Runon guidelines - PLEASE READ


06-06-2005 20:53:42

Fact is: run-on's are starting to sprout up like crazy. Only a few survive. Itíd be much better that only a couple run-on's, with a good storyline, are opened. Not dozens of them.

So, as of now, use common sense before opening another run-on. You already have a couple running? Forget about another one, then. And if you decide to open one, make sure you have a good story for one.

The DC will be applying their 'common sense' to it as well. If we don't agree with one, it'll be moved to the Spam forum, or else the big black hole of the trashcan. If in doubt, ask someone first, I'm always available for questions.

next time I see someone doing something remotely close to cybering in this forum, I will suspend his/her account for three days, plus further posts for three days after that will not be shown until a moderator has approved them. There are children reading here, too, keep that in mind.

Due to the amount of senseless posts and even run-onís starting, you need to either have 1) passed the Run-on course in the shadow academy, or 2) be of DJK or higher.

Also, a reasonable amount of spelling and grammar skills are needed. If things need to be read three, four, or more times to be understood, then you're doing something wrong. Use Word to filter out errors, and read it before you post. As of now, posts that can't follow this rule will be deleted.

Additionally, only ONE "x word runon" thread is allowed to be active. In case one dies out, have a moderator close it, and a new one may be started. Having more than one active at any time will result in the closure of all.


Thank you for your time.