The Gardens of the Brotherhood

Langis Gyn Histop

27-05-2005 16:19:38

Upon entering, Langis looked around. She had only just heard that the brotherhood actually had a garden. The sheer size of the place was incredible. She saw the winding paths, the twisted trees, and the well kept flowers of every kind and smiled. Low Apprentices and Initiates, waiting to take thier test, served as the gardeners. She walked around, looking at the incredible amount of plantlife.

[This is not your normal garden. The flowers are evil looking, the trees are twisted, and most of the plants are apparently engineered. The size of this place is huge, surrounded in a huge greenhouse like building. This is a place that many come to find solitude with others, or they come for some meditation. They mass amount of life is tainted in the Dark Side, which gives it it's unusual appearence. Please feel free to establish connections and relations with others in the Brotherhood!]


27-05-2005 17:03:58

A Jedi Hunter, simply named Lech, sat kneeled on the ground at the base of a twisted tree, meditating. Behind his closed eyelids, within his mind, he saw images of swirling power emanating from an undescribable central force. Everytime he reached his hand out to grasp the powerful emanations, it retracted itself back into the ebony abyss.

The images soon disapeared as he realized someone was taping him on the shoulder. He looked up to see a female human quickly retreat her hand as she saw the anger build up in Lech's face due to his disturbed meditation.

"What do you want?"

Gaidal Dupar

27-05-2005 17:46:04

"She didn't want to disturb you, my dearest Lech", a voice said from behind a dark tree in an unusual shape. From the shadows of this tree, Gaidal Dupar entered the gardens. he gave him his nicest smile and grabbed Langis by the arm. While they walked away he whispered to her: "Meditation is one of the most important things for Lech and he really hates it when he's disturbed during his sessions."
They walked and meanwhile Langis had her arm around his. They stopped at a small open spot, where there was a huge fountain built from black rocks. Blood came out of it. It was a bit cruel and sadistic, but beautiful at the same time. At the end of this space was a huge black stone containing lightsabers, the dark equivalent of the one the Jedi had on Coruscant.
"Well, I asked you to join me, because I would like to know you better. You mean something to me, you make a difference... at least to me, my dearest Langis", Gaidal started a conversation.
"I'll show you the hidden spot where my black roses grow, but let us talk a bit first", he continued. She looked at him and smiled.


27-05-2005 20:18:40

Jaymz walked through the gardens, as usual his cloak hood was up and his arms were neatly folded in front of him. He took almost fluid steps as his cloak flowed from side to side as he moved along the path.

Jaymz let his mind wander as he strode amongst the flowers and tree's for the first tiime ever he felt at peace, until he saw Gaidal with Langis. He sighed and continued walking down the path till he came to a tree with some relative space around him so that he might be able to sit.

He knelt down slowly and leaned against the treee closing his eyes and leaning his head back against the tree, feeling the relative ease of the viel of sleep that began to be draped over him as soon as he sat down.


31-05-2005 12:59:14

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Langis Gyn Histop

31-05-2005 16:21:43

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01-06-2005 11:05:29

Somewhere in the middle of the garden, at it's most twisted heart, a few high ranking Jedi stood around, sensing the others in the area.

"Should we warn them?" one of them asked.

"No." A red haired woman shook her head and grinned. "If they can't sense the danger, they aren't worth it."

"As the KHP said," a third person spoke up in a weird sounding voice. "Let us initiate the last test phase on those plants and see what they are capable of."

The first speaker, a tall man in a Sith robe, manipulated a weird and ancient looking device. "According to the old scrolls, the plants in this garden shall soon become carnivorous in a most dangerous way. and all those low ranks will become the mice in our experiment."

"Concentrate," Telona ordered. She was not worried about ther small group, each of them was highly skilled in the ways of the Dark Side and able to control what would happen.

A moment later, the plants, including the grass, begun to change it's nature. A cry could be heard from somewhere, suggesting that one of the dumber Apprentices had already lost his worthless life in the belly of a tree or the suddenly changed blossom of a giant flower. "The fun has begun," the Sith commented.

(Sorry folks, but the whole idea of a Dark Force influenced garden only sitting there not being used for twisted experiments but for romantic strolls was highly disturbing. Better this way ;) )

Langis Gyn Histop

01-06-2005 12:11:43

((Cool by me, it adds a flair to it :P))


01-06-2005 12:40:25

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Langis Gyn Histop

01-06-2005 12:49:52

Gaidal was talking about his plans for some scheme when Langis noticed something. The trees seemed to reach a little closer to the pathway. She looked around and saw the Garden begin to move a round her. Looking at Gaidal, she said, "We have to go right now."

Gaidal got a smile on his face. "Well! I didn't know you were interested that much."

"No, I mean this place is changing. It just seems wrong to me. We have to get out." Langis grabbed his arm and led him towards the exit, running into Jaymz. She saw the jealousy in his eyes and she felt ashamed. However, she knew they had to get out before they couldn't leave...


01-06-2005 13:02:09

Jaymz nodded at Langis and walked past her not caring about his surroundings or what was about to happen to him. He moved to a bench off to the side and sat on it.

Langis Gyn Histop

01-06-2005 13:11:46

Langis stopped as she saw Jaymz sit down on a bench. She looked from Gaidal, who was beginning to see why they needed to get out, to Jaymz.

"Jaymz! We have to get out!" she said to him. She felt Gaidal tugging her arm now fought against it. She saw Jaymz merely turn his head away, and she felt pity. Looking back at the exit, she saw the trees start to block them, making it impossible to leave...


01-06-2005 13:17:32

Jaymz saw the trees block the exit as well and he sighed with a small laugh. He got up from his seat and walked over to the trees. he put his hand out in front of him and began concentrating. Slowly but surely the trees pryed open ensuring a safe passage for her and Gaidal.

"Go, I can't hold it forever." He said smiling.

Gaidal Dupar

01-06-2005 13:55:13

"Once a hero, always a hero?", Gaidal asked Jaymz before he would leave with Langis. Jaymz looked at him and Gaidal could sense that the anger anr hatred were flowing through him.
"You remember your rolemodel Lord Vader, right? You know what happened to him, right? Always trying to be a hero and in the end he died", Gaidal laught out loud.
"Well, I respect you as my ally, which would fit our business relationship the most I guess. Let me give you a small advice; don't die as easy as he did. You have great strength and possibilities, don't waste them on heroïsm", Gaidal said and he realised that he gave the man a compliment.
"Well, got to go", he continued, "have to make sure that Langis survives this large trap!"


01-06-2005 14:02:49

Jaymz shut the foliage behind them and laughed. he wasn't going to take his advice. He was his own person. He was not lord vader and he wasn't trying to be. He would make his own destiny and not make the same mistakes vader did.


01-06-2005 22:34:56

Uzbad frolicked inot the garden, a slightly bemused look on his face. The tree's had slammed shut on Jaymz who was showing off to some girl he had met. Uzbad luaghed to himself. Girls, were what got Darth Vader killed. That sissy man girl. Uzbad could survive without girls and a silly suit. He whipped out his lightsaber and began to cut down tree's and plants that tried to attack him. A large vine snapped out from a tree and attempted to wrap itself around Uzbad's neck. He ducked and brought the energy blade up in one swift motion. A burning smell hung in the air as Uzbad slashed his way through the garden.

Gaidal Dupar

02-06-2005 06:30:31

Gaidal stooped with Langis at another open spot in the Garden, where the plants and trees looked like they were still untouched. All that could change in less tha a second, Gaidal realised that prefectly, but he had some time for Langis without Jaymz.
"My dearest Langis", he said, "I know that Jaymz is tunring more and more into my competitor and I understand that he probably hates me more than Lord Vader ever hated Obi-Wan. I also know that he somehow managed to have an advantage over me. I don't know what exactly makes him so special for you (in fact I do, but in this plot I don't), but I want you to know that I have strong feelings for you. In fact, I noticed the fact that I'm falling in love with you. Usually I would take my time to monitor you, but due to this cursed Garden and my friendly opponent, I don't have much time and every breath I take can be my last."
He stopped for a moment to catch a breath like it would be his last. Langis looked puzzled by his monologue, but was also charmed by what he said.
"Well, Langis. I would love you, I woud worship you and I would die for you. I can offer you a lot and am not greedy. Do whatever pleases you, and now that I care for you. Accept this small gift as token of my personal feelings", Gaidal finished his monologue, while he gave her a beautiful black rose.
Suddenly a tree behind Gaidal came to life and seemed like opening its mouth. Several tentacles came crawling out of it and grabbed him by the leg and neck. The tentacles raised him up into the sky and were trying to strangle. Langis was suprised by what happened and even more with the look on the face of Gaidal. He kept looking at her with the nicest smile and his eyes were twinkling.
"You're special Langis!", he whispered due to the tentacle and after that the the tentacles pulled him directly into the 'mouth' and he vanished without a trace.


03-06-2005 21:28:42

Jaymz saw the plants rustling and descided to investigate. As he saw a figure within he ignited his training saber and cut several of the plants, managing to drag the figure that was Gaidal out of the mess of foliage.

"They sat on the ground looking at each other, niether of them sure why JAymz had did what he did, but Jaymz managed a smile and said "Don't look to much into it Gaidal, your more a friend to me than you think."


04-06-2005 15:46:37

Telona opened her eyes and snickered. Through the plants she and the other two with her could see and hear everything.

"I think it funny these journeymen think this garden is just like any other. They don't know much about this place and yet they don't strive to learn."

