Searching for Darth Revan

Gaidal Dupar

11-05-2005 06:19:42

Good day my brothers and sisters in arms,

I'm looking for young, talented, ambitious writers who would like to join me for this run-on. It willn't be a competition as such, but is a free run-on based on SA rules. In case there would be people among this group who don't know these rules or don't even know what a run-on is; please take the Krath run-on exam at the SA! I'll start my post asap and every post is welcome, as long as it is in line with the main plot. Hope to see you all soon!

Gaidal Dupar.

Gaidal Dupar

11-05-2005 08:03:26

Ok, here are the rules:

1. Size doesn't matter: whether your post is long or short, every size is accepted.

2. The more additional storylines the better: you can come up with whatever you want, as long as it support the main story and that all the storylines are tied together.

3. No competition at all: because this is no comp, the whole run-on is based on volunteering. It means that WE create the story together. No dicing, no turns, no post orders and free for all.

4. Take care of yourself and each other: remember, we're doing this together, so don't cause a horrible death to a companion, when this victim doesn't approve. Would you find it ok if someone would write that you would die? Ask yourelf this question.

5. The subject remains the subject: we're writing about searching for Revan. He has been dead for thousands of years, so we're searching for knowledge on him and might even find something more... So that's the main storyline, keep that in mind at all times please!

6. Keep on posting: If I have the time, I'll send in a post to start tonight, but in case there are volunteers to start... Feel free to do so!

Gaidal Dupar

11-05-2005 14:13:20

Sorry peeps, no time tonight to come up with a start! So any volunteers are welcome to start if they want to.

Gaidal Dupar

11-05-2005 17:44:13

Kai Nolan looked at his Jedi Master, if he was asking him to wrestle a rancor. None ever asked him to fulfill such assignment. His master almost asked the impossible. Searching for relics containing knowledge on one of the most dangerous Sith Lords of all time. Darth Revan. Even the name gave him a very unpleasant feeling, like cold hands around his neck.
He continued his walk through the gardens of the restored Jedi Academy on Dantooine. His Master already arranged a shuttle, locked and loaded, for a difficult journey to the almost forgotten planet of Korriban. Darn, why him he thought? He only had his lightsaber for a couple of days. And why did he have to go with that annoying Padawan Jiri Moktar? Annoying little kid. He thought about it and realised that his master was planning to promote Kai, so that he would become the Master of Jiri. And why gaining knowledge on a tyran? Darn, sometimes it was difficult to understand the motives of his master. He saw the shuttle in front of him at the end of the gardens. Jiri was already waiting for him. Darn again, sometimes it was hard to feel no emotions.

"Interesting", Gaidal answered on the question of his Master Godo Nurok if he was willing to go to Korriban and obtain relics with new information about Darth Revan.
"Good, very good, my Apprentice", Godo confirmed, "You have the rank and necessary skills now to fulfill such missions. But remember, you willn't go alone to Korriban and I don't want you to dig holes in the ground. The earth there is sacred to our Order and let those stupid Jedi students to the work for you. When they're done with it, you and your companions will pacify them and return with the knowledge."
Pacify? It made Gaidal sneer, because he understood the sophisticated way he would choose his words. Always carefully. Gaidal was already prepared for the mission, because he had the little bagpack next to him. Gaidal was already looking at his stuff. Fortunately enough, his Royal Guard helmet was there, but he missed his battered lightsaber. Somehow it felt wrong he didn't have it with him, but he realised that Desdemonea had it. He gave it away after he returned from the abandoned ship. Darn, he barely got out of there alive.
"Well, Gaidal your shuttle the 'Dark Phoenix' is ready to go. I arranged a small team to go with you. It will be a team of four other persons and I picked them myself. I'll make sure that another back-up team will travel as well to Korriban in the 'Song of the Krath' in case the Jedi start causing trouble on Korriban. Aah, there are you companions that will travel with you", Godo continued.
The door opened and a cold wind entered the room. Gaidal felt it and hid his face in the high collar of long black coat. Well, who did we have here he thought and looked at the four interesting members of the Brotherhood entering the chambers of Godo.


11-05-2005 21:43:45

Uzbad entered the chambers, looking very uncomfortable.

(Uber-short. But gets the job done. longer posts when the story has progressed)

Andan Taldrya Marshall

12-05-2005 00:31:31

Crix walked into the chambers and looked around. They weren't anything special, just normal chambers assigned to members of the Brotherhood. Crix set his travel bag down on the floor at his feet. He always had one packed for when assignments came up suddenly, as they always had a way of doing with him. He prefered to travel light, he only brough a change of clothes, a set of his Brotherhood robes, his extra lightsaber and burried in the bottom of the bag was something very special to him: his Sith Katana. He wore a padded flightsuit, all black except for a red Archanis crest on his left shoulder and a Taldryan crest on his right. On his belt hung his lightsaber. His helmet was tucked under his arm.

"Sith Warmaster Crix Madine reporting as requested." He said, looking over the room's occupants. He was currently the highest ranking member in the room, but he decided that it wasn't in his best interest to take command of the situation, not yet at least.

After being briefed on the plan he thought for a moment then said, "If I may make one suggestion, I'd feel much better if we took one of my Assault Transports. They are much better suited for making sure that we aren't followed then a normal shuttle, if you catch my drift." After hearing no objections he called down to the hanger and instructed them to make his ship ready. "The One Armed Scissor will be ready to fly in an hour." He said. Now all there was to do was wait for the rest of the team to assemble.


12-05-2005 03:16:00

Virulence entered the chambers of Godo Nurok, stopping just inside the doors.

"Guardian Virulence reporting at your request." the reptile said bowing slightly to his Aedile. He continued into the room, nodding to the others in greeting. As Godo informed him of the mission at hand, a grin crossed his scaled lips. Simply going to Korriban was enough to intrigue him, but the fact there was going to be Jedi to "pacify", made his red eyes glow with anticipation.

The Sith was dressed in traditional black under robes, Black leather boots and gloves, and a thick, dark grey hooded cloak. He carried with him a small canvas bag containing various necessities, a Relby-K23 blaster pistol, six small locust knives in a pouch strapped to his left forearm, and his hand forged custom katana.


12-05-2005 10:13:48

“I see you guys could use some capable assistance for this mission, I’d like to volunteer.” Said Welshman upon walking into the chambers of Godo Nurok.
“Who is this?” Asked one of the members gathered in the room.
“Warmaster Welshman Corsair Tarentae at your service. “

Walking into the centre of the room, his black cloak billowing behind him he took stock of his current surroundings and noted the gathered members, so far numbering four, five with himself. Not much of a strike force numerically but the weapons he could see assembled were formidable.

“Well then, what’s the purpose of this little shopping trip?”
“We go to Korriban to seek relics pertaining to the great Master Revan. Anyone who volunteers will be welcome.”
“In that case I’m in. I’ll even bring my modified TIE Interceptor with me if you could use some backup.”
“The transport will have no room for your personal fighter Warmaster.”
“Modified in that it has a hyperdrive and some shields” Welsh replied with the faint vestiges of a smile tugging at his ravaged features. Gaidal’s face lit up in a smile.
“Your fighter would be welcome. Now sit with us and await the others.”

Walking to a corner he sat down and pulled out a datapad containing an inventory of supplies he had in the TIE’s meagre hold, a E-11 blaster, twenty power cells, two thermal detonators, two meters of strip charge, emergency rations and many other items his survival may depend on. That coupled with the lightsabre clipped to his belt, the modified DL-44 blaster pistol and two vibroknives sheathed in his belt meant he had more then enough ammo for the trip. He only hoped he would have a chance to use it…..

Macron Sadow

12-05-2005 10:19:07

Macron stepped into the room, looking around at the Brotherhood members gathered there.
He had with him an IT-3 interrogation droid, as well as a lab arsenal. His black Sith jumpsuit blinked with dim red status lights like crimson fireflies in the shadowy hangar.

"Korriban," he purred. "Did I hear someone say Korriban? I would love to visit that world.
Oh yes. There is much knowledge there." Macron's intentions were blatantly clear at this point.

He patted his interrogation droid. "And I hear there are Jedi to pacify. I brought my relaxation device right here. My services are yours."

The black spherical droid clicked it's scalpels and injectors, right on cue.

Macron also brought wih him one other asset. He was a Sith Commander, recently promoted to Sapphire Squadron with a few fighters at his disposal. They would prove most useful for an escort.

Noticing that he had arrived late, he grumbled. "Bah, are there too many eager dark Jedi here already?"



12-05-2005 10:28:37

*She walked down the hallway into the hanger having tracked Macron to this site. Figuring she could come along in search of knowledge of the sith and of Macron's studies. As she walked in she saw many people noticing both Macron and Gaidal. She strood over to Macron her cloak flowing freely beneath her cloak her scimitars hung freely from her sides. She had reached Macron.*

"I'm sorry Marcon. But I've been following you since you left. I heard about what was going on and figured it would be interesting to join and share in the spoils of adventure."

*Marcon nodded* "It's good to see you in such high spirits Rayne."

*She motions to the droid.* "I didn't know you had an interrogation droid. Why don't you ever bring him with you to the lounge?"


12-05-2005 11:03:42

Just outside of the chamber, within the halls that led towards it, there were the sounds of boots that seemed to grow in noise. All three members Kunians that were in the chamber looked towards the door as one of the higher ranking Jedi arrived to gaze in. The hood of his ‘coat’ was drawn, so only his blue eyes and several strands of his white hair were seen. Rayne smiled slightly, and Virulence nodded towards the Master of his own. Gaidal, still not knowing several of the older members in Ziost, watched as the Krath entered fully and walked over to Macron and Rayne.

“Just thought I would come to help, seeing how there isn’t any of us Kunians here that really know what they are doing…” Esca smiled from within the hood, “…or have a lightsaber, that is.”

That brought a chuckle out of Rayne and Gaidal scoffed from the remark. Esca Teiko removed his hood and shook his head. He had only heard some of the leads as to what they were looking for, but decided that he would learn more before they started out. Esca then slid over to Gaidal and smirked.

“I just recall you hinted something earlier about a search and what not. So I just dug around ‘till I found out where you were meeting. Hope I didn’t disturb anything,” the Priest informed.


12-05-2005 12:59:51

*Jaymz apeared from the darkness behind Rayne and to her left. His hood was up so his yellow eyes rimmed with red were not visible, niether was his brown spiky hair. His hands were folded in front of him and his head was bowed, looking as if he was an actual offspring of a shadow, becasue he blent in so well.*

"I would like to join as well, more to protect Rayne from any harm that may come to her, but also I would like to meet Revan and see if he is as legendary as everyone says he is."

*Jaymz brought his hands up slowly and pulled his hood down in a fluid motion. He looked to Rayne and gave her a half smile.*

"How have you been?" he asked, he hadn't seen her in a while and he missed her dearly

Gaidal Dupar

12-05-2005 13:36:27

Gaidal never knew what to think of Esca. The man was pretty much like himself. A cold person with had frozen ambitions. Somehow the man constantly thought that he did not know who he was, but Gaidal knew it. Gaidal knew it all to well when Esca almost ignited his lightsaber when he saw Gaidal talking to Desdemonea. Esca was everything but cool back then. It made him sneer toward Esca, who looked puzzled by it. Fair enough for Gaidal, but it was nice to have him here as well. His Krath knowledge, his strength and wisdom were all very welcome and might be useful.
He looked at Jaymz and thought that it was almost a natural thing of him showing up, when Rayne was here. She answered the question he proposed, but she looked at Gaidal which made him grin.

