HC Run-on: 2.2 Intrigue

Thran Occasus

13-11-2006 00:29:13

1500 Hours, Standard Time, Ptolomea: House Caliburnus Facility.

An empty arrangement of thoughts filled the space between his ears. Control was slipping further from his grip. The Sith Warrior and Aedile of House Caliburnus had made a fatal error. People would die because of his choice and he enjoyed every moment. Even as he paced in the Quaestor’s office, his hardly pristine view self-perfection remained firm.

“You have exactly 5 minutes to explain what happened. I will not tolerate your lies. I will not accept any failure. If something happened, it is your fault and I am holding you responsible. How dare you circumvent me and make such an Order! I hope you have good news.” The Priestess hissed.

“They are detaining the two would-be-kindappers. One returned to report the botched plan, The Palpatine Quaestor interfered. He incapacitated the pair. I say we blame it on them, they take the fall. Two bad apples, they are Dark Jedi. Can’t blame them for being too Dark, it just seems wrong. Worst case scenario, They will be executed. They were of little worth anyway.” Thran Occasus, proud Leader and arrogant Sith said with a surpassingly cool composure.

“You are too confident to think they won’t investigate. You made an error, Sith. A big one.” The Twi’lek said scathingly.

“We will see, the outcome is still ahead.” He defended. “I will address the House.” He added.

“No, you won’t I have had enough of your diplomacy. You will go to the hangar and personally prepare every ship. This will not be good, there will be much investigation. Clear the travel records, sweep away any trace of your faulty tactic. I hope they at least put a nice scar on her. It would make me ever so happy.” The scantily clad leader interjected.

As he finished wiping the last of the records, Jedi Hunter Tyno entered the room, smug with something incredible.

“I hear you made a little mistake. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.” The impressing stature of the journeymen bellowed.

“Unless you are here to prepare yourself or our resources, I suggest you shut your mouth or else I will put another gaping hole in your head.” The equite snapped.

Thran tinkered with a control panel, modifying the defenses to shoot intruders on sight. The hiss of a hydrospanner and the clack of wrenches covered the next statement the Mandalorian had made. Thran looked up at him, the armor clad man stood so proud to see the Sith make an error, he couldn’t help himself.

“That’s it, you are on guard here. My Orders.” The aedile barked.

“On the contrary, I am here to relay the message that you, personally, are to oversee the construction and maintenance of our defenses. You are to stand watch night and day. Impetus doesn’t want to see your face around the complex. You must have really pissed her off.” The Hunter said with a hint of happiness about him.

With an indignant scoff, Thran threw the tools to the ground. A strong pace led him directly into Tyno’s shoulder, bouncing him off the now fuming Warrior. The Sunset went to his quarters, he dug up several papers and a collage of weaponry. No blasters were among the weapons. He stomped off into the complex, in search of the training facility.

Tossing the weapons into a heap on the ground, he addressed the training crowd, Equites and Journeymen alike. “Anyone of you want a challenge? No? Too Bad…” He screamed.

It was only a moment or so later that someone stepped forward, more than welcoming the fuming Bakuran’s challenge. He was angry, but it would only get worse. Something would have to be done, he couldn’t control himself, much less a House on the brink of war.

“Save your fight, little one.” A crisp voice came from the crowd. Thran snapped to meet the voice, lightsaber only seconds behind.


13-11-2006 11:55:28

An Apprentice stepped forward. “I’ll fight you if it’s for training.” He said, seemingly oblivious to his Aedile’s fury. There was a murmur of talk across the crowd, along the lines of “he’s insane.”

What started as a training fight turned into a bloodbath after 5 attacks from the apprentice’s katana, as a two handed sword glided through his chest. “Anyone else want some!” He barked in fury. “You.” He pointed one of the only women in the crowd. “Come and face me.” The Guardian stepped back. In an uncontrollable rage, he threw a sword at her neck. Her dodge almost caused it to hit a nearby Knight in the chest.

“Occasus enough!” A female voice came from the door.
She paced quickly towards her Aedile. “What the hell are you doing Thran? We’re on the brink of war, and you’re there slaughtering our army. I thought Tyno told you to oversee the defences.”

“Yes, but-

“But you thought you’d kill some of our House first. First you get our warriors captured, then you kill them, anyone would think you still worked for Acclivis Draco!”

“I assure you, all ties to that House are behind me.”

I wish I could say that, the Quaestor thought to herself, her experiences and triumphs in the Krath House still not forgotten.

“You’re face is making me ill, go to the construction site immediately. Report back on the progress in 1 hour.”

The Aedile walked quickly away, his pride still seemingly undamaged.

“Stupid Sith, why did Xen have to resign?” She muttered to herself in Twi’leki.

“Bear with your new Aedile.” She said to the attacked Guardian. “He is still finding his place here.”

Meanwhile, Thran had almost reached the construction site. The workers looked to be in for a hard time.


14-11-2006 15:24:52

Cethgus saw Thran walking to the construction site. Cethgus had never seen Thran look that mad. Thran walked at a quick pace towards the construction site.

“Thran hey over here” Cethgus shouted.

Thran stopped dead in his tracks and turned around and faced were the noise he saw the knight standing there. Thran slowly walked towards Cethgus and his hands turned into balls making fists. Cethgus looked at Thran with unease.

“How are you Thran” Cethgus asked.

Thran continued to walk towards Cethgus. Cethgus thought it best to make sure that he was ready for what was about to happen. Cethgus put his hand on his saber and was ready to attack Thran. Thran was now standing in front of Cethgus and looked at his eyes. Thran put his arm on Cethgus shoulder.

“I am good Cethgus, just tried I guess but still” Thran said.

“Well you know that if you want my help with anything then you just have to call me ok and I will help” Cethgus said with a sigh of relief.

Cethgus let his hand come of his saber as he faced Thran and smiled. Thran stared at Cethgus.

“If you don’t mind I have work to be doing” Thran said

Cethgus nodded and watched as Thran continued to walk towards the construction site.

“See you around” Cethgus shouted.

Cethgus saw Thran put his hand up in acknowledge and continued to walk towards the construction site.


15-11-2006 21:44:27

Xen glanced at his flashing data pad. He betrayed a slight smile at what the message said. He stood from his meditative position he was in, and went to he workbench. He surveyed what he had been working on. The curving, cold, twisted pieces of metal, shined slightly in the dim light of the room. Xen pocketed the sadistic pieces of metal and went for his door.

“Maybe this is going to go too well.” Xen thought to himself.

Like a shadow Xen moved through the halls of the Caliburnus Headquarters. As he made his way to see Impetus, a poor Protector came across the Sith’s path. Without a word, one of the small pieces of metal slipped into Xen’s hand. And flew at the Protector’s throat. Xen continued to walk with out a sound as the protector fell dead to the floor.

Xen quickly arrived at the Quaestor’s office. Just as he was going to knock the door effortless slide open. Impetus’s voice floated through the air.

“Xen please come in, I had been hoping you would show up.”

Xen didn’t give any response as he entered and sat down opposite the Krath.

“How have you been Xen, I haven’t seen much of you lately.” Impetus weakly attempted at conversation.

“I’ve been busy with training. It’s been difficult, and I miss the office. Please tell me Thran hasn’t totally destroyed it.” Xen said coldly. It was obvious he wanted to cut the chitchat.

“I see… Well as I’m sure your aware there have been many things going on. There are a few things that we haven’t exactly informed everyone about.” Impetus said. She quickly filled Xen in on some of the other information.


Xen stood up.

“I understand what you want me to do.” He said softly.

He turned and left, smiling on the inside.


16-11-2006 16:27:57

Malaki overheard the argument between Impetus and Thran in the training facility, it startled him a bit. Wanting to search out for the truth he went to his masters quarters, as he walk down the on going hall Xen barged past him with a sense of happiness within him. The hunter knocked on Impetus’s quarters.

“Come in” A faint voice said and then the doors open

Malaki entered, and he felt a sudden angry and fury within the room.

“Is it true, the rumour that’s going around. Since when have we been at war why wasn’t I told about this” Malaki said raising his voice as he went.

Impetus signed and said to Malaki “We are not at war, well not yet, for an age rivalry has come between us and the members of Acclivis Draco and now it is time to prove that we are the better house”

Malaki looked astonished, his feeling were outrages.

“So it has come to this, where we as men fight to prove were the better house if that is what this war is about then let it pass, but master I cant argue with you if it comes to war we need to be prepared” The jedi hunter said looking more pale and scared as he went.

Malaki left the room trembling inside he then went search of a friend, a newly appointed dark jedi and the old student of Impetus, Cethgus. He needed to talk to someone who knows more if he is going to find out why and what is going to happen. Malaki hasn’t been with Caliburnus for long, not seen much in his time so he seeks out a friend for help.

Thran Occasus

17-11-2006 00:09:01

“Master, I require your insight. Mind you, I am not proud I must resort to this action. This is how it must happen, I feel.” The young man chirped.

“My Apprentice, you have learned much. I will come with you, Friend. Together, we will be victorious. We have not had the chance to ride into war together for some time, Sith-ling. Come, let us ready ourselves.” The silky Sith man said with a cooing menace.

The two dark clad men stood, relishing in a moment at the thought of a pre-battle drink, an old Caliburnus ritual. The elder began off, this Rivalry would soon grow Sith. Slipping like silent predators through the hall, towards the hangar. Two smiles in a pair of sharks, the tides would certainly bring fresh meat.


“Where the devil is that Aedile of Mine?!” the strikingly beautiful Quaestor said, trailing off into alien tongue. In an instant, several scared Journeymen scurried off in search of the Warrior-Aedile. No more than a breath later, he appeared in the doorway. He stood, covered in grime and had a hint of anger on his face.

“You were looking for me Madam Quaestor.” He said with hissing sarcasm.

She bit her lip. Though they were both Equites, he had the advantage of being a belligerent madman. “Ah, yes. Thran, Darling, you and I are going to have a very long and heated conversation. I hope you are more than prepared to see something more than…” She paused looking to a datapad log containing some record he had. “A fun time after the Cantina.” She said with a distinctly angered look on her colorful visage. “You are in direct violation of so many orders, I could have you deported to the mercy of some very angry council people. You have two minutes to…Propose a way to get out of this. You are a Sith and this is your problem. You succeed and it disappears. You fail, and you will be executed as a heretic and rabble-rouser. Mark my words, boy.” She lectured.

