Alliance of Steel Fictional Updates, TAL and CNS

Macron Sadow

29-01-2012 12:17:26

Alliance of Steel Update One


BSD Relentless
Sarmus Orbit
Rybanloth System

“They are enroute along the Hydian Way,” commented the Alpheridian. “They will arrive within minutes.” Both Dark Jedi strode down the corridors of the Bakura class cruiser with a purpose. Today was the beginning of a very secret meeting. Mighty Taldryan and Naga Sadow had agreed to alliance talks here, in the Rybanloth system.

“It will be an interesting meeting of an old… friend,” commented Ashia as they entered a turbolift. They had their best on duty, troopers sworn to secrecy and Dark Jedi. Many in the other Clans and Houses would love to know the leaders of the two groups were in one place. The Krath Pontifex frowned, drawing her warcoat closer. “I sincerely hope Macron is on his game. His mind wanders. He’s done some very bad things, even to his own people.”

Shaz’air turned to face her as the turbolift stopped. “He is a Sith, after all. You’d expect that. I am not without my own persuasiveness,” he said with a smile. “Besides, they wouldn’t dare try anything here. Nor will they be showing up with a fleet, given our own resources. In any case, from what I hear, we have some commonality. Nether of us has an exactly normal body.”

“True,” replied Ashia. The restoration of Shaz’air’s body was not common knowledge. “Macron was grown in a lab. Which is probably what is wrong with his brain. Still this alliance could serve us both. As we feared several transports were hijacked last month right outside of Mustafar. The explosives used on at least one were baradium from the Orian system. Naga Sadow also reports problems within the Orian system. It appears they have environmental terrorists on their hands- with electronics that appear to be ours attached to some of the bombs.”

Shaz’air stepped from the turbolift confidently with the Nightwitch at his side. “No, they won’t try anything. The Force surrounds this…. There is some greater power at work.” A group of ChaseX fighters streamed by the viewport as they entered the hangar. “This is part of something larger, and we have to play it out.”

The Relentless opened an armored hatch, and the flattened ovoid Starwind Class pleasure yacht known as the Violator came to a halt slowly. The hatch opened. Only two figures strode down the gangplank. No guards, no droids, no troopers. One was wearing a very stylish black jacket, tie, and wool slacks in a modern cut. He had a wooden cane of exotic wood in one hand. The other Dark Jedi was a serious contrast to the businessman. The 6 foot tall man with the tattooed face and red armor was unmistakable.

“Does he ever take that armor off?” asked Shaz’air with a whisper.

“Not that I’m aware of,” replied the Magistrate. “Macron is paranoid as hell.”

The lunatic spoke as the four walked towards each other. “Gentleman, lady, nice to meet you officially. We all know who were are. No need for formalities if you don’t mind. Time is of the essence. We both have problems, and perhaps a common foe.” The Sith smiled grimly, twisting his tattoos. “Besides the usual suspects.”

Ashia and Sha’zair looked at each other and nodded cooly. “Macron, Locke, this way,” replied Shaz’air. “We’re pleased you’re here. I think this could be beneficial for both our groups. Let’s discuss these matters.” Behind them, the door to the side chamber in the hangar bay closed. The bay was empty, and troopers continued to patrol outside the room. Soon, the united forces of Taldryan and Naga Sadow would strike their foes down.

Macron Sadow

01-02-2012 22:12:53

posted on behalf of Shaz'air:

BSD Relentless
Sarmus Orbit
Rybanloth System

...moments later...

"The Taldryan Security force is well endowed when it comes to finding information faster then most - especially when such information pertains to the Rybanloth system. So I presume you are not surprised when I tell you there is a force driving against our Naga Sadow and your Taldryan. " Macron's deep yellow eyes burned their way into the Miraluka's mind as he spoke. "Someone is conspiring and twisting against whatever establishments the Dlarit Corporation has made with TEAD Technologies thus far, and that has led these conspirators to this very system. But-"

"- they are using our own technology against us in the process. Yes, old friend, we are aware." Ashia quickly lifted her voice as Macron began his sentence. The former member of Revan spoke with clarity as she referenced what she knew. The Proconsul of Naga Sadow turned his head in the direction of those present, his mouth not moving as he took in the information. He stood ready, as if waiting for a cue.

"Yes, we are aware of this. We are also aware that these 'conspirators' have begun finding the trade-routes back to our home systems. This is becoming less of a nuisance and more of a threat as this continues. We have yet to find any of them in action, or even noticing their presence in the Force until after they have left..." The Miraluka stopped and stared out the viewport of the central quarters of the Relentless, his voice trailing off as he pondered the idea of what he had said.

Locke glanced at his Consul, and then proceeded with with a curt nod.

"It appears you are at the same conclusion as we are, Taldryans. We recently had an attempted break-in at one of the Naga Sadow libraries. We found the assailants escaping and attempted to apprehend them, but we were too late; they had swallowed toxins and were dead within seconds of us capturing them. However, the two of them were plainly strong in the Force. Even after they had died, their presence remained. There was no mistaking it; they were sensitive to the Force, and could possibly even use it."

Locke paused, dark emerald eyes darted towards the Nightsister, who stared back at with a quiet look of understanding.

"Revan had come to work with many contacts in it's running. Some were small, some were large. Some spoke on behalf of a larger group. One of those groups had a Force sensitive with them; helping them plan, aiding in tactics, breaching new heights that most smugglers or mercenaries couldn't reach without the aid of the Force. I would not be surprised if our rodent problem had a connection with that same group."

Shaz'air turned away from the viewport and stared at his Second in Command. "Pursue that lead, Lady Keibatsu. In the meantime, we must prepare." The baritone voice of the Obelisk caught the snide smirk from the mad scientist, who snickered at the thought.

"Yes, we must prepare. Taldryan backed up Naga Sadow forces in the purge of New Tython. Your assembled Dark Jedi have worked with us before, and in splendor... however, we must train them to work with each other. We cannot risk the chance of our home systems being under any further attack - especially with the Grand Masters thirst for blood as of late, there is no knowing when war might strike again. For that, we must prepare."

The four assembled Dark Jedi peered at one another, a sense of agreement waging between them.

"I shall make word of this immediatley. I'll put together a call to arms from young and old in Naga Sadow, and I ask that you do the same for Taldryan so I might coordinate these training sessions." The Proconsul's voice was sharp and crisp, and air of excitement breaching his exuberance. "However, there is one thing... Where shall the venue be?"

The newly appointed Judge of Antei's Combat Center had a feint smile on his lips, his head darting from Locke to the red-clad son of Sadow, who in turn put on a devilish smirk of his own. "Taldryan's trading with Naga Sadow has been profitable... a training center on Sarmus has already received numerous funds from our gracious guests." said the Exarch. Ashia turned towards Locke, and handed him a data pad. "These are the coordinates to the training arena that is being built as we speak."

The Krath moved ever so slightly, her war coat settling behind her with a soft rustle as she did so. "Now, shall we continue with planning the training of our joint-forces, gentlemen?"