14-07-2007 17:19:36

This is for everyone who would like to offer or request help with Fiction and/or ACC Posts. If you need someone to proofread you, or want to offer proofreading, here's the place to do it. This is also the place to post general advice and ideas.

The current fiction captain is Sashar, and he can be reached at dash_rm@yahoo.com. I am also available at djbtimeros@gmail.com

Good luck all! :D


14-07-2007 20:30:57

Callus is available for any ACC post proof-reading ad advice that you might require.


15-07-2007 03:51:25

For fiction, do not forget that you must include BOTH your ID line AND your PIN in the document! Failing to do so will get you disqualified!

Mayda Ferium

19-07-2007 10:00:32

I am willing to proofread for any Arconan. However, I'd rather not do long fictions until mine are done. Though short ACC posts I could do at any time.

Find me on irc, aim, or email :)