The Brotherhood Library

Gaidal Dupar

13-05-2005 10:37:49

Gaidal walked into the dark and huge library. This was the place where all the information all his favorite Sith Lords were stored. He loved it and could almost feel the strength of the Sith through the pages or from the database mainframe. Old books and modern technology met each other here. He took a seat and decided to wait.

Slowly Rayne entered the room.
"Well, well, you decided to come", Gaidal whispered at her, "before we start: I know exactly what you are and what you aren't. In case you want to play the role of gorgeous female who is able to catch the eye of every man, so play it. But don't expect me to believe it."
Rayne looked puzzled.
"Don't ask questions on the how and why, let me just say that I'm impressed on how you pulled it off. But I'll go on a mission in a few days and I would like you to join me. There might even be a bonus for us, when we succeed!", he continued.
"What mission?", Rayne asked.
"To search for relics and knowledge on Darth Revan. Everything is planned. My master already anticipated who will go with me, so it isn't that much of a surprise. For instance, I already know that your favorite pet, Jaymz, will follow you on every movement. But will you join me on this scout assignment? The others will follow as an assault team the day after."


13-05-2005 10:43:56

*She nodded and laid her cloak and sword belt over the chair.* "I'm not really trying to play to role of an eye catching woman. It's just how my race is. Or don't you know anything about Zeltrons? If you don't tell me and I'll fill you in otherwise. But I will join you in your quest. Just fill me in on some details and I'll be happy. I'm always up to explore and aquire more knowledge."

Gaidal Dupar

13-05-2005 10:56:55

Interesting person. Gaidal sneered and stood up from his chair.

"Let us walk through the library", Gaidal mumbled and so they walked through the huge library. Time to close a deal, he thought.

"What details on this mission do you need, my dearest companion", Gaidal asked.


13-05-2005 11:00:12

*She followed him as they walked through the hugh library.*

"I just need to know what my objectives in this mission will be and the time limit that I have to complete these and the parameters of the mission."

*She smirks some.* "So do you want to know about Zeltrons?"

Gaidal Dupar

13-05-2005 11:06:13

"Well, it's a long way to Korriban. So tell me then (you could mention the conversation in your post)", Gaidal laught out loud, "but you wanted details, so yu'll get them. Our mission is simple, we monitor the Jedi who are trying to find the same information on Revan as we're. When we find them and know that they found something, we'll call in the cavalery; the assault team. With combined forces we'll pacify them and take all that we can back to the Brotherhood."
(you already know that it will never be that easy!)
Rayne thought of it and liked it.

Gaidal Dupar

15-05-2005 19:10:59

Gaidal remained here for a while. He started searching a book, found it and went reading it in a huge comfortable chair. None around, no noises and almost no light. The perfect combination, which gave him the opportunity to think things through.


16-05-2005 04:46:28

Virulence burst through the doors of the library in deep thought, mumbling incoherent nonsense to himself. He walked straight over to a shelf containing ancient Sith texts and grabbed an old tome on mutation. His mumbeling became slightly more erratic as he stormed over to one of the many terminals in the room and punched up the complete anatomical readout on Ewoks. He laughed suddenly and burned the readout onto datachip. Grabbing the texts and the datachip he rushed out of the library still muttering to himself.

Gaidal Dupar

16-05-2005 05:39:02

Gaidal looked up from his old Sith book and saw the reptilian entering and leaving again. Interesting. after that he continued reading.


16-05-2005 12:23:09

Uzbad frolicked into the library and threw random books at Gaidal. (only the Sith books, mind you)

Gaidal Dupar

16-05-2005 17:44:01

Gaidal ducked away behind a chair and kept reading his book.


17-05-2005 16:24:56

She had come back into the library at Gaidal's suggestion.

"Sir Gaidal. What is it you wish to speak with me about this time?" She said as she stood there her cloak lightly flowing due to the small draft of wind the open window let in.

Gaidal Dupar

17-05-2005 17:01:08

"I'm sorry that I called you again, milady", Gaidal spoke slowly, "but You've proven yourself a worthly ally. An ally worth investing in."
She looked a bit puzzled. Good, that was good.
"Well, searching for Darth Revan was (and still is) very interesting, but was only about earning respect from your fellow brothers and sisters in arms", he stated, "I'm working on a new mission. If I get the permission, I may assemble an investigation team for a VERY special team. I'm working on it and there is only a limited space for people to join. I want you on this team, because I'll make sure that there will be more to earn. How do you like that?"
A smile literally opened her face and gave her that little extra.
"There is only one detail. This mission still needs approval and will occur after the Independence Games. Is that a problem for you, Rayne?"


17-05-2005 17:11:23

Shook her head. "No it's not a problem. But I have a few questions before saying I'll join this mission." She strode over to the window looking out at it. "The only things I need to know is. Why me? And if I choose to do this I need the mission parameters and what I'm allowed to do and not. And will I get paid?"

Gaidal Dupar

17-05-2005 17:24:51

Gaidal looked at this gorgeous woman, one of the few he did not have a usual interest in, and just sneered.
"Patience, my dearest Rayne", he grinned, "everything will come in time. Don't worry about credits; all the people I work with are worthly enough, and that's why I'll make sure that they get paid well."
Gaidal walked next to her to the end of the room and before he would sit back again on his chair, he looked at her and smiled.
"Ask me later", he smiled, "and I can supply you with the answers you need."


17-05-2005 17:26:28

She nodded contently. "Well I really don't need credits. I was just seeing if I could get them out of this deal. I'll ask you again later about this mission then. If that's what is more convent to you."

Gaidal Dupar

18-05-2005 12:58:53

Gaidal nodded and returned to his books. Sitting behind the table, he realised that this was pretty much his office. He laught out loud, nipped from his juma juice and continued reading the ancient Sith book about Marka Ragnos.


18-05-2005 13:13:51

Jaymz strolled silently into the library. His hood was up, casting a shadow over his face. His arms were folded neatly in front of him as he found a table that was unoccupied. He let his hands creep up to his hood and drop it down in a fluid like motion that seemed to subtle for a sith.

He proceeded to remove his cloak and layed it on the mahogany desk. He stretched in his inner robes, he had not moved around much lately and he was unused to the flexibility that the black inner robes offered against the cloak.

He began searching through the immense amounts of books, occasionally taking one out and skimming through it only to find it didn't contain the answers he was looking for.

Jaymz then came around to a book called The Studies of Ancient Arts. He pulled the book out and brought it to the table he had been to recently.

Dusting off the cover he opened it gently, noticing that the book was very old. The pages were off old Krayt Dragon hide and despite its durableness, it had become extemely weak over the countless number of years it had layed dorment in the library.

After studying the first several pages he found a section that caught his attention rather quickly. It was entitled; Origins of Sith Combat forms. After reading ahead further he found a sub-section consisting of near 300 some pages about the origins of Sith lightsaber techniques.

Taking alot of intrest into this, Jaymz drew his practice blade and began studying the basic forms of this technique. It was called the Ho Ti Kwin. It specialty was against lightsaber and force user opponents though it wasn't very productive against many enemies wielding blasters.

