Mustafar Lightsaber Training Terrace


31-05-2005 13:07:04

Jaymz walked out onto the terrace, igniting his practice saber, insanely annoyed that he still had two more ranks to go before he was Knighted. He swung the blade around and got into the defensive stance vader used against Obi-Wan Kenobi, that is his hands just above his head with the blade pointing vertically down.

Instantly 5 Grapple droids hopped onto the platform, and one of them darted toward Jaymz. Intinctivly he dodged to the side and swung the blade downward cutting a few minor wires off the droids arm, not anything too bad. The Droid turned and grabbed him in a bear hug.

Jaymz felt as if his spine was about to break before he twisted his wrist and singed several more circuits off the same arm, disabling it and dropping Jaymz to the ground.

He put his hand out an sent a small telekinetic wave that sent the droid backward off the terrace and into the river of lava below. He got back into this defensive stance as he circled around the next droid.

Langis Gyn Histop

31-05-2005 18:12:41

His movements were swift and powerful. Cutting into the first droid, he soon found himself in a bear hug.

She found it fastenating. The art of the lightsaber was something she longed to learn. The fluid motions mixed with power were enough to make her skin itch with desire. She wanted that power for herself. 'One day,' she thought.

Shaking her head, she continued to watch from the shadows...


31-05-2005 19:55:01

Jaymz waited until the last moment when the grapple droid lunged at him to side step and reach out with his mechanical arm and grab the driods spinal wires as it went flying past, the momentum it had tearing the wires out.

Jaymz looked to the three remaining droids, understanding that the pause before the attack meant that they were all going to attack at once. Finding a weakspot in the left droids defense's and used the force to guide the training saber into the hydraulic system of the droid, unignited.

The droids began throwing punchs at him furiously and without mercy. Each time he blocked or ducked a grapppling arm, another came at him with twice the force of the last one.

Getting tired after 2 hours of it Jaymz somersaulted backwards behind the droids. The Droids reacted immeaditly, calculating that Jaymz would more than likely run away but instead he rolled forward grabbing one droids arm and using it, with the enhanced strength of his mechanical arm he bashed the left one with the center one, sending them both flying into the lake of fire.

Now only the Droid with his lightsaber in it was left. the droid was about 15 feet away, after stumbling away after Jaymz bashed the other two into each other and sent them into the overheated abyss.

As the droid began to run at him Jaymz put his hand up and used the force to ignite the lightsaber singing several core circuits and causing it to explode.


01-06-2005 10:09:03

Jaymz had went to the droids body and retrived his training saber. At that point from underneath the terrace a young woman jumped up and over and landed a few feet in front of him. Her features cloaked in a hood. As she removed the hood Jaymz saw that it was a person he knew. It was Rayne. She had unsnapped the clasp and the cloak flew off. The Zeltron had drawn her swords and looked Jaymz in the eye up on the terrace.

“Prepare to defend yourself Jaymz. Cause I’m not going to fight like those droids did.” With that Rayne had rushed Jaymz with her scimitars down at her sides, in the middle of her run she flipped her left sword around and when she reached Jaymz she brought her right sword up in a diagonal line from the lower right to the upper left. He had ignited his training saber and blocked her sword. But only being a training saber it couldn’t cut through her sword. But with an exceptional amount of agility she brought her right foot around in a roundhouse kick and caught him squarely in the chest. Jaymz had staggered back a little bit before bringing his saber up to prepare for the next attack or perhaps attack Rayne. She had also got into a defensive stance preparing for an attack.


01-06-2005 10:28:25

Jaymz wondered wear all this hostility was coming from, but he disregarded the thought immeaditatly not really caring. if this women wanted a fight she would get one.

Jaymz rolled his neck cracking it slightly, no thanks to the previous battles with his Master M'Kel, of course. His black cloak was still, almost to still it looked like a stone. Gently, slowly, and with a motion to fluid to be anything other then a Sith's movement, Jaymz slid his black cloak off and threw it off to the side, his eyes remaining closed. Jaymz put his right arm in front of him and pulled it with his left, mechanical one, stretching it and cracking it, relaxing it, readying it for battle. Over the next several moments he proceeded to stretch his joints and muscles, things mandatorly needing to be in the most flexible and best condition they could, especially while facing this formidable opponent.

Slowly raising his head, he opened his eyes, his yellow eyes rimmed with red looking all the more vibrant due to his spiked blonde-gold hair. The look he gave Rayne was not evil, good, nice or mean it was simply meant to let her know he was ready to do his best.

Without saying a word he started as if he were going to go off his left foot but instead went off his right. Had he gone off his right that would have met that most of the attacks he could have attempted would have been on her left side, by faking her out, which he doubt he did but lets just say, he would have her on the gaurd for her left side while he went off his left foot, leaving her right side open to attack.

As he did he saw her move to the left, taking the bait. As he dashed towards her he passed a small piece of debris on the ground. he pointed at it as he passed and then pointed at Rayne. The small piece of metal immeaditatly flew at the Dark Jedi.

She moved to deflect the obstacle with relative ease, but in doing so he left her lower body open to attack. Seeing this Jaymz slid next to her and swiped her feet out from underneath her, bringing her to the ground.

He moved his training saber so that it was on her throat, not touching but close. They were lating side by side staring into eachothers eyes.

Gaidal Dupar

01-06-2005 10:42:25

"Well, well... it isn't nice of you to fight a female", a voice from behind Jaymz said.
Jaymz tried to turn around, but he felt that he should not move. Something like a spike was pointing in his back. The man standing behind him stepped back and Jaymz could turn around. But by hearing the voice he knew who it was. Gaidal Dupar, once more.
"Allies or not, in case you're willing to fight a woman, you need to go through me", the Guardian sneered at Jaymz.
Gaidal stepped out of the shadows surrounding him and he revealed his face from under the hood of his red cloack. With an easy push he enlarged his Shinamoor and it ebcame a long, powerful staff.
The mans' afce was battered, although he had a nice tanned skin due to the sun. Three large scars of a lightsaber were diagonally over his entire face. It gave him a strange image, but he remained a hansom man with short blond hair like a trooper.
"Are you ready to go", Gaidal asked Rayne, ";et us see how he competes against two opponents."


01-06-2005 10:46:50

"Perhaps you would wait for a slight minute..." A 'soft' voice was heard on the side of the platform.

All three of the Dark Jedi looked over to where the voice came from, but didn't see a person. Instead, they saw a weapon. The Chariguai. Rayne's blood ran cold, Gaidal started laughing, though not of joy, and Jaymz simply didn't know what to think.

"You all fight, and Jaymz? Let me know if it gets out of hand..." Esca smiled as he moved from the shadows and took the spinning disc from the air.


01-06-2005 10:55:13

As Esca stood there she wondered why at this time and moment that he choose to show up. She looked over at Gaidal and Jaymz. “Hey guys. How about we stop sparring each other and all three of us team up and fight Esca.” Gaidal and Jaymz seemed to doubt why she would want to fight Esca. “Just think about it guys. It would be a awesome fight and perhaps we could gain some experience from this battle. If all of us worked together perhaps we could make Esca sweat a little. “But if you decided not to help. I’ll fight him alone.” She winked at Gaidal knowing he probably will help. She dropped down into a defensive stance the wind from this place blowing her hair to the side. Rayne brought up her swords ready to attack or defend Esca.


01-06-2005 11:35:46

Jaymz's eyes burned with rage. In an instant he turned around, the blade making a small cut in his back. He grabbed the edge of the blade with the flats of his hands after he dropped his lightsaber to the ground. He moved it from side to side testing his strength against Gaidals till finally he used the force to give him a surge of strength and sent the blade flying into the air then into his hands.

He looked at the weapon and smiled devilishly and threw it off the edge of the terrace into the river of lava. It was about time he and Gaidal fought.

Rayne and Esca left the terrace and stood next to a pillar that bordered the edge of the Terrace.

The two of them walked in circles around the terrace staring into each others eyes. Rage building between them. Jaymz looked to his lightsaber and called apon the force using it to manipulate the blade so it flew to him.

"Your move." Jaymz said igniting the training saber.

Langis Gyn Histop

01-06-2005 12:20:39

Throughout the whole sequence of events, Langis wondered whether she should step in at all. The constant sparring between people looked like an insane and deadly drama ballet. She thought about the situation. 'It's obvious that Jaymz and Gaidal have hostility between each other. Why would i want to get in the way of that? Besides, it's interesting to watch both of them.'

