Arcona Runon Planning Thread: Please Read


14-07-2007 17:15:08

All right, here's the Runon OOC thread. Basically this is where we plan the Runon writing stuff.

As the Mailing list has written, Kieran is the Team Captain of the Arcona Runon. Basically, he'll be the one who decides how the plot goes etc. and will make it fall in line with everything. His word on this will be final. I can overrule him, but I likely won't, and it is best to go into #arcgjw (password: Timmy!) to talk to him if you can't find any directives from him here.

This is not meant to stiffle creativity, or because we don't trust you...this is done to make the runon a more enjoyable experience for all of us, as well as a high-quality endeavour.

Good luck all! :D


14-07-2007 19:10:06

And the first bit of info from our esteemed DGM is in!

[01:06] got a moment?
[01:07] i want to give all the cons a word of advice regarding the Runon
[01:07] Sure
[01:08] you'll want to keep a close eye on who of your clan is in the fleet outside the shroud, and who is on your home planets.
[01:08] events will preclude the people from travelling to the other, wherever they start.

Keep it in mind folks ;)