"Well", Godo ended the small talks, "enough for the introductions, there's a lot of work to do. Remember all, high-ranked or low-ranked I send Gaidal on this mission and asked a couple of you to assist him. I don't ask for your obedience towards Gaidal, but look more at his qualities in which I put great faith, and less at his rank. All right, here is the plan. Gaidal will leave today with his shuttle 'Dark Phoenix’; it's battered and black, but good to go and fast enough. He and two of you will travel with him. So the 'Dark Phoenix is going on a scout mission. Any volunteers or do I have to pick them personally?”
Virulence, Esca and Rayne stepped forward.
“It looks like an Exar Kun Reunion to me”, Welshman laught out loud and Virulence stepped back to her former position.
“So these three people will leave as soon as possible, which means today”, Godo continued, “the others will travel after him. Crix will fly the ‘One Arm Scissor’, while Welshman gives him the necessary support with his modified TIE Interceptor. Macron, Uzbad, Jaymz and Virulence will travel with Crix. I’ll see if I can find a few more persons willing to go. You’ll form the assault team and when Gaidal and his companions will give the signal you’ll land on Korriban and overwhelm the Jedi there.
“How do you know there are Jedi there digging holes in the ground?”, Esca asked Godo with a curious twinkling in his eyes.
“I just know”, Godo answered his question without moving a muscle, “and that’s all YOU need to know. Very well, carry on. You’re dismissed and Gaidal remember you have less than four hours. Then I want you in orbit at least! The others I want here tomorrow for a briefing about the assault team.”

Everyone left the room and Gaidal and his two companions were going to his battered beauty ‘Dark Phoenix’. Rayne saw it from far and got a bit nervous, probably because she wanted to see the ship more closely. Esca just kept his piercing eyes on Gaidal, which made him sneer. A large grin was on his face, when he stepped on purpose on one of Esca’s feet.
“Gaidal, why are you always playing with your life?”, Esca asked him without any emotion in his voice.
“Why do you hate me so much, would then be the proper question for me ask. You have a problem with me, because Des likes to have long talks with me, even though we have no relationship at all? I know I’m a womaniser, but that doesn’t mean every female is a prey. ALMOST every female”, Gaidal asked with a grasping voice.
Esca said nothing and just looked at him.
“Fine”, Gaidal continued, “if I somehow offended you; then I will apologise here and now. Sorry, good to have you onboard and we could really need your knowledge. Should we form an Alliance, Master Esca?” He offered an open hand to shake it.
Esca looked at it for a while and then laught. He offered his hand as well and so they shaked hands, while Esca said: “Ok, apologies accepted, even though they weren’t exactly required. We need to be able to rely on each other and so it shall be, ally!”
“Good”, Gaidal mumbled, “And we have to go now. A mission awaits us.”
Rayne was still all over the ship, looking at the exterior. Then the shuttle opened and she and the other two entered the former Imperial shuttle.

“The ship is prepped and ready, Master”, Jiri yelled at Kai, while he was knocking with his hand on the exterior.
“I’m not you master”, Kai said agitated.
“But you’ll be, Master”, Jiri laught at him.
“Fine, whatever you want, just go inside and wait for me and the others”, Kai mumbled as a grumpy old man.
Darn, stupid little kid. Korriban was no pleasure at all to go to. And where were the others? He knew he couldn’t leave with the “Sentinel” until Jedi Massimo Nerun and Nemo Dupar would arrive. Suddenly, he saw two men walking through the steam clouds surrounding the ‘Sentinel’. Finally, it were the two persons he had been waiting for.
“Sorry that we’re a bit late”, Nemo stated, “but Massimo was still very busy with his hair!”
Kai looked at the bald head of Massimo and looked back at Nemo. Strange guy originally from a forgotten world from nearby, but he never set one foot on it. He was unusual and exceptional. Great in the Force and great as a person, but way too humorous. He knew the terrible story of his father and cousin and realised that it was too good to be true to have such a Force user at their side instead of against them. Massimo was as huge as always. A tall purple Twi’lek with an enormous strength. The man looked at Kai with that grim face of his and spoke slowly to him: “Why to Korriban, it’s like going to graveyard. And Revan? We don’t even know if he died there. And why Jiri? He’s so irritating sometimes.”
“Ok, you made you point about my pupil. I don’t like this mission either, but we need to get going. A Republican fleet is waiting for us in orbit to escort us to Korriban.”
Massimo looked amazed and then entered the vessel, and Kai shut the doors. This was it; they would definitely leave the safety of Dantooine.


12-05-2005 21:09:23

Jaymz glared at Gaidal. Jaymz wondered if he honestly thought he had a chance with Rayne. But he'd let it go...for now.

He proceeded to put his hood back up and walk with Rayne

Macron Sadow

13-05-2005 12:06:49

There were two people here that Macron knew. One was Rayne, a Krath friend. The other was Gaidal himself, from an engagement they had both fought in. He had met Esca in the lounge, when his artifact weapon had cut down some drinkers. Welshman he had met as they both researched the ancient Sith Lords at the behest of the High Warrior. Most of the other Dark Jedi he had heard of, but didn't know directly.

"Sorry Rayne, I never told you about 'Blinky' here. You know, torturing people in the Lounge just wouldn't be conducive to a nice drinking experience. That's why I never brought him there.
He's a good boy, aren't you? You wub to stick the nasty Jedi!"

Macron patted the floating black durite IT-3 ball as he talked, and it trilled back at him in an almost feline manner.

Macron had meanwhile been mediatating on his knowledge of Revan. More than once, the spirit of Darth Malak had spoken to him on occasion. He knew of the conflict between the two, and this time Malak the Messenger was silent.

It was unknown whether Revan had returned to the Dark Side or not after his destruction of Malak. Presumably, he had. Especially if his remains were on Korriban, the tomb world of the old Sith Empire. Korriban was a bad place. It was inhabited by wild Sith hounds, Dark Side walking dead, evil spirits, and all sorts of ancient Sith droids.

"Darth Revan was known to have some fantastic weapons and armor," Macron spoke aloud.
"And fantastic traps and guradians as well. If the Jedi have found this place, they may be in for an unpleasant surprise," canted the Sith. "Naturally, it would be best to strike them when they are at their weakest point."

"Just one Sith's opinion, mind you. And please forgive me if I take my own transport- I have an assault gunboat, the Silooth. I believe in having more guns whenever possible."

"I'd be honored to fly as your wingman, Welshman. Oh- and the Silooth packs advanced proton torpedoes and alchemical armor." Macron grinned as he spoke.

Macron stepped aboard the Silooth, popped the canopy, and regarded the rest of the Dark Jedi as they assembled and prepared to take off.

Gaidal Dupar

13-05-2005 14:36:56

While Crix was preparing his vessel the 'One Arm Scissor', the others were packing. Except the unfortunate Jaymz, who sat on a crate. Uzbad walked by and gave him a slap on the head.
"Still daydreaming of her curves?", he grinned to Jaymz.
He tried to hit Uzbad, but was not able to reach him. Uzbad was teasing again and so it ended up in a chase around the crate, until Macron came out of the vessel of Crix. He had been talking to Rayne through the com link, because she and her companions already left for Korriban.
"So you two are meeting each other more privately I see", Macron concluded, "or do you need some assistance from my 'companion'?" He pointed at his droid, which showed immediately a couple of torture devices.
"Playtime is over gentlemen, get ready. We'll leave soon and Korriban may be sacred to us, but if Revans' remains are really there, so will be his traps."
Uzbad just grinned and ran away into the shadow. Jaymz waited and started sitting on his crate again.
"You're too worried, young Protector", Macron whispered, "and do yourself one favor; never underestimate Gaidal Dupar. He is only a Guardian, but have you ever thought he might be interested in Rayne because of other reasons than you think..."
"He is after her and she's MINE", Jaymz growled.
"Well, it's never nice to see someone as your personal property, unless it's a Twi'lek dancer", Macron grinned, "but if she's the chosen one for you, she'll come to you eventually. Put some faith in that and focus on the mission now!"
Jaymz flew up, bowed and ran away as well.
"So young, so restless", Macron mumbled.

Without looking at the buttons, Gaidal activated the hyperdrive of the 'Dark Phoenix' and walked to the back of the shuttle. There were several rooms and fortunately he and all the others had chambers of their own now. Gaidal entered his and opened a channel to the Brotherhood. Immediately a holographic projection emerged from computer. Godo Nurok looked at him and started talking:
"Well, I see you're underway. Everything going as planned?"
"Yes Master. I activated the hyperdrive, so we'll arrive there shortly", Gaidal whispered, "but I have two questions. did you anticipate that all these people would accompany me? And how did you know of the Jedi?"
"Things will come in time and everything will become clear eventually. The question wouldn't be HOW I would know, but why. Let me just say that some rumors travel fast and that I'm a willing transponder for such intelligence", Godo answered.
"Hmmm... I think you're covering up something, my Master", Gaidal concluded.
"Yes. Yes, I am", Godo continued, "but this isn't the time to discuss it. Before you arrive you need to know something. That's why I wanted you to contact me now, without the others seeing or hearing you. I chose you, because you did a full character study on Revan, so beware of his traps. He was cunning, vicious, cruel, brilliant and a strategist."
"Why do you tell me things I already know?", Gaidal asked.
"Well, because I want you to get two important relics from Revan. His lightsaber which will probably contain a piece of the Starforge crystal and his Sith mask. It was especially made for him. Other things are also welcome..."
"Ok, the mask and saber are noted", Gaidal stated, "but what do you mean with 'other things are also welcome'? It seems like you're looking for something else as well."
"Brilliant, Gaidal, absolutely brilliant. You notice almost everything. Yes, there is more. I want you to find anything you can on the former Jedi officially known as the 'Exile'. He was once a follower of Revan during the Mandalorian Wars and he was exceptional. I'll explain that later..."
"I know, Master. That man was a hole in the Force, a wound. Where it all ends. Beyond him was nothing. He could feed upon echoes in the Force from the dead, just like I can. But the 'Exile' could also easily start 'Force bindings'. I'll look for information on, because I think you want to learn his technique for such bindings."
"Excellent", Godo finished, "take care of yourself and your crew, Gaidal."
Then the projection vanished again.
"So we're going to search for information on the man named the 'Exile' as well? Well, who was this 'Exile' exactly? For instance, what's in the name?", Rayne spoke to Gaidal, while she was staying in the doorstep of his chambers.
"In time, Rayne, in time", he said, while you walked by here to go to the cockpit, where Esca was probably reading another Krath book.