Creeping her way around, she prepared to watch them fight...


01-06-2005 13:57:04

"Jaymz. Gaidal. What the hell are you two doing? If you both don't stop fighting I'll have to step in. I thought we were going to team up on Esca. He's the most powerful one here and the most deadly. I think we should fight him first." She said her voice so full of rage it seemed as if she hated everything. "Seeing as no one wants to help me I'll fight Esca by myself and die most likely. Although neither of you care." She turned back to face Esca.

"Esca. I have nothing against you. But you had interupted our sparring match and I guess you did it so we could spar against you as well." Rayne dropped her stance and charged at Esca. She had swung her sword at him but Esca moved out of the way. His Chariguai without the blades out was sent towards her and hit her square in the back. Although the blades weren't out Rayne fell to her knees pain shooting through her body.


02-06-2005 10:20:39

Jaymz completely ignored Rayne, his attention solely focused on Gaidal. The man didn't seem to be making a moved, it looked like he would have to. Jaymz rolled his neck cracking it several times.

He launched off his right foot and brought his blade across from right to left his mechanical arm adding extra strength into the attack. Jaymz didn't exactly expect it to work, but he would try. It was more to test his strength against Gaidal's.

Gaidal dodged the attack and ignited his own Practice Saber countered the attack fairly easily by only swinging the blade towards Jaymz's bringing him and the lightsaber to a halt.

They pushed the lightsabers against eachother the crackling lighting up the terrace until Jaymz started to gain the advantage. Gaidal called within himself and pushed off then sent a shockwave through the Force that sent Jaymz flying backwards.

Jaymz was calm throughout the whole thing. As he flew threw the air he used the Force to slow him down then to manuever him so that he landed on one knee. He looked up at Gaidal. His eyes burning a hole into him.

He got up and got into his defensive stance. "You will wish you never met me Gaidal." Jaymz said growling. He was fighting him more for Langis than for him interupting the sparring match between him and rayne, which rayne had started.


02-06-2005 10:31:00

Adalyn walked up to a pillar off the side of the terrace and watched the duel with some curiousity.

Gaidal Dupar

02-06-2005 13:51:37

"And you'll be wishing you never met me, Jaymz", Gaidal growled at his opponent. While magma was bursting through the ground beneath the terrace, Gaidal started feeding upon his anger and hatred.
"You want to finish here? Today? NOW? So it shall be", he continued furiously, "One of us will not walk away from here alive. You bothered me for too long. Are you willing to follow the destiny of your rolemodel, in that case you will perish here and will never learn the true strength of being a Sith. The Force Rage of Kaox Krul will remain unknown to you, because you'll die."
He stopped for a short moment. While looking in his opponents' eyes, Gaidal realised this was apoint of no return. None would be able to help him from here on. Rayne, Langis, Godo, Korras and so many others could not do another thing for this young and proud Sith. He charged himself and continued the conversation.
"I know I could die here today as well, but I don't care. You against me; protector against guardian. A close call, but I accept my faith. If I have to I'll embrace death like a beautiful woman. So come on Jaymz, fight me and fight fair, clean and tough. See it like the big duel of Darth Vader against Darth Revan. FIGHT ME", Gaidal yelled at the protector.
Jaymz looked extremely angry and his eyes were once again red-rimmed. He easily jumped towards his opponent and prepared for an attack. Gaidal stepped back and stood in defence, for now.
Jaymz started slashing with his saber, while Gaidal dodged every attack. It was smooth, it was fast and it was devastating. After another serie of smashes by Jaymz, he turned around and tried to attack Gaidal in the flank. Gaidal foresaw this and jumped backwards and forth. They switched roles and this time Jaymz was blocking attacks.
Gaidal noticed through the battle that Jaymz was an experienced and almost flawless duellist. Gaidal on the other hand did a lot with style and was able to block easily. It was a fearsome fight and it seemed like without an ending. Meanwhile more and more spectators gathered in the shadows.


02-06-2005 14:00:01

After the pain started to dull she noticed that Esca didn't make an advance to attack but stood back and made sure no one started to fight against him. Rayne walked over to Esca her swords down at her sides. "I'm sorry Esca. I wish not to fight you now. You're way to powerful. And I was hoping to see how well all three of us could do against you. But they are locked in there own combat that I must go break." Esca made no motion except that his Chariguai was hovering around him. This distrubed her but not as much as what she was about to do. She walked over and jumped in between Gaidal and Jaymz both of her swords blocking their attacks towards one another. "Please don't fight now or I'll be forced to stop this by any means possible. Be it fight you both or not." The fact that Esca just stood there with his Chariguai out made her blood run cold be she hide that emotion.

Langis Gyn Histop

02-06-2005 18:43:18

Clapping emerged from within the shadows. Jaymz and Gaidal stopped short of attacking again, with Rayne in the middle. A silence ensued, except the clapping of two small hands. Langis came out of the shadows.

"You guys fight with anger, passion, aggression. You use it well," Langis said with a smile. "But, what is it that you are fighting for? Is it me? Do you guys think that by fighting and winning you'll get to have me?" She took a deep breath. "Well, you don't need to fight anymore. I have come to the decision that I love Jaymz. You need to stop fighting each other. If by telling you guys my true feelings is the only way to make you stop, than so be it."

Langis stood amidst the Dark Jedi, all the sudden feeling very foolish. She had poured her heart into what she said, but she didn't expect a crowd. "So," she continued, "What will you do now?"


02-06-2005 19:29:45

Jaymz sneered at Gaidal. This Gaurdian might be decent at blocking ordinary saber attacks, but he was about to find out whether he could defend against unconventional tactics. Jaymz heard what Langis said and was unfazed by what she said simply because......he did not love her.

IN the mili-second Gaidal let his defenses down, thanks to Langis's comment, Jaymz reached out with his mechanical arm and grabbed Gaidal by the neck and flipped him over his head and smashed him into the terrace floor. His body bounced up several inches and Jaymz used it to bring his boot up into his back sending him flying into the air.

While he was temorarly dazed in the air, Jaymz put out his hand and sent a shockwave through the force sending Gaidal flying over the edge of the terrace.

Jaymz sighed and deignited his lightsaber, his rage boiling down.


02-06-2005 19:50:50

Adalyn's intense eyes followed the man's path through the air and over the edge of the terrace. She quietly laughed to herself because she knew the Gaidal could never have beaten Jaymz. The mere thought that someone tried to kill Jaymz caused her to smile with cruel humor. She was positive that barely anyone was capable of that task.


02-06-2005 21:58:43

Uzbad walked into the lightsaber training acdemy and looked at that Jaymz fellow. He was a cocky one. Jaymz twirled his training sword and looked at Uzbad a sneer on his face. Uzbad ignited his real lightsaber, its purple blade fying from the hilt. He swung down at Jyamz, who quickly brought up the training blade, only to have the blade broken in an amazing spectacle of strenght and will.

Uzbad smiled and left the room.


03-06-2005 10:49:59

((Yeah that may be true Jaymz. But you suck at fighting. You completely ignore what others post and only post to what pleases and suits your needs. Had you not read my post. I was inbetween you and Gaidal. My swords both blocking your's and Gaidal's attack. And I am more than capable of doing it. If you don't believe me. Check both mine and your character sheets. I'm stronger in physical stats than you. But you're stronger in the force.))

Gaidal Dupar

03-06-2005 11:57:28

Gaidal was hanging over the edge of the platform. He managed to grab a piece of the rock on which the platform was located. His hands were slipping and he knew he was running out of time here. His anger was gone and learned by himself how far his opponent and ally would go. Far beyond the known borders that was. He felt sorry for Rayne, who he completely ignored when he decided to counter-attack Jaymz. He also felt sorry for Langis, who made up her mind and told the truth about who she loved. The message was without any use, because Jaymz completely ingored her and her honesty.
Small sparks of fire from the boiling magma below were able to reach his cloak, which casted a fire. Gaidal leaned over and threw with his left hand the cloack into the fire. Still a few of the flames continued to burn on his back and hurt really bad, but Gaidal had to focuss. Otherwise he would end up down below.
He pulled himself together and started climbing back to the platform. Climbing and crawling he finally reached the top, while smoke was coming from his back. He smelled burned flesh and realised it was his own. While he was lying there on the floor, he saw a pair of boots in fron of him. He looked up a bit and saw the disturbed face of Rayne.
"Sorry, my... my dearest...", Gaidal stuttered, "I had to see if he was willing to push the limits. I paid my price for finding out. I need to rest now..."
After that Gaidal lost consciousness and forgot about his back.