Though Jaymz had enough experience in the other forms that he could easily switch back and forth between techniques with relative ease.

After several hours of hard training he unignited his lightsaber and clipped it to his belt and proceeded to read the other sections about Sith Combat Techniques.

Gaidal Dupar

18-05-2005 13:21:48

Gaidal noticed Jaymz, who was reading an old Sith book and training the the forms he learnt. Interesting. It was always interesting to see why other people did what they did. He continued to watch now and then and made some small notes of the things he saw.


18-05-2005 13:39:51

After Jaymz had completed reading the entire book he felt unsatisfied that he had not learned as much of the ancient arts as he could have. He felt like there was so much more to learn about the old ways of the sith, and the way they fought that made modern sith look like miniscule Apprentices.

After looking for through the library of books for several more hours Jaymz came up with nothing. He was sure there was something more in the library, but it felt like it was uncomplete, like there was something missing.

He sat down at the table where the book was along with his cloak. He stared at the book intently, wondering if thats all there was of ancient techniques, but he couldn't seem to let himself believe it.

Jaymz noticed he was sweating profusely in his inner robes, so he proceeded to take the top half of his inner robes off, revealing his heavly scarred chest.

Jaymz layed his head on his arm and tried thinking of anything more he could do to further himself in lightsaber techniques.


20-05-2005 19:11:22

Uzbad frolicked about, throwing random books at Gaidal, Jaymz, and Rayne.

Gaidal Dupar

22-05-2005 06:44:49

Gaidal found some shelter again, behind one of the big chairs of the library. He continued his reading and kept an eye on the young Protector who was still training his battle moves. From time to time Gaidal would make a note and compare it with his notes of his previous battle moves. Besides, he was still hungry in his urge to gain more knowledge. In case he could learn something more about new and old battlemoves, it was fine by him. He still had a lot of work to do and deals to close.


22-05-2005 14:25:09

Uzbad soon grew tired of throwing books at people at sat down at a table. He pulled an old battered book from within his robes and began to read.

Langis Gyn Histop

24-05-2005 15:40:56

Langis burst into the Library, clearly agitated. She looked around and found the most deserted corner she could find. Pulling a book out of her robes, she sat down and began to read.

Gaidal Dupar

25-05-2005 06:11:51

Gaidal saw that Langis had entered the library. He left his book at the desk and walked over to her. He just grinned in the almost completely surrounding darkness of the room, sometimes interrupted by a small reading light. It gave his face a spooky image, like the sneer was burnt on his face and could never be removed.
"Hello, miladay", Gaidal whispered and immediately bowed for her, while grabbing and kissing her soft hand, "what a delightful pleasure to see you here. Looking for a particular book? I might be of assistance, while I consider these quarters as my personal office. Welcome!"
She looked at him and her mood changed instantly. She smiled at him and nodded.
"Well, I see you have everything you need", Gaidal mentioned while he blinked with his right eye, "but in case you need anything else, walk over to the other table and ask me."
He left a small black rose at the table on her book and walked back to his spot. He continued reading about Marka Ragnos, while making notes on his datapad.


25-05-2005 13:13:00

Jaymz stood above them on a balcony that over looked the entire library. His cloak hood was up and his menacing eyes gazed down apon everyone in the room. He wondered to himself why Gaidal found the need to go after everyone he liked, but he dismissed the though, remembering his pledge to never fall in love, so in a way Gaidal was doing a him a favor by snaching all the women he tried talking to.

Jaymz folded his arms in front of him and continued staring down at them waiting to see what Langis would do.

Gaidal Dupar

25-05-2005 14:23:54

"Jaymz", Gaidal whispered without actually saying the word. Meanwhile he walked back to his desk where he was still studying on Sith Lord Marka Ragnos and his Sith Empire. Interesting, interesting once more.

Langis Gyn Histop

25-05-2005 15:35:51

Langis stared after Gaidal. She knew he was a romantic, but never figured him for a smooth talker. She smiled inwardly and looked up. Within seconds, she spotted Jamyz. His eyes burnt into hers as they met. After a few long seconds, she turned away, unable to look at him.

'Why me?' she asked herself. 'Why send a man who is charming, then send a man who looks almost exactly like him?' Unable to control the flood of emotions, she shrank back in her corner more...


26-05-2005 13:16:13

Jaymz saw that he had gotten his point across to her and turned, his eyes moving but his brain not following. He was meditating without actually meaning to. Once again it seemed that he was at a loss to someone. (Just got dumped IRL so thats OOC AND IC).

Jaymz moved silently through the halls, his cloak swaying gently from side to side as his mind wondered through the knowledge that plagued his brain.

He made his way to the roof of the library, staring out at the sunset as he pushed his hood down. Everyone saw him as a cruel, evil person, but no one ever game him the chance.

For the first time in a long time, Jaymz's eyes were removed from the Red-Rimmed Yellow color they usually are, and turned back into the vibrant blue one's he had had so many years ago, when he had had no worries and had everything to live for.

He continued staring at the sunset his eyes studying every contour of its structre, even as it slipped below the horizon, he continued to let his eyes wander over the forest's that surrounded the Library

Langis Gyn Histop

26-05-2005 14:08:50

Finally controlling the emotions in her mind, she looked up. Jaymz had dissappeared, but she found Gaidal looking at her every now and then. She smiled and picked up the black rose. It's petals looked like they had just bloomed, and she loved looking at them. Sighing, she returned to her book.


26-05-2005 20:35:29

Jaymz's eyes wondered through the various objects that surrounded the Library, then proceeded to put his hood back up and returned to the inside of the librarty. His movement down the hallway's looked almost fluid and mechanical at the same time.

As he reached the balcony he looked, again, down apon Langis. He didn't know why he had such an attraction to this women, but he did somehow.


01-06-2005 22:43:25

Uzbad goggled at the lovebirds. What was this place coming too? When Uzbad first started out in the brotherhood, there where no love stories, no romantic getaways in the library, on in old archives, or in who knows where else. The brotherhood Uzbad remebered was exactly that. The members where siblings, not spouses. Uzbad growled and pullled his lightsaber, which had magically appeared along with his new robes upon his body only minutes before, and approched Jaymz.


02-06-2005 07:22:27

Kraznor entered the room and began searching for tomes on battle strategy and the works of great warlords and generals to gain insight upon the strengths and weaknesses of previous leaders. He soon finds several tomes on the subject matter he is searching for and begins reading them and taking note of the important details contained


02-06-2005 11:43:22

Jaymz turned as he sensed Uzbad approaching. He noticed that the Jedi Knight had taken no precausions as to hide his signature so he figured that he was not intending on fighting him, but then again, Dark Jedi were not known for thier gentle ways of fighting.

"Can I help you, Jedi Knight?" Jaymz said bowing to the man. The last time he saw him he was a Jedi Hunter, and since then he had been knighted obviously.


07-06-2005 21:59:47

Adalyn walked into the library, hoping for a chance to relax. It seemed that wherever she went, trouble followed. She needed a break from the world, but that wasn't possible. But a chance to just relax and read seemed like a good oppurtunity as she strolled over to a vacant table. Sitting down, she grabbed a book and began to read.


