Dark Phantom

Rune Kiirnodel

05-05-2005 08:58:02

(I know I am not well known in the brotherhood, but I wanted to give this a try. I wanted to see what type of things your minds can really think up.) (This is a run-on where anything can happen,[within db limits].) (Lets begin.....it will start in the Shadow Academy.)

The lights of the Academy hallway were very bright as Rune walked down it in his dark robes. He, as had alot of others, had been summoned to the academy to compete in a strange activity. The details weren't perfect, but it seemed that it would begin in the combat station at the edge of the west wing.
As he approached the door to the combat station, Rune saw that no one else had yet to arrive. Quietly, he entered the chamber....and was immediatly thrown into a lush forest landscape that he had not seen since his travels to Dantooine.
Slightly confused, the young acolyte looked around to see a large temple almost twenty meters from his current position. Shocked, Rune noticed that he wasn't on Dantooine, but instead was on Yavin 4........


06-05-2005 03:33:25

Virulence moved silently down the west wing corridor, the hood of his cloak pulled up, obscuring his face. As he entered the combat station and was thrust into the lush jungle he stopped. He stood motionless for a moment listening to the thousands of different sounds produced by the wildlife. He pulled the hood of his cloak down and scanned his surroundings. An eveil smile spread across the Barabel's face.

The reptile stood smiling at the temple in the distance and seemed not to notice Shadoweye approach from his left.

"Hello." Shadoweye said as he reached the new arrival.

"Greetings." Virulence replied without averting his gaze from the temple.

"I think this is..."

"Yavin 4." The Sith replied before the Acolyte could finish his sentence.

"You know this place?" Shadoweye asked.

"Yes, very well in fact. I used to hunt here regularly. That temple was built by the Massassi after their enslavement by Lord Exar Kun. This area courses with power." Virulence explained in an almost trance-like tone.

"You get one of these?" Shadoweye inquired, pulling a summons from his robes.


"Did yours say what this was all about?"

"Nope." Virulence said, finally taking his eyes off the ancient temple. He walked over and climbed up onto a large flat stone, the sides of which were covered in vine and moss. He sat down, crossing his legs and pulled out a small flask from inside his robes.

"Guess we'll find out!" the reptile said as he took a drink from the flask, sealed it, and tossed it to Shadoweye.

Rune Kiirnodel

06-05-2005 09:35:37

Taking the drink, shadoweye looked around at his surroundings as he took a drink. The forest seemed quiet.....an unnatural quiet that deeply disturbed him. Would not the jedi brats be training right now? He looked to virulence and then turned his gaze to a loud sound he heard a few moments later.
He turned to see a large creature charging their way. Upon the creatures back, which was almost as large as a bantha, there rode a young boy in brown robes.
Looking to Virulence, shadoweye said smiling," Shall we?" and he quickly tossed the drink back to Virulence.


06-05-2005 13:36:59

Spectrum stolled silently, his black cloak rolling gently in the wind as he walked. His mind was crowded, clouded, he couldn't concentrate. To remedy this he stopped at a nearby clearing and proceeded to remove his cloak.
Spectrum sat down in an old meditation stance and began calming his mind, feeling the force swirl around him as his mind cleared and images of two journeymen crept into his head.
Intresting, he thought to himself


08-05-2005 22:10:42

Uzbad skipped into the SA, and looked around, it had been awhile since he'd been here. He smiled and threw a grenade at a large bookshelf.
"Stupid combat manuals!" he cackled before running into an empty office.

Macron Sadow

09-05-2005 13:44:39

Unfortunately, the office wasn't empty. It was Macron's new office. There were two ratty chairs, a desk, and some bookshelves. Drak Jedi Meditation wasn't high on the list of offices to refit.

*boom* went the grenade outside. Not too unusual here in the SA.

Macron chuckled, and spoke to Uzbad.

"Didn't wanna read that anyhow. How are ya? What's this I hear about Yavin four.... I was there once."


