GJW Clues


27-06-2006 10:59:26


Those who participate in events will periodically receive a mail containing a "clue". Already, many of those that took part in the poetry event received a clue. As such, this topic can be used to paste your clue, so everyone in Arcona can see

Dalthid was seen storming away from Kaek after he confronted him, presumably about paying combatants in the Antei Combat Centre to 'throw' matches so he could gamble more profitably.


27-06-2006 11:03:42

A substantial number of "entertainment" bills from the DGM office could not be linked back to the diplomatic occasions they were claimed for on recent audits. There weren't that many on Nal Hutta...

Ktulu Xyler

27-06-2006 11:17:22

Kitchening staff at the Dark Hall wonder at the ravenous appetite of
the Grand Master who with regularity tends to have two full dinners, one
in the early evening and one later at night.


27-06-2006 12:02:08

Dalthid was required to separate Muz and Kaiann after the pair had stalemated in a game of Dejarik. When they had maneuvered each other into a standstill, one or the other had drawn a saber and offered to prove dominance in combat, and the situation degraded from there.


27-06-2006 14:13:54

Arcona shipping containers have been emptied in transit. Suspicious taxation documents from the Council were handed to the pilot as a justification for the removal of the contents.


27-06-2006 15:14:08

A much lauded holo-photo of Jac unveiling the Memorial of the Seven precisely at 14%3A07 on Independence Day graced page one of the Dark Voice the next day. The vividness of the image was widely attributed to the new recording equipment devised by the Seneschal

Smokes clue


27-06-2006 17:30:10

Kaiann has been seen in his electronics workshop more than usual lately. Observers passing by caught glimpses of a strange contraption with many lights and making weird sounds, but no one got close enough to really identify it.

These things are bloody awful. What a waste of time....


27-06-2006 18:03:36

Public records show that Xu Long is owner of a posh apartment in the Twi'lek quarter of Antei City. Bothan reports show he also spends a substantial amount of time there.

Ark Dowell

27-06-2006 21:00:29

Are these for real? o_O"

Mine: Numerous complaints have reached the Dark Hall that recently Arcona CON Halcyon has taken on the pungent smell of a Stennes


27-06-2006 22:34:21

These are "clues" given out. Some do relate to the overall plot, and others are just there either to confuse us or just to throw us off track. We're supossed to piece together the clues with the current plot and see what we come up with...I guess it'll help us when writing in our RO and future events


28-06-2006 01:29:40

Arcona reported power shortages. These all came just after a CNS vessel
had left their system on a regular trading run.


28-06-2006 17:58:11

The day after Halcyon became Consul, Strategos was seen in a brand new
landspeeder in spite of recently having had severe financial troubles.


29-06-2006 01:19:47

Jac arrived late for an afternoon meditation in honor of the split at
Tarentum HQ. He excused himself with his planned 14%3A00 Antei departure
having been delayed for refueling problems.


06-07-2006 15:30:16

Upon return from his holiday some six months ago, Jac had the entire control and
log system of his yacht removed and replaced from the ground up, citing
technical difficulties. No log of his flight could be recovered from the removed
units and navigational data was inconsistent.


07-07-2006 00:39:15

Now that sounds like a decent clue.

Rich Gun

07-07-2006 18:42:44

A native of Antei has been killed by the Royal Guard while preaching
against the Brotherhood and praising a "new Shadow" to reign over the
Dark Hall.


07-07-2006 19:12:09

Yup, some more clues have been released. Continue posting them here. These are mine:

Tactical manuals of the SA have been tampered with and now show tactics not confirming with Dark Side ideas.

Another bomb in the Dark Hall was found and removed in the last minute.


07-07-2006 20:30:31

Some new members clearly show signs of training in the Force and thus advance fast. Most of them claim to have been with the Light Side before arriving, but clearly show signs of Dark Side abilities.

The Shadow Academy's restricted library is missing some books on biotechnology and nanotechnology.


07-07-2006 20:51:05

During the course of your recent assignments ("Reconnnaissance" and/or "Pursuit" event), you have gained
potentially valuable new information about the proceedings in the Brotherhood.

Note that the below information may be truth or complete rumor - this is for you
to figure out.

Manji was found in possession of several pamphlets targetting lower ranks, writings trying to seed doubts about the superiority of the Dark Side.

From Smoke20


07-07-2006 22:28:32

During the course of your recent assignments ("Reconnnaissance" and/or
"Pursuit" event), you have gained
potentially valuable new information about the proceedings in the Brotherhood.
Note that the below information may be truth or complete rumor - this is for you
to figure out.

They say Force Bonds often form between true Master and apprentice
A group of people in one of Antei's bars was overheard talking about a
coming change and of Korras probably awakening to his true destiny.
The person targetted in the Council blast was Dalthid, but they got the
wrong people.
So far the majority of the Council has sided with Red Jac, some of them
have accused the remaining two of masterminding the situation to attempt a coup


07-07-2006 23:53:47

Gavin and Ktulu were found in a compromising situation involving a ritual of some sorts. The Clan summit refused to share details.

Some question the Shadow Hand's loyalty to his Master and whether he's really supporting the true side or simply his own.

Whoever cloned Jac and whoever tried to kill him can't be with the Light Side, it was too dark an act.


08-07-2006 09:46:46

A small, suspicious package was recently delivered to Strategos.
Telona has been overheard saying that she would do anything to make the Krath a real, copperating force again, even if that would mean using outside help.
The Dark Hall's library is currently closed after an incident with a Force artefact gone wild. No casualties were reported.


08-07-2006 12:43:45

It seems to be sure that the unknown group of Force users has something
to do with the Keibatsus.
Mejas was seen drunk in CP's mess hall, just with his underwear.
All you'll need to do to determine which Jac is the real one is
watching Pyralis. He'll definitely know!
Several documents appeared in the Shadow Academy course notes without
having been approved. All of them refer to the neutral nature of the


19-07-2006 16:30:48

Reports indicate several apprentices recently joining the Clans only to depart soon after despite having shown great ability in the Shadow Academy, questions have been asked regarding their purpose here and their reasons for leaving
Former MAA Khan recently showed up again, ensuring people he would get his old job back soon.