Langis Gyn Histop

03-06-2005 14:01:11

Shock ran throughout her body. She stood there for a few seconds, wondering what she had done wrong. "He's not him. I wanted Jaymz to be him so badly, but he's not,' she thought.

Jaymz walked towards the exit, passing Langis. She saw the stare of coldness that his eyes possessed. Suddenly, without warning, she lashed out at him. She shoved herself against Jaymz, throwing them off balance. Pulling her two daggers out of her cloak, she struck, all the while thinking, 'he's not Jadier, he's not Jadier...'


03-06-2005 19:47:08

Jaymz did nothing as the daggers pierced his chest. He grabbed both of her wrists and threw her backward onto the terrace. The daggers were implanted on either side of his heart, not fatal just a flesh wound.

"Get away from me." Jaymz said his eyes rimmed with red now more than ever. Jaymz pulled the daggers out of his chest and focused on the wounds [AH], they began healing ever so slowly.

Langis thought that he wasn't him, but she was wrong. He was afraid that she would get hurt. Everyone that seemed to get close to him got hurt.


03-06-2005 21:05:03

((oh no Rayne I completely forgot about your post, I am really deeply sorry if it is okay with everyone I would like to repost. I am truly sorry Rayne, I feel like a moron right now. Please forgive me))


04-06-2005 15:17:21

((It's ok Jaymz. I just saw how you seemed to bend the rules. It's fine. Probably an honest mistake. So don't feel like a moron and if you want repost. I was honestly checking out how you fought with this spar my character demanded. See how well you fought against a person who has been at fighting RPG's for six years. So go ahead and repost.))


04-06-2005 17:12:00

Jaymz stared into the eyes of Gaidal one last time, before turning off his lightsaber and giving a soft sigh. He clipped the training saber to his belt and smiled at Gaidal, holding out his hand, over top Rayne's weapons.

"Decent Spar, Gaidal, I'll getcha next time though." Jaymz said as Gaidal turned off his weapon and shook Jaymz's hand.

"I'll have to work on my combat techniques then." Gaidal said giving a soft smile to Rayne as they let go of eachothers hands.

Jaymz turned towards Langis and gave her a small smile as he moved over to her, sweat running down his head. "So, you chose me. Don't know if that was the right choice but I'm glad you did." his eyes were dropping as he realized just how tired he was after fighting with grapple droids, Rayne and then Gaidal.

But none of it mattered because he was with Langis now.

Langis Gyn Histop

04-06-2005 17:54:47

She stared up at him, at a loss for words. Her mind was a jumbling mess. But she saw the kindness in his eyes. She smiled.

'I knew it!' she thought, as she threw herself towards him. They embraced and Langis started to cry.

((Sry, I dont have much time. This was the best i could come up with in a short time. Ill post Monday))


04-06-2005 18:23:48

Jaymz held her closely and closed his eyes as they embraced eachother, thier bodies pressed closely together. He wanted to be with no one else than her, she meant the world to him and he wanted to be with her for the rest of thier life.

His right arm wrapped around her waist as his mechanical arm lifted her chin up from his chest, her beautiful eyes gazing into his. Jaymz continued smiling at her, even as his lips pressed against hers in thier first kiss

Gaidal Dupar

05-06-2005 09:16:00

Gaidal got on his feet and looked towards the ground. When he looked up again he saw his 'partner-in-crime' Rayne. The pink Zeltron looked like she was about to cry because of the smoke coming from his back and the smell of burnt flesh.
"I guess I lost today", he grinned towards her, "sometimes love is very unfair. It can make you burn, my dearest."
She walked towards him a bit more and supported him. While he was leaning on her, they both crossed Jaymz and Langis. Gaidal made sure that Rayne stopped for a short moment.
"Well", Gaidal said with a grasping voice, "it has been a tough fight, but you win in both ways, I guess. I'm a gambler and sometimes you win and other times you loose. Today I lost. I wish you both well and will not bother you any longer."
"You need medical attention, Gaidal", Rayne mentioned worried.
"Yes, my dearest", he said, while smiled to her, "there is a small kolto tank in the back of my shuttle. I need to get inside and I'll be fine. Thank you for your help and send my apologies to Master Teiko."
She nodded and after that Gaidal gave her a small kiss in the neck. So they walked slowly towards the landing platform.

Macron Sadow

05-06-2005 10:01:59

Macron smiled at the fighters. He had been watching the whole thing, casually leaning against a walkway support at the edge of the platform.

The alloy he had come to harvest had been collected, and was even now cooling in a shielded container. Soon his next project would be complete.

He noticed the mushy stuff, and groaned. "By the Dark Lords..." He had just gotten out of a relationship and was sickened at the thought.

As Gaidal and Rayne slipped by, he spoke. "Nicely done, the both of you. Are you done playing so soon?" Macron threw off his cloak and leered. He was fully armed, and his armor was repaired and ready from the last beating he had taken.

He noticed Gaidal's state, and nodded. Placing a hand on him, he healed Gaidal's wounds with the Force. Straining hard from the effort, the Knight managed to put him back into acceptible shape. At least, he could walk unaided now.

Macron stood up, and walked over to his cloak and donned it with a flourish. "Some other time then perhaps. So what's going on here? I came to Mustafar seeking an alloy, and find this madness."

The Sith eyed Jaymz. "Maybe he wants to fight," he hissed. The Alchemist's countenance was genuinely bloodthirsty at that moment. Of course, he was always that way, no matter where he was. That wasn't unusual at all.

Langis Gyn Histop

05-06-2005 14:26:09

They kissed for a long time. The sheer joy of finally feeling loved was enough to send her senses reeling. That's why she didn't notice Macron until his voice penetrated the silence.

"Care for a sparring match?" Macron said. "No thanks," they both replied. They turned to face each other once more, only to have an arm throw Langis away from Jaymz. "Well i feel like fighting, so ready yourself, Protector."

Langis looked with pure anger at this man. "If you want a fight, than you fight both of us."


05-06-2005 16:47:54

Rayne looked at Marcon for a long time and held Gaidal back. "Even if you healed him Macron I won't let you fight him. And Jaymz, Langis. Please don't fight with him." Rayne looked back at her friend. Now a DJK. "Macron. I want to spar with you. We haven't fought since the day we met. So have at it." The Zeltron brought up her twin Scimitars positioning Gaidal behind her.


05-06-2005 18:48:50

Before Rayne could finish her sentence she was sent flying into Gaidals arms by a telekintic blast from Jaymz. His eyes were burning with rage, once again lined with red. Though he had had enough of Rayne's interferrence, he was not about to let someone harm Langis.

Jaymz immeadiatly ignited his red training saber, knowing that it could not harm the man, but it could block the real lightsabers attacks. Jaymz got into his defensive stance as they began circling the platform.

Jamyz's knuckles were white on the hilt of the lightsaber as he tried to control his rage, knowing that he would not likely win this fight, but he had to try. He had managed to hold off his old master, M'Kel Kahn who was a Krath Priest, he was sure that he could manage fighting a Dark Jedi Knight.

Macron ignited his blade as well but instead of getting into a defensive stance he lunged at Jaymz bringing his lightsaber down in a downward slash. Jaymz turned his blade horizantaly and manage to block the attack.

The Dark Jedi Knight pushed down on the blade and so did Jaymz, but Jaymz seemed to have a strength adavantage over the Knight, due to his mechanical arm. Jaymz pushed off rendering the knight temporarly defensless, which Jaymz took advantage of by putting a well placed kick into Macron's chest, and sending him flying onto the other edge of the terrace.

But that had taken all of Jaymz's energy, this was the third Dark Jedi he had fought today and he was completely out of energy after that.

Macron Sadow

05-06-2005 20:27:57

Macron stood up and brushed himself off. His Sith jumpsuit had taken most of the blow, and he was mostly alright.

"I sense the Dark Side in all of you. Excellent.Love has a way of doing that to Dark Jedi like us."

A gesture caused the lightsaber Jaymz was holding to fly into Macron's hand, with an grunt of effort by the Sith.

Another wave shorted out Jaymz' pesky arm, removing that advantage. Clan Naga Sadow members had unusual Clan powers, and energy manipulation was one of them.

"You now have a serious problem." Macron's red blade sizzled as he held it before Jaymz. Being struck down was a real possibility.