09-05-2005 15:03:17

Virulence caught the flask and tucked it back into his pocket. He lept off the large rock he was sitting on and ran to the right as Shadoweye proceeded to the left. The Guardian quickly scaled a large tree and waited for his prey.

As the large beast carrying the boy approached the tree he was in, Virulence sent a locust knife soaring into the animal's eye. The eye popped, spewing a rank brown fluid, causing the creature to let out a nasty shriek and rear up on its hind legs.

The young boy was thrown from the beast and landed on his back hard, knocking the breath from him. The boy began to sit up and catch his breath, but before he could do so Shadoweye was on top of him. In one fluid movement the Acolyte grabbed the boy by the hair, pulled a small dagger from his robes and slit the boy's throat.

Virulence descended from the tree and aproached his brother in arms. The reptile grinned wildly at the boy as he choked on his own blood. His fierce red eyes ablaze, Virulence pulled the dying boy up so they were face to face. The last thing the boy saw before life left him, was the Barabel's red eyes and razor sharp teeth.

As Virulence drooped the boy onto the jungle floor, a loud horn could be heard in the distance. A second horn blast followed, closer and off to the left, and then a third sounded a ways to the right of the pair.

"What is that?" Shadoweye asked.

"I don't know, but we should probably get moving." Virulence replied apprehensively.

Rune Kiirnodel

09-05-2005 18:14:07

Looking around, shadoweye tried to make sure that no one was chasing them as they ran deep into the terrain of Yavin 4.
"This is stupid," shadoweye said quietly to himself," I could deal with a hundred jedi, if only I had my force dagger from my home world..."he looked to the hunter," So where to now?"
Shaking his head to silence the acolyte,virulence just nodded to the black oak tree that stood in there path," Up," was all he said.
Quickly climbing the tree, and sitting upon one of its lower branches that stood nearly 10 feet from the ground, shadoweye and Virulence looked toward the direction that the horns had come from. A platoon of jedi came pounding through the forest on the wild beasts that the, now dead, boy had been riding.
"I think they search for us," shadoweye said quietly to Virulence.
"Yes,....they must have seen the boys body by now," the hunter said grinning.
Shadoweye, catching on to his happy mood, said," Yes...it felt good to kill one of their kind."
"Prepare to kill many more," Virulence said eagerly now as he watched the jedi come close.
The leader was a young girl dressed in brown robes, and she was closely followed by six other trainies. She seemed to not have sensed the two dark jedi's in the tree above her.
"New trainies?" shadoweye asked the hunter.
"Seems so....unless..." Virulence seemed to think of something at that moment, for he quickly drew forth a loaded blastor pistol.


09-05-2005 20:40:06

"Macron!" Uzbad shouted "Long time no see! What's a hap!?"
Macron looked slightly taken aback. "Nothing new."
"Um..not really."
"Nice office! Like the decorating job!" Uzbad said, motioning at the rat infested walls. Then he opened his eyes. "Oh," he spoke in a croacked voice. "It's nice. Kinda like my new office." He said thinking of his nicely decorated Rollmaster's office. "'cept you dont have black and pink wallpaper, posters of Darth Vader and Mual, a giant bust of Palps, but still uh..nice."
"Glad you think so." Macron said angrily.
"Well im gonna jet," Uzbad said and ran out the door.

He cackled again and grabbed another grenade. He pulled the pin and threw it at another bookshelf. "Stupid Sith books"

Andan Taldrya Marshall

10-05-2005 00:35:34

Crix crouched in a tree, watching the scene unfold under him. He grinned as the two Dark Jedi killed the boy on the beast and fled into a tree. They ended up about 50 yards south of him, and by through the Force he could tell that they hadn't noticed him yet. What held his attention, though, were the Jedi marching up the path. He counted 7 in total. He tried to see if any were carrying lightsabers but couldn't. To be on the safe side he assumed that all 7 were armed with sabers, and knew how to use them fairly well.

Crix sent a telepathic message to the two Dark Jedi informing them of where he was and what he was planning on doing. He wanted to let the jedi get close then he'd drop down in front of the group and distract them while the other two dropped behind the group and took out as many as many as they could.