08-06-2005 20:12:02

Jaymz noticed Adalyn enter the room and broke off his brief conversation with the Jedi Knight. He could tell she was irratated, not because he could sense it, just by the look on her face and how well he knew he he could tell she probably wanted to be left alone at the moment.

He mioved over to the "A" section of the library and grabbed a book on the Master of Combat Alaiedon. He unintentionally got so engrossed with the book that his attention began to be drawn from Adalyn.


16-06-2005 04:48:00

I cleaned this run-on, it now ends briefly before two certain people started flirting. now, if I need to do this again, it will just end up in the trashcan altogether. the idea behind this one is good, and I am not going just let it go to waste.


16-06-2005 07:20:29

lol, smooth editing there Korras.

Keshik strode into the library, one thing in his mind.
He had dreamed a dream the night before. A dream about a powerful lightsaber, of a design he had never heard of.
That is why he was here. He needed to find out if it had ever been made before.
He walked up to the librarian.
'Hello, I need some books on lightsaber designs.' He said to the elderly lady.
'Certainly, follow me' she said.
She led him to a row, and pointed out the books. He used the force to lift them out of their places, and placed them on the table. They formed a neat pile.
He began to read. What he called the 'Katana Blade', he hoped he would find in here. For his first Lightsaber in the Dark Brotherhood was a long way away, but he wanted to be ready.
He knew that this dream saber was the saber of his destiny.


16-06-2005 21:09:04

As Adalyn flipped through the pages of the book, she realized that this book was what she needed. It was about battles and fighting, and contained different tactics she could use. She soon became engrossed with it.


16-06-2005 21:26:08

Jaymz noticed Adalyn was reading a book, he also noticed she seemed to be really into it. So he decided to leave his Fiancee alone for the time being. His eyes couldn't help but drifting over to Adalyn and admiring her perfect body, but he wouldn't do anything about it for fear of being reprimanded...again.

Kohn Fang

29-06-2005 17:43:41

Being already in the library, so thickly surrounded by books that his small figure could not be noticed Kohn contented himself in bieng out of the way, surounded (how do u spell that????) by so much knowledge that getting lost was to be expected, not to mention that it is favored pastime, besidedes lightsaber dueling.


29-06-2005 22:06:09

Korchek silently creeped into the libary and started reading a book on the sith wars and lit a Fungus Cigar (<<


22-07-2005 12:15:31

Vodo grumbled impolitly to shimself over his task. The day earlier, he'd been walking swiftly through Antei's hallways and then ran head on into the Grand Master himself. it was not their first chance meeting, infacty, it was fairly common, but this was the first time the usually imposing figure of the Sith Master was sprawled on the floor before a stunned Gaurdian. He'd been sentanced to three days hard labor in the Library.

At first, he'd thought the Grand Master must have been joking. The Library was his dream job. thousands of tomes of knowledge, anchient holocrons, books beyond that which was imaginable. He figured he'd slip off somewhere and enjoy a small book of lore. But he was sorely mistaken.

For the past two days, he'd been reduced to hauling carts of paper books back and forth, what seemed a pointless cause, and then to sort them amongst ghe shelves without the aid of mechanical or computer processing. Of all the things the Brotherhood had forgotten in their move from the Emporer's Hammer, it was a Library Droid. He was the droid now, and he did not take kindly to the bemused looks the visitors gave him.

But that ws behind him now. He hauled his last hover cart of books to the shelf where he determine they must belong according to the complex Krath coding on the spine. Behind him, a couple of rowdy protectors pushed each other, tryignt o get their hands first on the new issue of Aliens gone wild. It annoyed him. The usually peacful quiet of the library was disturbed by grunts of anticipation and laughter. Apparently, the anchient looking librarian could not hear them, and choose instead to continue reding her alchemy tome.

It was not long in actuallity, but it seemed like ti to the Twi'lek, before he'd managed to levitate the last book into place. He sat down in an exhausted pile against the book shelf behind him. He was done. Done at last. 8,679 books, 623 Holocrons, 712 tomes, and three book shelves. These are what he'd moved and placed, stored, or catagorized ijn the past half week.

The presence of a powerful Dark jedi was closing in on the library, and he knew it was the Grand Master, coming to relive him of his punishment. he pulled himself to his feet and hobbled over to the Bookhelve standing before the entrance to the librabry. He smoothed our his dusty and ruffled robes. The hoolagans that had been fighting over the porn magazine earlier had moved behind him and from what it sounded like, had begun fighting over which Krath High Preistess was the hottest.

Vodo could sense it, the Grand Master was at the corner, about to come into veiw. A foot! Followed in what seemed like slow motion by a leg, and then a hand. His body began rounding the corner when vodo sensed an object flying at him. The Pyrmid shapped holocron hit him with its flat bottom head on, knocking him backwards into the book shelve with enough force to tip it. The hoolagons realized what they'd caused by then trying to call the holocron to themselves and ran. The book shelf continued to tip, and teetered patiently on one tip. Vodo was to terrified to know what to do. The shelf reached its apex and fell onto the shelf behind it, and thus began a dominoe effect that eventually brought down the entire library.

The Twi'lek Gaudian brought himself to his feet, clutching the side of his face that had absorbed the impact of the flying Holocron. He blinked twice and saw the face of Jac Cotelin inches from his. His wicked looking grin tried to convince the grand master nothing had happened, but he didn't look convinced.


22-07-2005 15:52:58

Jaymz felt a surge of coldness enter the the library, cold and dark. He pulled his robes closer together, then focusing he managed to pinpoint where the source was coming from.

The Grand Master......

Jaymz put down his book as a series of bookshelves fell in succesion. A small sidestep prevented him from being crushed by one of them. He looked at the man who had caused the disturbance and shook his head. He moved over to the 300 pound oak shelves and started pushing on it trying to get it back up, forcing his arm to go to 50% of maximum power, the shelve tipped back into place and so he began putting the 20 others back into place as well.


22-07-2005 15:59:09

Doku walks as, just in time to see the Grand Master stare at Vodo. Looking around he noticed that the top of the libary wasnt touched.Good, now i can actually get some work done Doku said to himself as he walked to the elevator and pressed a button on the keypad. The elevator dinged to life and Doku walked out of it. He noticed a familar face among the others that were there upstairs.

He greeted Langis, and noticed the cold stares from Gaidal and Jaymz beaming right at him. So many people in here, makes it hard to concentrate sometimes. Espically after the lounge problem from the last couple of nights. Doku said to himself, as he walked thru a door that held a few books that could be accessed by old Clan Satal Keto members.

The others watched him as he turned on a few lights, activated the workbenched, pulled out a few schematics and books and started working. The noise bothered the others that were up there, but Doku didnt care, he had a few things to study and finish working on.

"Ah almost forgot you." Doku said as he drew out a Mechincal squirrel. His little assitant helped him with some wireing and other odd jobs around his room.

Watching out of the corner of his eye, Jamyz walked down from were he was standing and started walking towards the others.


22-07-2005 16:14:47

Jaymz finished fixing the book shelves and moved to a secluded part of the Library away from everyone esle or so he thought. He removed his out robe and placed it on the table, he then took out his training saber and ignited it, its red beam casting shadows in the already dark room.

