HAD House Feud Run-on


11-11-2006 21:15:02

Clan Headquarters: Clan Summit Executive’s Office

RevengeX, red with fury, yelled at the top of his lungs as he entered his Consul’s office: “Damn it, Braecen! Are you going to sit idly and let these events of treason unfold? That traitorous House of Caliburnus has attempted to kidnap a Summit member! Don’t sigh like that, action must be taken against them, or are you willing to see our Clan fall apart because of this? After Dorimad Sol and Caliburnus fought it out, everything we worked on after that, will be lost! Our stability as one unit will crumble because of those traito–that traitorous House!”

Braecen looked up from one of what seemed like a million messages that had been sent today about the event that the Quaestor was complaining about. Rasilvenaira had been sent to the hospital once Revenge had alerted his House’s security force, but was now well and vengeful. ‘I wonder how long it’s been since I’ve heard Revenge yell like that,’ he thought aimlessly as he stared into the angry eyes of the other Krath.

“Action will be taken, rest assured. Negotiations are attempting to be made about the captured prisoners an-”

“I will not release those prisoners willingly! I will not stand by and wait for Caliburnus to attack! I will not negotiate with a messy lot of traitors! I will risk all-out war with them if so be it.”

“Revenge, just hear me out, please?” the Epis waited for what seemed like three years until the Archpriest, still standing in the doorway, gave him a slight nod. “I understand why you’re furious, but being furious right now isn’t going to help. I promise you that. We need to settle this conflict immediately and peacefully, or the entire Clan risks destabilization and we could be attacked with ease by another Clan. Plagueis, Arcona, Naga Sadow, Taldryan, Tarentum, they will all realize that we are weak because of the internal fighting and they could come in and exterminate us. Please, attempt to settle this with Impetus peacefully or I guarantee that something dreadful will happ-”

“There is no way to settle this peacefully! They have already opened up the game with a dangerous move that must be combated immediately with a rigid defense! If you will not help us… Acclivis Draco and I will not help you. Understand that, Kunar.”

Revenge left the office and the door hissed shut behind him.

Braecen sighed.


Acclivis Draco Headquarters: House Audience Hall

“Greetings members of Acclivis Draco, I come before you today to announce our plans concerning the recent events of treason against us.”

A murmur rose through the crowd amongst those who had heard the rumors. Silence fell over the crowd when the Archpriest made a single arm motion.

“Our Clan Summit is not willing to help us reclaim our dignity from this incident. We will have to fight on our own against the traitorous Dark Jedi of Caliburnus. We have no House Dorimad Sol to back us up.” A shout of “We strike fear into those unlucky enough to cross us!” came from someone in the crowd, which many people, who knew and who didn’t know what it meant, applauded.

“Caliburnus wants their prisoners back,” he announced after silence reigned over the crowd once more. “They will attack, but we will not sit idly! We will prepare our defenses and we will counter-attack! I risk open war, but that is a risk I’m willing to take at this moment! We must not attack Caliburnus before we have gathered enough information about their defenses.” RevengeX nodded to a group of intelligence officers in the back of the auditorium.

“Now, onto other news: our Aedile, Rasilvenaira StormRaven, has recovered from the unfortunate event and is now willing to help us reclaim dominance with a renewed vengeful fire. You may now enter her hospital room and mingle with her if you wish. There is no risk of Dark Jedi from Caliburnus attempting the same feat again. But, if they do, we have a very precise security plan laid out so that they cannot get out of this building... guaranteed." The Quaestor managed to wink at the crowd.

“You are all… dismissed.”

Members began getting up out of their seats to exit the large domed auditorium while Revenge stood behind the podium a moment longer to watch them absent-mindedly. Turning around, the Palpatine made his exit through the back of the auditorium where he was greeted by Drynwyn’s Flame Tetrarch, Cuchulain Darkblade Palpatine.

“What do you have planned, Rev?” asked the Pontifex quietly.

“We need to secure our defenses, and I know for certain that they will come to take their fellow Caliburni back to Ptolomea. If they succeed, which is very unlikely, we will intercept their ships with the Excidium when they leave the atmosphere. I will contact Sommetra about this sooner or later, if it’s deemed necessary,” he responded in an equally low tone. “Prepare Drynwyn’s Flame. They’ll be needed… I promise.”

[OOC: “We strike fear into those unlucky enough to cross us” was House Dorimad Sol’s motto. Come on, Acclivis Draco, let's show 'em we're still bangin'!]

Ood Bnar

12-11-2006 04:48:25

Acclivis Draco Headquarters, Secret room

"Okay, i wouldn't be contacting you if it didn't seem urgent old friend!", Ood exclaimed, "I need a way into the Ptolomae base. I know you're in charge of the archives, damnit. I need you to get me the blueprints of that base."

"I don't care how you get them, just make sure you do get them!", Ood said in a calmer voice before disconnecting the link with Antei.

Dessan had always been an unwilling part of his network. That remembered the old plant, he needed to re-activate his spy-network. This network had been large for years, but after the last GJW, Ood had been able to place agents on other clan's planets. And in the wake of the destruction that almost destroyed the dark hall, It had been easy to place devices and agents on Antei.

"Greetings agent Delta, the Hawk is in need. I need my claws sharpened." Ood used the code to let his spymaster know to reactivate the network. Before the human disabled the link, he wished his master good luck.

"Now to inform the Quaestor of the recent events."


Acclivis Draco HQ, Quaestors office

"Sir, i have some stuff to report.", Ood said as RevengeX waved him in.

"Do you remember the GJW sir, and how it seemed strange that Caliburnus had the right information all the time? And how i betrayed the clan for the Academy."

"Yes i remember, i wa planning to get my revenge but Brujah stopped me. Never knew why."

"Well sir, I was working for Brujah. Tyno was my aid back then, together we killed some scum on the academy world."

"Was that you? I thought that Arcona guy murdered that Naga Sadowian."

"I was sent to the moon of Antei to enlarge my spy-grid. Everyone thinks i dismantled it after the GJW, i didn't. i wrote in my reports that i did, but at the same time i ordered my agents to place spying devices in the parts of the dark hall that where being rebuild."

"How big is your network by now Ood?"

"Well, before the war errupted i already had a network in place. At the moment, i have a minimum of four agents in every Clan. Two on the main planet, on on the House worlds. I also have operatives in the SA, and have people that owe me favours in every Dark Council members office. The only place i haven't infiltrated is the DGM and GM staff. Ofcourse i also have agents on other worlds, outside the DB sphere of influence. But as it's forbidden for lowlevel members to do so, i don't use them in DB related issues"

"Wow, seems like your network might even be bigger than the NRI (New republican Intelligence)."

"During the GJW i was funded by the Summit, but after the war ended i started to pay them out of my own pocket. I'm offering you the services of the network for the duration of the Feud. Only one prerequisit."


"You can never speak of the network to anyone and you owe me a favor. In short, you become part of the network and swear a vow of silence regarding it."


12-11-2006 21:37:12

Acclivis Draco headquarters

Rasilvenaira stormed through the corridors, journeymen and droids scattering as she cut through their ranks. Few had ever truly seen the Aedile even upset, but the dark rage that emanated from the Sith now was unmistakable even to a non-sensitive. She was furious, first because she had allowed her guard down enough to be ambushed, and second that the attack happened at all.

“Fools, Impetus has crossed the line this time. I’ll have that Twi’lek’s head for this.” Her eyes had gone completely jet black in anger, her vision hazed with bloodlust and the desire for vengeance.

Reaching her office, she snapped at the protocol droid as he started to greet her. “Verlassen, go find me Adam Anderson, bring him here… no, wait, better yet, tell him to assemble the members of Draco Conspicari in the planning room, alert me when they’re all present.”

“Right away, Mistress.” The droid hurried off to find the Commander.

Rasilvenaira turned to the astromech droid, “R5, I want you to go do a complete check on both the NyghtFyre and the Kanashimu. I want them both fully fueled, and fully armed, and ready to go at a moment’s notice.”

*Beep beep whirr whistle*

“Just go do it, get G3 or M9 to help if you need it, but get it done.”

The little droid sighed and headed out of the office to carry out the orders.


Draco Conspicari planning room

Commander Adam Anderson and the rest of the Draco Conspicari squadron waited for the Aedile’s arrival, they’d been summoned together, and all were wondering what orders they would receive.

The door slid open, and the StormRaven walked into the room. The team members all greeted her and then settled back into their seats. The Sith looked over each member of what many considered a simple rag-tag team, but she knew better. Rasilvenaira was well aware of the strengths and abilities of Draco Conspicari.

“Gentlemen, it is good to see you all, though I wish the circumstances were better. As I am sure you all know by now, there was an attack made against Acclivis Draco, by Caliburnus.”

All eyes watched her, and most nodded in response to her words.

She focused her gaze on Adam, “Commander, I expect you to keep Draco Conspicari on standby, from this moment until further notice, I want this team ready to scramble at a moments notice. This of course means none of you are to leave Headquarters; I have a strong feeling that this pathetic attempt by Caliburnus will only be the beginning. I need you all to stay sharp, and to be ready.”

“Is there anything specific we can do now?” asked Adam. Calm, and usually quiet, he was a man of few words, but Rasilvenaira didn’t question his heart or his abilities when needed.

“I wish I could give you more, Adam, if it was up to me, we’d strike Caliburnus full out and teach them why it is unwise to trifle with Acclivis Draco.” She sighed, “However, we must wait, the time will come soon I’m sure, so be ready.”

The low rumbling growls of the two wookiees on the team, Laurus and Gibbs caused the Aedile to look over at them. “You’ll get your fair chance to bash some heads, don’t worry, you two will head up the ground strike when it’s called for. No doubt Ansus will enjoy the opportunity to ply his demolition skills as well.” The twisted Twi’lek grinned darkly at being noticed.

“A question if you don’t mind, ma’am.”

“What is it Kel?”

The Aedile regarded the pilot as he stood up, “With all due respect, it’s all fine to say we should be ready, but ma’am, wouldn’t it help if we knew what we were possibly getting into?”

Rasilvenaira chuckled, “Fair enough, though you’ve gotten ahead of me.” She turned, “M9?”

The droid rolled forward, beeping and chirping. Rasilvenaira looked over the gathered members, “I expect that you all know enough not to ask where I got this information, but in case, this information doesn’t exist. Do I make myself clear?”

Murmurs of acknowledgment passed around the room, and Rasilvenaira nodded. “Very well, M9, patch into the display, bring up the Caliburnus maps.”

The little droid soon displayed a map of Ptolomea, the region around the House headquarters. Then the display cycled through blueprints of the base, aerial maps that laid out targets for air strikes, as well as a few other detailed maps. The team took their time studying over them, asking about various features. When they were certain they had all the information they would need to know for the eventual strikes, the droid turned off the displays.

“Very well, that’s all I have right now. I trust Draco Conspicari will be ready when it’s called upon.”

Every member nodded, and Adam stood, “We will be ready to do whatever is asked of us.”


Aedile’s office

The House headquarters had grown quiet, most people sleeping given the late hour. One still remained awake; Rasilvenaira sat in her office, going over tight beamed data transmissions from Ptolomea. Finally having worked off the sharp edge of her rage, her mind was focused now on planning and strategy.

“I imagine it’s only a matter of time before my droids are discovered, but I’ve already got most of the information I need. Anything they learn now is just icing, hopefully they will turn up something else useful.”

Leaning back in her chair, she let her eyes close. “I relaxed my guard once, it won’t happen again. Caliburnus will either back down and apologize or I will see it fall.”

Ood Bnar

13-11-2006 06:23:18

Aedile's Office

A voice from the shadows made Rasilvenaira shiver.

"You know you could have just asked me for that information. I lived there for months, I think I'd know the place by now.", Ood said as he stepped out of the shadows. "Don't be startled, you didn't let your guard down again. You simply didn't expect me to come in through another way than the main entrance. This is a mistake easily made, luckily i'm a good friend of Laurus. Yes, the previous Aedile once showed me the secret passageways that connect the Aedile's Office with the office of the Quaestor and Envoy. I used that entrance because nobody may know we've met today."

"Why not?", Ras asked after looking at the opening in her bookcabinet.

"I'd expect more from you, never underestimate the enemy. If you could place spying tools on Ptolomae, then Impetus can have done the same here. Remember, her Aedile was summit here once."

"Thran would never betray HAD!"

"On the contrary mylady, he already has. I'd suggest changing the accesscodes to the security systems and video-feed. They're still the same as when Thran lived here. Oh, to balance things out a bit. Here are the blueprints of the HC base, I included the secret rooms, corridors I know.", Ood said, leaving a scoll of parchment as he walked back into the secret corridor to his office.


13-11-2006 15:40:57

Aedile’s office

Watching the Neti disappear, Rasilvenaira made a note to put an alarm on that entrance. Sighing, she turned to her computer, and began changing all the access and security codes. Inwardly, she didn’t really want to admit that the Envoy was most likely correct; Thran couldn’t be trusted, not now.

She sent encrypted messages to the necessary people, informing them of the security code changes, then doubled the number of security droids she had placed around the compound.

“That should do the trick, I hope.” She thought to herself.

Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, Rasilvenaira stood. Leaving her office, she headed off for a personal check on the House’s security. Over the next hour, she checked the positions of every single security droid, as well as verifying all the necessary access codes had changed over to the new ones.

Rasilvenaira finished off her inspection on the roof of the headquarters. Looking out over the Antenoran landscape, she noticed that the sky was beginning to get lighter.

“Oh well, good thing I don’t sleep, since it seems I worked through the night again.”

Settling down, she got comfortable on the rooftop, facing the rising sun. Slowly Rasilvenaira cleared her thoughts, allowing herself to relax and slip into meditative state. She had long since trained her mind and body to deal with sleep deprivation that would incapacitate most humans, an odd trait that caused many to question her being really human.

Adam Anderson

13-11-2006 20:28:28

Going to her room the commander of Draco Conspircari stepped up beside her. "My appologies my lady, but are you sure you are ok..I may be only an ArchPriest, but I can still sense when a friend esspecially a dear sister like youreslf is in trouble." That made her blush, Adam was a man of few words, but well thought words. "I was just thinking about how I am not going to let my gaurd down and how we were betrayed. It does not seem right."

Pausing in front of her room, Adam responded, " No it is not, we are a clan, we are a family we are a brotherhood. We do NOT attack each other like savages. It very well may be some one or something is behind this attack, I would like to find out if that is a possibility. I do not want anything happen to you after such a vile attack, I can send for my apprentice and we can guard you for a time." She would not hear of it, and with a wave of her han, she pushed him aside. "With all do repecct Adam I do not need any protection, but I thank you anyways. Go back to your quarters or whereever and prepare."

"As you wish my lady." Adam said and bowed. Hitting his com link. "Arual. meet me in my quarters.. We need to talk something just does not feel right." He got an acknowlege and raced off this was not going to be pretty.

Kel Tavik

14-11-2006 17:07:05

Now these things have class.

Entombed tightly inside the claustrophobic pilot’s life support suit, Kel Tavik ran his eyes over the control panel before him. The wizards at Sienar responsible for designing the sleek TIE-series fighters certainly knew when they’d done something right, the Corellian noted with a smile, as his gauntleted hands clasped around the familiar wheel-and-yoke steering apparatus.

But the TIE Defender wasn’t the same as his beloved TIE Interceptor, Tavik reminded himself quietly. While the two ships came from the same stock, he still wasn’t flight qualified on the vastly more advanced—and expensive—starfighter assigned to him.


The familiar voice of their flight controller abruptly crackled over his helmet speakers. “Delta Nine, Control speaking. You’re cleared to fly.”

Grinning widely, Kel toggled the comlink embedded in his helmet with a flick of the wrist. “Nine acknowledges. Lower me down.”

The powerful hydraulic docking arm roared to life behind his ship, and the familiar sensation of queasiness sank into the pit of Kel’s stomach. Then discipline and training kicked in, and an instant later he found himself free of the mooring.

The remaining three ships of his flight dropped into their places simultaneously, forming a neat diamond with his own craft. Together, four sets of twin ion engines roared to life, rocketing the flight away from the mothership at breakneck speed.

Just like an interceptor, Kel grinned to himself as he steadied the heavy assault ship below him. Only with more punch.

“Thirty seconds to target drones,” he noted over the flight comlink. “Break by pairs and fire at will. Call your targets, boys.”

The dense minefield unfolded before the Corellian’s eyes as his ship raced toward it. A hundred simple target drones, each barely two meters across, hung idly in the cold dead of deep space. Only the single laser canon and maneuvering jets set them apart from any other bit of trash bloating about, and it took a trained eye to see the difference at anything other than point blank range.

“Eleven, calls left row,” came the familiar voice of Norrik Karn, a Journeyman pilot assigned to the squadron. “Twelve, take my back.”

“Ten and I’ll come from the fight, then,” Tavik grinned, juking the wheel hard to bank. “We’ll see you boys in the middle.”

Despite his years of iron discipline, the Corellian barely held back a feral whoop of joy as his cannons found their first target. One after another, the mines in his sights fell under the torrent of emerald plasma lancing forth from the Defender. The few he missed, of course, immediately became the prey of Delta Ten, otherwise known as Acolyte T. Jethro Gibbs. Together, the pair of Defenders made quick work of the mines, only catching a sporadic burst of return fire on their shields.

As they came around to meet with the other two ships, Tavik felt his stomach lurch in the familiar mixture of instinct, luck and Force-enhanced reflexes that seemed to almost invariably signal trouble. The Corellian only barely managed to call out a frantic, “Break formation—now!” before twelve exploded brilliantly under a surprise attack.

Tavik swore, pulling back hard on the yoke and sending his Defender into a steep climb. Ambush, he growled bitterly. And we kriffing walked right into it…

“What’ve you got, Deltas?” the Corellian barked as he checked his own instruments. From out of nowhere, half a dozen X-Wing starfighters had found their way into the private training sanctum of the Draco Conspicari; only one thought came into Tavik’s mind.

We were sold out.

“I don’t see anything, Nine,” Eleven called out frantically. “Ten has two on him, though!”

“Gibbs, evasion pattern nine—now!” Even as he yelled the order, Kel snapped his own fighter around to face his wingman’s antagonists. Just as Eleven had predicted, a pair of distinct X-Wing starfighters closed in on the now desperately zig-zagging Defender before them.

Kel grinned as their trajectory took them directly into his fire. One of the X-Wing’s exploded immediately, while the second took a hard hit to the starboard S-foils and broke off pursuit.

But then the survivors were all over him, and Kel found himself pushing the maneuvering thrusters of the Defender well past their limit. In a detached state of clarity, the Corellian heard his voice thunder at his wingmen, telling them to give him some cover while he juked… but, in the end, his calls were unanswered. Plasma fire lanced into his ship, crushing the Defender’s shields like an eggshell and sending his world into darkness.

“Kriff it,” the Corellian muttered, toggling the ‘exit’ command on his simulator. The other three members of his flight had already unhooked themselves from their machines, and stood about shamefully as their flight leader stepped out.

“How many did we get?”

“Two confirmed kills, Tavik,” boomed the voice of Adam Anderson, their squadron leader. “Jethro clipped the second one you hit. Other than that, it was a slaughter.”

The Corellian crossed his arms over his chest, shaking his head. “Run it again, boys. If we can’t succeed at this drill, there’s no way we’ll succeed in the field. See you in the sims.”


14-11-2006 20:38:20

Aedile’s office

Rasilvenaira paced back and forth across her office, thoughts swirling through her mind. Finally over the initial rage after the attack by Caliburnus, her thoughts were more rational, more controlled. However, there was still a certain amount of turmoil in her mind. Rasilvenaira had always stood steadfastly loyal to Scholae Palatinae first and foremost. She had always favored her own house of Acclivis Draco, out of fondness and loyalty to the House she first joined, but tried to always serve the Clan as a whole.

Now as Aedile of Acclivis Draco, the Sith was compelled to defend her House, this time against a threat she never thought they would face. Caliburnus. The other house of Scholae Palatinae had blatantly made an attack on her and in that action, was attacking her House as well. But why? Rationally analyzing the situation, none of it made sense. Caliburnus was weaker now than they ever had been, she knew this, and assumed Impetus would also be aware of the fact. So why would the Twi’lek now all of a sudden chose to plunge her house into what threatened to turn into all out war with Acclivis Draco.

“That Twi’lek’s either lost her mind, or I’ve been overestimating her intelligence all along.” She muttered to herself.

The beep of her com unit drew her attention back to the moment and she walked back over to her desk and flipped it on. She was greeted by the image of the Knight Commander, Siyavash.

“Hello Siya.”

“Silver? What’s going on? I got the message that you needed to speak to me.”

“Siya, there’s a situation developing, and you may want to consider heading back to Judecca, if not to Antenora.”

“What’s happened?”

“Caliburnus made an attack on Acclivis Draco, and the situation stands a good chance of escalating into all out war between the Houses.”

“But… isn’t the Summit doing anything to stop this? How can the Houses be allowed to fight each other, it’ll tear the Clan apart.”

“RevengeX said he spoke to Braecen, but nothing seems to be happening, I don’t see them doing anything to stop it, or they’d have done it by now.”

Siyavash was quiet for a moment, then continued, “Well, I don’t know what use I can be to the House, you know I’m not much of a fighter.”

Rasilvenaira nodded, “I know. Perhaps you should head for Judecca, and see if you can get Braecen or Phoenix to do something. You are the Knight Commander after all; maybe you can get them to listen to reason. Right now my duty is to my House, even if that means leading it against Caliburnus.”

“Let me finish up a few things here, and I’ll head back and see what I can do.”

“Alright, safe journey, Siya.”

The image faded and Rasilvenaira turned the com unit off. She sighed and leaned back in her chair. She was the Clan Envoy, as well as the Aedile of Acclivis Draco. “Envoys are supposed to be diplomatic; sometimes I really wonder how the frell an old warrior like me got made an Envoy.”

R5 beeped and whirred thoughtfully.

“If this explodes into a full scale war, I have no choice but to stand with my House, and I’ll fight for it.”


14-11-2006 20:45:09

Uzbad hated the inner struggle between the houses, it just wasn’t right. Scholae Palatinae should have been working together to become stronger, to defeat the other Clans and become the most powerful Clan in the Brotherhood. But as it stood, the ancient Sith house was making a power-grab. Uzbad sighed, always fighting…

He was brought out of his thoughts by his commlink beeping loudly from within the confines of his robes. His hand reached into pocket after pocket, and finally he found the little mechanism, tucked into a pocket along with last nights leftovers. He shook off the crumbs and spoke into the machine: “Yes?”

“Uzbad, Cuchulain here. Battle Team meeting in my office, 20 minutes.”

Uzbad spoke his affirmative and began to make his way down to Cuchulain’s office.

Adam Anderson

14-11-2006 21:37:54

Quarters of Adam Anderson:

Upon entering his quarters the ArchPriest saw his apprentice standing by his door. "You called. Adam? How may I be of service." The door closed behind him. ushering Arual to a display tabble Adam told him, "I want two things to happen right now. They are both very important. I want Rasilvenaira protected. If she does not want it have her come see me. She is the future of the house. The second is I want to start to see what or who is behind the attack...I can not and will not believe that our brothers and sisters would attack us."

Arual nodded and headded off to the Aedile’s office he was not sure if this was a good idea, but as his master and friend said, if she has a problam she could take it up with the ArchPriest himslef.

Mean while the DC leader started scanning his vast library to see if he could find anything. He also put in a call to Ood.

Ood Bnar

15-11-2006 05:21:13

Quarters of Adam Anderson

"You requested my presence?", Ood asked over the commlink that connected him with the Archpriest, "This better be good, I had to scramble a new feed to contact you."

"Wouldn't it be easier to just come over sir?", Adam asked.

"Have you lost your mind? At this moment I'm HC's biggest threat, I lived there for a while. I know who's who and almost every security precaution they have. If i came over to your place the spies could execute us both!", Ood rambled.

For Adam this was the first time he'd seen evidence of the distrusting nature of the old Neti. It seemed that Ood hadn't lived his 400 year life just on luck alone.

"Where are you sir?"

"I'm sitting in a safe place, using a computer console that was erased from every document. It used to be Mune's safehaven, I only found it by accident. I think not even the summit knows of it's existence. But you needed me?", Ood concluded his explanation and waited for the Archpriest to start talking.


15-11-2006 19:13:47

RevengeX stepped out of the large audience hall from its main entrance well after everyone else had already left. A low growl came from his throat after reading several messages from concerned, eager House members. He was undeniably agitated and simply, angry. The Palpatine stalked through the House’s headquarters on Antenora, House members fleeing from the hunched over man as he passed them by, not even willing to take a glance at them.

The Quaestor’s thoughts roiled in his twisted mind: What was that Impetus thinking of next? An assassination attempt? Another kidnapping attempt? Gosh, I wish I knew…

But, as with all great strategy games, you never know what your opponent is thinking until they give it away. The Archpriest took the turbolift up to the fifth story of the building where the Summit offices were located. RevengeX stifled a yawn as he exited the lift and walked towards his office door. Reaching for the door knob, pushing the door inwards to the office and stepping inside the dark room, the hairs on his neck prickled and he back flipped away and out of the office. A small explosion rocked the floor as a bomb detonated from inside the office, leaving a black mark where Revenge had stood moments before. ‘How cliché,’ he thought as he extinguished his lightsaber’s sky blue blade and walked cautiously back towards his office.

