Run-On OOC Topic


15-06-2006 00:04:38

Greetings Arcona,

For those of you who are participating in the Run-On, I suggest you read the information below.

The full rules of the Run-On can be found at

The plot of the entire GJW can be found at:
I suggest you check back here at least once a week to see if anything new has been added to the plot. This will be important for the Run-On.

Run-On Tips:

- If you are going to post, ensure that you have read all of the previous posts, as well as know what is going on in the general plot of the GJW. Also, there will be mails concerning Arcona's specific role in the plot, so ensure you read those as well

- For any good Run-On, you do not necessarily have to make your own personal character the main focus of your posts. A Run-On is a large story, and as such, we should try to make each post flow from the next. There will always be side-plots, but they should never detract from the main "plot"

- Try and keep everything in perspective. Not every character will be focused on and not everyone "knows" what is going on. Remember your general "place" within the Clan and what role you play in the Clan.

- Questions, comments or clarifications should be posts on this thread before you post. This thread is to help everyone in the Run-On

Good luck and have fun!


15-06-2006 16:46:48

Alright, I guess I'll get the ball rolling with this topic and try to map out a more coherent plot-thread.

My first post is all "set-up". Just getting a lot of information out of the way. Remember, our Run-On should follow the general plot of the GJW. As such, right now, there isn't a lot happening. Just random accusations but nothing concrete.

My "trip" away to meet Duga is to plan out a non-agression pact with Taldryan...and maybe a bit more. You'll also see a news-post about it later on the DB site. I'll handle that post in the RO. Basically, our two Clans will agree not to attack one another until all other Clans are dealt with. We may also share information through unofficial channels. It's not a formal alliance...just something to help us out.

As for everyone else...right now, it's more or less business as usual. Strat is getting information out to the various leaders. Our military forces are slowing gearing up in a "hurry and wait" type of deal. Check the Arcona website for specific information on our planets, fleet and ground forces. I will also update it soon with more information as well.

Since things are very wide-open, does anyone have any ideas where we should take this thing?


15-06-2006 23:08:52

I think we need to build up more with the whole "truce" thing with Taldryan. It will fictionally prepare us for what's going on. Without reading the actual RO it's kinda hard for me to say anything else right now. We need to take our time with it though. But not too much time considering Arcona has the habit of finishing RO's after the due date.


15-06-2006 23:38:08

The "truce" thing will be explained in better detail after I meet with Duga. As of right now, you guys know nothing about it :P


16-06-2006 20:26:12

I think we should blow up Tar =P


17-06-2006 00:03:10

Some notes about my last post

-I've jumped us ahead just a couple days, to move things along so we're not stuck on the same day.

- My meeting with Duga was about the non-agression pact. There is "more" to it, but for now, that's all you know about it

- Introduced the Plagueis newspost. No, we didn't ask them to attack Tarentum...they were just bull[Expletive Deleted]ting

- The last point about the attack related to my newspost entitled "Arcona Attacked". That means, we don't stop things from happening and we don't manage to capture anyone. but, we do find some information out...what it is can be explained in the next few posts by whoever wishes to continue.

Also, in general, there are a lot of others forces in Arcona other than just us, the dark jedi. Check the arcona site to see how big our forces really are. We have planets full of soliders...feel free to use them


17-06-2006 11:37:40

I think the last two posts in the RO need to be removed, no offense to Rich and Ark, but the assasin storyline bit got ended in Halc's post already. Also, the assassins were at the Galeres base, so I'm not sure how Rich was there.

Also, I'm pretty sure we'll get into a bit of trouble if we let posts that are torn from movie scripts into the final RO, could cause problems.

Ark Dowell

17-06-2006 13:36:23

Ah, okies. I'll edit it, then... My bad. I thought the assassins were still around. :$


22-06-2006 01:56:34

I have a question, in one of Kosk's recent posts he interrogates the betrayer Kora and she says that it came from higher up and that "milady" ordered her to do it. Is that implicating me?


22-06-2006 04:19:36

no devani it doesnt implicate you. everything will be revealed later in the story


22-06-2006 21:49:29

So, would someone like to catch everyone up on where the current storyline is at?


22-06-2006 22:15:05

Can try....