"But I like your enthusiasm, you get an "A" for effort. Now if you don't mind, Rayne and I are going to spar like civilized beings. Well done Jaymz, you don't give up easily. I commend you."
Macron tossed the blade back to Jaymz.

Macron shut off his red blade and adopted a Teras Kasi stance. "Now, mano a mano, Madame if you please!" The Sith alchemist smiled, he was having fun and enjoyed the company.


05-06-2005 20:32:53

Jaymz caught the lightsaber while doubled over. He was completely out of energy he didn't even have enough to breathe. The last thing he remembered was staring at Langis's face as he passed out and hit the floor. He was having a heat stroke. All the stress on his body had finally taken a toll on him, despite him only being 16.

Macron Sadow

05-06-2005 21:04:01

The fight began.

Rayne was whirling icy blades against Macron's blocking hands and feet, sparks shooting from his gauntlets and armor every time. Fortunately, Macron's armor was also insulated against heat and cold as well as electricity. Still, his hands were beginning to get numb.

"Excuse me a moment, Rayne." Macron interrupted their dance, noticing the fallen Protector.
"Frell, this kid needs water, fast. " Rayne tossed Macron a skin of water as Gaidal watched from inside the ship. He was healing his wounds with his equipment.

A short while later, the unconscious Jaymz was fine and cradled in the arms of Langis.

"Now where were we... oh yeah. " Rayne was charging at Macron as he jabbered. He turned, ducked low, and footswept her with a blinding fast move. His Teras Kasi skills were nearly perfect, having been honed in beating after beating by his master.

As Rayne went down, she threw her elbow into the Sith's side and knocked him down as well.
The two got up, laughed, and had a sip of refreshment.

"Right. So what's shakin?" asked Macron casually as they walked toward the ship.


06-06-2005 12:13:25

OK everyone, hold it for a second here.

As this is an official run on board, you might want to stick to the powers you actually have.

Jaymz, you are a PROTECTOR. No telekinesis yet. Maybe you will be able to lift a feather already, but not just throw around droids. Just to give an example.

Asides, what about realism? If you write like this in the ACc you'll keep on losing. Not only what was already mentioned about ignoring other people's posts but you also keep doing crap like "The daggers were implanted on either side of his heart, not fatal just a flesh wound."

Uhm, sorry? You have no lungs to be pierced? I take it you suffocated right at the beginning of the battle then. Also, you need to be stronger than Protector to heal such wounds.

And please please please stop opening run ons for now. That's spamming. Wait for the current ones to be finished. Or get your own folder on the spam boards.


06-06-2005 13:05:52

I am with Arania.

If you have questions about how to properly participate in a run go read thru the Shadow Academy Exam on the topic.
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06-06-2005 18:45:13

My Bad, I'll try to correct that.

Langis Gyn Histop

07-06-2005 12:59:50

Langis leaned down towards Jaymz trying desperately to wake him up. She looked around in despair and saw that another sparring match had started. Knowing she wouldn't get any help from the others, she grabbed Jaymz by his robes and started tugging him to the closest building. She had to get him out off this heat and to a med droid...


07-06-2005 15:18:09

Rayne enjoyed a drink with Macron sweat was running down her face her hair soaked due to the workout she was getting. "For the first time I sparred against you Macron. You're pretty strong. Of course you're a DJK."

Macron Sadow

07-06-2005 19:52:35

Macron grinned, and sniffed himself. He was pretty sure the suit's deodorant was working, but you never know.

"Oh, you mean physically strong. Yeah, I suppose so. Nothing like my master, but maybe one day. And I see you are quite skillful with a blade, Rayne."

Langis was trying to revive Jaymz in the building walkway, and Macron summoned a med droid.
One usually followed him around, as Manji, Bob and Muz kept Macron pretty well beat up.
It began to treat Jaymz.


07-06-2005 20:20:51

"But if it doesn't come to the using the force I'm really good at fighting physcially. Cause I've been more trained as a combat soldier than a force user. But I've slowly learned to slightly tap into it."


07-06-2005 20:26:14

Jaymz felt Langis tugging on him as he awoke, groggy and dizzy. He tapped her hand and she let go. He got up slowly and stumbled a little bit. He wasn't even close to being recovered yet. Langis caught him wrapping his arm around her neck, she guided him over to her ship.

He managed to make it into the bacta tank in her ship, where Langis just sat and watched him, biting her nails, hoping he would be alright.


10-06-2005 20:19:57

Quietly, Adalyn followed them into her ship. She wasn't sure exactly what she was going to do, but she needed to do something. Especially since it should be her ship that Jaymz was in, not Langis's. Still worried about what to do, she remained hidden in the shadows.


10-06-2005 20:50:59

Jaymz awoke in the bacta tank and shook his head, getting rid of the dissyness. How could he be dazed from a couple battles. Apparently he was weaker than he thought. He kicked open the door, bacta flying everywhere. He wasn't going to let this get the best of him. Ignoring Langis and Adalyn he found a set of weighed down inner robes and dawned them over top of his normal ones. He was already beginning to sweat and he hadn't even begin training yet.

Jaymz found a transfer line that ran from the main facility to the control arm and began walking out onto it. The pole was about 6 inches wide, making him have to concentrate on balancing about 80% of the time. The other 20 would have to be on the newly arrived Grapple droids positioned on each side of him.

Igniting his lightsaber, Jaymz saw the first attack. It was the one on his left, the one that came from the control arm. As it lunged, flying in mid-air Jaymz ducked until its torso was over top of his back and pushed up diagonally sending that one into the newly charging Droid #2, sending them both in the lava river.

Now 2 Super Battle Droids appeared, only this time they were flying, and two more were on each side of him.

"Oh [Expletive Deleted]" He said rolling his neck.


11-06-2005 21:57:08

Still inside the ship, Adalyn had a feeling that told her Jaymz was in trouble. She had seen him run out of the ship, and she knew she had to find him. Following in his footsteps, she chased after him.


12-06-2005 21:07:16

Jaymz watched as the first ran at him at a charge. He crouched down and then pushed off, just barely jumping high enough to clear the droid, as it smashed into the the other that was standing less then several feet away. The force of the impact sent them both spiraling to the river of lava.

Thats when the real trouble began. The flying SB's pointed thier arms at him and opened fire with a barrage of laser fire, that Jaymz managed to defect for several seconds before the several bolts caught him on his leg and his arm, off balancing him and making him fall of the edge.

Luckily for him, Macron had seen this happen and held out his hand, with a but of concentration he managed to move him towards a rock ledge several feet away, though he couldn't stop the speed of the fall.

As he hit the ground, Jaymz felt more then a couple bones break, and was beggining to prefer the lava,as a bone in his leg ripped through he skin just below his knee.

"GOD DAMN IT." Jaymz yelled as his hand reached down and touched the bone, which only sent anothier surge of pain through his body, that was already in alot of pain.

Macron Sadow

12-06-2005 22:46:16

The Sith Knight nearly dropped from the effort. He had just saved Jaymz from 2K centigrade geologic temperatures, and barely had the strength to do it. Not to mention, the fiasco had ruined his hat with his good friend Rayne.

The most beautiful Rayne, who had been a good friend to him as well. Rayne whom Jaymz had threatened in his rush to attack Macron. The Protector was in the thrall of the Dark Side, for certain. He forgot himself.

"By the Dark Lords," Macron muttered as he moved over toward the Protector. He had a reputation as a Student of the Arts of Pain, yet he felt compelled to help the Journeyman about him.

"Should I let him burn and suffer like Vader did some kilometers away," he wondered.

Macron dropped an alchemical therma-resistant duranium line over the edge of the nearest shielded walkway, and encouraged Jaymz to climb it. "Damn it all, I am not going to lose you to a freakin lava pit when we are due for an ACC battle! You Owe me! No one cheats the Alchemist like that!" the Knight exclaimed. Jaymz began to climb frantically.

"Although I could let you drop...," Macron muttered quizzically as he let the line slip a few feet
between his gauntlet clad fingers. Jaymx gasped in anticipation of being annointed in brutally hot lava. The scene was tense. Macron smiled. He loved every second, as a Sith would.

Macron watched for a split second, drinking in the emotions around him. Jaymz feared death, yet at the same time threw himself headlong into a maw of lava and machinery to train harder.
Langis pined for her lover, knowing he could die a gruesome death at any point.

Macron commended her for sticking by this man, knowing his passion that could cloud his judgment. The Dark Side was all through and all around them. It was a harsh Mistress.
It had entwined all their fates.