Stepping inside his office once more, Revenge inspected it carefully and came to the conclusion that Caliburnus was either desperate or rash. Maybe both, he said to himself as he sat at his desk. Taking his comlink from his belt, he adjusted it to the appropriate channel and said, “Code: B12, Area: Fifth floor. Send a team of sweepers immediately. Revenge out.” The Quaestor was not one to take risks like this: what would happen if this was a double layer trap? Surely no one in Caliburnus was that devious, but he had requested the team of sweepers just in case.

The Palpatine scribbled a note to himself: another reason to be merciless on Caliburnus.

Adam Anderson

15-11-2006 20:01:31

Quarters of Adam Anderson:

After a quick breath the ArchPriest said, "Yes. I do not believe that this attack on us is from our sister house itself. I believe the Jedi specifically and the quote unquote New Republic is behind this I do not know if you can help but as a brother in this clan longer then I have been I was wondering if you had any thoughts, and if possible if there was away that you could look into the matter." Looking around the room he continued, "Since as you said you are a former member of the house, I would think that you could look to see if their computers have been hacked by those corupted and egotistical Jedi."

Ood did not say anything for a few minutes then replied, "That is an interesting choice of words, young one, interesting indeed." Smilling Adam said, "Well if you had spent more time with me you would know that I in my heart of hearts believe that it is they who are the corupt ones they who believe they know the force better than we do." Ood replied. If I can I will see what information is available.

Aedile’s office

Arual arived at he office and rang the chimb. Rasilvenaira answered, "What do you need, I have things to do." Shaking a little, he replied, "Excuse me my lady but Adam asked that I come to gaurd you he believes that you are not safe and I beleive he thinks that you are the future of the house and he does not want to see someone of such promise killed." Shaking her head, she in a half mocking half honored voice, "I apreciate what the ArchPriest believes his fellings are well apreciated. Come in lets find out what is going on in his head."


16-11-2006 20:51:39

Acclivis Draco Headquarters

Arual followed the Aedile back down the corridors, and then she stopped, standing dead still.

“What’s wr…” he was interrupted by a wave of her hand.

“Hush.” She pulled a datapad out of her pocket and keyed in a few rapid commands, her eyes darkening as she read the screen. Rasilvenaira growled under her breath. “Very well, for now, you can stay, but you’ll have to keep up. There’s just been an attack on our Quaestor apparently. I’ll speak to Adam later about this. I really do appreciate his concern, but I do not need anyone guarding me.”

She turned on her heels and headed for a turbolift. Arual nodded, uncertain of what else to do, so he followed, hurrying to fall into step with the Sith. “Where are we going?” He asked as they both stepped into the lift.

“Fifth floor, RevengeX was attacked; I need to find out what happened.”

He nodded, feeling a lump in his throat. Arual knew he was still fairly new to the Clan, so still didn’t quite understand what the conflict was about, but he sensed the tensions building in the House.


Later that day, Aedile’s office

Rasilvenaira sat at her desk, going over the initial results from the sweeper team that investigated the bombing of RevengeX’s office. No other bombs were found, and a more detailed investigation was pending.

“How the frell did they get it past the security? There is no evidence of a breach in any of the security measures.”

“Could it have already been here before the new measures?” asked Arual, who sat patiently across from her.

The Aedile looked up at him, “Entirely possible, but also an extremely disturbing thought. Because that would mean Caliburnus has been planning this move for a while.”

Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock at her door. “Yes?”

Jedi Hunter Libra Tzo entered, bowing slightly as she stopped in the center of the room. “You asked to see me?”

Rasilvenaira blinked, then she nodded, “Ah yes, Libra, I have a mission for you.”

The young Hunter nodded, “How may I be of service?”

“Knight Commander Siyavash is on her way to Judecca, or will be very soon. I want you to go there, and catch up with her.”


“Arual, I want you to go with Libra. Keep an eye on her, you’ll be responsible for guarding her, and Siyavash once you two catch up with her.”

Arual started to protest, but was interrupted. “That’s an order. Adam may be your Commander, but I’m your Aedile. Their safety is more important right now. I’ll speak with Adam when I see him. Don’t worry, just go, I expect both of you to be ready to leave for Judecca within the hour. I’ll contact the Hangar to ready a shuttle.”

The both nodded, looked at each other, and then left the office.

Libra Tzo

17-11-2006 15:38:21

A Half an Hour Later

Arual and Libra sprinted for the shuttle as it began to lift, robes fluttering in the gust filling the hanger. Pulling the Force to herself, Libra grabbed the Protectors' hand and jumped, just barely making the already closing ramp. She looked at the Nelvaanian for a moment, expressionless, then nodded.

The two made their way up to the cockpit, strapping into the crash webbing. Arual glanced at Libra, who was odd looking, even by the strange human standards. She grinned mischievously, looking slightly nervous, yet excited about the coming adventure. “I’ve never been on a mission like this before.” She said, speaking to no one in particular. Arual made no reply, feeling slightly disgruntled about having to follow her around. Shouldn’t a Hunter not need someone to guard them? He thought as the ship accelerated, leaving the planet far behind.

Adam Anderson

17-11-2006 23:24:01

Quarters of Adam Anderson:

With those last worrds Ood cut the transmition: "Well, I guess that takes care of that," Adam thought to himself. Then he looked round at him many tombs of knowlege and considered his next act. With Arual taking care of of the Aedile , he thought that maybe some meditation would make things clear. But, before that a the ArchPriest would check in with his apprentice to make sure everything was alright.

Hitting the comlike Adam hailed his apprentice, "Arural how are you doing do you need assistance?" No answer. This make the Archpriest very unconfortable, "Arural, please respond." He had to find out what happened to his apprentice. He did not sense any problem in the force, but that ment nothing since his knowlege was limited. "I will have to do more investigating, then I planeed. I hope Ood is successful and quickly. And with that, Adam left his quarters to investigate what's happened to his apprentice.


18-11-2006 01:16:12

Acclivis Draco Headquarters

Verlassen caught up with Adam as the Commander strode through the corridors, his thoughts in several directions at once. The sudden appearance of the platinum hued protocol droid confused him for a moment.

“Commander, please wait! I’ve been sent to find you.” The droid spoke, sounding as distraught as a machine possibly could.

“What? Why?” Adam turned to face the droid.

“Sir. The Aedile has requested that Draco Conspicari be assembled in the planning room. It seems there has been a dire change in the situation.”

“Hmm, very well, do you know where Arual Semaj is? Is he still with the Aedile?”

“No Sir, the Aedile sent him on a mission.”

“Mission? What mission and why wasn’t I informed?”

Without waiting for an answer, he turned and headed for the planning room of the Battle team. Verlassen sighed and followed the human.


Draco Conspicari planning room

Laurus grumbled and growled, pacing back and forth. Most of the other team members staying out of arms reach of the angry wookiee. Gibbs growled in response to Laurus’ comments. The majority of the human members of the team just sat in their seats looking on without understanding.

“Laurus, calm down. Need I remind you, and Gibbs, that I do understand Shyriiwook perfectly well, along with several other languages?” Rasilvenaira stood, her dark eyes focused on the wookiee who literally towered over her.

With an exasperated sigh, the Jedi Hunter sank into a nearby chair.

Kel Tavik chuckled, looking over at the Aedile. “How many languages do you speak?”

“Almost enough to be a protocol droid.” She quipped with a wry grin. “Truthfully I haven’t bothered to count them. Some I know fluently, others I know enough to get by in.”
He nodded. “I picked up bits of a few here and there but never studied them in any detail.”

They all turned as the door slid open and Commander Anderson stepped into the room. He bowed to Rasilvenaira, then nodded to the rest of the team. “Madame, may I have a word…”

“Afterwards Adam, please. I’ll explain.”

“Very well.” He took his seat, absently running his fingers through is hair, then turned his attention to the Aedile.

Clearing her throat, Rasilvenaira pointed their attention to the display screen on the wall. It lit up with a view of Antenora from space.

“Gentlemen. As some of you may or may not know, Caliburnus has chosen to further aggravate the tensions between our houses. Quaestor RevengeX’s office was targeted for a bomb attack; luckily he wasn’t hurt, managing to avoid the attack. However, the fact remains, it happened. What makes this worse is that the possibility exists that the party responsible for placing that bomb is still here, and possibly has been here since the beginning. Thus, there’s a chance that we have a spy in the House. If this is not the case, then it means someone somehow managed to by pass every security measure we have in place. I don’t think I need to explain the seriousness of either possibility.”

The grim expressions that greeted her as she scanned the room signified their understanding. The display changed to the detailed blueprints of the Acclivis Draco compound.

“Laurus. You, Gibbs, and Ansus, I want the three of you to search this compound from rooftop to basements. If there is a breach in the security I want it found, and neutralized.” The three nodded.

“The rest of you, I want regular flight patrols, effective immediately. Two fighters at all times. Rotate in shifts, but no one flies alone, is that understood?”

“Aye.” “Yes.” They all answered affirmatively.

“Very good. Kel, Norrik, you’re first up, work the rotations out amongst yourselves. You have your orders, dismissed.” Turning, she looked over at Adam. “Come with me.”

She turned and headed out of the room, leaving the team to sort out their plans of attack regarding their assigments. The Archpriest quietly fell into step beside her.


Aedile’s office
“Adam, I know you’re first question, Arual is on a mission of far greater importance. I sent him with Hunter Libra Tzo to meet up with Knight Commander Siyavash when she arrives on Judecca. I didn’t take the time to discuss it with you, I fully intended to, however the situation with the attack on RevengeX changed my plans.”

The Commander sat in the chair across from the Aedile’s desk, turned to face the center of the room as she paced. “Alright, but who’s going to watch after you?”

She smiled, “Truly, I appreciate the concern, however, I don’t really need the protection. The attack on me happened only because I was careless enough to have relaxed my guard around clanmates. That won’t happen again. Besides, think about it. If they tried once, they may try again, if they think I’m too well guarded, it won’t work. Let them try again and we have even more leverage against Caliburnus and Braecen will be forced to do something or we launch all out war on our Sister house.”

He lowered his head, thinking, as he looked back up, his concern was evident in his expression. “My Lady, that is something I hope never comes.”

“Adam, I would be perfectly happy to see this resolved without bloodshed, but life has taught me to be more of a realist. I don’t see Impetus being reasonable, anymore than RevengeX will be. And they call us Sith the warmongers.” She chuckled, then looked at the Archpriest. “You know, you’re very unlike most Krath, I suppose that’s why we get along so well.”

He nodded, smiling slightly. “What can I do to help?”

“Keep on top of your team, make sure they’re handling the patrol rotations so that none of them get burned out or fatigued. We have to stay sharp, but they can’t push themselves. Tired pilots become careless pilots, and I’ll be hanged if I’m going to lose any to that. I’m going to be setting up a secondary flight of remotes as well, droid piloted ships, they can pick up the spaces between the actual piloted flights. We have more ships than we have people skilled enough to fly them, might as well use them the best we can.”

“Alright, if there’s anything else…”

“I’ll keep you informed. Thank you Adam.”

He stood, “I will do whatever is required, if there’s nothing else, I’ll see to my team.”

She nodded, “That’s all.”

He bowed and left her office, and headed back towards his team’s planning room.”

Adam Anderson

18-11-2006 11:29:09

Draco Conspicari planning room
When the ArchPriest entered the planning room, he kept on thinking that Rasilvenaira, could very well be wrong. After all if the assasin was willing to trade his/her life for the target no secuity measure was sound enough. However, his orders were clear, and he would follow them to the letter. He just hoped that he was wrong. However, he felt that this was not the last attempt on her life. He turned his attention to the matter of security flights. "Kel, come back and take a break, I will have you monitor the situation. And another little project that I have on the side. I will meet you down in the hanger." Kel responded with, " With all due respect Adam, I am still doing a patrol, I want to continue."

"I love your dedication Kel, but I don't want you to get burned out." Adam answered. "Come back to base, There will be droid pilots covering while we switch." Kel eventually gave in and turned his fighter to the hanger, he also left a note regarding what should happen if the others found something about the bomb that nearly took out Revenge.

Acclivis Draco hanger
Kel and Adam met in the hanger and talked about what was about to happen. "Lisen Kel, before I take off there are something we need to talk about. The first is I am expecting a call from Ood, he is working on let's say a special project that may lead us to the truth about the attack against us. Go to the planning room and as soon as he calls, if he does, then I want to be notified." Kel nodded his understanding and started to take off when the ArchPriest stopped him. "There is one other thing, I want you while in the planning room to open yourself to the force, and try and feel Rasilvenaira's presence. I am not convinced that we have heard the lat of an attack. We can not gaurd her physically anymore, but we can still do it from afar by using the force to sense danger." With that the two departed.


18-11-2006 17:34:52

Laurus checked over that the small team was well equipped and ready. He wouldn’t be in charge of a team that would fail disgustingly and without honour shortly after beginning a mission. This should just be a simple check of any security breach or treacherous behaviour going on in the House that he loved and felt he’d been in all his life.

Gibbs and Ansus stood ready at attention and the senior member amongst the group had nostalgia run back into his mind, the days when he once lead a Battle Team.
Gibbs he was already familiar with and had grown to like and respect being the only other wookie he knew of in the Dark Brotherhood who just so happened to be in Draco Conspicari along with himself.
Ansus, a twi’lek, there once was a time the Wookie would treat their kind without suspicion – that all ended when one he knew lead her House into a conflict against his, for Impetus was the one who had brought him into this Brotherhood and now she was his enemy. But when the Jedi Hunter had an enemy, he found it extremely hard to forgive them in any way, shape or form.

He checked his equipment and strapped his Rancor Blade to his back.
He turned his tall, dark figure to face Ansus and Gibbs, “We start with the basement.”
And with those simple words growled in his native tongue, the three of them left for the lifts, Laurus pushed a button and the descent began.

JH Laurus (Krath)/FM/Acclivis Draco of Scholae Palatinae [ACC: CL:1]
StA-WG / DC / (GN) / Cr-2A-2S-3E / CF-BlF-RF-GF-PF / SI-SoW / LSS / S:-8D
{SA: U:TL - U:TW - G:L - G:CM - G:AIC - G:MED - G:TS - L:PRH - G:AS}

Adam Anderson

18-11-2006 19:33:27

Space around Antenora:
Adam and Norik patrolled, looking to see what if any furhter attempsts on the house there would be. Little did they know, it would not take them long to find out. Norik was the first to spot it. "6 XWings and 8 B Wings comming out of hyperspace. They are making a run for the planet. Raise the alert. We have intruders." Adam thought that was odd since there were no capital class starships, comming out of hyper space and no shuttle or transport craft trying to land on the surface. "Thiss may be a distraction, or at least the first wave." Adam told his young friend. "This is all we need, first the attack on us from within and now without.Norik, try to disable a fighter so we can take them hostage." Norik acknowleged.

Trafic came over the emergency frequency. "Attention all fighters, the long range and short range communicaitons systems have been destroyed. We can not call for assistance." Blood was about to be spilled in the name of the brotherhood.

Meanwhile in the Aedile's office:
the comm system started blinking and Rasilvenaira picked it up. "What is it I am busy," She said harshly. "My lady," a trooper answered,"We have an attack in progress. enemy fighters from the Jedi have entered the area." She responded, "Have you contacted the Clan HQ or the brotherhood for assistance?" "Negetive..We can not because we can not call out of the immediate area." was his response. "I am on my way to the command room." With that she cut off the comm and was making her way out of the room and just barley left when she was stopped by a presence. "What are you doing here you..." she could not finish because she was knocked out. But not before she heard. "For the Jedi."


18-11-2006 20:15:02

RevengeX was sitting in his office, well after the sweeping team had left, when he heard hurried footsteps coming from the hallway down near the turbolift. ‘Silly kids, they should stop running around here,’ he thought as he looked up from the report he was writing to the Clan Summit about the recent assassination attempt.


The Palpatine scoffed as he heard the war-cry from outside his office and called his lightsaber to his hand as the Force served as an extension of his arm. There was a brief moment of silence, and then his office door fell inwards and several people in brown tunics and robes entered the office.


They yelled again as they charged the Archpriest. ‘Annoying kids,’ he thought as he extended his arm with speed and force, pushing the group of brown-clad figures into his office wall. The Quaestor heard several bones crunch upon impact, causing him to lick his lips in anticipation of blood. ‘Not without some fun first.’

RevengeX picked one of the figures from the pile with the Force and hurled him again and again at the wall and then crashing out the window. A small thud was heard as the hooded figure hit the ground. ‘That’s definitely got to hurt…’

When Revenge turned back to play with some of the other inhabitants of his office, they were gone. They had retreated from right out of his nose. Revenge grabbed a comlink from his desk and issued the lockdown signal: “Engage lockdown procedures immediately. We have a security breach. Intruders have just escaped from the fifth floor executive area and are now using the Area B and C turbolifts. I repeat: engage lockdown procedures immediately. Revenge out.”


Norrik and Adam repeatedly hailed Acclivis Draco’s headquarters down on Antenora for reinforcements, but no response came. Finally, after shooting down a B-wing starfighter each, a voice emitted from their communication sets.

“This is Revenge. We’ve had a security breach down at headquarters and we are now in a lockdown. Your orders are to ‘shoo away’ the enemy fighters as quickly as you can and then come back down to help ‘persuade’ the people trapped in the building to get out as fast they can. I’ll meet you at headquarters. Revenge out.”

Adam sighed deeply and asked Norrik if he had heard the orders. Upon confirmation that they both had heard the same thing, they began to open fire on the remaining starfighters. As they’re Quaestor had said, they were to “shoo” them away.

Adam Anderson

18-11-2006 21:41:54

Space around Antenora:
"Watch it Norik. I can't aford to loose you." Adam called to his young friend over the comm as a B Wing tried to take out his engines. A quick jerk, and the young pilot said," Thanks, I nearly bit the big one that time." He turned his fighter and destroyed it. "come on my friend," Adam said. "Lets get back down to HQ. were done up here." With that they made their way quickly to the hanger.

Hanger of Acclivis Draco HQ:
When They arived, Revenge joined them as he said he would. "Thank the force you two are alright. I heard a commotion and Jedi have been here alright. We have a major breach in security. Also it lookes like Ras has been attacked again. She is under heavy security. I would like DC to take command of her protection. I am going to make her take a body gaurd, no mater if she likes it or not." Adam and Norik nodded, "Norik look to her security arangements, if you sense trouble, let me know at once. DO NOT be a hero. I knew we had not seen the last of these assasination attackes. I pray she will be ok. I would hate to loose her."

With that, the Quaestor and commander of the DC battle team were all by themselves. "Come with me Adam. I need your help in getting the jedi to "volenteer info." As they left the hanger, The commander of the DC battle team got a call from Laurus, "Sir, we have found something that you may want to take a look at."


19-11-2006 00:13:50

Drynwyn’s Flame Briefing Room,
House Acclivis Draco Headquarters Facilities,
Heimdall Mountain Range, Hela Continent,
Antenora, Cocytus System,
Dark Jedi Brotherhood Territories.

Cooch had Drynwyn’s Flame assembled before him, minus Libra Tzo, and by the Krath was he proud of them. They all knew the score so far, and as the elite battle team of the House, they had as yet been kept in reserve, awaiting a mission that would call upon their collection of immense skills.

After the conversation he had with RevengeX, he knew that it was time.

Calling the light-hearted bantering to order, he even got a chance to glare at Timbal, who had just walked in, after stepping out for “liquid refreshment.”

“Ok, now that everyone has had a chance to relax, and in Timbals’ case a chance to further destroy his liver, we’ve finally been activated. RevengeX and I heartily agreed that whatever the hell games Caliburnus are playing, that it won’t go unanswered by us. We’ve been assigned to a task that I’m confident that we can all pull off, and one that is crucial. We’ve been tasked to temporarily eliminate some of their assets. We’ve been denied the chance to destroy equipment, since after all we may either want to use the equipment ourselves or it may become necessary for the defense of the Clan as a whole, but otherwise we’ve been given liberty to use our imaginations to deny their use to Caliburnus. Finally, this whole thing must be pulled off without our identities being discovered, as we'll need the deniability factor for this mission.”

They nodded, the wisdom of the words evident, and silently began to make preparations. There was much cursing and vodka runs, as well as laughter and threats, but eventually a solid plan was hammered into place.


Space around Ptolomae,
Cocytus System,
Dark Jedi Brotherhood Territories,
Twelve Hours Later….

The Modified CR90 Corellian Corvette Victory dropped in from hyperspace, doubtlessly setting off all sorts of sensor nets arrayed around Ptolomae. That was fine, this was to be expected. What was working in their favor was surprise and speed, since the Victory had jumped in about as close to the mass shadow of Ptolomae as it possibly could without causing too much damage. The speed of the ship allowed it to enter the edges of Caina’s atmosphere, drop it’s cargo, and gun it’s engines for all it was worth for the edge of the mass shadow, and out to hyperspace once again. Luckily, the defenders were unable to cause much damage to the ship, but they didn’t notice the cargo that was dropped. Since each cargo pod was sensor-stealthed, they made the treacherous journey through the atmosphere untouched and un-observed.

The five pods streaked down, and automatic sensors on each deployed small airfoils on each when they reached a certain height. They couldn’t use repulsor-lifts, since any sort of real technology would be easy to detect, but airfoils were so simple as to be drop-dead easy, and easy enough to sensor-stealth as well.

The pods rode down their airfoils just enough to keep them from smashing with un-wanted speeds on the ground. Other sensors noted the safe distance from the ground, and when that distance was correct, small charges blew four of the pods open, spilling their contents into the wind. The fifth pod merely deployed yet one more airfoil, further slowing down that specific pod. The cargo contents of the first four pods now fell further down, but this cargo only had to fall a short distance, and the shock of the fall was easily handled by the cargo itself. The fifth and final pod merely landed as it was, and once it stopped rolling around more small charges blew it open, revealing its’ contents.

The cargo of the first four pods didn’t need to figure out what the situation of their landing was at, since a quick scan by various of their senses merely confirmed what the Force told them: All Clear, and everything on point. Rallying around the fifth pod, the now-animated cargo moved about with determination and efficiency, grabbing their heavy and nowhere near sanitary equipment, and disposing of the rest.

With a nod of consent, they disbursed, two teams of two each started to leapfrog their way to their objective, over watch tactics and silence being the key.


House Ptolomaes’ Main Hangar Facilities,
Steiner Jungle Zone, Karnov Continent,
Ptolomea, Cocytus System,
Dark Jedi Brotherhood Territories,

Pontifex Cuchulain Palpatine scanned the area one last time, his bionic eyes cycling through various settings to get a full range of vision, alert for any change in the situation. He knew that Uzbad was almost finished with his “modifications” to this last X-Wing, but he was anxious to move out of the area as soon as possible. They had infiltrated the area in what the Timbal referred to as “Oh-dark thirty”, so the amount of personnel in the area was minimal, which suited them just fine. Still, the last thing he needed was a random patrol to show up, and then things would get interesting, especially since they still had as yet to perform one last and delicate task….

Signaling his completion of his objective, he started to move out with his partner. He only had to wait twenty seconds for the laggards of Bravo team to arrive, and once that happened they moved out together, their presents for Caliburnus in place for a special breakfast surprise…

Later on Cooch thought that it was his slight wandering of concentration that lead to their discovery, but of course he’d never admit that to anyone. After all, the small laser alarm net that was tripped by him wasn’t in the plans of the place that they’ve gotten smuggled to them, but nonetheless it pissed him off that the success of their mission was compromised by his lack of attention. Regardless, what was done was done, and now it was time for action, as well as time for a well-placed and well-earned curse.

“Frak! We’ve got to move now, it won’t take long for them to get here!” The rest of them muttered their own curses, and increased their pace. Their last target wasn’t far away, but now they’d have to brute force their way in instead of doing it the easy way. Evidence of that showed up twenty seconds later, when a robotic “Halt!” emanated before them.

As expected, a pair of old Clone War-era combat droids stood before them, blasters leveled and ready to blast them. As expected, the point man merely just charged at them, lightsabre already flashing and cutting them down before a third bolt was shot at them. Their stride wasn’t even broken, and it did them a little bit of good, as they arrived to their location mere seconds before the security detail did. This was good, because a few seconds was all they needed. Removing their now-empty packs, they tripped their built-in self-destruct charges, and flung them towards the likely entry points for the security detail in charge of this area. They flashed to light, with great gouts of flame now being emitted from them, which in conjunction mixed with the vile material that was used to “modify” their previous targets, caused those areas to be temporarily impassible until they could get some fire-fighting gear to clear a path. Of course that took time, and that was one thing that they did not have. Three of the men headed straight towards their targets, while the last one went off to the side to activate some switches in a control room. Once activated, Nathaniel sprinted to one of the targets, aware that Timbal had activated the repulsorlift drives and about to make the target rise up in the air. Jumping into the open door, the other two men had boarded, activated, and started to move their fighters forward, while the last two men uncomfortably squeezed in together in a cockpit meant for one, locked the canopy, and gunned the engines forward just as the security detail had finally managed to enter the hangar.

With the trio of fighters screaming their way into the upper atmosphere, they activated their unique defenses, each now invisible due to internal cloaking generators. Now, no one would be able to find them, and with the arrival of the Strike-class Cruiser Dark Predator, the trio of TIE Phantoms docked, and when the Dark Predator jumped out of the area, they dismounted and were quietly pleased with their almost letter-perfect raid….

…Especially when they found their entire remaining starfighter force absolutely drenched in the waste by-products of the entire crew of the Victory….


19-11-2006 12:06:07

The usual silence before the battle lay before the approaching forces of Caliburnus lead by Aedile Thran Occasus and the unaware defenders of Acclivis Draco.