Closing his eyes, he felt the force around him, felt it swirl within his body and course through his veins, it felt it will him to move, and he moved and began doing an entrancing amount of manuevers with his training saber.

After about an hour he was covered in sweat and he stopped. Opening his eyes, he found Langis leaning on the door frame that lead into the secluded room. Jaymz gave a small smile and nodded toward her. "Good evening, Beautiful."


22-07-2005 18:03:17

"Nothing like the sound of machiner working at this time, wouldnt you say so?" Doku looked at his pet and watched it nod back. The schematics were simple, he was creating another robot squirrel for an eager client, or whoever would like one. It was a simple process to create, just took a couple of minutes. Every now and then you would have to look at the plans to see if it looked right or not. The pet was finally finished. Looked alright to Doku, but nothing speical. He hung up the tools, turned the bench off and put the pet into a small box. Before leaving, Doku grabbed a couple of books that needed to be studied for his training. They were old books from some of the archives that he left there in a spot.

The books had the former Clan Satal Keto stamps on them. Old litertaure that needed to be opened and studied. Old combat forms, lightsaber analogys and styles. The construction of the lightsaber and the process that needed to be done to make them. Also, a book of former leaders and there accomplishments in the Clan before the merger, when Doku had to move to Byfrost.

Doku picked up the books, turned the lights off, locked the door and went off to a table for some study and notes.


22-07-2005 21:31:07

Can I join this "run-on"?


23-07-2005 09:24:41

You don't have to ask, you should know that.


23-07-2005 16:49:45

Throught the Brotherhood Library dark jedi sat reading or recorded mormoriably events. They were all so engrossed in their studies that not one noticed the doors open and a young sith apprentice known as Aabsdu walk in. He slowly, but cauasually made his way to the many aisles dedicated to the Sith Order and started searching for anything about Darth Plagueis.

Unlike some, Aabsdu liked the merge and thought it a very good idea. If this was to carry on, though, the clan would need some extensive background searching and, seeing as his master, Braecen, was away, it might as well be him to look.

He found numerous books about the sith lord, so he harmlessly used the force to hold the group in mid-air and went and sat down next to, some might say, one of his friends, Doku. Doku loooked up long enough to see who it was, and seeing Aabsdu, he simply went back to his studies. Aabsdu let the pile of books fall to the table and he took the top one off and opened it, ready for what awaits him.


23-07-2005 19:58:40

Aabsdu, a young and eager student. Always willing to learn. Could use some more training, but hey, not my word to judgeDoku thought to himself as he finished writting and closed one of the 3 books that he took with him. As quickly as he opened the next one, he heard argueing from across the room. Doku, a little aggrivated, looked up with curiosty. Only to see that the three usuals that fough over the one, were at it again. Always complaining in there minds about the one they fought over. Both the men considereing themselves allies, knew wat they wanted. The girl they always fought over, Langis. Doku, knowing that her master, Preist Lucien, was a busy man, didnt know much about there little escapdes.

Looking to his write, Aabsdu was busy reading thru the many books of sith History. Closing his, he walked up behind Aabsdu and talked into his ear. "Sometimes, its better to stay out of such knowledge, but if you know what your looking for, it makes the job alot easier" Doku said flipping to a page over different force users and there time periods.

Watching the eager Sith going thru the different periods, made Doku laugh a little, quickly getting back to what he was working on earlyer. Suddenly Doku moved his head as a book came flying past his face.

Doku looking up noticed that it was Langis who missed Gaidal by in inch from hitting Jamyz in the face, the reason y she threw the book. All three of them turned to look at Doku, who wasnt angry, but a little aggrivated.

Macron Sadow

23-07-2005 22:21:57

Macron looked up from the holocron he was perusing. The particular one was the Holocron of Antar IV, part of the Clan Naga Sadow posessions. Consul Xanos had just given him permission to study it, and in fact had assigned him the task of puzzling out the contents of the device which was heretofore untouched.

"They make me laugh " he thought as he watched the antics of the fated triangle of Journeymen. Macron absolutely enjoyed their torment and mental anguish, drinking in the guilt, fear and anger like a fine glass of ale. He loved it.

Macron snapped off the red pyramidal holocron with his gauntleted fist and walked up to Doku.
"Hi, I don't think we have met. Nice to meet you." He bowed with a flourish of his black cape, the lights on his Sith armor blinking like crimson fireflies. His saber hilt clinked against the hard shell parts of his belt as it swung.

The alchemist bent down and picked up the book laying on the floor, and handed it to Langis with a crinkle of his armor padding. "I think you dropped this," he hissed. "Be careful with the books. Next time aim for the jaw."

The Knight noticed Aabsdu reading tomes on Darth Plagueis and turned to speak to him. "I know many things about that man. He was a master alchemist. We should talk."


24-07-2005 04:33:15

Fenn Ashune quietly stepped into the dauntingly enormous library. His white robes were a striking contrast to the darkened overtures of the walls and bookshelves. He only found solace from the light produced from the orb-looking overhead lamps, which casted circles of brilliance onto the floor. Fenn walked under several of the lamps on his way to the bookshelves, causing the lines of his cloak to be momentarily illuminated.

Fenn at last came to the bookshelves. He searched through the electronic directory, until he found the section on Dark Jedi Philosophy, one of his more notable facinations. He pulled a book from a stone shelf, causing a thin cloud of dust to be excited into movement. The young Novice grimaced, blowing and wiping away the collected grit that had settled on the book he had pulled out. Such a shame, he thought. So many newcomers are interested only in books that can teach them Force techniques, or lightsaber styles. While that information can give power, it is often too short lived to make a real difference.

"This," he now thought aloud, "is the true way to unlocking the power of the dark side. The neglect of so many to harness the teachings of past Dark deciples is unfortunate, to say the least." He sat in a plush chair, and opened the hard cover of the book. The pages looked so new that Fenn would not be surprised if this book hadn't been removed since the creation of the library. He began reading the first paragraph:

The Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Malevo, lived thousands of years ago. He was considered to be one of the most gifted Force-users of his time. What was not commonly known, however, was that he was also one of the wisest men ever to come into existence, especially when it came to the Dark side. One of his new apprentices onced asked of him the reason that the Dark side was naturally stronger than the Light. They were on a walk outside, and evening had just fallen. Their location made for an exelent viewing point of the night sky. The Dark Lord motioned to the heavans and asked "What do you see when you look in the sky, my apprentice?"

The young man stated, "I see the stars, my lord."

Darth Malevo smiled, and replied, "You see the stars everywhere you look in the night sky, do you?"

The apprentice nodded in affirmation.

"Then, would it suprise you to learn that the sky is dominated by the darkness, and the light is but a fraction of that area? Why is it, then, that you do not see the darkness over the stars?"

