Beyond the Horizon Run-On: TEAM 7


27-11-2012 14:38:22


Please use the link above to read the opening fiction above and continue the story.

How does your team meet? Has your team been assigned to defend against the boarding party on one of the Plagueian ships? Has your team been assigned to clear the ground of the forces invading the planets throughout the Jusadih system? There are many possibilities for you to explore, use your imagination.

Please make each post follow on from the previous post. Each post must be at least 250 words to count. Each individual from the group must post TWICE by the end of week 2 for the team run-on to count.

Placeholders may be used; all you need to do is post saying: "Placeholder" and you will hold that spot for a maximum of four hours. After that time, other people are allowed to follow on from the post prior.

It is up to you all how you organise posts and storyline. We suggest you start an email chain and brainstorm, but you are ultimately the ones posting.


Team 7:

-- Strategos
-- Tsainetomo
-- Snabbie
-- Silent
-- Celevon

Celevon Edraven

08-12-2012 14:29:45

Unknown Location, Unknown Time

The Onderonian took a deep, shuddering breath as a blurred bright light burned into his retinas. Through the haze of the drugs leaving his system, Celevon could vaguely make out voices speaking intermittently.

“... currently flushing the sedatives out of him, sir...”

“... see to it that he...”

“... he know what he’ll be up...”

“... not QUESTION ME! Edraven knows what to do...”

The Assassin’s eyes rolled back into his head head as unconsciousness overtook him once more, dragging the Sniper into the merciful darkness...


NSD Invicta
Jusadih System, Deep Core
Kapsina Orbit

A firm hand shook the Templar as a familiar voice spoke up. “Master? Slice, I’m never going to get used to this... Celevon. Wake up!” Snabbie glared down at his former Master as the Onderonian shook himself awake, disoriented from the long period under the effects of the sedatives.

“Snabs... What the hell are you waking me for?” the Assassin groaned, his elegant fingers sliding through his hair as he rubbed his temples.

“You’ve been sedated for nearly a month after you attacked the ProConsul. The Plague has been cured. The madness, the lack of the Force... it’s all in the past now. Right now, you need to be focused. We’re on our way to join the fighting. Thanks to working with you for so long, I know what you like to bring as your kit,” the Koros Majorian grinned slightly, gesturing at the large, stuffed duffle bag a few feet from them.

Celevon slowly stood, unzipping the bag and frowned at the armour that peeked out, the ebony and argent durasteel plates for the shoulder and torso unfamiliar to the Templar. “What’s this?”

“During my time as temporary Battleteam Leader of Void, I had access to more materials and workers than I would as a regular member. So, after taking a copy of your sketches, I had this set of armour fabricated as a thank you for mentoring me. You will need it now, seeing as we’re headed to battle shortly,” the Pilot smirked, gesturing at the boots on the ground near them. “You should put the synthweave on first. All of your weapons are beneath the armour. Oh, and you will be needing this.”

The Assassin instinctively thrust his hand out, snatching the cylinder from the air and flicked the activation switch in less than a second. Faster than the eye could blink, a cobalt beam of energy emerged from the hilt. Celevon turned ardent eyes to his former Apprentice, a slight eager smile curving his lips. “Thank you, dear friend. I’ll use them well.”

“You will be using them in Plagueis, I’m afraid. Your transfer papers are in the folder, which I’ve been ordered to tell you to give to either Kal, Eiko or Tra’an. I don’t think there is much remaining trust between you and the Arconan Summit, my friend,” Snabbie reluctantly admitted, flipping the Onderonian’s personally designed combat knife before placing it before his former Master. “Etah is running Spectre Cell now.”

“Then it’s in good hands,” the Templar replied softly, slightly shocked. “Do I still get to keep the weapons I commissioned...”

“As far as everyone is concerned, all of those weapons are yours. And that includes the armour you and Marick co-designed. Your kit is still yours. It will be sent over to your new quarters in Plagueis space, along with all of your other personal effects as soon as this firefight is over with,” the Koros Majorian patiently explained as Celevon methodically suited up.

“Who all is in our team? I can’t see them sending just the two of us in for an attack, no matter how well we work together,” the Assassin smiled wryly, tightening the straps on the torso armour, frowning suddenly as he felt the indentation. “What’s this?”

“It’s for your katana, mate. I know you like carrying it as your backup,” Snabbie grinned. “It’s with all of your other weapons at the bottom of that duffel. Why do you think it’s so big? I grabbed all of your weapons. Any other questions or comments?”

“It has a bloody cape...”

The Pilot just groaned, rubbing his temples as Celevon smirked, lighting a smoke.

“You never told me who is on our team, Snabs.”

“Sorry, Cel. You distracted me when you noticed the built-in sheath for your katana. There’s Silent from Plagueis on our squad, and eventually you. Aside from that is me, Tsainetomo and Strategos from Arcona. You almost ready?”

The Onderonian smirked as he sheathed the katana and clipped his lightsaber on the durasteel belt clip. “All I have to do is put all of my knives where they belong and I’ll be there not too long afterwards. You can wait outside, if you wish.”

Snabbie nodded, stepping out of the room as Celevon sent a revitalising burst of Force energies throughout his body, banishing whatever impurities remained from his induced coma. “Looks like we’re getting back to work. No rest for the wicked, it seems.”