The Quaestor of Acclivis Draco finished sending his request to Captain Sommetra of the Excidium. He had asked for the Star Destroyer’s presence in the surrounding space of Antenora in case Caliburnus tried anything while he was busy finishing up with the intruders who had been rallied up and deposited into the building’s basement.


RevengeX was in the headquarters basement interrogating the newly caught captives with Draco Conspicari Commander Adam Anderson when his comlink emitted several obnoxious sounds. Laurus, Gibbs and Ansus looked up from their inspecting of the prisoners and the two Wookiees yelled simultaneously when one of the prisoners tried to use the Force to create a distraction. The yells easily startled the prisoner and Laurus hit the prisoner, rendering him unconscious. The trio had finished inspecting the basement and tying up the intruders when Adam and Revenge had entered the basement.

“Adam, can you finish up here?” The Quaestor picked up his comlink.

The other Archpriest nodded and Revenge stepped out of the dark basement into a brightly lit turbolift. The sudden change in light caused spots to appear in Revenge’s eyes, but he was still able to listen to his comlink.

“Cooch has returned to the Victory, and says that his mission was a success, but Caliburnus detected their presence before they got off the planet. Flight patrols have been deployed into the atmosphere and the surrounding space, and nothing has been detected so far. Aedile Rasilvenaira StormRaven has been found, she was knocked out and has been sent to a highly guarded hospital room.”

“Thanks for the report and tell me when she wakes up. Keep me updated.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Revenge out.”

The Quaestor shut down his comlink’s receiving signal and turned around to exit the turbolift. A small thud was heard from beneath his feet, and he thought, ‘Ah, I see Drynwyn’s Flame has arrived in the hanger.’ The Archpriest hurried to the hanger to meet them.


RevengeX arrived in the hanger, but Drynwyn’s Flame had not yet returned. ‘Interesting…’ he thought as he looked around the hanger, looking for what could have caused the thud. The contingent of fighter pilots entered the hanger after two minutes and the Quaestor greeted them; his suspicions evaporated into the air as he asked about the mission.


Outside the headquarters, Thran and his team of Dark Jedi from Caliburnus made their way towards the back entrance. The former Rollmaster of Acclivis Draco moved his fingers into different signals, each telling the forces behind and to the side of him their objectives. ‘Stealth is key,’ he signaled. He broke into a jog towards the back entrance which was no longer as heavily guarded and the rest of the Dark Jedi followed, their anxiety growing into anticipation as the back entrance guards escorted the newly arrived pilots to the hanger where they would deposit their gear.

They reached the back entrance without resistance.


19-11-2006 13:51:17

As RevengeX vanished up the turbolift, Laurus turned his attention to the newly found prisoners and his Tetrarch.
The Wookie stood there, arms crossed watching intently as Adam Anderson paced in
front of them.
“I’m losing patience with you simpletons.” He said.
“Twice you have gained entrance into the compound and attacked our Aedile. I want to know how and I want know who sent you, refuse to provide us with this information and you’ll discover the anger of a wookie first hand as in, their hand at your throat.”
Laurus smirked as the prisoners’ eyes looked fearfully at him and Gibbs.
“Argetlam, you are dismissed.”
The twi’lek made a short bow and headed to the recently returned turbolift.
“Speak quickly!” The Archpriest barked.
One prisoner gulped audibly and opened his mouth to speak, when another, a female human shot him an angry look.
“Looks like a bit of motivation is in order.” He gestured from Laurus to the male prisoner and the Wookie strode forward.
“No!” the prisoner shouted. “I’ll talk, I’ll talk!”
“Traitor!” the woman shouted and then went on to call her companion all manner of names.
“Gibbs shut her up.” ordered Anderson.
The second Wookie walked over and place his strong hand over her throat and squeezed, she immediately shut up but he kept his fingers at her throat.
“Now, what was it you wanted to say whelp?”
“The passages into the office, we were given codes, Occassus provided us with them after he was given them by some who infiltrated Acclivis Draco!” the prisoner said in something of a rush.
“Who!?” Anderson demanded
The woman broke silence again, “Don’t you dare!”
Gibbs closed his grip but the prisoner made vain attempts to speak and the words came in high pitched squeaks that nobody could understand.
The male prisoner started to speak, “I only heard part of the name…”
“What was it!?” Anderson barked.
“It was…”
Laurus grabbed the man’s throat and squeezed. The saboteur choked and started gargling blood. The Wookie growled fiercely.
“Bnar…” came the sound of the man’s voice.
“Liar!” Laurus screamed and slammed the man’s head against the wall.

JH Laurus (Krath)/FM/Acclivis Draco of Scholae Palatinae [ACC: CL:1]
StA-WG / DC / (GN) / Cr-2A-2S-3E / CF-BlF-RF-GF-PF / SI-SoW / LSS / S:-8D
{SA: U:TL - U:TW - G:L - G:CM - G:AIC - G:MED - G:TS - L:PRH - G:AS}

Ood Bnar

19-11-2006 14:06:23

Ood walked down the slippery steps into the deep dungeons of the base. He was alread half a mile under the surface, had passed the prison-cells and used a lever to open another wall hiding a stairway. In a sense it felt weird, all the tensions of the base seemed to drop of his shoulders when he went to visit the old one that inhabited this place. After another 60 steps, the rollmaster entered a large room.

On the walls bodies of slaves where hung, robbed of their blood. Bottles, testtubes, stood on large wooden tables. Bookcases covered another wall. In the middle of the room, occult symbols covered the ground. As the neti walked in, the robed man spotted him.

"I see you've come to visit me again." a chirping old voice rang in the neti's ears.

"Yes oh old one, i'm in need of your knowledge. I sense a disturbence in the force but can't make it out. So i thought, let me come and see the old alchemist." Ood whispered.

"I see, you thought I was going to help you?"

"Quite frankly, I did."

"Lucky for you I know of this threat. Enemies approach upon our base! But don't worry, they're in for a treat. I enhanced the defences of this base, the perimeter is covered with sithspawn. getting out will prove difficult."

"I trust your wisdom, old one. But inform me first next time." Ood said as he walked out of the laboratory.

"Younglings, always think they know best. But very old trees aren't much better!" Dark Jedi Master Nathaniel mumbled as he got back to his alchemical research.


While Ood had been away, the enemy forces had reached the door and where attempting to get in.


At the same time, Laurus was searching for Ood to confront him with the intel


19-11-2006 14:26:11

Acclivis Draco Headquarters,
Medical Center

The two Protectors standing guard in the Aedile’s room swallowed hard as the furious Knight glared at them. Her eyes completely jet black with unbridled rage, Rasilvenaira waited impatiently for the Med droid to come within reach. The hapless droid floated back over to her, scanning her vital signs yet again. Reaching out, Rasilvenaira caught the droid and slammed it into the wall, drawing on the force and her extreme anger.

“I told you, scrap heap. I am fine, now let me out of here!” she growled.

Years of physical punishment and hard labor had given her body a great deal of resilience and pain tolerance. While the attack had managed to get past her defenses, she was far from incapacitated, which she imagined had been the goal. The Med droid fell to the floor with a clunk, it’s monotone voice babbling as it’s core processor had gotten jarred by the blow.

Standing, the Sith forced the still present twinges of pain out of her mind. The Chief Medical technician appeared at the doorway, dismissing the two Protectors, who fled eagerly from the wrath of the Aedile.

“Was that necessary, the droid was merely doing it’s job? It’ll take weeks now to get it repaired.”

“I’m leaving. Now. With or without clearance, I have work to do.”

“But with all due respect Aedile…” He was cut off by the venomous glare from the enraged Knight. “Uh… of course, you’re free to go.”

Rasilvenaira nodded, and collected her belongings, and then stormed from the Medical Center.

“Gods help whoever was behind that attack, if I get my hands on them…” She thought to herself as she headed back towards her office, her left hand resting on the deadly Arashi-Kumori on her belt.

Adam Anderson

19-11-2006 15:14:55

Out side the medical center:
Rasilvenaira turned on her comm, and pinged her friend and confidant, ArchPriest Anderson, she wanted to talk to him. Things had gotten way out of hand. "Adam, please report to my office. We need to disccuss what our next moves are. And what has happend since I was knocked out?" The ArchPriest came back with, "My lady HC is attacking us as we speak, there is more but I will tell you when we see each other face to face. Adam out."

Basement of Acclivis Draco HQ.
Looking at the male Jedi. Adam smiled. "I do appologize but our gentlemens' discuccion must be put on hold as I have other matters to attend to, but no worries, I leave you in the hands of my good friends here." He said pointing to the wookees. "They will take care of you from here on out. Please do be good guests and he honest when they ask you a question. An Angry wookiee is never a pretty sight."

Laurus made a laugh like growl and pointed to Gibbs. "We will see tha they speak only thr truth." Groweled, Gibbs. "I look forward to your report." Adam said as he exited the room.

office of the Aedile
Adam hit the call button and Ras let him in. "I am glad you made it so quickly. what have you larned so far, you mentioned an attack and something else you did not want to mention over hte comm?" Taking a deep breath, Adam replied. "My lady first I am glad you are alright. I...I mean we can not afford to loose you." the dark knight smilled she knew that he really cared, and motioned him to continue. " Hc has made an attack upon us not just internally but externally. There is a flight of HC fighters trying to make our lives misserable above the planet. Plus, Laurus has found a bunch of prisioners that Revenge has taken care of and I started questioning them. After Revenge found out about the attack."

THe Aedile nodded and was in deep thought, she then asked, "What else?" Sitting down the ArchPriest continued, "Well my lady, one of the prisioners, mentioned a couple of names as to who is behind it. According to him, and this is all suspect as far as I am concerend, Thran gave them the access through an agent. Our own Rollmaster Ood." This took her by suprise.

"Let me get tihis straight, he said our own rollmaster has betrayed us...I can not and will not believe that." she responded.


19-11-2006 16:24:55

“Stay here with these Gibbs, I must find Ood to see if any of this is true, frankly, I don’t believe it but I’m risking nothing.”
Gibbs nodded an affirmative.
Laurus reached for his comlink, “Ansus, you’re needed in the basement again, I need the two of you to continue the interrogation.”
“Right there Laurus.” came the static-filled reply.
Laurus turned back to Gibbs, “Inform me of any progress you make, you’re in charge now.”
Facing the prisoners he said, “And you’ll all be good, co-operative spies won’t you? Lest you want to turn into dead ones.” And with that he left for the turbolift and ascended to search for his friend.

Surely it was a lie, a ploy to cause chaos and distrust among the members of HAD.
Many different thoughts ran through his mind as he searched the corridors. Then he felt Ood’s presence not far away and followed it. He found Ood near the entrance to the dungeons, walking towards him.
“Laurus.” He said happily
“Ood, we need to talk, a matter of utmost importance.
Bnar’s face dropped and he looked questioningly at his Wookie friend, “What’s happened?
Laurus motioned for hush and led Ood to the dormitories. Once he was happy that nobody was around he spoke.
“We found spies Ood, in the basement.”
“Are you implying I had something to do with this?”
“We were interrogating spies and one of them mentioned…”
Laurus’ comlink beeped, “Excuse me.”
“Ansus here, we got a problem.”
“What is it?”
“A spy has managed to break free, when I got there I had to help Gibbs keep them contained but one has escaped and his whereabouts are unknown.”
“What!? How is that even possible!?” Laurus’ roaring made Ood jump back a bit out of shock. “Stay there, don’t pursue the spy, stay there with others. And pray that we find the escapee. Laurus out.” he switched off his comlink and keyed in a different frequency.
“Anderson here, be brief, I’m busy.”
“Sir, a spy is free, whereabouts unknown.”
“How did this happen?”
“I was here questioning Ood when Ansus contacted me and informed me that he and Gibbs had to retain the spies and that one was missing.”
“Laurus I need you to get down there with the other two, keep Ood with you I’ll be there as soon as I can.”
“Yes sir.” He put the comlink back in his belt and looked up – Ood had gone.

JH Laurus (Krath)/FM/Acclivis Draco of Scholae Palatinae [ACC: CL:1]
StA-WG / DC / (GN) / Cr-2A-2S-3E / CF-BlF-RF-GF-PF / SI-SoW / LSS / S:-8D
{SA: U:TL - U:TW - G:L - G:CM - G:AIC - G:MED - G:TS - L:PRH - G:AS}

Ood Bnar

19-11-2006 16:48:47

As soon as he saw his chance, Ood had sneaked to the nearest wall opened a hidden passageway and ran off. So they suspected him. When Laurus made the link between the escaped spy and the Rollmaster coming out of the dungeons he would be hunted. This was something the Neti wasn't up for.


Meanwhile, Laurus had alerted the security teams to arrest the Neti on sight an dbring him to the dungeons. The wookie couldn't stop feeling awe for the giant tree. It had taken him a few seconds to rush of without the guards in the hallway spotting him. Calmly the Wookie called the Aedile and Quaestor to inform them of this apparent treason.


Ood sneaked out the passageway and hid behind a statue of the first Quaestor of the Clan. He ran Clan Scholae Palatinae when it was still House Scholae Palatinae. The rollmaster waited until a squadron of guards had rushed past. Remembering the defense-plans, Bnar realised they where on their way to hold the main hall at all cost. The main hall was important because of the fact that the turbo-lift to the dungeons was in there.

The Neti altered the mind of the soldiers into thinking the Neti was one of them and followed them. Thank god there wasn't a Dark Jedi supervising the defense-unit.

Adam Anderson

19-11-2006 18:06:22

Office of the Aedile
"This has not been our day," the ArchPriest thought to himself. He looked at Ras and said, "Well we have a futher problem aprently, one of the spies did escape, I have ordered Laurus to get back down to the basement, he had appently wanted to confront Ood, thus letting the esscape happen." The Aedile did not look happy as you would espect. "This is not a good day for us or our security measures." She stood up and walked around the room. Sensing the tension in her, Adam tried to be helpful, " We will catch her, I m not woried about that. You on the other hand am someone I do wory about." He stood up and made his way to her, "You and Revenge are the future of the house, clan and Brotherhood as a whole. My time is almost done. I can not afford to loose you."

She turned and looked at him, "I understand and appreciate your fellings in this matter, but I am capable of defending myself, please concentrate on catching the spy and getting our secuity network back on line. that is the best thing you can do for me." Confused, but nonetheless happy to help, the Archpriest said, "If you are certain, then I will join the rest of my team and find out where the spy is." She nodded and motioned him to leave He was nearly out the door when he felt her hand on his sholder, "Do be careful, too manny things have gone wrong." With that, he nodded and left.

Adam thoght to himself, "I am going to find the person who caused so much pain in the brotherhood and personally make them wish they were not born. And I hope Ood can explain himself. I don't like where this is going.. I don't like it at all.

Basement of Acclivis Draco
Ariving in the basement, Adam noticed something was wrong, "Where is Ood?" he asked Laurus, in a vary loud voice. The wookie explained that Ood gave him the slip and did not know where he was. Filled with a combination of anger, disbelief, and outright frustration, Adam let out a pulse in the force that caused part of the basement to colapse on the remaining spies. They were not dead, but critticly injured. After that, Adam calmed down a little and gave orders. "Ansus you are with me, we will check room by room to find the spy. " pointing to the two wookies. "You to will stay here and make sure nothing happens to them. WE MUST PUT AN END TO THIS NOW!" he shouted, witch was something else Adam was not known for. The wookies knew if he shouted then somehjting was seriously wrong and would not argue the point. Adam and Ansus left without another word.

Ood Bnar

20-11-2006 03:56:33

Main Hall

Strange, how during the tensions before a battle one can almost reach out and see the events unfold. Almost like the non-force-sensitive soldiers where dictating the future. Ood knew it was bad, he had no idea from where Thran and his forces would enter the base. What he did know was that they where going to have to take the elevators to the lower dungeons, those elevators where right behind him.

Weird, how nobody seems to notice the obvious, even when they're looking for it. Ood thought, as he watched Archpriest Anderson and Ansus walk past him and the soldiers. Another sidenote to be made in his mental agenda: Make sure we see the soldiers as persons, not as part of the furnishings. They could contain spies. By the time he had concluded this thought, the two Dark Jedi had left the room and where heading for his office, they would be in for a treat.

Suddenly a door on the other side of the room opened, men came in, guns blazing. So the Aedile of Caliburnus had chosen the back-door. "Interesting choice!" Ood mumbled as he shrouded himself from the eyes of the Caliburnians.

A few seconds after Thrans men had entered the hall, every Draconian soldier lay dead on the floor. Thran walked in, looked around and grunted. At the moment he gestured his men to follow him, Ood made himself known: "Greatings Thran Occasus, I see you've taken the backdoor."

"Ood!" Thran grunted as he ignited his lightsaber.

"Put that blade away you idiotic fool. Or do you want to be the one who has to explain to Impetus that you killed her spy?"


"Didn't you wonder how Impetus got that great information she gave you? Who do you think moved those troops away from the entrance? Who will take you to the dungeons? Put those guns away boys and girls, I made sure nobody is guarding the place we need to go."

having said this, Ood winked at the security monitor.


Main control room

RevengeX got up after seeing the wink and walked to his own elevator down. Ood's plan was working out greatly. "Let's hope he leaves some alive for me." the Archpriest thought.


Main Hall

The Caliburnians had lowered their weapons and walked towards the elevator. Ood pressed the button and immediately stepped aside, turned around and adressed the Aedile oncemore.

"Thran, you are a fool. Did you really think it would be this easy? Did you really think i would let you live?" Ood said, smiling as the elevator opened revealing three (3) destroyer droids in the elevator cabin, "Open fire!", Ood proclaimed as he ignited his saber and stepped aside oncemore.

"Take defensive positions! Open fire!" Thran yelled, but it was too late. four of his men had died before the order could have been given. "I'll make you pay Ood!" the Warrior screamed.


Ten minutes later
Main hall

RevengeX and his escort reached the Main hall simultaneous with Adam and Ansus. They looked around at the carnage. A squadron of HAD soldiers lay dead on the floor, five dead caliburnians inbetween them. Three scourgemarks revealed where the droids had been and in the middle lay the Neti. Heavily bleeding from his wounds. One of his arms had been cut of and lay at Revenge's feet, still holding the Lightsaber.

"My ........... Quaestor............I, I I havee .........failed you! They ........got ............passed........ me and are in the ............" Ood muttered, trying to catch his breath.

"You did well, my old friend. I couldn't have asked more from you!" RevengeX said, "Sorry you lost an arm in the process."

"No........worries...........It'll ................ grow back." Ood said before losing consciousness.

"Ansus, call the medical team. Have them get Ood and bring him to the hospital." the Quaestor said, "Adam, follow me. Let's see if those Caliburnians are still down there."


20-11-2006 15:36:09

Aedile’s office

More reports of things going wrong issued forth from the con unit. Rasilvenaira paced across the floor of her office, growling under her breath. Finally, she just flipped the unit off and turned, leaving her office.

“It seems I’ll just have to take care of this myself.” She muttered.

Pulling her comlink from her pocket as she walked, she turned it on, tuning it to a rarely used channel.

“Time to wake up.”

A second passes and then a cold metallic voice responds, “I serve, where am I required?”

“Basement, detention level, wait for me there.”



Basement, Security Detention Center

The prisoners had been pulled from the rubble caused by the Archpriest, and were being treated for their injuries under the watchful glares of the two wookiees.

Laurus turned at the sound of the door sliding open, and growled at the grim looking sphere that floated into the room. It stopped, hovering several feet from the ground, the hum from its repulsorlifts giving it an even more ominous presence.

“What is that?” Asked Gibbs.

Before Laurus could formulate a response, the door slid open once more to reveal the Aedile, the dark fire burning in Rasilvenaira’s eyes caused the wookiee to take an involuntary step back. He’d never seen the human so angry before, and it made him nervous.

Rasilvenaira repressed a slight shiver as she looked over the droid as it hovered, remembering other encounters with that variety. Turning her attention to Laurus, a mirthless smile crept over her features.

“I hear our guests haven’t been too cooperative.”

Laurus relaxed, and nodded, “They haven’t been, one of them escaped, Adam and Ansus are looking for that one. These” he nodded to the five as the med team left. “don’t like to talk apparently.”

The wookiee shivered at the iciness in his Aedile’s voice as she spoke, “Stuff them all in the nearest cell.”

Laurus nodded and the wookiees proceeded to drag the prisoners into the cell, tossing them to the ground roughly.

“I’ve had it with being nice.” Rasilvenaira turned and motioned for the IT-3 droid. “It’s time these wretches met Korsdath.”

The droid’s hum grew louder as it floated into the cell, various instruments of torture extending from it’s sleek black durasteel plating. Rasilvenaira slid the cell door closed and locked it.

“Gibbs, you remain here. When things finally get too quiet in there, open the door and let Korsdath out. It will report to me what it learns from them.”

Gibbs nodded. Laurus looked at the human, “What is Korsdath?”

Rasilvenaira smiled wickedly, “Korsdath means slow death in Keraci, he’s been specially modified to be even more… sadistic and cruel than most IT-3s.”

“Ah, what if they die from the questioning?”

“They are of little real consequence Laurus, they are but pawns in this game. Either they’ll break and release something of interest, or they’ll die, it doesn’t matter.”

Looking up at the wookiee, Rasilvenaira grinned, “Now you my friend, are needed elsewhere. I want you to head up to the med center, keep an eye on Ood, he’s been injured in the latest attack by Caliburnus’ forces, I’m not convinced that he is a spy for them, but we can’t ignore the possibility, his former Master is in Caliburnus and may still be able to sway the Neti’s mind. So go watch him, see if he says anything as he drifts in and out of conciousness.”

Laurus nodded and left, grateful to have something to do, since patience was not a common trait for wookiees the waiting around had been annoying him.


20-11-2006 16:33:04

Laurus walked through many corridors and finally arrived at the med center. He turned into the room in which Ood was resting and he cringed when he saw what was before him. Ood was floating in a bacta tank and the Wookie noted that the Neti was short of an arm.
Ood Bnar must have sensed the Wookie’s presence as he opened his eyes and smiled.
Laurus concentrated and projected a message through the Force as best he could, “I never believed it was you.”.
Ood smiled again and closed his eyes, floating there while the sounds of machinery and equipment hummed through the room. The imposingly tall wookie seated himself on a small bench attached to the wall next to the bacta tank. Then he himself got a message through the Force, “It was Occassus, I tried to stop him.”
Laurus turned to the bacta tank as Ood floated in the healing liquid and nodded slowly, he was still in deep thought about recent events.
“They won’t get out quickly Laurus… Nathaniel… enhanced defences… others don’t know, tell them.” Ood flickered out of consciousness again but Laurus understood what he had to do.
He grabbed his comlink from his utility belt and keyed in the frequency required to contact his Aedile.
“Stormraven here.” Laurus could swear he could hear agonised screams in the background and smiled at the thought of what Rasilvenaira could do shortly after regaining consciousness.
“Glad to hear you’re having fun Stormraven. I’ve spoken to Ood, were you aware of our defenses being enhanced further by Dark Jedi Master Nathaniel?”
“I wasn’t.”
“Well you may want to talk to him about it and it sounds like Thran’s going to have a fun time getting out, you may want to relay this to the commanders.”
“Interesting information Laurus, this’ll get round to them don’t worry. Thankyou.”
“You could thank me by letting me kill something affiliated with Caliburnus.”
The Aedile seemed to ponder this for a second. “Okay Laurus but be careful.”
“Very well. Laurus out.” The wookie split a grin and rushed out of the medical room.

Ood Bnar

20-11-2006 17:47:33

Ood floated around in the tank until a medic passed. the man suddenly heard a voice in his head.

"Get me out of this tank ASAP! I'm a tree, I won't heal. I regenerate! Open this or i'll shatter it throught the force, but then i'll shatter your windpipe too!"

The Medic ran out to get a doctor and once he entered and heard the story, he moved the Patient to a secure room. Once out of the bacta, Ood moved and started to slide in a healing sleep, in a few hours he'd be better. too bad about the arm. It would take a few months to grow it back.

Kel Tavik

20-11-2006 19:18:24

The shrill warble of his comlink jerked Tavik from his comfortable slumber abruptly. Exhausted from days of constant alert, it had been his turn--finally--to catch a short rest before moving out on another patrol. And while the pilot's body told him that he'd just been cheated out of that rest, the more focused portions of his brain told him that the situation was urgent.

Kel snapped awake with the practiced discipline of a long time veteran, pausing only to run a hand over his eyes blearily before picking up the shrill device on the nightstand. "'Lo?" he muttered drowsily, still not completely aware of what was going on.

"Wake up," the icy voice of Rasilvenaira commanded him without missing a beat. At the familiar sound of his superior's voice, the Corellian shook off any last vestiges of sleep as he waited for her instructions.

"The compound is under attack, Kel," she informed him after a moment's pause. "A strike team has broken through our perimeter. But they aren't your concern; I'm on the way to deal with them personally. Your missions is to take whatever pilots you have and get airborne. Their transport must have set down somewhere outside the compound, and I want it destroyed before anything else happens."

"Understood, ma'am," Tavik answered crisply, for a minute forgetting that he was no longer in the military. "Advise you lock down the hangars after we launch, just in case our forces aren't able to, er, 'deal' with the intruders."

"I gave the order five minutes ago," Rasilvenaira smirked over the comm. "Now, get moving Tavik. We don't have much time."

The comlink abruptly went silent, and Kel rubbed his eyes once again before turning to wake the sleeping pilot in the next room.

No rest for the wicked, the Corellian mused with a smirk as he keyed the door chime to Norris' quarters. But no escape for them, either.


"Delta Nine, Control speaking. You're now cleared to launch."