The apprentice balked, realizing that his Master was absolutely correct. Malevo continued, "Do not worry, my apprentice, many have made the mistake you have. The people of the galaxy are naturally afraid of the darkness. They cannot understand it, cannot focus it, therefore they run to the only option there is that remains: the Light. If you are to succeed in your training, you must first overcome your fear. You must come to understand that the Dark side is as boundless as the darkness of space. It flourishes in every environment, while light can only be created under certain and very narrow conditions. It requires no restraint to exist, while the light of a star can only be created and maintained under extreme pressure and control. And even if it somehow manages to exert its will, in a few eons, it can be gone, and all that is left is the darkness that always prevailed."

Fenn looked up to think on the meaning of Malevo's teachings, when he happened to look at one of the shafts of light created by the celing lamp. The dust cloud he had previously stirred had moved into the light, and small black particles now littered the once empty white area. Fenn considered what it would be like if the natural order were reversed, and the light dominated the evening sky, only to be punctured by small circles of darkness.

"How unbearable that would be..." he pondered aloud, then after a moment, returned to the book.


25-07-2005 20:14:30

Aabsdu sat at the table in his simply, but comtfortable, black tunic as he searched through one of the books index, looking for anything on Darth Plagueis. He heard a voice, and looked up to see Macron talking to him.

"...We should talk," he said.

Aabsdu noded and indicated the empty seat Doku had been in. Gracefully, Macron took it, and sat down and looked over at what Aabsdu had found so far.

Aabsdu looked at him with deep interest and said, "Now how, does someone like you know so much about someone so great?"

Macron noded and said, "First, let me know why you want to know about him."

Aabsdu respected the question and replied, "Clan task, you could say. Exar Kun's Quaestor, Godo Nurok, has given me the job of looking into the "founder" of our new clan. So far I've looked through three books and found that the Emperor was his apprentice, and that he was killed by that person."

Macron noded, grabbed a book, and started reading.

(To all Plagueis members, there will be a competition for creating a history for our new clan. Should come in August.)


25-07-2005 22:17:23

Uzbad looked at his book and read the words from the apge, one by one.


26-07-2005 11:32:56

"What a day." Doku said as he stretched in his chair, still having no success on what he was looking for. Reading page after page, book after book. Nothing but comebat forms and the construction of the lightsaber. Still finding no luck. "How am I going to build my own lightsaber, if i cant even find what to make it perfect with. Uggh, how come I have the worst luck around these books." Doku said as he closed the second book he was reading. Aabsdu seeing the book that was just closed by Doku was intrigued by what the title said "Forms of the Old republic". Aabsdu went to grab it, only to be stoped by Doku's hand.

"Dont touch, these dont belong to you Aabsdu." Doku said as he set it some were else and went back to reading and jotting down notes. "What makes you think Doku, that book belongs to you? It doesnt even have your name in it." Aabsdu said as he closed the book he was reading.

"Well for one, you werent part of the CSK before the merger. So you dont have clearance to even read or touch these books." Doku finished as he turned the page.

Aabsdu, a little fustrated, sat down in his chair and continued talking to Macron. Doku laughed a little, and then got up to get some more paper. The libary was still a little bit quiet, excpet for the occasional conversators that just talked about what happened today, who fought who..etc, etc.

Wasnt much excitment down at the bottom, the stacks of books have been picked up and the shelves were put back into place after the little 'problem' earlyer. Just a same old day in the Brotherhood. Doku sat down and continued researching.


26-07-2005 12:07:32

Aabsdu looked at Doku as he sat down with more paper.

"If I get you a guide on building lightsabers," he said, "Will you let me skim through that book?"

Macron didn't even realize what was happening as he continued to read about the first krath.

Doku replied....


26-07-2005 12:43:29

Jaymz moved to a balcony that over looked the entire library and just sat there, looking out at the millions of books and the people who infested the walkways and area of the library.

Jaymz leaned against the edge of the balcony and closed his eyes, memories flooding his thoughts.


26-07-2005 12:52:02

"Hehe, Aabsdu, im not allowed to let anybody else read these books. I was given permission from Callus to do some research. So i was lucky enough to find that the CSK records and such, was unharmed. A few stragglers around the old base, but nothing strange. The place will become a Dark jedi ruin in the years to come." Doku said as he picked up the books and walked into the room they were stored in, place them in the case that Doku brought with him, and locked the door behind him.

"All in good time Aabsdu, all in good time." Doku said as he patted Aabsdu and bowed to Macron. "Nice to meet you, sorry I couldnt stay long, but i have more research to do downstairs. Maybe we can talk some more sometime." Doku looked at Macron as Doku bowed at him again.

Doku continued walking towards the elevator, passed by Jaymz who was in deep thought. Doku entered the elevator and saw just before it closed that Jaymz glanced at him for a quick second.

Exiting the elevator, Doku thru his stuff down, and skimmed thru the different volumes and holocrons to see what they had to offer him in his research.

Macron Sadow

26-07-2005 23:20:06

Macron looked up with a glazed look in his eyes, and smiled at Doku as he walked away.
"Oops, I forgot to say goodbye, Aabsdu. I was lost in my thoughts. I remember a certain passgage from that holocron I was just reading, and it bothers me. Oh well. such is the way of the Dark Side."

"Sorry man. I was a little distracted. My apologies, "rang as a thought in Doku's head after he exited the elevator later.

The Sith Knight steepled his fingers as he then looked at Aabsdu. "You see, Plagueis was an alchemist as well, and a damn good and well funded one too," he said as he remembered his research.

"He certainly taught Sidious the art of cloning and essence transference. And by reasoning, you can figure that many things Lord Sidious knew came from Plagueis. Very certainly the knowledge to make his alchemical furnace to construct synthetic saber crystals came from him as well. That was a traditional master-student relationship among the Sith during the Rule of Two era."

Chuckling and pouring them each a drink, the Commander smiled.


28-07-2005 21:13:13

Tyrus walked into the library and looked at Aabsdu and Jaymz. He debated in his mind...that was a lost cause. He walked over to where Aabsdu was seated and drew up a chair next to him.

"Ahh, so you are studying sith?" Aabsdu nodded. "We krath prefer studies and more or less meditation. The sith often make fun of us, but we are too intelligent to even let this scar our confidence." Aabsdu looked impressed and said "But we sith are excellent strategists, the krath would be nothing without us." Tyrus not wanting to debate any further agreed and swept off to a section devoted solely to krath lords of the past. "My best wishes are yours my friend," he muttered so that only he alone could hear it.


29-07-2005 12:54:30

Aabsdu simply ignored Tyrus' idiotic boasts and continued on with his work. He knew no one order was better than the other, but no reason to let others think that.


29-07-2005 14:11:56

Tyrus took a rather interesting book about the creation of the krath war blade and sat down at a nearby table. The light clearly came from the windows and illuminated the dust in the air. Tyrus pulled out a few parts of what strangely seemed like lightsaber parts and slowly started to piece them together.

Macron Sadow

29-07-2005 21:08:24

The Sith snorted as heard the earlier words. Obviously, the Journeyman had been subjected to stereotypical information. Macron was truly Sith, but yet his skills lay in alchemy and writing, much like a Krath or an ancient Sith alchemist. He fought like an obelisk, and was a mediore pilot at best. One of his best friends was an Obelisk who was an excellent pilot. His master was a Krath who fought like hell. And Macron, A Sith, was the eclectic pedagogue for Dark Jedi meditation at the Academy.