Scyrone is enroute to Quejo, whose on the Eye of the Abyss I believe, not doing anything (post Que Post)

Myself, Gavin, Selene, Malidir, and Vendetta, are on our way to Arconae Primus to investigate the attack

Mejas is on his way, secretly, to Yridia IV to meet Kaine

Devani is in charge of Galeres base on Eldar, with Jeax and Kieran staying with her

Uhhh, Ark is drunk and wandering about

Not sure what Ktulu's Tyro's are doing


24-06-2006 01:07:46

I'm screwing with Dev... thats about the jist of my sub-plot :P

Ktulu Xyler

26-06-2006 13:31:15

not sure what they're doing? You do know you just stated that Ark is drunk and wandering about right? Last I checked (just re-checked again) he's one of mine.

And now I know what to do. My update will be my post when I'm done with it.


02-07-2006 01:04:55

What I want to know is how we are meant to keep the RO in line with the GJW plot, when it is all centered within the DC?


02-07-2006 01:42:32

What I want to know is how we are meant to keep the RO in line with the GJW plot, when it is all centered within the DC?

Lord only knows :P Basically, we'll try and incorporate any elements we can. Right now, I've been doing that through my own I'll try and get the whole "two Jac's" thing put up in a day or two.

Other than that, we'll continue one with our own storyline...currently centered on people attacking us and stealing Smoke.


02-07-2006 01:59:39

Well, I'd like to leave for Antei :P I havn't actually left yet in my post's so feel free to stop me.


04-07-2006 13:19:39

Alright...just a quick update on what's happening right now in the Run-On. Others, feel free to post your own thoughts on what you've been doing, and where you'd like to see things go.

Recently, the members of Soulfire were on Arconae Primus investigating a recent attack there. The members of Oriens Obscurum also came to help, and were subsequently attacked. Smoke was kidnapped by forces who then took off in 3 shuttles.

Quejo intercepted the shuttles and managed to shoot down two of them, while the third escaped (the one with Smoke in it). Now, we have two shuttles crashing in an unnamed place (it is actually the moon of Boral, on the part that has been terraformed already, meaning it's habitable).

The members of Soulfire are not making their way to Boral to engage the enemies.

THat's basically where the "plot" has ended. From my knowledge, Devani and a few other members of Galeres are still on Eldar at their home base. The Consul (me :P) is on-route to the Arcona flagship.

We have also found out that Arania (of CSP) and Kaiann have been behind some of the attacks on us. We now have "two" ways to go. From how I see things, one group is currently on their way to beat on the people who crashed on Boral (Soulfire members are in charge of that).

The second part will involve going in search of Smoke. A tracker was placed on the fleeing shuttle. now, we must track it and get him back. As such, I suggest the place he's being taken to is to CSP. That means, we will send a small group of ships to go and get him back.

However, not everyone can go on this mission. Members of HOO should be on it, plus a few others (Quejo shall lead the fleet, and I'll be there as well). However, people and ships needs to stay behind in case anyone comes after Arcona (which they someone can write that in later).

Basically, now we start going away from our Home system. Everyone, feel free to move the plot forward. Don't confine yourself to just writing your own character...write a story. Incorporate other elements and good luck


04-07-2006 14:03:20


Soulfire is already on Boral, about to make contact witht he enemies

Soulfire does not know for certain if Smoke is on the moon.

So, yah.


04-07-2006 14:20:42

Cool, making the ways of killing. Will meditate soon..


05-07-2006 03:56:00

The members of Soulfire are not making their way to Boral to engage the enemies.

Aren't the members already there?

Wes Biriuk

09-07-2006 21:04:59

That's the point... Soulfire is already there, so no one from SF should be saying they are on their way.


10-07-2006 01:10:13

Jeax and Kieran can make their ways to Boral. And about you, Karel... I've already mentioned that you were there, with me and Archean.

Selene, where are you?


10-07-2006 01:34:09

What the hell is Qel-Droma circle doing?


10-07-2006 02:08:32

yes yes I'm getting there!!


01-08-2006 10:59:00

Can someone tell me exactly whats going on atm? Im trying to read through it all, but theres a lot here. thanks.



01-08-2006 13:09:45

Read, thats all I can say, trust me, youll thank me once youve read the whole thing so you can understand it.