“Boy, Miss…You are younger than I am. Now listen up and listen well. I will personally oversee that this is rectified. I am taking an absence, I am afraid something has come up in my Business Facilities.” He said with a wink. “I am prepared to go on record for this. There will be no interference on behalf of House Caliburnus. If the house is too cowardly to step up, then the leadership need not get their hands dirty. You may appoint a new Aedile in my absence, to take care of what ever daily juice runs you desire so that you may enjoy the view.” He spat.

“That won’t be necessary, Aedile. I have no idea what you are going to do, but if you are caught you are completely on your own. Do you understand?” the twi’lek spoke as she nearly bounced towards him in an attack.

Unflinching, he looked her in the eyes. “Of course I do. Watch yourself there, wouldn’t want you to mess up your beautiful face.” He said with a disgustingly debonair smile.


Cethgus was pinned up against the wall, with a maalraas pinning him back. “Ok! OK! I’ll go…But get that damned Sith-spawn off of me!” the new Knight screamed. As the beast was tugged back by a firm hand on the end of a tight leash, Cethgus adjusted himself. “Was that even necessary? Stupid Sith can not just communicate…” He spoke defiantly.

“Now, now. Let’s not upset Mittens here. Get your Lightsaber and some of those Menagerie Logs in my office.” He said, turning his head as Malaki turned the corner surprised by the presence of the Aedile.

“Oh, Aedile Occa-” he said before being typically cut off by the hasty Warrior.

“Damnit…” He said pausing to find the journeyman’s name. “ummm…Malaki! Get over here you twit! Do you know what you have got yourself into? Gah, just get some weapons and meet me at the hangar. Wait! Stun weapons!” he said as the confused journeyman turned to comply with the demand. Turning back to Cethgus, he said “good job, you just got that little [Expletive Deleted] killed. I hope you are proud.” The scathing accusation stung the Krath Knight.

After dismissing the new saber weilder, Thran stormed off to gather another decoy beast. He had yet to establish a proper holding facility, so he had most of the beasts stored in temporary cages. After reaching his destination, he stepped in front of the barely contained beasts. Finding none that fit his needs, it hit him. One would be less suspicious, an unprompted change of holding would require a minimal matter.


“What do you mean I can’t get in? This beast has been cooped up for too long, it needs this facility for too long, or it will die. If that happens, you will get the bill. It was a pretty penny, too. In and out, come on.” The Warrior coaxed with his three companions dead silent behind him.

“Who are these guys? I’ve never seen them. I’m sorry sir, but I was told explicitly not to allow you in. I suppose if you don’t mention it. Or if you were caught, you came in at the south entrance, I hate that laser-brained…” the guard said trailing off into a story.

“South Exit, got ya. Thank you champ…You won’t regret it.” The Sith said, passing on into the safety of the compound. He immediately led his way to the office of his Counterpart in House Acclivis Draco. After a brief interrogation and questioning from the Quaestor and company, he was cleared to deposit the animal. Hastily doing so, he proceeded to his goal. The resistance was surpassingly weaker than his force, which was surprising. He slipped into the room, finally face to face with the bumbling kidnappers. Though they were unarmed, they were dispatched faster than one would expect.

The guard hadn’t noticed. They were lucky he wasn’t their Aedile. He still wanted to see the victim, but there wasn’t time. He quickly lead the group passed the defenses and out again to the Olus Vision, Thran’s personal vessel. As they sped off into the heavens, He called up his Calvary.

“VSD Excidium, expect immediate arrival of Dark Paladin of Clan Scholae Palatinae. This is an extreme matter of security. Immediate control relinquished, I am now in command.” The smug pilot commanded.

“Yes, Paladin, All will be prepared. Awaiting your arrival. All codes transferred to your vessel, Sire.” The staccato voice of a naval man replied.

Finally the tides had changed, with four sharks. Much blood would come.

“Time for the real fun boys.” He said, turning to the Battlelord Mentor he had.

The smile said it all.


17-11-2006 09:20:52

A chill shot down his spine to wake up the Dark Knight. He looked around the room. It was dark. His covers were still over his body, and no window had opened. He looked across the bed to a beautiful young Novice who had been "initiated" last night by yours truely. She remained in a deep slumber. Prajna Berkana closed his eyes to a slit, and searched outward with his mind's eye.

He briefly touched several minds who were sleeping in the rooms down the hall. Everything here seemed calm and quiet, yet the hair on the back of the Cerean's neck continued to stand upright. PJ climbed out from the blanket and quickly got dressed. He clipped his new lightsaber to the belt on his waist, and silently shuffled out the room and down the hall to exit the dormatory wing.

It took a great amount of balance to keep from falling over the dead body of a misfortunate Protector. Prajna checked the corpse and found a uniquely shaped piece of metal in the Journeyman's neck. He wiped the blood on the dead man's robe, and then slid this death weapon into his robe. The Obelisk pulled his robes up tighter. Something was amuck, because the chill still made his whole body tremble. This was not something that often happened, but when someone is atune to the Force, nothing is out of the realm of posibility.

Quickly the halls moved under his unsteady steps. Prajna arrived to the office door of the Mighty House leadership. As the door opened, the calm voice of a confident women carried behind him. "Do you always go marching through other people's doors without asking permission?" Prajna dropped his shoulders just slightly in a sigh, before turning around to meet the eyes of Impetus.

"Something isn't right m'Lady." Prajna couldn't control the shivers as their weakness came off in his voice.


17-11-2006 20:36:59

Tyno sat at the desk in his going over recent reports from his team and information about the recent outbreak of events between the houses. He had nothing against Acclivis Draco but he would stand behind his house in the conflict. The one thing that did concern him was Ood Bnar. He had just recently switched houses and Ood was not someone you wanted as a enemy. Tyno had worked with Ood during the Great Jedi War and had learned of his spy-net that at the time had agents everywhere except the DGM and GM offices. The official knowledge was they net had been disbanded after the GJW and Oods funding had ceased. After seeing Ood remove large amounts of credits from his account he suspected the net did still exist being paid from Oods own pocket. The spynet that now was in the hands of Acclivis Draco. Before he could contemplate this further his thoughts were interrupted by the comm.

“Ah hello Aedile Thran.” Tyno said dully

"Listen up, you metal headed excuse for a Sith...You have exactly one hour to pack your gear and get to the Excidium” Thran responded angrily

And may I ask our glorious leader why I am to come to the Excidium? Asked the puzzled Commander.

"We are going to War!"

The local cantina run out of ale? Tyno joked.

No questions or I will kill you myself, You laser brained Grank sniffer. Your house is in need, do as told? Have any moronic questions? No? Good. Thran, out."

Tyno was about to respond to the grank comment but Thran cut the comm Before he had a chance.“He gets more Irrational by the hour but I don’t get the chance to go on board the Excidium often” Tyno muttered to himself.
Tyno sat up and picked up his westar-34 blaster pistol then spun it into his holster. He only wore his mandalorian chest plate now days so he could have more freedom of movement. He checked to make sure the rest of his armor was locked and began his walk to the hanger and raised his comlink to contact his astromech.

“Wisdom prep the Actis for takeoff” said the sith as the droid beeped an affirmative.
"This will be interesting" he thought as he walked away from his room.


18-11-2006 15:29:02

As Thran’s plan to attack Acclivis Draco spread across the halls of Caliburnus, the news inevitably fell on the Quaestor’s ears. Her eyes caught a faint glimpse of him in a corridor as he was scouting for more troops. Silently, she followed him, gradually getting closer and closer.

“I hear you plan open warfare with HAD” Impetus said loudly and quickly in his ear, startling her Aedile.

“Yes, we’re going to reclaim our captive warriors.”

“And why didn’t you tell me about this?”

“I thought it better if you didn’t know, and you’d be more pleased if the return of your warriors was unexpected.”

“Stupid Sith, I’d feel left out. I wish to witness every small victory over Acclivis Draco with my own eyes. When we crush them in open warfare, don’t you think I’d want to be there to see it?”

“So you approve of the plan?”

“Coincidently I was thinking up a similar scheme of my own when Tyno brought me the news that you’d claimed the Excidium. Load my chir’daki into the hangar, and gather all the troops. The sooner we attack, the better.”

“Sure thing Imp.” Thran rushed off to gather his troops.

“All men at arms, or those capable of bearing them, report to the Excidium ASAP.” Impetus spoke into a microphone, her words echoing from every speaker in the Caliburnus HQ.


19-11-2006 05:44:53

“Jedi Hunter Zeron…” Said the Envoy of House Caliburnus answered the call in his office

“Roll master, the clan is in situation red, I repeat red, you are allowed to use Doom’s day,” said the operator

The operator disconnected after this sentence.

Zeron turned to his computer; he opened the program called doom’s day. To open it he needed multiple security checks. Firstly, he had to put his hand on the security scanner, which read his heat signature and DNA; next step was the master password then his personal one.

The program itself controlled the Caliburnus HQ defenses. The newest entry was added by Impetus herself. In this file, she wrote an attack from the other house of the clan is awaited and that Caliburnus is preparing a counter attack. The defenses must be set up to prevent the enemy to capture the “homeland” during our attack.

Zeron opened the inner security subroutine. He quickly raised the security level of all doors meaning to enter the base you need a basic 5th level access, the barracks and dining hall required no further accesses. The armory, tactical room, and the hangar required Level 3 access, specialized access for the workers of that area, commanders and troopers. Those who had access to the hangar, had not to the armory. The command quarters, archives and the lower levels were sealed off with Level 1 access, meaning only Impetus, Thran and Xen could access it. Removing Xen’s summit access slipped the Quaestor’s mind. With a 2nd touch he changed the entire manual override password on all locks. From then on only the Summit could use keypads which used to open the doors all around the base. The system worth more credit then Zeron dared to think about, he knew Security comes first. Those without the keypad codes must use the Military grade DNA and heat scanners, which store everyone’s access level to the areas.

He also armed the defense guns in the main corridors. If the base sounds the alarm, these weapons will follow the preprogrammed subroutine and kill anyone hostile; Zeron only programmed the house members to the safe list. Anyone else is considered hostile and must be terminated, even the Clan Summit. He closed the inner defense system for now, the outer defense screen showed up. Zeron took a deep breath…

Meanwhile the system sent a message to all members listing the changes in defenses. Nothing detailed just to make sure everyone knows the rules.