The 'Sentinel' had been in the air for a couple of minutes now. Kai checked all the controls and the ship was ready to go. It easily flew through the atmosphere and into orbit. Before Kai knew it, the admiral was on the com link.
"Good day, Jedi Master Nolan", old Ugnaught Admiral Nykobi started, "the 'Morning Star' and the rest of my delegation from my fleet will escort you to Korriban. The rest of the fleet is near the unhabited planet of Kyandria. In case we would need them they could easily get there."
"Good day to you too, admiral", Kai answered, "any reports on hostiles in the area?"
"Negative, Master Nolan", the admiral responded, "a squadron of V-wings (see 'SW: Rogue Squadron on N64) flew over several times. Korriban is like as it has been for many years; a dead old desert rock."
"Don't be so sure", Massimo filled in with his slow and deep voice, "a lot of bad things can happen there. It has always been full of surprises."
"I realised that, Master Nerun. So the Republican delegation will remain in orbit, while you will search on the ground for whatever you want to find."
"Excellent and our grattitude", Nemo ended the conversation, "over and out!"
The com link remained silent and the other two Jedi Knights looked at Nemo.
"What?", he said. It made Massimo leave the cockpit and mumbling something about 'meditating, before I want to decapitate him'. Kai started to investigate the starmap and no longer paid attention to the youngest master among them.
"Darn, in that case I'll tease Jiri. At least you can laugh with him", Nemo concluded and left the cockpit as well.
Darn, the kid didn't know a thing. He didn't know of his father, Darius Dupar. And of his ambitious cousin, Gaidal Dupar. None knew where they both ended up, but somehow Kai believed that he had the right to know the truth. Nemo came from the desolate world of Kyandria nearby Dantooine. His father was a Force user, which was taken under the wings of Spiro Ozarrio Vacul, but because he was a former intelligence officer before the Clone Wars, he infiltrated several cults of Dark Side users in order to destroy them. Eventually old master Vacul was touched by the Dark Side and changed him. Not corrupted him, but it left a mark and he was no longer a Jedi, nor a Sith. Somewhere in between; grey. He couldn't prevent his Padawan to betray him for the the evil Twi'lek, Darth Semyon. A long story with a catastrophic ending. Semyon was eventually killed by the 'Patriots of Light' of Vacul, a smalle battle team of grey Jedi that only believed in the Force to use, without any affiliation to Sith or Jedi. Vacul himself was very bittered after these events. Darius dissapeared afterwards but was somehow able to reproduce a child with a Kyandrian woman. She eventually came to the Jedi Academy on Dantooine. She was one of the Kyandrians that were part of the Republican Restoration Project on Kyandria.
Gaidal was even a more exceptional case. A very powerful Force user who fooled everyone, including his Master. The son of Vacul, Jomar, paid a terrible price for it: dead by the hand of his student. Gaidal left with inknown destination and vanished as well. He did not know what there was more to know about Gaidal, but Kai's master would inform him when they would get close to Korriban. His master wanted Nemo to know the truth, before the Order would officially make him a Jedi. Unofficially he already was one and had a lightsaber too.


13-05-2005 18:20:19

Virulence finished helping Crix perform the final checks on the One Armed Scissor, and stepped out into the hangar. He saw Macron standing next to his Silooth punching some info into his datapad. The reptile began to walk over to him when Jaymz went running past him and into Crix's ship. "What's into him?" he thought to himself as he continued over to Macron.

"How are we looking?" Virulence asked looking at the battered hull of the Silooth.

"I'm ready to go! I think the Welshman is finished prepping his Tie, How about you guys?" Macron replied looking up from his datapad.

"We're good to go." The Guardian said pulling a dark blue flask out if his robes. He opened the flask and took a drink. "Where's Uzbad?" he asked handing the flask to Macron.

"Not sure. Don't worry, for all his hijinks, Uzbad's a good man to have on the team." Macron said before taking a drink from the flask and handing it back to Virulence.

"Guess we just wait for the order to leave then." Virulence said looking aroung for some way to pass the time.


13-05-2005 20:05:51

this is no place for offtopic comments. first, make it obvious it is an OOC part when needed, and second, commenting on how much someone is on serves no purpose. thank you for your cooperation.

*Jaymz eyes shifted to the black Jedi Starfighter he had arrived in. It was well cloaked with active camo and was nearly undetectible by anything the Republic could use. He turned away from everyone else deciding it would be best if he worked alone, as he got into the cockpit he glared at Rayne then closed the shudder and lifted off. After manuevering so he was aligned with the hanger door and took off, heading towards where he was Revan was last reported being see, or as far as he knew.

Macron Sadow

13-05-2005 21:45:31

"Death to our enemies," Macron said as he nodded at Virulence and dropped his canopy.
He gave a thumbs up to the reptile as the Barabel boarded the Scissor with the others.

The droid had been stowed in back of the gunboat, and Macron's R3 unit was calculating the jump coordinates, according to what Gaidal had sent.

A quick preflight check indicated everytihng was in order, for the most part. The ship had been blasted to hell and back more than once, and thus had a 'unique' character. It had also blasted the hell out of much bigger ships than itsself.

"She'll get the job done," Macron said to himself as his repulsors lifted the vessel out of the Hangar ahead of the One Armed Scissor. Macron followed Welshman's lead.

Macron would fly a perimeter check with Welshman as the larger vessel lifted off.

The TIE and the Assault Gunboat flashed through the outer atmosphere, and described an arc around the near planetary space.

The communit in the Scissor opened, and Macron's voice rasped at them.
"You are clear, I repeat clear for go. No hostiles located. Meet us at the jump coordinates, I'll fly long range intercept with Welshman who has gone ahead to engage any hostiles. Sapphire Commander out."

Gaidal Dupar

15-05-2005 09:07:56

(Jaymz, next time keep your personal comments for yourself. And if you want to participate here, then at least try to write something that fits in the complete story. Rayne is already on the Phoenix underway to Korriban!)

Rayne kept looking at Gaidal, who didn't say a word after leaving the room. He could feel her eyes burning through his back. No, he could not tell a thing right now; revealing anything would cause the entire plan to fall apart and he needed all this people. While he walked into the cockpit, Esca looked up from his old book and mentioned: "I sent a prearranged coordinate for the signal to jump from there to Korriban, so it would be easy for the other to go there and wait for us there."
"Excellent, Esca, excellent", Gaidal answered. Esca raised an eyebrow after that response and meanwhile Gaidal was sitting in the other pilot seat.
"Esca, he's keeping things behind for us", Rayne stated, while she was standing at the entrance of the cockpit. She must have followed him, Gaidal thought. She looked a bit frustrated, but remained as gorgeous as she always was.
"Is this true?", Esca asked him, "are there things you're not telling us. Things that we should know?"
"No", Gaidal growled, "you just have to trust me!"
"I saw him talking to someone on the com link. I couldn't tell whose holographic projection is was, but I know there was a conversation going on", Rayne responded furiously.
"And with some who has such a shady history, that none knows about except a few, it's ahrd to build one something like trust", Esca concluded.
"ENOUGH", Gaidal screamed to the other two, "Yes, there was a conversation, but nothing to worry about. Just a few details on the mission, that's all. Who I was talking to are my own business. And my past? None can handle my past, not even me! So my past remain my own business as well!"
He left the cockpit filled with anger and the others could feel it was very difficult from him to control his emotions.
"Amazing", Rayne mumbled, "that man is so extremely powerful. You could feel his potential grew with every moment he got more angry. Still it seems like he is hiding much of his true potential. And yes, he was talking to someone about the 'Exile", does that ring any bells?"
"Hmmm... Our mutual friend is indeed very interesting. Most of the times he' playing hide and seek with the other members of our beloved Brotherhood. Only a few know his true story, and his full potential. His master, Godo, knows eaxctly how he works and thinks. No wonder those two get along. And Desdemonea knows a couple of things. She's one of the few he trusts and that's why gave away his 'souvernir'", Esca replied, "And the Exile you say. Interesting character as well, but knowledge of him would grant anyone a great advantage in the Force and in the Brotherhood. I'm afraid we need to monitor our companion more closely."
"His souvernir?"
"A long story, Rayne, for another moment. Maybe he's willing to tell it himself?"

"Aah", Macron laught out loud, "finally!"
He immediately responded to Welshman and Crix: "As soon as we reach space and are out of orbit, we'll jump to the following coordinates. There we'll wait until Gaidal gives us the signal. I'm sending the coordinates now!"

The Republican delegation and the Sentinel jumped into hyperspace. Kai had a restless feeling about going to Korriban, unsual for a Jedi. He looked at Massimo with his massive and grim face.
"Well, you feel it too right. Korriban is like a meeting with the inevitable, right?", Kai started a conversation.
Massimo turned his head, looked at Kai and said: "Right."
Kai knew that Massimo was one of the few who hunted down the last followers of the Emperor on Korriban as a young Jedi. It changed him for good, because none remains untouched after going there. Same went for Kai. He was the Jedi Knight who was asked by the restored Jedi Council on Coruscant to travel to Dantooine to investigate the deaths of one Jedi Master, two Jedi Knights and three Padawans. Already when he arrived he knew this was a multiple murder. He could sense the distrubances in the Force and could almost see the trail of hatred and anger the perpetrator. That perpetrator was none else than Gaidal Dupar, the cousin of Nemo. About the same age, who fled possibly to Korriban. By the time Kai arrived there, Gaidal was gone. still the Dark Side there influenced Kai and made him a different man. Like the journals of former hero and old master Vacul said it, 'in the end you realise it, but then it's too late. You're grey. Grey like the clouds filled with rain, grey like the bones of forgotten corpse dead for too long and grey of ashes of your past life that's no more. Grey; a threat to a Jedi, an insult to Sith. That's your truth, your reality.'
It was different these days, but the damage for the victim remained the same. Grey you're were, from head to toe. To the bone. Kai hoped the mission would be short and successful.
Nemo entered the cockpit: "Why all the sad faces?"

Andan Taldrya Marshall

15-05-2005 12:56:58

Crix clicked off the comm and reached for the hyperdrive lever. "Going to hyperspace" He announced over the ship's comm and pulled the lever, sending the ship hurtling though space at incredible speeds. The One Armed Scissor didn't even have a real navcomp, just a computer with a few star charts so he wouldn't have to remember every single detail of the various systems he frequented. The ship had been this way for years now, he hadn't used a navcomp since he was probably a Guardian. Instead he relied on the Force to navigate him to the correct destination.

Crix had been to Koriban a few times before, but he'd never actually been on the planet. Every other time he'd been fighting a space battle over the planet. He had been there a few times during his time with the Emperor's Hammer and then a few more as a member of the Brotherhood. He was excited to be visiting the planet of the ancient Sith Lords, there was much to learn here and he was goin to do whatever he had to to get as much of that information as possible. He grinned to himself and checked the ship's systems and turned on the sound system, playing some relaxing music. By his estimation they had about a day till they got to Koriban.

He retired to his chambers to meditate the rest of the day, readying himself for the task at hand. He had trained Godo for quite a while and he found it rather ironic that he was now working under his former apprentace, but Godo had specificly asked him to come on the mission. Crix knew Godo well enough to know that he didn't do anything just for the hell of it, he was on this mission for a reason. One of the many things that Crix had tought Godo was the subtle art of plotting, scheming and only telling people what they needed, or wanted, to know and he was sure that Godo had passed that on to his apprentace. Crix knew that there was going to be more to this mission then he had been told in the beginning.


Crix dropped into the pilot's seat and did a quick sytems check; all green. Letting himself be immerced in the Force he felt for exactly the right moment to come out of hyperspace, a second too soon and they could be millions of klicks away from their target, a moment too late and they could fly into a sun. He threw the lever, disengaging the hyperdrive and they reverted to realspace, just where they should be. Crix grinned to himself, he liked the challenge of flying without a navicomp and knowing the fact that if he messed up even by the littlist bit then he would die.

He did a quick scan of the area and found the rest of the team already assembled and waiting for him. He didn't pick up any other ships or life forms in the area, but he was always careful about revealing himself when he didn't want to be. He used the Force to send a telepathic message to the rest of the team letting them know that he was there, all systems were green and he was awaiting further orders.

He didn't especially like taking orders from a Guardian, but he knew that he couldn't take control of the mission...not yet at least. He would wait until he had an opertunity to make any move.