Sealed within his life support suit, Tavik shook his head. How many times have I heard that in the last few days?

“Nine acknowledges, Control," he returned. "Lower me down.”

The monotony of their patrolling routine had become so ingrained in the Corellian's mind over the last few days that Tavik actually found himself looking forward to the prospect of a fight. Then again, he reminded himself, it's just a grounded target. Almost not worth the effort.

The repulsors of this TIE Defender screamed to life as the mechanical docking arm lowered his fighter from the racks stored in the hangar. Beside him, Norrik's ship mimicked the maneuver effortlessly, syncing into rhythm with his own fighter as their fighters screamed out of the hangar bay.

Once clear, the graceful fighters rapidly climbed away from the compound, as their flight plan dictated. Tavik checked his instruments offhandedly before switching the comlink on.

"Begin search pattern Echo, Eleven," he instructed Norrik. "I'll run Beta. Signal me if you spot anything."

"Copy, Nine," the younger Jedi answered as his fighter streaked away.

The Corellian brought his ship to the designated origin of his search pattern, a site barely a few kilometers north of the compound. Idly, Kel switched over the minimalist scanners to passively sweep the terrain as he flew overhead, then leaned back in his chair as the sensitive equipment began to do its work.

A sudden, familiar prickling of the hair on the back of his neck was the only warning Kel received before a green-hued turbolaser cooked the space just in front of him. The Corellian's response was so automatic that his fighter had already begun accelerating to maximum speed and twisting upwards in a long, elegant spiral before the next shot could even be fired.

"Found it!" Kel told his wingman over the comm. "On my position, Eleven! Whatever they rode in on, it's got teeth!"

Tavik's eyes swept the ground angrily as he brought the Defender back around. Lucky for me they can't shoot, he grumbled silently, secretly furious that he'd let the transport get the drop on him. Got cocky.

The Corellian's eyes focused in on his antagonist as another blast rocked past him. "Eleven, we've got an Assault Transport sittin' pretty down here! I'll draw his fire, you make his life unpleasant."

"Copy Nine," Norrik's voice called back an instant later. "Approaching on vector one-zero-zero-eight. Try not to get shot down, will ya?"

Tavik rolled his eyes mightily at the amusement in the younger pilots voice, banking hard to the left and dodging yet another blast. At the corner of his eye, the Corellian barely had time to see the incoming dagger that was his wingmate before a torrent of plasma washed over the grounded transport.

And then his hand went to his faceplate as the craft exploded brilliantly beneath Norrik's fire.

"Nice shooting, Eleven," he complimented the other pilot sincerely. "Control, target down. Request instructions."

"Stand by, Delta Nine," the controller's tired voice answered. "We've just picked up several craft entering the system. Take Eleven and get into space as quickly as you can; we'll send up reinforcements as soon as we can."

As the controller's message faded into nothingness, Tavik heaved a sigh. "Two Defenders against a strike force? Hardly seems fair, does it Eleven?"

"Copy that Nine," Norrik laughed. "Maybe we should close our eyes, to make it more even..."

Adam Anderson

20-11-2006 21:38:00

Basement of Acclivis Draco
Adam's mind kept on focusing on Ras after he and Revenge ssplit up, Ansus rished back to his leaders side. Afer all, he could possibley learn something. Ras was not just an Aedile, but someone that must survive in order to embrace the future. "What are we going to do about Tran and company? Ansus asked. "Stop them, STOP THEM!" he said in an increasingly louder voice. "I did not come this far to have us detroy ourselves like savages." Taking a breath, the ArchPriest looked at his young protoge' and said, "Do no forget, we may be aligned with the darkside, but we do have laws, we do have belief, we do have a family. This...this unnecccassry blood shed does not do anything to help with our image." He was going to say something else when he got beeped.

"Adam here, how can I be of assistantce?"After a few seconds of static, "Adam it is Ras, please don't kill or injure anyone else. I am on my way to you with some help. I want to discuss our next few moves." Taking a deep breath, "I am as always at your service, I would recomend making it quick though, as Thran will not hesitate to rescue his comrands given half a chance." She acknowleged and he and Ansus waited.

5 minutes later
The Aedile, caught up with the Archpriest and his young companion. "I saw your handy work, maybe some anger managment is in order?" Ras said mockingly. "Adam smiled, "Well, emotion and specifically passion is part of our code, and I am not afraid to show my enemies exactly how angry I can get if the needs arise." Ras turned to the business at hand, "Adam you will stay here and make sure that Thran and company are "delayed and fooled into thinking we are only half ready for them. Pointing to Gibbs, "Gibbs is comming with me. Just remember to hold back and be a distraction."


20-11-2006 23:15:27

Lower detention levels

Adam nodded, though concern was evident in his expression. “Ras…”

Rasilvenaira motioned him to silence. “I’ll be fine, Adam, I have a plan. No doubt Thran and his forces will be here soon. I made certain that there were no computer records showing exactly where the Caliburnus prisoners are being held, so that’s got to be slowing him down, but not for long. I know Thran. Remember, he’s to be delayed, not killed. I want him taken alive, if possible.”

“As you wish.” Adam turned to Ansus motioning the twi’lek into position.

Rasilvenaira turned, motioning Gibbs to follow her. As they moved into the area holding the Caliburnus prisoners, her comlink beeped.

“StormRaven here, what is it?”

“Ras, it’s Laurus. Don’t need to worry about that escaped spy.”

She grinned, “Oh? Come tell me about it, we’re getting ready to have a welcoming party for Thran’s taskforce, they were last spotted by the security droids on level three, means they’ll be here soon, so hurry and you might get to join in the fun. We’re on level five with the prisoners.”

Laurus purred as only a happy wookiee can, “I’ll be right there.”

The Aedile chuckled, turning to Gibbs, “Well, that’s one less problem, now… for our other soon to be guests.”

“What’s the plan?” Asked Gibbs.

With a wicked grin, Rasilvenaira looked up at the wookiee, “Well, I do happen to control ninety percent of the House’s droid force.”

She pulled out a small device from her pocket and pressed a button on it. A section of the wall slid back to reveal four destroyer droids. Pressing a second button brought the droids to life and they moved forward to position themselves in formation in front of the cell containing the Caliburnians. A third button summoned two hovering laser drones.

Gibbs’ eyes went wide, eyeing the droids suspiciously. Then the door slid open and the wookiee spun around, visibly relaxing as Laurus strolled into the room, a rather satisfied grin on his face.

“I gather you showed our escaped spy why upsetting a wookiee isn’t a good idea?” Ras asked, chuckling.

“Aye, found him holed up in a storage room, bashed him around good, I guess I broke him though, he finally stopped moving.”

Rasilvenaira shook her head, “You wookiees are too hard on your toys, really. But both of you go ahead and get ready, because Thran will eventually find his way here.”


21-11-2006 01:04:54

Siya stood slowly as her shuttle came to rest on the platform at Judecca, confusion her sole motivation as she pressed at a few blinking buttons and waited for the sharp hiss of the door to fade before making her way onto the landing. Her cloak tugged at her shoulders as it caught in the brisk wind swirling around the docking bay but she pushed the concern from her mind as two figures emerged from the main compound and headed directly for her.

"Welcome home Commander. I trust you've heard the recent events?" Arual asked as he and Libra Tzo turned and took positions to either side of her, an informal escort of sorts.

"I have, though I'd rather not speak of anything in such a vulnerable area." She responded, picking up her pace as she entered the maze of corridors that lead to the center of the palace.

She ran the words through her mind, the questions she would ask and the answers she thought she'd receive. She was one of the privileged few who knew Braecen on a more personal level and yet, with these recent developments she had no idea what he'd be thinking nor what steps he may be taking towards resolving the apparent war between houses. Another corner disappeared behind her and the familiar doors to Braecen's office neared.

"Stay here, and remain quiet. I'll be out in a few moments" she ordered her guards. Pushing through the first set of doors she forced her mind to quit thinking of what might happen, knocked on the inner doors, and entered at the behest of her Consul.


Again Siya braced herself for landing, this time in a much bigger hurry to be inside. She ran down the platform, boots clicking on the metal plating beneath her as she shouted orders to the Hunter and Protector who kept pace beside her.

"Check in with your Battle Team leaders. There is much to be done and every hand can be put to use. I'll be fine from here." She didn't pause to see if they would obey, knowing that they were already breaking formation and heading in the direction of their team mates.

Finally alone, she rounded the corner and entered the turbolifts and pushed the button that would take her to the detention levels. Silver was down there somewhere and they had much to discuss. The queasy feeling in her stomach signaled her arrival and the doors hissed open leaving her alone in the hallway.

"C-K32, take me to Aedile Rasilvenaira"

"Yes Commander, this way"

She followed his footsteps and in moments the droid left her at her location, Ansus and Adam standing guard, lightsabres close.

"I'm here to see Silver, she is here yes?"

Adam nodded to her, keeping his eyes on the move and his guard tight while Ansus reached over and opened the door for her, just enough for her to slip through, not enough to allow anyone a peek inside. The noise drew the attention of everyone in the room and Siya showed her hands as she entered lest anyone think she had a weapon.

"I'm here at your request Silver and I'm quite sure we have much to discuss


21-11-2006 05:09:14

Rasilvenaira chuckled as both wookies jumped when the door slid open again, they both sighed and stepped back as they recognized Siyavash.

“Impeccable timing Siya, and yes we do have much to discuss, but here is neither the place nor the time for it. We’re going to have company real soon, and things are likely to get nasty real fast.”

Siya nodded her understanding, “I do have my lightsaber, and I can help.”

“Remember guys, if at all possible, Thran is to be taken alive if at all possible.”

They all nodded, and readied themselves. The Droidekas’ shields snapped up surrounding the destroyers as they primed their blasters on the door. The faint clicking from the laser drones indicated they were armed and ready. Both wookies stood poised with their weapons drawn. Rasilvenaira rested one hand on her Arashi-Kumori, the other on her lightsaber and Siya held her saber in hand, waiting.

Rasilvenaira’s comlink beeped. “Yes?”

“Ras, its RevengeX, where are you?”

“Level five, any clue where Thran’s group is?”

“Yeah, we just had a run in with them, on level four; they’ll be there any minute. We’re on our way, coming the other way, hoping to flank them. Hold them off as long as you can, but try not to get yourself killed doing it.”

Rasilvenaira muttered a few curses in Keraci, and then replied, “I’m crazy, not stupid. Just worry about yourself, Krath. Hurry up and get down here or you’ll miss the party.”


21-11-2006 17:24:55

Laurus waited, tense and alert and for a few moments, the room was utterly silent as the grave which is what Laurus was hoping a few HC task force members would soon be filling a few of. They waited and waited. Suddenly, Laurus felt a sharp prod through the Force.
Rasilvenaira shouted, “Laurus, gibbs get away from…”.
BOOM! The door exploded in a brilliant flash of light and the two Kashyyyk natives were thrown backwards.

Thran Occassus leapt through the smoke, his task force right behind him all shouting.
Laurus looked up vision blurred, mind disorientated. Flashes of light and bodies falling. He got to his feet and tried to focus. A figure ran towards him brandishing a melee weapon. The assailant swung and the wookie made a duck as ungraceful as a drunken rancor trying to dance like a twi’lek. The move missed and Laurus rose up, pounding a fist into the attacker’s face, resulting in a huge crack and the person fell to the floor, limp.

Looking on and focusing his gaze, Thran and his team ran further down the corridors firing the occasional shot back as they went. The Jedi Hunter gave chase along with the others, a rather shaky looking Gibbs followed alongside, the rest lead the way.


22-11-2006 08:38:16

RevengeX sprinted down another corridor, his team behind him, and he cursed as he heard the sounds of blaster fire. He hurried up, using the Force to augment his trademark speed, and he turned the corner, only to bump right into Thran. The two were bewildered at first, and then they both leapt away from each other and ignited their lightsabers. Thran issued another hand signal and the Caliburnus squad blocked the pursuing Wookiees from getting near their Aedile.

“So we meet again…” RevengeX let out with a sigh as he circled his opponent, a small smirk playing across his face.

“It would seem so,” responded the former Acclivis Draco Rollmaster, both lightsaber blades emitting a small amount of light on the walls around them.

Both adopted Makashi attack stances as the Acclivis Draco and Caliburnus warriors fought around them. Thran leapt into a graceful arc and came crashing down. Both azure blades met for a split second before separating with a flurry of sparks. The Acclivis Draco Quaestor dodged an attack and parried another one before going into an offensive cycle of attacks. ‘Side kick, jab, upward diagonal slash, horizontal, round kick…’ continuously thought the Palpatine as he continued to force Thran around the corridor until the Caliburnus Aedile accidentally knocked into one of his own troops. The Aedile cart-wheeled out of the line of fire just in time before blocking another one of Revenge’s quick round kicks to the ribs.

Rasilvenaira and the Acclivis Draco defenders were making progress on the other side of the corridor and had already downed a third of the Caliburnus squad. Thran knew that he was in a bad situation. He had to get out of here quickly, or their mission and objectives wouldn’t be fulfilled in time for the transport to land and take them back to Ptolomea. The Sith Warrior backpedaled away from his opponent and held his hand up for his squad to see. Simultaneously, each member of the Caliburnus squad opened a pouch on their belt and threw what looked like smoke grenades everywhere.

As the first explosions set off, RevengeX cursed and groped maddeningly in the obscuring fog. Even with the Force, it was difficult to locate the intruders because the Dark Jedi on the time had subdued their Force signatures.

Another grenade set off, and Laurus fell down unconscious. Rasilvenaira yelled to retreat down the hallway, but the rest of her team had already fallen victim to the drug carried in the gas. Feeling unusually sleepy, she fell to the ground as Revenge used the Force to filter the toxins out of the air he breathed. He was still conscious, but the drug had paralyzed his body and he inwardly knew that it was useless. The Caliburni had escaped and had probably recovered their prisoners as well.

“Crazy Twi’lek.” He muttered as he thought of Impetus’ evil grin.


22-11-2006 21:51:47

Shaking off the effects of the drugged smoke, Rasilvenaira tried to clear her mind, drawing on the force to help rid her body of the toxin. Standing unsteadily, she leaned against the wall, trying to survey the damages. Both wookies were still unconscious as was Siyavash, though the Krath was beginning to stir. The one fact grating on her mind was that they had failed. Thran and his group had managed to recover the Caliburnus prisoners and were loose again. By now she was certain that Thran would realize that their transport had been destroyed by Kel Tavik and the fighters of Draco Conspicari.

Pulling her comlink from her belt, she called the hangar.

“Hangar Security.”

“StormRaven here, Caliburnus’ taskforce just broke through us, may well be heading your way when they realize their mode of transport has been eliminated. If at all possible, stop them.”


Adam walked up beside her, favoring his left leg slightly and looking a bit worn. “I am sorry my Lady, we were unable to hold them.”

Rasilvenaira reached out, placing a hand on the Archpriest’s shoulder. “You did what you could Adam. Where’s Ansus?”

“I have sent him to the medical center, he was battered rather badly by Thran, I did not realize that Occasus had been his master. The boy was unable to fight him face to face.”

With a sigh, the Sith nodded, “I forgot about that myself in the heat of things. Hopefully he’ll recover, I’ll check on him later. We weren’t able to stop them either, if they make it past the hangar security we’ve lost them.”

He nodded, “Are you alright?”

“I will be, they used smoke grenades with drugged gas, I was lucky, managed to avoid the worst of it. Adam, I want you to look after Siyavash, get her where it’s safe. I’m …”

Her comlink beeped and she turned it on. The urgent voice of the Hangar Secruity officer came across, with blaster fire and the noise of combat behind him. “Aedile! We are under attack, I don’t think we can hold out much…” the message ended with the snapping hiss that said the com unit had been destroyed.

Reaching out with the force, she stretched her senses as far as she could. The faint signature of one she had once worked so closely with told her they had lost this battle. Thran and his group had broken free of the hangar on a stolen ship.

“They got away. Let’s get the wounded to the med center, and then we pick up the pieces and regroup.” With that she moved over to help Laurus who was just regaining consciousness.

Adam Anderson

22-11-2006 23:34:59

Med center of Acclivis Draco
The ArchPriest and commander of DC paced back and forth, knowing that at his rank, he should not get so emotional, but at the same time, these were his friends, and family. People who he would die for and certainly kill for. Limping Over to his Aedile, he made a proposal. " Thran and company may have got a way, but I sugest, we get a small force and show him what it means to betray us." Rasilvenaira, looked at her friend and confidant, and responded, "Who would we get, our forces are either dead, in med bay, or holding down the fort." After taking a minute to sit down, he replied, "Well Arual is still around and and there is the two of us, plus Kel would be on his way back soon, if not alreay so the four of us, plus our Wookee brehteren will be a welcome addition when they recover. I want to put an end my lady to this..this betrayal for lack of a better word."

"I will think about it after you get that leg fixed, and we have to wait for Kel to come back, even if I wanted to go right now." Ras said. She continued, "I think Laurus and Gibbs would appreciate some pay back." Adam listened intently, when Siyavash, who was almost recovered, spoke up, "Please.. before you too make any decision. we should inform Braecen and Phoenix about this latest transaction." Turning to her, Adam gestured to the comm, "I will take care of it. My lady do not wory."

Clan Headquarters:
In his office, Braecen the consul of the clan was working on his own plans when he got a call. "My lord, Adam is on the comm and he wishes to speak to you." Braecen put down the data pad and answered, "Very good, put him through." A few seconds, Adam was on line. "Braecen, you now must do something Thran has esscapped with his prisioners, If you do not step in and make this whole thing stop, this house and indeed this whole clan will be lost. Please do someting." The consul pondered this.


23-11-2006 16:25:18

Laurus lay there completely oblivious to anything external going on around him, he was too immersed in his own thoughts. In his mind, he had failed. How could he not have seen that explosion coming? Was he too eager for the oncoming battle, he would have to be more cautious next time. In that one moment of weakness he had sacrificed his link to the Force for excitement and eagerness.
Well it wouldn’t happen again, if nothing else he’s learned something from this experience and Caliburnus would pay dearly with their blood for this outrage.
The Wookie was blinded with rage as he thought his thoughts and then he got up, the anger seemed to have cleared his mind and he strode out of the wing to find his Adam or his Aedile.
One of the med staff went to protest his sudden walk about but must have seen the utter fury and murder in the Wookie’s eyes, she stepped back and thought better of it.

At last Laurus found his Aedile and the Draco Conspicari leader.
“Please do something.” Pleaded Adam over the comlink. A pause.
“Very well Consul.” At this, Laurus raised his eyebrows. So Adam had been contacting Braecen.
Anderson switched his comlink off and turned to talk to Rasilvenaira but soon realised the Wookie had joined them as well.
“Ah, Laurus, good to see you on your feet again.”
Anderson spoke to the both of them this time, “Braecen has been informed of HC’s attack but says he will have to decide the appropriate course in which to tackle the situation.”
“Vengeance.” Laurus blurted out, “We need to see that they pay!”
“We must wait Laurus, you know as well as I we cannot proceed down our own path without the Consul proposing anything first.”
Laurus mumbled and seemed to contain himself for the moment.
“I agree that Impetus must be brought to justice and believe me that if this was my decision to make, I would see that Impetus is subject to the full horror of what an enraged Acclivis Draco is capable of, but for now we must wait.
Adam Anderson nodded sagely, Laurus bowed his head and sank back into his world of emotion-provoking thoughts.

Adam Anderson

23-11-2006 22:40:26

Acclivis Draco HQ
"Don't wory my friend, I will see to it that you will ahave an oportunity to make HC see the turth." Adam said to Laurus. Nodding to the medical center, "See too Gibbs, and as soon as the two of you are up and ready to go, we will see what we can do about repairing our house, and the assult on HC." Ras put her hand on the ArchPrist's shoulder, "That is assumming Braecen is goid enough to intervine." Ras nodeed to her, " I will keep on pleading with him, I am sure I can reach him. I will not see this clan divided and fall. We are not bounty hunters or the Black Sun. We are civilized."

Laurus was about half way down the hallway when he turned around, "I still wish to have HC's blood on my hand." Adam strode up to him, "You will...you will but now my young hunter we have our own to look to. After Gibbs is ok, the three of us will see to it that our home is back together and stronger then ever. Hitting his comm Adam called Kel. "Are you on the way back my young friend?" Kel responded, "I am on my way."

Ood Bnar

25-11-2006 08:34:50

Ood sat in the North Spire of the HAD heaquarters. He had ordered it's construction the second he arrived on Antenora. Soon it would be finished. The Office level was ready, so was the Neti's living quarters, Two weeks ago the Private library had been completed. All that needed to be done was the meditation room and the astronomy level at the top.

The Rollmaster had escaped from the medical wing and was hiding in his private library. Without his second arm, the Neti had realised he would be useless against the sith of Caliburnus. So instead of endangering the HAD lines by standing there and forming the weaker link, Ood was going over the financial records of the House. It seemed nobody cared for them anymore, as long as money arrived, the summit was happy. Ever since Saitou's first term as Quaestor, no summit member had seen the accounts of HAD, nor had they added to it.

Ood sat infront of piles and piles of data, looking for every credit that was available. The house needed cash to win the war and in these document enormous amounts of money seemed to have been embessled by Quaestors of old. It seemed every Quaestor up 'till Mune built himself a summer-retreat somewhere in the Antenora valley. Shiploads of credits seemed to disappear every time a new Quaestor was appointed and the office needed to be refurnished. Ood was startled by the amounts, his 58 foot tower was less expensive than the last 3 Quaestor offices.

After finding about half a million credits on forgotten accounts and another 4 million in a bank on Malastare, Ood knew he would need more time. but he didn't have it. Soon the assault would reach a critical stage.

As Ood still pondered the cashflow of his house, he walked up the barely finished stairs. The Neti reached the top of the unfinished structure and started to send out images of defeat to the HCers, through Projective telepathy the Knight sent out images of a burning Ptolomea to everyone in the base.

A second after he started Ood felt a presence, The DJM, Nathaniel was talking to him, commending his idea and enhancing Ood's abilities throug Alchemy. Suddenly the Rollmaster's message was getting stronger, reaching even the higher ranking attackers.

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Adam Anderson

25-11-2006 23:11:48

Acclivis Draco HQ
Kel finally entered the HQ and made his way to Ras an Adam. "Reporting for duty, how may I be of assistance." He said. Noding towards the medical wing Adam said, "make sure the others are ok, because when they are we have not just a justice to take care of, but more importantly, the rebuilding of this great and powerful house." The Aedile put in, "first and foremost we are to take care of repairs to the house, plus we have to wait to see if the Consul will do anything."

Later that day
Adam and Ras arived in the hanger to find that it looked like a war zone. "How could we have allowed it to go this far?" Ras asked no one in particular. Looking in her eyss, the ArchPriest and her closest friend comented, "We did not let this happen my lady, there are things that are not known to us. Eventhough we are both well versed in the force, we can not be expected to know everything....we are nto gods after all." Ras smilled for the first time in a long time. "I appreciate that. Lets get this place back to the greatness that it once was."

Ood Bnar

26-11-2006 06:54:34

After the battle was over, Ood called in a data-droid and ordered him to file the House records and financial papers in the cabinets on the east wall. The droid started work but quickly called in three others to help him complete his task in less than a day.

Whilst the droids where working, Ood walked down to the entrance level of his tower and entered the turbolift to his 'official' office. Once there, the Neti opened a hidden passage and walked to the hidden control centre. The house was in turmoil and Ood needed to free some funds for the reconstruction of the destroyed defenses.


Acclivis Draco Headquarters
Medical bay

Injured men kept flowing in, the medics where busy tending to all wounded when a few protectors entered.

"Can I help you?" the main physician asked as he saw them standing there.

"Master Bnar sent us, we're the best healers from our class. He said you could use some help?"

"Sure, find yourself a patient and start healing. I suggest you start in ward 1, the soldiers with small wounds are there. Once they're better and gone we can use the space for the heavily injured. when you guys need something, I'm right here."

The Doctor saw the Dark Jedi walk off in the given direction, there wasn't much time to ponder since there where still wounded men coming in.

One thought escaped the man: "How had the Neti known he was in need of help?"


27-11-2006 12:04:50

Corridors of Acclivis Draco Headquarters

Arual had to find Adam. He had not been able to contact him via commlink as he had left it on the ship when he landed with Siya. He strode down the corridor leading to the Draco Conspicari Meeting room were he hoped to find or at least be able to find out where Adam was.

He was tired and irritable, with little sleep with Ras sending him here and siya sending him there, it was going to be a long time before anyone got any real rest. He knew somehow that this was going to become one of the biggest tests he would ever take and he hoped that for the house and his brothers in Draco Conspicari that he would not fail them.

When he arrived at the meeting room it was empty. There was no one around and he could tell that they had met there not long ago and must have all left to complete tasks. He decided to meet with Libra Tzo in the Great Hall and see if she could help him find his Master and Aedile.

He set to the great Hall hoping that he would meet with someone soon, just so he could get some guidance as to were to go from here...


28-11-2006 23:16:18

Acclivis Draco Headquarters

Adam Anderson caught up with Arual as the Protector had just settled himself in the Great Hall. At his Master’s approach, Arual stood, and offered a slight bow. Fatigue was evident in his stance and expression.

Placing a hand on his apprentice’s shoulder, the Archpriest smiled slightly, “Go get some rest Arual. You’ve done quite a lot, and we’ll need you later. Right now there’s not much to be done, so rest while you can.”

Arual nodded gratefully, “Thank you, Master. Please call me if I’m needed, though I’ll need to get a new comlink.”