He waited for the other two to respond and the Jedi to move into position.


10-05-2005 13:14:52

Uzbad magically appeared next to Crix and pushed him out of the tree.
"Oops sorry mate" Uzbad said with a smile before jumping down beside him, and skipped around Crix.


10-05-2005 13:52:21

*watched the many people do wierd and pointless things that would not seem reasonable to a dark jedi, so Spec just continued walking twirling his lightsaber in his hand unignited*

Rune Kiirnodel

10-05-2005 19:48:59

Looking at Crix, Shadoweye nodded to him. The dark jedi's plan was a good one. He should know since he did spend over two years as a star ship captain. He had to have learned stragey or die in combat against the republic.(check my history for more details).
He looked to the young jedi riding below them now. When Uzbad came along and pushed Crix out of the tree, Shadoweye, pissed at the break in plans, jumped down with his vibrodagger drwn and at the ready.
Running toward the nearest jedi, who was in extreme shock, Shadoweye gave him a smile from ear to ear. As soon as he landed from his jump, Shadoweye turned to his next opponent.
To his surprise, the jedi had drawn forth his blue glowing saber.
"This will be quite fun," Shadoweye said as he braced himself for a fight.

Andan Taldrya Marshall

10-05-2005 22:46:58

Crix cursed to himself and made a mental note to disembowl whoever had pushed him. He tapped himself with the Force, righting himself to land on his feet and drew his lightsber. He ignited it a second before he hit the ground and started swinging at Jedi as soon as he hit. Before long six bodies and various body parts littered the ground and he stood facing a very shocked Jedi.

Before she had a chance to fight back Crix grabed her neck and pushed her up against a nearby tree, holding his lightsaber in front of her face he said "I need information. Who are you and what are you doing out here?" He asked. She attempted to spit in his face, but the saliva didn't make it past his glowing purple blade. "I asked you a question. If you'd like to live then you'd better answer it." He said, adding a touch of the Force to his voice. She remailed silent and Crix grinned and called on the Force to start squeezing the girl's windpipe. He kept squeezing until she gurgled then stopped moving.

He cursed and threw her body down. He wasn't perfect yet, he still had to learn the finer points of control. "Grab the bodies and hide them in the woods." He said, grabbing the leader and one other body and taking them a few yards inside the trees. He dropped them and used leaves and other fallen plant material to cover them then smoothed out the ground so it didn't look like it had been disturbed in a while.

Kaine Mandaala

11-05-2005 00:05:34

*watched the many people do wierd and pointless things that would not seem reasonable to a dark jedi, so Spec just continued walking twirling his lightsaber in his hand unignited*

Kaine Mandaala's holoprojection droid strolls down the hallway. As it approaches Spectrum it flickers the image of the Herald. Kaine sees Spectrum with a lightsaber and has it confiscated.

"You are just a PRT," the figure states. "You are not allowed this... yet."


11-05-2005 03:45:30

Virulence sank his claws in the necks of two young, dead, Jedi. As he pulled them into the woods he nodded at the blue skinned Chiss. The Warmaster's display with the Jedi was impressive, Virulence didn't get to kill anyone (a fact that disappointed him).

After stuffing the two bodies into a relatively small hole in the base of a tree and throwing some vegetation over the hole, the Barabel scanned the jungle surrounding him. The reptile's natural thermography wasn't picking up anything large in the immediate area, but after the recent slaughter, that would probably change. Crix approached the Guardian and stopped next to him, looking at the dense foliage.

"Picking anything up?" The Warmaster asked.

"Nothing big," the Sith replied, "but there were three horn blasts, all from different areas. They're getting close, I can feel it."

Virulence wanted to hunt them all down, to spill the blood of each and every Jedi on this planet, but he could't keep his attention off the ancient temple looming in the distance.


11-05-2005 11:48:48

*Spectrum says nothing to the man, he only ignites the blade and brushes it along the ground, it seared the grass but did not burn it. Thats when Kaine relized it was a training saber.*


11-05-2005 18:52:41

Uzbad steals the training saber from Kaine and frolics around, then throws it, javelin style, at Crix.