16-05-2005 10:37:03

She stood there for a moment before taking in what had happened between Esca, Gaidal, and herself. She looked at Esca for a moment before turning and starting to walk out the door. “I’m going to my quarters for a minute.” Esca just nodded and continued to do what do what he was doing. Rayne walked down to her quarters and stepped into the door way to retrieve her stuff. As she did so the ship’s pilot was maneuvering ‘Dark Phoenix’ started to enter the gravitational pull of Korriban. The ship slowly come to a soft landing as the dust cleared the pilot preformed another systems check.

Rayne walked out of her quarters with her sword belt strapped on and her cloak flowing behind her she walked down the corridor and to Gaidal’s room before pushing the button for the com link. “What now?” Gaidal said. “Sir. We’ve arrived on Korriban. I just wanted to inform you that the team is prepped and ready.” At this Gaidal opened the door and stood in front of her. Although much taller than her his presence didn’t intimidate her. Although his outburst of anger previously in the cockpit did worry her as to whether or not he’ll break down. As the two walked to the main hall Rayne looked at Gaidal.

"Sir. Do you mind if I ask you why you blew up when I accused you of hiding information that could be vital to the mission at this current point?" Gaidal thought about it for a second but they reached the main hall and he turned to her. "Ask me again at another point in time."


16-05-2005 10:58:43

Esca looked up from the section of lore that began to lack in interest and closed the book slowly. There were things that needed to be secured in his own mind before this went any further, and with the way Gaidal was acting, Esca figured that he needed to find out now. The Krath Priest allowed the room to fill with the Force, just enough to keep anyone in the ship from realizing what just happened.

Esca stood up from where he was sitting in the cockpit, and started to make his way to the hall that he felt everyone was assembling in. At the doorway, he figured most would find him anyways, so he released his hold on the cockpit, and entered the room. Rayne noticed him and nodded, then Esca slid over.

"How long do you expect to be in here?" Esca whispered.

"Probably enough time for you to get whatever you wish done..." She smirked.

Esca shook his head and looked around. He, just like the cockpit, filled this room the same way. Esca started to walk out the door when he heard Rayne say to 'have fun.'

"I will," the Priest said before exiting.

Now that everyone thought Esca was still in the hall, he started to look around the ship. Something just didn't feel right. Teiko had spoken to a few of his superiors about his joining this mission, and Godo surely would have explained to Esca about what was going on. With this in mind, Esca began to look for the cargo bay, and start his 'search' there.


16-05-2005 15:27:17

Virulence sat in the back of the One Armed Scissor drawing something on the small sketchpad he kept with him. The Guardian stopped sketching and looked up from his pad. He could feel a surge in the Force, only slightly at first, but growing steadily. He put away his sketchpad as Crix brought the ship out of hyperspace, and made his way to the cockpit.

As Virulence enetered the cockpit, his gaze was immediately drawn to the planet of Korriban in the distance. The planet radiated Darkside energy, filling the reptile with anxious bloodlust. He wanted to kill. As Crix telepathecally informed the rest of the group of their status Virulence sat down in the seat next to him.

"Any sign of Jedi?" the Barabel asked, finally turning his attention away from the planet.

"No. Looks like we're the only ones here." The Sith replied as he eased the ship into formation.

"I get the feeling there's more to this mission than we have been led to believe." Virulence said.

"I get the same feeling." Crix replied. "There is a reason for everything Godo does however, and if he has chosen not to reveal something to us, we'll just have to accept that for now."

Gaidal Dupar

16-05-2005 18:31:52

The 'Dark Phoenix' landed safely on the surface of Korriban. Gaidal looked at Rayne, her face was troubled and looked dimm. Yes, he knew that this mission was draining a lot of his energy and that it was getting more and more difficult to control himself. he remembered the moment he was here before in order to find more knowledge on the Sith and especially a holocron. Never found it, but the Dark Side gained a strong grip on him here. But somehow the Force didn't touch his body, but his mind. He had the same tanned skin as before, but his mind was like a trap. A strong weapon to use, but also difficult to handle and it could easily turn against him. With all the tension going on and the strong presence of Dark Side here, it was difficult to maintain his mental health. Was he getting paranoid? Then he felt it. It was like a touch from a silk glove. Esca was scanning and screening the vessel through the Force. He realised where he was and what needed to be done. Back to reality and so he smiled at Rayne, while he used the Force to his his feelings, powers and full Force potential. It would seem like Gaidal was a common man.
"I'm sorry for my outburst. There is a lot you don't know about me, but now isn't the time to answer your questions. I was a bit hot-headed, but trust me when I say I'm not hiding any information for you and Esca. That's the truth", Gaidal apologised, "and there is no need to call me 'Sir'. I know Esca wouldn't call me that! So don't please."
"Fine", Rayne nodded, "but I would really like to discuss more with you. There are things I would really like to know."
Esca ended his connection with the Force and started walking towards the other two. You could hear his boots getting closer and closer.
"My dearest Gaidal, cooled off a bit and ready to go?", Esca asked polite, "Then we can go to search for our Jedi friends."
"My apologies, master Esca", Gaidal stated and bowed deeply, "let me check the perimeter around the ship first."
After that he ran away and Rayne and Esca looked at each other.
"Did you find anything, Esca?", Rayne started.
"No, my dearest Rayne. Not in the ship. I'm starting to believe that the answers lie deep within himself. If only I could sense him, but you felt it too, right? He focussed again and it was almost like he was gone; no Sith to detect anymore. Interesting technique, but I can't figure out how he does that. What did you find out?"
"Well", she answered, "he apologised nicely, but there's a constant tension surrounding him. Like he's expecting something and preparing for it. And he told me he has been here before. did the Brotherhood know about that?"
"Mmm... let us continue to keep our eye on him", Esca finished the small-talk, "You follow him and I'll make sure this ship is ready to go if necessary..."
Rayne nodded and ran away.

The Republican delegation and the 'Sentinel' dropped out of hyperspace. The planet of Korriban looked like a giant dust bowl in the sun. Kai immediately sensed something wasn't right.
"Massimo, I believe we're not alone here", he stated, "what do you think?"
"Mmm... a lot of Force signs here. A group behind the other side of the planet just dropped out of warp and a couple of them on the surface. What is...", Massimo spoke slowly, "I sense a hole in the Force. Like someone is there, who isn't exactly there. Hard to explain."
"They're not all well-trained. A couple of them a re worthly enough to wield a lightsaber", Nemo concluded.
Massimo and Kai looked at each other and then at Nemo.
"You're correct", Kai said, "but there is no reason to underestimate them."
Nemo said nothing and walked out of the cockpit. Kai felt the troubled mind of the young Jedi Knight and hoped that he would not make the same mistake as Gaidal and his father made.
"Admiral Nykobi, even though you've enough ships here to blow a hole in the planet, remain here. Don't do a thing until we say so. We noticed several presences here and have serious reasons to believe theses are hostile", Kai ordered.
The admiral approved and remained at his current position with the other ships. Meanwhile Massimo sent the vesse into the atmosphere.


16-05-2005 20:37:59

Jaymz's Starfigher landed beside The Dark Phoenix. He proceeded to get out of his ship and joined the group of them, his hand resting on his glaive.

"I'm going to search the cave, i heard of sightings of him down there, they may have been illusions, but he still might be down there."

He turned and headed up the hill toward the Cave

Gaidal Dupar

17-05-2005 08:35:46

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"Jaymz, wake up", Virulence whispered to Jaymz, "daydreaming again about Rayne?"
"Hmmm", he mumbled, "aren't we in the cave... What the... Where am I?"
"Still in the 'One Arm Scissor'", the reptilian answered, "but we reached the coordinates. Korriban dead ahead and we found something."
"What exactly", Jaymz asked sleepy.
"Haha, our Jedi friends", Uzbad sneered, who sat next time to Jaymz. Virulence who sat in front him, stood up and mentioned: "I'll go to the cockpit to ask what we do next..."
After that he walked away.
Entering the cockpit Virulence saw that Crix was busy communicating with Welshman and Macron on what to do next. They were doubting between remaining here or going to the surface as well to help the others.
"This Republican delegation is too powerful for us to handle", the Guardian heard Crix saying.
"It would be foolish to burn our fingers on this", Welshman laught through the com link.
"Yes, these Jedi are well-prepared", Macron concluded.
"What are we going to do?", Virulence asked to the others.

Gaidal looked around. They landed on an old landing platform of the former spaceport. It was close to the old Sith Academy. He could feel the Dark Side here recongnised his presence. Like welcoming an old friend. His two companions came out of the shuttle as well.
"Well, Gaidal", Esca started, "everything secured? Where do we go from here?"
"Let us go to the old Academy", Gaidal answered, "there we'll start our search for the Jedi. Maybe we could find some information on Revan too. Rayne, you'll lead?"
She nodded and started walking in front of the two gentlemen. Before Esca could say a thing, he was overwhelmed by Gaidal who started a conversation. with a huge smile on his face he declared: Ï'm sorry for my outburst, Master Esca. My past is a bit too 'delicate', even for me. My humble apologies and I can realise you're not exactly satisfied with me in charge. Bu remember I never asked for this. You wanted to know if I hid anything? No, I didn't. The only conversation I had was with Master Godo. He was interested if I could find the Sith mask of Revan and his lightsaber, because of the crystals. That's all."
Esca didn't know what to say, but accepted his apologies by nodding and asked: "But what about the 'Exile'?"
"Nothing in particular, Esca. Godo mentioned that he walked on this surface as well and might left a note or datapad on the whereabouts of Revan. That could include information on these two relics."
Esca looked at Gaidal and said nothing. They continued walking until Rayne stopped.

Kai couldn't tell to whom these signals belonged. He safely led the 'Sentinel' through the atmosphere and was preparing to land nearby the four huge tombs of the greatest Sith Lords ever. The same place where he landed two years ago. Kai remembered the stone tablet he found. It wasn't old and surely wasn't a relic. Gaidal wrote on it, which you could tell from the signature. Kai always thought that the man wrote it, while he was losing his mind.It said: 'And so I walked through the Valley of Darkness, between the Fallen Lords and at the end of was a light. A bright, shiny light that gave me the strength to conquer all. Gaidal' The man was crazy, crazy as a Terentenak.
He safely landed there and blew great dust clouds away from the vessel. Before everyone onboard knew it, they were there. Korriban felt as cold and dead as before. Massimo was the first who opened tha cargo hatch and looked over the surface of Korriban.
"Like going back to your own grave", he growled.
"So this is Korriban", Nemo yelled, while he set his first foot on the ground, "and I'll never be te same..."
Kai shaked his head, how right could the young Jedi Knight be!

Macron Sadow

18-05-2005 10:05:59

Macron's Star Wing dropped out of hyperspace smoothly. Around him were the ships present from Sapphire Squadron as an escort to the Scissor. Three more assault gunboats snapped into
normal space as the ships spread out to cover the One Armed Scissor.

"This is Macron. Crix, Virulence do you read?"

"Yes, I have you," Crix replied. "What are our orders? Over."

"I'll be damned if I know, but those approaching Republic vessels might be a clue."

Six modified X-wings, and an E wing were closing fast. They had weapons deployed, and were raising deflectors. They did not appear to be armed awith any ordinance greater than concussion missles, which was a relief.