Adam nodded, and watched the Protector leave the Hall. Turning, he went on his way to check on the rest of his team.


Quaestor’s office

RevengeX glared at the various damage reports that littered his desk. He was furious that Caliburnus’ task force had been successful in retrieving their prisoners, and even more so that Acclivis Draco had taken some heavy damage in trying to stop them.

“This needs to stop now. I am no longer willing to hold out hope that the Consul will do anything to bring this conflict to a close. If they didn’t have Impetus…” his thoughts trailed off as he muttered to himself.

“You realize what that line of thought suggests?”

RevengeX blinked, he had forgotten the quiet Neti sitting across from him.

“Yes, Ood, we need to see her… removed.”

“That’s a risky move, m’lord. Who would we trust to do the job?”

“I haven’t decided yet.”

The Envoy was quiet a moment, considering. “What about Rasilvenaira, it’s no secret that she’s done work in that regard.”

RevengeX shook his head. “She is the obvious first choice, but no. I won’t risk a member of our summit for this. We have to be careful, but I feel it needs to be done.”


Aedile’s office

Rasilvenaira sat cross-legged in the middle of her office floor, an array of bladed weapons arranged on the floor around her. A cloth was spread across her lap, with a sharpening stone resting on it. Rasilvenaira calmly focused on sharpening and then polishing each blade. It was an old habit of hers, one that had developed into something of a meditation for the Sith as it forced her to clear her mind of whatever bothered her.

One by one the sharpened weapons disappeared back to the various places they were kept concealed until needed. The Aedile sighed slightly as she wrapped the cloth back around the stone and stood up. Walking back over to her desk, she put the stone away, and settled back into her chair.

“R5, go over the blueprints for Caliburnus’ base again, find me a weakness. There has to be something.”

The droid beeped and whirred, and began processing the data stored in its memory.

Adam Anderson

28-11-2006 23:48:46

Aedile's office
While R5 took care of searching for the weakness, she paged her friend, Adam as she would want him to take DC and make sure that Impetus knew that Ras was thinking of her. "Adam come to the main conference room and bring your team with you, I have some work for you." He acknowleged and she started to make her way out, "R5 come find me when you have that weakness." It beeped, and she made her way to meet up with her old team.

Acclivis Draco meeting room
The commanding officer of Draco Conspircari met with each member of the team individually, "Arual, now is the time my young apprentice to show the rest of the team how good I know you are." His young apprentice nodded, "Yes my master, I will make every atempt to prove that the faith you have in me is well placed." Laurus and Gibbs wanted to meet him together, "Sir," Laurus said, " I want the blood of those traitors on my hands NOW!" Adam motioned for his wookiee friend to lean over. "Do not wory my friend, I think that Ras will be giving our chance." Gibbs put in. "It is about time." The ArchPriest was about to meet with Kel when Ras showed up.

"Gentlemen, "We have a few maters to discuss, I want you guys to start preparing to invade our sister house. I wish to see Impetus personlly know what it feels like when I am pissed, and how I take care of those who betray me." The members of the young team nodded. "I will let you know when a weakness is found then go in and make her pay."


29-11-2006 15:16:04

Laurus ducked, and brought his blade round in a move that smashed the droid to pieces, another attack from his right, he spun round making a machine guided training saber miss him by inches and brought his hand round to rend the droid’s head until it started to creak. The droid shut down as the head became disconnected with the rest of it.
This is what Laurus did as he waited for the news of the assassination attempt. His blue blade sank back into its hilt which was clipped to Laurus’ utility belt.
Metal lay strewn about him and the Wookie was satisfied. A part of him wanted to try and dispose of the assassination attempt idea but he knew it wouldn’t make any difference now and Impetus was sworn enemy of the House.
He sighed and walked back to the Acclivis Draco meeting room.
On his way he passed the hangar and in the hangar he saw a thing that peaked his interest. Cuchulain seemed to be making preparations to take off in one of the TIE Phantoms that took residence within.
The Jedi Hunter stepped back and peered stealthily around the corner, keeping his heavy breathing to a minimum.
Cooch seemed to say something over a comlink and switched it off, he reached to the floor where the TIE blocked Laurus’ view and as his arm retracted Laurus got a sharp warning from the Force and quickly started walking back the way he came. That ‘warning’ was never made quite clear to Laurus. Perhaps Coock was just about to turn and see the Wookie looking at him, to pre-occupied with what he was doing to feel him through the Force.
The Wookie felt irritated that he didn’t get to see the rest of what Cooch was up to, but the fact remained that he wasn’t supposed to see the rest of it.
Nothing left now but to spend some time in the cantina consuming large amounts of Corellian ale… but not without what he’d just seen tormenting him and killing him with curiosity.


29-11-2006 18:36:56

The congregation of Acclivis Draco members waited before the Quaestor as he took his stand at the podium in the Audience Hall. He nodded slightly as Draco Conspicari Commander Adam Anderson walked into the hall and took a seat near the back. RevengeX cleared his throat slightly and began:

“Greetings Members of Acclivis Draco, I have come before you today to address several… issues. First, as many of you know, Caliburnus recently recovered their prisoners from our base and escaped to Ptolomea. Our base has suffered major “injuries” that are being patched up as I speak by repair crews dispatched all around the base. Due to this recent attack, I have doubled the size of our patrols and general defense forces.

Second, all members must have their eyes open for any spies among us.”

A whisper rose through the crowd, but was silenced with a wave of the Archpriest’s hand.

“This is a word of advice and warning: trust no one.”

There was a moment of silence before the Quaestor turned around and left the stage. He heard the shuffling footsteps of his members leave the Hall before going backstage and exiting through a back door. He knew that his words may have created disconcertment among the other Dark Jedi, but he was willing to take that risk if it meant that Caliburnus would fall.

* * *

Rasilvenaira and Ood were waiting outside of the Quaestor’s office when RevengeX exited the turbolift and strode through the corridor leading to them. Neither was looking all that thrilled when they saw their Quaestor come towards them and unlock the door. RevengeX entered first and sat down at his desk when he beckoned them inside the luxurious office that had been redecorated countless times over the generations.

Rasilvenaira was the first to speak, “Do you attempt to open up the now crudely sealed rift within the House?”

RevengeX replied slowly, thinking over his ideas clearly before he spoke each word, “No, not entirely. I have something else in mind for our ‘clan-mates.’ Discuss amongst yourselves and bring me Acclivis Draco’s best sniper. I’ll fill you in on my plan when you get back. Dismissed.”

The Aedile and Rollmaster left, each one carrying only a hint of what their Quaestor’s plan may be.

RevengeX smirked.

Adam Anderson

29-11-2006 22:29:51

Acclivis Draco Meeting Room
Adam was reading over a few reports, when Ras came in and took a seat. "My lady how may I be of assistance to you?" Adam said putting down the report. Looking distressed, she took a breath and started. "Please let me get this out, Cooch has been made an assassin and is charged with taking care of Impetus." Adam took it all in and said, "Are you saying that he and not someone like you, who has a personal stake in where or not she lives, has been chossen? That does not make sense." Nodding in agreement, Ras responed, "I know..I know and I have a feeling deep down that he will screw it up. That is why I want you and the rest of your team on stand by and be ready to move out at a moment's notice." Adam sat back in his chair, "As you wish my lady, I am as always ready and willing to serve."Looking around the room she said, "Oh, and one last thing, When word fails I will be see to it that we attack Ptolomea directly lead by DC." Smilling Ras said, "Thank you for listening to me Adam, you are very important to our future." She got up and left

Both excited about doing something and concerned about where this would lead, Adam took his comm and called Laurus, "Laurus, Please come to the main meeting room and bring the others, you are going to love this.And esspecially bring Arual. He will get his chance to help our the team yet.


30-11-2006 21:50:24

Acclivis Draco HeadQuarters,
Rooftop of the Main building.

Rasilvenaira paced across the rooftop, she’d been driven out of the building by the need for fresh air, the restless spirit in her hated to be forced to just sit around and wait. Worse, she was waiting for word of the success or failure of something she should have been doing herself. Growling, she launched another knife into the target she’d set up. The super sharp blade sank deep into the center of the target, and Rasilvenaira sat down on the roof. Slowly she forced the rage and anger to channel themselves, then gradually calmed them. Looking back over to the target, she held out her hand, as the knife sailed back across the distance to her. Briefly she inspected the blade, then slipped it back in it’s sheath.

“Bah, Cuchulain is no assassin, blasted Krath will probably fail. No matter, that wretched Twi’lek will pay dearly for this conflict. I have had enough, this Clan is ripping itself apart over fool’s pride.”

Standing, StormRaven’s hand found two thin locust knives, launching them fiercely at the target; she smiled grimly when they both penetrated to their hilts. Then she glanced over her shoulder as an approaching presence caused a slight ripple in the force.

“Very impressive, my Lady.”

“Thank you, Adam.”

She walked over and retrieved the knives, returning them to their concealed hiding places.

“Is Draco Conspicari ready to go?”

“Yes, we’re ready, just awaiting the command.”

The Sith’s dark eyes studied the Archpriest for a moment. “I have a feeling that it will come soon. I’ve got a droid who’s patched into RevengeX’s private communication channels. I’ll know as soon as he gets word on the attempt. If it succeeds, then we stand down, and see if Thran will choose to continue the conflict with his Quaestor dead. If it fails…”

“We will be ready.”

Adam regarded his Aedile, calmly meeting the stormy gaze. “You are right, Ras, this must end, soon. For the Clan’s sake.”

She nodded, “Fool’s pride, that’s what this is. We are a CLAN. The Houses can not stand alone, nor can the Clan exist without her Houses, this conflict is foolishness. What truly concerns me is the lack of apparent concern from our Consul and Proconsul. I can’t reconcile that in my mind, this war threatens the very stability of the Clan, and they allow it to continue. Why?”

“I don’t know. I do hope it is resolved soon, so we can begin the long process of rebuilding.”

A beep drew attention to the small spider droid as it adjusted it’s perch on her shoulder. Rasilvenaira held up a hand to silence the Commander, and they heard the transmission.

“…RevengeX here.” “It’s Cooch, not sure what happened, but I think they must have been expecting this. Imp’s still alive.” “Get back here then, Imp will most likely begin rallying Caliburnus for another attack on us now.”

Rasilvenaira’s eyes turned jet black, as she looked over to Adam. He nodded silently, clearly reading the silent command. Turning, he quickly moved to rally Draco Conspicari for battle.

The Sith crossed the rooftop and headed for the hangar, flipping her comlink on as she walked. “R5, ready the Kanashimu, the battle’s on.”

Adam Anderson

30-11-2006 22:42:32

Meeting room for DC
The ArchPriest paced around the room, his emotions somewhere between being greatful that the feud was in its final throws, and anger that it has come as far as it had. "I had hoped the force would not let this day happen" he said to no one in particular. Laurus was the first to speak up, "I for one can't wait, the members of our sister house have done a terible thing to us now it is time for payback." Gibbs joined in, "We have to defend our house's honor no mater what happens, this was a stike agisnt all of us, so we now must do what needs to be done, taking revenge."

Walking over the comm, Adam stopped before he paged the hanger to say, "I know gentlemen, I know and do not think that I won't take revenge, I want them to feel as violated, and shaken as our house is." He paged the hanger.

"Hanger Control."

"THis is ArchPriest Anderson, is our team is ready how are the fighters?"

"Rready to go sir. We are awaiting you."

Turning off the comm, "OK all, get toe the hanger now, We leave for Ptolomea as soon as we are aboard."

The others left and Adam was finishing up when he thought about Ras, paging her he asked, "My lady we are moments from leaving any final words or orders?"


01-12-2006 01:07:24

Over Acclivis Draco headquarters

The Kanashimu circled around the main compound as Rasilvenaira waited for the squadron to clear the hangar.

“Gentlemen, now is the time, I will not sit around and wait any longer, now we take the fight to Caliburnus!”

Affirmative answers met her words.

“Attack formation Alpha 7. Adam, Kal Tavik, you two on my wings, the rest fall in formation.”

The Sith aimed her fighter for open space and trusted Draco Conspicari to fall in behind her.

Once the fighters broke free of Antenora’s atmosphere she sent the coordinates for the jump.

“Once everyone’s got the coordinates set, we jump on my mark.”

One by one the pilot’s responded as their navicomputers locked in the coordinates for the hyperspace jump to Ptolomea.

Feeling the rush of adrenaline flowing through her, a feral grin flickered across Rasilvenaira’s features. This is where she was truly at home.

“For Acclivis Draco! Go!” she sent, and then she launched the Kanashimu into hyperspace, knowing the team would follow.


Questor’s office.

“What!?” RevengeX’s expression made his displeasure obvious.

“The Aedile and Draco Conspicari are gone, Sir.”


“I don’t know Sir, though the sensors indicated they went into hyperspace. They aren’t responding to communications.”

The Krath slammed his fist down on his desk and flipped the com unit off.

“Rasilvenaira, I hope you know what you’re doing.” He muttered, flipping the com unit to a different channel, “Ood.”

“Yes Sir?”

“Begin mobilizing our defense force; I believe we’ll be under attack by Caliburnus soon.”

“Aye, Sir.”

Ood Bnar

01-12-2006 08:42:19

Fighter command chair onboard Kanashimu

Rasilvenaira sat in her chair when the computer signaled an incoming transmission.

"Yes?", Lady Stormraven asked when Ood's face filled the screen.

"Have you gone completely insane? You stupid sith spawn of a drunken ....", Most of the swearing was blurred because the neti switched to his native language.

"Ood! Calm down, i'm still your superior!"

"Well, then get your head out of your arse and think for a second! For once in your short life, think before you act!"


"Since we failed the assasination, every soldier in HC will come to Antenora to fight us. You need to return and await their arrival. Giving us the home advantage. But no, hours before a possible invasion. The stupid Sih warrior that calls herself leader takes an entire battleteam and leaves."

"My plan will work!"

"No it won't! Using the authority of the Quaestor i've recalled the Draco Conspicari forces. They'll be back in the base in a few hours. You will return too and answer to RevengeX. Please, return fast, this plan of yours is borderline treason. I don't want to see you executed for it."

"You recalled them?"

"RevengeX has given me full command in mobilising the troops. So I did. Don't forget, I act in the best interest of the House, then the Clan. Without Acclivis Draco, Scholae Palatinae won't survive long."

"Yeah but ..."

"Ood Out!", the neti interrupted the Aedile

Rasilvenaira sat in her chair, raging with anger. Just who did that boy think he was?


01-12-2006 16:58:05

RevengeX cleared his throat and smiled as he received the transmission from his Rollmaster. It was obvious from the vibes in the Force and the Neti’s expression that Draco Conspicari had landed on Antenora.

“Yes, Ood?”

“Greetings, Quaestor. Draco Conspicari has successfully landed onto Antenora.”

“Excellent. What of Rasilvenaira?”

“Unfortunately, she has yet to respond to any of our messages. I have tried to reason with her, but she just won’t listen. Currently, Aedile Rasilvenaira is nearing Ptolomea. Orders?”

“Let her be… for now. Caliburnus will come to Antenora full force and we can’t wait around specifically for any individual. But if she does return, send her to my office right away after she lands her ship. Oh yes, get every member of Draco Conspicari to my office immediately. I want to make sure that they understand what it means to deliberately disobey House protocol.”

Ood could hear the sadistic implications drip from the Archpriest’s mouth and fearing the worst, he blankly replied, “Yes, sir. Ood out.”

RevengeX rubbed his hands together as he brandished a feral smile.


The members of Draco Conspicari stood in Acclivis Draco’s Quaestor office, each with their head down as RevengeX continually shouted at them.

“Do you understand what you have done?! What you could’ve done?! You could’ve abandoned your House when it needed you most! Just to follow a single vengeance seeking person! What were you thinking? Each of you knew that Caliburnus would come to Antenora and attack! Each of you knew that Caliburnus would bring their entire fleet and their entire army! But, following blindly like nerfs, you instead twist your mind around so that you truly believe you are helping your House by attempting to go to Ptolomea!”

The Quaestor turned to the Commander who stood in front of the other members, ready to take the blame for his actions.

“Adam, Adam, Adam… I thought you would have known better! I thought you would have realized all of the possible consequences that could have erupted through your actions and decisions. Apparently, I overestimated you. No, I am not removing you from your position as Commander. I will give you one more shot at this. Do not disappoint me by following fool’s gold! Especially when the fool’s gold is being offered to you by a fool!”

Revenge looked at the entire group and sat down in his chair.

“Caliburnus is coming and I guarantee that they will attack soon. Get cleaned up, something to eat and get to the hanger where you will await orders from Rollmaster Bnar. You are all lucky that I have not demoted any of you or removed you from the Battle Team. Dismissed.”

RevengeX waved an open hand towards his door as he said the last word to the group. After every Dark Jedi had left his office, he used the Force to shut the door behind them. ‘Rasilvenaira will return to Antenora, or she will be faced with charges of treason by the Clan Senate.’ RevengeX thought as he picked up his comlink.


01-12-2006 18:49:15

Near Ptolomea

Rasilvenaira watched as the fighters all broke off and turned around, jumping back into hyperspace. Rasilvenaira paused for several moments, staring at Ptolomea, debating on continuing the attack on her own. Her bloodlust and anger cast a crimson hue over her field of vision. Keying in new coordinates, she glanced back as R5 beeped curiously.

“Yes, R5, I know what I’m doing.”

The droid sighed, he knew better than to argue with his human, though it was dangerous jumping back that close to the planet. The Kanashimu leapt back into hyperspace.


Main Hangar

RevengeX stalked through the hangar doors looking over the fighters of Draco Conspicari. Locking his gaze on Adam as the Commander came around the wing of his fighter, the Quaestor walked over to meet him.

“Where is StormRaven?”

Adam blinked, “She hasn’t returned yet?”


Suddenly alarms went off.

“What is it?” RevengeX demanded of the Hangar chief.

“Sir, cloaked ship just dropped out of hyperspace, closer than I’ve ever seen a ship come out over a planet.”

“Can you identify it?”

The warriors of Draco Conspicari looked at each other, nearly ready to return to their fighters if needed.

“Sir, the ship just disengaged their cloaking, it’s the Kanashimu.”

The alarms fell silent. Moments later the Aedile’s fighter came to a stop in the hangar, and Rasilvenaira left the cockpit even before the engines had fully powered down.

RevengeX watched as she strode toward the hangar door, catching up with her he looked over at Rasilvenaira. “I need to talk to you.”

“Of course.” Her reply was cold, as were her jet dark eyes.


Quaestor’s office

“What were you thinking?” RevengeX whirled around to face his Aedile as the door to his office closed behind them both.

“I was doing what you’re not willing to do. If you had allowed us to continue with the attack, we could have ended this foolish conflict once and for all. Obviously you’re plan failed; you picked the most incompetent person possible for the job. So now someone has to do something.” Rasilvenaira met his furious glare steadily, defiance and anger blazing in her eyes.

“As long as I am Quaestor, it is your place to follow my orders, we have to work together. Don’t ever do something like this again. Understood?”

“Don’t presume to tell me what my place is, RevengeX. You may be the Quaestor, for now, and you may be a Son of Palpatine, but you are not the only one who cares about this House. Damn it, we had the advantage; I found a weakness in their defenses. We could have ended this, now. But no, you order Ood to recall the squadron and expect us to just sit and wait like hunted animals, for whenever they decide to attack. That is foolishness.”

“Rasilvenaira, do as you are told. Do not question my authority. Go see to it that we’re ready for Caliburnus’ attack when they come. Dismissed.”

Raising an eyebrow, she regarded the Krath coldly. “Yes. Sir.”

She clenched her jaws, dark thoughts swirling silently in her mind. I will kill you yet, Krath. Turning, Rasilvenaira left the office, and went in search of a particular Neti, her hand resting lightly on the hilt of the Arashi-Kumori at her side.


01-12-2006 20:05:49

Hangar Bay

Arual stood near his ship hoping that waiting for there attack would not mean the end of this house and that Ras would no suffer any consequences to her actions. He agreed with her decision and thought that the attack on Ptolema would have worked and they would be returning now, recieving word that Thran had decided to end the feud here and now. No such luck...


"Yes, young one?"

"Do you believe this is the right course of action?"

With a sigh, the commander replied "I would follow Rasilvernia to the end of the world, especially to defend the house. But we could not go against the quaestor and returned heroes even if we suceeded we would be trialed for treason. We have to hope thats defence is the best offence."

"Ok, i will return as soon as i have eaten and prepared."

"Hurry apprentice, i want you with me when the fight starts!"

Arual headed for the door knowing that he would return for the battle and that he would prove himself and show why he had become a Protector and Battleteam member so quickly.

Aruals Quarters

Arual paced the small room he was moved to upon joining the Battlegroup and becoming a Protector. He had his Krath War Blade out and his blasters on the side ready for the coming battle. He knew that someting was wrong with this and that this battle could end the Clan.

He had met Braecen previously and could not see why the man was so content on doing nothing. Age had obviously affected the man or maybe it was just a new found boredom and this was something to watch and see. He thought this was ominous but it was certainly not his place to say. He would prove himself here, eager to progress and earn medals and promotions.

He opened his NEW commlink:

"My Lady, can we meet in your office? I have something to discuss with you."

"Meet me there, Arual."

He set of to the Aediles office, ready to share his cunning plan with her. Treason or not it is in the best interest of the house. He just hoped she agreed...

Adam Anderson

01-12-2006 21:35:20

Hanger of Acclivis Draco
Adam was pacing around thinking to himself, why would the Quaestor call off an attack that would end the battle. He was busy in that thought when he got paged. "Adam here, How may I be of service." Ras answered, "Adam please come to my office, your apprentice is here and I think that there is much to discuss."

"Acknowleged, my Lady, Adam out."

Aedile's office
The chim ringed, "Come in my friend, your timming is perfect." Ras said with a mixture of hate and relief. Her emotions were the key to her success in all her endevors. Taking a seat, Adam looked at his apprentice then to Ras and said, "What can this humble ArchPriest be of service." Pacing around the room, The Lady StormRaven said, "I m not mad at you or your team, I want to KILL REVENGE for what he has done. HOW...how dare he tell me what to do, I LOVE THIS HOUSE! I won't do anything to bring shame to it and NOW HE Theatens the exsistance of the house. IT IS Bad enough that the Consul and ProConsul have done nothing but this is worse."

Arual broke in, "What is up with our Consul and ProConsul? Have they forsaken us."

Adam who had taken this all in took a deep breath, "I know Braecen as well as anyone maybe even more, and even I can't understand his hesitation. As to Revenge, I will go and speak to him, I will try to take some of the blame away from you my lady." He paused and looked his Aedlile straight in the eyes and Continued.

"You are the future my lady. You, Arual, and the rest of my battle team, I am old, and an ArchPriest, Even if I get demoted, it would not be as bad as seeing a good person like you be punished." Ras shooked her head, "With all do respect Adam, I can not let you take the blame for me, I will take care of it in my own way."

Adam shook his head, "With all do repect my lady, you don't need me, I am replaceable. You are not." Ras said, "Well we shall return to the subject, for now, Arual, when we are done here return to the hanger, Adam you and I will make for the main hall and prepare for the onslaught. You may choose who will be the leader in the hanger."

Ood Bnar

02-12-2006 15:59:22

Somewhere on the surface

On orders of the Rollmaster, the basements and deep caverns of the base where emptied. These natural caverns and concrete stockholds where normally used to stockpile old and useless machinery. Now the Neti was filling them with supplies. Every farm, mine and outpost was stripped of the non-essential items. The natural resources where diminished. When the enemy reached Antenora, Impetus would find nothing of use. She wouldn't be able to build a strong bridgehead to gather her forces before the attack.

With the arriving equipment, old battledroids, droideka's and other artillery was repaired. Every clearing that could be seen as a decent landingspot had been rigged with mines. But still Ood wasn't happy. He'd been arguing with the engineers for hours, but finally they'd seen the light. the Envoy wanted camouflaged turbo-lasers and ground to air artillery on the rooftops of the base, as well as on the higher peaks of the surrounding mountains. Also, around ten small forrests in the vicinity of the base had been defended. Bunkers had been dug, and where connected to eachother in concentry circles. This way, around 3 rings of bunkers had been constructed around the headquarters.

The Neti stood ontop of his unfinished tower, gazing over the works. Every entrance was guarded by two squadrons of seasoned warriors and one batallion of Droideka's guarded the ground level of the base. On the outskirts of the clearing around the base, a few hundred sith-spawns patrolled the area. Nathaniel's defences seemed scary, but what cound one expect from creations of a DJM.

It had been hours since the neti had left his quarters, to be more exact: he hadn't left the place since the Aedile had arrived. Ood knew he was going to be forced to resign after this war. One didn't order an aedile around, especially not the Knight Adjudant of the Brotherhood. Maybe the Neti would be allowed to remain on antenora and keep his tower. Who would refuse the old man the tower if the war was won by HAD.


02-12-2006 17:23:36

Acclivis Draco complex

Rasilvenaira’s mind seethed and raced as she inspected the House’s defenses. She made a few additions of her own, deep down she didn’t like trusting the matter to a Krath, especially the Neti. Adam Anderson accompanied her, his concerns for her regarding the aborted mission evident in his expression.

They stood in the main courtyard, and Rasilvenaira’s dark eyes scanned the skies. “Adam, there’s something I want you to do.”

“How may I be of service?”

