Beyond the Horizon Run-On: TEAM 4


27-11-2012 14:35:06


Please use the link above to read the opening fiction above and continue the story.

How does your team meet? Has your team been assigned to defend against the boarding party on one of the Plagueian ships? Has your team been assigned to clear the ground of the forces invading the planets throughout the Jusadih system? There are many possibilities for you to explore, use your imagination.

Please make each post follow on from the previous post. Each post must be at least 250 words to count. Each individual from the group must post TWICE by the end of week 2 for the team run-on to count.

Placeholders may be used; all you need to do is post saying: "Placeholder" and you will hold that spot for a maximum of four hours. After that time, other people are allowed to follow on from the post prior.

It is up to you all how you organise posts and storyline. We suggest you start an email chain and brainstorm, but you are ultimately the ones posting.


Team 4:

-- Nikola
-- Nadrin
-- Zakath
-- Tiberius di Cloud
-- Wes Biriuk Erinos

Nadrin Arconae

30-11-2012 17:22:40

Nadrin once more went over his mental checklist of items that were scattered about his person, trying to quiet the voices of fear and panic which threatened to overwhelm him as he stood aboard a ship which was carrying him and his fellows towards imminent combat and possible death. The young Erinos was almost a veteran of combat now, having borne witness to multiple battles over the past few years but there was something about heading into battle which always seemed to spook him without fail. For a second he wished he could have spoken to his father about it, but he quickly shook that thought away and banished it to a dark recess of his mind where it would stay, hidden away until the oncoming danger had passed. Now was not the time for a pity party, there were enemies to kill.

Better give some kind of pep talk to these guys, we’re heading into fire and they are under my command.

Nadrin’s position as a member of the Arconae had forced him into an active role on many a battlefield, and this time he had been dispatched with a portion of the Arcona Expeditionary Force’s ground forces to help reinforce the Eastern flank of the largest Plaguian battle-line on the most densely populated of its planets: Shintera. Flying with him on the leading transport were his personal team, and a unit of assault troopers who had the task of being first onto the ground.

Good men, don’t let them down.

“Right, I just thought I’d say something before we land and start killing. I know you are all sceptical about being here, not only under my command but helping out a House who have, in the past, tried to destroy us more than once. To those, I simply ask that you trust me. I am no stranger to the battlefield and I promise you that I have more about me than my initial appearance may reveal. As for our mission…that I can’t fully explain myself, but suffice it to say that we are here and we have our orders; to kill every son of a chakaar that stands between us and victory. Now, I don’t know about you, but I for one intend to rack up an impressive kill count.”

A mischievous thought occurred to the young Warlord and he spoke up as it popped into his head.

“I am so confident in fact, that I will challenge you all to a wager. Take out more of the enemy than I do, and I’ll set up a bar tab for you over the course of 48 hours when we get back.”

“Prepare to land, breaching atmosphere now. ETA 30 seconds.”

The voice of the pilot cut through the murmurings that had followed Nadrin’s declaration and caused a flurry of activity as everyone in the bay checked their equipment one last time, prepared for the turbulence of entry and then simply waited. Nadrin stood by his fellow Arconan Force users and lowered his voice somewhat, speaking so that only they could hear.

“When we land, we fan out and find the ranking Plaguian in the area, and then we start killing. Wes and Zakath, you guys are my eyes and Nikola; you stick with me until we get our bearings and an idea of what the situation is.”

The ship shook as they hurtled towards the earth, a barely controlled descent at significant velocity. Nadrin’s stomach seemed to drop through his shoes as the transport began to decelerate for landing.

“The LZ is warm guys, prepare to enter hostile territory.”

The bays opened and almost as one, countless Arconans dropped from the transport the short distance to the ground, hefted their weapons and moved forwards towards the nearby fighting. Nadrin and his team fanned out and allowed the troopers to pass them as they kept an eye out for the Dark Jedi who was leading the Plagueis forces in the area. One of the troopers turned towards Nadrin and shouted at him.

“Not fighting with us sir?”

“I’m giving you a head-start, it’s only fair.”

A chuckle from the trooper was audible before his reply.

“Over-confidence is your weakness it seems. Don’t forget to get me that tab when I get more kills than you, the name is Lynch.”

With that he ran off, eagerly scampering towards the fight and leaving the Sith Warlord shaking his head with a smile upon his lips.

“Over there.”

Nadrin looked towards the man that Wes was gesturing at and nodded, heading quickly over to the man before waving a lightsaber in his face to get his attention.

“The cavalry has arrived; Warlord Nadrin Erinos Arconae and some of our finest troops have come to bolster your lines. What is the situation?”

Nikola Valtiere

01-12-2012 09:47:14

While Nadrin joked and inspired his troops, Nikola brooded, one of his cybernetic lower legs on his lap. He studiously worked on the inner machinery, cleaning out any dirt and dust gained from battle. It was a catharsis, helping him clear his mind before the oncoming battle. He felt no fear, only a tension. He wanted to be in the thick of fighting, but he would have to wait.

Slotting the leg into the mount at the bottom of his knee, Nikola stood, testing. He had to stoop to avoid hitting his head in the cramped conditions. Even with caution, he scraped his head on the cramped interior.

“Careful pegleg.” One of the troopers called out.

Nikola cast an angry gaze at a sniggering group of troopers. His fists clenched, body tensing.


Nadrin’s voice was quiet, yet commanding. Nikola turned from the group to the diminutive master. Nikola cou;dn’t see Nadrin’s eyes, but the tone was enough. He nodded, sitting back down. He turned back to his carbine, taking it apart with practiced motions. As the lander shook, he cleaned the weapon, preparing it for battle as he was preparing.

As the lander touched down, Nikola pushed his helmet on, HUD coming to life before his eyes, information flooding in from command circuits. He leapt from the landing ramp, following Nadrin closely as he barked out orders. It was important to understand how Erinos used his power, so Valtiere could grow, and eventually lead himself.

The group moved over to the obvious commander, armour clad and strained from leading a battle against a larger foe. Already, Valtiere could feel a thrill building within him, brought on by the prospect of violence.

Benedict Williams

02-12-2012 18:46:18

Tiberius looked across at the two Arconans, Nikola and Nadrin, and as he did so he spoke to up.

“Hi Guys, Tiberius, pleased to meet you. Shall we get on with this job?”

The three set off towards the battlefield, trying to find a gap through which they could get a good look at the enemy that they were aiming to destroy. They looked at the men and women they were fighting and were motionless for a few seconds as they tried to spot weaknesses. Tiberius looked at his bag of goodies and asked the other two, “Do you Guys have goodies as well”.

Nadrin spoke up, gesturing to himself and Nikola “Yes we have some, but we only really have things which can be used quickly, nothing too elaborate.”

“Ok” replied the Sith Warrior, “I may have a plan. Are you guys willing to spring a trap by laying down some mines and trip wires? I know it sounds crazy, but it’s all I can think of at the moment.”

The two Arconan’s were silent and Tiberius took that as agreement.

“Did you bring any other Jedi?”


The Sith Warrior nodded. “I am alone but I think we can work together, and get this job done what do you think?”

“Sure Yes.”

“Right, we are in the thick of things here and I was wondering if the plan I suggested would work best with just us three or the whole group of us?”

Tiberius looked across at his newly met friends and waited for an answer.