his opponent and called for Impetus to take cover. She grabbed her friend, Ood and the two of them hit the deck with the double bladed saber of the Epis shot towards the would be sniper, and it nicked him, unfortunatly, the snipper was smart enough, or at least lucky enough to leave enough distance that it did not kill him.

"He is just a little too far out of the way," Anderson said as the saber returned to him. Returing to his opponent, who was durng all this taking pot shots at the Palpatine. Impetus thanked her brother and continued to attack. Laurus, not one for keeping his emotions in check ran into the fray and started taking appart the non force sensitive Acronans like they were dolls. It was a beautiful thing to see.

Exidus with all the anger he could muster was actually fairing very well, and infact was making very nice progress through those who stood in his way.


12-02-2007 18:51:56

Uzbad circled around his opponent, their two blades glowing. The Zabrak did not know the other by name, only that she was from Arcona. Their blades clashed together, purple and blue sparks flew every which way as they collided. They held the position for a few seconds, before Uzbad overpowered the weaker Arconan and pushed her backwards. She stumbled but did not fall and Uzbad charged forward, making as if he would slash downwards to the right. At the last moment, he spun and swung his blade low and left.

The Arconan managed to avoid the blow, jumping backwards at the last second, probably having sensed Uzbad’s intents and reacting just in time. Uzbad hurriedly regained his balance and blocked a quick counter-attack from the Arconan. As soon as he did so, he made a counter-attack of his own, stabbing forwards. The Arconan was nicked by the lightsaber, but not badly hurt. A slight smell of burnt cloth and skin wafted through the air but quickly dissipated.

Spinning around, Uzbad continued the battle.

Adam Anderson

12-02-2007 22:45:04

Uzbad was fired up for his battle, and did not think he needed help, but Laurus raced in to aid his friend. uzbad nodded to the big Wook, and they movered on to the next targets.

Meanwhile, Adam Anderson, was having a whale of a time with his opponent, his opponent, Presto was his equal with the lightsaber as it turnedout, but not the drive or conviction of his cause. Using Krath magic and a little use of the force the Epis forced his opponent to use the saber to slit his own throat. Anderson wanted to catch up to Impetus quiclly, not just because she was the leader of the group, but because he was old and wanted to see the young and powerful to lead the brotherhoood, and if she were to be killed that would be a complete disaster.

"My friends Lets finish this quickly" Adam said telepathicly, " We must stop the Adancement of the Acronans, and show the brotherhood why Palpatine is out gaurdian angel and guide to the dark side." They all yelled, "IN THE NAME OF THE EMPEROR!"


13-02-2007 10:01:19

As the chant died down, a scream from an Arconan replaced the missing sounds as Laurus’ Rancor Blade found itself embedded in the chest of the female knight. Blood splattered across a small radius as a small thud indicated her fall to the ground, the end of the knight.

Simultaneously, Impetus raised her lightsaber to a blade attack from a journeyman, half of the blade fell harmlessly to the floor. While the blade was still in mid-fall, she unsheathed her katana across his chest, his upper body fell to the floor.

As it seemed the Arconan force was fighting a hopeless battle, Exodius attempted to finish off the non-Force users with a thermal detonator. Unfortunately, the device caught the sharp eyes of Preeto Drodo, with a wave of his hand, it was sent back at the Palatinae re-enforcements, the blast incinerating three of them.

In the time it took the rodian Epis to re-direct the detonator, however, Adam had gained the upper hand, and with a relentless attack flurry from his green staff, had pushed the other Epis back to the wall. The numbers had evened themselves out, Scholae Palatinae now had an even amount of troops, but the Epis and two knights remained, always a threat on the battlefield.


14-02-2007 15:29:07

Laurus tried his best to stay away from the Knights and definitely the Epis as those were fights slightly out of his league and it would be best not to interfere when the others could do it much more effectively. He and Azi Dahaka leapt into action after this brief pause to assess the situation. He had survived this long by getting some lucky breaks and some daring tactics, now he had to be careful but these non-force users he knew he could take with ease.