The real defense was outside. Anti fighter turrets, 2 Para-military grade Ion Cannon against capital ships and landing crafts, security cameras, minefields, sensors and some laser turret against the troopers. Normally these aren’t visible, they are hidden. As these weapons and devices were prepared for immediate use, Zeron only had to change the activation from disabled to Full alert. He was not afraid of friendly fire. The computer took care of that it won’t happen.

Then he heard “All men at arms, or those capable of bearing them, report to the Excidium ASAP.”
The message meant he had to leave the defenses. He logged off and turned off the computer, waiting until it sank into the titanium security box.

He already gathered his equipment; he wore heavy armor and wielded a repeating blaster cannon. There is a good chance he would be fighting Krath more powerful than himself. If this occurred, he would need the firepower. Some minutes later, He walked towards the hangar when he met with his Quaestor.

Impetus turned towards him and asked,
“Is the Security online Hunter?”
Zeron reply sounded robotic due to the armor he wore.
“Yes Ma’am, the base is ready.”

“Then let’s move out,” ordered Impetus. Zeron joined her such as a half dozen housemen.


19-11-2006 15:52:02

Malaki turned around, heading away from Thran. He waited in the hall way until the stress head of an Aedile left, when he did he went back into the room. Cethgus was just packing up a few things then he was rudely interrupted by Malaki.

“So friend what the heck was that all about” the jedi hunter said.

Cethgus continued packing up ignoring Malaki, the hunter got quickly annoyed grapping him around the neck.

“Im not going to ask you one more time, I have had enough of people not telling me anything now tell me What the hell is going on around here” Malaki barked down to the merciful knight.

Malaki tightened his grip until Cethgus replied.

“Ok just let go I’ll will tell you as much as I know” Cethgus coughed up eventually.

Malaki chucked him to the floor, then the knight stood up.

“I will give you a brief back round, We in Caliburnus are rivals with the other house of Scholae and eventually we end up at war. Now the time has come for our war, it has begun and that’s final. Face it you cant get out of it” Cethgus said.

Malaki’s face went dull and then replied “Let the battle begin then, I will be off to the hanger but first to the armoury to get my weapons and these so called Stun guns, for now old friend”

He exited the room leaving the knight to finish, Malaki went to his quarters got his necessary weapons then left to the armoury. He picked up several stun guns and went to the hanger. When he arrived Thran was there waiting for him.

“Your Late” The Aedile said with a glare of fury shown.

Malaki didn’t answer and gave the Stun guns to the stress head then waited for their departure.


20-11-2006 13:28:46

Cethgus waited in the hanger for there departure. Cethgus looked at the Warrior who was pacing up and down. Cethgus looked at Malaki. Cethgus was really losing his patience with the Jedi Hunter. Cethgus took in several deep breaths and then looked at the Krath calmly.

“Malaki if you ever touch me again I will personally see that you will never feel nothing in that hand” He said through grit teeth.

Malaki looked at Cethgus as if he had just be stabbed in the back. Cethgus looked at the Aedile hopping he could try and get a good conversation.

“Thran are you ok,” Cethgus asked.

Thran stopped in his steps and pivoted and faced Cethgus. Cethgus felt a bit uncountable about this but he couldn’t exactly go back on what he said could he.

“I’m fine Cethgus but just leave me to my thoughts at the moment please” Thran said.

Cethgus nodded and looked at Malaki. He didn’t want to stop talking to Malaki on such bad turns.

“Malaki listen I would rather have you by my side that anyone here” the Knight said.

Malaki managed a smiled and they just stood there waiting to depart. Cethgus checked his belt and found his saber hanging on it. Cethgus smiled as Thran was still pacing in front of them. This was it here it would start for the Obelisk. Cethgus smiled at that thought and waited.

He smiled at the thought of Templar in the hanger of the VSD Excidium. Even now the Flight Member saw had to stop and look about. Cethgus knew that if things went wrong that was the end. Cethgus looked at Thran who was still pacing in front of them. Cethgus was ready for this battle which was now certain to happen.


20-11-2006 13:34:47

All of the Dark Jedi of Caliburnus boarded the Excidium after about half an hour. There were about 30 warriors on the ship, ready for the battle on Antenora, their first opportunity for bloodshed since the Great Jedi War.

Impetus and Thran stood at the bridge, making sure everything was set for take off. Almost every Jedi in Caliburnus was on the ship, ready for the battle on Antenora. “Any problems?” Impetus said aside to Thran.

“Not that I can see, are all the ships loaded.”

“My Chir’daki’s there, and a whole lot of other fighters. There should be enough. All the members took their own weapons. You there, run a check that everyone has their equipment.”

A Protector scurried off to carry out the Quaestor’s commands. After a few minutes, he returned, looking quite worn out. “Everyone is in possession of adequate weaponry, and there should be a ship for all of them. We look ready to go ma’am”

“Double check the co-ordinates, make sure we’re on the quickest path for Antenora.”

“We’re all set. We should be in the atmosphere shortly.”

“OK then, lets move out.” Thran half shouted at the pilot.

“Yes sir.” Came a firm, confident response.

Slowly, the Excidium lifted off the ground, and made it’s way towards Acclivis Draco


20-11-2006 14:18:43

Xen barely had made it in time to the Excidium. The gentle hum of the engines starting up filled the air as he found a place to relax for the time being. It would be a short flight to the Acclivis Draco headquarters on Antenora. He would relax until the time came. He was ready to fulfill the task given him.

A short time later, they arrived at Antenora. Stopping in orbit, communications began.

“House Acclivis Draco… We, House Caliburnus, demand your immediate surrender. Release our soldiers, and this need for conflict will pass. Failure to do so will result in your demise.” Impetus barked through the comlink with the enemy house. It was several moments later, when the response finally came.

“Negative. Your soldiers attempted a kidnapping of our Aedile. That was an act of war, and we will hold and put your soldiers on trial for such.”

“Very well then.” Impetus said. She addressed the soldiers of House Caliburnus.

“You heard what they said. We are at war.”

The members of the house went crazy with calls for blood. Impetus gave a nod to Thran, who gave out the orders for the attack.


20-11-2006 15:31:41

Malaki rose from his seat knowing that what he feared most was actually going to happen, he started to tremble inside and wanted to go back home. Several other journey men drew their weapons ,except from Malaki. Holding on to the hilt of his fira he went to his master.

“So it comes to this, I guess you want me to go down with them, I’ll watch their backs hoping that I don’t get brutally murdered myself” Malaki said but in a silent tone as he feared the event taken place.

“Be safe young one, be on guard don’t trust these people from Acclivis Draco, here take this your going to need it, not just that metal sword you need a real weapon” Impetus said as she handed Malaki a training sabre.

“Thank you” the hunter replied and left to where the group was.

Impetus nodded to Malaki then she saw her apprentice leave for what could be her last sight at the jedi hunter. The hunter didn’t cheer at all when the rest of the group did, he lent on a cold metal wall and signed. He saw Zeron and Cethgus cheering what made him shake his head, Thran and Xen had a fury bloodshed grin when the group left. There was no other messages during the men boarded the Sentinel-Class Landing Craft, only a howling of blood thirsty cheers. Malaki boarded the transport and when every one was on board they set off for their journey down to the surface of Antenora, under a close protection of one of the fighter squadrons with the others on stand by. The ship drew closer and closer, when it landed, silence flew through he transport.

Thran Occasus

20-11-2006 17:54:53

“I am only going to say this once. Lusankya, Xen, Cethgus, you are with me. Tyno, Malaki, you are with the arriving Quaestor. There will be two primary forces, we will land after the primary bombardment. Every single member of your team will be issued standard infiltration gear. Our goal, kill every member of House Acclivis Draco. The Lady Aedile is mine. I call it. Detain her, if possible.” The Sith Commanded.

“But sir, Isn’t this an act of war?” one of the startled journeymen interjected.

“Yes, you buffoon. Now, Be ready to go in exactly one hour. The Exicidium is currently entering the atmosphere to commence bombing run. The primary target is the hangar and the reserve tanks. If we can remove these defenses the attack will be primarily focused on infiltrating the Compound and rooting out the inhabitants. The Exicidium’s marine reserves will be covering our attack, they will hold the gates and sweep up the survivors. They will definitely hide in the dungeons, as they are the most protected levels. We will systematically move through the building, clearing it. Charlie team, you are with me. Tango team, you are with Impetus. When we land, we move immediately. Got it? Good.” The Warrior lectured.

As they boarded the landing craft, Thran turned to his Master.

“Battle music, Thran. We need something to get us ready.” Lusankya said calmly.

Thran tapped a small pad in the ship and the hull filled with a rich symphony, definitely The Bakuran National Symphony. The exploding sounds of the VSD’s bombardment fell perfectly in line with the flowing music. The older Sith smiled to themselves, war was home.


21-11-2006 15:11:19

Cethgus looked at Thran and smiled. He knew that the team he was in would be strong and ready for what was about to come. The Obelisk listened to the sound of the Exicidium bombarding the planet.

“Thran do yo…” Cethgus said but was interrupted.

“Do I think that one of us will die… I cannot be sure” Thran said.

Cethgus looked at his fellows and smiled. The Zabraks heart sank like a brick. He though of dying in this fight. Cethgus suddenly felt something strong inside him. He thought about what would happen if House Caliburnus lost this war. He shook that thought out of his head and focused.

“Thran may I ask what happens lets say if you were captured” Cethgus asked.

“I would make sure that I wasn’t Cethgus I can promise you that” Thran replied

Cethgus looked at Thran and was wondering lots of things. He thought about how they would coupe fighting House Acclivis Draco. He knew what it was like to be there with them the Zabrak was once a member of Acclivis Draco. Cethgus was now over that all.

There was a sudden felling Cethgus got. He knew from the sound of the engines quieting down that they had landed. Cethgus slowly got ready to move. The ram opened and light shone in.

“Go, Go, Go” Thran shouted

Cethgus ran out of the landing craft. He was finally on Acclivis Draco. The war was now into its main stage. He would be killing fellow clan members. He was ready for this open warfare to begin. And begin it did.


21-11-2006 15:55:27

“Tyno, Malaki grab a ship and follow me!” The Quaestor said quickly and clearly, desperate to get her feet on the ground. Unknown to most of her house, she had a slight fear of flying in warfare.

“We plant our feet on solid ground, and re-claim our captive soldiers, easy?”