Rune Kiirnodel

11-05-2005 19:08:06

(Uzbad, you are quite weird in your posts.)

Quickly grabbing a few of the bodies, Shadoweye threw them into a safe little nook up in two of the tall trees near him. He looked around just as the training saber came flying at the warmaster.
The warmaster easily deflected it with the force, to no ones surprise, and turned to Uzbad in anger. Quickly controling that emotion, Crix turned to gather his thoughts.
While waiting, Shadoweye looked to the ancient temple in the distance. He smiled as he remembered the stories he ahd heard about it....
" Lets go check Lord Exar Kun's temple thats in the distance that way," SHadoweye said to the surprise of everyone, " Maybe thats what we were sent here to search..."
Without a backwards glance, the acolyte started to walk in the direction of the temple. He sheathed his blade and tapped into the force to analyze his surroundings. Sensing nothing amiss, Shadoweye quickened his pace, with a longing in his eyes.


11-05-2005 21:41:30

(It's my style)

Uzbad sprinted past the Acolyte and then climbed up another tree. He pulled out a super-soaker and blasted streams of water at the ACO.

Gaidal Dupar

12-05-2005 06:23:16

(Sorry Uzbad!)

Gaidal was walking through the hallway of the Shadow Academy, while looking for the Combat Station. He hadn't been here for quite some time and all the corridors looked the same. Finally, he found it and was wondering what for special assignment was waiting for him. Someone requested his presence, but due to trouble with his shuttle he was a bit late. As usual he thought and sneered. Then he felt strange and when he tried to enter the combat station, he vanished.

Suddenly, he 'materialized' in a tall tree behind Uzbad. Where the hell was he?
"Still playing with your toys, Uzbad. I think the others could really use your assistance", said Gaidal to him, while he was pointing at the group of Brotherhood members standing under the tree.
Uzbad realised he was behavind odd, so they both got out of the tree and started walking with the others to the temple.

"Good day to you all", Gaidal mentioned, "Gaidal Dupar, at your service."

"Pacified any Jedi?", he asked Virulence.


12-05-2005 10:11:01

*catches the javelin style thrown blade before it reaches Crix and deignites it. He then proceeds to continue walking, twirling the hilt.*


12-05-2005 13:42:09

"Not personally." Virulence replied to his fellow Guardian and Ziostian. "Crix took all the fun." the reptile hissed motioning towards the Warmaster. "The day is young however, and there are enough Jedi on this moon for everyone to have some fun."

The group proceeded through the dense vegetation towards the ancient Sith temple. As they approached a small clearing at the foot of the temple, the sound of the jungle's wildlife went suddenly silent.

Crix was the first to stop. As the vibrations in the force grew stronger, the rest of the group took notice as well, stopping in they're tracks and scanning the surrounding foliage. Virulence began to pick up several large heat sources with his thermography, approaching the group from behind.

"We've got movement." the reptile said quietly.

"How many?" Crix calmly inquired.

"Hard to tell exactly............a lot!" Virulence said with a smile.

Gaidal Dupar

12-05-2005 13:56:09

"So this is Yavin 4 with a lot of vegetation, a lot of temples and a lot of hostiles. Interesting", Gaidal mumbled.

He put on his helmet and got his silenced Sith Assasination Rifle, which was a useful handgun. The others were prepared as well. But the Warmaster signalled them to do nothing. So they kept waiting, while the possible hostiles were enclosing.

"What exactly are we waiting for", Gaidal asked, "what is our enemy like? Are they Jedi?"
Crix ordered him to shut up.

A large group of people in ceremonial robes reached the stairs to the temple. They had a couple of captured Jedi with them.

"What is this?", Virulence stated.

"I think we're dealing with a cult here", Gaidal mentioned, "read about it. Exar Kun is still a popular person, even in death!"