“Take Draco Conspicari to Ugolino, there is a small station there that will support the squadron, it’s been used for training missions in the past. Hold the team there, Caliburnus’ forces won’t be looking there for danger. Once they commit their fighters to battle, they won’t be expecting an attack from behind. Draco Conspicari will flank them, I’ll use the droid fighters to meet them head on, and they’ll not know the difference until it’s too late.”

“But, my Lady, what about RevengeX?”

“You worry about leading Draco Conspicari when the attack comes. I’ll deal with the Quaestor.”

He worried about that course of action, but wasn’t willing to argue, “As you wish.” Turning, he headed off to the hangar to ready his team.

Rasilvenaira watched him go, and then flipped on her comlink. “R5, where is Ood?”

A moment passed before a series of beeps and chirps revealed the Neti’s location.

“Thank you, it’s time I pay my Envoy a visit.” She growled.


Ood’s tower

The journeyman outside the Rollmaster’s door swallowed hard as he saw the ebon clad figure of his Aedile approaching, standing up, he greeted her.

“Out of my way, I’m here to see Ood.”

“Yes, ma’am, but the Rollmaster is resting and has requested that he not be disturbed.”

Rasilvenaira’s eyes darkened to a dangerous hue, “You either move, now, or you die, now. Do I make myself clear?” her hand rested on the silver hilt of her lightsaber.

Eyes widening in fear, his resolve to duty shattered in the interest of self-preservation and he stepped aside.

Ood looked up as the door slid open, and paled slightly as his eyes met those of the StormRaven.

“Ah, my Lady Aedile, an unexpected visit, how may I be of service?”

“Drop the formalities Ood, you are very lucky I don’t remove the rest of your appendages. However, you might still have some uses. But I will warn you, if you ever, ever pull what you did again, I will kill you, understood?”

“I did what I had to.”

“No! You didn’t think, damn Krath, I had found a weakness in Caliburnus, we could have already ended this. If Acclivis Draco falls in this, it’s on you and RevengeX. Everything I do is, and has been for Acclivis Draco. I will not sit idle while Caliburnus rallies against us. Don’t think to interfere again, unless you wish to cause me to question your motives.”

“Don’t question my motives, Rasilvenaira, you couldn’t possibly understand.”

“I understand war, Ood, remember that. Killing is what I do best. I try not to actually care about people; I never know when I may someday have to face them in battle.”

The Neti stood silent for a moment, and then sighed, “We both are compelled to act as we see fit, and we serve the same cause, Rasilvenaira.”

“This Clan is being torn apart, Ood, that is what hurts. I’ve grown too close to it, and the people in it. I know longer fight for myself.” She shook her head, “This conflict has to end, soon. When Caliburnus attacks, I mean to do just that, we’re going to end it once and for all.”

“Even when it’s over, there will be much to do, we will have to answer for our actions, and we’ll have to rebuild.”

The Sith nodded, “Yes, if RevengeX wants to insist on calling me a traitor for acting without his approval, so be it. I do what has to be done, to keep this House safe, it that marks me a traitor, than I will accept what comes. I am prepared to take full responsibility for my actions, regardless.” Looking over at the Rollmaster, Rasilvenaira, studied him a moment. “I expect you to be ready; I can’t imagine it will take much longer for them to begin their attack.”

“I will be ready. I’ve prepared the defenses as well as they can be.”

Rasilvenaira nodded, and turned to leave, “Very well. I’ll keep my comlink channel open, but won’t be reachable otherwise. I have work to do.”

Adam Anderson

02-12-2006 21:10:02

Meeting room of Draco Conspicari
Adam was as unhappy as he could ever be, he was going to have Ras's back whether she liked it or not, but first to the mission at hand. He looked at the members of his battle team. "My bretheren, it is time for us to take our rightful place, Ras has given us an order, to go to a hiden base to wait until our sister house comes to the party. When that happens we will strike and force them to either fight us or be destoryed. I have to admit, I am looking forward to this, I want this to end now." Looking at his apprentice stright in the eye, "This is the best way to do that."

Arual was the first to speak up, "Master is this not aginst Revenge's direct orders? How can we go and di this and be welcomed back." shaking his head, the ArchPriest carefuly said, "Let me take care of that, do not wory no matter what hapens I will see that you are protected." Laurus came back with, "But sir, you can not think that we would be welcomed back with open arms?" Adam came back with, "Not only will you be welcomed back, but you will becoming back as hero's" They nodded carefully but had faith that their leader knew what he was doing.

"Kel, since you are a terific pilot, how long can you stay put in a fighter without going insane?" Kel thought for a minute, "Up to about 10hrs if I put my mind to it." Smilling Adam said, "good now I want all of ou to get to the fighters, I will be joining you shortly."

"You are not comming with us?" Arual asked. Nodding his head Adam said, "No I will be along I have something to take care of first." They left for the hanger.

QUaestor's office
Revenge was taking care of some reports, when he felt a ripple in the force, "Come in Commander how may I be of service?" Walking up to him Adam said, "You will not harm any member of my team, or Ras, not only is she the Aedile, but also the best person here, I have seen a lot of people come and go in power positions, and I can tell you that she is an essential member of this house, clan, and the Brotherhood as a whole."

Sitting back in his chair, the other ArchPriest said, "And under what athority do so presume to have to tell me what to do? Are you so arogant that you would take over as leader of this noble house?" Taking a seat Adam shook his head, "I am an old ArchPriest, Weather I hold a nother command position does not matter to me, I am a servant of darkness, surely you should know how important, it is to have good people around to do what is neccessary."

Leaning forward Revenge said, "Very well, I will not hold Ras or your team at fault for anything they do in this feud, but I want your resignation imediatly after it. Adam bowed his head and then looked his Quaester in the eyes, "If that is the price to pay for this..very well I will step down after the feud, just be sure to keep you word.

Hanger of Acclivis Draco
The team had been at the hanger for awhile, when Adam finally joined them, "We are off to the base. When we get there be sure to get supplied, then back into the fighters we won't have long to wait I believe for the final battlCaliburnus’e to begin. To your fighters. And not a word of this to Ras, I do not want her to wory about any of this. " With that they were off to make sure that Ras's plan for Caliburnus would come to pass.

Ood Bnar

03-12-2006 08:05:13

Aediles office

Ood strolled in through the hidden passageway, his Aedile quickly turned around to see who it was that had entered and caused her silent alarm to go off. The Neti pittied the Sith for not being as adept in the mysteries of the force as the Krath Order, he knew that many Sith laughed at the weak flying skills of most sith so he decided not to mention it.

"Rasilvenaira, I've been trying to find Draco Conspicari."

"You won't find them, i sent them off. And i thought i'd locked that passage?"

"I know, I knew your intentions the moment you thought of them in my quarters earlier. And oyu did, it took me 20 minutes to break the lock open."

"You can read minds?"

"No, of course not. The krath can see some things in the minds of others. our Telepathy is better trained. how did you think our order survived this long. when you thought of that plan, i saw it. you where trying to hide it, if you hadn't thought of the plan. I hadn't known."

"Are you here to blackmail me with this form of treason so shortly after i was warned?"

"Not at all, i was planning to do the same. The idea is good, why did you think i didn't dismantle that particular outpost? cause i forgot about it? No no, i was going to send that squadron there."

"What does this mean?"

"I suggest, officially you never mention those orders you gave Adam. contact him and tell him the same. I've erased the logs in he security database. For now, we'll act as if the order came from me. That way, RevengeX can't get pissed about the breach of the line of command. He ordered me to see to the preparations, and I did. Agreed?"


Quaestors office

As Ood entered the Archpriest turned to face him

"Ood, you know why I summoned you don't you?"

"Yes sir"

"Those orders of mine, you sent to the Aedile. Where did they come from?"

"I forged them mylord. It was in the House's best interest I believe."

"You did well, I would have ordered you to do the same."

"What happens next sire?"

"We keep this development silent, as long as nobody doesn't take a closer look at those papers they'll be considered real. I should punish you for treason, but as I was planning to do the same as you ordered, i'll let it slide. Only this once, you've been warned tree-one!"

"Aye sir"

"Now go oversee the defenses, oh besides. Nice idea to place draco Conspicari on that outpost."

As Ood left the office, the Quaestor grinned

"That Tree is too cunning for his own good." The Quaestor said as he replayed the security footage of Ood telling Rasilvenaira that he would take the blame for moving the squadron to the outpost.


03-12-2006 15:03:34

Aedile's office

After Ood left her offices, Rasilvenaira’s anger flared to a new level. “I really dislike killing my Envoys, but that one, may just force me to make an exception.” She thought darkly. Always naturally suspicious, the Sith was rapidly becoming even more paranoid than normal. Glancing around her office, the Aedile decided to make a few changes.

Picking up the small spider droid from it’s place on the corner of her desk, and a datapad, she activated the droid and keyed in several commands. The droid came to life and scuttled over to her computer terminal and began scanning it for any trace of a security breach. Switching to another datapad, she sent a detailed message to R5.

Half an hour later two destroyer droids and a security team were at her door. She nodded as she met them as they entered.

“This is highly unusual protocol ma’am, are you certain it’s necessary.” Asked one security officer.

“I’m quite certain. The security of my office has been breached, and I damn well want to know how, by whom, and for what purpose. Nor do I intend to allow it to happen again.”

He nodded and the two of them settled the Ysalamir’s cage in the corner of the office near her desk. Two others preformed a complete sweep, removing two small security cameras that she had not authorized. One destroyer droid was set by the secret passage door, the locks doubled and the alarm reset on it.


The destroyer acknowledged her.

“If anyone tries to come in that way, kill them, or at least maim them.”

It turned and settled itself into watch the passage, blasters armed and ready.

The other was situated facing the main door. Rasilvenaira patted the droid, “If anyone, who is not on the immediate clearance list comes in without my authorization, blast them.”

It acknowledged and armed itself to comply.

Rasilvenaira settled back at her desk, still uneasy, and she looked over at the spider droid who was just concluding it’s scan, having patched the security breaches it found on her system. Taking a deep breath, she opened her comlink again.

“R5, to my office please.”

The droid beeped and hurried on its way.
Keying a few commands in on her computer, she sat back to wait. Around the complex, Rasilvenaira’s seeker droids were beginning an exhaustive search of the buildings, three had specifically been dispatched to follow and map the passages that Ood had used to sneak into her office.

R5 arrived with a series of chirps and beeps as the door slid shut behind him. He whirred and chirped at the bristling destroyer droid and rolled over to Rasilvenaira’s desk.

A faint smile flickered briefly across the Sith’s features, then vanished. “R5, track Ood. I don’t care how you do it, but I want to know where that Neti is at all times.”

R5 rocked back and forth whistling and beeping.

“No, I don’t trust him, not now, he’s been able to guess or interfere with my plans too much lately, and I don’t like it.”

He beeped and sighed.

“Oh, one more thing, if Ood comes within 20 feet of this office, without my express permission, have Spike shoot him.”

R5 squeaked and whirred.

“Yes, I mean that. Now, I have things to do, Caliburnus’ attack will be coming soon, I need to get ready.”

R5 beeped and whimpered.

“I’m sorry R5, yes, you’ll be staying here. I need you here, your particular skills are more valuable to me right now, M9 and G3 can help me play pilot this time.”

The little droid grumbled and sighed dejectedly, but patched into the computer system and began doing what he’d been asked to do.

Rasilvenaira patted him as she headed out of the office. Turning down the corridor she headed for the secondary hangar where her ships were kept. A feral grin danced across her face as she considered the upcoming battle, and the knowledge that Ood hadn’t discovered the full scope of her plans yet pleased her.


03-12-2006 16:29:31

RevengeX paced his office, awaiting the report from Ood and his extended spy network across Brotherhood space. The network was interesting to say the least, and the Quaestor grew increasingly suspicious of his Rollmaster.

What if this is just a ploy between Ood and Rasilvenaira to kick me out so that they can claim higher positions?

The idea jumped around in Revenge’s mind and pieces of this puzzle seemed to fit together. He picked up his comlink and adjusted the channel to that of the headquarters security chief.

“Lord Quaestor, what can I do for you?”

“I want the hangers to be blocked off to Aedile Rasilvenaira and Rollmaster Ood. If you happen to spot either of them, arrest them immediately for treason and suspicious activity and bring them directly to my office. If they attempt to escape or resist, stun them or shoot their unnecessary appendages, I don’t care. If either of them slips past you, I will have your head. No matter what they say, this is an overriding command, Security Chief. Understand that. Revenge out.”


Smiling with sadistic glee, Rasilvenaira turned the corner into the secondary hanger where her personal ships were. Instantly, a deep voice shouted “Halt” and fourteen blasters were pointed to her head.

What the heck? she thought as she turned to the voice.

“By order of the Lord Quaestor, RevengeX Palpatine, you are to be placed under arrest treason and suspicious activity. You will be taken directly to his office under heavy guard. If you attempt to escape or resist, you will be physically maimed.”

A short ring caught the superior officer off-guard.

“Sir, we have spotted Ood Bnar making his way towards the primary hanger. Orders?”

“Follow through with the plan and don’t bother me again with stupid questions like that. Move your butt, the Quaestor wants that tree alive.”

They’ve captured Ood too? Has RevengeX gone absolutely insane? I thought the Neti was working for the Krath. Rasilvenaira’s head whirled with the possibilities that could have made her end up like this. I don’t have time to hang around here, I need to get out of here now!

Igniting her lightsaber, she pushed away three of the blasters and cut through five of them with one single motion. Her robes flowed around her as she twisted around to avoid six blaster bolts, but she stopped in mid-air as a stun bolt suddenly hit her in the back. How come I didn’t sense it? was her last thought as everything turned black in her vision.


In the primary hanger, Ood attempted to reason with the security guards.

“Halt! Our orders are to arrest you immediately. If you attempt to escape or resist, you will be stunned or physically maimed.”

“Ah, but you see, I’m on a special mission for the Quaestor. He has asked me to fulfill this mission personally. If you shot me here, I doubt he’d be very happy.”

“Nice try, but our commanding officer has told us that you are to be taken to the Quaestor’s office.”

“Wha?” Ood regained his composure. “You misunderstand, I already visited the Quaestor in his office and he has assigned me this task.” Ood waved a hand, hoping to persuade them by use of the Force.

“Nice try, again.” An officer holding a caged ysalmir stepped forward.

Oh gosh… the Neti thought as he reluctantly was lead by the heavily-armed guards to the fifth level of the building.


Caliburnus’ fleet flew steadily nearer to Antenora.

Adam Anderson

03-12-2006 17:59:49

Hanger of the outpost:
Adam had resuplied and was on his way back to his fighter when he stoped to use the comm. "I should check in with Ras to see if things have changed." he thought to himslef as he pinged Ras's comm, and then a suprise came." This ithe the chief of security, to whom am I speaking to?" Adambecame both angry and concerned, "This is ArchPriest Adam Anderson, the commanding officer of Draco Conspircari, I want to talk to my Aedile, by what right do you have to use her comm link?" The chief responded, "She has been taken into custody by order of the Quaestor, he has not mentioned what to do with you so you are on your own. I hope you know what to do." Hitting the comm, the ArchPriest yelled, "You dare take that line with me, I can take a lot, but I will not be talked down to by you or anyone. I serve the brotherhood." He cutt off the comm and pinged the team. "OUt of the fighters all of you, I am on my way things have changed."

Halls of Acclivis Draco
Ras was being led off when the team was intercepted by a bounch of droids who shot attempted to take out security. she recovered from the stun and belted the security chief and those by him and grabed her link. "to bad he turned it off, i need to speak to him." She turned it back on. She knew he was not one who got angry often, but when he did , that was when things got really interesting, and not neceessarily in the good way. "Adm please come in, I need to speak to you." She heared static, then eventually she got him, he did not sound his usual calm self. "My lady, what in the name of vader is going on down there, you have been arrested? This is not good, esspecially after the conversation me and Revenge had." The Aedile paused for a moment and then asked, "What meeting? What are you talking about?" Adam took a deep breath and said, "That is not important right now my lady, with all do repect I think that should be on the back burner, are we still on for the attack?" Ras was not to happy, but knew that right now was not the tme to discuss it. "Yes, I am on my way to the hanger, be ready."

The ArcPriest acknwleged, and had his brethern get back into the fighters.


03-12-2006 18:26:13

Acclivis Draco Complex

Rasilvenaira nodded to the droids, “Follow me, just incase there are any further surprises.”

They fell into a loose formation around her as she turned back to the hangar. She was not happy, not one bit, between concern for what Adam meant and anger over being arrested.

She flipped her comlink back on, “R5, I gather you sent the back up?”

He beeped and whirred affirmatively, then with more concern.

“I’m fine, angry, but fine, there will be hell to pay when this is over with. Are G3, M9, and Ver at the ships?”

Another affirmative beep.

“Good, relay to them to get the ships ready, I’m on my way.”

She just entered the hangar when a second security force spotted her and drew their blasters.

“I don’t have time for this.” She muttered.

“Aedile StormRaven, stand down and surrender now! Or do you plan to resist?” one officer shouted.

“Don’t be stupid, of course I plan to resist, you fool!” Turning to the destroyer droids, she grinned. “Spike! Stop them!”

As the droideka’s shields snapped up and their blasters started firing, Rasilvenaira turned and sprinted the last distance to the waiting Kanashimu. Leaping into the cockpit, she hit the controls and the engines roared to life.

“Verlassen! Get the Nyghtfyre airborne!” Settling into her seat, she ignored the frantic beeps and whistles from M9. She guided the fighter up and out of the hangar with the Nyghtfyre right behind them as the hangar doors were beginning to close in a lockdown.

“Verlassen, you guys okay?” She asked as the two ships leveled out and she turned the Kanashimu towards Ugolino.

“Yes, Mistress. We managed to escape without a scratch.”

Leaning back, she glanced over her shoulder, “M9, calm down, we’re fine now.”

The little droid sighed and whistled, expressing her unhappiness with the situation.

Turning her comunit to a different channel, “R5? How are things there?”

He beeped, not happy at being left behind.

“I’m sorry buddy, but I needed you to stay there, though I wasn’t expecting RevengeX to actually try to have me arrested. Obviously he’s never read the files on me, but anyway, seal off the office, keep yourself safe.”

He chirped and whirred.

“I will, we’ll be fine. Hey, we’ve survived worse than this, don’t worry. I know what I’m doing.”

R5 remained prudently silent, and Rasilvenaira chuckled as she turned the unit off. Then she keyed it to another channel, “Adam?”

“Yes my Lady, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, there’s been a slight change in my original plans, but nothing too drastic. Have Draco Conspicari ready, I’m on my way.”

“As you wish.”

Adam Anderson

03-12-2006 19:36:01

Haner of the outpost:
Adam was sitting in his fighter when he got paged, "Adam this is Ras, I want to meet with all of you when I arive. We have much to discuss." He was genually happy for the first time in long tim. "Very good, my lady, We shall meet, I will personally escot you in when you arive. The others will be in the main conference room." Ras paused and said, "Good, I dont trust anyone else right now, I need a friend.

He paged his team, "Alright people, our Aedile is comming in to lend assistance and lead us to victory, go to the main confrence room, I will be esscorting her in. We shall meet you there." They acknowleged and left. The ArchPriest then called the hanger control, "this is ArchPriest Anderson, I request permision for immediate take off."

"Permision granted, good luck." The controler responded.

The Tie Defender blasted off and made its way to Ras. He hit is comm, "My lady, are you alone?" She came back with, "No I have droids piloting one ship and I am pioloting my personal ship. And in case you were wondering I am almost there." he acknowleged and cut the comm.

15minutes later
Ras jumped out of hyperspace and found the commander of Draco Conspircari waiting patiently for her, "I am glad to see a friendly face in these troubled time." She said to Adam as she pinged him. "We are more then ready to end this my lady." Adam responded. Ras knew that dispite the difference of their ranks, Adam had no problem with giving repect to someone of a lower rank in a command position. She appreciated that about him. "Lets get to the confrence room, we don't have much time to prepare." They landed, and made their way to the confrence room without incident.

Confrence room of outpost
"Now listen up people and listen closely," she said as she and Adam came into the room. She was not one to wait around, she like to get to the point quickly. "We don't have much time to waste, I want to talk about how we are going to destroy the HC forces."


03-12-2006 20:49:46

Conference room of Outpost

The team sat as the Commander took his seat and waited for the Aedile to begin relaying her plan to them all.

"We have to wait for the forces of Caliburnus to have landed on Antenora before we attack, we cannot afford to get attacked in space so they can fight two fronts easily."

Arual spoke up then, "So you want us to land behind them and attack from behind or attack with our ships themselves?"

Laurus then made a low growling noise before saying, "I'd like to land behind them and smash them all with my hands, personally."

Ras took the meeting back to her control, "Gentlemen, we have to be ready to attack as soon as they have landed otherwise they could have got a stronghold on our home. I think we should land a small squadron of you on the planet to attack them and then a small contingency of ships to attack from the air. Adam will decide who goes were except for me; Arual and Laurus have to land on the ground. I want revenge, Laurus wants to smash heads and Arual want to prove himself, no better way than now."

They all agreed and the Aedile left the room to make her preparations, leaving Adam to sort his team out.

"Ok guys, here is my plan. Arual, Laurus, Norrik, Gibbs and Gavan will join the Aedile on the surface to attack the back of Caliburnus's force. Kel, Ansus, Aerick, Korbin and I will take the ships and attack them from above. Move out and prepare yourselves."

They all left the room and went there separate ways, waiting for the command to board there vessels and leave.... to war.


Corridors of Outpost

Arual and Adam where walking down the corridor together towards the room which Ras had chosen to set up office for the attack.

"Master, I understand that you are worried about her but I wander, what did you talk to Revenge about? You went to see him but did not say why."

"Do not worry young one, all will become clear soon. Now let us meet with Ras and see what she needs us to do before this attack."

They entered the Aedile's temporary office at her call and closed the door behind themselves.

Ood Bnar

04-12-2006 05:46:48

While Oow was being led to the Quaestors office, it seemed to the entire security detail that this was going too smoothly. Yes, of course the Neti had lost an arm. But by being so calm about his arrest, it seemed like he was up to something. Even his behavior was getting more and more erratic. He pointed out the clouds every time they passed a window and stopped to gaze over the statues of old Quaestors that lined the main hallway.

"Captain, what would you say if I told you there are wobblywabbles loose in the basement? They're ransacking the place, did you know that?"

"No sir I didn't, I'll send a security detail down there right away." the head of security answered, then turned to a lower officer, "Adrew, take two teams. Go down there with one, let the other go to the archives and see what a Wobblywabble is."

"Aye sir!" the young man responded and started to whisper orders through his commlink.

During this period of time, Ood had gotten his restraints unfastened. He held his hand near his waist, in search of his saber as the team walked on. When the commander saw it he ordered the Rollmaster to remove his hand and when Ood did that, he was holding a bag of candy. Which he promptly distributed amongst the men.

Quaestors office
Not too much later

"Sir, here's prisoner one. Rollmaster Ood Bnar Sythe'rae, guilty of treason. apprehended when entering the hangar."

"As I said you, I was in there on specific orders of the Quaestor! So take me to him and he'll explain it all!"

"Ermm, Mister Bnar. You're in his office, There he is!" the security officer exclaimed pointing to RevengeX who was waving his hand in response.

"No no, that's RevengeX, my orders come from the Quaestor. You know Saitou?"

"Ood, Saitou resigned after the Great Jedi War, I'm in charge now." RevengeX said

"Oh I know you're in charge Mune, no need to rub it in like that!"

"Ok, captain. You and your men can leave. I think i can handle this one alone." the Quaestor said.

"Aye sir." the officer said as he saluted. Before he could leave the room his comlink went off. "Sir, the Aedile has broken out of custody. computers indicate she went to the Outpost. forgive us, we have failed."

"Captain, I'm no Darth Vader. I can acept failure up to a level. If i would execute everyone who failed me, then this house wouldn't stand chance in this Feud."

"Oh captain, don't forget the Wobblewabbles!" Ood yelled before going back to pondering about the universe.

"Now Ood, what is going on recently? You've changed, is it the trauma of loosing your arm?" RevengeX asked, sitting down in front of the Neti, "We need you in the upcoming battle."

"Sir, As i can at this moment only say: wiebble wokde wabble sartati." Ood said with a serious expression on his face.

"Ood, i'm going to let you walk out of here. You're to remain in your tower until you can explain to me why you and Rasilvenaira are plotting to get rid of me. Has she offered you the role of Aedile when she takes my place?"

"Wieeble wobble!"

"Guards, take him away. He is not to leave his tower until further notice. I'll handle the preparations for battle myself. bring his warplans to my warroom and issue a general arrest on my Aedile. Everyone who harbours her without notification is to be tried for treason. I'm personally executing every officer that helps her. All soldiers/pilots that help her, will be given to Nathaniel to serve in his alchemical experiments!"

"Yes sir!"


04-12-2006 13:14:36

Ugolino outpost,
Aedile’s Temporary office

Rasilvenaira sat at the small desk in what had quickly been turned into a makeshift office for her. In front of her, the computer screen flickered with the scrolling information that was coming from R5, including the latest orders issued by the Quaestor. Silently she hoped that her plan would work out as well as she thought. Lack of sleep and the constant strain of the feud were beginning to wear on her, but Rasilvenaira forced all thoughts of rest from her mind. Taking a deep breath she leaned back in her chair.

“Time enough for rest when this is over, if I’m not executed for treason.” She thought wryly to herself. The Sith thought back over the years to the last time she was threatened with arrest, she had managed to avoid execution then, she intended to do it now. However, hers was not the only life at stake this time. The burden of responsibility settled heavily upon her shoulders as Rasilvenaira considered each of the twelve members of Draco Conspicari. They had willingly followed her orders and committed themselves to her plan, if it failed, she failed them. Shaking her head, she sought to clear her mind as she felt Adam’s approaching presence. “That can not happen; I will not allow them to be harmed for my mistakes if this doesn’t work.”