“Sure thing Imp.” Tyno replied. Malaki gave a murmur of appreciation, looking scared of his first experience of full fledged combat.

“My Chir’daki has an auto piloting function. Follow it down to the ground. It’ll be the only TIE / Xwing hybrid in the sky, not hard to miss. And then… let the blood spill in deep red streams across the ground of Antenora.” She said the words in an increasingly twisted voice as she spoke. In the last few weeks, the Quaestor had grown a strong hatred towards Acclivis Draco, the house once she had always felt at home in. Her thoughts jumped back to the situation.

“OK, follow me to the hangar."

The twi’lek leapt into her Chir’daki, and programmed the auto pilot to take her to the ground. She never could fly.

Malaki and Tyno got ready to follow their leader towards the ground. Some other members tagged long, including a small transport of about 10 non-Force using gunners. If the talk of conflict didn’t alert some people to the situation, this would certainly wake them up.

Impetus double checked her weaponry. She carried a small katana at her him, her curved lightsaber on her belt, and her lightwhip across her back.

"Move out!" She called to Tyno and Malaki, before setting off for the ground from the hangar of the excidium.


21-11-2006 16:51:22

Malaki jumped into his E-Wing, powered it up then stared into the wilderness of space. It was so silent and peaceful he thought about life, he then set it on auto pilot down to the surface as he was still in training of flying automatically. He then looked round the hanger to see Tyno take off in a tie interceptor, Malaki took off taking what to him was extraordinary long journey down to the surface of Antenora.

Malaki followed his master’s star fighter all the way; the small Lambda-Class Shuttle slowly came along as each shipped zoomed though the gulf of space. The hunter looked back to see fire from the Exicidium bombarding the planet, he then thought about his friends he could lose down there and the souls that could die. It didn’t upset him in anyway because it was time for justice not revenge.

“Get ready guys were approaching the planet surface” Impetus said on radio

“Well let the fight commence then” Malaki replied.

All received from Tyno was a cheeky s[Expletive Deleted]. It made Malaki grin and finally they landed on the dry desert surface of Antenora. As Malaki jumped out from the cockpit of his E-Wing, he went to Impetus and Tyno who were waiting for him. They all looked up to see sky, watching the bombardment take place, It suddenly stopped and Malaki knew that the other group made it down to the surface prepared to fight.

“Well There’s hope for us and them, For Caliburnus” the hunter said trembling inside.

Impetus second that comment and then it was followed by Tyno, When the Lambda transport landed it was time for their blood slaughter to begin.


21-11-2006 21:04:56

Xen and the others barged off the ship. It was unnervingly quiet. No noise from the jungle could be heard. The group noticed smoke rising from the compound a short ways away. Xen pulled back the hood of his cloak and looked around.

“I’m not sensing anyone around.” He said.

Thran and Lusankya nodded in agreement. Cethgus, who looked very eager, had his lightsaber in hand, ready to go at a moments notice. Xen smirked and removed his cloak. Free of his inhibiting parts of clothing, he removed some leather gloves from a pocket and placed them on. Along the knuckles of the gloves where sharp jagged pieces of metal, his finished product from his work earlier in the day. Thran eyed the gloves.

“When we get back, your making me some of those.” He said before leading the group up the path to the compound.

The group moved quickly and quietly to the compound. The dust was finally settling from the bombing run. As they approached, the attack alarms began to be heard. The moment of open war had finally come. Xen’s eyes darkened as the shadows broke their restraints and engulfed his mind. The chase with death was begun again.


22-11-2006 04:29:53

Cethgus looked about at Xen then at Thran. He was now ready to kill. The Obelisk though of what he would do when the time came and he was ready. The Knight griped his saber and smiled. He could now see the headquarters of his opponent clearly.

“There it is,” Cethgus said.

“Watch out group, expect resistance everywhere,” Thran said.

Cethgus knew that Thran was right about this. He saw a Apprentice get in the way of the Aedile. Thran moved quickly and broke the Apprentice's neck. Xen found his target a wandering Jedi Hunter. Xen landed his punch perfectly at the back of the neck. The Apprentice fell to the floor.

“Cethgus behind you!” Thran said.

Cethgus turned; his whole body was now full of adrenalin. He slashed at the Novice who had got in his way. The Novice didn’t have a chance of getting out of the way. Cethgus stood there over the body and smiled.

“Good now lets keep it going,” Thran said.

The group continued up towards the Headquarters.


22-11-2006 11:52:20

Impetus’ party of Zeron, Tyno, and ten soldiers encountered much less resistance, attacking from a different, and poorly guarded, angle. It seems whoever managed the defences didn’t anticipate an attack there. They made their way beside the combat, keeping view of their target, the back door.

“Impetus?” A soldier’s voice sounded from behind her, concern in his tone and expression.


“I’ve just thought, if we’re all out here, who’s guarding the Caliburnus base?”

“We just hope Zeron’s auto defences can hold them off,” She said without expression.

“You don’t sound too concerned.” He said, seemingly lost in thought. “In fact, it’s almost as if…

“Go on…

“It’s almost as if you’re anticipating an attack, and left it unguarded on pur-”

“And why would I do that?” She snapped back at him.

Before he had time to answer, a small platoon of Dark Jedi were upon them.


22-11-2006 17:12:18

Malaki turned to face the incoming enemy, he drew the training sabre his master gave him prepared for combat. The ten soldiers barged past him, took aim with the BlasTech E-11 rifles they were armed with.

“ Lock on target…” Impetus said then he was rudely interrupted by his apprentice

“Open Fire” He shouted.

The soldiers pulled back the triggers on their rifles realising a wave of shots at the charging men. They shot down at least five out of the ten man platoon, Impetus charged through the ranks of the guardsmen with her sabre dawn. Malaki and Tyno were soon to follow, both with swords drawn.

His master slashed two of the men across the chest and sliced off one of their arms, Malaki defended himself with his fira and finally struck one down. Tyno on the other hand took to last two down, he virtually sliced and diced them. Malaki grinned and had a slight laugh in his body but dare not to burst out in hysterics.

“Well that’s was fun!” the hunter said sarcastically as he wiped away the blood on his sword.

They continued on towards their objective, the back door.


24-11-2006 03:02:47

Charlie Team

Cethgus looked at Thran and Xen. Thran was walking at a quick and curious pace. Cethgus observed Xen looking at his glove weapons. He smiled at Xen who nodded as to acknowledge the Knight.

“Charlie team, Xen, Cethgus move up ahead and scout it out” Thran ordered.

“Yes sir” Cethgus replied.

Cethgus and Xen slowly moved up to a position. They both could see the headquarters in front of them. He looked at Xen. Cethgus knew that the headquarters wasn’t that far away.

“Well looks like were nearly there” Cethgus said.

“Don’t be too certain anything could happen” Xen said.

Cethgus started to turn around and head back towards Thran. Thran was standing there waiting to hear what they had to say.

“Thran we didn’t find any resistance at all” Cethgus said.

“Xen what do you thing” Thran asked.

“I’m not sure it could be a trick” Xen said

“He is right Thran what do you want to do” Lusankya said.

Thran nodded in agreement. Cethgus looked at Xen and wondered what Xen was thinking about. Cethgus knew he should be but still it did make him wonder.

“Ok group liste-” Thran was stopped.

“Cethgus behind you” Xen shouted.

Cethgus felt something grab him and throw him to the floor. He was being attacked.


25-11-2006 04:19:05

Impetus’ small task force marched around the side of the battlefield, where combat was sparse, the plan being to reaching the back door with minimal resistance. Flashes of death repeatedly shone as sabers slashed and blasters flew from both houses. From their view, it seemed like a stalemate, neither House seeming to make an advancement.

She looked closer as she walked. A force of 4 Caliburnus members cut down a group from Acclivis Draco, and were fighting their way through the lines. A voice sounded from the comlink inside her robes. “Impetus, we’ve just fought off an assault, and should be at the destination in a couple of minutes.” Thran’s voice came through the speaker, hurried in the midst of battle, blaster and explosion sounds in the background.

She glanced over at her group. Only 7 soldiers, Malaki and Tyno remained, the other 3 had been shot or slashed by a lightsaber. “Ok, you 9, we’ll met up with Charlie team at the back door, then we burst in and reclaim the prisoners! Let’s move out, we’ll get there in a about 3 minutes!”

There didn’t seem to be any resistance along their path, and the plan looked like it was working. “We’ve reached the back door, and are about to break through. Back us up ASAP!” Thran came through the comlink again.

“OK, lets move. Get to the door ASAP, Thran’s orders!”

The group broke into a sprint directly at the door, through a fierce part of the battle


26-11-2006 03:59:35

The group were nearly at theback door, exhausted from their sprint, they had to slow down. Conditions were normal, no gun fire, no men, it was to Easy. Malaki slowed down a bit, Impetus ran besides him giving him support as they went along, Tyno stayed with the marines not far head of them. At the pace they were going they were at least tow minutes away from the back door. They came to a mound of large rocks, it was a free run to the back door when they got over the rocks. Two marines finally made it over the rocks, they jumped down to the ground not only to be under heavy fire, but their lives blown away. There was a huge explosion, then another one, repeating again and again.

“ Under fire, Mine feild Take cover ! ” the sergeant of the marines bellowed at the top of his voice.

Gun fire began to rip the rocks apart, for the groups survival they returned it. Five soldiers left, Tyno, Malaki and Impetus were now in deep trouble.

“Tyno go help those marines on the bank take a few of those gits out” Malaki shouted to him as they couldn’t really hear each other through the explosions and gun fire.

Tyno went to the rock got in a good cover and opened fire with a blastech rifle he took from one of the dead marines. Malaki went to his master, she was just sat down on the floor, did she fear the explosions or was she just having a panic attack.

“Impetus come on we got to get out of here before we are all dead, if we don’t move now were going to be over run, Imp hello Impetus listen to me…..” Malaki shouted at her.

She ignored her apprentice, still sitting there, in terror. This was certainly a panic attack, you expect Malaki to have one as this is his first murder war mission. Malaki Took his masters radio to get word to the other group already at the back door. It was about 5 minutes after now before they were expected to arrive.