Rune Kiirnodel

12-05-2005 17:16:31

Looking to the rest of the group, Shadoweye laughed to himself inwardly.
They think this is a cult! HA! This is far worse than any cult..These are the adepts that Exar Kun had trained while he had inhabited SKywalkers body, several years ago.
" I think you should be on your gaurd.." Shadoweye said as he looked with hate-filled eyes towards the adepts.Damn them...they are not worthy of lord Exar Kuns teachings.
Slowly sneaking towards the ancient temple through the jungles deep forage, Shadoweye followed the adepts until he was near the side of the temple. He quickly motioned for the others to follow him.

( I think I will put a few more twists in to it from here on out.)

Gaidal Dupar

12-05-2005 18:19:50

"Don't take me for a fool, shadoweye", Gaidal growled at Shadoweye, "I can sense your arrogance and you mocking me. You should keep in mind I read almost every inch of information I could find on the Sith and Exar Kun from the Jedi Database as well as from the one in the Brotherhood. He is my role model, so don't think you know all the details."
Shadoweye was a bit confused. Who exactly was Gaidal? And how could he... never mind, they had to stick to their work here.
Suddenly Gaidal gave his Sith Assasination Rifle to Shadoweye, who was amazed.
"First you react cranky out of the blue and then you give me this", he said.
"Accolyte, business is business. I take my work very seriously and if there is one thing I'm particularly good at it's finding knowledge for historical and political reasons. I realise this is more than 'just a cult'. After being on a cursed and abandoned ship (run-on competition 'Abandoned Ship')like I did, I also know that you can expect anything anywhere. No hard feelings here, but we need to continue. Accept this rifle as a token of trust", Gaidal whispered.
Shadoweye looked at the Guardian and was a bit puzzled. Strange character. Meanwhile, the man stood up a bit and crawled to Warmaster Crix.
"I guess you're leading today, Warmaster. Well, I have a proposition for you. Why don't you let Macron, Uzbad and myself go over to observe them from the other flank nearby? It would probably grant me a chance to see good-old Exar!", Gaidal stated.
The Warmaster looked at him without saying a thing. He started sneering.
"If it will shut you op", he grinned at the Guardian, and he gave a signal to Macron and Uzbad to come closer. After a few instructions they dissappeared in the nearby bushes of the jungle.


12-05-2005 21:38:43

Jaymz continued walking until forgotten, he stood in a dark corner waiting for Rayne to make an appearance and waiting for Gaidal to go hit on her as usual.


12-05-2005 22:13:08

Uzbad jumped into a conviently located lake, and went scuba diving.

Gaidal Dupar

13-05-2005 10:53:52

(Sorry again Uzbad!)

Darn, Uzbad wasn't taking this assignment very seriously. Gaidal looked at Macron, who looked as surprised as him. This wasn't good, because it would definitely draw a lot of attention. Before Gaidal even realised it a cult member in his habit and face hidden in his hood appeared on the hill nearby the lake. The cult member ignited a purple lightsaber and was preparing to throw it to Uzbad. Uzbad was still swimming and seemed to enjoy it.
Gaidal held his breath, looked at Macron, who was trying to flank the cult member, while Gaidal was preparing his Sith Sniper Rifle to shoot. Gaidal put it on the ground and was ready to fire, but the person did not throw the saber. Instead he was walking down the path to the lake. The Guardian could not see Macron, so he loaded the rifle and aimed.
Suddenly Uzbad stood up in the water and pointed a blaster at the cult member nearby the lake. Without hesitation he shot the person, who fell on the ground. That was a close call.
"Never underestimate a crazy person", Uzbad grinned to Gaidal and Macron, who crawled out of the bushes.
"Who is it?", Macron asked.
"Let's take a look", Uzbad stated in his shorts.

Rune Kiirnodel

13-05-2005 16:52:49

(you seem to have many rifles upon your person Gaidal.)

Looking to the downed robed figure, Shadoweye seemed perplexed. Why would Gaidal know of these people....I thought that they had only come to my world before I was a dark jedi.
"This can't be good.." the acolyte said as he looked toward the bodies direction.
As he got close, he jumped back in surprise,This isn't an adept! It's...o-one of them!
He looked to Gaidal who was also examining the body,"This must be something new," Shadoweye said as he collected himself," What do you think it might be?"

