Gjw Gfx Help


23-07-2007 06:15:31

Hey hey dudles!

If anyone needs help whatsoever for the GJW GFX, just gimme a shout, i'm nearly always around and glad to offer my advice.

Who cares if you draw stick men, participate people! thats what counts! also, if you really have no idea how to go about digital colouring, i'll try my best to give a mini tutorial, email me at jmssherman@yahoo.co.uk or hunt me down on irc.

Plus, who needs colouring? you can get some excellent effects to your artwork by just using filters;


I really couldnt be bothered colouring this image, and decided to just use a crosshatch filter, try it for yourselves, get creative people, be unique, pwn the GFX event, for me your sexbunny Juda, or most importantly, for Arcona!!