"It is more sad than funny Telona. How you find humor in everything I do not know." Said the Sith.

"Hmph learn to lighten up. Now who shall we direct the plants to target?"

"I say just let the plants do their own thing right now and then we can give direction later." Said the third person with the weird voice.

Telona nodded and the three turned back to their experiment.

Macron Sadow

04-06-2005 18:04:29

Macron sidled up to the group.
"Hi! Try some of these mutational chemicals on them. they'll get really big and hungry then for certain."

Macron injected a plant with some greenish substance, and it began to swell.

Gaidal Dupar

05-06-2005 09:20:35

The remark of Jaymz made Gaidal sneer.
"I think we're more of an odd couple than we think", he said, "we couldn't stand each other from the moment we met, but somehow someway something changed along that road of interaction. We began as allies, but are beginning to become friends now. I don't mind."
They both kept quite for a moment.
"You know that she loves you Jaymz", Gaidal mentioned.
The proud Protector looked at him and said nothing.
"Jaymz, she is charmed by me", Gaidal concluded, "but in the end she loves you. Go to her and let me be..."
Suddenly the Gardens came back to life again and they both had to prepare themselves for another fight.


05-06-2005 18:22:49

Jaymz nodded to Gaidal as he got to his feet. He brushed some dirt off of his cloak before checking his training saber for damage. He gave Gaidal a small nod then moved through the foliage to Langis. Despite some dirt on her face and on her cloak he felt she looked more beautiful now then ever.

Jaymz gave her a hug and held her closely

Gaidal Dupar

20-06-2005 04:17:58

Langis and Gaidal walked into the Gardens. It had been some time since they last seen each other, and Gaidal only recently arrived from a dusty and turbulent mission. His red cloack was covered by dirt and dust, but he wanted to see and speak with Langis as soon as possible. Although it had been while that he drank in the Lounge, he immediately realized that something was 'wrong' or 'different'. Tension filled the room and Gaidal noticed Jaymz with another woman. Like the opportunistic gambler he was, he saw the odds changing. That was the main reason he invited Langis here. He bared in mind that the last time he was here an oversized and cranky plant tried to eat him alive.
He looked at her and saw that her face still looked a bit sad and agitated. He tried to hide the grin on his battered face and asked politely:
"Well, my dearest Langis, I don't like to see you in this mood. What exactly happened in the Lounge and with Jaymz? Is there anything I can do to cheer you up, my dearest?"
She looked at the man and a small smile enlighted her face.
"No, no ", Gaidal apologized, "Killing him is not an option!"
He decided to hug her and kissed her softly on the cheek. He knew he was signing his own death warrant with that action, because the Gardens always responded on such passionate actions. Somehow Gaidal was convinced by the idea that the Gardens were enchanted so they would react upon any act of love or passion. Interesting, he thought and he knew there was not much time to continue this conversation, but he still knew he needed to talk to Langis.

Langis Gyn Histop

20-06-2005 16:56:51

Langis felt... she didn't know what she felt. Gaidal came at the wrong time. She was still angry at the world in general, and Gaidal was no exception. Trying to calm herself, she said, "Please do not do that again. I do not wished to be touched like that. And as for Jaymz and I... well, we are through." She looked at Gaidal and found a look of confusion on his face. She turned slightly and led him down the winding path. "He broke my heart. I was in love with him, but he loved another. It doesn't matter anymore though, because he taught me to use that anger and hatred for the dark side. Maybe someday I'll love again, but for now, I don't want anything to do with love."


20-06-2005 18:40:46

Seeing as it was her chance Rayne ordered her assassin droid to follow Gaidal and Langis as she was sneaky and went and planted at least 50 pounds of fireworks by a tree and rolled out the wire so she was 100 feet away before setting them off and running to catch up with Gaidal and Langis. When she reached the two she seemed out of breath as the display of fireworks went off and loud explosions could be heard. "Whatever it was I didn't do it." Rayne confessed almost immidently.

Gaidal Dupar

21-06-2005 09:03:45

Gaidal looked at Rayne, who appeared from the three lines, and said nothing. Why did she always have to be so jealous? Suddenly she ran away from Langis and himself. Besides the oversized firecrackers he had another and bigger problem. He turned around and saw Langis standing with her back towards him. His battered face looked grim and cruel when he said:
"What's love got to do with that? If you think I was trying to seduce, you're incorrect my dearest Langis. I, Gaidal Dupar, was only trying to comfort you and make you feel at ease more. Desires, seductions, etc. will have their place in time, but not now. If I offended you by kissing you on the cheek I humbly apology, but I meant you no harm, no harm at all. It would be wise to use your anger, hatred and disappointment to fill yourself with the power of the Dark Side, so your full potential may grow. I sense a stronger desire in you and I noticed already back there in the Lounge that Jaymz isn't the only one who grew these last few weeks..."
She turned around and looked at him, but her face was untouched and did not betray any emotion. What did Jaymz do to her? Like her soul was forever lost. Gaidal knew the Dark Side came with sacrifices and sometimes those were larger than life, but this felt wrong.
"What did you sense, Gaidal?", she spoke loud and slowly.
"I sense that something 'touched' you. It's like the rancor is out of the bottle, like you found your true strength and power", Gaidal stated cold, "but you do know that this will come with a price? The Dark Side cost me my former Jedi Master, my love and my face. Well, at least my face is intact and still quite handsome, besides the three scars... the other things are forever gone, no longer patterns in the Force. My dearest Langis, may the Dark Side feed upon you... and that it will come with great power and wisdom and don't kill Jaymz... yet."
It made her smile a bit and that was enough for now. The young Guardian was not the kind of man that would easily love someone, in the end he was a perfectionist and hard to live with. Still he adored a lot of women and Langis had a special place in his dark heart. He owuld keep her there and would let her work out her issues by herself. Where did Rayne go? Gaidal knew he had to talk to her as well. It seemed like something twisted his partner-in-crime as well. Maybe Macron knew something?

Macron Sadow

21-06-2005 09:20:46

Macron had been watching from a nearby plant cluster, as he extracted a chemical from it with a syringe. Baardula venom was very useful, and he had a "client" that needed just that sort of encouragment right now. The blue syrupy liquid coursed upwards in the tube as it was drawn out slowly.

The thought of the Rodian's impending agony made Macron smile. Agony always did, whether it was his own or someone else's. Pain was of the Dark Side.

He sensed Gaidal focusing on him, and approached. "You rang?" he intoned.

After listening to Gaidal's question, he thought for a bit. "Why don't you ask her?
And you are right. My path to the Dark Side has cost me much as well. My home, my family, my face... and I don't mean three scars, either. Gaidal, you remind me of something I lost and that is one of the reasons I like you."

It was easy to tell the fearsome Sith tattos and facial paint hid a mass of scars. Macron was an ugly cuss, for sure. He had been handsome once. Now, he didn't give a frell about his looks. It was power that he wanted, looks and love be damned.

"Besides, you know the old saying. If you love, then let go. And if it doesn't return, then hunt it down and kill it."

Macron smiled and turned back to his biological studies with a swirl of his cape.


21-06-2005 10:22:39

Rayne had ran off into the garden a little more and started to play with more fireworks because loud explosions amused her for the time being. And with setting the fireworks off she had to constanly run from the living garden it seemed. As Macron and Gaidal was talking they noticed Rayne go running by again and more loud explosions were heard from the direction she ran. Tripping over a root she fell and hit the ground while plants and bushes started grabbing at her legs.

Kohn Fang

21-06-2005 14:52:01

Kohn, a short figure in flowing dark robes,walked into the Gardens for the first time, having joined this order not too long before he had never had time to wonder around. Looking around he hears fireworks in the distance and decides to find out what is causing the sounds.
He walked until he beheld the odd couple standing not too far from himself, shaking his head he grumbles to himself,
"Fools there should be no love, it is a folly emotion that only can lead to their own demise, they should embrace the more...useful of emotions, such as anger"
As he is about to walk away he spies an odd women runing by as she tripps and falls, watching as the plants slowly creep about her. Resting his back against a nearby tree he decides to sit and watch what happens.


22-06-2005 11:36:09

Jaymz appeared behind Kohn, hidden in the shadows cast by the rather wretched looking trees. He folded his arms when he heard what was said. He of course knew that his engagment to Adalyn was a weakness on his part, but it had so many advantages that he thought it overcame the weakness. Even if he were to lose her there would be no definite way he could die, unless the others found out her secret. And the anger that he got from others doing something to her was incredible, in was like a beast waiting to be rid of the chains deep inside of him.

"I don't believe that, Love is a tool of anger. You should embrace all emotions, then bend them to your will."

Kohn Fang

22-06-2005 14:56:42

Slowly truning around to face the presance he felt behind him, Kohn replied,
"Yes, embrace all emotions bend them to your will, take control of the weak minded...but don't ever get lost in those emotions, unless that is, they lead you to your goal. But i cannot see how "falling" in love will help those goals. Anger can fuel power, Hate can fuel Anger...but love, not so much love but commitment, only fuels your desire to one, fullfil the carnal lusts that are deplorable in a Dark Jedi, and two, to get attached to somoneone that might spell your own downfall. You are right "love" in essance can be bent, yet not commitment.
I do not profess to know all about you and your surcomstances, i only ask, either save yourself now, or kill yourself and spare us all."
With that he turned back to see what happened to the odd woman and the plants.