"Macron here. Sapphire two, three, and four stay close to the Scissor. Her guns can help immensely as we are outnumbered. I suggest using firelinked ion guns to deaden their shields and systems, and the Scissor can do the rest. I'll pick off the stragglers."

"Now how in the hell did they know we were here, " Macron wondered.

The Sith pulled his ship into a turn, and began to hammer away at the oncoming group with a war scream of black hatred.


18-05-2005 11:16:12

Deep within one of the long forgotten tombs of a Sith Lord long since forgotten Spears felt a disturbance in the Force. He had sensend their arrival in the system, as well as their landing. The Overlord even sensed the screams from the Republic fighters in orbit as they engaged Macron's Squadron.

For now he would leave them all be, he had his own research to conduct and with some luck an artifact or two would accompany him back to Lyspair.

His ship well hidden, the Headmaster continued with his research, knowing he was well concealed by the Dark Side in a place such as this. With the exception of Welshman, Spears knew none of the others Light or Dark could sense his prescence, unless he willed it so.

Reaching out with the Force Spears, instructed several of his Undead servants to be only the look out for any intruders.

Gaidal Dupar

18-05-2005 12:40:52

Rayne looked at the others and she seemed a bit disturbed. Like she was struggling with something inside her.
"I can feel this, this thing", she mumbled, "like the Dark Side here is welcoming me. It's touching me and corrupting me very swiftly. Like al goodness a person can have no langer matters."
"True", Esca replied, "the Dark Side presence here is very strong and it touches every lifeform; Force user or not."
Gaidal nodded and filled in: "Resisting it is useless and painful. Open your mind and heart for the Dark Side. Let your body be a channel for its greatness."
"Easy for you to say, Gaidal", Rayne answered, "you've been here before and your body remained untouched by the Dark Side."
Gaidal laught out loud and mumbled somthing like "And so I walked through the Valley of Darkness..." and continued walking. Rayne was bedazzled by his reaction and looked at Esca.
"Don't ask me, my dearest Rayne", he said, "I think Gaidal is paying a much more terrible price for his use of Dark Side Force powers. The man is like a big open wound inside. The body remains the same with no physical damage, but his mind is heavily mutilated and damaged. Don't blame him for laughing, because he knows that you've no clue about the sacrifice he had to bring."
Gaidal stopped and for some reason he raised his voice, when he asked Rayne and Esca to join him at the end of the hilltop.
"We have a problem, companions", he stated, while he pointed his finger to the sky above them. It was like a lightning storm was going over Korriban. Strange light bolts flashing on and off at random positions. It seemed like a huge space battle was going on up there.
"Darn", Esca cursed, "The others are having a first contact with hostiles. It seems like those annoying Jedi are more prepared than we expected. We can't do anything from here; we would only endanger the outcome of the mission. Let's continue our journey towards the old academy. Meanwhile Rayne, try to contact the assault team and ask them about their status. Give them our coordinates in case they need to land!"

They shut the vessel and started inspecting the surroundings. Kai saw the big tombs and shivered. Darn, he really hated this place with all his guts. He stopped at a place where someone had been digging in the ground. From the traces he could tell this was done approximately two years ago. Gaidal. He remember the spot, because he found the stone tablet here. Massimo joined him and just nodded.
"We all have our personal scars here", he suddenly spoke out loud with the same slow, low and grasping voice he always had.
"Yes we do", Kai confirmed.
Suddenly he felt someone using the Force nearby. He looked at Nemo and saw a certain glow surrounding him and his irisses turned blue and were getting more and more bright. It always happened to him when he used the Force.
"What are you doing, Nemo?", Kai growled at him, "do you want anyone to detect us? You using the Force gives an enormous spark, which a lot of Force users can and will sense!"
"'Force users'?", Nemo asked.
"Yes, people like Sith or Dark Jedi", Kai answered cranky.
"But Master Kai, I was only using it to feel if any of those signals we felt were getting closer."
"You don't have to call me master anymore, my young Jedi Knight", Kai answered still a bit agitated, "but did you sense them more intense?"
"Yes Kai. Two signs are getting closer towards us and...", Nemo replied.
"And what, young one?"
"Well, Kai. Something else, but I don't know what it is. It's like a hole in the Force. Very unusual. Something I'm sensing something, but mostly it's like nothing is there..."
Kai felt more worried than before. They still had a long walk to go, before those darn Dark Jedi or Sith would be here. He was more worried about what Nemo described as 'a hole in the Force'. He should never accepted this mission.

What was that? Headmaster Spears was a bit surprised. He felt a very strong Force signal, like an outburst of magma or lava from a volcanic eruption. It reminded him of some one, but he could not remember who exactly. Well, this was getting interesting, but why were all these people here. Were they after him or his relics? The strong Force signal included also other things. Emotions. Maybe another soul to collect for the Brotherhood? He decided to leave his work for one moment and intended to look for a safe and hidden place at the surroundings of the tomb.

The 'One Arm Scissor' was shaking all over and Virulence wondered how long this would take. The others looked uncomfortable as well. He tried to get to the cockpit, but it was hard with all the firing and taking the damage. Finally he got where he wanted. he saw that Crix was extremely occupied with shooting at the enemies approaching his vessel.
"Wouldn't it be wise to leave this position and go directly to the surface and join the others", he asked Crix.
"Good idea", Welshman yelled through the intercom. It sounded like his TIE Interceptor was under heavy fire too.
Criz waited for a moment and it seemed like he was thinking. Then he used the com link.
"Macron, are you there? What do you think that we should do?", he asked.
Virulence was hoping this would all be soon over.

Macron Sadow

18-05-2005 13:19:54

OOC: I am bowing out of this one, due to RL/moving, sorry guys. have fun!

"Frack!" Macron growled over the com link as sounds of explosions came over the link as well.
"Got the bastard. Eat hot blaster, Rebellion scum! Yeah! Er, I read you Crix. My shields are down, hull damage is approaching critical. I have killed three, however. I even saw the look of terror on one of the faces of the pilots as he spilled out of his seat into the cold embrace of outer space. That was quite satisfying!"

Observers could see Macron's gunboat was battered beyond belief. His left wing was actually on fire. A proton torpedo roared out from the Silooth, and obliterated a transport launching toward the surface. Reinforcements would not be coming down to Korriban any time soon, that was certain.

"Let's see those Jedi dogs try that on for size," a chuckle came over the comm in the Scissor.
"Seriously guys, I am shot up badly. Time to make a strategic retreat. I'm out. Sorry and all, I hope you find what you are looking for. Macron out."

The Silooth peeled away from the conflict, and activated it's hyperdrive.

Andan Taldrya Marshall

19-05-2005 00:55:18

Crix was in his element now. He was a fighter pilot, space battles were what he lived for. He rolled to avoid incoming fire and locked both of the One Armed Scissor's laser turrets onto the closest of the X-Wings. He opened up on the ship and watched his indicators are the shields fell and the hull was breached. Grinning he flew through the expoision and locked onto the last ship, destroying it in a similar maner.

Crix smacked his comm on and said "Everyone to the surface NOW. Land at the old Academy before anyone else comes up to play with us."

He didn't wait for any answers before he pointed the ship towards the planet and punched the engines to max.


He ran through a quick post-flight and was about to shut down the ship when he realized that they might need to make a quick exit, and instead switched the ship to low power mode. The only exception was the ship's door/alarm system and the alti-personal blasters on the outside of the ship. When Crix activated his ship's security system, nobody who he hadn't already cleared for entry could get close to the ship, not to meition board it.

Crix walked down the ramp of his ship, wearing his usual black jumpsuit. On his belt were his lightsaber and his Sith Sword. As the others joined him he said to the group "We know the Jedi are here...somewhere. Stick togeather and keep an eye out for them. Oh, and use the Force as little as possible, they can pick up on that and I'd rather sneak around for now." He grinned evily and said "We'll fight the Jedi on our own terms, not their's."

Turning, he led the group through the old settlement without any problems. They reached the door to the old Sith Academy and found it half-way opened. The group made their way through into the main training area where Crix paused for a second. Deciding which way went to the Valley, he started walking in that direction.

Andan Taldrya Marshall

19-05-2005 01:05:27

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19-05-2005 04:04:16

As Crix and Uzbad headed down the path that lead to the Valley of the Dark Lords, Virulence lingered in the old Academy for a moment. The Darkside was so intense in this place....on this planet...he struggled to contain the primal, hate fueled rage that had been building within him since they landed. A malicious energy was coursing through him causing every nerve in his body to become hyper-sensitive.

The Guardian decided he should rejoin his companions and started to head in their direction when he heard something. Movement a ways behind him. The reptile quickly sank into the shadows.

"This way." Gaidal whispered, coming around the corner inside the Academy. Esca and Rayne came around just behind him as they moved silently through the darkness. Virulence remained silent as Gaidal and Rayne passed by without noticing him.

"This way Virulence." Esca said with a slight grin as he passed the reptile. "You're not that sneaky."

"Damn it!" Virulence hissed emerging from the shadows. He should have known better, the Priest doesn't miss much.

The group headed down the path towards the Valley. They came upon an ancient alter, one of two that sat at each end of the Valley, covered in sand and crumbling from time. On the other side of the alter stood Crix and Uzbad. Virulence walked around the alter and looked down the length of the Valley. The spirits of the dead began to whisper to him as he gazed upon the giant statues of past Sith Lords which lined the sides of the Valley. He longed to honor the heritage of these long dead warriors.

"Alright, the Darkside is so intense here, it should give us some cover. The Jedi won't be able to detect our presence here. Or at least won't be able to pinpoint us." Gaidal said after evaluating the situation. "We should find a vantage point to observe them, then we move when we've confirmed they found something." Gaidal began to scan for a good spot when Uzbad shouted.

"What the hell is that?" the Krath said drawing his blaster pistol. The rest of the group turned to see what he was looking at. Several Undead warriors were coming out of one of the tombs and heading in they're direction. Virulence grabbed the hilt of his katana.


19-05-2005 10:24:50

Rayne watched as the undead warriors were flooding out of the tombs. As she stepped forward she drew her scimitars a slight blue hue could be seen to the blade. “We’ve disturbed thee undead. We must push on.” The zeltron rushed forward her blades dragging the ground slightly. Just as she was about to bring them up in a diagonal slash across two of the undead warriors a metallic searing sound was heard as Esca’s Chariguai came past Rayne’s face not even seeing them, the twin disc’s sliced through the undead warrior’s head. Splitting their skulls in two. As the skulls split apart the two warriors fell to the ground and she turned and glared at Esca. As she turned back she was greeted by three more warriors. The Chariguai were just hovering into the air. Virulence opened fire with his blaster hitting one warrior in the chest searing the wound in his chest. The warrior just kept coming. Gaidal had rushed into combat beside Rayne hacking away, with his chatka, at the undead chopping of limbs hacking through bones. Body parts keep moving as they lay severed from the original owner. “I don’t see how they can still be alive,” Rayne said. Virulence kept firing at the undead warrior until his body was riddled with holes. Virulence didn’t realize that he had blown off that warrior’s hand as it attached around the Barbel’s ankle.

Andan Taldrya Marshall

19-05-2005 14:53:43

"They aren't." Crix said, slashing across one zombi's neck and watching it crumple. "Cut off their heads, it's the quickest way to drop them." He looked back and saw Virulance trying to use a blaster and shook his head "Virulance, drop that damn blaster. You'll run out of shots before you drop 5 of them." He said, turning back around to disconnect a set of arms which were trying to grab him. He followed up with a slash across the creature's head, slicing it in two. Normally a cut like that would have ruined a sword, but his Sith Sword was alchemicly prepared; it could resist blasters, lightsabers and never dulled.