He leapt on top of a crate and then leapt again on to an unsuspecting soldier who screamed and fired a few shots way off target in the last moments of his life as he saw his furry attacker. Laurus broke his neck as if it were a mere stick in the forests of his homeland.

Exodius and Ood engaged a Knight and sent a flurry of attacks against the Arconan. Each attack was a piece of poetry taking on physical form in the shape of a lightsaber. Ood swung and came again as his opponent stepped back again, blocking, Exodius broke away from the fight, spinning and the blink of an eye, grabbed his DX-2 from its holster, took aim, and fired.

The blast found its way to the Knights chest, a human male, as he attempted to counter-attack Ood, the man’s feet left the ground as the bolt sent him back and he collided with a stack of crates – his saber flew out of his hands which were high above his head at the time, still activated.
The saber flew through the battle drenched air, its blade slicing a troop’s arm off perfectly.
A stunned Laurus watched as his would-be opponent dropped to the floor screaming.

There didn’t seem to be anyone left now, the Wookie looked right and saw Adam Anderson finish his enemy in a flash of a saber across his torso. Just behind that, Impetus danced around her opponent’s vain attacks before spinning the Dragon’s Tail in a deadly embrace around her opponent. Laurus spun the Rancor Blade above his head and then brought it down on his whimpering enemy, silencing. He looked up from the mess and whispered more to himself than any other; “Dahaka, where’s Dahaka?”.

Adam Anderson

14-02-2007 21:48:09

"Well I hope you are having fun," Adam said to Laurus during the intermision between battles. Though I must, I was suprised to see you back away from a fight, come lets get going I want to ferit out the rest of the resistance cells." The big Wook looked at his old team leader and groweled, "I am not scared of anyone I just know my limits, as far as the Epis was concerned, and as the knights, well I did not want to take the chance I was wrong about being able to kill them."A Adam looked at his old friend, and pointed to the dead knights and Epis. "I think you could have taken them...I would have paid good money to see you take the arms of the Epis." He laughed out loud a very rare thing to behold.

Putting a hand On Laurus' back, they met up with Impetus who was cleaning off her boots, "Damm blood stains, why do these lesser clansmen have to make such a mess, I hope the rest of the day swill go better." Laurus pointed around the room, “Dahaka, is missing my lady, do you know where he is?" Impetus sought through the force to find the clansmate. "I can't sence him, suddenly I can't sense anything, the bloody Acronans have brought force-dampening equipment with them. We must find it qiuickly.


15-02-2007 16:49:04

“We need to find Azi Dahaka first.” Ood Replied.

“Ood’s right, if no-one saw him disappear, he could be in need of our help. Me and Uzbad will find Dahaka, he can’t have gone far. Everyone else locate the Force suppressors.” Impetus added. As she finished speaking, the group split up, looking for their designated targets. It wasn’t long, no longer than five minutes, before the buzz of Adam’s lightsaber activated, followed by a crunch of high tech equipment, the sense of being able to feel the Force returned to the group.

“Impetus.” A quiet voice sounded in her ear, barely above a whisper. The twi’lek had never heard Uzbad speak like that, he sounded scared, almost horrified. “Impetus.” He said again, slightly impatient. She turned and followed his eyes. The sight disgusted her.

Azi Dahaka lay spread on the floor, a blade stuck straight through his heart. Blood still spurted from the wound, a puddle of crimson fluid surrounded him. The weapon itself, an ugly short sword, was bathed in blood from the tip to the hilt, drops of blood dropped onto Dahaka’s body. Impetus barely suppressed a tear. “He was only new.” She said with a burning passion, her uncharacteristic voice full of a new hate. “I swear we shall avenge your death, Dahaka. Arcona will die for this, no-one takes a Palatinaean life of such potential, and gets away with it. You’ll die for this, Arcona.” Her usually soft voice deformed into that of a twisted murderer, nothing but hate and thirst for vengeance detectable in her words. The true voice behind the feigned etiquette.

“Defenders of Judecca.” A general’s voice sounded in the ear of every one of them, from a comlink given to every member. “A wave of troops have landed on the planet, and are marching towards our base. We’ve sent a squad to intercept them, back up the defences.”