22-06-2005 15:32:59

Rayne the pink Zeltron, drew one of her scimitars and cut the planets that were grabbing her as she felt a presence watching her as she threw down a smoke bomb and disappeared. Getting up into a tree that was of less violence she sheathed her scimitar and curled up in the tree and started to think to herself about things. If she has fun with fireworks no one seems to like it. Perhaps she should stop trying to have fun and be at everyone's throats and try to get into fights at the drop of a pen.


22-06-2005 15:36:33

"If you are so certain that your power comes from anger and controling the weak, then why do you bother the fallen girl?" Raven, who just happened to be passing through the gardens, said to Kohn, slicing a plant that had been creeping up on him from behind with his knife. Not bothering to check wether he had cut the plant, Raven continued.
"Helping her would go against your philosophies, restricting your power."Raven said, turning to go down a path branching of from the main one, cloak billowing behind him.
"Besides, anyone fool enough to enter this living nightmare of a garden should be able to take care of themself."

Kohn Fang

22-06-2005 20:10:56

I am in total agreance my friend. I never stated i wished to help her..come to think of it i said nothing concerning her, i found the plants reaction to her amusing. This garden in my opinion is beutiful and dangerous, a wonderful i can't help but fond...enticing.

Macron Sadow

22-06-2005 20:22:32

Macron chuckled at the antics of the Zeltron. He loved pyrotechnics.

At the moment, he was extracting sap from a Chuugar vine. The only problem with this was that the vine was carnivorous, and hungry. It huissed and lashed at him with hungry tendrils, seeking his protein and nitrogen as food.

"Stupid plant." Macron drew his blade. "I hate it when a damn talking salad attacks me. Good thing I brought my ranch dressing. Prepare to be hacked."

The other garden walkers could hear the zapping sound his red Sith lightsaber made as he radically pruned the impertinent bush. He was eating the steaming juicy core of the vine like an enemy's heart as he walked up to Raven and Kohn.

"Hi guys," Macron said as the crimson lights on his armored Sith jumpsuit blinked angrily in the heat. "I see you met my pal Rayne. She's a hoot," he grinned as he spoke.

The alchemist bowed, and stalked off in a different direction.


23-06-2005 12:18:07

Jaymz understood what Kohn was saying, but Kohn did not understand what Jaymz was saying. Adalyn may think he had professed his undying loyalty to her, but if sacrifising her would mean more power and anger for him, he would do it without hesitation.

"Who says I am commited?" Jaymz replied before walking to Raven and handing him a piece of a Moon Blade Crystal. "This crystal was found on a moon where the ancient teaching of Sith and Jedi were one, these are one of the rarest and most powerful focusing crystal ever discovered, please except this gift from me because one, I already have one, and two, I don't have anyone else to give it to, or sell it to so yeah"


23-06-2005 14:56:46

Rayne could not take much more of this as she had been watching Gaidal and Langis talk. She knew Gaidal liked talking to women and she made the mistake to fall for his charm. Rayne liked him for who he was, but hated him for the same thing as she knew he treated her like all the others.
Calling her assassin droid, she made a decision. Gaidal needed to be taught a valuable lesson. Rayne would sent her droid after him. Hopping down from the tree she drew her scimitars and walked over to the droid.
"You know what to do?", she asked him.
"Yes my mistress", he replied with a static and monotone voice, "The selfish, arrogant and unreliable specimen need to be taught a lesson."
"Excellent", Rayne answered his statement and it made her smile in the most cruel way.
If only he would walke away from Langis, she could go to confront him about how she felt and about the importance of her feelings. Zeltron or not, she was still a living being capable of loving as well as getting disappointed.As her droid raised his weapon, she grabbed her two cold Scimitars. Rayne remained in the shadows of the treeline and saw the droid going towards its target, until it vanished in the bushes.
Gaidal was moving away from Langis and was thinking. Suddenly he heard a click meaning the cock of a weapon behind him and then noticed that Rayne was walking towards him her weapons drawn and anger seemed to show on her face.
"Well, my dearest Rayne", Gaidal said with a friendly smile, "what brings you here? I was looking for you after the fireworks? Wondering why you did what you did!"

Kohn Fang

23-06-2005 17:08:31

Why thank you Jaymz, yes it is a very rare crystal, though i have no use for it, it is very valuable. But i would like you to know that you started this conversation, in the defense of love, meaning that you had some reason to defend it, and with your mind in the state that it is in now, i know that you are struggling with it yourself. Though it might sound cliche...follow what your heart, not what you try to convince it to think, but what it is actually telling you.
Thank you for this conversation...and who was that very odd fellow that just walked up?


23-06-2005 17:59:25

Raven was meditating when he heard Kohns voice.

Appearing behind the Acolyte like a wraith, he silently slid a two foot blade in front of Kohn's neck, and whispered into his ear.

"You act like a jedi. No sign of anger or emotion. You thank everyone for there acts and never are aggressive. And you're a fool. In case you didn't notice, he gave the crystal to me." Raven concluded, sheathing the knife.

"Act like that to you superiors, and you might die quicker than you would in a room alone with me."

Langis Gyn Histop

23-06-2005 18:22:26

Langis had been drifting away from him, but she thought she was ready to tell him how she was feeling. She made her way back to where she thought he would be, only to stop short at the sound of his voice. She crouched behind a Faadalen plant and listened to the conversation. "I was trying to get your attention. But it obviously didn't work, you being so wrapped up in your conversation with Langis," Rayne said with cold conviction. A look of puzzlement spread over his face, and Gaidal put his hands up. "Now Rayne, you know that pointing those things around can hurt someone," he said, gesturing at her scimitars. She smiled a cold, deadly smile. "I know perfectly well," she said. She raised her blade up and swiped down... only to land on Langis' drawn dagger. "You won't touch him!" Langis said, anger evident in her voice.


23-06-2005 20:42:56

"Kohn, come over here,"Raven said, pointing at a spot under a odd tree. "These two girls will be ones to grow stong. They let their anger blossom now, and when they are more in tune with anger's connection with the dark side, they will learn to control it as they do with the force. Pay attention to them. Allow their emotions to flow from them and into you. Embrace the anger, then twist it to your own designs. Weild it. Master it. Then you will truly have weapon of infinite power."

Raven stepped back into the shadows and begain to meditate again.

"And don't call me a freind. My trust does not come easily."

Gaidal Dupar

24-06-2005 10:10:49

Gaidal did not see Langis at first. Where did she come from and for what reason did she return? He knew he could love Langis in time and adored the face that symbolised perfection optima forma. Still she made it perfectly clear that she was not available right now and despite the fact that he would probably follow her to the end of the Force if she asked him, he was confident enough to declare that he would wait and see what would happen between them. Women, Gaidal thought, they gave his sad life color and twisted his judgment. It made him sneer a bit.
Suddenly the Guardian realised where he was and that Langis was in danger. Although he liked to create conflicts and gain influence, this was getting difficult to deal with.
"Ok, everyone take a moment here", Gaidal stated, "I see we have a huge conflict on our hands. The question is how to deal with this matter. Rayne, you raised your blades against me and started fireworks during my conversation with Langis. Obviously you want my attention, but for what reason?"
Rayne looked as cold as her scimitars and sneered: "The fact that you still need to ask that unnecessary question is enough reason for me to do this. You had this one coming my 'friend'!"
"What exactly did I do? My dearest ally, I can't recall any moment that I betrayed you or that you had any reason to doubt my motives and/or loyalty towards you recently", Gaidal answered.
Langis felt that something strange was going on. It seemed like Rayne felt betrayed by Gaidal, although he did not exactly commit any crime against her. Could Rayne misjudged this matter out of jealousy? And why exactly would she be jealous about? Langis took a deep breath and said:
"Since when is it forbidden for Gaidal to talk to other women, since he's single?"
After that remark it seemed like the Zeltron was about to explode like a volcano. Her eyes got angrier and somehow her skin looked red rather than pink. Rayne whirled her scimitars and jumped towards Langis to attack her. Before she could attack her, the Zeltron was blocked by the Shinamoor staff of Gaidal.
"No Rayne, this isn't the way... at least not today. No innocent person will get involved here; this conflict is between you and me. Just like I have certain 'issues' with Langis, which don't concern you, Rayne", Gaidal declared.
"She has everything to do with this so-called 'conflict' of yours", Rayne growled, "anyway, it's too late. You'll learn the valuable lesson today, right here, right now!" She turned away form the blocking staff and passed him to attack Langis. Gaidal tried to turn around in time, when suddenly a blaster shot was heard through the entire gardens.
The Guardian looked where the shot was coming from and saw a droid that looked a bit like the ancient HK-47 model Revan used to have. The droid lowered his blaster rifle, which was smoking a bit. The artificial lifeform was responsible for it. Gaidal wanted to decapitate it, when he fell on his knees. He looked at his chest and saw small smoke fumes coming from a large wound. Its surroundings were burnt and started to hurt like hell. Leaning on his staff he tried to get up once more.
"Mission accomplished, my mistress", the assasination droid pointed out to Rayne.