As light knock came at her door and Rasilvenaira ran her fingers through her hair and stood. “Come in.”

Adam Anderson walked in, followed by Arual. “Greetings, my Lady, you wished to see us?”

“Yes, thank you.” She motioned for them to sit down, and settled back into her own chair.

“Gentlemen, the hour is upon us, our scanners show that Caliburnus’ fleet dropped out of hyperspace approaching the far side of Antenora now. They will be starting their attack very soon, once their fighters and troop transports are in position.”

Adam nodded, and Arual spoke up, “When do we attack?”

“Once I’ve determined that Caliburnus’ forces are fully engaged at the front, Draco Conspicari will strike from behind them. I do however have one change for our division of forces. We need the pilots in the air. I’ll take Laurus, Gibbs, and Arual with me on the NyghtFyre and drop in for a ground assault. The droids will pilot Kanashimu and NyghtFyre for added aerial support, but I want the rest of Draco Conspicari in their fighters. We hit them hard and fast with everything we have.”

They both nodded. Adam turned to Arual, “Go tell the team of these changes, make sure everyone understands what is coming.”

Arual bowed, and left the room. The Archpriest then turned his calm gaze back to his Aedile.

“What is bothering you?”

She shook her head, “This feud has gone on too long, we end this, now, or it will destroy us all. And that is something I can not accept, Scholae Palatinae is stronger than that, but only when we function as a whole.”

He nodded, “True, but there’s something else, isn’t there.”

Rasilvenaira smiled slightly, “Perceptive as always, Commander. Unless RevengeX sees reason after our plan works, he plans on having us all for treason. Adam, I entrusted Draco Conspicari to you, look after them, protect them, and lead them well.” She met his gaze, her dark eyes holding his attention. “Promise me one thing though.”

“If I can, my Lady.”

“When the time comes, when this is all over, trust me enough to allow me to face RevengeX myself, alone.” She held up a hand as he began to protest. “Let me finish.”

He sighed, obviously already disturbed by her line of thought.

“I will not allow anyone to suffer any consequences for actions that are my responsibility. If RevengeX wishes to see me tried for treason after this, then so be it, you will not interfere. Draco Conspicari needs you, please, trust that I know what I’m doing.”

“Rasilvenaira, if you’re tried for treason…”

“I took an oath when I became Aedile, Adam, to place the well being and safety of this House above my own, to serve the House to the best of my ability, and if it is required, I will die for it, as I would for the Clan itself. I take that responsibility very seriously. RevengeX may question my motives, and my actions if he wishes, but my resolve remains the same. I am right in this, I know it, and it’ll work out. I just need you to trust me, have faith.”

He lowered his head, not willing to think about the implications or possible reality of her words. While he did not doubt his Aedile, he was unsure of the Quaestor, and a part of his Krath mind feared the worst.

Suddenly an alarm pierced the air, and he looked up in question.

Rasilvenaira stood, taking another deep breath. “It has begun. Ready the team, Caliburnus is attacking Antenora’s outer defenses now.”

Adam Anderson

04-12-2006 23:09:13

Halls of the outpost
Adam wanted to finish the "friendly discussion wiht Ras, but with the alarms sounding that was not possible. He hit his comm, "I hope everyone is ready for take off, I will be there shortly, be prepared for emergency launch when I do." His bretheren acknowleged. and the Archpriest turned to his Aeldile. "It is not that I don't have faith in you, I am just an old guy that is all. Now let us table this conversation until the night of the execusion."

"Aggreed," Ras said as they ran together to the hanger. Knowing full well that now would be the time they proved themsleves true brotherhood members. They heard over the loud speakders, "All hands, Intruders have entered the area...all hands, intruders have entered the area prepare to launch all fighters and deploy the defense net. "We don't have much time", Ras pointed out. Adam nodded and they used the force to pick up the pace.

Hanger of the outpost
Ras had the members of her team in her figher, and the commander of DC was ready to launch. "Control, this is ArchPriest Anderson requesting permision for imediate take off."

"Permission granted, Launch!"

With that the fighters all lauched and made their way to the battle. "Good Luck Adam." Ras said over the comm. "Me..I have it easy, it is you that needs to be careful, My lady." He responded.


04-12-2006 23:39:04


They moved towards Antenora with great speed, hoping that they could land on the surface behind Caliburnus without any problems. Arual turned to the Aedile of the house and could see that she was troubled by something.

"My Lady, What is wrong? I'm sure the plan will work and that when it does, RevengeX will have no choice but to accept us back and openly accept that we did the best thing for our house."

"It's not that young one. It's Adam; i feel he will do something silly to make sure that nothing happens to me. He feels we are the future and, as an old Archpriest he is expendable, NOT TRUE. I don't want him to do anything that would remove him from Commander or remove his head."

"The old man knows what he is doing. I have only known him a short time but he will lead the ships in battle and bring glory to the DC, just as we must do. Look we are nearing Antenora."



As the shuttle began to move into view of the back of Caliburnus forces, Ras could sense that Adam was just behind ready to give covering fire. It was then that the Caliburnus shuttles came down to attack them. They would have to fight of the attack before they could land and just hope it wasn’t too late.

"Defensive Manoeuvres. Laurus and Arual get to the Turrets. Gibbs and I will try and make sure they don't hit us." Opening a Commlink she said, "Adam we are under Caliburnus attack just as we were almost ready to land. Send 2 ships to help us out."

They were so close and they were not going to let this tactic end in a hasty and needless attack...


05-12-2006 14:38:16

Laurus got up with a start as his name was called and ran to the turrets.

“In Arual?”

“In Laurus.”

“Okay, get ready.”

As the wookie sat in the cramped gunner’s seat he was not terribly comfortable but was more than able to put up with it. After all, the next hours of his life were not promising to be comfortable ones.

Caliburnus fighters came in fast and then the fire began. Laurus fired the cannons sending blaring energy into the shields of enemies. All the while the D.C shuttle was rising above its foes. After the first pass the shuttle turned on its axis and came about. The HC TIE’s were doing the same and came around faster than the ship Laurus was sitting in. He opened fire again on the ships and growled as return fire splashed over the shields.

Suddenly there was a cheer let loose by a familiar voice and as their shuttle went back round to make an approach towards Antenora, a Caliburnus fighter flew past Laurus’ view screen, blazing fire clinging on to it like some sort of parasite. The ship exploded and Laurus was forced to shield his eyes.

“Nice shot Arual.” he muttered as he tried to refocus his eyes.

Laurus thought the one pass they had made around the fighters was the only one they were going to make in a bid to get rid of these shuttles and escape the attention of the fleet up ahead, thinking that the shuttles would undoubtedly do the job.

Caliburnus were further away now and the shuttle sped towards the surface.
Enemy vessels came in again and Laurus showered them with bolts of energy. The shield of the X-wing he was concentrating on disintegrated and red blaster bolts burned through the hull, but his concentration was broken by the amount of fire hitting their own shuttle. Surely soon they too would be shield-less.

Then relief came. Two of the D.C TIE Defenders sent streams of blaster fire into the X-wing and it exploded into many brilliant pieces of fiery metal. The Wookie let loose a triumphant roar.

“You get one too Laurus?”

“Damn right!”

“Wave goodbye to the one I just vaped.” Laurus could sense without use of the Force that Arual had a gaping grin on his face as he said that sentence.

Sure enough, as the shuttle drove forward, Laurus saw shrapnel and a huge a chunk of metal with the Caliburnus insignia painted upon it. Then a hapless occupant of the TIE Interceptor that had fallen prey to Arual floated by, lifeless. Laurus laughed and the fire around them lessened but he knew that they weren’t out of it yet.

Antenora looming ever closer and the ship sped on like meteor with no hope of being stopped.


05-12-2006 21:07:54

“Sir, our patrols have just caught sight of Caliburnus’ fleet nearing Antenora. It seems that the rogue Draco Conspicari, under the command of Aedile Rasilvenaira StormRaven and Commander Adam Anderson, is attempting to fend them off. Orders, sir?”

“Send out Drynwyn’s Flame, but make sure that they use the ‘modified’ starfighters.” RevengeX winked to the officer who immediately understood the order. “Make sure that Caliburnus and Draco Conspicari don’t see Drynwyn’s Flame until the last second. Prepare the anti-air artillery and get the highest-ranking officers to the war room immediately. Dismissed.”

The young officer managed a quick salute and scrambled out of the Quaestor’s office. RevengeX heard him sprint down the hall and take the turbolift down to the first level.

So it’s time, eh, Impetus? The twisted grin of the Twi’lek appeared in the Archpriest’s mind as he straightened a pile of papers and exited his office. He wanted to be there when it started raining fire, metal and flesh.


Cooch hurried with the other Drynwyn’s Flame members to the primary hanger where their recently modified TIE Interceptors lay suspended. Cooch approached one of the three TIE Phantoms in the possession of Scholae Palatinae while the other members popped into their respective Interceptors.

“Bah… flying is for Sithies!” Uzbad exclaimed as he settled into the cockpit of his Interceptor and gripped the steering yoke.

“Watch that,” Nathaniel responded over the headsets.

“Control, this is Drynwyn’s Flame Tetrarch, Cuchulain Darkblade Palpatine requesting flight clearance.”

“Affirmative. You’re clear. The coordinates of the battle are being relayed to your ships now. Good luck.”

“Thanks.” As if we’ll need it against this lot.

The TIE Interceptors led by a TIE Phantom exited the hanger with their engines roaring at maximum speed as they counted off.

“Activate your ‘cloaking devices,’” Cooch ordered as they gradually neared the coordinates that Control had sent them. The cloaking devices he mentioned were actually illusions of reflective mirrors that made it seem like the viewer was looking through at the scenery behind the ship. This way, they’d have the element of surprise when five well-trained pilots suddenly popped out of nowhere in speedy little eyeballs.

Such was the basis of the Krath philosophy.


RevengeX turned away from the window when Drynwyn’s Flame disappeared from sight and faced the assembled officers.

“We need defense plans. I’ve secured some from Ood, but they all have a singular condition that must occur if they are to be successful.” The Quaestor nodded to his seated Rollmaster. Since Revenge released him from custody, the Neti had begun acting as normal as he could get. “I need something that could be applied with our House’s defenses within three minutes. Something simple and effective. Now, I must attend to our anti-air artillery units and receive a report from the leaders of the flight patrols. Good luck, sirs.”

RevengeX walked to the door and exited.

“Well… let’s get to work, shall we?” the Rollmaster addressed the officers seated around him. The defense planning began.

Adam Anderson

05-12-2006 23:45:17

Seing his friend in danger Adam ordered the attack to begin. "All wings we are a go, let's make HC wish they never started this war." He got acknoleges from all of the fighters and headed in. "Don't wory My lady," Adam thought to himself, "I am always watching over you. The force does not want you today.' "Sir, we are in position, what are your orders." Came over the comm. "Lets do it." Adam was about to accelerate, when he felt a twing in the force. "Cooch is hat you out there?" The ArchPriest asked. "I am right here, what do you need?" Adam a little confused, Adam asked , "Not that I am unhappy to see you but what are you doing out here."

Cooch answered, "Revenge wanted us to take care of HC. I guess he could not count on you and your firiends." Adam got angry but said, "We both serve the darkside, it is time we came together and put an end to this." There was a pause, then "You bet, I am with you let's round up some HCers. We will deal with your treason or non-treason state for after the battle." Adam smilled for the first time in a whle. "FInnally some good news." He said over the comm.


05-12-2006 23:50:46

Rasilvenaira guided the NyghtFyre through the twists and rolls required to keep the Caliburnus fighters at bay, trusting Arual and Laurus to provide firepower. Suddenly alarms went off in her mind as a ripple in the force warned her of impending collision. Pulling the ship up hard, she cursed as one of Drynwyn’s Flame’s fighters became visible, dangerously close. Just managing to miss smashing into the Interceptor the NyghtFyre wheeled around and Rasilvenaira spotted a suitable spot to land, near the rear of Caliburnus’ ground forces.

Turning her comlink on, she hailed Adam.

“Yes my Lady?”

“Keep your eyes open, and use the force, Drynwyn’s Flame is out here and they don’t seem to understand the concept of bigger ship gets right of way. Just managed not to hit one of them.”

“Ah, yes, I just detected Cuchulain and contacted him.”

“Alright, see if you can pull a couple Draco Conspicari fighters over to my location, we’re going in to land and could use some cover fire.”

“I will see to it personally, my Lady.”

She nodded to herself and turned the comunit off.

“Alright, Laurus, Gibbs, Arual, get ready; we’re going in for a landing.”


Two TIE Defenders screamed overhead, their laser cannons pounding the Caliburnus troops as the NyghtFyre settled to the ground. Rasilvenaira collected her personal arsenal and turned the ship over to the droids who would take back off and continue to harass the Caliburnus fighters.

“Verlassen, R5, you’ve got the ship, keep her in one piece please.”

R5 beeped and whirred.

Rasilvenaira turned to the Wookiees and Nelvannian, “Let’s go, I know you’ve been waiting for a chance to bust some heads, now get to it! For Acclivis Draco!”

They all cheered and she led them out of the ship. Crossing the clearing they disappeared into the trees as the ship lifted back into the air and returned to the aerial battle raging overhead.


06-12-2006 16:42:02

“Laurus, Gibbs, you two make your way across the trees, you’ll get a better vantage point up there. Arual and I will continue on foot. Take these.”

She presented the two wookies with hold-out blasters which they strapped to their belts.

“I know you two will find it difficult to fire them but it’s just in case you’ll need to stay up there and pick off some enemies we may come across.”

Laurus and Gibbs nodded in affirmation and the party made off through the trees hoping to take some enemies by surprise. They moved together, the Wookies leaping from tree to tree, a skill that is imprinted into their nature.

Eventually they came to the edge of the trees and found a group of HAD foot soldiers skirmishing with HC troops.
Rasilvenaira motioned to stay quiet. Laurus noticed that the Caliburnians outnumbered and outgunned the HAD’ers and it pained him to watch the troops get gunned down, though he noted that they were putting up one hell of a fight.

Eventually the troops pulled away and retreated to the forest, Caliburnus gunfire chasing them. Laurus looked down anxiously at StormRaven and she grinned, nodding as if she had planned this since laying eyes on the fight. She hid stealthily behind and amongst the shade of the trees, she motioned for Arual to do the same. The Caliburnus forces gave chase and Laurus immediately knew what he had to do. It seemed Ras respected and knew him well enough not to have to instruct him on what do.

The forces of Caliburnus ran past firing and then Rasilvenaira spun into action and assailed the enemies. Arual came in with a standard issue pistol and fired, darting behind trees as he did.
The HC forces, already surprised and in disarray, then had two Wookies jump down from the air, screaming war cries.

Rasilvenaira jumped over enemy after enemy, cutting through them with her crimson saber. Arual put burning holes through two soldiers and continued making them have to search hard to find him, while Laurus and Gibbs punched, threw and pounded the enemy.
Laurus fired his hold-out pistol through the soldiers while diving and came up bringing his legendary Rancor Blade to strike fear into his foes.
The team ripped the strike force apart with fluid success.

“More where that came from, come on!” Ordered Silver and the rest enthusiastically followed.

“You back there,” she addressed the once fleeing soldiers, “Acclivis Draco still has need of your loyalty. Let’s smash this force into the ground that rightfully belongs to our House!”

The soldiers who looked rather relieved that they had been so fortunate cheered and new looks of determination were written upon each face.

The now much larger group ran out the trees and into battle.

Adam Anderson

07-12-2006 23:44:49

Space around Acclivis Draco
Using the force Adam sought to find out what happened to his Aedlile. "I want regular checks, on the status of the ground defense. That way if it is necessary we can land and join the fight," he said over the comm. A reply came over the comm, "I don't think Ras would like that. She was very antimant about what she wanted." Thinking to himself, the ArchPriest contacted Cooch, "Would you mind sending a couple of fighters down to defend the ground powders." Cooch agreed and sent two fighters to help, and agreed with Adam that DC would be called if anymore reinforcements would be needed.

A HC figher group decided to make their way to the planet. However, DC had to deal with some of the more skilled fighters. "Alright, lets get the end game started. All wings form up we are going to finish these guys off once and for all." A couple of DF fighters tried to stop the incomming Hc group, but were cut down. Sensing Ras had company, Adam paged her, "my lady, do you need us down on the planet? I would hate to see you orver run."


08-12-2006 12:04:44

They moved through the trees towards the forces they could see ahead. The Wookies in the trees and the Aedile and her companion on the ground. Although Arual was the new guy head some skills with a pistol and would soon crack out his Krath War Blade if he had to. Another group of HC’ers was just ahead and this time they decided to attack and forget stealth to show there power and that HAD would not be defeated.

Silver ran into the battle followed by the Wookies who jumped from their tress and landed right in front of the troops bashing them as they landed. Arual pulled out his Krath Blade and ran to the fray.

He cut two down around him and they noticed that more HC troops were coming from all around them. They were surrounded so it was time to show you don’t mess with an Aedile, 2 Wookies and a Nelvaanian.

Arual shouted for the HAD troops hid in the trees to attack now as the four Dark Jedi moved out to attack the men surrounding them. He slashed with his blade every which way and knew that this fight wouldn’t let up. As he grabbed a troop by the throat and pushed his blade thought the mans chest, he saw that Ras was easily cutting down the troops she faced with a sadistic smile. The Wookies were using their swords and going for the neck every time, decapitating any troop daring enough to get close.

The HC troops realised they could not win in hand-to-hand combat so they started to pull back. The troops near the back pulled out there blaster ready to strike and then their where attacked from behind. A group of Dark Jedi in front of them and behind made most of the troops run in fear. Any brave enough to remain were cut down. The HAD troops in the trees advanced and this battle was won. They knew more would come. Ras and her group turned to the Dark Jedi that had arrived just in time to make their job easy, and Ras stared into the eyes of the Quaestor. Standing silent, waiting for what would happen next.

It was then that the Aediles commlink beeped, "My Lady, did the squad cooch asked for arrive to help you. He said DF needed help on the ground to get you some backup?"

"Yes Adam, it arrived." She stared at the Quaestor who had a grin across his face. Arual looked at Laurus and they knew that the consequences were going to be severe. Either that or the man had seen sense and came to make sure the HC rear was ttacked and leaving Ood to defend the front. HC would not survive attack from both sides but could only hope this would not be the end of their campaign.

Ood Bnar

08-12-2006 13:17:30

Ood sat down in a padded room in the main headquarters. From his cell the rollmaster could see soldiers running past. hopefully his big surprise wouldn't go unnoticed.

Quaestors Office
Earlier that day

RevengeX sat down in front of the viewing screen. First his Aedile betrayed him and the house, then the Rollmaster flipps and starts to give nonsense orders? What was going on?!

His staff had luckily discovered what had happened to the Neti, apparantely he was hit on the head by a giant tome of pre-imperial history and had been passed out for several hours. After that unlucky event, Ood had started behaving erratic. According to the physicians the combined shock of losing a limb and being hit on the head could have caused severe trauma. That coupled to the fact that the Neti was under enormous stress lately, being in charge of the defenses. It would have been a matter of days before he went insane. thatnk god it was before the battle and not when he was out commanding troops.


08-12-2006 16:29:08

[OOC: Arual’s post and Ood’s post have me in two different places, so I’m going to go with Arual’s post because it seems to make a bit more sense and I can add onto the storyline a bit easier compared to following Ood’s post. I apologize in advance for any confusion this post may cause.]

RevengeX grinned as he watched the few Draco Conspicari members finish cleaning up after the Caliburnus troops either by raiding whatever happened to be on their belts or by flinging the dead into the few scattered trees. He had arrived with a platoon of soldiers and willing Dark Jedi, but his speed had allowed him to easily surpass the methodical marching soldiers and arrive at the scene. From what he could sense, the platoon was still around a thousand meters behind.

When he noticed that Rasilvenaira continued to stare at him, he matched her gaze with his amber eyes, causing her to look at her feet for a moment before looking back up. The Quaestor watched Laurus, Gibbs and Arual kill the remaining soldier who had been abandoned by his teammates before they turned around and waited for him to say something: to congratulate them, to apologize, to show his appreciation. It was not to be so, or at least, not just yet.

“Let’s get moving. Caliburnus will most likely find their dead here, and I would not like to have too many dead bodies in one area. It creates a very pungent stench. But this time, you will follow me.” RevengeX looked back at his Aedile. “We will join up with an approaching platoon of Acclivis Draco soldiers and continue the fight as a unified force. I have sent Drynwyn’s Flame and a few others to aid the battle in space. Adam should find the reinforcements helpful. And if he doesn’t, I’ll ram the word ‘helpful’ into his head.”

An explosion signaled that another Caliburnus fighter had crashed into Antenora’s desert surface. “Let’s get moving.”


“Gah, my engine’s hit!” exclaimed Jedi Hunter Libra Tzo as she attempted to evade a Caliburnus fighter that continued to tag behind her.

“Hold on, let me find you in my display and then blow up the eyeball.” Cooch searched frantically for any sign of his Apprentice’s ship through his viewport and on his tactical display. There. The TIE Interceptor roared as it fell in behind an X-wing that carried the Caliburnus insignia on its remaining three wings. Sending two laser bolts in the direction of two of the four engines, Cooch hit the decelerator as he watched the X-wing explode in a brilliant display of light and debris.


“No problem, but could someone get this baddy on my tail… like now?”

The sound of three screeching laser bolts and an explosion of hot gas and metal announced that the fighter had been destroyed.

“Thanks, Adam.”

“Anytime,” replied the Draco Conspicari Commander. “After all the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”


The team had merged with the Acclivis Draco platoon and they were no marching towards the location where the faint figure of a dropship and several Caliburnus soldiers could be seen. The platoon picked up its pace as the starfighters in space continued to batter away at the Caliburnus fleet.


08-12-2006 16:54:30

Exodius shifted uneasily in his armor. It was hard for a Trandoshan to impersonate a large human, but full body armor and a voice modulating mask made it possible. He had only hoped that RevengeX didn't notice the familiar sense in the force that was the Krath Priest. After rejoining the house a few days ago, he didn't realize he dropped right into a house feud with HAD tackling the HC hordes. "Halt!" came the whispered command from RevengeX. He stood at attention with the squad he snuck into. The Quaestor stopped right in front of the Krath priest and looked at him. He motioned for the Trandoshan to follow him. "Exo, you can take the armor off now."

The Krath priest smiled at his comrade. "So, how long did you know?" he asked. "Well it took a while, but I'd recognize the smell of Trandoshan sweat anywhere," the Quaestor chuckled, "But its good to have you back."

"Good to be back," the Trandoshan said, " So what are we doing about that dropship...?"


09-12-2006 11:41:19

Space over Antenora

Adam and the rest of Draco Conspicari were getting hard pressed to stay ahead of the Calibnurus fighters. The addition of the Drynwyn’s Flame fighters was a welcome boost to their numbers. Slowly they managed to make a noticeable impact on the numbers facing them.

The Commander was concerned about his Aedile and the members of his team that were with her, but as he reacted on instinct to roll his TIE Defender out of harm’s way as the lasers from an Interceptor flashed past, he had little time to think about them.


Somewhere on the surface

Rasilvenaira’s dark eyes followed RevengeX as he separated from the forces with one other. A wicked smile flickered across her features as she turned to Laurus, Gibbs, and Arual. Catching their eyes one by one with a silent command, she focused her attention on them.

“Stay quiet.” They all nodded in understanding as her thoughts weaved their way into their own. “I want you three to stay here, stay with this group, and do what RevengeX tells you to do.”

Arual shook his head, wanting to protest, but the Warrior’s stern gaze dissuaded him from arguing. She continued, “RevengeX will need you, and I have something I have to do, and better I go alone.”

The two wookiees exchanged glances, and then reluctantly nodded their agreement, and Arual followed suit with a sigh.

“Stay safe, fight well, and I’ll see you when it’s over.”

The three turned back and stood awaiting the Quaestor’s orders, hoping that their Aedile’s last comment would prove true.

RevengeX turned around just in time to see StormRaven vanish into the shadows of the trees behind the group. Cursing under his breath, his twisted, sadistic mind considered all the vile, evil things he could do to the insubordinate Sith for disobeying him publicly again.

Rasilvenaira moved quickly through the trees headed for the Acclivis Draco main complex. Flipping her comlink on as she ran, she signaled R5.

He beeped excitedly in response and began working to comply with her orders. In moments the droid piloted reserve squadron launched from the main hangar to further assist the beleaguered pilots of Draco Conspicari and Drynwyn’s Flame. Another command activated three squads of Destroyer droids that quickly began moving toward the Caliburnus dropship and another two squads scrambled toward leading edge of the main troops from Caliburnus.

As Rasilvenaira came to a stop against the wall of the main complex, her comlink beeped.

“StormRaven, just what the hell are you up to this time?”

“Doing what I do best.”

“Don’t think to try my patience too far, Sith.”

“Krath, for once, trust me. I do know what I’m doing.”

“You had better hope so, for your sake.” Static followed, indicating the communication had been ended.

Rasilvenaira chuckled, and swept through the complex as the droid contingent was activated and sent into battle to help defend Acclivis Draco.

Adam Anderson

09-12-2006 16:09:48

"multiple ships inbound, comming in at 6km." Adamheard Kel call over the comm. Adam cheked his sensors. "Hold fire, they are friendly...Ood is that you out there?" The rollmaster responeed, it is me, I have about twelve more ships with me, It shall be our final and finest battle."