"Ah, yes! The power of fear, and hatred... and of passion for the woman you would lose in your own fiery death. I feel it! I saved your hide once, my friend. Now I do it again. So go and be an honorable Dark Jedi. And Langis- you owe me as well. I saved his life again, and Sith never forget a debt."

The Sith Knight lit his scarlet blade a scant few inches from the nose of Jaymz as he was pulled and crawled to the lip of the blasted sulfuric volcanic crater. Macron looked into Jaymz' eyes, and his intent was clear. "If I ever hear of you attacking a woman like my friend Rayne again..understand me?"

The Sith Knight released Jaymz to safety, and to the arms of his beloved.

"You Two- get a room for your trysts! Fah! I am the least of your worries. There are many more powerful than me. They all thirst for your blood."

Macron walked away quickly to his waiting vessel with Rayne. They would split, and discuss their own lore. Rayne was one of his best friends in the Brotherhood. He thought of her as a sister.


13-06-2005 08:19:49

Rayne had followed Macron. He being a really good friend to her. She thought of him as an older protecting brother but she sighed as they reached his ship. "Macron. I watched and heard all that you said and did for Jaymz. That was a good thing to do for a fellow Darksider. But it was also funny how you let the rope slip." As the two reached Macron's vessel she looked at it and didn't remember if it seated two people or not. "So what brought you here to this place Macron?" She said as she stared at him.

Macron Sadow

13-06-2005 18:52:09

"Well, mostly I just wanted to fight. Nothing special, I'm just kinda like that." Macron laughed as he made space for Rayne in his ship.

Several bits of odd junk were tossed out, and at least one empty beer bottle flew off into the lava. There was a bobble-head statue of a Sith Lord on the dash, and red fuzzy dingle balls in the windows.

"She looks like hell, I know. But this Star wing can fight like mad. Kind of like me. The Silooth is my favorite ship. Where to, madame ?"


15-06-2005 04:13:49

Keshik's ship landed on the surface on Mustafar.
It was hot. He could feel it from his cockpit. The Old Jedi Starfighter served him well. He had found it a while ago, but had restored it, and modified it to meet modern standards.
The hatch to the cockpit opened up and he clambered out.

The Separatist base was still standing. He knew that the last thing done here was the slaughter of Nute Gunray, and the other Separatist leaders. It would serve his pupose though.
'R5, send the signal to the droids' Keshik said. His R5 bleeped to life.
A few seconds later, several droids dropped down from space.
'These droids will serve their purpose' Keshik said to himself. He drew his blade.
It was a Katana. A weapons forged from many layers of steel wrapped around eachother. Although this one was forged from the same metals used to make the Ancient Sith Swords. It was strong, very strong.

The droids circled him. 13 in total. His lucky number.
Springing into action, he sliced at the droids. One by one they fell to his wrath. Their blasters never touched him, his enhanced Kel Dorian instincts preventing it.

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15-06-2005 20:39:09

Adalyn had been watching Jaymz the whole time, with a sinking feeling in her stomach. Her heart went out to Macron for saving him, but she had to get to Jaymz. Finally getting to him, she saw the bone sticking out of his sking. Her first instinct was to throw up, but she had to help him. Picking him up under his arms, she tried to drag him without damaging his leg any more than it was. She managed to get both of them back to the main terrace, where she stopped for a rest.


15-06-2005 21:50:57

Jaymz felt Adalyn touch him and instantly he forgot about the pain. He knew it was bad and he was losing alot of blood. But that didn't seem to matter to him as long as he was with Adalyn.

He looked up at her and said. "Are you okay, the heat here can mess with you?"


15-06-2005 21:58:01

"I'm fine, the heat doesn't bother me. It's you I'm worried about. I don't know what to do. Jaymz, what am I supposed to do?" Adalyn was half screaming at him, but she couldn't help it. She was worried sick, but she had no idea what to do. She pressed her hands to her head and tried to think, but it was impossible. She looked at Jaymz. He was losing a lot of blood, but she couldn't do anything.


15-06-2005 23:00:33

"Sheesh. This is a battle arena", Raven said, igniting a crimson practice saber, complimented by the lava gysers. It made quite a spectacular image.

"Macron, get over here you little demon", he said, pointing the saber at Macron. Time to have fun. Raven grinned.


16-06-2005 20:51:38

Jaymz shook his head and looked back down at the wound. As he had learned before, wounds are physical thing. Limbs could be replaced, weapons could be rebuilt, Lives could be restructered. He did not care about the injury. He managed to prop himself up on a railing with his mechanical arm.

He looked at her while he struggled and gave her a half smile. "So what up?"


16-06-2005 21:00:58

Adalyn stared at him like he was crazy. "Jaymz, look at yourself. You need help." She knew he was fighting it, which was a good sign. But she was still worried.


16-06-2005 21:12:36

Jaymz shook his head and looked down at the droids that were being engulfed in fire and lava, and gave out a short laugh. "They need help, I'm fi....." before he could finish the sentence he fell unconcious from the blood loss.


16-06-2005 21:38:33

Realizing that she had done nothing to help him, Adalyn rushed to his side. He was hurt, badly. Feeling like a moron for stopping and letting him stand up, she picked him up again. She began to drag him to her ship. Once she got there she put him in the bacta tank.


21-06-2005 12:36:37

After several hours of being in the Bacta Tank, Jaymz's leg had been fixed for the most part. The skin was healed and the bone was in place, but not reconnected. Jaymz's eyes shot open as memories of what happened flooded his head. His mind immeadiatly went to Adalyn.

Looking around franticly he saw her sleeping in a crash seat next to the Bacta Tank. There was datapad on the inside of the Tank that allowed Jaymz to drain the bacta and get out silently.

After kissing her on the forehead he moved to the cabin space where she always kept a spare set of inner robes for him. Then after putting the robes on he moved over to the crash seat next to Adalyn and sat down laying his head on her shoulder and falling into a light sleep.


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If these are going to become problems then I'll be more than happy to delete them all.  Your post counts will go down the drain right along with the run-ons.

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A shuttle quickly pierced the atmosphere and hovered roughly 10 meters over the training terrace. Those standing on the ground looked up with mixed curiosity and dread, there was something not right. There was no life force within the ship all of the Jedi could sense nothing but the dark mechanical void. After hovering for less then a minute the hatch on the shuttle began to open and approximately two dozen tracking droids poured out of the hatch.

An instant later their shields visible powered on as each droid acquired a target and opened fire on those below.


02-08-2005 11:56:22

Out of no were, A figure in black robes cut thru two of the droids. The orange saber hummed as the shaded figure landed and started to delfect some of the blaster fire. "Dont just stand there! You guyz have weapons, so do something about it, so you guyz can go on and kill each other." the hooded figure said as he a blaster bullet went past his head revealing his face.

"Doku, so glad you could join us." Esca said as he delfected some of the blaster fire. "See your trying out your new saber."

"Well I heard there was some of us here on Mustafar, so I decided to jump on a ship and come for the training." Doku said as he delfected some of the blaster bolts away from him.

"Whos idea was this anyway, to have a training match out here in the middle of Mustafar?" Doku said as he ducked behind some crates to take a breather.


02-08-2005 18:00:26

Fenn stood in the diminuitive and rather unkept armory on Mustafar. The area was, he was told, originally created for new recruits to rent a training saber for the durration of their training. That idea seemed to have died out long ago. The reception desk was empty, and the floor was littered with volcanic dust. Fenn moved into the back, where he assumed the sabers were kept. On several, also heavily dusty carts, he did indeed find several lightsabers. Fenn picked up one of them and flicked the igniter switch, but nothing happened. Throwing it aside, he tried another, and another. On his fourth attempt, he was rewarded with a high-frequency whine, and the saber suddenly became white-hot. Dropping the hilt instantly, Fenn watched as the 'blunt end' of the saber, where the power source was located, quickly liquify and pool on the floor, before solidifying again.

Using his limited Force abilities to speed along the healing of his singed hand [AH], Fenn finally laid eyes upon the final saber in the rack. Giving a quick prayer to the darkness, Fenn activated the weapon, holding the hilt by the tips of his fingers (so as not to be burnt again). The saber springed to life, a red-yellow beam of ionized energy. Studying the beam intently, the Journeyman gave an experimental swing on the now empty shelf. The beam stopped at the edge of the metal rack, and as Fenn continued to apply pressure, the blade slowly seared right through the metal bar.