Kohn Fang

24-06-2005 16:28:40

Smileing cooly Kohn just stares at Raven, but just as oddly he starts to chuckle,"Poor Raven you have no idead do you, you think me a jedi, i was, i learned what i could from them, but decided that there ways were too pure for me. I have destroyed entire species that you have never heard of. I come for the Uknown Regiouns, wild places you wouldnt stand a day in. My life has always been there, my mother traind me as a jedi, my father as a follower of the dark, not sith nor dark jedi. With him i have destroyed worlds.
You are what? no younger than Twenty" he states as he pulls back his hood, " I am ten." giving reason for his shortness in stature. "And my journy through death with the force is more than you will ever experiance, my parents faught each other, not bickering, nor with words. They faught each other, lightsaber versus lightsaber, Force emissions that i have yet to behold a rival to. Don't dare say i do not express anger, dont let it fuel me, it is the only thing keeping me alive. And i have no friends, as well as the Force i was taught curtesy, that being one of them."
with that said he retreated to a darker secluded place of the gardens to meditate alone.


24-06-2005 19:42:34

Tyrus yet again stares at everyone wondering what the hell was going on. He was good for one thing, meditation and fighting, he wished someone would challenge him or punch him so he could have a reason to fight.

--smileys are not needed here--


25-06-2005 01:39:42

Raven was very angered by what Kohn had said. A black veil came to surround Raven, a aurora so intense it only slightly resembled its creator. Pure dark side force energies surroundeed the already dark figure.

"Angering me, young Novice, only increases my potetency. It is a very dangerous thing to do." Raven sneered, although you could not see his face. " Destroyed wolds you say? You do not even posess the power to destroy me, much less a planet. I could kill you now, but I would rather kill you when I am strong enough to dominate your mind."

Raven then realeased a tendril of blackness at Kohn, hitting him in the forehead. Kohn jumped and doubled over at the intensity of the dark side energy.

"I can not destroy a planet, and if I pose a threat to you at all, you could never destroy a planet."

"And don't tell me how much power I will have. I will always have enough to kill you"

With that, Raven dissapeared.

Kohn Fang

25-06-2005 03:44:48

Coming up from his feigned hurt he couldnt help but smirk,
"young novice.....kill me now.....dominate my mind. Could anyone be more deluded in there thoughts than him. The darkness is strong with him, yet no where near stong enough. He has yet to relise what the Force has in store for him."
With that he left to a portion of th garden more sucluded, more putoff from the rest that no one could interfere with his meditateing.

Langis Gyn Histop

25-06-2005 16:09:34

Langis pulled Gaidal to his feet. "You need a bacta dunk, badly" she said. She started to pull Gaidal to the garden doors. "And as for you," Langis said to Rayne, still dragging Gaidal. "Let's settle this in battle. Since you don't even have the strength in ACC combat, let's meet at the training grounds. There you will find that I am stronger than you will ever be." With that, Langis helped Gaidal exit the gardens.

Gaidal Dupar

26-06-2005 05:31:49

"You know that she's a tough opponent?", Gaidal whispered while he leaned on Langis.
"I know Gaidal, I know", she simply stated.
"Though I wonder, you're most likely not fighting this battle because of me... Something else drives you, not love for me", Gaidal pointed out, "you can have my love and you know it. Somehow I think that's why you returned to me, but challenging Rayne had another purpose and another reason. If you would gicve me to express my love for you, I could love you an armada, a star system, a galaxy. I can be like an ice prick, an overzealous womanizer, but also like a nice, warm and comfortable lover."
"I know that too, Gaidal", she just said, "but I don't have time for this now. We'll talk later about expressing feelings for each other, after I fought with Rayne."
"Well in that case, my dearest Langis, come back alive and in once piece", he concluded and was hoping she would not get herself killed. Rayne was tough and hell had no fury like a woman scorned. He was still thinking of what he possibly could have done to get her so upset. The answer was still a mystery.
They arrived to the medical room of the Brotherhood and was put inside on of the bacta tanks. Gaidal felt he was getting sleepy, but realized that Langis had been here before with Jaymz. He felt sorry for her that she had to lose him. Jaymz had been like the chosen one for her and neglected her. Gaidal knew he would never do such thing, but was not that darn special. Just a common man with good looks, an interesting brain and some charm.
"Wait", he said, before the entire tank would be filled with the liquid, "just be very careful with Rayne, she is strong. A real warrior with well-developed physical abilities. So you would have to trick her and the only way of doing that is to tell her that I told you everything about the alliance between her and me. Tell her that you about the deal we made, with the mutual obligations. If you do she will get more furious than she already was, but it'll be your only chance to survive. Good luck my dearest, may the Dark Side feed upon you!"
She nodded after he explained his strategy and smiled to him. She kissed two fingers of her right hand and placed them on the bacta tank. Gaidal tried to touch them on the other side of the tank, but fell asleep then. He started a restless dream about the battle and wanted to get out of the tank as soon as possible. If only someone would be able to get him to the training room.


28-06-2005 16:27:05

((um Kohn, that crystal was meant for Raven not you but oh well : P))

Jaymz held up his arm and pulled back his sleeve revealing a datapad. He pressed several buttons, while only several moments later a little pencil sized tracker popped out of the side and scanned the entire area.

Soon detailed decriptions, histories and profiles for everyone in the garden displayed on it. tilting his head slightly he took an intrest in Adalyn's. He already knew all there was to know about her, but it was fun to read it just to assure him it was real.

Kohn Fang

29-06-2005 17:36:30

((yes sorry i skim when i read[habit] so i didnt notice until u said so the first time, oh well he has it i dont disregard wat i said))

The darkness of this garden is intense, though relitivly small in area,"Kohn said to no one in preticular
It must stem from a certain source in here, has anyone found that source, i wonder.


29-06-2005 22:09:31

Korchek jumped from tree to tree and sat atop the highest tree in the garden watching the jedi meditating and didso himself


01-07-2005 20:19:05

Jaymz's arm fell to his side and he looked up to the sky with his head against the tree he was leaning against, looking at the stars that lit the night sky. His thoughts drifted to Adalyn, and he realized she was an attachment. He would not....could not sacrifice her for more power, she was the world wo him, she was what drove him to be better. She was the love of his life and he wished nothing would happen to her.

Kohn Fang

02-07-2005 03:12:00

Noticing where Jaymz's thoughts were taking him, being practically shouted, Kohn was at a loss for what he should do, if he should show him the ring, then he might get pissed and not fallow the sacred "dont harm the messanger thing" on second thought Kohn himself would kill the messanger. Yet he could not stand by and not do anything, the thoughts his mother had trained him with would not let him sit by.
"Damn mother" he mumbled as he drew close to Jaymz
"Jaymz i need to talk to you."


02-07-2005 13:55:13

Raven drifted back on through the gardens, taking note of the current happpenings. Moving to a selcluded area, he began to meditate, listening to the thoughts and emotions of others.


04-07-2005 03:01:01

Telona moved out from the center of the gardens. She began her study of the twisted trees as they began their final transformation, not really paying attention to the lower ranks. Her comrads stayed at the center and continued to conduct the strange experiment.


08-07-2005 10:48:23

Jaymz's narrowed eyes drifted to the man who seemed to believe he had more power than he really did. He moved over to him and whispered in his ear. "You better watch who you push around, Acolyte, I am not a very friendly Sith, as some other might be. Choose your words wisely, because they may be your last"

With that he awaited what Kohn had to say.


13-07-2005 20:50:37

Uzbad grew bored of these dumb trees and stuff. So he set them on fire. Being careful not to burn the one Telona was workin on, of course.


08-09-2005 20:10:50

Cain slowly walked into the garden. Almost instantly he smelt blood, quickly turning he saw a fountian spewing the crimson liquid. Cain smiled as he walked towards the fountian. Quietly he pulled a goblet from a hidden place in his cloak and he dipped it in the fountian. Slowly sipping on the blood in the goblet he wondered where the power switch was. This would be a perfect place for him to rest for the day


09-09-2005 15:58:43

RevengeX wandered through the garden watching the younger Dark Jedi struggle with the plants. As he was a member of the Clan Scholae Palatinae, he was more adept in controlling animals, but he could understand somewhat of what these plants craved. Walking up to one, he stroked it and it tried to bite his finger off. "You foul little creature!" he shouted at it. Igniting his lightsaber he cut it in half from the base of the plant. Using the Force to heal his finger, he cursed as the head of the plant continued to snap at him.


17-09-2005 18:23:59

finding the power coupling Cain pulled out a dagger and cut it power went out all around the garden. Grinning he thought "this should make things more interesting....."


21-09-2005 17:37:08

Rage goes under a tree and takes a nap

Acara Rayden

23-09-2005 00:02:41

"hmmm moving trees....... oh well it will do", Acara said more to himself than anyone else as he walked into the garden.

He drew his Blastsword and backhand swung it at the nearest, activating it at the same time. The usual crack of the blastsword followed by some flames was all the comfort Acara needed, the thrill of battle was on him.

The fire wasn't too big and soon went out. Acara shrugged his cloak a little to get it to sit comfortably. Acara may be docile and calculating but he was fast and aggresive just now. The tree and a couple of plants trying to snap at Acara's legs got hit by the blastsword next.

Acara's mind was both on the matter at hand, and how to kill a damn tree quickly.


27-09-2005 10:55:48

((i guess no one noticed i cut the lights .....))
caine now sitting in the tallest tree finally drifted to sleep knowing that the place woulld soon be in chaos


28-09-2005 00:57:05

Rage woke up....took a sandwich out of his robes takes it out of the bag and starts eating it
The gets up remember ing that he got a letter saying his 0.3
hyperdrive is ready for his modified Sith fighter then thinks he has time then goes to the tree caine is in...then falls back to sleep


29-09-2005 10:51:46

when cain woke up he was dangleing a good 10 meters off the ground furious he cut what ever was holding him up. landing on his feet he pulled out a death stick and lit it. "i am going to my room" he said and walked out.