“Thran, Thran can you hear me” Malaki yelled down the radio

“ Loud and clear….. Malaki is this you , where are you, what the hells going on” Thran replied

“Were under heavy fire, taking casualties, Imp’s gone into panic mode I cant get anything out of her, oh my god…….” the line went dead

Suddenly there was another explosion, this one was bigger than usual. Luckily it was only a marine throwing a grenade out onto the mine field in front of them. Tyno rushed over to The Hunter and the priest.

“Malaki if we don’t get out of here now were dead meat” He shouted at the hunter.

Malaki nodded and look at Impetus who finally stood up. One of the marines fell backwards, impaled with gunshots.

“ Come on follow me, there’s another way around , it will take at least five more minutes, Sergeant , stay here give us cover” Impetus screamed at the top of her voice.

Malaki Nodded and so did Tyno, they followed the Quaestor to where ever they were going.
Soon after they split up from the marines they received word from Thran.

“ Guys where the hell are you we don’t have long Hurry up”

“ Thran we had split from the marines and are now taken the long way around, We were under a concentrated attack but hopefully the way were going is better… Malaki, Tyno and Myself will be with you unless than 5 minutes over and out” Impetus replied then cut of the connection.

They Three returned to their sprint pace hoping for the best for the sergeant and his marines and for thier selves.


26-11-2006 15:12:41

Impetus, Malaki and Tyno made their way behind the Acclivis Draco lines, and made their way towards the door. Glancing across at the battlefield, it seemed the entire force of the Caliburnan army were pushing Acclivis Draco back. The front lines of the attack force were with 100 meters of the destination, without much left in the way of HAD forces. Dark Jedi Master Niemand cut down a small platoon of their forces single-handedly without breaking a sweat, before proceeding to electrocute a knight with a beautiful display of Force Lightning.

There was a huge explosion as the door was blasted open by a heavy weapons specialist on the back lines. “Alright, lets move, through the door!” The Quaestor yelled at her troops. She moved towards the target, elegantly cutting down the weaker troops, as if performing a graceful dance. Much more aggressively, Malaki and Tyno hacked through the people her Quaestor missed. They reached the giant hole in the wall that was the back door.

“All Troops follow me!” Impetus shouted across the battlefield, before leaping through the gap, gliding through the air like a paper plane before dropping into a roll, cutting a fleeing soldier in two. “OK let’s advance! Split up, locate the prisoners and get outta here!”


28-11-2006 12:51:29

"Let’s move, move!” Shouted Zeron after he saw Impetus’ forces getting stucked.
The roll master and his platoon sized force now left their position to reach the Enemy’s base and find the prisoners. His order was to support Quaestor Impetus’ troops on their advance to the base then rejoin them inside. His force included some lower ranked Journeymen but mainly only soldiers. They were the mass, the numbers. His platoon quickly get the upper hand and defeated the defenders who pinned down Impetus’ troops, they retreated inside the base leaving only the minefield between Zeron and the base. Zeron moved his closed fist up and down ordering the troops to get faster onward the base. Those heavy assault weapons will be needed to cut through the HAD defenses. Zeron only felt a little heat as the armor piercing plasma burst splashed into the wall of the base.

They had a way in now. Only minor casualties. 5 troopers died. Zeron closed on the newly created “door” he jumped into the darkness; the sensors of his suit automatically adjusted the image of his visor to the lower light effects. Zeron could see everything He saw a Draco soldier preparing a defense line. His heavy repeater blaster came to life, forcing the enemy to retreat. Meanwhile the troopers were working to disable the minefield behind Zeron. Some minutes later the whole platoon was formed on him. With hand signals Zeron ordered the assault. The troops slowly began to move deeper into the complex.

“Impetus do you copy over?” asked zeron through the radio.

“Yes Zeron, we are inside, what about your team?” replied the Quaestor

“We break through the minefield we are inside, I plan to split them into pairs and search the whole complex me and a heavy trooper will go to the prison”

“Do that, we will meet you there. Impetus out”

Zeron quickly spread the order; the troopers disappeared through the corridors.

Meanwhile Tyno, Malaki and Impetus headed towards the detention block. They didn’t know if the prisoners were hold there or not, but they had to check it out. At the moment they were the most trained and the strongest Dark jedis Caliburnus had in the complex. They had a clear way to the prison. The door was magnetically sealed. Impetus tried to use her lightsaber against it but it has very thin cortosis fiber integrated into it. They need to wait for the cavalry.

Of course they expected something like this; the heavy troopers were on their way with explosives, rockets. The 2 sergeant arrived, they could hardly breathe, as they carried around 40 kg equipment plus their armor and main weapon. Without a word they started to work on get the explosives into position. From a corner Zeron showed up with a private. He saluted Impetus, who only smiled then the explosion ripped the door apart, making Impetus invisible in the dust. Zeron and the trooper moved in first, they were the most armored from this little team. They found the cells. The private ran a life sign check. There are life forms in the 5th cellar on the right. Other than those this prison is empty.

"Clear "shouted Zeron.

Impetus moved in and headed towards the cell Zeron pointed towards.

"Here they are…." Said Impetus


28-11-2006 13:32:03

“Everyone, we’ve located the prisoners and are releasing them now! Repeat, we’ve found the prisoners, leave Antenora as soon as possible!” Impetus shouted into a comlink.

“Got it Imp, our platoon are leaving now.” Came Thran’s reply.

Impetus cut a huge hole in the cell wall, the heavy metal bars clanged to the ground, echoing around the rest of the building. “Lets get outta here, now!” she shouted at the captives.

“Enemy intrusions in the detention block. All troops to report to the detention block, and terminate all hostiles.” A female voice came from a speaker in the roof. The 3 Caliburnus prisoners stepped out of the cell, cheering at their release.

“You, you’re a knight, take this.” Impetus gave one of them her saber. “You, Guardian, take my katana. Anyone else have spare weapons?”

“I’ll use my fists and the Force till I can scavenge one ma’am.” The unarmed Jedi Hunter said.

“As you wish, let’s move out!”

The Caliburnus forces stampeded through the base, escaping the detention department quickly, and bumping into Thran's group along the way.

Another drum roll of footsteps could be heard from afar, getting closer. As what remained of the Caliburnus forces, turned a corner, they were intercepted by a group of 3, lead by none other than RevengeX, and 2 equittes to support him, both wielding dual lightsabers. “I’ll try to hold off Revenge, everyone else run, get out of here.”

The group ran down a side passage, the 2 equittes followed them, their four lightsabers activated in parallel. Impetus stared into Revenge’s eyes, mutual respect between the two, although all previous friendship between the two had been forgotten. The scene was enevitable. Their weapons clashed.


29-11-2006 05:03:24

Cethgus ran for it. The Obelisk couldn’t help but pause for a minute he though about Impetus before the Aedile grabbed him. The group ran for the exit but Cethgus was worrying about what would happen to them all.

“Dam it Impetus” the Knight said under his breath.

The Obelisk slipped and fell over but soon scrambled to his feet. Cethgus neared the exit. Cethgus instantly turned around. The Knight turned to walk towards the entrance. Cethgus felt someone grab his robes it was the Sith Thran.

“Get off me” Cethgus said

“Cethgus stay here that is an order” Thran said.

“Sorry but this time no” Cethgus said.

“You will not help Impetus by getting your self sanctions will you” Thran said.

Cethgus turned and faced the Aedile he knew was right. Cethgus started to run with the others.
The Knight had a gut feeling that things weren’t going to work for the best. But what could he do but hope Impetus was ok.


29-11-2006 11:38:22

As would inevitably happen, the 2 mobile pair of Equittes caught up with the large mixed group of Journeyman and Equittes. The group turned around to face the 2 pursuers. Thran Occasus activated his lightsaber. “There’s nowhere left to run, we fight!”

A Kel Dor from Acclivis Draco dived into the group, both of his sabers whirling as her took the head off a journeyman, the first move of what looked like a massacre. The combined efforts of Thran and the Knight they freed from the prison were enough to intercept the purple and blue blades. A Jedi hunter dived in recklessly with a long katana, the target jumped out of the way, managing to free a blade to find his upper arm. The Aedile aimed a swipe at his feet as he sliced the arm off the Hunter. His evasive acrobatics came too late, Thran’s saber cutting easily through his lower leg.

Malaki rushed in with his Katana, aiming a graceful spinning strike at his head with his blade, Fira. “Not so Fast!” The other Equite brought the attention of the group, drawing back his hand, his partner flying away from the attack. “Cuchulain.” Thran got a good look at the Pontifex for the first time

“You know him?” Malaki enquired, still new to the CSP culture and history.

“Yes, Cuchulain is a long term member of CSP. He’ll be a very hard fight. Get ready men for the hardest fight you’ve likely ever had!”


“Impetus. I always knew it would some to this.” Revenge said calmly. “I’d prefer you die with your house watching but I guess we’re stuck.”

“You won’t prevail Revenge. The sprits of the fallen soldiers will guide my actions. There is little doubt in my mind that I’ll live to the next day, but enough talk.” She stepped towards him, swinging her lightwhip in a huge arc.

Her whip glanced off Revenge’s saber, sparks from the high levels of energy flying everywhere, bouncing off the walls. The twi’lek slashed her segmented whip diagonally though the air at Revenge, he jumped back in perfect balance, barely wasting any energy. Impetus stepped back as her enemy moved into an attacking stance.


Journeymen crowded around Cuchulain like swarms of flies, foolishly swinging their weapons randomly at him. The Pontifex was greater than their efforts. Ducking Malaki’s katana, he leapt upwards, grabbing a roof support and swinging his boot into a knight’s face.

He slipped his hand from the ceiling, landing gracefully and lashing out with the force upon contact with the ground. A sphere of energy exploded from the Pontifex’s raised hand, anyone in the proximity flew against a wall. An apprentice died from the impact. Most of the other’s were in too much pain to stand.

Cuchulain made towards Thran, bringing a saber down powerfully to collide with his. Malaki was slouched against the wall, with a clear view of Cuchulain. His hand shaking, he drew an Enforcer blaster pistol from his robes and took aim at Cuchulain. The lock broke with Thran losing balance from the Pontifex’s immense strength, enhanced even further by the Force.

Malaki pulled the trigger. His wayward shot at Cooch’s head missed by a considerable margin, although by fluke, the bolt hit his right wrist, instinctively causing him to drop his saber. In the time generated from Malaki’s attack, Xen managed to connect his saber with the hilt of the one in Cooch’s remaining hand, causing it to shatter instantaneously.