Fenn deactivated the saber, and clipped it to his belt. Hearing the sounds of combat from the upper levels, towards the location of the docking platforms, Fenn took off at a fast sprint, eager to test his new weapon against a true foe. Finding a man wearing Knight robes crouched behind several shipping crates, Fenn decided now was as good a time as any to get to know some of the people he would be training with. The Protector approached the Knight's position carefully, making sure to make his presence known so as to not be attacked by mistake. Fenn said, "Hello, Knight. I'm Fenn Ashune. It's nice to see even the Equites use this facility once in a while."

He gave a curt nod and responded, "I'm Doku. Try not to get yourself killed." With that, he reentered the fray, cleaving through a droid with its shield down, and connecting with one with its shield up. Fenn ran after him, drawing his saber and bringing it into a basic defensive posture. This was good, as a droid pounced on him, bringing a shielded forearm down upon his blade. Fenn struggled against the pressure, bracing himself from tipping over with one leg extended back. Fenn slowly brought the blade down the length of the droid arm, draining it of shield energy. His hands were beginning to tire, but he was nearing his goal. Fenn came to the droid's elbow joint, pushed his saber past it, and thrust upwards with his last remaining strength. The arm came off with a metallic screech, clattering to the metal floor. The Obelisk presssed his advantage, swiping at the robotic neck. The swing was not powerful enough to completely behead the droid, however it sliced cleanly about halfway through wires, gears, and circuts before encountering a metal it could not penetrate. The droid gave a lurch, and its exposed illuminated circuts died. The Protector quickly withdrew the blade, and the droid fell with a reverberating clunk to the floor.

I could get used to this... Fenn had a chance to think, before another enemy began to target him. Fenn once again raised his sword defensively.


02-08-2005 19:40:38

The fight continued, people were either shooting at the droids, cutting at the droids, or even delfecting the shots back at the droid, making fun of it. These droids however, were different. They had a tougher sheild then the ones hes foughten before, and some of them, had a thicker shield. Doku finished cuting one in half, when he noticed a new kind of droid. This droid was an older model of the Grappler droids, but armed with sabers. This might get interesting thought Doku as he readyed himself in the Soresu stance as the droid charged him. "Jeez these new droids are good guyz!" Doku said as he blocked an oncomming saber strike and switched to Shi Cho, and went on the offesnsive. Doku saw the biggest oppening he may ever get. The droid decided to switch on offensive and steped to the side. Doku jummped over the droid and stabbed it right in its eye.

Pulling the saber out, Doku cut the droid in half at a horizontal angle and continued fighting. Esca and others that weild lightsabers moved on to the new droids while the others were still practicing on the delfection techniques. Not many of the new droids were left, seeing that they all went down quite easy after everybody figured out what they did wrong.

"Well this wasnt much of a fight." Doku said as he turned and pointed at Fenn. "You, come, you came for a sparring match, and hear is were you will get one." Doku said taking off his robes, tighting his boots and set himself in a Soresu fighting stance. "You are welcome to make the first move". Doku said as he waited, while the others either watched or continued training and talking amongest themselves.


03-08-2005 02:13:04

Fenn had just finished with his second droid when he heard Doku issue his challenge. Fenn turned to see the Knight standing over the wrecked husks of two battle droids. The Protector marveled at the strength afforded to the user of a true lightsaber. To Fenn, this was close to a mortal combat situation, but the Journeyman suspected that Doku found this no more life threatening than target practice.

Fenn gathered all his knowledge on lightsaber combat in his mind and stance. He recognized Doku's stance as that of Soresu. Fenn held his saber with both hands, bent his knees, and turned his left flank toward the Dark Jedi Knight. If he wants to play on the defensive, that's fine with me, Fenn thought as he advanced on his opponent.

The Daemoni Trooper charged into his opponent, giving a powerful downward slash. Doku blocked it simply, adding a slight pressure to push Fenn back a couple feet. Fenn used the momentum to pivot on his left foot clockwise, building strength for his next attack. Even this stronger swipe, however, was not able to penetrate the Knight's defense. Fenn backed off a couple meters, processing the info he had received from the skirmish. He's quite the strong one; I may have to resort to an alternative method.

Macron Sadow

03-08-2005 10:08:37

Macron Goura watched from the side as the two fought. He had been here before, and had come back after dropping Rayne off back at her home. His star wing was parked nearby, and he was drawn to the ongoing battle as he sensed the Force being used. Practice was always good.

A stray droid approached him, and Macron decided to try something new. He held up a gauntleted fist, and used the Force to crush the droid's head, like Sadowites were known to be able to do. It was a dicey go, but he felt the power of hatred flow through him.
"Wow, that actually worked!" he giggled. "Neat."

The crack and hum of clashing blades drew his attention. He moved forward and peered around the edge of the support wall, and noticed two Dak Jedi crossing blades. he studied them intenyl, keeping his presence hidden as best as he was able.

"Soresu... ah. I wonder who the victor will be." He stepped into the open, and hailed the two as he took up a Makashi stance. "Dibs on the winner!" he chuckled cheerfully. He lit his crimson blade as an afterthought.


03-08-2005 13:46:23

Doku noticed out of the corner of his eye that Macron wanted a fight. But he didnt care who it was. Fenn was still on the offensive, trying to land a hit on the Soresu student. Hit after hit, the young Protector got even more angryier, missing most of his hits or either being blocked by the saber. "Come now Fenn, I know you can probally do better then that." Doku said as he parryed an attack from Fenn, and switched to Shi Cho, Doku's primary form. Fenn tryed to block at the best of his abilitys, but it wasnt helping.

Then Doku saw in opening. Doku went for it, but remebered that he wasnt an enemy. As Fenn went to slash at Doku, he blocked the attack and kicked Fenn to the ground, making him slide a couple of feet. Doku jumped up in the air, and landed on Fenn, putting the saber to his neck.

"Enough!" yelled Esca as he apporached Doku from behind. "You know the rules of this training center" Esca said as he put his hand on Doku's shoulder. Doku deactivated his saber, and walked next to Macron, sat down and took a breather.

Fenn, was in shock on how close it was about to end. Esca helped him up, and whispered in his ear, or from the looks of it were Doku was sitting. Fenn looked back at Doku and bowed, Doku nodded and gave a little clap for his efforts. "Soon you will have a saber Fenn, then we can really fight." Doku said as he clipped his saber on his belt.

Doku looked up at Macron, by this time he had deactiviated his saber and looked back down at him. "In a few minutes Macron, let me catch my breath." Doku said as he layed back on the floor, his legs hanging off the side.

Macron Sadow

03-08-2005 19:21:17

"Sure man, no problem." Macron eyed the Protector Fenn and licked his lips. "Nice job with your anger. However, you must focus it more. Control the Force, do not let it control you. That is the lightie way. Just a thought."

Macron bowed to Esca as well, having met him before. He never took his eyes off him though, he knew better. The alchemist knew of his weapon, the Chariguai, as well.

"You want some pratice guys? Try these... I just made them and they need a tryout." The Sith keyed his comm unit, and several nasty skeletal Sith droids stalked into view. They each had an arm mounted blaster and a vibroblade, and silently approached the four.

There were ten of them, and they attacked immediately. Macron lit his red blade and grinned as he stepped forward to attack. "Oh yeah. One thing... they have alchemical armor and will not be nearly so easy as those last ones. "


03-08-2005 19:38:11

uzbad burst onto the scene and poked people.


17-10-2005 16:15:18

Noktar's Lambda-class shuttle settled down on the seemingly deserted landing pad. The ramp extended down and the Falleen walked with confidence onto the planet. Immediately he started to feel dry. That's why he came here. To train himself to move in bad conditions. He went through his usual series of combos and exercise routines. Something else descended from the sky. Noktar looked up to see an incoming ship.

He smiled. "Looks like I'm gonna have some company," he said as he watched the ship made its way towards the landing pad...


17-10-2005 17:08:13

The Theta Class 2c shuttle was landing right next to its cousin

"Hey i came here to train, anybody up for it?"
"I will" said the Falleen
The sweat dripped and matted his wet fur as he walked to Noktar
"Name your weapon"


18-10-2005 14:23:35

"I have my Sc'rath with me," Noktar said. "What about you?"


18-10-2005 18:04:32

"My Krath War Blade and my vibronucklers"
"So how did you come to find the Dark Brotherhood, Noktar?"
he said as he got into a stance


19-10-2005 10:55:56

"Well, it's quite a long tale," he said as he dropped into his own stance. Balance was always key in his stances, he found that he could do more in one simple stance than in a difficult position. He stabbed his Sc'rath forward aiming for Rage's stomach. Rage deftly sidestepped and countered with a slice to his head, which Noktar neatly ducked.