30-09-2005 14:22:37

Rage woke up and decided he was goin to the hanger to put that new hyperdrive in

Acara Rayden

09-10-2005 06:45:30

Acara gets Bored of massicaring pantlife and leaves


09-10-2005 23:53:03

Rage comes back sees uzbad throwing rocks then rage levitates a bolder and throws it at him


11-10-2005 08:54:43

((highly doubt a protector could levitate a boulder. A protector has about the same telekenitic abilities as say....Luke in ESB.))

Jaymz watched the garden sway and twist in forms that were not natural for a garden. Jaymz moved across a patch of black grass to a twisted tree. He layed his hand on it and felt the darkness flow through it. He sensed something amidst the darkness and turned around quickly to see a huge carnivourous creature hovering several feet above him, tearing the limbs off of an unlucky journeymen "Beautiful" he muttered.


11-10-2005 22:07:16

((didnt know that people were taking that in account))


12-10-2005 15:54:39

cain gumbled "sence when was there giant creatures in the garden." cain found a journey man looking quite lost in the garden cain smiled "journeyman i need you help" he looked up to see cain holding a sword at his head as he turned to run away cain cut him down. As he watched the journeyman's lifeless body twich, a plant picked it up and dragged it into the darkness.


13-10-2005 13:05:31

Noktar entered the garden with a small sigh of contentment. Finally, a place where I can concentrate, he thought. One scream in the distance shattered that notion. Looking to the left, he saw a helpless Initiate get dragged into what looked like a living tree. Noktar shook his head.

"Well, at least I'll get some training," he muttered. Just when he finished saying that, a small limb from a nearby tree wrapped around his leg. Noktar quickly drew his Sc'rath and swiped down hard. The limb withdrew back into the tree, the tip dangling off of the rest.

He laughed at the ease of the predicament that he got out off. This is going to be fun...

Gaidal Dupar

14-10-2005 03:11:01

Something was not right here. It was not about twisted and corrupted trees coming to life like a bad fairy tale. No this was different and it worried DJK Gaidal Dupar al'Tor. He heard rumors and had to find out if they were true. Walking into the Gardens, it reminded him of the good times he had with Langis here. The Sith grinned and use the Force to sense his environment. It appeared to be quite crowded around here since he last arrived here. A lot of Force signatures he recognized and there were also new fresh faces. In the end he was not looking for any of those specific signatures. Suddenly the DJK felt overwhelmed by something of a shock. So it was true! How could that be?
He followed the path while all kinds of younglings were being attacked by the monstrous trees and fighting for their lives. They were not of his concern and he walked around the corner. There the person stood he had been looking for. The cause of his concern.
"Well, weren't you supposed to be dead... Jaymz?" Gaidal asked without hesitation.


14-10-2005 22:50:05

Rage comes back in looks arounded then goes to a secluded spot to test macrons Meditation stuff for the SA exam
and strangly the Trees dont attack him


17-10-2005 12:36:19

More of the tree limbs had come out to get him, yet he found it to be too easy. All it took was one hit and they would retreat. Boredom taking over his mind, he sliced one more time at the incoming limb, then retreated through the bushes. He sat there for a second, wondering if this was what Jedi seemed to do. A voice broke through his thoughts, however. He leaned up and looked at two men, standing face to face. A puzzled look crossed Noktar's face and he strained his ears to hear what was said.

"...supposed to be dead...Jaymz?" one man said. He could feel the anger in his voice, wondering what had been done by this man called Jaymz. He decided to hear more...


17-10-2005 17:11:27

Rage ran up into the trees and decied to test how high and far he can jump using the force

Syrus Korodin

17-10-2005 17:47:40

Syrus entered the garden, stepping over the screaming body of an Initiate who was being hastily devoured by a collection of tulips arranged to represent the symbol of the Brotherhood. One of the flowers leaned over as if with the intent to bite him, but a sharp kick put it in its place. Meandering through the walkways and overgrown paths he was confronted with a young lad clad in Jedi Hunter robes. He appeared to be inspecting a yellow flower about the size of an adult Wampa.

"Have any idea why it hasn't attacked you yet, kid?" Syrus said.

The Hunter looked over at Syrus.

"Firstly, don't call me kid. Secondly, I have no idea." He smirked arrogantly.

Syrus smiled and chuckled dryly as he walked past the youth. At the last moment he gave him a sharp push towards the yellow flower. It opened up its massive razor-filled maw and bit the Hunter clean in half, chomping contentedly on the yet screaming torso.

"Meat flower, my good friend. A native of Dagobah and quite voracious."


18-10-2005 18:12:43

"Come on syrus was that nessasry?"
Said rage from a top of a tree

Syrus Korodin

18-10-2005 21:11:40

Syrus looked up with a casual smile on his face and waved to Rage.

"Of course it was, my friend. Ignorance and incompetence deserve to be punished. And besides, we're Journeymen."


18-10-2005 21:55:49

Smirking Rage jumped from the tree
"Hahaha true, true"
Looking at the flower Rage kicked it and left to go to a Iniaite
That was waving towards him


19-10-2005 07:24:18

a figure entered the gardens. it seemed that all the plantlife retreated from him. like all the journeymen around him, the plants could sense that this was not someone to bother. it would lead to certain death. ignoring all around him, Korras sat down in the center of the gardens, and started to meditate.

as a grin crossed his face, all the plants around him started looking for prey, though still leaving him alone. they were even more active then before, it seemed. it didn't take much reasoning that the elder was at the cause of this.


19-10-2005 16:47:58

RevengeX yawned as he watched nearby Dark Jedi get eaten by the carnivorous plants that had grown in the garden. He was oddly tired and felt his eyelids get heavy. Revenge then noticed that a nearby plant was emitting yellow spores. Igniting his lightsaber, the azure blade cut through the plant, bringing the Priest back to reality. Extinguishing the blade, he clipped it onto his belt and started walking again on the crude paths that had been constructed throughout the gardens.


20-10-2005 03:33:32

Rage launched back into the trees after a while he saw revenge and he jumped right behind him revenge ignighted his lightsaber but rage lifeted his robotic arm and said
"Whoa! i was just going to say hi"


20-10-2005 09:00:58

From the shadows of the trees slowly a few plants started to crawl up to Korras; their tentacles quivering and twitching as if something forced them to approach Korras against their will. Within his reach their tentacles started to reach out for Korras, wrapping around his right arm.
A hissing sound escaped his lips as he felt several stings on his arm. The warm feeling of blood spread over his arm and immediately he swiped away the tentacles with his saber. With a frown he stared down at the plant, seeing how the thorns on the tentacles were filled with his blood, obviously a way for the plant to feed.

He turned his head around, sensing a presence nearby - very familiar. For a brief moment his eyes widened in surprise as he saw her standing beneath the shadow of a huge tree. A dark robed woman with deep red hair and blank white eyes, which stared at him with no sign of recognititon. He gripped his saber more tightly as he saw her hand holding her saber.
Her head moved from side to side as if she tried to make out his position, her blind eyes appeared to stare through him. Perhaps she had been resonsible for the strange behaviour of the plants.

"Sildrin...?", he said quietly.
She blinked and took a step back, obviously confused. "... Yes.. that is my name.", her voice was quiet. "I woke up.. . What is this for a place?"
He arched his brows, but remembered very well her disappearance and the deep concerns. He had never believed those strange various rumours, but except one theory: She had fallen into a deep meditation or a similar state and was unter constant medicical obvservation since then. He watched her closely, her trembling form. "A garden... A garden of the brotherhood. You are safe. ", he laid an arm around her shoulders, feeling her lightly relax.

"Where is Janos?", her face and voice remained unreadable, but Korras sensed how she was exploring the garden with the force. "There are so many.. new.. members. I must have been away for quite some time..", she murmered. Korras replied: "I dont know myself where he is. And yes, it is quite some time..."

Slowly they walked to a more secluded place, conveniently the Brotherhood had added a bar in the garden, where they sat down. Strangely she remained emotionless - like a pale marble statue - he barely felt any emotions dwell up within her. "She has blocked herself away", he thought with a frown on his face. "Tell me about what had happened..", she began. Holding a warm cup of tea in her pale hands, she listened to his words. During the time he constantly felt her searching for someone with the force - obviously Janos. It felt like a stinging yearning.


20-10-2005 09:27:48

"we don't know where Janos is. we have not seen him for some weeks now.."

Korras' voice trailed off. he and Sildrin had been together in House Marka Ragnos. they had together been through several dangers, and had grown a good respect towards eachother. at least, that was how it was before. the Priest now seemed.. lost, somehow. looking for Janos, whom she could not find. where had she been all this time? here in the garden, hidden? was it him that had awoken her now? or had she been somewhere else, drawn to him now? questions that wouldn't be answered easily.

where was Janos now? the old Quaestor of Marka Ragnos. that was what would help her now. he saw her trembling again. laying his hand on her shoulder, the Adept closed his eyes, calming her. the trembling stopped, and she relaxed somewhat.

she looked at him again. "Korras?". he nodded. "you've.. changed.." then he realized why she didn't recognize him. she did not see people, she saw their force paterns. and he was no longer the young Knight.

"yeah, I have. but it doesn't matter. can you remember where you've been all this time?"