Cooch swore under his breath. He jumped back from the group, and unleashed a burst of kinetic energy in the wall, creating a massive hole in the side of the wall. With a small salute to the group, he jumped through the wall, his scampering footsteps getting quieter at a rapid rate.

Malaki made to follow him, but he was stopped by Xen’s arm. “No time to waste following him, we leave at once!”


Revenge put his strength into a powerful attacking flurry at the Twi’lek. Knowing her lightwhip’s weakness in defence, her only option was to dodge every attack with elaborate, Force propelled acrobatics, a technique that tired her greatly. Despite her natural agility, evading such precise and quick attacks from a lightsaber was extremely taxing.

She jumped a low swipe with a spin, swinging her glowing whip at Revenge. His quick duck only allowed for a quick flurry of diagonal whip attacks from the Quaestor. Much less elegantly, Revenge allowed himself to be pushed back, slowly stepping back from the advancing twi’lek.

His back felt a cold wall. Allowing Impetus to waste her energy was no longer an option. As another high, downwards attack came in, he brought his saber up to meet it. The whip wrapped around his saber, the excess energy causing the whip to overheat and permanently damaging the power cells. The Quaestor tugged at her whip, desperately trying to release the 2 weapons. Unfortunately, RevengeX had the same idea. Both Leaders put all their weight behind the weapons for about 10 seconds. There was a huge crack as the weapons freed themselves, both fighters fell backwards to the ground.

Impetus examined her lightwhip. About a quarter of the way up from the hilt, a chord had snapped from the immense stress on the whip. She looked up. The other half was coiled on the ground, directly in between the 2 combatants. She swore under her breath.

Revenge X got to his feet and activated his saber. “Your hope ends here, Impetus. And your meaningless existence with it!”

She didn’t even think about her next move. Her heart and instincts purely guiding her actions, she swiped her hand across her body. Revenge’s saber flew with it, its curved design causing it to roll up the corridors. Moving her left hand in the opposite direction, she took Revenge’s feet from under him, he fell flat on his backside.

She jumped back to her feet, threw her whip at Revenge, and ran through the corridors, out of the base, and onto the outside of Antenora.

Bodies from both houses littered the ground, weapons and appendages often a long way from the deceased owner. Her foot found blackened ground from an explosive projectile. All the result of her mission. Murdering this amount of soldiers from CSP was never her intention. Seeing the result, the damage to both house, and the Clan in general, deeply affected her. She jerked her head up from the mess she caused. The Excidium wasn’t in sight. She guessed her forces got out ok, and were now on their way to Ptolomea.

Her chir’daki still remained, the only ship on the battlefield. She was surprised it wasn’t sabotaged. She approached it, uttered a code in Ryl to a security droid, and made her way back to her House’s home world of Ptolomea. She programmed the hyperspace co-ordinates and disappeared from Antenora.


29-11-2006 13:16:22

Returning from what seemed to be a painfully long mission, Phantom returned to Caliburnus’ homeworld. Circling a landing pad, the Obelisk had noticed what seemed to be traces of smoke billowing upwards from the area of the main doors. Upon landing, a further inspection of the facility revealed several ships missing from the hangars. An uneasy feeling came over the warrior. Readying her saber, Phantom entered the main hallways that lead to the main areas of the facility.

The shrill sound of sirens could be heard through the halls. The defenses had been triggered. The Templar noticed a couple of bodies, one of a Journeyman, the other a trooper, lay on the floor. Both wore the mark of Acclivis Draco.

“What the hell happened here? Phantom quietly muttered to herself.

Without further hesitation, the Obelisk quickly made her way towards the main hallway, sidestepping here and there to avoid the occasional body.

In the main hallway, Phantom noticed the turrets had been activated and recently fired. The tell tale carbon markings could be seen here and there along the floors and walls.

Something definitely…” the Templar started to comment. An unidentifiable sound came from further down the hallway.

Saber still at the ready, Phantom headed in the direction of the sound. Quietly, Phantom turned the corner in a section of the hallway that led towards the armory. Stopping abruptly, the Obelisk found herself face to face with a small group of warriors, all bearing the insignia of Acclivis Draco.

Igniting her saber, Phantom knew this was going to be a difficult fight for her life.


29-11-2006 16:21:50

Attention! The order echoed through the hangar bay where the brave soldiers of Caliburnus were gathering for an after mission briefing. Jedi Hunter Zeron, stood front of the troops. He removed his helmet and holds it under his right arm. He proudly looked at this fine army, more like what is left of it. Zeron ordered at ease before he started his speech.

“Troopers, You all made House Caliburnus proud today. Your courage and loyalty earned the well deserved victory. You dominated the defender Acclivis Draco, they had no chance and this victory is just as yours as the Dark Jedi’s of Caliburnus. But in the glory of victory let’s not forget those who fought and died an honorable death. Without them, our victory would be in question; we will remember them as those who were worthy to serve Quaestor Impetus. The unquestionable loyalty as you followed the orders of your leaders was also an important factor in this glory. “

After the speech Zeron promoted the new sergeant to replace those who died and some other commendable soldier, Then he visited the med bay where he spoken with the injured troops. He not really cared about their fate, but the morale had to be kept on a high level.

After the ceremony Zeron was on his way back to his quarter. A Knight approached him. Both bowed, Zeron for the rank, the Knight for the position.

“How may I be at your service Knight?” Asked zeron in a voice which clearly showed his anger of being still a Jedi Hunter.

“I just want to give back Lady Impetus’ lightsaber. She gave it to me during the fight. And she isn’t on board, nobody knows where she is. “

“Hmm. No one saw her getting on board?” replied Zeron while taking the lightsaber from the Knight.

“No, I asked the hangar master, the Deck officer. No one saw her.”

“Well, when we get back we will know more” Zeron bowed and went on his way.

The Quaestor is missing. This isn’t good. The first reports were incoming to his data pad, he quickly realized the last time anyone seen impetus is when Revenge attacked them. He has to assume his Quaestor is dead. Thran is alive and well so he not has to worry too much. But he wanted to wait the final reports when they arrive home. Zeron went into his quarter and slept some hour. He awakened by the Deck officer voice. They have arrived...

The landing went well, a small group of Dark jedis landed in the main complex meanwhile the troopers had to wait for the bigger transports which carried them to their barracks some kilometer it will take hour to land everyone.

The first arrivals they heard the alarm at once. Everyone ignited their lightsaber, or took any weapon they could find. They rushed towards the hangar

“You there!” they heard a familiar voice; they turned towards the secondary landing pad.

Impetus ran towards them, Zeron handed the Quaetor's lightsaber without a word to her at once. She just looked at the Hunter and moved to the hangar.
In the hangar they heard fighting from the armory. Their senses made it possible to hear the sounds of the fight. The Dark Side helped them. They all started running, they were prepared for anything.

When they arrived, Phantom was fighting with a group of dark Jedi.
Zeron aimed and shot, it was deflected right back at him he had to dodge what in his heavy armor isn’t the best thing to do. But he could at least split the attention of the attackers. Impetus, Cethgus, Malaki, and Prajna attacked a target too.

They all waited the first attack. The odds are now more or less equal. Each of them dueled a single opponent. 4 of their enemies had lightsabers. 2 other carried swords and blasters. Zeron never saw an obelisk in fight but what he has seen meanwhile evading his attacker was impressive. Zeron had no melee weapon so he had used his armor to his advantage. His arm protectors easily blocked the blade of his enemy, but he had some soft points where he could be hurt He felt lucky he was a trained martial artist. Although the armor slowed him down slightly, it gives him a chance to survive the deadly slashes of the sword.

he heard the warcry of Impetus. The battle begun


30-11-2006 04:35:25

Tyno had been running system checks on his armor when he heard the alarm and by time he reached the hanger the battle was well under way. He arrived just in time to see Malaki thrown into one of the hanger walls and knocked unconscious by a telekinetic blast from the knight he had been fighting. As the knight moved in for the kill Tyno activated his jetpack and flew straight at him. The knight with his focus on the unconscious Jedi hunter never saw the mid-air kick that caught him in the rib cage as the momentum from the jetpack sent him flying several feet and knocking the lightsaber from his grip. The momentum also sent Tyno spinning to the ground as his jetpack shorted out from the impact.

“Great now if I use my flamethrower my jetpack could explode” He thought

Both scrambling to there feet the knight attempted to summon his lightsaber back to his hands only to have Tyno misdirect it with a force blast of his own and charge him. Extending his gauntlet blades Tyno slashed the knight across the arm who then grimaced in pain but struck back with a force assisted punch to the Mandalorians gut. His armor damped the hit but it still knocked the wind out of him.

“I am defiantly going feel that later” he thought

Grappling the knight he dazed him with a strong head butt to the skull then a firm knee to the gut sent the knight to his knees. Unleashing his rage in a powerful telekinetic attack the knight sent the hunter sprawling across the hanger floor. Tyno rose to his knees to find the Knight standing over him ready to finish him off.

“I have never killed a mandalorian before” mocked the Acclivis Draco knight as he reached out his hand to call his lightsaber.

“And you never will” replied the cold mechanical voice issued from the helmet hiding the swell of rage at the comment.

The hunter fired his wrist mounted flame thrower into the knight’s legs and catching his robes on fire. Relieved his jetpack had not exploded and killed both of them Tyno grabbed the lightsaber meant for his panicked enemy and brought it down severing the dazed knight’s hand. Following this up by putting everything he could muster into a telekinetic blast of his own which sent his now one handed opponent into the very same wall he had thrown Malaki into. When the pain from the missing hand brought the knight back to consciousness a few moments later he awoke to Tyno holding his own lightsaber to his throat with one hand and starring down his westar-34 in the other.

“Freeze Acclivis Draco scum” in the same cold mechanical voice was the last thing he heard before the blue wave of a stun bolt overcame him.

Having subdued the knight and tied his legs and arms with his wrist fiber cord Tyno Turned his attention back to the battle at hand.


30-11-2006 11:14:22

Malaki was in combat as far as he could remember, he took down an enemy hunter then turned around. A tallish man stood in front of him, Malaki forgot what happened all he felt next was being flung across the hanger. His body smashed into the wall then back down to the ground, he saw blackness then combat, back to darkness then to combat then just plain utter darkness.

“ Malaki !” Impetus shouted as she saw her apprentices body flung across the hanger.