"The short of it is, when I took my journey away from home, I had heard of the Db mentioned in a bar. I tried prying more info, but got nothing. So I hired someone to get that info for me," Noktar said. Rage executed a series of combos that Noktar managed to block... barely. He had backed up to the edge of the platform and felt the heat rise from the surface. Thinking quickly, he propelled himself with the Force into a backflip and landed on the extended walkway on the other side.

"After he told me what I needed to know, I killed him and headed here," He finished. "What about you?"

Gaidal Dupar

19-10-2005 13:12:05

It was too far off to clearly notice him, but he was there already. In the shadows that were enlightened by small magma outbursts coming from the core of Mustafar. The man just stood there, watched this battle and grinned. It had been a while since he last fought here against a formidable opponent. He looked upon a young Novice who was willing to face a full-grown Protector. The Sith realized it was different than in his days as a Novice. One mostly had to literally drag such students into a fight. Perhaps times did change, or perhaps it was just a ritual only Krath understand. He did not know and he did not really care.
The shadows gave him all the shelter he needed and could not be seen by any of the two duellists. They were not fully trained so the Dark Jedi Knight did not have to use the Force to hide his Force signature. He witnessed that the two were taking their stand and were preparing their first position. Interesting, he thought, and started walking small circles in the darkness. He had to be honest with himself, he was almost bred for war. He could not live without and seeing such a battle made him restless. He could not deny urge to participate in such a fight and fully become one with his style of fighting with a lightsaber, the Hawk Bat Form. On the other hand, he was not willing to spoil a good fight. He knew that Noktar Jameki was a mere student, but the young Krath had something that made the Sith wonder. It could be something of a foolish bravery or did the man actually have an interteresting career in front of him. All these questions and so little answers, even when he had been following this Krath for quite some time now. Gaidal Dupar al'Tor decided to wait and see how this duel would develop itself.


19-10-2005 17:52:07

"My Father was a Jedi during The Clone Wars"
He did a flurry of attacks at Noktar who barley blocked them
"Go on"
"Which explains my force-sensetivity"
Noktar surprised rage with a side-swipe that cut some of his fur
"Nice, He taught me the ways of the jedi even how to use a lightsaber, but i had anger which he saw as a weakness"
"So you left"
"So i left and became a scout for the empire as much of my childhood friends did, but i also became a smuggler"
"During a run you heard of the DB?"
"Yes, and since then i become more powerful"
He swiped at Noktar who moved his head and the tip of the blade barley missed his nose
"i recently had my father 'Removed'"


19-10-2005 18:38:24

"Ahh, meddlesome fathers. Trust me I know the feeling," he said as he dodged yet another of Rage's attacks. He sidestepped and turned, letting his blade fly towards his opponent. Rage turned to block and felt the blade dig a little into his neck. He smiled.

"Pretty slick move for a Novice. Wouldn't happen twice, you know," Rage said as he moved away from the blade. Noktar nodded slightly and said, "I know that. But at least it worked."


19-10-2005 20:55:53

Rage cleand the cut in his neck a bit then threw away his swrod then used his vibronucklers he sent a flurry of punches at Noktar who fell over
"Here let me help you up"

Gaidal Dupar

20-10-2005 13:52:56

While looking at the duel, he found it difficult to keep controlling his emotions. The lust to fight came boiling to the surface and sweat appeared on his forehead. He grabbed his Shinamoor staff and prepared himself for a Force jump. The Sith waited for one brief moment, took a deep breath and easily jumped right between Rage and Noktar.

"Good day gentlemen" he said polite, "are you perhaps interested in sparring with me?"

After that he enlarged the short staff into a long version with sharp knives at the end. The Dark Jedi Knight jumped away again onto another platform. There he hid again in the shadows and it was like nothing happened. Although the two duellists still looked puzzled by sudden appearance of the Knight.


20-10-2005 16:15:36

What the... Noktar thought. The knight had come and just as quickly disappeared. This was getting stranger by the minute. He raised his hand to Rage.

"Truce until we find him?" he said.

Rage smiled. "You couldn't beat him anyway. I'll take him and you watcha good fight." He turned and walked down the wlkway toward the admin building.

Noktar chuckled at the Protector. He obviously didn't respect his abilities. Time to change that, he thought as he followed him...


20-10-2005 17:18:28

Revenge yawned as he walked around the terrace. The Krath Priest was an experienced fighter and knew who was a newbie when he saw them. He walked around and saw Rage and Noktar running, obviously looking for something. Ignoring them, he ignited his lightsaber with the stereotypical snap-hiss and threw off his cloak. Feeling the Force flow through him, he started one of his many velocities, amazed at how fast he could get his blade moving.


20-10-2005 19:50:10

Rage jumped a few feet in the air on to a raised platform
He waited for noktar
"Ok Gaidal is a DJK so lets be careful, ha what am i thinking lets go"


25-10-2005 10:41:29

Jaymz leaned against an old scarred pillar. the heat that was rising from the river of lava several hundred feet velow still wafting up through his clothes making him sweat profusely. He watched as the others began to gang up on Gaidal in a Sparring match. Perhaps he could join them. In a swift move he fell down towards them and landed beside Gaidal, katana drawn.

"Gaidal. Long time no see."


25-10-2005 12:30:43

Two of them? he thought. Not exactly what I had in mind. Noktar cautiously approached both of them, wondering what in the world was going on between them.

Gaidal Dupar

25-10-2005 18:18:05

(OOC: there is an usual tension between the character of Jaymz and Gaidal. You could compare them a bit to their role models; Anakin Skywalker and Revan. Completely different characters and they would probably dislike each other. This is just IC the issue between and I'm also referring to the story 'Heroes & Charlatans' in the writer's corner!)

"It can never be to long if you ask me, Jaymz" Gaidal grinned, "or should I say Jaymz II, little clone friend of mine?"
"Those are mere allegations, you can't prove any of those!" the Novice yelled, "You were always so stubborn and prejudiced, Dupar. It just wasn't me who you intended to fight, because I was framed. Someone made a complete fool out of me. I'm not the one to blame for it! Just fight this battle with, for the good-old times?"
"There are no "good-old times" concerning you and me, Nemesis" the Knight growled, "You were framed? So you say, but can you prove any of this? I lost my hospitality ever since you, or your clone, pretended to kidnap Langis. That was the worst mistake you could ever make. So my conclusion; this fight and that's it1"

Noktar and Rage were surprised by the discussion of these two men. They were obviously anything but friends and it seemed like they shared a troubling past. Noktar was intrigued by the two and they both reminded him of great Jedi and Sith from the past. Like Sykwalker and Darth Revan. He placed his finger on his chin and sensed them a bit as far as his powers allowed it.

Jaymz was fuelling himself and his powers with pure and raw rage. Although he was a Novice, one could consider him a brave and fearsome opponent. His style and knowledge of battle moves was impressive, because one could tell it from every step the man took. He did nothing without a reason or a purpose. Besides his untamed strength, the man also had a bravery uncommon for a Novice. Like he had seen many battles and almost experienced everything already twice. And there was arrogance, that was in every nerve of the Sith. It could mean his downfall and that was valuable information.

Noktar nodded to Rage and whispered the wordt 'arrogance'. The other nodded and they had mutual understanding. Good, because the other was a completely different case. Gaidal was a mystery to the both of them, probably for everyone in the DB. It was one the names that rings a bell, but everyone would be without an answer what the Kyandrian was like. Noktar reached out for him and sensed anger, hatred and bloodthirst. Nothing unusual there, although the Knight easily combined these emotions for a better purpose, to function more easily. Noktar tried to dig deeper, but was blocked. Even after several attempts. What was the man hiding? It was the key probably to his weakness, but the Krath did not have the power to go around it. Besides that, the man was powerful. A fully trained Knight with a lightsaber and always plotting strategies. Adapting and anticipating on situations. Noktar had seen it before.

If he and Rage wanted to get these two, they had to take advantage of the troubling bond between their opponents. Even then it would a long shot, because they were still up against a Dark Jedi Knight.


26-10-2005 11:04:19

((You stole the words out of my mouth!! j/k Seriously, I don't think i can write a post after that, so make a move, so i can write a real post!))