Gaidal Dupar

20-10-2005 15:19:49

They were still standing face to face. While Jaymz did not say a word, Gaidal looked like he was forged out of stone. The latter kept his right hand close to his lightsaber, knowing that ready and willing to use it. Suddenly the strangest sensation overwhelmed him. The Knight narrowed his eyes and searched his mind for what triggered such an effect. A comforting warmth was flowing through his entire body, resurrecting every nerve. What was going on?

"We'll get back on this, my dearest Jaymz" Gaidal said, while he turned around. By using the Force he sensed that an unknown Force signature emerged out of nothing. Where did it come from? He decied to investigate it more and started walking into its direction. He realized he made a mistake by letting Jaymz walk so easily, while he could have interrogated him about the recent events. Was it actually his clone he killed on Coruscant or was there another explanation?

After igniting his lightsaber, he used it to cut himself a path through the cursed Gardens. He came to what he would describe as some kind of tea house. Strange, Gaidal thought, he had never seen it before. It was quite small and had an open structure. The building was located on open terrain and he felt the common softness of grass under his boots. The Sith unignited his saber and put it away.

While he was getting closer he saw an all too familiar face. Korras was sitting next to an exceptional as well as beautiful woman. Gaidal knew he was a womanizer his entire life, it was not the urge to go after this particular woman. No, he was in love already, it was something else that drove him to this woman and even he with his brilliant mind could not explain. As he got closer to the tea house, Korras stood up and walked to the Dark Jedi Knight.

"You can't visit her right now, she's still weak and is regaining strength" the Obelisk High Commander said, "besides, you don't even know her, so I don't see any reason you should talk to her, my friend."
"Korras, ever since I came to the Brotherhood you've been a friend of mine and I really appreciate that" Gaidal answered, "but I really have to speak to her, especially because I can't give you any reasons for it."
"Cut the crap, she's not another trophy for you" Korras replied a bit agitated.
"NO! That's the reason I want to talk to her. Something happened to me and drove me to this unknown place. I want to know why" the Sith defended himself against the accusations, "I want to know why I want to talk to her, when I don't even know her. Why is she not another target to me? Those are my reasons."


20-10-2005 17:11:09

"Hi..." Revenge whispered to Rage, hesitantly extinguishing the blue blade once again. Sighing as the Protector left, he knelt down and touched the ground. It was smooth in some places and rough in others, much like people themselves...

RevengeX had been in the Dark Brotherhood for quite some time now and was amazed at how many new members came in each day to the Shadow Academy. Even though he had joined before his colleagues, he was usually filled with jealousy as they were awarded or promoted before him. It almost seemed to him that his superiors did not wish for him to become too powerful within the Brotherhood.

The Priest was typically a loner and was hardly understood by any who had met him. Almost seeming as though he did not wish to have any accomplices or friends. The only one who RevengeX trusted at all was his brother, Dark Sabre Taldrya. The human slowly walked through the gardens, calming the plants that snapped at him with the Force.

Sighing once more, he jumped up into a tall tree and sat there as the others went on their own paths...


20-10-2005 19:59:23

"hmm...he seems kind of jump all of a sudden"
He looked off into the middle of a garden and saw a bar
"When did they put that there?"
He looked puzzled remembering he had a breifing with his BT
"Ill get one drink"
He ran over to the bar seeing Gaidal and korras crowding a woman
"Ill get a whiskey, thanks"


21-10-2005 07:47:00

Korras wasn't sure if he truely had seen a brief expression of distrust and anger on her face as he asked about her whereabout, but Gaidal's sudden appearance quickly made him forget about what he had seen.
She continued to sip her tea, her blind eyes gazing at Gaidal over the brim of her cup. Gaidal shivered briefly "What a woman!", he thought, his heart started to race, but he couldn't explain why he felt so uneasy. With a small shock he realized that the more he continued to look at her, his heart filled with .. fear! "Ridiculous", he murmerd. "How can I be scared of such a beautiful woman as her?".
Gaidal stepped closer towards her: "I need to talk to her, Korras!" Korras stepped between him and her, scowling. "You should hunt somewhere else for another ...tro....", he stopped, confused by Gaidal's strange facial expression, realizing Gaidal was staring over his shoulder to Sildrin.

She had stood up, and walked over to a few plants nearby where a poor initiand was lying helplessly, captivated by several tentacles. He whimpered, opening his mouth "Please.. help…". His hands and face were strangely swollen, probably from some poison the plant had injected into him. She stood next to him, watching his vain attempts to break free. Bending closer, she ran a hand over his chest, going deeper. The apprentice shuddered, his eyes opened wide as he stared into her beautiful face. He groaned quietly, either from rising passion or pain - no one could tell, but probably it was a mixture of both. He arched his back, obviously the pain was getting stronger and he grunted: "Help.. me… please… ahhRGHHH!". She softly smiled, running her fingers over his face, a cool touch soothing his hot skin. A part of her robe slipped down her left shoulder, revealing her soft skin.

He tried to smile, his heart raced "Wow, such a hot Krath priestress, and she likes me. If Tern hears about this, he will be so damn jeaulous… ", he thought. He tried to rise his head, leaning in eager to touch her full red lips with his. Her hot breath ran over his cheeks, sending him into a nearly delirious state. Her lips were only an inch away and everything in him begged for the touch of them. ".. More..", he gasped, he wanted to ask her for her name, when he could see her again, if he could see her again. Everything in his mind melted away and escaped his controll - as if the mere thought about her was intoxicating.

All of a sudden a tearing pain shot through him, he clenched his fists as he looked down, seeing a dagger deep in his chest. Her pale hand slowly twisted the dagger, still she softly smiled at him, her other hand on his cheek. His mouth opened, trying to ask her "Why?".. "WHY?", but only terrible screams emitted. His whole body was nearly completely engulfed by the poisonous tentacles. "You are not worth living, foolish apprentice.", a soft voice spoke within his head.

He raised his head, still feeling her cool hand on his cheek. His swollen eyes barely made it able to see her face, but he saw that she was still softly smiling. "Your knowledge is more important than your life indeed. And I will get it. Everything you know will be mine..", yet again her gentle voice in his mind. He buckled under her, screaming as his mind was invaded by her. Terrible darkness engulfed his soul, tearing it apart - memory by memory - his mind screamed out into the growing vortex within him, yet a last frantic thought came to him "Yes, take everything you want from me… everything you want, I will give it to you…everything". Finally he fell back, lying limp in a mass of quivering tentacles.

She stepped back from the quivering mass, the blood stained dagger still in her hand. Then she turned around, chuckling as she wiped the dagger on her sleeve to clean and then sheave it. Her robe was slightly open, showing a hint of her gorgeous body. She ran her right hand slowly over the skin of her revealed left shoulder, turning her gaze upon Gaidal with her lips curled into a light smile. "You wish to talk to me?", she softly said, sending shivers through Gaidal's body. Yet he still did not know, from fear or passion - or both?


21-10-2005 10:20:54

Jaymz's reentrance into the Gardens was not one he had expected to be enduring so soon. Vines shot at him constantly with every intent on ripping him limb from limb. The only thing keeping Jaymz in one piece was his mastery with his Ninja Sword, cutting the vines with lightning fast speed as they approached. "This is getting annoying." He said to himself then finally clamped his teeth together as he began spinning around and brought himself down to the ground cutting the roots of the attacking tree's bringing them to the ground as the fell into dust. "Thats better."


21-10-2005 12:06:54

Noktar looked calm throughout the turn of events. The woman was obviously someone important, but for now he did not care. He only cared about himself. He was Falleen after all. They seek knowledge that will help them and this wouldn't help Noktar.

Or would it? Noktar thought. One person could not tell whether or not knowing the smallest thing would help them in the long run. He frowned slightly and moved closer. Time to gain knowledge, he thought.


21-10-2005 15:22:11

"Here's your whiskey" said the bartender droid"
"Thanks" said the protecter as he walked out of the gardens


25-10-2005 10:35:49

((wait wait WAIT. There is a BARTENDER in the middle of a Garden. Isn't that what the Lounge is for))


25-10-2005 12:20:04

(sometimes you can't have enough bars :D )


25-10-2005 12:36:46

((although a bar sounds REALLY good right about now, I have to agree with Jaymz. WTF is a bar doing in a Garden?))


25-10-2005 15:01:30

((hey a bar is a bar doesnt matter where it is :P))


27-10-2005 10:11:29

((unless its where it shouldn't be. If I created a thread that took place in the middle of a 10 lane highway would you have a bar there too. <<<


27-10-2005 19:23:45

((peh. us elders get old, and don't feel like walking a whole lot anymore. so there better be bars around for easy access. :P ))


27-10-2005 21:33:09

"lol true and jaymz yes i would :D"


28-10-2005 07:36:51

(look at it as an open bar in a pavillon. You get nice drinks, can sit down beneath a tree - if it doesn't eat you. There are often such bars at a beach or places where you can recover. =)
And we need more alcohol - much more!!!! )


28-10-2005 08:20:57

((It is not up to me, I think it is out of place, but if you insist on having a bar in the Gardens, then I will accept it))


28-10-2005 09:10:42

((It is not up to me, I think it is out of place, but if you insist on having a bar in the Gardens, then I will accept it))

(Let's make a deal =) )

The bartender nervously gulped, trying to save several bottles of precious whiskey from the tentacles that started to dismantle the bar. He yelled out as something grabbed for right foot and pulled him down to the ground. A few members of the brotherhood turned their attention to the screaming man, realising that the twisted plants were about to destroy the bar. Would they interfere or leave the bar to its fate?