Crix felt a flicker in the Force and stabbed behind him without looking. He heard an inhuman groan as his sword ran through the corpse of something once living. He grinned and pulled up, splitting the corpse in two from the middle of the chest through it's head. The creature fell and Crix took a moment to look around.

The Dark Jedi stood among a pile of corpses, dead again. The younger members were beathing heavily, not quite in as good of shape as Crix and Esca, the two highest ranking members in the party. They returned their weapons to their belts and cought their breath. "That was fun." Crix said, stepping over a few bodies to reach the other side of the chamber. "I'm going to look around the rest of the Valley, anyone who would like to is free to join me." He paused for a moment and then looked at Esca, saying "You should probably stay with everyone else, in case they get in over their heads." He said, grinning. He felt slightly uneasy with there only being two members with lightsabers on this trip, but he'd worked with worse before.


20-05-2005 19:07:48

Uzbad followed Crix to explore the valley.

Gaidal Dupar

23-05-2005 05:44:18

Gaidal looked around and saw that all the undead were sort of killed, or at least taken care of. His Chatka was covered in dark and thick blood. It smelled awful, but there was no time to think of all this. Where was Jaymz, he thought. He looked at Virulence and asked him where Jaymz was.
"Don't know, Gaidal", he said, "haven't seen him since we landed. I think we should consider him missing in action, but he might still be around the Academy. He was daydreaming onbaord about a certain cave. Maybe he went there..."
"Could very well be", Gaidal concluded and he thought that these words held more truth than they realised. Jaymz always went his own way and was alomst only interested in that almost finished lightsaber of his.
"Where is Macron?", Gaidal asked.
"His ship was extremely battered and was merely able to return to the Brotherhood", Welshman answered.
"So this is it?", Gaidal mentioned while he looked at the remained group. Still powerful, but they lost a couple of valuable persons.
"We should continue our journey, Gaidal", Esca stated.
"Indeed, but we need to check the tombs quickly, there is no time to waste when there are three fully trained Jedi here". Gaidal stated, "We're with the seven of us, but we need to divide our group. Two groups of two will investigate the tombs, while a group of three will go into thiis cave Jaymz mentioned. Any volunteers for the tombs?"
Crix and Esca stepped forward.
"Good, the experienced among us will deal with this matter", Gaidal concluded, "Crix and Welshman will investigate the tomb where these undead came from, so keep your eyes and com link open all the time. Esca and Uzbad will investigate the tomb in front of the one the first group is going to investigate. Rayne, Virulence and myself will go to the cave. Like I said before, use the com links in case that you need assistance!"
After that each group went his own way to investigate a part of old planet of Korriban.

Kai looked at the other two Jedi and was looking for Jiri. Where was that darn Padawan when you needed him? The young one was coming from behind a huge rock. He was smiling and yelled to the others: "Look at what I found!"
Kai felt irritated by his upcoming apprentice.
"What did you find, Jiri?", Nemo asked with great interest.
"Well, I think it's a clue to Revan", Jiri said, "While you were closing the ship and preparing for the search, I was looking behind that big tock over there, because I saw something shiny. I found a small archeologist kit. I also found a small datapad. It looks like someone has been searching here before!"
Kai grabbed the dusty and battered datapad from Jiri's hand, who looked surprised. He felt worried that someone already been here before them. Gaidal Dupar again? Probably not, because he would carefully collect his information and take it with hem. No, it could not been him. In case someone else found something, it would mean this search could be for nothing. He looked up into the sky and saw the space battle stopped. More worries, he thought.
"True", he said, "this is our first clue."
Kai looked at the grimm face of Massimo, who looked very sad. How could the two young ones not feel the immense and almost overwhelming presence of the Dark Side on this forsaken planet? Kai knew that the difference was that he and Massimo were grey.


23-05-2005 06:49:00

Immediately after Gaidal had spoken his words, Esca gave Uzbad a look and they set off towards their section of the tombs. The Priest didn’t bother making any conversation with the Hunter, for he already knew him fairly well. Uzbad had once been Esca’s Apprentice, and had disappointed him several times. The fact that he was Hunter made Esca edgy at times of skill. Never-the-less, he was to work with him, and he would.

As they journeyed further into the caverns, Esca slowly moved to a halt. There was something else here that no one noticed. With a slightly puzzled look to the ground, he noticed a single refined focusing crystal. This meant someone was here…a Jedi was here. Esca, still standing in one spot, look out ‘into’ the walls of the caves. Once he found what he was looking for, he nodded and projected his thoughts through the Force.

~Crix, be warned. There are Jedi here somewhere. More information when I get it~

Uzbad glanced at Esca, feeling the Force move out from him, though did not know what he did. Shaking his head, the Zabrak began to move deeper into the caverns again, suddenly followed by Esca. Shortly after, they reached two elegantly carved stone doors. These had to be to the tombs.

“Hold.” Esca muttered.

Uzbad froze and Esca placed his hand upon the doors surface. It vibrated ever so slightly under the Priest’s hand. Esca closed his eyes and allowed himself to see the other side, even just a small portion. Upon the other side of the door, was a system of explosives and various other traps. Teiko found the arming switch and deactivated the system before pushing the door wide open and let the Chariguai slide into his right hand.

“Come.” The Human stated walking in, but then stopped in the middle of the doorway, “Just do be careful this time…?”


23-05-2005 18:18:49

Uzbad scowled at his former master, wondering what one had to do to please the man. Esca walked slowly into the room, glancing occasionally at Uzbad. The Zabrak followed behind, his eyes darting around the room, watching, when all of a sudden he felt something samsh into the back of his head, and everything went black.


24-05-2005 10:34:08

Jaymz had gone missing. It wasn’t something Rayne really liked about a mission. When a fellow comrade goes missing in action. As Virulence, Gaidal, and herself headed towards the cave that was thought to be the cave Jaymz had went to. As she led point she crouched down at the foot of the cave looking around and examining the ground around the cave entrance.

Virulence slowly followed behind looking around the cave entrance. Gaidal came up to Rayne, “Did you find anything Dearest Rayne.”

She looked up at Gaidal and nodded, “Yeah. His tracks seem to go into this cave. But I have a bad feeling about it. I’m not saying we should turn back or anything. But all I am saying is I think we should be a little more careful.” He seemed to take this into consideration. “Virulence. Let’s get going. But be careful,” Rayne said as she stood up and let her scimitars hang down by her side before walking into the cave with Gaidal, and Virulence following close behind.

Gaidal kept noticing droid parts that Rayne didn’t seem to notice. He mentioned nothing of it as it didn’t seem crucial to this assignment. As they continued to follow Rayne farther into the cave she seemed to notice something wrong with the next room. Jaymz’s tracks seemed to go into the room. When the group walked into the room they found Jaymz lying unconscious over by a set of boxes. Sensing something was wrong Rayne stopped immediately and Gaidal didn’t see that she stopped and accidentally ran into her. As Virulence came into the room they noticed why she had stopped.

There was a twelve foot tall Golum droid. It was much bigger than all three of them combined and it was probably the thing that knocked Jaymz out. Rayne drew her swords and rushed towards the droid and swung at it and it just hit the droid without doing any damage. The Golum droid just got pissed at that and swung and hit Rayne who went flying back into the cave wall and slide down it and seemed unconscious, her swords hang from her limp arms.

Andan Taldrya Marshall

24-05-2005 14:50:25

The two Warmasters nodded to each other and walked through the open door of the tomb. They kept their guard up and their lightsabers in hand, ready for whatever came at them. The door opened into a long hall that had a slight down hill slant and was once lined with tall pillars. However, over time those pillars had fallen and were now scattered over the floor of the hall. They reached the end of the hall and found another door. Welshman was about to open it when Crix stopped him.

"Wait a second, something isn't right." He said. He took a few steps back and motioned for Welshman to follow him. Crix reached out and opened the door with the Force and a cloud of green gas billowed out from the doorway. "Poison gas." Welshman said as the cloud started to disperse into the hall and the room beond it. The two Sith slowly moved down to the door, fingers on the buttons of their lightsabers, and looked inside.

They didn't see anything out of the ordinary, it was just a room with three doors leading off to different portions of the tomb. They walked into the room and examined each othe doors. Finally they picked the door on the left side of the room. Opening it they found the room packed with rotting corpses. Looking over at Welshman Crix said "Wanna bet that these guys aren't dead?"

Just as he said that a few of the corpses turned their heads at the two Sith and stood. "Aren't you glad you didn't take that bet?" Crix asked as he ignited his saber. Crix heard another snap-hiss of a saber igniting behind him and he saw that Welshman also sported a saber with a purple blade. "Nice color choice." Crix said with a grin as he dove into the mass of dead-looking bodies and started hacking. Welshman laughed and followed.

The two hacked and slashed at the creatures, creating a pile of dismembered limbs at their feet. At one point Crix had become completely surrounded by the creatures. Grinning, he held out his hand and a wave of the Force flew out at the creatures and about half of them flew against a wall and stopped moving. He turned his attention back to the rest of the group that had crowed around him and started swinging his saber. Within a few moments the remainder of the creatures fell to the ground, most without a head.

Crix looked back at Welshman as he dispatched his last enemy and said "Undead hiding in a tomb, how ironic." Welshman just laughed and they looked around the room. It appeared to be a store room of some sort

Gaidal Dupar

25-05-2005 08:16:09

Gaidal was surprised by this immense droid. How did it get here? Why was it here? He started to believe that it was preotecting or defending something. It looked old, very old and was battered too. Rayne kept trying to slice this warmachine in half with her Scimitars, but was not succeeding. Although this thing looked quite old, maybe even old-fashioned, the armor was still shiny here and there. It was functioning properly as well. One of the colossal arms hit Rayne en threw het across this part of the cave, hitting the wall. She felt on the ground and looked bruised, but her eyes were filled with fury.
"So you want to play?", she stated with a loud voice and she rolled the two Scimitars through her hand.
Meanwhile Virulence tried to sneak behind the droid and attack it from behind. He loaded his blaster and aimed. The reptilian could not have known the reaction, because suddenly the right arm grabbed behind him and held the neck of Virulence in its enormeous claw. The droid put him in front of his face and started scanning Virulence as a lifeform.
"Lifeform identified: Dark Side user", the droid concluded with his static voice, "Welcome, my Master already said that you would come sooner or later!"
After that he threw Virulence in front of him.
"You know who we're?", Gaidal asked, while he still held his Sith Assasination Pistol in his hand.
"I know WHAT you're and that allows you to pass to the Quarters of my Master. But before I'll allow it, you need to asnwer a couple of questions that proove that you're all worthly enough to pass", the droid explained. Was he showing a grin while he said that?

"Well, this is what we're going to do", Kai stated to the others, "we divide ourselves in two groups of two. Massimo and Nemo will search the tombs. They will start with the on the one at the end of the valley and they will work their way down to our vessel. Jiri and I will investigate the old academy an its surroundings. I believe that there is a certain cave nearby the Academy. We'll start there."
"What if we find something or get into trouble?", Massimo asked with his deep voice.
"Well Massimo, everyone keeps as much radio silence as possible, but in case that you find something, anything interesting... Then we make contact with each other. Understood?"
Everyone nodded, so it was approved.
"Come on, Jiri", Kai said, "we have a bit of a long walk ahead of us. Be ready to use your lightsaber. It might get dangerous!"
So these two started walking into the direction of the cave, while the other two took off to the tombs to investigate.