"Umm, Tyrus," he spoke. Macron had been responsible for the lightsaber crystal part of the newly released Brotherhood Lightsaber combat guide, and was an absolute freak about crystals.
Messing about with metal and lightsaber parts could be deadly. He felt an obligation to help his comrade in arms against the hated Jedi.He bade Aabsdu good wishes in his studies, and offered to help anytime.

"Careful man." The Sith moved over to the table at which Tyrus sat with a ready smile and an easy manner.

"You combine that part with this blade, and the resultant degenerative de-coupling
of the ions in that metallic alloy will blow your arm off. Here man. I will be glad to help you."
The Knight opened his tech kit, and the two began to work quietly at the table.
"And I make fun of no one. Remember that. we are all part of this Brotherhood, my friend."


29-07-2005 21:14:39

"I was not making fun of anyone...i was merely pointing out that it used to be like that, more or less, that was very stereotypical of me..." Tyrus looked at the lightsaber parts...still befuddled beyon belief..."You would think we didnt have to be rocket scientists to build one of these..."


30-07-2005 03:36:34

Fenn returned to the library, after surreptitiously exiting the building, and attending classes at the Shadow Academy. He had passed his Dark Jedi Meditation exam with a very high score, and was allowing a bit of smugness to permeate his otherwise neutral expression. The smugness was also, in part, due to his recent promotion to Protector. Fenn was finally beginning to feel like he was making significant progress in his Dark-side career.

The Obelisk quietly entered in his search parameters into the illuminated library terminal; he was curious about an obscure reference he had heard several days ago, something by the name of "The Great Hunt." He knew that the Jedi were involved in this reference, but nothing further. However, that fact alone was enough to stir his interest. The Jedi were weak pacifists at heart, after all. A protocol droid brought him a text after he had sat down in his increasingly favorite plush chair. "I am afraid this is the only literature with reference to your search parameters," the droid stated factually. Fenn took the book without a response, and his eyes gazed over the title: "The Escapades of the Jedi Order."

The Acolyte quickly turned to the section marked by the droid, and began to read:

The Great Hunt

Approximately 4,500 years ago, the Jedi had a problem. A new creature had been discovered on an outlying and previously uncharted world. The beast had the strength of a rancor beast, however that fact was not what concerned the Jedi. These creatures seemed to be immune to the Force in every respect, save for the dark side. The creatures were dubbed terentateks. The creatures were vicious, feeding off the blood of those strong with the Force, and particularly liked to multiply on worlds strong with the dark side. The Jedi Council convened to discuss what was to be done about these beasts. It was decided that a considerable portion of Jedi would be recalled from other duties to eradicate the terentateks, as their very existence helped to spread the darkness across the galaxy. This endeavor became known as The Great Hunt.

Knights traveled far and wide, many stretching the boundaries of the Unknown Regions and a few extending into the darkness of Wild Space. Dozens of Jedi were never heard from again, and their disappearances are a string of mysteries to this day. The Council ordered all Jedi who traveled in groups to press onward, even if one or several of their number were slain. A few highly skilled Jedi returned to the populated sectors, their cargo holds brimming with terentatek hide, the spoils of their victories. Many Jedi who were weak to temptation also succumbed to the lure of the dark side that the locales they visited permeated.

One such trio is of note to the Dark Jedi, because it demonstrates the rift that can be brought in the Jedi if the darkness is introduced properly. Duron Qel-Droma, cousin of the acclaimed fallen Jedi Ulic Qel-Droma, was one of three Jedi sent to Korriban to search for the beasts. As many Dark Jedi know, Korriban is a place of insipid dark side aura, and the three naive Knights were quite unprepared to battle their own desires. Duron and his companion Shaela Nur fell in love, and succumbed to their baser lusts. The third Jedi, Gun Han Saresh, quickly discovered his friends' relationship, and chastised them for allowing their passion to corrupt them. He left Korriban, as he could feel the darkness attempting to consume him, and decided to leave while he had the ability. The Force wielding couple, however, remained on the barren rock and continued to fight terentateks, believing their love able to strike down the dark creatures. This foolish theory was quickly disproved when Duron was killed in an assault on a terentatek nest. The devastated Shaela attempted to release her anger by torturing the creatures; after she failed, she committed suicide. The unproven rumor is that she fell on Duron's bloodsoaked lightsaber.

Guun Han, unknowing of his comrade’s fate, continued to search for the elusive beasts, until finally arriving at the forest world Kashyyyk, where he sensed a dark presence deep below on the forest floor. Traveling to what the Wookies have named "the Shadowlands," Gunn Han was promptly killed by one of the creatures, as he was completely unable to phase the beast without the aid of his allies.

Fenn turned to the Sources section of the book, and looked under the article that had caught his interest. There were only two entries: the first he could only assume was a misprint, as it was a string of letters and symbols that did not seem to make sense - The second reference he thought was perhaps an obscure holovid - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Fenn resigned himself to the fact that this was a very old, and probably long-forgotten event. He was curious if any terentateks still existed in the galaxy. Fenn guessed that it was a strong possibility, as these creatures were linked to the strength of the dark side, which, of course, was particularly strong as of late...


30-07-2005 18:43:46

Uzbad was bored so he threw rocks at random people.


01-08-2005 10:15:48

Everything was quiet downstairs. Doku just finished his research and started to leave, only to see that he was stopped by two Plagueis guards. "Master Doku, you are needed in the Grand Hall at Byfrost.....Its time." Doku looked up at everybody and walked off as he left his books there were he was sitting. "Im comming back for those, so dont think about touching them Aabsdu." He looked up at Aabsdu and let out a little laugh as he exited the Libary.

A few hours went by, and everybody was still talking and reading as usual. Then the doors opened, and they noticed that Doku wasnt wearing his old JH robes anymore. He was just given his lightsaber and his new Dark Jedi Knight robes. Doku looking up at everybody, noticed that Aabsdu was waiting for him to let him read one of the books still.

"Aabsdu, If you want to read the books, just come down here and read them. You might find something interesting about what your looking for." Doku said as he sat down again and started to read again, Taking notes and reading about the different lightsaber forms.


27-09-2005 06:09:56

Rage gets a handfull of books and opens one it talks about The Sith Wars,and the other ones written by the Emporer himself,Rage closes the Sith War book and starts reading the first book written by the Emporer


28-09-2005 16:35:50

RevengeX entered the library, his purple cloak trailing behind him as he walked. 'What a day, what a day,' he thought to himself as he picked up a random book from a shelf and dropped down onto a chair. There had been several incidents where someone had hidden one of his possessions. He had eventually found all of the items and punished the thief, but by then it had already been five hours. He just needed to relax now...

The book he had chosen was about a unicorn named Pinky. According to the book, Pinky loved to play and frolic in the green fields.

'What kind of junk is this?' the Krath Priest thought as he started to skim through the book. Pinky this, Pinky that. What is a book about a unicorn named Pinky doing here in the Dark Brotherhood's library? 'Oh yea, amusement for the strange freaks who love unicrons...'