( =) And now, everyone who is for the bar has to help the bartender - the rest helps the plants to destroy the bar MUA HA HA. Free for everyone to join in. )


28-10-2005 09:29:12

Jaymz moved toward the screaming bartendar as the deadly vines attacked him savagely. Jaymz, being a Sith, was enjoying watching the slow death of something he disagreed on. Though as he saw others struggle to set the bartender free he couldn't let his fellow Sith, Obelisk, Krath be injured in a meaningless struggle over Alcohol.

Moving over to the base of attacking vines he brought his sword down apon the roots, severing them immeadiatly. The dead vines fell to the ground though more proceeded to attack the bartender.


28-10-2005 13:44:07

cain walked up to the plant and punched it, the vines let go of the bartender grabbed cain and pulled him in, a couple seconds later the plant wilted and died and cain climbed out and laughed "must have been something he ate."
((there bartender saved :P))


01-11-2005 08:34:59

Jaymz instinctively shrugged off the fact that a Dark Jedi had just saved the life of a bartender. Not so much the bartender part as the saving of a life by someone who seeks to destroy it. He moved to the darkest area of the woods and sat down sharpening his sword.


03-11-2005 15:49:54

Cain walked to where one of the bood fountains were and sat next to it. Pulling out a goblet out he slowly dipped it into the fountain. Taking a sip he started to relax. he needed to rest for a while, he was doing to much.


28-04-2006 04:45:13

The Topic Saver Fairy bounced in and out of the topic waving her wand around

(OOC: There i brought in the Topic Saver Fairy)


29-04-2006 04:45:33

Rage.... you PWN....!!!


29-04-2006 06:16:46

I know ;)


04-05-2006 09:02:37

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12-05-2006 05:00:35

(OCC: I was just trying to revive the topic, no need)

Rage entered the Gardens once more the deathly smell of thousands of genticly modified plants filled the air as he snuck to a tree for a free nap


12-05-2006 06:19:31

Sildrin Sadow approached one of the trees, hearing a loud snoring. The Quaestor arched an eyebrow, stopping right next to the tree. Her blind eyes in vain searched for the source of the snoring, but this was easily compensated by her skills in the force. Easily she tracked down Riv and the Blind Dragon ignited her saber. With a graceful jump and a purple flash of light the branch of the tree Riv was sleeping on was cut off. A surprised yell and a loud thud was the result.

She sternly looked down at Riv: "I have searched for you for days. Your master told me I would find you here.", she said, shutting off her saber. "Time for you to get active again ... I need you to do some researches for me....", she tossed him a small data pad. Riv just managed to catch it, scrambling to his feet. He flinched from the stern look his Quaestor gave him. His hand opened to look at the datapad, activating it.


12-05-2006 16:56:15

"Ive just came back from numerous planets, i have been doing work"
She looked at him
"You will be getting the report anytime now" he said as he walked off to do some of the stuff on the datapad mumbling on the way.


14-05-2006 23:18:06

Krayn stode into the wonderous Gardens of the Brotherhood. The various pants and creatures that lived in them amazed Krayn greatly. he shook his wrist as to soothe the new Tattoo of his qualification as a Sith Alchemist. The tattoo was a tribal band around his wrist with several sith engravings.

Krayn took off his dark outter robes revealing his Acolyte robes. Gently reaching down to his side, he equiped his Training Saber, his first contact with one of the Sith's most deadly weapon.

Igniting it the blade glowed with a hum illuminating the dark regions that the Gardens held so dearly. He twirled it around for a bit, getting the feel of it. Soon he was combing twirls with a figure 8 then he was going behind his back and combing all of the moves.

Members of the brotherhood were stopping in their Agriculutral study to watch as Krayn's speed with a lightsaber increased until finally he exausted himself and fell to his knees.


18-05-2006 03:58:22

Devani swept into the Gardens gracefully breathing in the scent of the blooming flowers with pleasure. The delicate red dress swathed her body snugly, the rich gold thread woven throughout reflecting in the bright sunlight. Her brown hair was swept gracefully back and hung down her back. She sung softly as she strolled along, songs of love and homesickness, sorrow and anger. She leaned down and gathered flowers as she walked and weaved them into her hair. Coming upon a bench, she sat down to wait.


18-05-2006 17:30:47

Cain sat in meditation opening himself to the dark energies of this place. In his trance-like state he blocked himself to most other presences, but one drew his attention. Slowly getting up he walked over to Sildrin. "Have you talked to Shin yet? " He asked.


07-08-2006 02:08:14

Illian ad heard much about the brotherhood gardens but he had never experienced them for himself. Until now. Walking into the twisted undergrowth he tossed his plated waist length hair, his bright green eyes taking in as much of the strange landscape as he could. His dark-side sense flared up, sending a tingling through his gauntlets. Many battles had been fought here, emotionally as well as physically. It made him slightly uneasy, considering his propensity to lose control lately when near strong dark energies. Walking quietly along the path he mused as to why he was here. Meditation had never been his strength and he knew no one he had seen thus far. Still, the force had guided him here, and he would follow it until its conclusion. Entering a clearing he noticed a bench with a quiet woman seated on it. He was about to turn and retreat when he noticed something striking about the girl: her eyes, darker reflections of his own shimmering green, and her tattoos. Intrigued he approached cautiously, taking in her every detail. She wore flowers in her hair, and though he was not foolish enough to assume she was harmless, it seemed she was at peace. He remained slightly on edge however at the sight of the lightsabre at her belt.

“Greeting Mistress,” Illian bowed deeply, “but I was seeking a place to be at peace, yet I find myself unable to relax. May I be so presumptuous as to share you’re company for a spell.” He swept back a loose strand of hair that had fallen into his eyes. The woman gave a slight nod, and Illian took a seat gratefully. “Thankyou. I am Illian Syn, protector of the Brotherhood. Who would I have the pleasure of addressing?” Illian extending a hand waiting to see what her response would be.

Rich Gun

07-08-2006 23:54:44

Rich walked in to the gardens and had his black robes on with the hood up praying that no one would see the pane in his eyes.

As Rich entered the garden every one in the area sensed the turmoil in his heart. The pane of loss and the heart of betrayal.

Rich held out his hand as he touched a flower that grew by the entrance. The pane coerced thru his vanes and he now knows that he can never return to the path he once walked.


22-08-2006 10:56:39

Scyrone strided into the garden, his Ithorian eyes looking at everyone who was in here. He then proceeded to go deep into the forest and sit in darkness, meditating.

Seth En-Saeur

15-11-2007 14:21:36

Seth En-Saeur had been through a lot recently, his entry into the brotherhood had been quite the adeventure. His ensuing promotions were even more puzzling to himself than the courses he was taking....but somehow he always managed to pull through. He wandered around the gardens closing his badly damaged eyes to keep them from being irritated by the light.

Here he was looking to relax, to take some time out of his training and to be able to perhaps do the unthinkable......sleep. Sleep had avoided him as of late and as he swept the annoying strands of black hair out of his face, he felt his fingers brush up against the black bags that hung under his bright green eyes. Unfortunately his fingers also brushed against the two twin scars across his eyes...painful reminders of the world he left behind.

Sleep was not his friend here and it disturbed the eighteen year old. He could feel his muscles tense and hard as rock, knotted and contorted by the physical training but also by the stress that his studies put on him. Every day was a physical and mental trial for him, painful training drills and then constant study of ancient works and holocrons not to mention the lectures by the instructors.

It had been so much easier back home.....Seth clenched his fists No...never think that again....because there you were powerless, a mere gang you can become something....even if it costs you your humanity... he thought as he sat down propped up against a tree relishing the shade.

"Sometimes its hard...but...if theres one thing I learned from home..." he trailed off.

His eyes snapped open and the inner rage within him showed.

"When the world hurts you....hurt it so bad that it will never be able to hurt you again..."


16-11-2007 20:26:44

Mondor opened the garden doors and slowly walked inside. He began to think to himself as he scratched his chin. "I know that there are some women in here, so let me see who I can find." The young 18 year old walked past the hanging green vines and found a small bench near the center of the garden. "All I have to do is pretend to meditate and women will come flocking over." The boy sat down on the bench and did his little plan. He tried to make fake meditation noises while his eyes peeked around the room.

Makurth Mandalore

16-11-2007 22:29:47

Makurth stepped through the same doors Mondor had just stepped through moments before, though the older Dark Jedi merely ignored the younger Dark Brotherhood member and took his heavily armored self through a quiet path that meandered over a lazily flowing stream.

Yellow eyes took in the peaceful atmosphere as the old Mandalorian's body began to slowly relax. His heavy helmet was clipped onto the back of his wide leather belt. Long black hair hung loosely over his armored shoulders as he took his seat on a wide, flat rock flanking the small stream. A medium sized evergreen tree grew behind the stone and Makurth gladly leaned against it, moving his T-visored helmet to rest in his lap.

Seth En-Saeur

17-11-2007 20:17:25

Seth watched curiously as a grey blurred shape moved out of the door. Seth couldn't see much due to his heavily damaged eyes and normally that would cripple him, however he made up for his poor vision in other aspects...

'From the way he moves, I can tell he is not a spry and energetic as the other one who stepped out of the door before him. He must be older, the heavy armor he wears fits him like a glove and doesn't make any sort of sound that I can must be well made armor...if I could just see better..' he thought as he got up and started to slowly approach the Dark Jedi.