She would of rushed over to him but she was jammed in combat. The hunter heard swords scraping along each other, gun shots from many dark jedi then nothing just nothing. Blackness flooded his vision then his body lay their, Malaki was unconscious.

Journey men burst out of the main door leading into the hanger, they certainly were unexpected. Tyno was flying in, missed a dark jedi but lost his jet pack. It blow off his back then exploded in the air above, he rotated his body around to see his challenger.

Impetus came back to back with Zeron, fighting off the enemy. She sliced into a dark jedi with her sabre, then looked back at the rollmaster.

“ Im glad to be back” Impetus said sarcastically.

[OOC Why do i have to be unconcious :-( OCC]


30-11-2006 14:04:45

Hearing the Priestess’ shout, Phantom quickly took a moment to scan her surroundings, noticing Malaki struggling to regain consciousness. The Templar returned her attention to the two Acclivis Journeymen that were trying to strike her down. In two quick motions, Phantom manages to decapitate one of the Journeymen, and had cut open the chest of the other.

“I’ve got him, M’Lady,” shouted Phantom.

Just as the Templar turned to go assist Malaki, Phantom caught a glimpse of something metallic off to her left. Before she had time to fully react, the Mandalore matriarch felt a searing pain go through her left arm and a slight tap on her back. Spinning to her right, the Obelisk struck down her attacker. After taking a quick look at the wound she had just received, the Templar was relieved that she was still wearing her Mandalorian chest plate under her robes.

Before Phantom could continue to the spot where the fallen Hunter lay, another shout was heard from the Caliburnus Quaestor. Looking in the direction of shout, the Templar grew enraged at the sight of what seemed to be over thirty Acclivis Draco warriors swarming the Priestess and Hunter Zeron. Running at full speed, the Obelisk ran towards the group, ramming her way into the mob.


30-11-2006 16:23:39

“Zeron, Thran, let’s get outta here!” Impetus shouted across the crowd, struggling to defend herself against the warriors swarming around her. She ducked a high attack at her head from a knight, watching as he overbalanced, slicing a comrade in half and getting a slap from a nearby Jedi.

“Yes ma’am!” Came a shout back from the obedient Zeron.

Impetus ducked another attack, before springing up above the combat and grabbing a high decorative shelf high above the ground. Swinging her legs up over a blaster shot, she let go, allowing her momentum to carry her over towards the edge of the fray. Her feet found the plush shoulders of a Wookie from Acclivis Draco. Before he had the chance to work out what had happened, the twi’lek had sprung off him, landing safely out of the riot., next to Thran who had cut his way through a group of Apprentices.

Zeron took a boot to the face, screaming out in pain as he stumbled into the fist of another soldier. A small Bothan swung a katana that looked way too big for him at the kneeling rollmaster.

“OFF HIM!” Impetus’ shrill shout hurt the ears and startled many of the fighters. She swung her hand up, the Bothan’s head followed it, flying up into the ceiling at a rapid speed, then coming back down, dead before he hit the floor. She brought her hand back, the rollmaster flew over all the Jedi with the help of Impetus’ proficiency of telekinesis.

“Zeron, Thran, move out, we need to discuss our next move!”

The Caliburnus summit scampered up the corridors, making their way to a quiet room with a window overlooking a huge expanse. The Quaestor’s guard followed her.


“My lord Revenge X, I’ve got the Quaestor in my scope. Ready to fire. You sure about this?”


01-12-2006 17:05:25

A medical team ran into the hanger, it involved four people who all spotted the fallen body of Malaki. Two jedi hunters protected the team as then ran to the hunters body, Phantom saw the group arrive to his aid and stop worrying about him concentrating on the fight. One of them check his pulse and breathing.

“ He’s Unconscious, not dead but he’s lucky” One of them said.

“He has took a bang on the head and his back he will be feeling that when he wakes up get him to the medical bay try and recover him” The squad leader replied.

The team set back for the doors, still under the protection of the hunters wiping out any enemy who approached them with their blas-tech rifles. Malaki was being carried by two of the medical team people, as they got two the door one of them were shot in the back. It killed him instantly there and then, the group jumped behind a main doors of the hanger useing it as cover, waiting for this conflict to end.

Malaki was took to the Medical bay where he was treated and fell into a deep sleep.

Thran Occasus

02-12-2006 05:07:44

Thran paced in front of the window, it was that nagging feeling in his gut that caused it. Something was very wrong. The bolt hit before the sound came around. It buzzed through the window, narrowly missing the Aedile. The grunt of the young Twi’lek signaled that the blast had hit it’s mark. Judging by the sound, Modified EE- 3 Carbine, issue House Acclivis Draco. He didn’t have a chance to block it, not that he could have even if he had known about it. The Quaestor had managed to ignite her saber to block it. It deflected enough to save her life.

In an immediate command, he scooped up the thin and womanly frame of the Quaestor. Zeron was in shock, his eyes bulging out as he conceived what had occurred.

“THRAN!” He screamed.

“Shut up. Hold her, follow me.” The Sith snapped as he slung the unconscious leader over Zeron’s shoulder. He drew his lightsaber and marched forward, Zeron and the injured Impetus only steps behind. He turned the corner. His quarters were at the end of the hall; that was their goal. He entered the code and lead the others into his room. The door zipped behind them.

“Zeron, Barricade the door. Then, raise the Consul. No questions.” He commanded with a fiery sincerity.

Too confused to argue, Zeron did as he was told. Thran took the limp Impetus and laid her on his bed. “Damn it, this is not how I wanted to get you in my bed.” He mused with a scoundrel’s concern.

He inspected her wound. It wasn’t fatal, it was a pretty bad shot. Thran ripped her clothing open, to dress the wound. The Warrior grabbed a box from the stand near the bed. “This isn’t supposed to be used medicinally.” He sighed, drawing a vial of some mysterious spice out of the case. He took his cloak off and applied pressure to the festering burns. With his free hand, he opened the vial and stuck it in her nose. As she took the snuff, she snapped back into consciousness.

Bewildered and otherwise confused, she looked at Thran, who was now taking a snuff of his own. She shuttered, knowing well where she was. He was still touching her, and with the drugs in her, it felt like heaven. The young woman grabbed her Aedile and cordially thanked him for her rescue. She held him tightly, as he tried to back away.

Zeron wasn’t sure what confused him more, the whole feud or why the Quaestor was now locked in a drug-induced kiss with her Aedile. Thran let her realize what she was doing before he pushed her away. “Nice to see you too.” He mused. “You were shot. Take it easy, you are on some of my stronger stash. In case you haven’t noticed. Zeron will be watching you. I am going to settle this immediately.” He said explaining the situation.

He inspected the wound, lifting his cloak free of her midsection. It had looked much worse at first. She was merely scratched.

“Umm…yeah, what he said.” Zeron affirmed. “Consul Kunar on the line for you, Sir.” The Envoy commented.

“Kunar. I am thirty-seconds from going event horizon…Palpatine tried to assassinate her. This has gone too far. If you don’t end it…I will.” He barked in a blatant charge of the Consul. Not allowing time for a response Thran turned the comlink off.

“Zeron, don’t touch her. Got it?” Thran commanded.

“Umm…Yeah, but why?” Zeron pried.

“I gave her a type of spice that apparently acts as the sex hormones of a Twi’lek. While interesting, it got her heart pumping again. Make sure she is fine, do not open the door for anyone. I am going to inspect the house. I will send guards immediately.” The Aedile said.
Thran turned off, replacing his cloak on his shoulders. He stormed off into the complex, in search of his House and the invading forces. Someone was going to die.


03-12-2006 13:43:31

Xen was running along in the shadows when he saw Thran. He smiled and approached the fellow Sith Warrior.

“I heard there was an assassination attempt on the Quaestor. Is she alright?” Xen asked with some level of concern in his voice. Thran gave a grimacing look.

“She is fine, a bit shocked, but she will live. I can use your help however. I know you like to work alone… Go hunt down that son-of-a-bitch that did this.” Thran said quickly.

Xen nodded. “Yes sir.”

Xen returned to the shadows and moved quickly. Something in his eyes worried Thran however.

“Something isn’t right here.” Thran muttered to himself, as he went on his way to the troops.


04-12-2006 13:34:43

Cethgus ran past the Aedile who grabbed him by his arm. He faced Thran
and looked worried. Cethgus had his saber hilt in his hand and was worn
out from fierce combat. The Warrior looked at the Knight, wearing a
sincere expression, one of mixed worry and seriousness.

“Go and wait outside my quarters. Impetus and Zeron are inside, no
one is to pass. Understand?” Thran said.

Cethgus nodded and ran towards his Aedile’s quarters. He reached
the door and stood there looking up and down the corridor making sure
that no one would get in or out. He heard some noises come down the
corridor and looked to where it came from, intrigued.

“Who’s there?” he demanded the shadows.

Malaki walked out and looked at him. Cethgus called the Hunter over to
him. Malaki looked concerned but the Knight didn’t worry that much.

“Malaki stand at this door with me understand?” he said.

The two of them stood there still as a brick wall, listening and watching
for any impending danger, or help.


05-12-2006 16:57:00

The fighting was now starting to die down as troopers and Journeymen alike were being struck down. Phantom had just finished relieving a couple of Acclivis Draco troopers of their pathetic lives when she noticed Thran storming into view. The look on his was grim, but the glare coming from his eyes sent chills down the Obelisk’s spine.

“Report,” the Aedile snapped as he stopped facing the Templar.

“The HAD forces are being driven back as we speak, M’Lord.”


“Something wrong, M’Lord?”

Thran quickly filled Phantom in on the incident with Impetus.

“I’ve given Xen the task of hunting down the sniper. I want you to…”

“I already have an idea of what to do,” interrupted the Templar. Spinning around, she caught the attention of a couple of Caliburnus’ troopers and a journeymen. “You three there, follow me.”

Turning down a hallway, Phantom pushed a button on one of her silver clad Mandalorian bracers, activating a comlink. A voice responded to the call.

“I want all entryways to this facility closed. As of this moment this place is in a lock down,” the Obelisk ordered the trooper. “No one is allowed to enter or leave. Any Acclivis Draco members you see, kill on sight.”


06-12-2006 11:34:02

“****! My shot missed it’s target milord. I’ll wait here until I get a good shot on someone else.” The Assassin said quietly into a comlink, after giving up hope of relocating the Quaestor.”

“You said you had her in your sights, what happened?”