Esca looked at the person that stood behind Uzbad and hit him on the head. A mysterious individual stepped out of the shadows with a huge sarcastic and maybe even sadistic smile on his face. While smiling this figure said: "Well, well, Master Esca Teiko! What brings you here with your former pupil?"
Esca looked puzzled and concluded: "Headmaster Spears? What brings you here in the middle of nowhere? I should have expected that it was you, when I first saw the undead."
Headmaster Spears just laught out loud, because of the hidden and secret agenda he had. Esca did not know anything and that pleased him the most.


25-05-2005 15:23:16

As the drioid informed them of the questions they would have to answer, Virulence noticed a weakness in the droids battered armor. There was a thin gap between the droid's chestplate and the armor extending down its abdomen.

"We don't have time for this!" Virulence shouted as he drew his katana in a flash and shoved the titanium blade into the gap, impaling the droid and sending a shower of sparks into his face. Gaidal quickly fired two shots at the doid knocking it backwards, as Virulence pulled his weapon out of the gap and spun, using his momentum to decapitate the large droid. The head came flying off and the droid stumbled to the left as Rayne jumped on the headless guard and drove one of her scimitars down into its neck. More sparks erupted from the droid as it fell to its knees aand crumpled onto the cave floor.
"There's my answer to you're questions." Virulence said as he sheathed his blade.

Rayne pulled her scimitar out of the droids neck and began to look around the cave. Virulence walked over to Jaymz and kneeled down, feeling the side of his neck for a pulse as Gaidal approached the large door the droid was guarding.

"He's alive. Unconcsious, but alive." Virulence said standing up.

"What kind of cave is this?" Rayne asked as she ran her hand across the smooth walls of the cave.

"I think this is the start of some subterranian complex." Gaidal said as he pushed the door open.

Virulence grabbed Gaidal by the back of his collar and yanked him backwars just as a large spiked ball came swinging down from the inside the room and slammed into the door where Gaidal had been standing.

"Crude, but effective!" Gaidal said staring at the trap. "Lets see what in there."

"What about Jaymz?" Rayne asked.

"Leave him, he's safer here anyway." Virulence replied approaching the door.


26-05-2005 21:23:45

As the group proceeded to their designated targets, Jaymz opened his eyes and scanned the area around him with his eyes and he got to his feet. He dusted off his cloak and put the hood up.

He bent down in front of tracks that were made previously, not from them but from someone else that was not a Dark Jedi. It seemed they were being followed.

Curious as to who or what this was Jaymz followed the tracks for several miles, until he reached a cliff face with someone standing on the edge of it, someone wearing Jedi Robes.

Jaymz reached underneath his cloak and got his glaive in his hand, as he did the Jedi spun around and stared at him. The man was nothing more than a Knight, but that was more than Jaymz was at this point.

The Jedi drew his lightsaber and slashed foolishly in a downward motion at Jaymz. Jaymz dodged to the side, but then had to duck as the Jedi brought it neck level with him.

'This is going to be harder than i thought' Jaymz thought as he continued to dodge the lightsaber

Gaidal Dupar

29-05-2005 18:36:24

Kai turned around and saw the proud, young Protector running towards him. During his run he pulled his recently constructed lightsaber and wanted to hit him as much as he could. Kai dodged his attacks by effectively using his blue lightsaber. His red rimmed eyes looked quite scaring and Kai realised that this was a perfect spot to find such Dark Side Force users. Kai jumped with a backflip meters away from the young Sith.
"Patience is a virtue, young one", he yelled to the man who was still approaching him. Kai kept waiting moment by moment. The darkling was still coming towards him, when suddenly Jiri appeared from behind and attacked the Protector.
"Patience remains a virtue", Kai concluded. Darn planet, darn Dark Side, darn Gaidal Dupar, he thought.

Jaymz was surprised by the sudden attack. He had no time to turn around and was overwhelmed by the Padawan with his green lightsaber. Fortunately enough, he was quite experienced due to his battles in the Antei Combat Centre. He knew every battlemove Vader used, so he turned away from the young Jedi trainee and was able to get behind him. So they were standing back to back now and they were both very cautious with their moves.
"What should I do now, my Master", the Padawan called out to the Jedi with the blond goatee.
"Rely on the Force, Jiri. Don't give him any space to move freely and anticipate", the Jedi Knight called back.
Jaymz sneered because he realised a weakness in the defense of the Padawan. It was an undefended part; the arm he did not wield his lightsaber with. He turned his lightsaber around and easily pushed it into the left part of the lower back of the Padawan. This so-called Jiri screamed it out, because of the pain and felt on his knees. Jaymz turned around and was ready to decapitate the Padawan.

Kai realised this young Sith was quite powerful. His student suffered severely, but it was not his time to die. With an enormous Force jump he was able to get behind the Protector and hit cut oof his right arm. Kai was suprised that the man did not say a word, but he instantly found out it was a mechanical arm. So the Sith turned around and his face looked grimm and filled with hatred. Kai easily used the Force and pushed the man away. He hit the a huge rock in the cave and fell on the floor. It looked like he was unconscious, so Kai grabbed his com link.
"Massimo, continue your search. We had a first contact with the signals. They are hostile indeed. Jiri is wounded, I'll leave him at a hidden spot in the cave. I need to continue this search, because I'm afraid the individual wasn't alone and I don't want them to find anything", he stated.

The small tunnel lead to open space in the cave. Rocks were scrambled around it. At the end of it Virulence noticed that there was a hole. The reptilian started to investigate it.
"Explosives", he concluded, "someone was here before us. I hope it weren't our Jedi friends."
"Hmmm... I believe this hole made it possible for the droid to come out", Gaidal thought out loud.
"The explosion was the cause that this ancient droid was able to reach higher parts of the cave", Rayne noticed.
Virulence went ahead and was the first who entered the hole.
"Gaidal, my friend, please hurry", the Barabel yelled filled with joy, "I believe our search is gaining shape!"
Gaidal followed him and after that Rayne came. The Guardian did not believe his eyes at first. There was a huge underground space, which was filled with a gigantic temple. There were two stone guards; statues of long forgotten heroes. Its surroundings were filled with long dead corpses and weapons. It had to be a intense and devastating battle. Everywhere were gunholes in the temple wall, the ceiling and the ground. Lightsabers, some intact and some cut in half, were collecting dust on the ground.
"Look", Rayne said, "I think we found the trespasser!" She pointed her pink finger to a corpse, who had been dead for only a couple of days. A completely crushed lightsaber was close next to the corpse. His robes were torn apart and the male had a lot of open wounds.
"Jedi", Gaidal mumbled, "he found the passage, blew it up and saw himself confronted by the droid. He damaged it severely, but was killed by it in action."
They continued to walk through the cave and saw how it was possible that there was light in this underground hall. Right above the temple the ceiling was open and sun light came through the opening. It gave the entire temple and its surroundings something special, mysterious and the companions knew that they found something special. Gaidal felt that the Dark Side presence was strong here. He was overwhelmed by the echoes in the Force, indicating that a lot of people died here and that they died painfully.

While they walked towards the temple, they were able to study the statues. The first one was of a tall male with a battered face. He had a short haircut and held an ignited lightsaber with his two hands towards the ground. The man had an exceptional scar over his right eye.
"This is the man without a name, or let us say; the name we forgot", Gaidal mentioned, "this is the Exile."
"Really?", Virulence asked without hesitation.
"Yes, this has to be him", Gaidal concluded, "the man who left his leader, had his own journey, travelled after him and rejoined him. Revan was proud of him and trusted him more that he ever trusted Malak. Together they fought an unknown Sith Empire beyond the Outer Rim."
"So they fought unknown Sith; does that make them Jedi?", Rayne asked.
"No, they were Sith or sort of, but what I learnt is that they had their own hidden goals and agenda's, Rayne", Gaidal answered, "It's like the old mentor of Revan, Kreia, once said: 'Everyone was surprised by the fall to the dark side of Revan, but none ever thought of the idea that Revan was just being who he truly was.' You could state that Revan never fell, that he was just who he was; sinister, cruel & dark. It was his personality and it fit him, just like it fit the Exile."
"And who is this?", Virulence asked, while knocking on the other statue, which was a beautiful female.
"Aah, you've an eye for beautiful women I see", Gaidal laught out loud.
The woman held a double-bladed lightsaber in her two hands and was in battle position.
"This is Bastila Shan", he continued, "Revans' long lost love."

After hiding the wounded Jiri, Kai continued his investigation and found a hole in the cave. He immediately noticed that explosives were used. Why would anyone do such a thing? He walked through it and saw a Jedi corpse. He looked at it more closely and saw that it was Zeo Natral. Zeo was sent on a secret mission a week ago. The one who gave the order was none else than Kai's Master. What was going on here?
Kai entered the underground hall and was overwhelmed by the battlefield and the Dark Side presence here. He saw three figures hanging around a statue of a woman. What were they doing there? He looked closer by using his goggles and confirmed that they were Dark Side users. He studied them until he noticed the third one. Who was that? Could it be true?
Kai put the goggles back in his bagpack. It was true already. Gaidal Dupar was back on Korriban.


30-05-2005 19:12:20

Jaymz awoke several minutes later, his world spinning before him in colors and several diffrent levels of pain. He tried to get to his feet but failed, falling back onto the ground with a slight thud. He moved his hand over to his mechanical arm and rolled his eyes as he found it wasn't there.

"Son of a bitch." He said to himself. That arm had taken him a while to modify to his exact specifications and now it was lying somewhere, god knows where on this wretched god damn planet as he looked for some god damned Dark Jedi who might as well be dead.

Jaymz shook his head and closed his eyes as he felt the acids in his head balance out and his eyes focus on the world before him. After concentrating for a minute he found the weak force signature of Jiri.

Jaymz got to his feet and slowly moved over to the young, wounded jedi. His master was no where to be found, and he felt there was no reason for this jedi to stay alive. So with a simple fluid motion Jaymz relieved his Obisidian Glaive from inside his inner robes and brought it to the man's throat.

"Worthless" Were the only words he muttered as he cut the mans throat and watched as blood oozed out the helpless jedi's throat.

He moved out of the cave and found his way back to the ship, where he decided to stay until the others would return. Jaymz leaned up against the ship and closed his eyes, letting the slight wind roll the beads of sweat off his head.

He wasn't sure where the other Jedi was, and he didn't care. He was sure everyone else in the group could fare well enough against him, even if they didn't Jaymz could sense where they were and what they were doing well enough that he could be where they were in several minutes if he had to.


01-06-2005 22:38:09

Uzbad clutched at his chest, and gasped. He'd just has cardiac arrest! He fell over, and died. oh darn.

Macron Sadow

04-06-2005 19:20:31

"Guys. I am back." Macron's voice quietly came over the comm.

"Sorry, I got called back to face a test after my ship almost blew. I am inbound, and should be there soon. I landed ten minutes ago, and am taking my swoop to your poistion.Sapphire Commander Out." The comm returned to silence.

Minutes later, Macron picked his way through the dank gaping entrance to the old temple.
He had borrowed a TIE advanced from his squadron to replace his wounded Star wing.

As he debarked, he noticed Jaymz at the Ship and nodded as he walked by, dark robes trembling in the musty Korriban air.

Noticing the remnants of a battle in the entry, he stopped to collect several lightsaber parts.
One appeared to have a synthetic Sith crystal of ancient design, and was an older style grip as well."This could be interesting," he wondered mentally.