Seth approached the Dark Jedi and tried to narrow his eyes to see what type of armor he was wearing...he squinted his eyes but stopped as the scars over both his left and right eyes started to resist. Seth was livid, he wanted to know where he could get armor like that.....or at least what type it was. Then he saw the vague outline of a helmet. It didn't help him much....

He decided to speak up, surely there was no harm in asking another member what type of armor he was wearing. Though he was a bit wary, he could feel a strong force presense from him and if his Force aura said anything....this man obviously knew how to control the Force quite well.

"Excuse me, I am Acolyte Seth En-Saeur." he said unsure as to what to do next. His empathetic talent told him nothing, this man was good at hiding his emotions. Seth warily held out his hand meeting the Dark Jedi's gaze eye to was times like these that he was grateful his eyes were scarred, so that no one might determine what he was really thinking or feeling.


19-11-2007 19:27:55

Anubis walked into the large garden, the smell of the flowers and plants filling his nostrils. The Valheru's ruby red eyes scouting out the crowd. The Envoy sighed, walking towards a pond near he had entered.

He picked up a smooth rounded rock with telekinesis, and skipped it across the pond. It had been a while since he had been to the garden, and it had changed so much. He opened the keypad on his cybernetic arm, and hit a few keys.

te me nekaka

20-11-2007 00:06:05

Nekaka walked in and found a seat in on the ground in front of the water. this is the first time he's been here but he loves the fact that its quiet and no one really bothers him. For some reason even when he meditates women just don't come to him. But its ok, lately he has been thinking about his tenure as Protector of Clan Plagueis. Today though he just comes tell the time to meet with his master comes.....

Makurth Mandalore

21-11-2007 22:18:23

Makurth opened his eyes and peered up at the newcomer, mind soaking in the Dark Jedi's words even though most of it was merely basking in a self-induced meditation. It didn't take long for his foggy mind to come to speed and focus like a vibrosword's point.

One of his yellow eyes caught the motion of Seth's hand and only sheer force of will kept the Mandalorian's reflexive hand jerk towards his lightsaber from continuing further. Instead he stopped halfway through and cautiously reached out to shake Seth's hand.

"Forgive an old Mandalorian," Makurth said as he slowly sat up and placed both booted feet on the green grass. "Old habits die hard, I guess."

He shifted around a little bit more before he allowed his eyelids to sag, presumably from lack of sleep. True enough, the man did look like he had crawled back from his grave, but that was not why his eyes were half-closed. He was really gently prodding the man's Force aura for any sign of aggression.

Makurth found none.

"Well, is there something in particular you wish to ask?" Makurth said, one hand idly scratching at an old scar across his nose that resembled a trench.

Seth En-Saeur

22-11-2007 09:43:40

Seth watched Markuth and if he would have had his full vision, he would have been able to see the expression on the Mandalorian's face. As it was, sight was not a luxury that Seth could afford at this time.

Seth nodded "Yes, actually." Seth motioned toward the Mandalorian's armor "That armor..." he started but didn't know how to explain why he couldn't see it. "I can't exactly make out the design or the make, its most curious...might I inquire about its origin?"

te me nekaka

23-11-2007 05:44:30

Nekaka looked up and was watching the exchange between seth and the mandlorian. His armor almost just like his custom made suit hanging in peace back in his quarters. Nekaka closed his eyes and went back to days untold, back when he was young and restless and a assassin. The face that hunted him came back, the face of a dying man. A leader in the new republic. The Face that would hunt him tell the end of days. Nekaka quickly opened his eyes, he did not reliaze the sweat running down his face. That night a family died, by his hand.

Nekaka quickly resumed thought of the week before then, he resumed thought of the one that got away. his love, the only human female at the time that cared about him. i wonder what happened to her he thinks to himself. its best that i should not know i guess he then sighs and gives the two jedi he observed earlier one last look. he then decides its time to go, his master is most likely waiting for him. Nekaka gets up and walks away.

Makurth Mandalore

26-11-2007 16:11:02

Makurth scowled for a moment before he answered. "It's a suit of Mandalorian armor. Each suit is custom made for its wearer, down to what type of hidden weaponry you want. Mine was given to me by my father after my trials as a youth."

The yellow eyes seemed to lose focus for a moment as the old warrior delved into memories that would have made New Republic historians slobber.

"Sure, it may not be able to stop a lightsaber, but during the Vong war it saved my sweet arse more times than I can count," He pointed at a large black scorch on the armor's upper left chest defense. "Matter of fact, this thing held against a blaster bolt at point-blank range. Personally, if I had been that particular assassin, I would have shot me in the head, not the chest,"

One gloved hand rubbed against the dark mark.

"Sometimes, beings can just be plain old di'kutla..." He murmured more to himself than Seth.

Seth En-Saeur

27-11-2007 11:22:48

Seth listened intently, anyone could feel the attachment to the armor that the warrior had. "Ah, yes...I did not know you were part of the brotherhood's Akaan that fought against the Vongese." he said softly. He wasn't Mandalorian...but he had picked up some of the language from his 'friend' back home.

"Forgive this Aruetii Ge'verd for disturbing you." He said as he thought the previous scowl was directed at him.

It had been nice to feel the unfamiliar words of the Mandalorian language roll off his tongue once more, he had not spoken it since...he had left home. He did not expect to be able to speak it to anyone nor did he particularly want to especially because it brought up memories of Her.

He quietly took one last look at the armor, envying it to the core, and then turned around and started to walk off, memories nagging at the back of his mind.

Makurth Mandalore

28-11-2007 23:43:07

Makurth noted the wistful look on Seth's face and cleared his throat slightly to catch the Dark Jedi's attention. "It's not often I have the honor of meeting someone familiar with my heritage and traditions. If you like, I have a suit that would fit you quite well. It was my son's, but since he passed away many years ago, I think it's time that it should be put to better use. It wasn't meant to be a dust collector, no matter the sentimental value to a Mandalorian father."

Makurth dug into one of the leather pouches, keeping his face neutral as he felt the emotional disturbance Seth was creating. One of his blunt fingers finally found his room key and dragged it out into the light.

"All I ask is that you make it your own. Ner vod," Makurth lightly placed one of his heavy hands gently on Seth's shoulder, gently showing him support in whatever the Dark Jedi needed. Spoken or not. He specifically used the "my brother" term to let Seth know that the old Mandalorian was more than happy about giving the armor to him.

"Copaani gaan?" Makurth asked, purposely switching languages so that anyone eavesdropping would have a much harder time gathering information.

((Note: Copaani Gaan means "Need a hand/help"))

Seth En-Saeur

29-11-2007 04:01:35

"It's not often I have the honor of meeting someone familiar with my heritage and traditions. If you like, I have a suit that would fit you quite well. It was my son's, but since he passed away many years ago, I think it's time that it should be put to better use. It wasn't meant to be a dust collector, no matter the sentimental value to a Mandalorian father."

Seth stopped in his tracks as he heard the Mandalorian speak. Seth couldn't believe it, he was being offered not only a suit of armor, but a proverbial place in the sect, he was no Mandalorian and this was a great honor.

"You honor me. Without knowing of my past or of myself...that takes much courage and I would be such a fool to turn down an offer such as yours."

"All I ask is that you make it your own. Ner vod,"

Seth nodded slowly still not believing this was happening "It shall bear me through many battles, but it shall always honor the fallen one it was intended for." he said softly as he turned to look at the Mandalorian. He smirked and recalled the one thing she used to say to him, and he felt it roll off his tongue "Verd ori'shya beskar'gam"

"Copaani gaan?"

Seth understood that line, he understood it well...possibly too well. That line carried so much within its words that many could never comprehend its depth, bth mandalorians themselves and outlanders alike. But he knew, he knew because it had been the first words out of her moth when she had found him on the undercity all beaten and roughed up by the local swoop gang. She had come to his rescue....Anca. His one childhood friend...he cleared his head and felt the heavy hand on his shoulder as he returned the gesture.

"Vor'e" he said looking the Mando in the eye.

Finally Seth recalled the only words that had ever seemed to bring a smile to his lips in the language of his friend

"Haat, Ijaa, Haa'it"

te me nekaka

10-01-2008 18:10:58

Nekaka Returned to the garden to notice the two jedi he was observing happened to be talking with out anger. He was impressed, Nekaka didn't have many friends, just the few that were allies and who he had adopted as brothers. Nekaka sat down on his rock Bench once more starring out at the pond of water that did not move. He needed to center him self. One thing he could not get off his mind was her, the memory would not leave him alone. Nekaka Cursed himself for being a fool. He should have known that no Female would take him. He was a loner, and at the time had no stable home life. But he found stability here why? The young Guardian looked at his refections in the water. "what have i done to Deserve this life of luxury, what have i done in order to accomplish my dreams?" Then he remembered his cousin who was murdered by the New republic, and that face that keeps hunting him final says "why?" Nekaka had talked to his master about this, the reason, to insure that the New republic would not take over the ID." The was the answer the old man had givin him a long time ago. "Im a Assassin, Im a bounty hunter, but most importantly now, im a Dark JedI Guardian!" He would just have to live with the killings he had done.

Nekaka Sat there and pondered, maybe some one here will talk to me? just as he was thinking that, nekaka Took out his small little bottle of drink and took a swig, and put it back. the only thing left on his mind was "what now?"