“Never mind, remove someone else’s head from their shoulders and I’ll be happy.”

“Yes sir”


By the time Phantom’s issued her command to the troop, Xen had made his way outside, tracking down the marksman. Judging by the angle Impetus was shot at, and the way the window was facing, it was quite easy to locate his position.

The window he fired the shot through overlooks a huge expanse, obviously the assassin was positioned somewhere in the expanse when the shot was fired. Xen made his way around the building, standing close to the window.

“Got a new target, sir. I’ve located the ex-Aedile”

Xen examined the window, and a smoking hole in the wall where the bolt had shot through the Quaestor. While trying to work out exactly where the assassin was, he received a twitch in the Force. A sense of impending doom.

Without even thinking, he dived to his right rolling on the ground as he did so. Looking behind him, the wall exactly where his head was was smoking, the sign a freshly fired shot. “Thran, he’s just fired at me!” Xen shouted at a comlink.

“I saw it on a monitor Xen. Sending extra reinforcements.”

“That won’t be necessary.” He replied, but the call was cut dead.

Sensing another shot, Xen drew his saber and parried a shot into the atmosphere.


07-12-2006 16:46:51

Xen saw that the blasts where coming from a position several stories above him. He flipped out a shuriken. A slight gasp and then a curse was heard.

“My HAND!” The assassin yelled. Xen smirked and rushed off to kill the intruder.

As he ran he saw the team of back up, with Thran leading the pack.

“The assassin is up there.” Xen yelled as he ran passed with out stopping, pointing up to where the shots had come from. Thran glanced up and signaled some of the reinforcements to take an alternative route.

“I threw a shuriken up there, hit his hand.” Xen told Thran as they moved on.

“Why is it you like those stupid shards of metal?” Thran asked through gritted teeth.

Xen didn’t answer. He was to busy focused on what was to come.

“No one tries to kill me and gets away with it.” He thought to himself.


07-12-2006 16:51:51

Meanwhile Cethgus and Malaki were still standing outside the door of the
Aedile’s quarters, waiting patiently for anything out of the
ordinary to happen. It was getting more boring by the minute, not being
in action, just waiting for something. The only results of this are all
out war, it wasn’t long before they were told about the
assassination attempt, then about the party to seek out the assassin.
They brewed up in fury and anger, Malaki grew tired from his accident.
Being out cooled then being so ‘active’ is not a good thing,
it was only a matter of fact that he met up with the obelisk knight as
if it were destiny.

Getting drowsy he rested, in that time his dreams were of panic and
frustration. People of Caliburnus were dying, last few members stood up
against the enemy, with out hope they died slowly and painfully. He saw
his friends then his master die to the hands of them and only to leave
him in terror. Then he was in the hall with the knight again, suddenly
all the lights went out, screams of pain came from the room they were
guarding, they tried to get in but the door was jammed. A dark figure
came around the corner, the only light in the hall came from his blue
light sabre. Cethgus drew his but didn’t last long against this
man of such strength, Another friend dead. Malaki wanted to run, but
stayed until the man was upon him. It was the enemy Quaestor, RevengeX.
Then nothing. Just darkness, this ongoing nightmare, nothing could stop

“Malaki wake up” Cethgus said shaking him violently

The hunter woke up straight away, face of fear, drips of sweat running
down his face.

“What is to become of this, why, what have we done, is it our duty
to die like this, people of all races put up in this fight which is not
necessary” Malaki whispered.

Cethgus went blank, “ Malaki stop talking like an idiot, we are in
this together and will pull through this together, now why is this
taking so long” he ask.

Malaki ignored him and started questioning him on the house’s
antics to cause such murder, Cethgus got slowly annoyed .

Both of them stood where they were, under orders to stay there they
waited for someone to return. No one came past them down the hall way
not nothing only silence, just waiting news from the heat of


07-12-2006 18:21:50

The Dark Knight limped down the hall, toward the two standing guards. His clothes were in shreds and blood was still drying all over is body. "I never knew how much of a target you really are with a lightsaber flashing around..." Prajna said in jest.

Ceth and Mal both stood at attention, unmoving at the confused new arrival. "Dont worry, " Prajna tried to settle them. "Thran sent me to join you two. I am to follow along the rest of this mission. It has been quite a tough fight. I am just glad we were fortunate enough to survive it all."

"Agreed. I hope you are ready though, there will always be more action. We are just waiting for the word of what to do next." Prajna nodded in responce. He then sat in a corner near by while he licked his wounds.

"Hey, do either of you have a bacta patch I can bum?" Ceth and Mal glanced at each other and gave a pair of grins back. It was relaxing to get a moment of their minds off the recent events.


09-12-2006 03:53:41

Back in the skirmish, the Assassin fired another shot at Xen. His damaged hand caused the shot to well wide of it’s target, making contact with the ground closer to Thran then Xen.

“You’ll never take me alive!” The assassin shouted over them, hurling a thermal detonator at the group, causing some of Thran’s journeymen to panic and scatter. Xen swiped his hand across his body, the bomb sailed into the open expanse, radiating a bright red glow on the horizon, masked by the setting sun.

“Pilots, we need air support, on the North side of the base!” Thran shouted, his voice amplifying in a speaker in the hangar.

The Acclivis Draco soldier fired some more shots at Thran and Xen, none accurate enough to be dangerous.

The engines of a ship could be heard moving closer.

As Xen parried another shot, a volley came out of no-where, sending the assassin flying comically. A tie interceptor swooped overhead, looping then returning to the hangar.

“What kind of straight man would try to assassinate her?” Thran said to Xen as they left the site.

Xen laughed quietly. "What shall we do now?"

"We send an army to Judecca, as soon as Impetus is fit to lead the troops."


09-12-2006 09:20:13

Malaki decided to hand Pranja a bacta patch, as he picked up quite a
few from the medical area early on. The three heard talking down the hall,
then Thran and Xen came around the corner.

“Is the traitorous scum dead?” Cethgus asked in delight to see them.

Xen nodded, then went inside Thran's quarters. It was a long time
before they were to exit the room, talking about battle plans, The three
guards of the room couldn’t help but to listen in.

“We must get our army to Judecca, Are you ready for the chanlenge
Impetus” Thran asked.

Impetus made a quick recovery, she was almost wanted to jump up and
down, but didn’t as she knew it would have been a bad idea. Malaki signed as
he knew what the consequences of this were going to be, all out war.
Everyone who was in the room came out, Cethgus and pranja’s face lit up
at the thought of another battle. But Malaki was scared. And Impetus
seemed to be very distant at the prospect of fighting Acclivis Draco.

“Lets get ready then shall we, guards follow us” She ask.

“And so it begins” Pranja replied.

They walked off, ready to prepare for war.


10-12-2006 16:05:01

“Every capable man or woman in Caliburnus, prepare your arms, we go to war!” Thran shouted into a speaker, his powerful voice echoing though every corner of every structure in Caliburnus’ possession.

“Meet in the main spaceport. We leave in 30 minutes.” Impetus’ soft voice followed, weak as she was still shaken from her encounter with the assassin. Leadership had produced much stress on the young twi’lek over the last year, and she planned to resign after the war. After that, she had a plan, a plan she feared to tell anyone, even the Consul.

Scuffling could be heard in all directions as people moved to the armoury and their quarters, preparing weapons, armour, and various other equipment.

Impetus stepped into her office, taking in the sights for the last time. She opened her desk, and took a katana, her saber was clipped to her belt at all times. Something seemed missing. After pondering for a minute, she remembered how her loved lightwhip was destroyed in combat with RevengeX. ‘How did I let ourselves get into war with our sibling house?’ She thought to herself, slamming her fist into the desk, still blaming herself for the whole thing.

She left her office, making way for the spaceports, taking in the sights of the ebon black corridors, the threatening appearance of the interior. The Quaestor feared that it may be her last time her eyes laid sight on the Caliburnus base. She made her way to the spaceport, many of the troops had already gathered around the Dragon’s Find in the main hangar.

Every Dark Jedi in Caliburnus had assembled in the hangar, ready for war, fired up at the fought of another battle. Ironic, that everyone in the house was ready, except the Quaestor.

“Impetus, we’re ready to take off, you need to get on the ship.” Thran said to her, everyone else on board. But she was just staring into the distance, lost in thought. “Umm... Impetus?”

“Oh, right, yeah. Are the ships on-board?”

“Pay attention Imp, this thing doesn’t hold ships. We’re struggling to fit all our men in there. You sure you’re well enough to do this?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, stop worrying.” She boarded the ship, and took her place at the bridge, glancing round at the surface of Ptolomea as they lifted off the surface, making way to Judecca. The ship appeared out of hyperspace near the planet, and began a slow decent towards the ground.

Impetus was the first to step onto the surface, followed by Thran and Zeron, then the rest of the force. “Lets set up camp here, Vally, Lusankya, scan the surroundings for the enemy.” Impetus said across the troops, her voice still weak.

The rest of the Caliburnus Force spread out bacta patches and various other supplies among everyone, getting prepared for battle.

Lusankya and Vally returned. “We’ve located the enemy camp, they’re positioned to the North, not too far from here. They seem to have taken the Dragonsbarge. There wont be any aerial combat in this battle.” Vally said to Impetus.

“Good work you two.” Impetus walked past them towards the Acclivis Draco camp. She walked until the edges of the camp peered over the horizon, as she stood directly between the two camps. She looked at Acclivis Draco, the entire force of her old house uniting with the sole purpose to defeat her own. She still had strong feelings for the house that had made her what she was. ‘I can’t fight them.’ she thought to herself. She looked back at the Caliburnus camp, much slightly smaller than HAD’s. She started to wonder if she was on the right side. War would break out soon, and the thought troubled her. Regardless, she walked back to the Caliburnus camp to issue a speech to the troops before the battle.

“Ahem… Hear me, Brave soldiers of Caliburnus!” She suddenly found her voice, powerful over the troops as it was before. “You have lost much in service to this House! You have given all for our cause! In times like this, it matters not what our blood ties are. We are Family. So if you don’t want to cause your family any grief than live! Don’t turn your back, don’t let down your guard, use every drop of your strength! You only get one life, but one life can make a mark upon this world. One life can move the wheel of history. Be that one life! Fight Brave, Fight well, Fight True. Warriors of the Obelisk, Warlords of the Sith, Scholars of the Krath, MOVE OUT!”


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