“Farewell, Dahaka.” Impetus said quietly, then returned to focus her mind on the mission, Arcona would feel her anger in it’s purest form.

Adam Anderson

17-02-2007 00:23:46

"General Navine," Impetus said as she and Adam ran up to meet with the defenders, "I am glad to see you, how can we be of assistance?" Before the general could speak Adam put in, "As long as our lady here can get her revenge, I don't think she really cares. I did not mean to interupt, what were you about to say general?"

Taking a breath, the general said, "I need your people to shadow, my men, make sure that they can get the job done without being killed, I know you are ready to die for the clan, but I don't think they are." Neither one like ed that answer, but they went with his plan, and maybe something would come up that would make his plan become better then what it sounded.

As the defenders got into action Adam and Ipetus had a quick last minute meeting."How can I be of service my lady?" Impetus heard that the Epis did not care about rank, and was not ashamed to give the proper respect to those who were his superiors, no matter the rank, but she liked that she heard it for herself. "Well what I wanted to ask you is to help me to get revenge, I want you to swear a blood oath that our clansmen's death was not in vain." Adam held out his hand quicly and she cut his hand and then cut hers. "I swear upon my blood..upon our blood we shall see vengence be done this day."


17-02-2007 08:09:01

Laurus, Uzbad, Exodius and Ood did as they were told and went to find the squads of troops defending Palatinae’s HQ. Anderson and Impetus swiftly caught up with them.
The headquarters were tucked away nicely in a mountain range on the north continent so really there was only one easy way to gain access.
They followed turbolifts and corridors out of the war rooms until finally they reached the main exit, which was heavily barricaded, the guards stood back and let the six Dark Jedi through and orders were given to open the magnetically sealed door.

Outside, troops ran to their stations and barricades were being constructed at the last minute.

“Each needs to find a squad to lead, I’m afraid we must split up at this point friends, may the Dark Side protect you.” said the Neti.

Laurus and Impetus ran to the right of the barricades, Ood and Uzbad went left Exodius and Anderson went straight forward. Lines of troops marched to their posts and others whispered rumours of the Arconan forces as they crouched behind barriers or sat in their makeshift trenches.
A man wearing the rank of captain caught his eye. He was a human male and bore a grey moustache under eyes of tactical cunning. Laurus could read human expressions well and could tell that this man knew his trade so he strode up to receive his orders.

The man, who was scanning the distance clearly noticed the Wookie and Twi'lek to his side and dragged his electro-binoculars away from his eyes as he made to look through them.

“Brilliant, about time we had Jedi to help - and a Wookie at that!" he looked at Impetus carefully, "and I'm sure you'll prove yourself my dear. But a Wookie! I'm sure you'll be a great deal of use my friend!"

One of the soldiers heard his captain’s words, he turned around and let loose a cheer.
The others followed suit. Laurus grinned and glanced at Impetus who looked a bit more than slightly annoyed.


18-02-2007 08:04:40

The general somehow misinterpreted the twi’lek’s obvious facial expression. “No need to be worried, dear, your Wookie friend will protect you.” This merely added to Impetus’ frustration.

“Would I have one of these if I couldn’t protect myself?” She retorted angrily, drawing her lightsaber from her robes with Force Telekinesis, igniting it’s violet blade in the air before catching it cleanly. The man stared at her, awestruck, clearly her small, weak frame contained some form of hidden strength.

Meanwhile, Ood and Uzbad quickly ingratiated themselves in their group, as Adam and Exodius did the same. There was barely any time for talk however, as the Arconan forces were seen charging towards the base, slightly larger in number than the Palatinaean Defense force, but there didn’t seem to be any Jedi among them. The army was created purely of non-Force using infantry.

As they approached, the army seemed to split into three, matching the divisions their enemies had split into. Three small skirmishes would be fought, the result of which would decide the fate of Judecca. Each Palatinaean division was 20 units each, compared to what looked like groups of 30 from Arconan’s split. However, with the six dark Jedi to lead the lines, it looked like Arcona were fighting a losing battle.