Gaidal Dupar

15-05-2005 07:46:34

(Well, only two my dearest Shadoweye. What can I say; I'm a man full of surprises!)

"This is indeed interesting", Gaidal mumbled towards Shadoweye, "it did a full research project when I was still on Korriban looking for Sith holocrons. I found information on Exar Kun and so I started investigating his movements. Well, he was indeed a very interesting and intriguing character with a lot of influence. Even from his tomb. Since he has been there, he had over a thousand cults claiming to be his followers. Some cults lasted a while, but most would dissapear as easily as they had appeared. Only when Skywalker was here, someone was strong enough to hold his spirit inside the body. I have reason to believe Kun tried it several times, but most Force users just weren't strong enough. Pretty much the same what happened with the spirit of Marka Ragnos and the cult of Tavion. Too much ambition, but not the strength to hold the responsibility and power. What a pity that was."
"I agree", Shadoweye responded.
"The marks on the body indicate a certain religion based on Exar Kun. There aren't exactly Sith tattoo's, but something that looks like it. The same situation with the saber. It's not common, but it differs from the sabers we know", Gaidal continued.
Macron grabbed it, ignited it and wielded it. "Look", he said, "this thing has more surpises than a rancor in distress." He activated the secondary part, which made the saber a double-bladed example.
"Definitely Exar Kun", Shadoweye and Gaidal concluded at the same time.
"Hurry, come over here", Uzbad whispered, who was now sitting close to the top of the hill, "the cult members are going inside the temple!"

Rune Kiirnodel

15-05-2005 13:20:38

(Just so you all know...I may be getting my forum name changed soon...or at least I hope)

Hearing Uzbads call, Shadoweye hurried over to his side with Gaidal running with him. Soon after came Macron.
They saw, as Uzbad had stated, that the "cult" was indeed going down into the temple now. As they entered the temples large archway, they began to close the large portcullis behind them.
"Damn!" Shadoweye whispered to no one in particular,"Does anyone know of a back entrance?"
He looked around to see all of the others sneaking of to the west side of the temple..."Guess so,"he said quietly......


15-05-2005 14:39:53

"I do, Acolyte." Khan emerged from the shadow of one of the many trees surrounding the temple.
Only an handful of Masters know the real aspect of the old Shi'Ido but his common human shape for immidiatly recognized by the jedi gathered here, expecialy Crix.

"You are playing with dangerous things, expecialy so poorly equipped" rises a brow disgusted by what he was sesing.
Khan took few moments observing the structure, one of the many he used for training for the long century he spent on this planet training under the tutelage of Kun's spirit.

"The Dark Side is strong on this planet, the more trained of you will see the effect of this and a slight increase in your abilities but remember.." he paused and watched each jedi straight in the eye to make his point clear "the dark side is about to focus your feelings. Hate, passion, anything that drives you should drive you not be consumed by it by this stupid jedi. Use them, not be used by them."

He looked at the temple again " Now follow me".


15-05-2005 18:54:47

Uzbad sighed and fell into step behind Khan.


16-05-2005 04:30:02

Virulence's lips parted in an evil grin at the appearence of the Master at Arms. The Adept was legendary, the reptile had heard countless tales of Shi'Ido's wrath during his short time in the Brotherhood. The Guardian was honored to be in the field with such high ranking Sith.

The Barabel turned and scanned the immediate area once more as his companions followed Khan, and after deciding they were clear from behind, joined Crix at the rear of the formation.


16-05-2005 12:16:40

Khan continued to march forward in an incredibly stiff way. Uzbad walked behind him, making funny faces at his back.

Rune Kiirnodel

16-05-2005 16:27:56

Nodding his acknowledgement, Shadoweye quickly fell into step behind the master at arms. He glared disapprovingly at Uzbad as the dark jedi made the faces.