28-09-2005 16:40:41

Ha HA Revenge i knew someone would get that book sometime (thats my sisters book)i put it their to see peoples faces.....your the fist one


30-09-2005 15:51:46

Cain walk in rather troubled. Going to one of the terminals he started looking at planet and thier sectors. he would figure out why his dreams seemed so real....


02-10-2005 09:41:21

RevengeX closed the book and threw it at Rage :P. It bounced off his head and into his lap.

"Ah! The bright colors! No!" screamed Rage as the book opened and pictures of Pinky the Unicorn emerged from the book.

Smirking, the Krath Priest found a different book about past wars in the Hapes Cluster.


04-10-2005 10:47:59

cain smiled "finally i have found it." he thought as he downloaded the Coordinates into his datapad and then getting up he left without a sound


06-10-2005 06:30:02

Awww [Expletive Deleted for your viewing pleasure] i had to use gloves the time i brought it here....
he puts away the sith war book and finds a rather heavy guide on lightsabers

Gaidal Dupar

06-10-2005 11:09:42

Jedi Hunter Gaidal Dupar al'Tor walked into the Library and felt a great serenity and harmony enclosing around his person when looked through the room. The smell of old books and the great knowlegde you could extract from such antique copies made him feel immortal. He grinned, grabbed an old book about Sith Strategies and found himself a nice spot to study the old texts.


13-10-2005 13:14:00

Noktar entered the huge library and immediately felt at ease. If it was one thing that he enjoyed, it was knowledge. He searched the library and quickly found a book that he was interested in. Sitting at one of the long tables in the room, he opened up "Species: How They Live and How They Behave" and started to read.

Acara Rayden

13-10-2005 16:50:37

Acara walked into the Library and imeadiatly sought out a book on Tactics of the Empire. He sat down and began to read


14-10-2005 22:56:38

Rage finished his book and Got One about the jedi of the clone wars..and one caught his eye


17-10-2005 12:23:02

"...from the time that they are born, Falleen immediately start with a popularity contest. The babies are picked from five judges, crowning the winner the most beautiful baby of the day?" Noktar read from his book. Angrily, he slammed it close, a small hint of red showing in his skin. "Preposterous! Who would make up this junk?"

He sat seething, his skin quickly turning colors. Within a matter of minutes he was completely red, the outside color showing his inside emotion. Then he noticed the others. They were silently looking at him, some irritated and some amused at his spectactle. He glared at them and returned the book to its shelf.

He sat down again and quickly got out his datapad, scanning for something to do...


17-10-2005 17:13:52

Rage closes the book and goes to a database to plan his next smuggling run


18-10-2005 16:10:04

RevengeX, upon finishing skimming the large tome that laid in his lap, used the Force to pick it up and push it back onto a shelf.


18-10-2005 17:58:28

Rage smirked and got up and left
"Well looks like im going to be smuggleing guns and spice"
He put in the Database that he will be LoA for at least 4 days for the run


25-10-2005 12:43:14

He skimmed his datapad one last time, and then put it into his robe pocket. The place was quiet, and that was the way he liked it. Moving to the row of books containing species, he quietly selected "The History of the Miraluka". He had heard of them, but he wanted to know everything. He sat back down at a desk this time and began to read.


26-10-2005 17:02:34

Rage came in again skimming thru the ailes till he came to an interesting book
Outbound Flight Project and its results
"Awesome, lets see what it says"
He walked to a table and started to read


28-10-2005 10:22:48

As the doors into the Library screeched from the scrapping of wood on wood, a dim light shone in from an angle from the outside, casting a silouette on the person entering the library.

Only after the doors had closed could one see the long black hair of Jaymz as he moved over to a section of books containing information on hand-to-hand combat. After finding a book on Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, he moved over to a desk and began reading, though most of it he already knew.


31-10-2005 07:50:42

Suddenly there was a small tumult in a corner of the library. Sildrin's voice clearly raised above the normal level of the volume here. "No, I am not going to accept that, Korras. Those books are dangerous and should not be read by the lower ranked members. They had been classified as dangerous ... and forbidden!" Some perked up their heads at those words ... forbidden books,.. dangerous?

Korras's reply were indauble to them, but they were of a conciliating nature. Sildrin growled: "A decision from higher positions? I doubt they have any ideas what those books are about. We need to lock them away, Korras!"

Most felt pity that Sildrin's voice toned down then, not being able to hear Korras and her discussion anymore. A few tried to sneak closer, their curiousity had been risen. One of them jumped to the side, as suddenly Sildrin strode towards the exit with her fists clenched. She looked very angry and no one dared to talk to her as she left the library, slamming the doors behind her shut. A few moments later Korras also left the library, with a worried look on his face.

Acara Rayden

01-11-2005 20:10:30

Acara Put away the book on hyperdrive technology and stormed out of the library, he wasnt in a favourable mood anymore


03-11-2005 15:44:03

cain walked in unheard and unnoticed, but he liked it that way walking around until he found a old book on swords he picked it up and skimmed through the pages until he found what he needed. writing something down he left again.


03-12-2005 10:41:05

The Sith Quaestor sat in a chair in the large hall of the library, reading up on some weapon lists and powers. His face was covered by his long dark brown hair. Being blind, Archean was getting a few wierd looks, he cannot read normally, he uses the force to read, the force is his eyes. he knows were everything is, he see's like negatives of a photo. He raised his head, brushed the hair from his face and looked around, it was very quiet. He felt alot of presences but none of real importance, he returned to his book and began entering some data into his Datapad. As Archean finished reading his closed the book and slowly rose, he walked over to the shelf from where he got the book from and put it back in its spot. He turned around and went back into his seat, looking at his Datapad and entering more information into it.

Sato Khan

03-12-2005 20:55:45

Sato glided into the library, intent on continuing his research on asymetiric uses of the Force. The Knight felt a familiar presence and allowed the currents of the Dark Side to guide him to a far corner of the main hall. In a large overstuffed chair he saw his brother Archean mulling over what apparently was some sort of weapons analysis.

With a casual wave of his hand, Sato brought another chair from across the room to rest in front of the Quaestor of Tridens. "What's the good word lad?" the Krath asked his Sith counterpart, who dipped his head slightly in salute.


29-12-2005 07:54:23

"Arrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh!"Merdu flips through the open door with a holocron in hand."Sorry."Merdu whispers as he tosses the holocron to Jaymz."It could have something on Darth Revan.I`ve not looked in to it properly yet. . .But I hope it helps and oh. . . I forgot!"Merdu picks up a book called "How to lose Purple body fat in a year"."For my avatar!""Weeeeeeeeeee!"
Merdu jumps through the window but he just hurts his head."Ok,bye."Walks through door rubbing head.


30-12-2005 13:02:51

as Merdu walked through the door Cain slipped out the shadows and grabbed him. You might want to be a little more careful bouncing around." Cain growled "and you might want to be a little more quiet i could here you al the way down the hallway." and after saying that he thew the Apprentice out of his way and walked into the library, and started looking at blueprints for weapons and writing notes into his datapad.