Adam took a quick look around, "Well we will need ever able pilot. Keep them busy I will try to conctact Ras. I am woried about her." Ood shook his head, "No need I am sure she can teke care of herself the traitor." That pissed off Adam to no end, "Look Ood, you may be the rollmaster, but her heart, like mine is true to the darkside and this clan. I am not going to rest until she is safe." He turned off his comm before Ood acan respond.

Changing his frequency Adam called, Cooch, "How is DF doing? Do you need my help." The commander of DF came back, "No, but that may change how is Ras doing?" THe ArchPriest replied, "Don't know I am about to find out, I wanted to see if I needed to save you guys first." Cooch laughted, "THat will be the day, check on Ras we will be ok."

Changing the frequency again, the old ArchPirest called Ras, "Ras this is Adam, How are you doing down there do you need assistance?" Ras came back with, "No, I am ok, at least for now just make sure that the sky remains clear." While she was speaking his fighters sensors pinged again. "two no ships entering the system. "Atention HAD, this is Impetus, I am here with Thran, I urge you to surender imediatly, you have no choice."


09-12-2006 19:38:04

On the Surface

The Nelvaanian and the Wookies moved behind the Quaestor towards the dropship directly ahead when they received Impetus’s demand. Revenge swore and turned to the group that followed him now, “Right, let’s show that Twi’Lek why this House is the best. She wants us to surrender; instead we are going to destroy that ship along with everyone in and around it. Understood?”

All at once the three said, “Yes, sir.” And started to move towards the ship with Revenge at there head. He moved stealthily towards the edge of the clearing where the dropship sat. Arual could feel that there were a lot of HC’ers onboard the ship and relished the chance to kill them.

They made their move as soon as they saw two Caliburnus troops exit the ship. The two Wookies ran towards the ship and intended to attack when a group of troops exited the entrance and began to attack them instead. Arual and Revenge quickly moved to their location where a full fight was now taking place, it would seem they had been spotted. They had to destroy this ship to make Impetus realise there was no need for them to surrender because they were going to win.


10-12-2006 11:47:52

Laurus ran into battle, lasers and explosives screaming around him. Then their came a different scream, one that was alive and all too recognisable. The Wookie spun round and looked upon a mature adult rancor closing in on their position. It was being ridden by a trained rancor tamer wearing the colours of Caliburnus. Silver had caught sight of the beast and she caught the glint in Laurus’ eye. A while ago when she had been in Ebon Cloak, the battle team which Laurus had once been the proud leader of, the Wookie had honoured her with an invitation to join him on one of his numerous and fabled Rancor Hunts.

She too grinned and asked “May I join you?”

“I would be honoured Ras.”

“You first. Fight on, Laurus and I have the rancor!” she shouted above the din.

All other troops and dark jedi acknowledged and kept on fighting but made sure they were well away from the huge beast.

The pair ran towards it, Laurus with his Rancor Blade drawn and Rasilvenaira pointing her crimson saber at it as they ran.
It swiped it’s arm at the Wookie and he jumped upon it’s arm, clambering up it to get to the head.

He slipped and slammed the toothed blade into the brown skin of the beast to keep him on. There was a huge scream and it made to swat him with its other arm. But not before Rasilvenaira made a swift graceful jump towards the shoulder and slashed into it.

The colossal beast felt a significant burn from this but the blow had only left a deep gash filled with smouldering flesh.

The rider was struggling to gain control of the flailing beast. In between settling his beast, the zabrak male grabbed his sidearm, a small hold-out blaster and fired at StormRaven.
She ducked and the bolt sizzled through her flowing robes, missing her body by a large margin.

Laurus watched as Silver jumped again but slipped. She barely managed to grab the saddle atop the rancor’s neck. A huge clawed hand and reached down and grabbed an HAD troop. The man flew over Laurus screaming as he was hurtled across the landscape.

By now the Wookie had regained his footing and went running over to the rider. The Iridonian fumbled with his weapon, trying to get a shot at Silver which was especially difficult given the bumpy conditions. Rasilvenaira reached out and with a moderate blast of the Force, she sent the man tumbling over the Rancor’s head. There was a sickening yet satisfying crunch as he was trampled on by his own pet.

The rancor went totally wild, flinging soldiers this way and that. Laurus ran up the hide and came to the head. Steadying himself, he lifted his blade high above and with two quick spins, brought its teeth slamming down into the beast’s head.
The rancor fell immediately forward and its face slammed into the ground.
Laurus jumped off just before impact and Silver was swung into sommersaults in the air, though ended it with exceptional grace by landing perfectly on her feet.

Laurus looked around, the Acclivis Draco numbers had been thinned a little bit but seemed to be making progress now.

“There they are!” Screamed the Aedile.

Laurus followed her finger to the horizon and he could make out Thran with his Quaestor
Running towards the HQ, cutting down troops as they went.

Before Laurus could stop her she ran after them, murder in her eyes.
“Ah hell.” He thought, running after her.

Soon he realised that Arual was following but Gibbs was nowhere to be found.

The StormRaven had only just rejoined the battle and already she looked like she was about to get herself killed.

And as she gained ground, the Wookie could make out her loyal droids joining her into the fray.


10-12-2006 14:17:48

As Laurus made his way to head off the main Caliburnus force and make a desperate attempt to save Rasilvenaira, RevengeX led the soldiers into a fierce battle against HC forces.

Energy bolts seemed to dominate the sky and every now and then some rubble rained down upon the battelfield from the furious fighting in orbit.

Revenge X cut through troops and served as an inspiration to his forces who fought on unrepelled. Exodius fought beside him humouring at the thought that shortly after rejoining the house he was forced to fight in a war that would determine its ultimate fate.

Then it happened. Sniper fire started coming towards the Quaestor and his troops. Screams fillled his ears as he deflected two bolts and dived out the way of others.
Exodius did the same but was caught lightly on his right arm.


"Don't bother that pretty head of yours Rev, I'm fine."

RevengeX gave the order to find the snipers and kill them but that was hard to do as in the spot they were in, there was little cover from sniper fire.

Then as he went on to attack the troops, another sniper bolt came and he deflected but was too late to stop another laser from the footsoldiers. The bolt hit him square in the leg and he fell forward hard into the ground.

More fire came in but Exodius and a small contingent of Dark Jedi jumped in front of him to parry the incoming fire.

"Get him a med team!" Screamed Exodius.

Rev started to get to his feet but his leg burned intensely when supporting him.

"I don't need help."

"Rev, you can't fight like that."

X knew that the trandoshan was right, it would be a struggle. But he wasn't going to be left out.
More bolts came in but were deflected. They couldn't keep this up for long.

Revenge sat their staring at the charred hole in his leg, it hurt with such intensity.

He quickly got to work healing it as best he could. He was going to fight whether they liked it or not.


10-12-2006 14:21:42

It was obvious that the group would soon be in full blown battle with the Dark Jedi of Caliburnus. Just as Arual joined the Wookies and Aedile, with her droids, a man wearing a cloak with the Caliburnus insignia on arrived and attacked StormRaven.

He pulled out his lightsabre and swung at the Aedile's neck, she ducked and thrust her lightsabre up towards the mans chest. RevengeX and Gibbs came running to join them then, the Quaestor, still hobbling on his knee, looked at Ras and had a look of bewilderment upon his face as he didn’t realise she had rejoined them so soon. She didn't see him though as she was busy with the Dark Jedi currently trying to take her head off.

Arual jumped into the battle and cut down Caliburnus troops, side by side with Laurus and Gibbs. The three HAD'ers were pushing forward and trying to make sure that Ras was undisturbed and had only the cloak clad figure to deal with. With a look of resignation, the Quaestor joined the three of them and they led the HAD troops that had just arrived from behind them against the forces of HC.

"About time, I’ve been here forever." Revenge said to the lieutenant who had joined them with his troops.

"Sorry Sir, we don't have speed like you do." replied the man just has he and the troops pulled out there blasters and started to rain bolts upon the forces they faced. Revenge had just cut the head of a man when he turned to see how Ras was fairing, just in time to see the Aedile jump into the air and bring her lightsabre down upon the man. He fell to the ground clutching the stump, were his arm used to be, "For Acclivis Draco", she said as she decapitated the man.

She joined the other Dark Jedi and they pushed there way through the forces with there own troops following them. The five Dark Jedi were making quick work of the Caliburnus ground troops. Arual only hoped that Adam was doing as well above them. Then Exodius came through the trees, followed by more HAD troops, "Snipers dead." he said as he joined the fight and they gave Caliburnus all they had, a fight to the death, the death of a House.


10-12-2006 16:09:46

The HAD ground team blocked an incoming volley of blaster bolts coming from the trees.

"Ah Sithspit, reinforcements," the Trandoshan grumbled, " why haven't we jammed there transmissions?"

" One of the first things hit was trooper carrying the jamming equipment," the Quaestor explained.

"Wookie, run interference!" Exodius yelled. Laurus, glaring lightning bolts at the Krath priest growled, "I have a name and what for?"

"We have to destroy that dropship. Next to you, I'm probably the only one who can take a few hits, but I'm a bit more aerodynamic. Scales do that," Exodius said with a toothy grin.

Laurus smiled back and bolted for the dropship first while the reptilian Trandoshan made for the right of it. Making the best of her distraction, the Wookie made it to the dropship and jumped on top of it and bellowed a resounding roar to the Caliburnus troops. The troopers started blasting at the invader, hitting nothing but the heavy armor of the dropship or the Wookie's shimmering blade as she picked of bolts too close to home. Exo, you better make this quick she thought as she started to perspire.

Ood Bnar

10-12-2006 16:15:16

With the base emptied out, it seemed to be the best place to be. A group of younger Caliburnian Sith thought. If they could perform sabotage here. But they hadn't counted on someone.

As the Journeymen walked passed the holding cells, they saw one of the cells was ravished by something big on the inside. The door of the cell was located 20 feet down the corridor. The Younglings where starting to get afraid. This fear enlarged once they spotted the trail of blood on the floor. Following the trail, the strayed into a large empty room with some sort of altar in the middle.

The heart of Acclivis Draco, Once used for ritual sacrifices of captured enemies, the temple hadn’t been used in a long time. There where only two reasons it was still there was to remind Had that the enemy never deserved mercy. The second one relates to the time when CSP was split up and HDS and HAD became Arcona. The disbanding off the clan originated in this room. After the Draconians ritually executed the Consul for treason, the Grand Master couldn’t possibly keep the clan. Ever since that time, the unofficial motto of HAD had been: Protect the clan, Even from the clan itself.

“How entertaining that exactly this place, with that history, would be the scene of an atrocity against Caliburnus.” The Neti thought, as he jumped from the shadows and knocked all Caliburnians out.

When the Journeymen awoke, they saw the HAD Rollmaster standing above them. After looking around further, they noticed they where tied down on the altar, the Neti was wearing Krath formal robes and held a sacrificial dagger. The first Journeyman, a Protector by the looks of it, died bravely. Not even opening his mouth as Drynwyns Tooth slit his throat. The second one, a Guardian, screamed so loud that the Neti punctured his longs to get it over with. The third one however, Ood knew. How could he forget Cethgus, the new DJK. Ood calmly incised a few of the Knight’s arteries, making him bleed to death on the altar.

Just as Cethgus drew his final breath, a security team entered. Alarmed by the screaming. The first thing they saw was Ood, laughing maniacally covered in blood.


10-12-2006 16:53:42

Laurus kept on screaming, ducking and blocking as Caliburnus fighters fired on him.
A part of him didn’t trust the trandoshan, the true Wookie in him just wanted to abandon the whole plan and let someone non-Wookie to do it but it was too late now.

Another bolt sizzled past his face and he could smell burned ozone. That was too close. He roared angrily at Exodious to hurry up.

“Keep your silence Wookie and keep alive!” He shouted back.

Seconds later, Laurus heard a command in the Trandoshan tongue, “Move it Laurus, this thing’s going to explode very soon!”

Laurus took him at his word and leapt off the dropship, falling to the floor.

The troops didn’t leave him alone, but the fire did lessen as Exodius had been spotted sprinting away.

The Wookie got up and judged that at the speed the Trandoshan was moving his legs, the bomb was going to go off soon. He ran forward, relying on the Force to warn him of impending danger. Then it came.

A huge explosion rocked the landscape and Laurus dived for cover, the force of it hit him in the back and he was propelled forward. He slammed into the ground and moaned in pain. Hapless Caliburnus troops went flying over him, screaming.

The Wookie looked up and locked eyes with a Trandoshan.

“Nice going Wookie.”

Laurus growled moodily and got to his feet.

“Use my name trandoshan. Anyway now that we’ve destroyed a dropship, perhaps we can get on with stopping Impetus.”

“Follow me Laurus.”

The Wookie followed, realising fully the fun-packed day he’d had so far. Because in between killing adult rancors, killing Caliburnus platoons and escaping huge explosions, he was getting just a little tired.


10-12-2006 18:29:49

By the time the medical team arrived by the Quaestor’s side, RevengeX was already up and running towards the dropship, closing the gap between Exodius and Laurus, and himself. Sniper fire rang throughout the clearing and Revenge was forced to anticipate each attack through reading the tendrils of the Force that surrounded him. Seemingly out of nowhere, Caliburnus Summit Leaders, Thran Occasus and Impetus pounced on the Archpriest. Blocking the first few attacks, Revenge increased the amount of space between them.

“Thran,” Revenge nodded to the former Acclivis Draco Rollmaster and Draco Conspicari Commander, “and Impetus.” The name of the Caliburnus Quaestor was spat out in disgust. “How nice to see you two.”

“Honestly, I can’t say the same to you,” Thran smirked and readied his lightsaber while the Krath Priestess beside him did the same.

The two attacked as a pair, synchronizing their attacks flawlessly to make sure that Revenge had no escape route that his speed could propel him through. Anticipating each of their attacks with the aid of the Force, the Archpriest parried the attacks and executed ripostes which were either dodged or blocked by one of the Caliburnus, while the other attacked.

An Archpriest against a Warrior and a Priestess would be difficult, for both sides.

The Twi’lek smiled, she had hoped for this day to come, and here it was: the chance to destroy the seemingly indomitable Acclivis Draco once and for all. And as a plus, she would be the one receiving the fame and glory for the deed.


Exodius noticed the commotion and cease of sniper fire first and risked a glance behind him where the Acclivis Draco Quaestor was pitted against the Caliburnus Quaestor and Aedile.

“Laurus, Revenge may need our help, you think we should go back?” roared the Trandoshan over the screams of blaster fire and sentient beings.

“Once we get rid of the infinite number of pests annoying us, sure,” replied Laurus as he threw yet another Caliburnus soldier into a boulder. “He may not like it if we bring him these guys. And how did Impetus get over there? She was supposed to be near us!”

“No idea, I guess the scent of the head of Acclivis Draco attracted her. Or Rev is a chick magnet or something.” Exodius swung his lightsaber, instantly beheading a soldier, and then turning to deflect two incoming blaster bolts as Laurus tiredly laughed his response.


11-12-2006 03:00:01

The pilots of Acclivis Draco were gradually thinning the opposition though they had themselves suffered losses. Adam contacted each of the members of Draco Conspicari. He knew his team member’s limits and both pilots and fighters were nearing those limits after fighting for so long now.

“Draco Conspicari, this is Adam, return to the main hangar. We’ll help out where we can on the ground from here.”

They all responded affirmatively, very likely also grateful for the respite from the constant strain of high alert that was required as pilots.

Adam then contacted Cuchulain, “Cooch, we are going back to the hangar, Draco Conspicari has been up for a good while now, our fighters and our pilots need down time. It’s up to you if you stay or follow.”

Without really waiting for a response, the Archpriest turned his TIE Defender toward the planet’s surface and one by one the rest of the squadron fell into formation. Upon reaching the hangar, it took Adam several moments of discussion to convince the hangar security to let them land.


11-12-2006 03:16:44

Dark Jedi and various ground troops kept struggling for dominance of the battlefield. Exodius, Laurus, Gibbs, and Arual were pressed hard by a fresh wave of obelisk soldiers that came to reinforce the Caliburnus lines. Rasilvenaira’s destroyer droids had cut a swath through part of the forces, but eventually began to succumb to heavy assault.

At the other side of the battlefield tensions ran to fever pitch as the two Quaestors faced one another. Impetus rushed at RevengeX only to be shoved back by the invisible fist of the force directed by the Archpriest. The Krath twisted around to face Thran, only to hear the sound of a saber ignite behind him. Sidestepping, he glanced back to see Rasilvenaira’s crimson blade flashing as she rotated it in her grip.

RevengeX found himself squarely between two Sith Warriors as Thran and Rasilvenaira glanced at each other, exchanging a look that was missed by the weary Archpriest. Rasilvenaira shifted her dark gaze to meet RevengeX’s amber eyes. The anger, hatred, and bloodlust burned clearly in the Sith’s jet dark eyes. RevengeX’s mind raced as he considered her seemingly erratic and insubordinate behavior lately, and looked from her to the Caliburnus Aedile.

Not given any further time to think about it, RevengeX was forced to react as Impetus recovered herself and charged at him once more. Only out of his peripheral vision did he notice the two Warriors lunge into action. The crack of clashing sabers and the accompanying angry hums of the glowing blades filled the Krath’s ears and he only hoped that if he ended up with a saber in his back, that it wouldn’t come from his own Aedile.

Ood Bnar

11-12-2006 03:36:48

It was cold in the lower sections of the Acclivis Draco stronghold. Two guards stood motionless in front of a door, the door was locked by that weird sith alchemist from the dungeons. Inside, the padded room seemed too small. The Neti was lying down there, still heavily sedated. The guards shivered simultaneously, what if the Rollmaster would wake up before the end of the battle? All the dark Jedi where out fighting that foul House Caliburnus. There was nobody to stop and detain a Dark Jedi Knight on a rampage. Previously, Nathaniel had locked the room. But now the Master was out to see if he could do anything to help. It would be only the two guards and the insane bloodthirsty Neti for the next few hours.

“Could you open the door please?” a deep and booming voice asked from inside the room.

The two guards almost jumped a feet into the air before regaining their senses, “Sorry sir, we can’t do that. We’re ordered to detain for the duration of the battle.”

“What battle? What are you talking about!”

“Sir, the battle against Caliburnus that is waging outside!”

“What do you mean? Last thing I remember I was checking the books.”

“Sir, that was a few days ago. The situation has escalated. Impetus has led her forces here, they’re fighting it out as we speak.”

“What happened?”

“Apparently you got hit on the head sir, and went crazy after that. You ritually slaughtered 3 Caliburnians in the altar-room before we could detain you again.”

“Open the door, I got work to do.”

“Sorry sir, no can do.”

“well then, at least go to the command centre and tell them to broadcast that slaughter I caused on every channel we know is used by Caliburnus. That might slow them down, or distract them.”

“Aye sir!” one of the troopers said as he saluted and ran away.

“As you can see soldier, I’m no longer insane. Could you release me?”

“Sorry sir, I can’t. The door was locked by DJM Nathaniel. Only him and the Quaestor can open it.”

“Ah, well. Then Ood won’t gain glory in battle. Never liked those things in the first place.”


11-12-2006 07:44:29

RevengeX and Impetus forced their blades to meet in mid-air and then break apart as each readied their next strike. Rasilvenaira was plunged into a sense of rage and bloodlust that not even the more experienced Sith Warrior could handle as their blades weaved together. Impetus, even as being the aggressor, was gradually being forced backwards closer to a contingent of Acclivis Draco troops who watched the Twi’lek with a sense of indignation and lust. As if on cue, both Dark Jedi pushed their hands out to topple the other and both shot backwards instantly.

Scrambling to his feet, RevengeX growled and attacked Impetus with a renewed fury as Exodius and Laurus sprinted towards the duels. Laurus roared and knew that it would be to support the House if he attacked his long-time friend, Impetus. But it would be against his will to lay a hand upon her. Confused, he stepped back and ran back out onto the battlefield, ready to kill more obnoxious Caliburnus troops. Exodius however, ignited his lightsaber, the yellow blade slowly being unsheathed and leapt into the middle of the two pairs, helping the others as best he could.

The unexpected arrival of another Acclivis Draco Equite was undoubtedly surprising to the two as they each took a cautious defensive to their movements, uncertain of when the Trandoshan Priest would begin stabbing away to help the Acclivis Draco Quaestor or Aedile gain ground. Things started to look up for Acclivis Draco as the trio beat back the former members of Acclivis Draco.


Adam and the rest of Draco Conspicari landed in the main hanger and stumbled out of their ships, their legs aching and their eyes adjusting to the level of brightness. Outside, they could hear the battle continuing and they longed to join it, but they knew that they may be more of a hindrance than anything.

‘I can’t push my friends too far,’ Adam reminded himself as he looked around at the other members of Draco Conspicari who were either leaning on their craft to support them or being led to their personal dormitory.

‘But, I will do everything in my power to protect the future of the House.’


The engines of the TIE Interceptors roared as they weaved through a squadron of Caliburnus fighters, shooting down four of the seven as they passed by with only minimal damage. Cuchulain was in his prime, even though he would have liked to stay on the ground and beat guts out of Caliburnus troops. Leading Drynwyn’s Flame in a tight “V”-formation, Cooch banked to port and pursued a startled trio of X-wings.

In four seconds, three balls of hot gas and metal exploded in a spectacular performance.

“Drynwyn’s Flame, it seems that Caliburnus is pulling away,” Cooch observed, “it seems that the day is ours! Once we make sure that these baddies are retreating back to Ptolomea, we’ll go ahead and get back down to the surface.”

Cheers rang through the headsets as they followed a small group of Y-wings, deployed for the hope of being able to bomb the headquarters on Antenora’s surface. Alas, it was not to be so as Drynwyn’s Flame let loose with their laser cannons.


The battle raged on, but Impetus knew that her troops were diminishing compared to those of Acclivis Draco. She deflected another blow from the advancing Archpriest and barely side-stepped a lunge from the older Priest.

All the signs told her to retreat, to give up, but to come again another day. Impetus nearly screamed in defiance, but held her tongue as she twisted underneath the humming blue blade that her opponent brought down upon the spot she was at a fraction of a second ago. Caliburnus troops fell around her, burning holes from blaster bolts pierced several chests and the loss of limbs from the humming blades of lightsabers was common.

Rasilvenaira lunged and forced Thran backwards where Exodius waited and then side-kicked the Caliburnus Aedile in the head, causing him to lose balance and topple over. The two smashed his face in with a well placed stomp and his vision and thoughts succumbed to the darkness that was a haven for Caliburnus. Impetus noticed her Aedile lose consciousness and she didn’t have to think long to consider a full retreat out of Antenora.

Dodging three successive attacks from her Clan-mates, Impetus wrapped the Force around her and propelled herself out of her enemies’ range of attack with abnormal speed. RevengeX set himself up as if to pursue, but Rasilvenaira easily blocked his path.

“She’s not worth chasing after,” the Warrior told him with a wink as the trio watched Impetus call out to the Caliburnus soldiers, telling them to retreat as a heavy transport began to land.

Adam Anderson arrived just in time to watch them flee as he panted heavily and leaned on his knees.

“Milady,” Adam addressed Rasilvenaira with a short bow, “Lord Quaestor,” this was accompanied with a rather curt nod, “have I missed anything? Are you hurt? And to where be those blasted Caliburni going? I wanted to beat them with the hilt of my saber!” Anderson’s pout turned into a grin as he watched Laurus and his Apprentice, Arual, approach with the majority of the remainder of the contingent.

RevengeX smiled as he nodded to the Wookiee.


Drynwyn’s Flame noticed the heavy transport roar out of the atmosphere and lead the Caliburnus squadrons into a retreat, assumingly back to Ptolomea. Cooch and the other members let out a cheer as they shot a few laser bolts towards them, unintentionally hitting a few craft as they did.

“Time to get back home, guys and gal, you all have done a great job.”


Rasilvenaira stood in front of the members of Acclivis Draco, the day after the fierce battle and the surrender of Caliburnus. RevengeX, hooded and masked, stood in front of here, glaring at her with steely eyes through the slits.

“Aedile StormRaven has attempted to undermine the foundation of our House and commit treacherous acts against the Summit. She has deliberately disobeyed orders on more than one occasion and she has repeatedly shown disrespect to her superiors.”

The hooded Palpatine let the words sink into the crowd who had been invited to a victory celebration, not a hearing. Unexpectedly, the Quaestor dropped to his knees and bowed deep.

“However, she has shown reason for her actions and she has proved her courage in the battle against Caliburnus. Although she led Draco Conspicari down a seemingly treacherous road, I have seen why she did so, and I commend her for her acts. Even though she did disobey orders, she did so for the good of the House. And for that, I would like to thank her and apologize.”

RevengeX bowed his head as the silent members of Acclivis Draco awaited their Aedile’s decision on whether to forgive or to reject an apology.

“Quaestor, you have been forgiven, but know that I will be moving to Caliburnus to help the Clan there. I trust you can keep things in order here.”

RevengeX stood and nodded to her politely. He next stepped in front of Archpriest Adam Anderson.

“Adam, you followed Rasilvenaira on the thought that she was correct and that she would bring the House forward. Although you too deliberately disobeyed orders by following her, you have shown that your first priority is the care of the House, and I commend you for your dedication.”

RevengeX and Anderson nodded to each other. Turning around, the Quaestor opened his arms up and out as if to embrace an invisible figure and shouted:

“Acclivis Draco has won a great victory! Let the celebrations begin!”