16-05-2005 19:08:58

Uzbad glared back at Shodoweye and then made more faces at Khan.


16-05-2005 19:33:16

Khan stopped all of the sudden, turning. His yellow evil eyes pointed at Uzbad. Khan rised a hand in the directin of of the young Hunter "You think you are funny don't you Hunter ?" the always smiling Uzbad flet it, a strong oppressive pressure over his throat. Breathless Uzbad started to reel for air well aware is was an useless effort.
The other Brethen gathered were stopped in hush recognizing this was the effect of the force Lord Vader made so un-famous, the Telekinetic Kill or force grip.

"Now you will learn your place and stop being a source of truble." Khan interrupted teh effect of his power to avoid killing the Jedi Hunter, for now at last. Uzbad felt on his knee, his hands around his neck, breathing heavily.
"If a fight with this pretending cult of Exar Kun starts I will be able to return to Antei with or without you. But if you Journeymen and Equites want to survive the day, you need to be one entity. One singleminded entity toward his goal, destroy these heretics. To accomplish that, there is no need of a jester. If THIS is the attitude of your I'll make sure you will never recive you lightsaber. in the remote possibility you make it out of this planet alive." Khan's eye were like a burning hell of rage and hate " am I CLEAR Hunter ?"

Gaidal Dupar

18-05-2005 12:52:03

Gaidal did not really know Khan, but he knew a fight he could not win when he would see it. This was such a fight. He could resist, just like Uzbad did, but he would only end up hurt. So he waited when he had the chance to hide in the background. He waited and left the group, taking Macron with him, after giving him a signal to follow him. This scientist would be useful, so he desperately needed the guy. Besides, Macron was good company.
If Gaidal was correct, there would also be something like a back entrance. They would just see. They walked for a while silently, because they did not want the others to notice them. Gaidal looked over a small hill and saw that they reached the flank of the main group. Khan was still looking at the cult entering the tombs. None noticed them. Excellent, Gaidal thought. He and Macron waited until the others would make a move, but they hid at the foot of the hill.
"Why did we leave the others?", Macron asked him.
"Because we're more of the adventurous type, that's why, Macron."
"True, sometimes action is required and because one of them already almost got Uzbad, so yes. The best thing is to act, when we still have the initiative and the alternative", Macron replied.
"Exactly", Gaidal finished the conversation, "so we'll wait for the others to make the first move and then we'll start looking for another entrance. Too many leaders in the main group anyway."
And so they waited.


20-05-2005 23:56:05

Uzbad grew angry at having beeen humiliated so. He stood, his neck aching. He spat blood onto the ground and wondered why he'd ever gone on this stupid adventure. Why coudn't he just stay put? Then he was shot. He died. The end.

(Yes I killed myself off! why? I felt like it and I could. But I'll be back.)

Rune Kiirnodel

27-05-2005 12:56:19

Confused at the sudden loss of Uzbad, Rune looked to the others as they all seemed to be laughing.

"Is it really all that funny?" Rune asked the closet member of the small group they had made.

"Of course," Crix said as he continued to examine the small temple," He is always doing that.."

"Oh, ok...." Rune said as he turned to notice that Gaidal had left the main group. Grinning at Gaidals ability at tactics, Rune thought to hiself, at least someone was thinking in this group.

Quickly, Rune started edgeing to his left......


29-06-2005 21:59:00

Korchek steped out of the shadows to confront the group that he had been fallowing for some time now he said angrely "who are you and why are you on my land" and activated his light sabres one in each hand he stood there and stared at the group with his black robes on the dark pathway

Rune Kiirnodel

15-07-2005 15:59:54

Grinning to himself evily, Rune looked to the dark cloaked jedi. He had never expected to face another of his own kind but at the same time he felt an adrenaline rush. Finally some fun action on this boring planet.


25-07-2005 22:21:45

Uzbad's corpse sat there. Dead.


08-09-2005 20:55:01

Cain watched with bemusment at the twists that were unfolding.
"this is quite interesting" thought Cain he as opened a bottle of blood and poured its contents into a goblet.