30-03-2006 15:46:30

((Hmm just wondering is is topic closed there hasn't been a reply here for quite a while. Cain out))


19-04-2006 04:56:46

Rage gets a book on something and leaves


19-04-2006 04:57:09

(OOC: There its back alive :P)

Phoenix alThor

19-04-2006 16:17:45

Phoenix entered the library and browsed through the various books. Sitting down she began to read.

Cal Tecontic

20-04-2006 01:09:10

The double set doors opened silently as a figure appeared in it. Cal moved quickly to the shelves, wondering if they even had the book he was looking for. He skimmed through them all and scowled. With the way everything is going, I doubt that i could find it amongst these books, he thought.

He was about to give up when something caught his eye. "Alchemical Methods and Notes: A Guide for the Beggining Alchemist." Well, well, he thought. Looks like that other book can wait.

He pulled it and made his way to a table. Sitting down, he began to read...

Macron Sadow

20-04-2006 16:06:37

Macron watched silently from the shadows, noting Cal had found the book. His suggestion in the Force had worked. "Good, good, read more..." he thought. it was time the Brotherhood had a few more alchemists.


23-04-2006 00:49:59

Rage strided in the doors opening by the will of the force.
He whispered to Macron.
"Yes, Riv?"
"I need help, im looing at crystals for an experiment"


23-04-2006 22:53:05

As Rannik makes yet another round down the hall of the DB, he notices these huge doors. He walks in.

"Woah.... this place is huge," Rannik said quetly.

Rannik walks over to a corner of books and starts looking around.

Cal Tecontic

28-04-2006 04:49:06

...detrimental to the Alchemist.  Obviously common sense is a clear factor in these experiments: IF YOUR NOT READY, DON'T ATTEMPT IT!!!  Many Jedi have been lost because they were too greedy.  Alchemy comes in small steps, but the more you do it, the more you will be able to do.

Poisons are the chosen arsenal of a Sith Assassin.  This means that if they do not study Alchemy, then they WILL need you.  The most effective and often hardest poison to create is the Sit************for the***********joining the two ato********

Cal's eyebrows furrowed as he tried to make out the rest of words, and failed horribly. He closed the book and scowled at the cruelty of fate. He had learned a little of the forming methods of battle armor, but the poisons were more interesting to him.

"Don't worry, no one has been able to read that for a couple centuries now," a voice said behind him. He turned to find Macron standing there, with Rage close behind him. He grinned slightly and turned back to Rage.

How the hell did he know that? And how long was he standing there? Cal thought.

Macron Sadow

28-04-2006 10:59:46

Macron smiled again. All was going according to plan. Cal had read the book, and now he was hooked. Mononoke rubbed his hands together in excitement. He knew the real secrets lay within ancient holocrons, and soon Cal would be ready to see such awful things.

He turned back to Rage. "Stop panting so hard, you are about to drool on that text!"

"It's hot in here, and I'm a Shistavanen, " replied Riv.

"Good point. Just be careful. Now about those crystals... what were you looking for as far as information goes? Adegans? Novae? Other things?"


28-04-2006 17:23:06

"I have heard of..Crystals that bond to you...the last recorded event was with the Exile"


28-04-2006 19:40:41

Rannik over heard them talking about crystal that bond, he walked over to them and said, "Lord Revan had a crystal like that, thats why he had a powerful lightsaber."

Rannik stood waiting for an answer...

Macron Sadow

28-04-2006 20:31:47

" Correct, young ones. You would do well to investigate the lore of Dathka Graush, a very powerful and ancient Sith Lord. This was way before the Exile, Riv. In fact, about 7,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. He replaced his heart... with a crystal. It bonded to him and made him nearly invincible." Mononoke chortled as they looked at him with disbelief.

"Riiiight," said Riv.

"Really?" asked Cal.

"Dude. Seriously," replied Macron.


28-04-2006 21:05:19

Do you know anymore of him?," Rannik asked, "If you do please, tell."

Macron Sadow

29-04-2006 09:00:22

"Look at this holocron," whispered the alchemist.


"It has the information you seek. Graush had alchemical zombies as well..."


30-04-2006 03:44:41

"I have also done other research..even though most shistavanens now this during their pup stages"(I am also submitting this to the writers corner along with others like it...The History part will come later so far i have written 5 pages on it and i have barely covered the humble begining)
He walked over to a computer and the gathered looked at the screen.


ID: Riv Monn
PIN: 6234
PASSCODE: ******

Welcome Guardian Monn, what would you like to access?

Uvena Prime(EDIT)

Researcher’s PASSCODE: ******************



Uvena Prime


Region: Outer Rim

Sector: the Periphery

System: Uvena System

Suns: 1: Uvena
Moons: 2: Main Moon: Monn, Second Moon: Taggforif


Climate: Temporal

Terrain: Forests, grasslands, formerly had Deserts over flooded circa 50,000 BBY

Surface Water: 40%


Native Species: Shistavanen, Anubian (Extinct, Disappeared with the deserts)

Official Language: Shistavanen

Government: Democracy, formerly Monarchy, Last Ruling Family: Monn

Affiliation: New Republic

Number of DJB Members hailing from Uvena Prime: 1: GRD Riv ‘Rage’ Monn


"Thats how it is i havent publised it yet..i will after i submit the History Article" Rage explained
"What do you think?...their are alot more to come"

Macron Sadow

30-04-2006 08:23:19

Good deal!


01-05-2006 05:05:13

The shistavanen bowed to his master
"I try my best" he answered
"So your kinda royalty then, eh?" asked Macron

Cal Tecontic

01-05-2006 13:42:23

Cal stroked his chin as if there was a beard there, which there wasn't. "I didn't know that there was royalty in the DB. I would have watched my mouth if I had known that."

Rage smirked at Cal. "Why, you afraid of what they would think of you?"

"No, not partically. You have to earn respect with me, no matter who you are. It's just that royalty has money, and I don't," Cal answered. He picked up the alchemical methods book and put it under his arm. He had more studying to do, but he wanted to be in his room for that. "Now if you will excuse me, gentlebeings, I have some studying to do. I will see you all later."

Cal bowed to each of them and walked out of the library.

Macron Sadow

01-05-2006 21:08:41

Macron called after Cal, "Enjoy your read... "

The alchemist turned to Rage. "Very interesting article, Rage. I am familiar with you ... and your father." He smiled, remembering the venture to Riv's homeworld. "In fact, I'd say your father used a green adegan crystal in his lightsaber, and probably a focusing lens of Jenreaux."


01-05-2006 23:17:32

"He also had an interesting concept of activintg the blade" he said pulling it out of a secret compartment on one of his grey armbands (see dossier picture..for what they look like...the one on the left having a droid caller and comlink)
"While must lightsabers have switches...this one's activation plate was activiated thru a push of the force...which i would like to do with my saber" he added in
"Interesting...there arnt many examples of those kind of activations methods..." The Alchemist said lost in thought
Rage took it apart half-way and showed the contents to his master
"From what i have gathered about extra parts to seems that he has it made to have extra life in it for battles and it can work underwater"
"From what i have read from his private journals...this is the third and final lightsaber he has made...right before the purge, i also deduce he has made them all identical...because this one looks like the same one he was using during the various holovids of the war"