Macron moved forward, sensing a lightsider nearby. His skills were now significantly more honed, as he had just achived Knighthood. Macron slunk far away, and signalled mentally to Gaidal. "Gaidal. Lightsider nearby. Behind you. Powerful."

The power was tough, but the message passed. Macron sweated with the effort.

He slipped off into a tunnel, hoping to be a surprise in the upcoming battle with the lightsiders. Macron was very stealthy, as his suit was designed to absorb light.

Just then, Macron found a wounded Jedi hidden behind some camoflage netting.
"Well, what do we have here," he chuckled as his new red Sith lightsaber ignited with a evil hiss.

Macron was all buisness when it came to killing Jedi learners.
"Time to die." He raised his blade and struck.

Apparently, there was more than one apprentice about. Now there was one less.

edit: fixed a spelling bit


04-06-2005 19:45:32

Jaymz pulled up his inner robe sleeve revealing a data-pad with a star map on it. There was also a red dot on one end and a green dot on the other end of the star map. The Green dot represented him, the red dot represented his ship, still in the docking bay on Mustafar. Jaymz pressed several buttons and soon the ship on Mustafar lifted off and zoomed toward the planet. This wasn't an ordinary TIE ship, it was his custom built TIE Destroyer, and it would take about an hour to get to his postion, so he decided to rejoin the group until it did.

Gaidal Dupar

05-06-2005 09:06:48

Kai felt an enormous pain in his chest. Like someone died instantly. Then he knw what was wrong; Jiri! Kai was overwhelmed by grief and sorrow. He should never have left the young one behind. he sat back on a rock near the corpse of the Jedi Natral. He was down and out for a couple of minutes. Then he felt another pain. Another young Jedi here, he thought. Kai looked at Zeo and concluded that he could not have been alone. His Padawan probably left after the fight between his master and the droid. Found some kind of shelter, but was still wounded and was killed by some Darksider. Darn, he hated those Sith, Krath and Obelisk. He hated them all and he would kill them...
Suddenly a small light shone in front of him and there rose a blue appearance of Jiri's ghost.
"My master", he said, "I know I was very difficult to you. Please forgive me, my master. I can also feel your pain, a pain you have been carrying for much to long. Let go of this pain, because it will only lead to the Dark Side. We both know that."
"You're right my honest Padawan", Kai nodded, "May the Force be with you, you're more of a Jedi Master than I'm."
The young Padawan vanished again and Kai focussed on the current events. What should he do with Gaidal Dupar?

Headmaster Spears looked at the result of his pain infliction. The corpse of the strange Zabrak Uzbad was lying on the floor. Esca looked at it and wondered if his death was necessary.
"Well, well", Spears laught out loud, "it seems like one of our Jedi friends has a very troubled mind that reminds me of someone I know. Let us get out of this place together, master Teiko. We need to check if this is right."
Esca looked worried. He did not trust the Headmaster and especially because it was quite unknown what he did here. What was the Headmaster searching? Strange, Esca thought, Spears was not the kind of person wandering around in this region of space for nothing. Maybe on a secret mission for the Dark Council?

It was almost like he was struck by lightning and Gaidal froze. After the message he received through telepathy, he could sense that a vague Force signal was nearby. What could this Jedi want and who was he? Or was it a she?
"Bastila Shan was a Jedi", Gaidal answered the question of Virulence, "she was the one who captured Darth Revan and erased his memories. The Jedi Council installed a fake indentity, but during his journey he unlocked his true memories once again. Like I said before: The darkness was within him, he was dark and would always remain dark. There was only one difference with the new Darth Revan and the old one: he felt in love with Bastila and she with him. Unfortunately enough, she was captured by Darth Malak. He was a brute and tormented her until she gave up the Light. She became his Apprentice and Revan even fought her. Revan was in many ways much to powerful for her and defeated her, but he couldn't kill her. Instead, he let her live and turn to the Light Side again. All that we know from that moment is that Revan killed Malak and started searching beyond the borders of known space, the Star Forge destroyed itself because none was powerful enough to supply the machine of Force energy and Bastila was hiding. I've reason to believe that she was carrying a child."
"A child?", Rayne asked.
"Yes", Gaidal continued, "HIS child. After the destruction of the Sith here on Korriban and the massmurders on the Jedi there was nothing left: except the man we already spoke of, the Exile. He turned everything around again and managed to save the Republic, although he wasn't a Jedi and much more a Sith. He followed Revan in his footsteps. Meanwhile the Jedi Order was restored and Bastila became a member of the Council on Dantooine. In the end, you could say that she and Revan were from the opposite party, but they loved each other until they died. What we need to do is to reconstruct the periode after the Exile defeated Kreia, because that period remained quite blurry. For instance, what the hell happened here?"
Rayne and Virulence nodded.
"Good", Gaidal finished, "you two go ahead and investigate the temple. You probably sensed the Force signal nearby and I need to take care of this."
The other two went directly to the huge stairs and were climbing then in order to get inside the interior. Gaidal grabbed his training lightsaber and knew it would not do much damage to his opponent. After igniting it he saw the red blade and was overwhelmed by its beauty. A man came walking out of the shadows and Gaidal could tell from the robes that he was a Jedi.
"Finally we meet Gaidal Dupar", the man said and after the snap-hiss sound of igniting a lightsaber Gaidal witnessed a blue blade.
"Have we met before, my dearest?", Gaidal asked.


06-06-2005 10:10:00

As the group began to depart the tunnel, Spears recieved a signal on his datapad that the Palantir, was in Orbit. Spears had brought the Palantir and its crew here for training, and while they where running simulations at the edge of the Sytem, Spears had decided to venture to Korriban for reasons unknown to anyone but him.

"Headmaster, we have cleared the area of several enemy starfighters and are currently holding an orbit over your position."

"Good work, Commander make sure nobody leaves this planet until I give the word."

As the group finally reached the exit of the tunnel, they broke off into smaller groups and began random discussions between themselves.

Looking back at the rag tag group that had formed around him, many of them still had much to learn of the Force and of the Dark Side. "Well, I would hate to keep you, from what brought you all here so I will depart for now. But I will be watching you, if I am needed I will be nearby. I would also advise against trying to leave this planet until the Jedi interlopers are taken care of as the Palantir will shoot down any ships trying to enter or leave Korriban without my permission. I will be excavating one of these tombs but unless."

Without further word the Headmaster reached out with the force and drawing upon the Dark side which flowed thru the Planet covered the area around the group in a deep cover of pure darkness.(FP: Absence, on an SO lvl) A few minutes later as the darkness began to fade the group was just able to see as the Headmaster descended into one of the nearby Tombs.

Esca and Gaidal where the first to start walking towards the Tomb to question the Headmaster further. When they saw 4 Cloaked figures appear from the entrance. They could sense that these creatures where of the Undead but far more powerful then those they had encountered previously. They where even more shocked to see that these creatures brandished lightsabers and from their stances knew how to use them. Before the group could come within 50 meters of the Tomb entrance they saw four flashes of light and the hiss of lightsabers engaging. It appeared to be a signal that the Headmaster did not want to be interupted for questioning.

OOC: Just a couple of things about the last post. Spears would not refer to Esca as Master Teiko, as he seems to be doing in the last post.

Spears has undead that work for him, both he and Welshman are Tarentae and as such have access to the powers of Clan Tarentum which involve using the Force to control life and death including the undead. My 4 Overseers are undead dark side servants, who have and use lightsabers. In terms of physical combat and lightsaber rate them as you would as somewhere between a SWL & SO. IE even Welshman or Crix would have some issues with one let alone all 4.

Also I am bring a ship into the story for details on the ship look here

There is no such thing as a TIE Destroyer.
Even if there was, there is no way a ship could make it from Mustafar to Korriban in an hour, as not only are they two different star systems but the systems are not even close to each other.

Macron Sadow

06-06-2005 16:49:06

Macron gave the scene a glance, and then turned away. There was no way in Hades he would fight those four creatures. He knew Spears from the Academy, and knew what they could do.
These were powerful undead, and not to be trifled with. He knew of the Tarentum powers, as he had studied Clan powers to some extent.

The Sith would have his fun elsewhere. This was Korriban, in fact and somehow he was still alive. That in itsself was quite an accomplishment.

Korriban, the seat and tombyard at one point of the entire Sith Empire. If there was a manner
of awfulness to be found by a Dark Jedi, it was here.

Macron nodded to Gaidal and Rayne. "I intend to seek more alchemical knowledge, my friends.
I synthesized this crystal in my blade with a simple forge. But I would like to find plans for a bigger one.... or whatever else might be about.

The alchemist looked about with a greedy hunger in his eyes. "Of course, I defer to my superiors. Esca, Welshman, Crix, any ideas?"


08-06-2005 04:41:32

Virulence agreed with Macron on the issue of testing the undead warriors. Though he didn't like it, the reptile knew when to walk away. The slight breeze that blew through the valley intensified, picking up sand in dancing swirls here and there. Virulence put the hood of his cloak up, and walked over to the rest of the group, his face receading into shadow.

"I would very much like to get back to the temple we discovered." Virulence said looking at Gaidal.

"As would I." Rayne said brushing away a strand of blue hair the wind blew into her face.

"Temple?" Macron and Esca said simultaneously.

"We found the entrance to a large underground complex in the cave just up the hill." Gaidal began to explain. "Within which sits some sort of ancient Sith Temple. The three of us were about to investigate further when we came out here to see what all the comotion was about. I suggest we get back to it before someone else does."

The group agreed and ascended the small hill leading to the mouth of the cave. Virulence shot an evil glare back down towards the four Undead Warriors, and entered the cave behind the rest of the group. As they passed the the remnants of the battered Droid at the entrance of the complex, Virulence kicked the steel mess.


08-06-2005 20:50:59

*OOC: did you not read the previous posts at all? Korriban is currently under blockaide by the Palantir the Headmasters Flag ship and nobody is allowed to leave without his permission.*

Weapons Officer: Sir, we have an oddly designed TIE on a landing vector to the planet.

Commander: You heard the Headmaster nobody is allowed to come or go until he has give the go ahead. Shot the ship out of the sky.

Just as Jaymz personal fighter was about to enter the atmosphere the Palantir’s two tractor beams caught it, without an actual pilot at the helm the ship was dead in space.

Just as Jaymz looked down at his data pad and noticed his ship informing him of its current situation. The power feeds to the Palantir's 4 Dual Turbo Lasers burst to life and an instant later arcs of light could be seen, as the guns opened fire on the helpless ship.

Just as the lasers where striking the Shields of the Fighter, 6 of the Palantir's Fighters began their attack run and the TIE Interceptors kept a steady rate of fire on the fighter. Even with its advanced shields the ship was turned into nothing but smoke and debris, in a matter of seconds.

A stunned Jaymz stood motionless at the events that had just transpired, his ship was gone and unless the others would take him with them, he would be stranded on this desolate planet with no way out.


29-06-2005 22:44:14

Aproching the Palantir in his A-Wing type ship he sent a transmission

:The Phynix: Requesting permission to board This is Korchek Of the Shadow Acedamy.....waiting for a response he sat there in his ship tinkering with his custom blaster pistol

Korchek sent a telepathic message to Jaymz "i know your down there il see if i can help you but i need you to do somthing for me"


The Phynix is my ship here is a pic


30-06-2005 20:33:47

((Oh darn, lol))