Macron Sadow

26-10-2005 19:55:35

The fighters felt a tremor in the Force, from one of the blazing hot areas at the edge of the lava below. Mononoke stood there, taking searing heat that would kill an unprotected man in his armor. He appeared to be beating on some metallic object with a hammer as the waves of heat
distorted their vision.

As they watched, he pulled a glowing chain of strange links from the lava directly using tongs.
It hissed as he quenched it further away from the fire with what could only be a bucket of blood.

He began to stride toward the cooler areas, whipping his still smoking chain around him to test the mettle of the material. He noticed the fight, and raised an eyebrow.

"Interesting," he thought.


26-10-2005 21:44:59

"Noktar, these guys are boring me i think ill see what macrons doing"
Rage jumped down from the main platform he laned right by macron
"Watcha doin?"

Macron Sadow

26-10-2005 22:08:40

"Oh, just finishing up my alchemical chain. It is done. Right here, Anakin was struck down and lay in agony." He indicated a spot on the basaltic floor that throbbed with the Dark Side. The bucket sat directly upon it.

"So who is Gaidal fighting up there? "


27-10-2005 00:53:42

"jaymz "answered cain. who had jumped down off one of the cliffs above "you know it is funney i thought he was dead hmm guess i was wrong" cain shrugged. "so how powerful is that chain of yours?"


27-10-2005 02:34:20

"Right here you say" rage questioned
"Yes i can feel it" caine said
Rage sat down cross-legged
"Watcha goin to do?"
"Im goin to meditate here"


27-10-2005 08:55:45

Jaymz's eyes narrowed on the Jedi Knight. Despite being only a Novice for now, Jaymz knew that every man had a weakness. He noticed from observing Gaidal earlier that he had quite a bit of strength with him, but not nearly as much as Jaymz. Jaymz's strength and mind would have to get him through this battle for now, though he would have some trouble with Gaidal's lightsaber.

He hadn't come here ot fight with Gaidal, he had actually come to make ammends, but Jaymz saw that some feuds had to be layed to rest through force. Jaymz reached inside his Inner Robes and removed his Glaive. With a quick twist of his wrist it slide into its 3 blade formation.

"So this is how it must go. We will end eachother in bloodshed. So be it." Jaymz started encircling Gaidal, waiting for the first attack. His glaive at the ready in front of him and his mechanical arm's fist in a ball behind him.

Gaidal Dupar

30-10-2005 14:47:11

The red flickering in the irisses were the only proof that Gaidal was draining power from the Force. He looked towards his old Nemesis and it seemed like he grew every second. Although the Knight was smaller with his 5'11" than Jaymz, he was not scared of the colossal man. He never had been afraid of him, because he got to know his opponent a long time ago.

"You just don't get it, Jaymz!" Gaidal growled, "we were supposed to confront Noktar and Rage. Instead you bored Rage, so he took off and as a final result you still have the strongest desire to confront me. ENOUGH!"

Gaidal raised the hood of his cloak once more and jumped into the darkness. None could tell if he was still there or was already gone.


02-11-2005 05:03:46

Rage heard the anger of the voice but contuined to meditate at the spot where Vaders arrogance took the better of him
"Remember his lesson, my son" He heard his father, Master Voolvif Monn talk in the distance.....


02-11-2005 15:57:34

cain sighed he had to get back to work making his new sword using the force to jump back up on the cliff he grabbed his hammer and started to beat a white hot piece of metal.


03-11-2005 19:39:12

"At last i am done" smiled cain as he held the sword in the air
now to test its strength he looked for marcon seeing him he ran to where he was. "hey marcon use your lightsaber to see if my sword can hold up to it."


04-11-2005 02:32:29

Rage got up and jumped as high as he could go which was about 45 ft in the air at the least.


17-11-2005 15:46:11

((err ok is anyone goin to post here or is this dead :mellow: ))


19-11-2005 02:35:20

how about you?


19-11-2005 17:17:11

((yea i guess i am still here still working on a few things))
((just hav'nt had time to post that tis all))


15-05-2006 08:09:23

Krayn's transport shuttle landed on the weak, molten ridden landing pad that connected to the mining station. He had heerd about the rule this place had played in the making of Dark Jedi and thier riegn, and thought it best to come here and see for himself. As such he had heard of a training system going on in Mustafar made enhance Journeymen's fighting skills under pressure.

Krayn's dark cloak swished back and forth as he exited the ramp of the cargo ship. Mentally he made a note to go to Corusant to begin looking for a ship. It didn't have to be new and he'd rather it be rather destroyed so he could build it up to his liking.

Krayn felt the wait of his training saber weighing down on his belt and looked down to the silver hilt. He had given up his knife for this weapon. He uncliped the weapon and ignited it, the blue blade buzzing ((Say that 5 times fast)) and emitting a vibrant glow that didn't seem to bode well with the red of the planet.

Cal Tecontic

16-05-2006 16:12:53

Cal felt the presence of another Obelisk land and wondered what the hell was going on. He thought that the training facility had been abandoned long ago, which is why he wanted it to be a meditation place for him. Doesn't look like that's going to happen, he thought.

He viewed the moniters and noticed the man igniting a blue saber. Well, he wants to train, huh? he thought. Flipping a small switch, he spoke into a comm system that reverberated around the facility.

"Greetings! While I am not so much of a fighter myself, I could help you in your training. Would you care fight a few old battle droids?" With that, he pressed a few sequences into the computer and some of the battle droids whirred to life. "Oops, too late! I guess you have to anyway!"

He settled into a small chair and watched the viewscreen for what should be an interesting fight...


19-05-2006 17:59:29

Krayn nodded to Cal and moved towards the five droids. The training saber wasn't nearly hot enough to cut through the metal of the Robots, but it was hot enough to sever the wires that plagued the inside of the machine.

As the five machines turned and rose thier weapons, Krayn jumped for cover behind a wall as they opened fire. Krayn peeked around the corner as thier weapons overheated. Apon seeing 2 wiuthin 5 feet of him, he put his hand out and brought it back quickly. The treads came forward on the droids and they fell. He got up and ran across the field letting his lightsaber fall across thier midsection, frying the wiringn inside and thus killing them.

The other three turned to him with thier blasters ready, though Krayn was already apon them. With an upward slash, he disposed of the the first one. And following through with the slash he dropped down and slashed the midsection of one, disabling it as well. Now his lightsaber was to the left now. He turned it around and stabbed it directly into the chest of the third one, killing it.

He looked up to Cal. "Not bad...."

Cal Tecontic

22-05-2006 15:17:30

"I could definitely say the same about yourself," the loudspeaker blared back at Krayn. He definitely had some skill, there was no doubt about that in Cal's mind. Just watching him was entertaining enough, but what made it more interesting was his style of fighting. It was most definitely Banlanth, the learning form, but it was as if he had added a little flair to it. The stab, and the way he held the blade was slightly different.

It's because he has seen combat. He's seen a jedi fight before and he's trying to mimic. That has to be it, Cal thought. After typing in a new sequence of commands, he said, "Well, see if this fits you, Clanmate. I've reprogrammed the comm systems to display lifelike holographic images onto the platform. Kinda like a flight simulator, only it's on the ground. The artificial intelligence in the computer will try to evade you, but if you hit it with your blade, it will shut down, disappearing. Try to dodge whatever it throws at you. I think that should be some good training for you."

Krayn nodded up at Cal, readying his blade for anything. But nothing could prepare him for what showed up on the platform. A team of stormtroopers materialized behind him, while a full group of battle droids showed in front of him. A small battle started as both sides got behind cover and fired their blasters. Krayn dodged behind a small loading droid, it's functionality long gone. Holographic blaster bolts flew around him, as he brought a small comm unit to his lips.

"What the hell is this and how did you do that?" Krayn said.

"It's just a recorded holo from the archives, I just put an artificial intelligence in it to include you. The droids are your enemies and the troopers are your allies. the only thing is that the troopers won't acknowledge anything you tell them. Have fun!" Cal replied. Once more he settled into his chair...


26-05-2006 10:10:15

Krayn nodded to cal as this might be a bit more of a challenge. He looked over the droid he was hiding behind and surveyed the enemies. There was a platoon of droids, about 24 of them ducking and bobbing between loading crates. Krayn noticed and access hatch above them hauling a lava filled canister into the factory.

Krayn reached out into the darkside and put his hand up to the canister. It broke off of its chains and fell onto the platform, lava exploding across it and demolishing droids as well as some stormtroopers.

Krayn had ducked behind a crate before it hit and was safe for the moment, though he didn't know how well the platform will hold up.