As the troops get in range of the defences, blaster fire began to sound on both sides, the mountains around them became a sea of red, a low fireworks display of deadly bolts. In each unit, half of the Arconan units stopped, firing various projectiles, blaster rifles, missile launchers, and various other weapons into the fray. The other half carried an assortment of light blaster rifles and blades, both created for Close Quarters Combat.


18-02-2007 14:37:52

The troops came rushing in, firing at the soldiers in the barricades and trenches.

“Open fire!” shouted the human captain and fire was returned across the battlefield as the other captains gave their orders.
Laurus jumped on top of a barricade and let loose a Wookie war cry that rang through the landscape and across the mountains.

Explosions came across the field and battle was joined. The two clans clashed in a frenzy of noise. As Impetus spun a deadly dance in front of Scholae Palatinae troops, sending Arconan fire back from whence it came, Laurus rushed forward with a group of blade-wielding troops.
The others were in the same situation, Exodius was returning fire with Adam Anderson engaged in some close quarters combat, his staff saber whirling majestically around him.
Uzbad and Ood were engaged, sending Arconan reinforcements flying into the air or finding some way to use them as projectiles against their brethren.

As the Dark Jedi were in the thick of battle, ships came down from the mountains and became aerial attackers of the HQ. The defenders fired back with rockets and the turrets sent energy into the air.

Many Arconan ships went down and fell into the chaos of the land battle, crushing troops or exploding sending burning metal across the land.

The battle was in its prime, chaos and pandemonium reigned.


18-02-2007 16:34:38

The confusion of battle had caused what started as three separate skirmishes to merge into one great battle for the defense of Judecca.

The close range Arconan troops began to fall quickly, the six Dark Jedi of Palatinae ripped through the invasion force. The battle had caused troops to merge, Impetus’ flowing combat found herself dancing across the battlefield, a flowing river of deadly strikes, until she found herself next to Ood Bnar, the neti having equal success with the troops he was facing. In the few short moments, the entire central attack force fell. Impetus left to join Laurus, Uzbad and Ood rushed to the support of Adam Anderson and Exodius.

They reached their skirmish to see a particularly impressive display of Telekinesis from the Epis, one troop was sent crashing into four of his comrades, knocking them all down ready for a swift and effortless flurry from the combined new force of Uzbad and Ood. On this side of the battle, thing were looking hopeful for the defence, the close quarters units on the left side fell, leaving only the troops facing the trained pair of Impetus and Laurus, a partnership a pair of elders would be destined to lose.

The twi’lek arrived on the scene as Laurus fought back three vibroblade wielding troops with his home made sword, The Rancor Blade. With a powerful throw of her lightsaber, the head of one of the wookie’s opponents fell to the ground, leaving not a mark of blood as the priestess’ weapon returned to her. In the midst of the Arconan shock and panic, one of them found a line of Rancor teeth imbedded in his chest as the Hunter’s sword found it’s target. Impetus appeared at Laurus’ side, slicing the remaining Arconan in half.

Meanwhile, the other four laid waste to the long range Arcona troops. Impetus caught a brief moment of the massacre as they made their way across the horizon. But there was no time to sit and watch, Five enemy troops remained in the vicinity, closing in around them. The pair stood back to back, waiting to strike, trading messages with Force Telepathy. They reached the range of both the saber and the Rancor Blade. And the dance began.

Simultaneously, Impetus and Laurus made identical movements, cutting two Arconans cleanly in half. Laurus didn’t need a signal. Knowing exactly what to do, he threw himself to the ground, a purple blade flashed through where his body was, through the heart of an attacker. Instantaneously, Laurus got up onto his feet, and stabbed at his twi’lek friend. As she flipped gracefully over the wookie’s head, his Rancor Blade sliced into the neck of an Arconan, an almost simultaneous scream indicated Impetus’ murder of the last one before she even reached the ground. Surrounded by blood and bodies, the sheathed their weapons. There was no sound coming from afar. The other four had eliminated all of the long range troops.

The land lay silent.

The fire stopped.

Judecca was safe.


The End.